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tv   North Carolina News at Noon  CBS  November 14, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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ing, wally. as your doctor-- - we've got a house call to make. let's go. - bye-bye. - bye. - [ voiceover] robert young with elinor donahue, billy gray and lauren chapin - if this is a good hohoetty st i'll get my wish in the ing. - well, isn't that asking for pretty fast service? - i got my order in early. i made my wish this afternoon. at is sh - well, if you tell somebody what you wish for, the wish won't come true. - oh, no. that just applies to blowing out
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what i'm getting so you can fix up the garage. he'll have to sleep in the garage, you know. - well, who's 'he'? - a pony. it'll be here tomorrow morning, probably. - a pony is a pretty big order. i wouldn't count too much on it. - well, it doesn't hurt to wish, does it? - no, but you mustn't be disappointed. - oh, i won't be. i already have a name picked out for him. i'm going to call him cookie. cookie anderson. - when he comes here in the morning, don't anybody feed him. i want to feed him myself. okay? - okay. good night. - good night, angel. - good night. - good night, cookie. i'll see you in the morning.
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- kathy? - is anything wrong? - what are you doing out of bed? - well, i-- - what do you want, angel? well, i was just wondering. do ponies have blue eyes or brown eyes? - oh. - we'll talk about it in the morning.
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- blue eyes or brown eyes? wish on a confounded horseshoe ought to be-- -well, who would have thought that-- - so it was you! you're the culprit. - i didn't know she was going to make a spectacular thing out of it. yesterday afternoon she came in with that old horseshoe and asked me what she could do with it. i was reading. i didn't even think! i just said, "make a wish." that's all i said. - that was enough.
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- oh, father, kathy isn't an infant. she doesn't really believe in that wishing thing. - maybe not, but she's trying awfully hard. - is my pony here? is my pony here? maybe he's in the back. - i can't understand what happened. cookie's not here. - cookie? - my pony. i made the wish like you told me. i wonder what's wrong. - well, you see, kitten. making wishes on horseshoes and fourleaf clovers and all those things is fun,
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i bet it's too early yet. i'll bet that's why he's not here. oh, sure. that's it. it's early. he'll be her b do you like the name cookie? - oh yeah, that really sen m well, i'm going to get dressed. i'll be down in a minute. - that goofy little kid keeps telling herself that she's going to get her wish. - well, fairy tale lady, any suggestions? - i'm never going to open my mout this house again. - ho, ho, ho! - i'm going over to marge's to pick up some crepe paper and candy. i have to make table favors for the class luncheon. i'll be back in a little while. i have 90 favors to make before tomorrow. uld you help me, mother? thanks a million! - the girls in this family!
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- no, and keep out of the candy! - say, where's kathy? how come she isn't getting in on this? - she's sitting on the front steps waiting for her pony. - boy, is she gone. she's way out there. say, where does she expect this pony to come from? out of the sky? - mommy! mommy! mommy! come here quick! hurry! run!
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- where did it come from? - there's the answer. - it's my pony. look! just what i wished for. the pony belongs to this man, angel. - it happens every day, ma'am. he's a pony a thousand kids have wished for. you can't blame them. what's her name? - kathy. - kathy, honey, would you take to have your picture taken on this little fellow? - go ahead, kathy. it'll give you a chance to sit on it anyway. - three for a dollar, ma'am. i make them up real nice. nice little frame and all. - i guess so. - you've got to have a cowboy hat on
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now, come on. swing right on there. up you go. yay. - [mother] oh, that's - hey, you look pretty good upregun tessie. - push your hat back so we can see your face. - can you turn your head l? - e. - [mother] that's wonderful, kathy. you look like a real horseman. - this is the last one. now, everybody smile. there, that was a good one. nice family picture. - thrfulas
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- no, ma'am, you can pay me when the pictures is delivered. he's a lover boy, that little fellow. - i hate to break this up, but i think the man would like to be on his way. - it's about lunchtime. do you mind if i eat my lunch under your tree there? - oh, no. go right ahead. - how would you like to walk him around while i eat? would you like that? he'll wander off. - oh, i'll take good care of him. now, you eat as slowly as you want to. no hurry. come on, cookie. come on. they just don't understand. you are my pony. aren't you? you're my cookie that i wished for.
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- oh, for heaven's sakes. i told you she'd have him in the house. - has he his lch? - uh huh. he had a lot of grass in the backyard, and he ate some daisies for dessert. now, you back up, cookie. i want to talk to mommy, and i don't want you to listen. you know, i think we'd better tell the man with the camera whose pony this really is. he's really mine. i wished for him. you know i did. the man has probably had this pony for a long time. - well, somebody had to keep him until i wished for him. - but honey, he needs a poem to make a living. you wouldn't want to take it away from him, would you? - well... - i have an idea. why don't yolet him use your pony. sort of lend it to him for his work.
