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tv   60 Minutes  CBS  November 6, 2016 7:30pm-8:30pm EST

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ayays, losing track of the days ? never getting caught up ? love was never brought up ? it's not the thing to do ? ooh, ooh, ooh, it was you, then came you ? you made me leap without taking a look the best i could do ? then came you ? it was you and me and you ? then came you, it was you and me
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you tell your insurance company they made a mistake. the check they sent isn't enough to replace your totaled new car. the guy says they didn't make the mistake. you made the mistake. i beg your pardon? he says, you should have chosen full-car replacement.
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an. no. i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement?, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. call 1-844-756-4653. and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage. call liberty mutual for a free quote today. that's 1-844-756-4653. liberty stands with you?
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(light music) - we discussed the possibility of an abortion, pros and cons, cons and pros, but, well, if she'd have been at the hospital,
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and he wasn't around, right, cass? - [cassie] right. - [george] so, i mean, the best thing i can do probably is stick around the house and wait for her to make maybe a phone call. - right. - what else should i do? - now you're gonna sit down and have some breakfast, right? - right, i'm gonna sit down and i'll have some breakfast. - tell you what we'll do, george, we'll do your favorite breakfast song. a one and a two and a ? yes, we'll slice the bananas ? we'll wait till the muffins pop up ? everybody! ? we'll bring out the butter and coffee ? and fill georgie porgie's big ? come on, george. - cup. - that's the spirit. you see that, cass? - there isn't any spirit. there's hardly a pulse. - i'm just trying to cheer the guy up. - i know what you're trying to do, sweetheart. why don't you mush a banana
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he'd like to be alone for a while. - no, no, no, no, please, come on. don't go, i mean, if she had to go through this abortion, i would've taken her, you know? i do own a car. - you're a good husband, george. farina or jerky flakes? - jerkies, please. - [webster] is breakfast ready? 'cause ready or not, here i come. - okay, here comes webster. now what am i gonna tell him? how am i gonna explain this? - tell him that she-- - ix-nay on the id-kay. -nay, i mean, nothing. you speak pig latin. - only when ma'am and i don't want george to understand something. - i thought george speaks pig latin. - very slowly. so where's ma'am? - ma'am went shopping. - [bill] hitchhiking. - [cassie] jogging. - hitchhiking? - no, bill's kidding. she isn't hitchhiking, she's out jogging. she's jogging to a store to buy--
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new kid. i just know it. (hissing) - what was that? - i don't know, but i'm gonna check it out. cass, get me my flashlight and my miner's helmet. i may have to crawl into a duct. - you're gonna crawl into a duck, wow! - it's a duct, duct. - everyone just sit still, i'll go up. i need the exercise. - you're supposed to suck in, not blow out! stupid machine. i think i can, i think i can, i think i can, i think i can. i knew i could, i knew i could, i knew i could, i knew i could. (imitating train chugging) - katherine. where have you been? i've been looking all over town for you. i went over to the hospital. katherine, you didn't do it, did you?
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no, i, i, (sighing) i got up this morning and i got ready to go, and then i... i looked over at you and you were sleeping so peacefully, and i just wondered if our child would sleep that sweetly. so i went shopping. look at this. - [george] you went shopping? - [katherine] is this great? - that's pretty. (chuckling) i ran all over chicago in this outfit like a big (speaking in greek). ng) and you went shopping. i love it, i went crazy, katherine, crazy, you know what i mean? i went down, and i'll tell you how crazy i went, katherine. i was so crazy, i let bill sing to me, that's how crazy i was, and you, ha ha, you went shopping. (chuckling) - [katherine] come on, honey. - [george] where are we going? - i just want you to sit down for a minute. - okay. - i thought i could do it, but i couldn't.
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you know, for anybody else. but i want our baby, george. - oh, i love you, darling. (moaning) - i want to show you what i found. look at this, my socks. and they go with this and everything. - well, maybe you, uh, maybe you should've washed 'em in cold water. - they didn't shrink. - pishposh, darling, just because you're not - these are my baby socks. mother had the upstairs maid crochet them for me. by the way, she's coming. - good, we could use an upstairs maid. - the upstairs maid has been dead for 10 years. - then why did you send for her? - i didn't. i sent for my mother. - oh, your mother's gonna be the upstairs maid.
