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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 24, 2016 7:00am-8:46am EDT

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y25euy yi0y captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, october 24th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? the u.n. presidential poll gives hillary clinton a double-digit lead. donald trumpea telling voters not to believe the polls. a horrifying casino bus crash kills 13 in the california desert. the bus ended up 15 feet inside of a big rig. the truck's driver reveals what happened at the moment of impact. >> thousands of soldiers received cash bonuses to reenlist in the iraq wars and afghanistan war. now the government is ordered them to give the money back.
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your world in 90 seconds. she is the embodiment of government corruption. >> a new poll shows hillary clinton up big. >> i debated him for four and a half hours. i don't even think about responding to him any more. i'm going to let the american people decide. >> in california, 13 people are dead following a massive accident involving a charter bus and a tractor-trailer. >> at least five people have been killed in plane cra shortly after takeoff on its way to libya. >> at&t shook up the media landscape this week announced it is buying timer for more than $85 billion dollars. >> a march toward mosul. >> the i.d. threats everywhere. >> in syria, fighting returned
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after a cease-fire. >> ride along with a police officer in california took a terrifying turn. >> blame an r.v. on a traffic delay in new jersey. >> bill murray is the recipient of the mark twain award. >> we are running over but who cares? >> cardinals >> how are you going to celebrate? >> probably have a jaeger meister. >> i'm the one who has all of the heavy hitters supporting me. get this. i got the best -- steven baldwin. >> the candidates' last chance to show they can elevate the tone of this campaign. >> that's because he would rather have a puppet as president of the united states.
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like teenage pinocchio would yell slamming his bedroom door. you're the puppet! always never cold. ? welcome to "cbs this morning." gayle king is off on so josh elliott of our cbsn streaming election is 15 days away. the national poll shows hillary clinton with 12 points ahead of donald trump 50 to 38% in a latest race. >> trump leads by three points in texas, where republicans have won every presidential race since 1980 but clinton leads by three points in there. and both of those polls are within the margin of error. major garrett is covering the trump campaign.
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in florida with at least five events in the state this week. now to keep supporters energized trump is also outlining early white house priorities but efforts to rule out new policy over the weekend were muddied a bit with unfounded claims of current voter fraud and trump's vowed retribution against his political enemies. >> numbers are looking phenomenal in florida. don't believe the media. >> reporter: donald trump landed his helicopter in the sunshine state sunday, telling voters to >> it's a rigged, broken, corrupt system. it's rigged! >> reporter: a recent poll found more than 80% of republicans in florida and texas agree that voter fraud is a legitimate problem and more than 8 in 10 of those feel trump would win if the system was fair. >> we are behind. she has some advantages. >> reporter: trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway was more candid about the challenges of competing against hillary
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current president and first lady more popular than she can hope to be. >> it's a contract between donald j. trump and the american voter. >> reporter: on saturday in gettysburg, trump sketched out his first 100 days emphasizing trade and limited hiring freeze and tougher stance on immigration. >> when they got to the boarder they stay out. rightly now, they have no consequence. they have no consequences. >> reporter: the speech incl threatened to break up media companies. >> they are trying to poison the mind of the american voter. >> reporter: he also threatened to sue the women who have publicly accused him of sexual misconduct. another stepped forward sunday making the total at least 11 accusers. >> the events never happened. never. all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. >> he delivers his own speeches.
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the white house and he has the privilege to say what he wants. >> reporter: trump also received his first major newspaper endorsement this weekend. it came from the las vegas review journal which said the republican nominee promises to be a source of disruption in washington, despite acknowledging he has trouble dealing with critics and would be wise to discover the power of humility. notably, the newspaper is owned and recently purchased by republican megadonor adelson who was donated to groups this campaign season. hillary clinton is trying to extend her political reach to down ballot races and looking beyond donald trump to focus on other democrats running for congress across the country. clinton and her party want to challenge republican control of both the house and senate. nancy cordes is following the evolving clinton campaign. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's a sign of increased confidence, but it's also a sign
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election day. if she wins her agenda will go a lot farther if her party can take back one house of congress so it's in her interest to help. >> do the right thing and elect debra ross to go to the united states senate. >> reporter: in charlotte, sunday, clinton talked up a local senate candidate. she did the same the day before in philadelphia. >> make the case to send katie mcganty to running against incumbent republicans in races that could determine the senate's balance of power. >> unlike her opponent, debra has never been afraid to stand up to donald trump. >> reporter: clinton's ever-improving poll numbers have given her the freedom to focus on other race. a recent poll shows her leading not just among women, but for the first time among men too. >> hello, everybody. >> reporter: clinton had this response this weekend when asked
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>> i don't even think about responding to him any more. >> reporter: in las vegas, president obama did respond, arguing both parties are there to make sure the vote is fair. >> if this is rigged, boy, it would be a really big conspiracy. >> reporter: clinton was asked this weekend about hacked e-mails published by wikileaks that reveal she pushed to attend a charity meeting in morocco after king muhammad iv committed foundation and endowment and campaign leaders were worried about the oppitics but huma aben said the following. >> no, i have nothing to say about wiki leaks. i think we should be concerned what the russians are trying to do to our lexion. >> reporter: clinton was no longer serving as secretary of
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take place in may of 2015, just one month after she announced she was running for president. >> nancy, thank you. both sides of the presidential campaign are skeptical about the huge planned merger between at&t and time warner. donald trump said he would block the deal if he wins the election. hillary clinton's spokesperson said the democratic nominee thinks they should scrutiny nobel prize is carefully. saturday. it would give at&t control of time warner's media portfolio and includes hbo, cnn, tnt and warner brothers studio. cbs financial contributor mellody hobson is in san francisco. >> good morning. >> will this deal survive regulatory scrutiny? >> i think it will survive. i talked to one phone executive and they said there will be intense regulatory scrutiny and
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close and estimated to be the end of next year, largely because of regulatory review. at the end of the day at&t is buying a company that sells premium content and that is not regulated versus broadcast tv which is regulated. this is not broadcast tv. >> what does this mean in terms of the larger media landscape that at&t believes the future of mobile depends on media? >> it is changing so fast at warped s h converging, so we have ma bell going hollywood! when you really about, that would have ever thought this would happen and they would buy than content creator. at the same time, they are recognizing they can go head-to-head against the big cable companies with video streaming. and you have the cable companies going into the phone business. so you have comcast and charter communications saying, they are going into the cellular phone business.
