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tv   North Carolina News at Noon  CBS  November 25, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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and jane wyatt. with elinor donahue, billy gray, and lauren chapin in father knows best. - ah, first place in the quarter-mile relay, huh? - and second place in the half mile. and third in the 220 and this ribbon is for fourth in the broad jump. - yeah, you just had quite a day at that track meet. - let me see them. - oh, it's a shame that these will just be thrown in your dresser drawer with all the other medals. they should be put in a frame or something where people would see them. - oh, no everybody'd think i was a glory guy or something. - i have your mail down here, dear! - you know it is too bad there isn't more use for this junk. i have all those tennis and debating trophies just gathering dust up in my closet. - well with an illustrious and award-winning family like this we should have a big trophy case. even old kath here can contribute a few awards. her spelling contest medals--
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- that's brass. - it's gold! - you know it might not be a bad idea to build a trophy case at that. at least it'd be a place to store all that stuff. - hey yeah dad, let's build one. you've got a cup or somethin' you could chuck in, don't ya? - a cup? i'm loaded! i've got two golf cups. and an old cigar box full of basketball and track medals. and don't forget my biggest triumph! a third-place ribbon in the state high school bookkeeping contest! (laughter) - oh, thrill, that should be in a special case all by itself. right about here don't ya think? - oh, no, i don't want any old home-made furniture in my living room! - let's put it in the basement, make that a trophy room. - yeah! hey you know what we oughtta do? we oughtta make a list of everything we've won so we'll know how big to build the case. no wait, dad! - i'm just going out to get the newspaper. - really mom! - well i have to start dinner. - okay we'll do yours first then, so you can leave. now then, how many medals and stuff have you won? - who me? i haven't won any medals.
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one medal? - well you must have won something. - yeah, no one can live all the years you have and then not win something somewhere along the line. (laughter) - well i haven't. and i don't like the way you say all those years. (laughter) - not even a little ribbon? - even a little ribbon. - oh, gee. - oh, don't look so sad. i'm perfectly happy cooking the meals to keep all you champions hale and hearty. and i better go do that, or you won't have enough strength to carry all your medals down to the trophy room. - not even a little certificate for honorable mention? must be awful not having any talent. (laughter) - myrtle, did you ever win any medals at um, sports or anything like that? - well i, won a prize once in high school for doing the most push-ups. we're so-so, isn't that a horrible thing to admit?
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- never? - oh i was a fairly good student, i was in lots of plays and things but, i never won a single measly medal. not that it matters of course, but, well... - but what? - well, it's made my family feel so sorry for me, i can hardly stand it. - that's the silliest thing i ever heard of. - it is silly. and you know the more i tell the children i don't want any medals, the more they think i'm trying to cover up for a lifetime of failures. n some kind of a medal, so that i could put an end to their great distress over me. (myrtle chuckles) - well why don't you do it? - but how? - well what are you good at? - you've hit the nub of the problem. there's nothing. i can't ski jump or high dive, i can't hurl a shot put, i can't even work a yo-yo. - you've been fishing with jim, haven't you?
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a fly-casting tournament over at the pool in the park. for women! - well yes-- - let me finish. ed always tries to get me to take lessons and enter, because he says the few women that do enter it, aren't very good! now that's what you can do! - but i'm no good with a fly rod! - well you will be when cliff gets through with you. - cliff? who's cliff? - cliff wyatt. he gives casting lessons over at the park, ed says he's wonderful. let's call him up right now and get you started! - oh no myrtle, i don't think i better. g, if i do try this, i don't want jim or any of the children to know a thing about it! - they won't. - because think how really grief-stricken they'd feel if i tried to do something and then failed! - well you won't. hello, may i speak with cliff wyatt please? - so you wanna be a fly fisherman huh?
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dal in the casting tournament, that's all. - oh, that's all huh? (laughter) - why, i didn't mean it that way. i know it's very hard to do, but i intend to work very hard. and myrtle davis told me-- - okay, let's see your rod. hmm, that's a pretty nice rod. where'd you get this? - it's my husband's. - does he know you got it? (laughter) - uh, well to be honest, no, he doesn't. that is if you don't wanna break up your marriage. - oh, don't worry! i don't want him to know a thing about this. - okay, let's see what you can do. no, no, no, don't grip it like you're chokin' a snake. relax, get this hand down here. take an easy grip on the rod here. this hand down here. relax all over. here, let me show you what we're trying to do.
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kick with the wrist. lift your rod, finish up with a snap. forward with a snap. pick it up. bring it forward, finish up with a snap. back with a snap. forward with a snap. and there you are. - oh, well that looks easy! - hmmph.