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- george. - okay, i'm sorry, i was just kidding, just kidding. take this off. - [katherine] i want my mommy. - [george] yes, you will have your mommy. darling, what the hell is this? - oh, well, do you like it? - do i like it, sweetheart, sweetheart, you could put the entire navajo tribe in this tent. - it's not a tent, it's a mommy dress. a designer mommy dress. - designer mommy dress, come here to papa. (lips smacking and moaning) (knocking) - [katherine] come in. - oh, there you are, are you all right, katherine? - [katherine] mm-hmm. - [george] yes. - [george] we're gonna have our baby. - oh, congratulations. - [cassie] how wonderful. - [katherine] oh, thank you. - why's everyone so surprised? we've been having this baby forever. - the first little papadapolis is on its way. (all laughing)
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- ooh, ooh. - it's saturday morning and it's time for you to relax a little bit. webster will be up with your little brekkie-wekkie, sweetheart, and i'm on my way down to the station to do just one little sports story, and then i'm coming back to play saturday afternoon matinee. - (gasping) you mean-- - yes, beauty and the beast. - hey! boy, just in time. - i beg your pardon? - well, you said babies come when two people love each other, and the way you two guys were kissing, we could have triplets. - he's right, you know. - [katherine] george? - [george] what? - [katherine] relax. - yeah, george, relax.
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okay, a little crousanzy-wanzy for you, darling. and you didn't put any butter on it, that's a good idea. oh, by the way, take good care of the little mommzy-wommzy and the babzy-wabzy. coochie, coochie, coo. - i will. - [george] goodbye. - [katherine] bye, sweetheart. - [katherine] mm, delicious. - ma'am, do you think george will ever stop talking like that, i mean, mommzy-wommzy, baby-waby, yuck! i have more of a grown up conversation with my frog. - i know, but it's just that he's excited, you see? wait a minute, what are you doing? i can manage this. - it's okay, i like taking care of you. it's just the guy in there i'm not so crazy about. - oh, i see, feeling a little left out, are we? - i guess.
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- yeah, but i'm not really yours. - of course you are. - not like the guy in there. i mean, he's gonna look like you and everything. - well, we don't know that. - well, we know he's gonna look more like you than i. - this is true, but this has nothing to do with us as a family. - but remember you said two kids might be too much for you? rself. you and george made him. you can't give him back. i'm just adopted. - just adopted? wait a minute, we chose you, we love you, you're our son. nobody can ever take your place. the new baby is just gonna have to find its own place.
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u know who's coming to see us, nana. - nana? (somber music) - webster, would you move the tray, please? - yes, ma'am, but you haven't eaten yet. - please just do as i say. - ma'am, are you okay? - i don't know. - ma'am, what's wrong? - (sobbing) oh, god. - call the doctor, call my doctor. - tell me what to dial. - the number's right there on the phone. (somber music) - this is mrs. papadapolis, i need to speak to dr. braverman.
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(moaning) webster, honey, quick, go get bill and cassie. - bill, cassie, help! - oh, no, please, god, oh, oh! - [cassie] katherine? - [katherine] in here. - [cassie] oh, honey. - [katherine] the doctor's on - [bill] webster, wait here. - [katherine] the phone on the bed. - [bill] ma'am is gonna be all right, you wait there. - just don't move, honey. hello, no, no, this is her friend. no, i don't think so yet. i'm gonna bring her to the hospital, just make sure the doctor is there. - webster, give me that blanket, quick. come on, come on, quick, thank you. (katherine sobbing) - [webster] i'll get our coats. - no, sweetheart, you have to stay here. - no, i'm going with ma'am, don't stop me. please, don't stop me. - [katherine] oh, cassie, why is this happening?
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- [cassie] easy, easy, come on, honey. - [katherine] oh, it hurts so much. - [cassie] try to breathe. all right, all right. - george, we've gotta call george. - we'll make the call. - ma'am, the baby's gonna be fine. - cassie, go on. - all right, take a breath. - i love the baby, i really love the baby, ma'am. - come on, web, come on, come on. it's all right. - i really love the baby, you'll see.
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it's my fault. the baby's gone, and it's all my fault. i didn't want him, i said so, and he heard me.