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mobile and tablet and how our viewership of video is changing. >> we mentioned the bipartisan skepticism. what does it mean for consumers? >> that is the big question and what everybody is pointing so is the comcast, nbc, universal deal that happened in 11 and was megadeal and much smaller at this at 34 billion dollars. if you look at prices since then they have not meaningfully consolidation of these companies coming together will ultimately lead to higher prices. at the same time, at wants you to buy more video, consumer video and that means more data and more broadband usage. >> is $85 billion a good price? >> it is a rich price! time warner is going out on top! no question about it. 36% premium. they have scored for their shareholders! >> and what about verizon and
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through. but as a lower price. verizon is committed to buying yahoo! but they are renegotiating the price up to, perhaps $1 billion on a $4 billion deal because of that data breach, i'm hearing senior people inside of verizon knew how bighe bach was, which is giving verizon all of the leverage. >> all the way through the top? >> all the way to the top. i'm hearing from that multiple source. >> understandable. mellody now working to to determine the cause of a devastating southern california bus crash. thirteen people were killed yesterday on the bus when it plowed into the back of a big rig truck and 30 others were hurt it happened on interstate 10 near palm springs. the bus was returning to los angeles from a casino. mireya villarreal has details now of this investigation in palm springs.
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the driver of the bus was one of the people killed. it is still unknown if driver fatigue or another medical condition may have played a role in the crash. as of early this morning, there are still four people here in critical condition, one also in serious condition. at this point we know that the bus was riding home was a third of the way to los angeles when the accident happened. emergency responders dug through the mangled wreckage left behind sunday. jammed 15 feet into the trailer. >> i don't know what the speeds are. what i will tell you is that the bus was traveling significantly faster than the tractor-trailer that it struck from behind. >> reporter: most of those killed were seated at the front of the bus. this man says he went to the coroner's office to confirm his sister rosa was among those who died when he couldn't find her at local hospitals. >> she was a happy person. she enjoy doing what she was doing.
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victims were unrestrained and, therefore, were flown through the air. >> reporter: most of the injuries were from the neck up. >> i hate all of the seats. i got my jaw out of place. >> reporter: the driver of the big rig survived with minor injuries. this cell phone interview was shot by a taxi driver who says he picked him up from the hospital. >> the impact this, you know, hit me, hit me from behindnd >> reporte goverent documents show the bus is owned by usa holiday, a los angeles-based tour company. according to those rords it has no previous accidents and its most recent inspection in april turned up no mechanical issues. >> we may not be able to exactly figure out how the accident occurred because the driver is killed but we will get as close to it as we. >> reporter: the ntsb is leading
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identify many of the victims many of whom are hispanic. a lot of the i.d. found on the scene were not valid i.d.s. we do know that some of the newer buses have black box recorder boxes brd but this bus was manufactured in 1996 s no word whether they have that kind of rrganicording device on hand. >> what an awful accident. the american-backed iraqi unprecedented wave of air strike has targeted isis near mosul. defense secretary ash carter traveled to iraq yesterday to get an update on the progress. holly williams just visited one of the liberated towns and in erbil this morning. >> reporter: iraqi and kurdish forces ten miles within mosul but meeting fierce resistance
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christian town of 50,000 people but after two years under isis it's shattered and deserted and it's cruise a fix defaced. a day after iraqi forces entered the town, we returned with a mayor of hamdani who fled in 2014 with the other residents. it used to be beautiful here, he told us. now look at it. the streets gunfire. in some place, isis has used tunnel networks to launch surprising attacks. even after iraqi forces think they are in control. these troops now shoot at anything that moves. lieutenant general talfi is in charge of iraq's ground forces
7:17 am
that sounds ke quite a lot of resistance, i have to tell you. no, he said, this is the military way. they are just clearing the area. local christian militia men have arrived to help secure the town. one of them is hussein salam who used to be a security guard and told us he kissed the ground before. thank god, we are back, he told us. even if i die here now, it doesn't matter. iraqi forces are edging closer to the city of mosul where it's thought that isis has around 5,000 fighters. but a senior u.s. official here told us the battle will be a multi-month endeavor. >> holly williams in iraq, thank you. heavy fighting resumed in the syrian city of aleppo after
7:18 am
russian syrian air strikes pounded rebel-held areas yesterday. fighting between rebels and pro-government forces. no aid was delivered to aleppo during the three-day pause in fighting and rebels are now preparing to launch a major coun counteroffense. police arrested 126 people this weekend at the pipeline construction site in north dakota. an officer shot down a that flew near a helicopter monitoring protests. the nearly 4 billion dollar project crosses four states. opponents are concerned about the environmental impact. patom hayden who married ja fonda died yesterday. hayden was involved in most of the major civil rights and anti--vietnam war protests of the 19 six. he was one of the chicago seven put on trial after the riots at the 1968 democratic convention. hayden moved into democratic
7:19 am
jane fonda which ended in 1990. he served in california's legislature for 18 years. tom hayden was 76. a manhunt is under way for a suspect accused of shooting two oklahoma police officers. lincoln county police say 38-year-old michael vance was hit at least twice when he traded fire with officers. investigators say he shot the officers with an ak-47 assault rifle. then stole a patrol car and, later, car-jacked another driver. two of his family members were found dead. both police officers are expected to be okay. gunfire turns a police ride-along into a terrifying ahead. the video is ahead. first, it's time to check your local weather. good morning to you, 48 degrees right now. not a cloud in the sky as we wait for this morning's sunrise. it is going to be a cool start for you.
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the door make sure everyone has light jacket. 45 in henderson and xboro. these are the coolest temperatures we've seen so far this morning. it's actually at 51 in fayetteville and pinehurst. we make it to 75 this afternoon. that is a bit warmer than california's national guard tells troops to give back millions in bonus money.
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with one towelette. need any more proof than that? neutrogena. we count on them to show up for us. now buck newton wants to be our top law-enforcement officer, but he failed to show up in the state senate. buck missed nearly one out of five votes, more than any senator but one. 10 times, buck was penalized for missing tax deadlines. there's too much at stake to make buck newton attorney general. this buck stops here. ? chicago's north side is going crazy for the cubs. ahead, the fans who saw the last world series at wrigley field just after world war ii.
7:26 am
of ohio voters bombarded by presidential campaigning. your local news is next. north carolina news starts now. >> good morning, i'm justin quesinberry. an amber alert is in effect right now for a missing girl in north hampton county. the sheriff's office is looking for zahreiah gilliam. the 12-year-old was last seen wearing a pink long sleeved t- shirt, black jeans and blue black, and pink tennis shoes. she was last seen on east main last night. if you have any information call authorities. a person has died after an overnight crash on i-440 caused by a wrong way driver. this crash closed the interstate for hours. the driver was going the wrong way when the crash occurred. charges are pending for carlos martinez gonzalez who was driving that vehicle. at least five other vehicles were involved. the crash reconstruction unit is still investigating.