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with the man because he needs you. but, you're still my pony. i'm just lending you to him, you know. much obliged to you for minding him for me. - oh, yes indeed i will. i won't work him h don't you worry. - now, when she comes in, don't say anything.
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cookie will come back. he knows he belongs here. - oh, no. - well, he is! he is coming back! you'll see!
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i was just hoping, but you did send me my pony. so, i sure believe you now. i just want to ask you one more favor. i had to let the man take him, but don't let it be for keeps!
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im back alone. please? - poor, tired, little girl. - hi, daddy. - , kitt - dinner's ready. - i'llri
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we're engaged. - [mother] isn't that wonderful! (giggles) he's mine forever and ever and ever. -yes, mommy. i just dreamed about cookie. that proves he's coming back. - kathy, angel. let's try to think about something else. - you're, right mommy. now that i know cookie's coming back, i've got to start thinking about a bed for him to sleep in. - so, what happened when it came time for the pony to leave?
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but she wasn't happy about it. - do you have a bucket? - bucket? what for, kitten? - to put water in for cookie when he comes. a big pan would be all right. - look, kitten, we don't mind if you make a place for your pony to sleep in the garage as long as you know you're just pretending. don't plan on a real pony. - but i have a real pony. you'll see him when he comes. - oh, kathy. you're too big for this silliness. - it's not silly. accept the fact? - he is coming back. - now look, all right-- - now, let your father and me talk to kathy about this. - but all you do is encourage her. - i know you don't believe in my horseshoe, but it works. it worked this morning, and it's going to work tonight. you'll see. cookie will come back. - oh, for pete's sake. - sure, you think i'm silly. bud doesn't believe it either. he says i'm twisted.
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sick in the he. spelled s-e-a, no, h-a... - [bud] kathy! - what daddy's trying to tell you is that-- - bud, for heaven's sake, what's the matter? - i told you! i told you! - well, this just can't be. - can't it? - my cookie, my cookie! for adults with advanced non-small cell lung cancer
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but he doesn't belong to you apparently, the man with the camera tied him somewhere and he broke away. - i'll have to admit i don't have the answer to that one. - hold him a minute, daddy. i have to get his house ready. - how did kathy know he was coming back? - i got a better than that. why did he come back? - oh, number one son, i think i have answer. pony have sweet tooth. steal candy at noon.
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- maybe he's the one that scattered the gumdrops all over. - that explains why he came back all right. a good sound, logical explanation, but i kind of like kathy's reason better. she just wished for him. - well, i'm going to tell kathy. - wait. let her think she wished him back. - aren't you going to tell her? she lured the pony away from the guy who owns him. she's practically a horse thief. - she didn't know he'd eaten the candy. - well, okay, if you want to keep a hot pony. - you have to tell her sooner or later. oh, you're good at that sort of thing. - come on, cookie.
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he best i have. - we always tell each other the truth, don't we? do you really believe that this is your pony? look at this way. you're taking care of counokie l his master comes for him. you have to treat him just as if he were your own. is that right? i'll have to call the animal shelterhem f. chances are the man won't show up for him until tomorrow morning.
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- can i sleep out here with him? - well, i don't think that cookie would want someone sleeping in his stall with him. - but, he'll be afraid out here all by himself. see, daddy? - [mother] jim? - coming. - you won't be frightened, because i'll be sleeping right out here with you. i think you'd better speak to him. - who? - the man looking for his pony. - are you looking for your wandering shetland? - yes. mrs. anderson said he came back here. i swear i'll have to put a chain on that little fellow.
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- well, he's out in the garage. i'd like to ask you a favor. if we assure you he'll be well cared for, could you leave him with us for tonight? it would mean an awful lot to kathy. - i suppose i could stop by in the morning. don't matter really. - you'll make one little girl very happy. - all right. i'll see you in the morning. - good night. - night, ralph. mother, where are you going? out for our little friends in the garage. you know, the horsey set? - kay isn't out there? - oh yes, she is. - al e? . there are three of them.
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- [mother] the one on the left is your father. - the things he has to do for this family. she's going to be heartbroken in the morning when that man comes for the pony. - no, she's reconciled. she knows the pony leaves in the morning. her one wish was to just sleep here with it tonight. - father couldn't refuse, could he? what a softie.
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- robert young and jane wyatt in father knows best. - oh jim, i, i know it's ridiculous. bud isn't old enough for the service. - that's right honey. - but in case he's getting any serious ideas, let's stop him. you'll talk to him, won't you? - margaret, every boy envisions himself in uniform at some time. it's t gr, i saw jack doyle, lieutenant jack doyle yesterday in his uniform.


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