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- yeah, sure. - the baby just couldn't hold on, son. he just wasn't strong enough to get born. - what if i'd been nicer? - hey, kiddo, you think you're the only person that ever had bad thoughts about a baby coming into a family? when my son was five years old and cassie got pregnant with maggie, one day he comes to me with his piggy bank and opens it right in front of my eyes. "dad," he said, "when the new kid comes out, "let's buy him a new home somewhere in alaska." - did you get mad? - of course not. besides, where you gonna find a house in alaska for $2.37? i mean, even an igloo's gonna run you 100 bucks. and then where you gonna put your walrus? (laughing) i got you, i got you. (doorbell ringing)
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- wait, webster, wait, i don't think ma'am would be home from the hospital this soon. (pounding footsteps) - ma'am! - webster. - mrs. calder-young. - bill, how are you? where's katherine, is everything all right? - nana, the baby's gone. - cassie and george are with her at the hospital. she lost it about an hour ago. - oh, dear god. my poor katherine. (somber music) - what time is it? i know, five minutes later than the last time i asked. - webster, try not to worry, honey. katherine's gonna be fine, honest. - i've been thinking, i think we should all put on our best appearances. let's not burden katherine with how we feel.
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ey're coming, they're coming, they're here! - oh, katherine, katherine, darling. - oh, mother. - i'm so sorry, george. - [cassie] hi, honey. - how you doing, champ? - fine, i wore my best appearances. - let's go upstairs, darling. - you need some help? - [george] no, no, no, we'll be fine here. - hope she's gonna be all right. - she's gonna be fine. - [george] in a little while son. let her rest now. - i was gonna breastfeed, you know. - katherine.
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- how's webster? oh, god, i must look awful. - you look great. - you're lying through your teeth, but thank you. - wanna see your mom? yeah, i'll go get your mom. - katherine. - well, i don't look too bad considering. - considering, you look pretty good. - oh, mother, please, no, you're fixing me. can you stop fixing me? - are we going to argue? - i certainly hope so 'cause i wanna fight with somebody.
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oh, god, it's just me, isn't it? i mean, i'm just not meant to have children. - katherine, stop feeling sorry for yourself. do you realize how many women miscarry? and it's not them and it's not you. i'll tell you a little story. there was this woman i knew. she had all the best things life had to offer, every advantage. and immediately wanted a family. well, after three months of pregnancy, she lost her child. she was absolutely devastated. her husband urged her to try again, but she wouldn't hear of it. up until then, everything she wanted, she got on her first try.
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a little too much wine, a little too much hoopla, well, what the hell, i woke up in your uncle derek's room and you were conceived. - you mean-- - yes, you could be uncle derek's. - but uncle derek was not, as they say, a breeder. - i said could have been. no, in fact, when i woke up, your father was with me. uncle derek had left the night before with a tennis pro named butch. - relieved. - so was uncle derek. but katherine, the point is this. i lost one baby, but then i had you, a strong, healthy, beautiful baby. and if you choose to have a child again, you can do it.
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- ma'am, i missed you. - i think i'll make us tea. - george explained what happened to the baby. he said it wasn't 'cause of my bad thoughts. bill said and nana said, too. ma'am, what do you say? - i say the same. - i would've been nice to the kid, you know. - we know that, champ. - would you go down and show nana where we hide the best cookies? - okay. - how are you, honey? - i'm a little disappointed.
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- ma'am, do you want chamomile tea or... are you guys doing what i think you're doing? - we're just rehearsing, okay? - yeah, sure. (giggling) (audience applauding)
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hey! got some great stuff.
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i could do. we have to get rid of junk. i'm willing to do my part. what's that? everything in mallory's closet. i hope aunt trudy and mallory get home. they've been gone three hours. they have a great relationship. they always have. mallory and aunt trudy are very much alike. then there's no chance they'll find their way home. we had the most wonderful time. we saw swan lake. oh, swan lake. we used to go fishing up there. got a couple swans one time. i'm still picking the feathers out of my teeth. it's ballet, you fools. it's a ballet. ohh! they're hopeless. they pretend to be ignorant
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it's great to see you, aunt trudy. thanks for getting mallory out of the house a few hours every week. how do you feel about her moving in with you? my pleasure, alex. all you kids can move in. that would defeat the purpose. i want to get as much distance as possible between me and her. [doorbell rings] hey! hi, everybody. oh, hi, skippy. you bring that over for the garage sale? bring what over? the moose head. no! the ties are for the garage sale. the moose head was to help me carry them. i want to improve in school, but i can't. how much do you study? never. try doubling that. there.