7:27 am
new information this morning about a disturbance at the neuse correctional institution in wayne county. authorities say inmates set two fires in part of the prison. it all happened yesterday afternoon around 4:30. because of the damage, 500 of the 800 inmates were transferred to other prisons. one corrections staff member and one inmate were treated for nonlife-threatening injuries. one prisoner was assaulted and treated and released from the hospital. authorities are not calling this a prison riot inmates take over the prison and in this case they say they did not. the incident is still under investigation. and the time is now 7:27 on this monday morning. we're starting off with crystal clear skies. temperatures are a bit cool in some areas. it's 48 degrees here at the raleigh durham international airport. nearby in durham, you're at 50. 50 also in siler city. we have the upper 40s in sanford and lillington, raeford
7:28 am
nearby fayetteville is reporting 51. so as you're planning your day again, the cool start that we're experiencing right now, we should be at 68 by lunchtime, still sunny skies, 75. that is 5 degrees warmer than where we were yesterday. back to 70 as the clear and comfortable weather continues through 6:00 this evening. enjoy every minute of it. a dry cold front comes through this evening dropping us back into the 60s for tuesday and wednesday. still in the upper 60s on thursday with a chance for a shower late in the d very busy i-40 at aviation parkway. reports of a crash in this area as well. it is causing some pretty heavy delays as you head west on 540 right at exit to aviation parkway. extra time there. we have a couple of miles of delays that this crash is causing. travel through durham doesn't look too bad. we have a crash at cara leeway. northbound drive times into raleigh on 40 are slowing down
7:30 am
? hillary has no idea how to fix anything. if she did, she would have done it already. i mean, what has she been doing? >> donald, donald, don't set her up! >> i'd be happy to talk about the last 30 years. >> oh, no, not again! >> back in the 1970s, i worked >> yes, we know. >> then i was a senator in new york on 9/11. >> we get it. >> then i was secretary of state and i don't know if you've heard this before. >> we have! >> but i was instrumental in taking down a man by the name of -- >> osama bin laden. >> "saturday night live" is killing it. tom hanks did a great job as
7:31 am
right on. >> absolutely perfect. welcome back to "cbs this morning.? comurp coming up national guard soldiers are asked to pay back thousands of dollars. they were given benefit united states to reenlist in the iraq and military wars and the government wants them to give the money back. >> the chicago cubs could win their first world series in 108 years. they will face cleveland for the dodgers. >> the dodgers will be back. >> one longtime fan explains the pain he has experienced over seven plus decade without a world series appearance. >> this is so great. >> the cubs number one fan is, obviously, bill murray who got a big reward and reminded the audience. >> happy for him. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "usa today" reports the secret
7:32 am
the agency wants to make more than a thousand myers within the year but many candidates are dropped because they have taken a adderol. >> the american academy of pediatrics say baby should sleep in their parents' bedroom but not in the same bed. babies should be kept in the pare b months and optimally until they are 1 year old. "wall street journal" says samsung mishandled the recall of its galaxy note 7 smartphone because it was based on incomplete evidence. after x-ray and cat scans showed a bulge of batteries in phones that caught fire. but the bulge was not the cause. so the company killed the note 7. samsung still does not have a conclusive answer.
7:33 am
hawaii airlines is allowed to keep weighing some passengers before seating them on flights from american issomalia. the eyelids have the world's highest adult obesity rate. the airline says balancing its planes is a safety issue. california's national guard is telling members to return bonuses and other money they received for reenlisting during the wars in iraq and afghanistan. the $15,000 or more plus interest. the soldiers say the program was mismanaged and they are the ones paying the price. jan crawford is outside of the national guard in arlington, virginia. >> reporter: good morning. so after 9/11, the national guard was just under tremendous pressure to send troops to fight overseas and it used bonuses to help fill the ranks, but there were widespread problems, which came to light in california
7:34 am
claimed the lives of 32 california national guardsmen. now, thousands of soldiers who served with them are being told to return their reenlistment bonuses. >> i feel betrayed. >> reporter: robert deandrew is on the hook for $20,000 and he had already served in iraq when his term came up but was enticed to stay by the extra money. >> they are giving bonuses away in droves and gave us aef on it and poiwer pnt presentation and sign the contract in the back of the room if you're ready for it. >> reporter: the "los angeles times" says it was meant for soldiers who belonged to units about to deploy but the california national guard tells "cbs this morning" about a thousand soldiers were overpaid, on average, about 9,300. auditors found errors are bonuses given to another 5,400 soldiers.
7:35 am
california's 23rd congressional districts wants the debts forgiven. >> they sacrificed. some, unfortunately, gave the ultimate sacrifice of life and now they are going back after ten years? to me, it is just wrong. these people should be treated like heroes, not tax cheats. >> reporter: the payments came under scrutiny in 2011 when it was discovered a manager awarded more than $15 million to ineligible soldiers and she was sentenced to 50 months in prison. this guard said he owed more than $20,000 and threatened to garnish hiswages. he filed a fal lawit in february. >> i would like to see them forgive these mistak that they made, that they blamed on the soldiers. that all they did was raise their hand and swear in oath to that constitution. >> reporter: now the army and the national guard would not comment for this story, but the california national guard said,
7:36 am
ou soldiers through this difficult process. they said it doesn't unilaterally have the authority to waive these debts butld welcome congress to pass a law that would do so. >> jan, thanks. >> it's interesting. hard to take that much money back from soldiers who fought overseas. >> you don't know where they see the leg to stand on. >> seems like a no brainer, doesn't it? chicago is preparing this morning for an event the city has not seen in 71 years. th cleveland indians in the world series. game one is tomorrow night. the two teams have the longest championship droughts in major r league baseball. the cubs have not won a world series since 1908 and cleveland not since 1948. dean reynolds is inside wrigley field, home of the cubs, with the city's anticipation and optimism. >> reporter: good morning. i was here on saturday night when they clenched and it was
7:37 am
some tears, too, because i've had friends and relatives who were born, lived long lives, and passed away before ever hearing these magical words. >> and he will hit a ground ball toward short. russell goes to baez. one. over to first. the cubs are going to the world series! the cubs win the pennant! >> it's been 71 years since chicago celebrated those words. >> cub fans are now overcome with a new reality that has replaced an old fantasy. >> chicago seems about to win the national league east. that's right. chicago. >> it's mathematically impossible for them to lose their grip on first place but no good cubs fan really believes that! p>> this is a new feeling for everybody in chicago. >> besides buying up team merchandise, many cub fans say they aren't sure how to react.
7:38 am
around in '45. i mean, we have never experienced this. >> there we go. >> reporter: but stan rausch has. how many times have they broken your heart? >> how many years is it since 1945? he was a 15-year-old selling soda at wrigley field when the cubs last went to the world series against detroit. theyost in 1945. rausch picked up a ticket stub souvenir. what compelled you to save it? >> i didn't know figure it would be 71 years until i got the next one. >> you did think that? >> no. the steer. >> reporter: now after waiting more than seven decades, rausch is not only excited, but optimistic. >> well, look at whathey have done this year. you can't beat a club like that. you know? things have gone for them. they have got young players and they have very talented players. a great manager. i mean, there is no doubt about
7:39 am
this interview, frankly. it would really curse dash. >> it's not going to curse them at all. there are no curses any more! >> reporter: no. let's not talk about curses. the series begins tomorrow night in cleveland for two games and then, yes, the world series comes back to wrigley field on friday and saturday and, of course, for a game on sunday, but only if it's necessary. >> we were talking here, the most powerful chicagoan, barack obama was a white sox fan so you wonder whether he is pulling for his league or his hometown. >> yeah. and whether he'll go. i bet he'll end up there. >> jump on the band wagon! >> how about stan selling soda at wrigley field when he was 15. >> as a dodgers fan, i'm happy for them. a police ride-along goes
7:40 am
>> you're kidding me, right? >> ahead, this terrifying experience for a civilian who is inside of a patrol car when it came under fire. we invite you to subscribe to our new "cbs this morning" podcast. you'll get the news of the day and extended interviews and podcast originals. find them all on itunes and apple's podcast app and we will be right back. s knows how it feels to see your numbers go up, despite your best efforts. but what if you could turn things around? what if you could... love yr numbers? discover once-daily invokana?. it's the #1 prescribed sglt2 inhibitor that works to lower a1c. a pill taken just once in the morning, invokana? is used along with diet and exercise
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? >>a california for suspects who opened fire on a police officer with a terrified civilian in the passenger seat. the cruiser's dash cam captured the gunfire during a pursuit. the officer wasn't hurt but the woman riding along was scratched by broken glass. ben tracy shows us how the violent attack played out early sunday in madera, just northwest
7:45 am
>> reporter: early sunday morning madera police officer pulls over a mazda suv for a minor traffic violation. >> he is not stopping? you're kidding me, right? >> reporter: sitting in the officer's passenger seat, a female civilian taking part in a ride-along. >> we try and teach the citizens of our town and the community what law enforcement is. we wanto give them the ll gamut and scope of what the job entails and she was doing one of those >> reporter: the car takes off. the officer turns on his sirens and pursues. moments later, the civilian passenger notices something terrifying. >> shots fired. >> oh, no! >> reporter: around a dozen shots were fired. two bullets pierced through the front windshield and narrowly missing the woman on the
7:46 am
>> you okay? >> reporter: the officer ended the chase after his patrol car was disabled. the suspect's vehicle was found abandoned with an ar-15 style pistol nearby. madera lieutenant gianti. >> the bullet got lodged just here as the passenger would be sitting here. >> reporter: the names of the officer who was in his second week working alone and the released. the police are still searching for the suspects. for "cbs this morning," ben tracy, los angeles. >> that's scary. >> terrifying. >> i know. did you see this? bill murray was a cinderella story in caddie shack. he just received a prize this weekend.
7:47 am
musical' good morning to you, check out this beautiful sunrise from the top of the hill restaurant in chapel hill. standing in front of the sunshine there. beautiful as we do start off our day. that sunshine hasn't started to warm us up. 48 in raleigh and lillington, 46 in sanford. mid-40s across portions of johnston county towards clayton and in fayetteville starting off nd afternoon, and enjoy every minute announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. ? at walgreens, you're free- free to seize the savings on medicare part d. from one-dollar copays on select plans to rewards points on all prescriptions, it's easy to save big at walgreens.
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s. ses allergic reactions can occur. now's your chance at completely clear skin. just ask your doctor about taltz. roomadussaid, please, god, good night? >> bill murray received the mark twain prize for america humor last night in washington. he said winning awards isn't easy for him. >> it's really hd to listen to all of those people be nice to you for two days. you just get so suspicious. you know? like, this is all going to go really bad, you know? it's going to go bad. something is going to happen.
7:52 am
this, i really had to come back to this idea that there is love, thers love. that's what we -- what we came with and what we go with. >> hes so . chicago native belted out sweet home, chicago. ahea scientific tests compe chead pensive athl ses when i was a little kid, i made a deal with myself that i would never grow up. we met when we were very young... i was 17, he was 18. we started doing animation. with the surface book, you can actually draw on the screen. so crisp. i love it. it's almost like this super powerful computer and a tablet had the perfect baby. (laughing) it's a typewriter for writing scripts... it's a sketchbook for sketches...'s a canvas for painting... you can't do thaon a mac. coming up on "look! famous people!" we catch flo, e progressive girl,
7:53 am
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her medical conditions, and about all the medicines you take incling herbal supplements. ta amiodone with harvoni ate. common side effects of harvoni may include tireess, headache and weakness. i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your h cpealist if harv we count on them sho unock but he failed to sho nearly one out of fiot,e. more than any senator but one. 10 times, buck was penalized for missing tax deadlines. there's o much at stakeed.
7:56 am
north carolina news starts now. >> good morning, i'm justin esinbey. at 7:56, and we begin with breaking news thatwe've been following all morning. the girl at the center of an amber alert in north hampton county has been found. 12-year-old zahreiah gilliam was found in the area where she was last seen. she was unharmed.
7:57 am
claimed the life of a moore county man. according to the aberdeen times, a ford ranger ran o busbroad around 11 last night, hit a ree andburst tolames. ash pullethe driv from e the burning truck, but he died at the scene. the victim is 25-year-old stony crabtree. no one else was in the trck. the highway patrol is investigatthe crash. today governor pat mccrory will tour one of the area's hardest hit by hurricane matthew. thvernorill edgecoe county at 9:30 this morning. heill tour princeville and talk about the hurricane matthew task force. princeville was left under waiter because of flooding. engineers removed millions of gallons of water from the town. princeville elementary school flooded. and the time is now 7:57 on this ay morng, justs a expected we're going to have plenty of sun glare this
7:58 am
tower camera, 49 degrees and not a cloud in sight. temperatures around 50 in durham. we're starting to climb but back to 52 in yetville. gton4th still in clinton. 51 d yes, these temperates a lot milder than where we were yesterday at this time. it's about 10 degrees warmer as you start off your morning in goldo. about 10 degrees about a 5-degree difference from yesterday to today here in raleigh. 75 degrees our afternoon high, that will also be about 5 degrees warmer and a dry cold front comes through tonight dropping us back to 64 for tuesday. 65 on wednesday. the coldest morning for us will be wednesday morning. next chance for a shower or two p aftern 7:58. lets go d and check in with ali for t latest onthe roadways. we've got a crash blocking a lane ndcausing somevery heavlays, actually loo like traffic is blocked up two lanes now i-40 westbound as
7:59 am
show you that westbound side right 2. this red u never want to see. heavy delays on 540. our drive times are going to show you it's going to get wild into work. also have a crash on 440 westbound near u.s. 64 business new burn aver causing pretty heavy delays on the westbound side. travel through durham does not look as bad. take a look at these drive times, 540 to glenwood avenue 48 minutes there.
8:00 am
? it is monday, october 24th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning.? more real news ahead, including the last two weeks of the presidential campaign. both candidateseach out ballot. we will talk to "usa today's" susan page. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. donald trump is trying to get back in the game in florida but keep supporters energized and he is about lining early white house priorities. >> clinton is trying to extend her political reach. noo down ballot races. >> clinton is starting think what comes after election day. > you know what is going to win this election?