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i've always seen a lot of myself in you, mallory. really? don't worry about this school stuff. you're a very bright girl. you'll be a late bloomer just like i was. i hope so. whenever i try to concentrate on school, my mind drifts to other things. what things? boys. oh, that will change. soon you'll drift to men. did you used to date a lot, aunt trudy? i had a date or two. what was dating like when you were a girl? it wasn't all that different. he picked you up in his packard, took you to the movies, to the soda fountain, then you fought him off in the rumble seat. i guess some things never change. what else have you been doing besides boys?
8:07 pm
oh, hi, aunt trudy. hi, skippy. where's mallory? she just stepped out. [knock on door] i'll get it. oh, mallory. come on in. we were talking about you. i'm showing aunt trudy some dance steps. why were you doing them outside? you be so stupid? well... skippy isn't stupid, mallory. i'm not? no, of course not. you remind me of a dance student i had. he also marched to his own drummer. know what i mean? no. i don't have my own drummer. see what i mean? that dance student i just mentioned?
8:08 pm
don't even joke about that, aunt trudy. how was mallory as a dancer when she was little? tell me everything. mallory was a better tap dancer than alex. oh, dear. alex took tap dancing? he made me promise never to tell. well, what was he like? the worst dancer in the history of the human foot. this is great. i can't wait to use this. mallory, you mustn't. i gave my word. oh, was he bad. i won't say anything, but it's breaking my heart. skippy! i won't say anything either, aunt trudy. oh, mallory. this is great. you and i are sharing a secret. think of the knowing looks we can exchange.
8:09 pm
at you, it's because i got a bug in my eye. ohh... what's wrong, aunt trudy? i'm all right. you don't look all right. i'll get you some water. i'll just sit down for a few minutes. ooh! i think i better sit down in a hospital. what's taking so long? i don't know. i'll find out. uh, miss? i didn't find out everything, but i established a relationship that will be useful later. skippy, i'm scared. don't worry. everything will be ok. i'm scared about aunt trudy. i know.
8:10 pm
i want to see a doctor. we've got two gunshot victims, three pregnant women, and someone who swallowed paint. they won't do. we want a doctor. we'll send someone as soon as we can. where is she? how's she doing? she's been in there so long! what did they say? we haven't seen anyone. they won't tell us anything. i'll find out something. oh, miss? we had the same conversation. how is she? is she ok? i'm sorry, miss.
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i hope i bought enough food. trudy had so many friends.
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someone else could die, we'd still have enough food. i love this kind with pimento. i wish your mother was here. she knows about entertaining. stop talking about the food! mallory, sorry. take it easy. don't tell me that. [doorbell rings] kids, kids, please. people are here to pay condolence calls. settle down, please. hello. how are you? come in. oh, thank you. i'm steven keaton. this is my son alex and my daughter mallory. hello. i'm larry cromwell. this is my wife, suzanne. would you like something to eat? oh, well, thank you. this is a lovely display. thank you.
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um... how did you two know trudy? trudy who? trudy harris. we're here for the garage sale. e garage-- alex! i'm sorry, dad. i couldn't cancel the ad. what's going on here? the garage sale is canceled. i'm very, very sorry. who's trudy? trudy is my aunt. where is she? she's dead. i guess the garage sale is off. i'm afraid so. how about a quick peek?
8:15 pm
alex, why didn't you take that ad out? i didn't think about it. you're so insensitive! how could you blurt that out? blurt what out? that aunt trudy's dead! well, she is, isn't she? kids, please! [doorbell rings] look, there's been a mistake. there has? then she's not dead? she's dead! she's dead! come on in. i thought you came for the garage sale. you're having a garage sale, too? i'm steven keaton, trudy's nephew. stu devin, trudy's dentist. i saw the obituary in the paper. i thought i'd drop by. nice to meet you.
8:16 pm
eeth. [doorbell rings] i'll get it. dr. devin, have a seat. hi, phyllis. hi, steven. how are you? thanks. i'm doing ok. excuse me. how much for this lamp? alex! you let in people for the garage sale? i'll give you 30 bucks. excuse me, sir. i'm sorry, but the garage sale is canceled. you'll have to leave. what about everyone else? they're here for a condolence call. our aunt passed away thursday. a sudden heart attack. oh, my god.