8:01 am
it is still unknown if driver fatigue or another medical condition may have played a role in the crash. iraqi and kurdish forces are now within ten miles of mosul but they are meeting fierce resistance from isis. what does this mean in terms of the larger media landscape. >> it's changing so fast how the businesses and these worlds are converging at warped shepeed. >> i was here saturday night electrifying. >> the most powerful barack obama is from chicago andee if he jumps on the band wagon. >> congratulations to the icago cubs w defeated the dodgers to reach the world series for the first time in 71 years. oh, man. another outcome rigged by hillary clinton! ? >> i'm charlie rose with norah
8:02 am
gayle king is off. the ntsb is investigating a deadly bus crash near springs, california. thirteen people in the bus were killed when it slammed into the back of a big ri more than 30 others were injured. the passengers were headed home for los angeles from a casino. >> investigators don't know the speed the bus was traveling, but they say it was going significantly faster than the truck it plowed into. the impact was to bus ended up 15 feet inside the trailer. government records show the bus had no previous accidents. its most recent inspection in april turned up no mechanical issues. the presidential race has 15 days to go and more than 5 million people have already voted. both presidential candidates are now asking voters to give them support in congress. donald trump has rarely focused on down ticket candidates. fewer than two weeks ago, he attacked republicans who
8:03 am
in florida, trump asked his supporters to make sure he has a republicancongress. >> the republican house and senate, we will meately repeal and replace the disaster known as obamacare. a disaster. a repubcan hse and senate can swiftly enact the other items in my contract immediately, including masve tax reduction. if you elect me, along with a republican house and senate, we will also immediately obama/clinton requested and rebuild our badly depleted military. >> president obama campaigned in las vegas f hillary clinton and nevada's democratic senate candidate. the president blasted republicans who he says fanned the flames that helped the trump campgn. >> they went along with these stories because they figured you know what? this will help rile up the base,
8:04 am
obstruct what we are trying to do and we won't be ab t appoint ju and give us a political advance so they just stood by and did nothing and believthis crazy stuff.o donald trump did not start this. donald trump didn't start it. he just did what he always did, which is slap his name on it, take credit for it, and promote it. >> both candidates w trump has two rallies in florida and clinton has one event in new hampshire. on thursd clinton will campaign for the first time alongside first lady michelle obama in north carolina. susan page is today's washingtonu chief. good morning. hey, good morning. >> we see hillary clinton campaigning for the third straight day in a battleground state that also has a competitive senate race. what does that tell us? >> it tells you about where the
8:05 am
a must win state for him in a state he is hillary clinton is going to new hampshire. she has a pretty safe lead in new hampshire. eight points in the average but the state they hope to deat kelly ayotte and get a democrat in that senate seat and north carolina is another place she is going and they hope to double up and not just carry the state for her but flip a senate seat as well. >> yogi berra said it's not over until it's over and we all know that, but the question seems to be how long are her coattails? some republicans are hoping this will be like 1996. a year they abandoned bob dole and clear he was going to lose. in the end democrats gained only two seats in the house and lost two seats in the senate tt year. but this is not like 1996 because bob dole w not a toxic figure. even if vot weren't voting for him they would vote for bill clinton for re-election. this is elen the toxic
8:06 am
republicans down the ballot. >> a real snapshot now in the state of texas that perhaps speaks to what is increasingly becoming a mandate for her. >> you know, these texas polls are amazing. a new cbs poll out yesterday gives trump a three-point lead. you know what is remarkable? it's been 20 years a democrat won any statewide contest in texas. this has been a pretty reliably republican state and now we have three polls. the three texas statewide polls taken in october have him at three points, three points, four points. population of hispanics in the state. >> this is a state where hispanics have been willing to vote for republicans. george w. sh d well with hispanics and so did -- >> male voters is usually always a gender gap. men vote for republicans
8:07 am
i don't know if this will turn out on lex day but this is one poll. >> that is remarkable. she solidified big support among women so he needs big support among men. even polls don't show him behind with m and show aarrow margin there. >> much has been made about the podesta e-mails. we just look at them. what does it say about washington the way washington works and the way politics is played at the highest level? >> i'll tell you in washington, people say, well, sure this is how we know things work. i think americans look at the powerful interests and the way behind the scenes conversations go and they think this does not represent my interests. these are the interests of people are power who contribute to campaigns who contribut to the clinton foundation. ths howhey modify and tweak theipolitical message to make points. we all knew that was going on but this is anxtraordinary the actually works and i think a lot ofmericans look at that and think that is not how i want it to work. >> one of the arguments donald trump was trying to make but
8:08 am
other -- >> drain the swamp is not a bad message but i'm not sure he is a candidate to be able to deliver it. >> it seems perhaps what either candidate will face come november 9th. "usa today" has a piece out healing america. you looked at other contentious elections in other countries. what does it say about the ability to govern of either candidate? >>ere is the paradox for hillary clinton. she seems headed toward a pretty decisive victory but wit a
8:09 am
happens, we need to work together. >> america is sick of the way washington is not working. do we have four more years of the partisan gridlock and war fair or a development that breaks through that? don't know if we know the answer to that. >> we will find out in 15 days. >> is that it? only 15 days? >> and counting. footwear developers are new technology to create sneakers. ahead, whether the latest features really shoes are worth the expense.
8:10 am
i like that commercial. music superstar phil collins is trying to turn his career on again. he is planning a first tour after nearly a decade after selling 225,000 albums. phil collins is in our toyota green room. what is telling him to go on the road again.
8:11 am
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narrator: it's all connected. richard burr wrote a plan to privatize medicare, making you pay more. and richard burr got one point one million dollars from the insurance industry. richard burr was one of just three insider trading by congress. and richard burr voted to raise his own pay... seven times. he increased his wealth over 500 percent. richard burr. twenty years in washington... serving himself. dscc is responsible for the content
8:14 am
north carolina used to make education a priority. we all understood the importance of having good schools. but pat mccrory seems more interested in giving tax cuts to millionaires. we're 41st in how much we pay our teachers. there is a textbook shortage. and pat mccrory has cut 3,000 teaching assistants from the early grades. he may have given tax cuts to millionaires, but pat mccrory is shortchanging our schools.
8:15 am
of tomorrow sold for nearly 100,000 yesterday on ebay! the world's only pair of virgin america first class shoes features seat belt buckles, a video display, and a usb phone charger. wow. >> that's all you need right there. >> a report predicts the global footwear market will reach $114 billion by 2022. anna werner looks at what sneakers are the best fit for you and whether advertising promises hold up. >> reporter: good morning. we have all walked into the sporting goods store and seen the massive wall of shoes. consumers are faced seemingly countless choice. we wanted to know are any of those innovations helping you to run longer or jump higher? and are those expensive sneakers any better? we went behind the scenes to look for answers.
8:16 am
maker of adidas where they are using motion capture technology to design their latest shoes. elyse hall explains how it works. >> the blue represents areas that are not stretching as much. >> reporter: it's called aramis that nasa uses on the outer of space shuttles. they look at how the foot stretches when it's in motion. >> we use ito from head-to-toe. >> reporter: andy barr. >> we make sure how the skin stretches and moves and by knowing about the body, you can make better products. >> reporter: they have used it while developing shoe lines like the ultra boost and alpha bounce with new materials in the seool they say give runners extra boost when they are running or
8:17 am
edge in the athletic footwear market. manufacturers tout their latest innovations with pmatch. some shoes tell for upwards of $300 but are they worth it? >> the way your shoe performs probably is not related to the price of the shoe. >> reporter: university of nevada biomechanics professor john mercer studies athletic shoes. so if i spend $150, that shoe shoe? >> it dends. the problem with e shoe industry is everye needs a little different shoe. >> reporter: at mercer's lab in las vegas, he has analyzed dozens of shoe brand and styles. everything from the original nikes. >> 1970s. >> reporter: to usually underwater running shoes with gills.
8:18 am
shoes. did they reduce impact for runners? mercer said it depended on the person running them which he says he has generally found for athletic shoes on the whole. >> you take one pair of shoes and put it in ten different people, everyone could run a little bit differently in those shoes. >> so it might work for one person, that shoe, and wouldn't work for somebody else? >> that's right. >> reporter: some sh companies have gotten into trouble by making generalized claims. the federal trade commission sued sketchers. the government found advertising claims the rounded claim should should this your back side and promote weight loss to be false and unsubstantiated. both companies settled for millions of dollars but with no admission to liability. when somebody says to you, john, what kind of shoe should i buy? >> i say don't be brand model or model loyal.
8:19 am
out what works for you. >> reporter: he recommends taking shoes for a test run and if you're a serious athlete maybe have an expert analyze your running style. barr at aidedidas hence changese coming in the suits. >> i think the future is a more personalized experience so trying to personalize product to your specific running style. >> reporter: and how do you do that? >> well, that is under wraps for the moment. comment on mercer's study. the best shoe for you is going to be, unfortunately, an individual choice, which makes it so hard. however, he does say that 90% of people who run are heel strikers. hit the ground with your heel. like the shoes i'm wearing, for instance, these hoks ultra cushions and these acics, heel stricker shoes. some proportion of the population runs for front strikers. you hit the front of your foot
8:20 am
type of nike here or the new balance. a flatter sole. the difference these have a flatter sole and these i know you like have more of a cushion heel. >> i run half marathons in these and they work pretty well. >> charlie, the resident. >> we have underarmors. >> and stylish. >> thank you very much. >> for a heel stricli >> right. it gives me power. >> ladies and gentlemen, charlie rose with his legs on the table. thank you, anna. >> copy what you did once before. >> absolutely. we have fun here. a letter to the editor leads to a protest by supporters of yoga pants. ahead, the word that triggered hundreds of women to march with a message to one man in particular. you're watching "cbs this morning." >> announcer: cbs "morning
8:21 am
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8:24 am
a driver in prince edward canada drove right on to the starting lineup of a marathon and didn't know what to do! she just sat there as hundreds
8:25 am
could pave the way for medicine. north carolina news starts now. >> good morning, i'm russ bowen. it's 8:25 right now. now to breaking news we've been following all morning. the girl at the center of an amber alert in north hampton county has been found. 12-year-old zahreiah gilliam was found in the area she was last seen. she is okay. a driver going the wrong i-440 caused a crash that has claimed the life of a 54-year- old man. charges are pending for carlos martinez gonzalez. five other vehicles were involved. the crash reconstruction unit is still investigating that incident. you can stay with cbs north carolina for more details. a disturbance at the neuse correctional institute in wayne county included two fires set at the prison. it happened around 4:30. because of the damage done by the fire 500 inmates were
8:26 am
one corrections staff and one inmate were treated for injuries. presidential polics are front and center again here in north carolina this week. hillary clinton and first lady michelle obama will hold a rally together on thursday in winston-salem. it will be their first joint appearance at a campaign rally. at the other side of the aisle, republican nominee mike pence is in salisbury and greensboro today and presidential nominee donald trump will be in kinston on wednesday, and they will all be greeted as absolutely gorgeous weather. >> things will be changing over the next 24 hours. this morning, 49 degrees, pretty refreshing as you step outside. blue skies at the raleigh durham international airport. remember yesterday if you were up early on your sunday, we had the 30s. this morning none of that, 40s and 50s, though, so still jacket weather. 51 in durham, 44 in roxboro. 49 in south hill, and then down
8:27 am
morning around fayetteville, 50 in clinton and 50 in re ford. your forecast for the day ahead, calls for sunshine not only right now but throughout we should be right around 68 at lunchtime calling to 75 for an afternoon high. yesterday we hit 70 so these temperatures are going to be about 5 degrees warmer than where we were yesterday. enjoy every minute of it, a dry cold front comes through this evening. that's what's going to drop us back into the 60s for highs tuesday and wednesday. that's wednesday. it also welcomes like wednesday morning is going -- it also looks like wednesday is going to be the chilliest for us with temperatures around 42 in the triangle. those outlying areas could be in the 30s. there will be the chance for a late day shower or two late thursday. 68 our high thursday. we're back to 70 on friday with a lingering shower early. as we head into the upcoming weekend, not so bad. pretty fall-like if you ask me. 72 our temperature saturday
8:28 am
the upper 60s on sunday. keep in mind seasonal for this time of the year is right around 71. so well above that mark as we head intothis afternoon. good morning, a crash on i- 540 right at exit 2 near aviation parkway is really slowing things down. we've got two lanes back there. we have miles and miles of delays on that westbound side because of that crash. we also have another crash on i slowing things down on 440, i- 440 westbound a crash near new burn after u.s. 264 a crash there as well. a very busy morning out there on the roads through the raleigh area. durham looks a lot better. your drive times do not on 540 from u.s. 64 to glenwood avenue, 66 minutes there, new burn avenue to wade avenue about 24, taking the clayton bypass to u.s. 1, all these heading west 25 minutes. back outside to i-440 at six
8:29 am
we count on them to show up for us. now buck newton wants to be our top law-enforcement officer, but he failed to show up in the state senate. buck missed nearly one out of five votes, more than any senator but one. 10 times, buck was penalized for missing tax deadlines. his business was dissolved. there's too much at stake to make buck newton attorney general. this buck stops here. ator: richard burr wrote a plan to privatize medicare, making you pay more. and richard burr got one point one million dollars from the insurance industry. richard burr was one of just three senators to vote against banning insider trading by congress. and richard burr voted to raise his own pay... seven times. he increased his wealth over 500 percent. richard burr. twenty years in washington... serving himself.