8:17 pm
struck down just like that! that's not fair. oh, it's a crime. i'm so, so sorry. thank you. could i sit down just for a minute? alex, get rid of these people now. all right. all right. uh...excuse me. could i have your attention for a moment, please? show of hands, please. ok, good. and who is here for the condolence call? ok. uh, garage sale people... follow me.
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well... this must be the place. it's not funny, alex. i'm sorry. i'm sorry. i'm...just nervous, and it just came out. sometimes, uh... sometimes a joke, even an inadvertent joke, can help ease the tension at a time like this. did you hear about the nun and the priest? skippy. mr. keaton? i'm reverend wilson. hello, reverend. nice to meet you. please, let me offer my condolences to you. i'll be conducting the services for the dearly departed. reverend wilson, aunt trudy was very special to us all. who? aunt trudy, the dearly departed. oh, yes. please go on. aunt trudy always loved singing and dancing. music was everything to her.
8:19 pm
but i was so tone deaf... tone deaf. oh, i see. i remember one day-- excuse me. we'll have to begin the service shortly. i've hardly told you about her. i'm sorry. i'll do the best i can. mallory, we better sit down. it's not fair. he never met aunt trudy. i'm sure he'll handle it tactfully. he seems like a decent guy. bit of a devil-may-care attitude about him, ough. we should invite him to the garage sale. we're gathered here today to say farewell to gertrude harris. while i did not have the honor to know gertrude, it's easy to see that she made many friends in this world.
8:20 pm
affectionately as aunt gerty. did you hear that, dad? nobody called her gerty. aunt gerty brought joy to many of us in this room. she was a very musical person, despite the handicap of being tone deaf. she wasn't tone deaf. i was. but as with all of us, aunt gerty has passed on to a better world. no! her name was aunt trudy. mallory, sit down, please. 't just like everyone else. how can you talk about a woman you never met? come on, honey, sit down. no, dad! nobody cares that aunt trudy's gone. alex is thinking about his garage sale, and the reverend can't remember her name. excuse us, reverend. we all share your grief at this moment. no, you don't! i was the closest with her. i shared secrets with aunt trudy
8:21 pm
of you knew she was a dancer? i knew that. and that she used to fight off dates in a rumble seat? that i didn't know. all of you are just looking at your watches, trying to figure out what time you're going to be home, but i loved trudy. she was the nicest person i'd ever known, and now she's gone, and i feel alone. don't you understand? my aunt trudy's dead. i knew that. hey. hi. is the funeral over? yeah.
8:22 pm
minister invited other people to come up and say nice things about trudy. the dentist talked about her teeth for half an hour. i'm going to miss her, alex. we're all going to miss her. she was really something, you know. she could make you say things and do things you never thought you would. you know, nobody in the world knows this, but, uh... really? and i don't want to brag, but... she said i showed a lot of potential. it's not going to be the same.
8:23 pm
i'll leave you alone. ok. just, um... hi, mallory. hi, jennifer. if it makes you feel better, after you left, the minister started calling her aunt trudy. alling everyone aunt trudy. how are you? um...i'm ok.
8:24 pm
what happened back there? ok, i was angry. i was angry at you for letting it go on like that and for not getting a better minister and for letting everyone tell jokes and stuff. i mean, it didn't seem like anybody cared. people mourn in different ways. some people have to distance themselves. that's how they handle it. you shouldn't mistake that for lack of love. maybe i should have tried to distance myself some, huh? you were upset, angry, and sad. it's important to get those feelings out, rather than keep them inside. i sure got them out. you sure did. i don't know anybody who's good at these things. i don't deal that well with death myself. funerals are usually your mother's area. what do you mean? when you've been together as long as we have, you tend to divide the big emotional responsibilities.
8:25 pm
i...handle, uh... colds and flus, open school nights, and, supplies. dad, where do you think aunt trudy is right now? someplace nice. someplace... green. someplace with a lot of music. dad? i do. i know i don't discuss it very much, but i believe in god. not in a fire and brimstone, hell and heaven god, but i believe in a higher spirit, something controlling the universe. what do you think god looks like?
8:26 pm
she'd like that. i miss aunt trudy, dad. we all do. i don't know how to let go of her. you don't have to let go. hold on to those memories. go ahead and cry. go ahead... i want you to do something. um...what? look... remember all the fun things about aunt trudy. remember the happy times. and then, when you think of her, maybe you'll be able to smile.
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