8:30 am
? welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, artificial intelligence has inspired both awe and angst. ibm is spending millions and ceo rometty is also here. >> phil collins is also in our green room. the pop music giant recorded much of the sound track for the 1980s. ahead, new memoir reveals some personal deep ruggles. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "wall street journal" explains
8:31 am
dating their retis. couples can, in fact, bump their phones together to find out i they are related. shared ancestry is common. >> really? >> thas what they tell me. incrible stuff. >> all ri "the boston globe" reports more than 300 people garnled in rhode islaha pants parade. a writer in a local newspaper said the yoga pants belong in the studio and do nothing to compliment women over 20 years old. protesters wore colorful yoga pants and wked past his d the e and he owns a pair ofoga pants
8:32 am
>> i really don't know what yoga pants are! >> inspired more questions than answers, i suppe, charlie. >> good for you. i'm glad to hear that. researchers are working on new ways to use artificial intelligence. on "60 minutes" last week we showed you how ibm's robot watson is helping to fight ca6k?dncer. it is one of more 20 institutes using watson. he explained what the technology brings >> they taught watson . was not very hard. then watson read 25 million rs in about another week.and thw fore clical trials od af sudden, we hadsomplete list that was sort of everything one needed to know. >> reporter: did this blow y mind? >> entirely blew my mind. waon's cognitive computing
8:33 am
maybanay t it, this is the third era of technology that we have all ever known. the first was machines that coted and the second was things that were programmed. ths erying you know today. your cell ph yo ogm it.wholatio of theytlen. we wilal moment but what new world is it opening up? >> to me this is a world that is going to solve so many problems that aren't solved. and so i always we will solve the unsolvle lik health care and risks and food safety. on the other side, everyday life. in fact, tnkn the next five years, you'll use this k m impoant decision and it could be around the weather, it could
8:34 am
around shop but at the other end, it will be 's aing to wit e, wth anything complex in the system, in our world that is out there. >> it will affecteverything? wh with quest? >> on so this is a great -- you bit of an introduction into this. the first things we did with ?z anc genomics with quest. this is to be able to do genetic analysis for anyone in the united states. quest is a dyiiagnostic company. they serve 70% of the untrs patients with cancer. if your doctor believes that some sort of genetic sequencing will help you, looking at the tumor, your normal tissue, they
8:35 am
the genetic sequencing. . if it's more complex they use the brode institute. en watson takes over. ts has been training in 20 of the best oncology centers in the world and training watson. he is looking what is the real mutations and matching up what are the possible treatments that could matter. and so it is impossible for a doctor, no matte h g they are, to keep up with and then goes to recommendations and pathologists to the ctor >> you've said thats not your goal to replace anyone, to replace a doctor. in this case, what is the relationship then? what is the ideal relationship? >> i've watched this relationship between the doctor. in fact, we believe this era is man and machine. and, in fact, i know we say artificial intelligence. but it is really augmenting our intelligence. because i don't care what your job is.
8:36 am
cognitive overload. you can't keep up. in health care, 8,000 papers a day and another great statistic. in the health care system, there is three million times more data than all books ever written. what is a doctor to do? so this idea, i see, i've watched it with the collegial. you're testing your eyes and thinking and i see it working in almost every critics who say machines could get too smart and doom us all. >> that isn't our goal. in fact, this is supervisized learning. think of it as watson has been trained by the best oncologist. he has been trained by the best people in risk and financial services. he has been trained for teachers by teachers. and so this type of technology, when i say augmenting, it's been trained. you have all of this data -- >> are we going to reach a point with when machines are smarter
8:37 am
this will bring so much more benefit. it's our goal thisis supervisiz learning and man and machine. >> elon musk has called artificial intelligence summoning the demons and could be at some point a part of the humans. i think watson is sharing the information and processing that information more quickly. >> that's what it is. the velocity of the ability to explosion. >> yes. the part people forget is the different kind of information. one thing to have things written down but it's very different because watson has learned to read x-rays, images and photos antweets- >> this has opened up personalized medicine for everyone? >> it has. it's more than that. it will be personalized medicine for everyone. in fact, that is actually the meaningful part about this quest diagnosis.
8:38 am
by the way, this kind of technology -- when you do genomic sequencing it's for late stage cancer and stage four and it's diicult. if you know anyone, they say are you sure we looked at everything? this is aay tdo that. >> the end goal, that we can cureancer more quickly. >> absolutely. taking cancer head-on. >> great to have you anywhere and not hear a phil collins song. he is one of the best selling artists of all time and he's here in our toyota green room. coming up, how he says music made him good morning to you, 489 degrees right now and we are tracking plenty of sunshine from our live camera here in our north raleigh studios. that sunshine is going to cause
8:39 am
48 in henderson, 49 in south hill. 44 as a matter of fact in roxboro. a big improvement from thos 30s that we started off our sunday with. sunday with. 75 our afternoon high today,
8:40 am
8:41 am
like the hundreds of thousands burr's taken from oil and energy companies. see, burr had tens of thousands of dollars invested inil and gas stocks. big oil profits? so does richard burr. but in two decades, what's he done for ye for the cot of this advertising. it's called "the snake:" district drawn along i-85 to segregate african american voters. "the snake" and others like it were drawn by state legislators ec ednd as a partisan power . dis
8:42 am
y25euy yi0y ? take me home ? phil collins making a comeback after a self-imposed retirement. he taking his impressive catalog of classic hits on the road for his first tour in nearly a decade. collins sold more than 250 million albums in his career, making him one of the best selling artists of all time. now he is opening up in a revealing new memoir "not dead
8:43 am
coni chronicles the highs and lows in the business that helped define an era. ? i can feel it ? >> reporter: phil collins has been playing the drums almost his entire life. but being a pop star was never the ultimate goal. >> when i was 12, i bought a drum kit and that was going to be my life. >> reporter: that all changed when he went from drummer to front man >> ? all we seem to be ? >> reporter: genesis reached new heights but collins became even bigger than the band, after going solo in 1981. a run of top ten hits turned the british singer into a global sensation. ? take a look at me now ? >> reporter: but staggering success came overexposure and
8:44 am
artist of his time. >> you care about critics? >> yep. but i'm getting better. i'm getting better. >> reporter: better in what way? >> better at realizing the man on the street, if he is touched by what i do, then that is what is most important. ? give me one more night ? >> reporter: all of these years later, the backlash has subsided and what is left is an undeniable -- ? waiting for this moment all my life ? >> phil collins is good enough to join us now. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning, good morning! >> yes it is. >> not dead yet, it's grim but
8:45 am
>> it just came, you know? i mean, i think a lot has been made about my health. you know, made in certain countries and in certain cities and certain papers. and i thought it was -- it's my black humor, english humor is an acquired thing. but, also, i think to me it implies that there is more to come. and hopefully there will be. >> you mentioned your health. >> i'm okay. i mean, i'm okay. i had back surgery last year and a numb foot and why i've got a stick. otherwise, i'm in good shape. >> did you miss it? >> i didn't really, no. i mean, i retired -- i kind of felt like i had to jam on the
8:46 am
because i had -- they are older now, but hi on two young boys. matthew is 11 now and nick is 15 and i wanted to be at home to be a dad, you know? i've never been able to do that for one reason or another. my career, obviously, got in the way, i guess. stuff happens along the way. and i really wanted to be a dad. so i retired and to concentrate on that. honestly about your other children too. you say i carry guilt over each of my kids all the time i was away. music made me but also it un-made me. >> a little, you know, the book has gotten a lot of funny things in it as well. but yeah, you know there is a spinal tap attitude, if you're
8:47 am
yeah, yeah, we can do this, yeah, yeah. what about families? you know? and in most instances, families traveled with us. >> yeah. >> but when children start going to school, then it starts to get a little more difficult because someone has to stay at home. literally, i was the bread winner. so i can't -- i don't know if i would do anything >> you still feel? >> i still feel. every time i take matthew to soccer practice, i kind of in tinged with this, you know, guilt that i wasn't with able to do that with simon. we talk aut it all the me all of us wi five ds and me. and, you know, i but it's just i can't be -- >> we know why they loved you. 250 million albums is why they
8:48 am
did they simply grow weary with you? >> i don't think it was so much fans. i think it was -- i was everywhere all the time. i mean, one of the things about the book, you know, i found out, while i was doing the book was the length of the tours. you know? six months to three months, three weeks at home. and then some tours months. sometime the family can come out and sometimes they can't. so i think i was always there and you couldn't get away from me. meanwhile, i was just doing things for our producer. sure, no problem. robert plant, sure, i'll do that. i felt mr. incredible. i got time for. but i think the records were
8:49 am
same records, you know? the list goes on. and that is what critics and what some people kept hearing and, you know, give us a break. >> what is it like to be abl to play with your son now? >> fantastic. yeah. he's greatlistener. and he takes, you know, if i say actually be a little harder. he'll say, okay, and h we played u.s. open. i see him on tv no we playe u.s. open. you know, he wt from playing to 500 people one night to 20,000 the next. no nerves. he's fantastic. it will be great for him. >> congrulhe book. phil collins. >> thank you. >> not dot dead yet" will be
8:50 am
8:51 am
i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, i pred that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep?"] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it shod scare everyone. i'm hillary ton and i approve this message.? richard burr, by the numbers: over 20 years in washington:
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interests... and his personal net worth increased 500%. washington works just fine for richard burr... but he's not working for us, ssing 66% of his senateommittee hearings, including 65% of armed services hearings. that's richard burr. working for himself, not north carolina. afscme people is responsible
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we count on them to show up for us. now b but he failed to show upr top in the state, buck missed nearly one out ofive ves, now b but he failed to show upr more than any senator but one. 10 times, buck was penalized for missing tax deadlines. his business was dissolved. there's too much at stake to make buck newton attorney general.
8:54 am
north carolina news starts now. good morning everyone. thanks for being with us, i'm russ bowen. itignow. i-440 is back open after an overnight crash that claimed the life 59-year-old man. thh was caused by a wrong waclosed the interstate for hours. at least five were involved. carlos martinez gonzalez was driving in the wrong direction near the wake forest road exit. we have new information about a disturbae at the neuscorrtial inson in wayne county. auorities say inmates set two fires in part of the prison yesterday afton ound 30. 0 intes ve incident,50s of transferred to other prisons. one corrections staff member and one inmatewere treated for nle-threatening injuries. officials are not calling it a prison riot because they
8:55 am
inmates take over the prison and in this case they did not do that. today governor pat mccrory will tour princeville. it's one of the areas still dealing with the aftermath of hurricane matthew. the governor will be in edgecombe county around 9:30 this morning and will talk about the rricane recovery ennes removed millions of gallons of water from that town that was heavily damaged during hurricane floyd as well. princeville elementary school suffered severe damage. students will go back to clas on thursday but at a new this week as candidates vie r your votes. every vote counts in the t heel state as the person who wins north carolina could win the election. hillary clinton and first lady michelle obama will hold a rally together on thursday in winston-lem. it will be their first joint appearance at a campaign rally. on the other side of the aisle govern mike pence is in salisbury and greensboro today and presidential nominee donald esday. ill be in kston on
8:56 am
beeen day and tomorrow. >> t's exactly today temperatures will soar into the mid-70s. tomorrow they will drop by nearly 10 degrees. right now we are looking at blue skies. if you're getting ready to head out the door, this is a live picture of davis drive elementary school in showing all of those clear conditions, and the temperatures are warming up in durham, we're still in the upper 40s in henderson. that's the only place on our map still in roanoke rapids and around the sandhillwe also have 55 in fayetteville. so your forecast for today calling for 68 lunchtime, wall to wall sunshine, 75 our high, about 5 grees warmer than where we were yesterday. enjoy every minute of it. dry cold front comes through this evening, drops us back to 64 for tuesday. wednesday morning could be the coldest of the entire week. upper 30s and low 40s possible. 65 then our high wednesday afternoon, still in the 60s
8:57 am
shower friday morning and k a shower possible satday. should be dry to wrap up the upcoming weekend. it is 8:57 right now. let's check in with ali. better news for you, i-540 at globe road, the lanes have opened, the crash moved off to the shoulder. thingsare finally moving. take lk at the delays this crash has caused. we've got heavy, heavy delays on 540 from six forks roall the way down to aviation capital boulevard as well. taking you down to 40 westbound where we did have a crash blocking the right lane near lake wheeler road. that's been cleared, but moderate to heavy delays remain as you head westbound through that area as well. rham notrffic issues there. you're not going to want to look at these westbound ive times. i'm going show them to you anyway, 540, 63 minutes from u.s. 64 to glenwood avenue. back outside i-40 at lake
8:58 am
ator: it's all connected. richard bu wroe medicare, making you pay more. and riburrot one point one million dollars from the insurance industry. richard burr was one of just three senators to vote against banning insider trading by congress. and richard burr voted to raise his own pay... seven times. he increased his wealth over 500 percent. richard burr. twenty years in washington.. serving himself.
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>> he got mad because i didn't sleep in the bed with him. >> announcer: a sleepless night... >> judge judy: why didn't you just go back to your grandmother? >> it was 2:30 in the morning. >> announcer: ...turns into a vicious fight. >> he tossed me two or three times onto his bed, and then i blacked out, and i threw my little fish tanks. >> what she also failed to mention is that she went outside and threw a cind block through my car windshield. that's why the police came. >> judge judy: well, what do you want from him? you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. ptions paid for by cbs television distribution 22-year-old nadia clay is suing her ex-boyfriend, george bosco, for the return of a phone and a router, as well as for assault and harassment.


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