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and snap, back and snap it, forward, keep in rhythm. got it? - i think so. - i doubt it. (laughter) ouch! (laughter) how in the world do you suppose i did that? - takes talent, ma'am. on your first cast, too. - well now cliff, what'd i do wrong? i mean the main thing. - well ma'am, i'd say the main thing you did wrong was to listen to myrtle davis in the first place. - well how's it goin' boy? - oh, pretty good, dad. (jim chuckles) well i don't know, i, i feel a little guilty workin' on this case. - guilty? - well with mom around.
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she isn't concerned about little things like this. - oh you're wrong! look, she even sneaks down here when we're gone to look at the case. - oh, now bud. why would she be bothered with an insignificant thing like medals? - well because she hasn't got any. it's like food. when you got plenty, well it doesn't mean much. ah, but when you're starving, then it's the most important thing in the world. you see, dad? it's hard for you and me to understand how a person feels who has no talent. in the first place, your mother has more talent in... hey what's my good fly rod doing out of its case? - search me, i didn't even touch it. i know better than that! it was probably kathy. - i'm gonna have a talk with that young lady! - that's it. again.
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(laughter) - oh! oh i'm so sorry, cliff. will i ever learn? do you think i'll ever have a chance in that tournament? - oh yes, yes. there's always a chance that all the other ladies in the contest will fall down and break their arms. (laughter) - hi mrs. davis. look at the doors i got for the trophy case, mom. - yeah. well uh, i better get to work on them. - here give me those so i can smuggle them in. (horn honks) oh, here comes jim! i'll see you later. - right. (laughter)
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i'm starved! - oh, not quite. (laughter) - hi honey. what's the matter did i startle you? - oh, yes, you certainly did! - well you should be used to my coming home after all these years. (laughter) what's for dinner, i'm starved! - oh, well, i'll fix something just as soon as i change clothes. (laughter) what do you think? - oh yes, that'll be fine. clean it up a little bit, uh, get some of this old putty off of here. put on some new and it'll look-- (laughter) who's monkeying around with my fly rod?! - oh i don't know, dad. - well i'm sure it isn't kathy after the lecture i gave her. betty has no interest in fly fishing. and it couldn't possibly be your mother.
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- oh, this is the weirdest letter i've ever received. listen. dear miss anderson, your instructor cliff wyatt filed your entry blank for the annual springfield parks fly casting tournament but he failed to have you sign it. please sign-- - fly casting? wait a minute. - oh my gosh it's betty, she's been taking your rod! - what rod? i don't know anything about it. wait, wait this isn't for me! the name on this is margaret anderson. sibly be, why would she enter a fly casting tournament? she can't cast worth a... hey wait, what does that say, her instructor? - uh, yes, cliff wyatt. you don't suppose she's been taking lessons? - oh, no. - my gosh, that's it dad! i'm sure that explains everything! she's trying to win a medal to catch up with the rest of us! - that couldn't be. or could it? - sure it could. i've been trying to tell ya all along how much this thing's been bothering her. - well i think it's cute. - cute?
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(laughter) - now wait, don't underestimate your mother. but now here's the important thing. obviously she doesn't want us to know anything about this. so as far as she's concerned, we don't know a thing. now betty you seal that letter back up. - i can't, i ripped it open. - okay then, sign margaret on the entry blank and mail it back. - dad, dad i hear her coming. - oh! uh, uh...
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- well if i wasn't seein' it, i wouldn't believe it. - well i've been practicing every spare minute. do you think i'm ready for the tournament? - you better be, it's tomorrow afternoon. - yes, i know. tell me truthfully cliff, don't be nice to me, be brutal. do i stand any chance of winning this thing? - well, you keep up the work you did for me just now, and i'd say that the rest of these water-slapping ladies you'll be up against won't stand much of a chance. (laughter) - oh you really mean that cliff? - you gotta keep that back cast high! and don't get tensed up. and when you lay that fly out there, don't lay it right down at the ring, lay it above the ring and let it drift in. okay, i'll be out there to watch ya tomorrow afternoon. (laughter) - myrtle, myrtle!
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(margaret groans) - oh margaret, what happened? - oh my arm, i think it's broken. - oh no! - does your arm hurt, mommy? - no, it's fine. - how'd you say you broke your arm? - it's not broken. i sprained it running up the davis' porch steps. - well why were you running up the davis'-- will you go downstairs and see how they're coming with my dinner? - alright. - imagine having this happen to her the night before the casting tournament. - yeah after knocking herself out taking all those lessons. - ah, i wish she could have won that. - say, isn't there something else we can think of where she can win some kind of medal, something she can do with a sprained arm? - i wish there was some way we could cheer her up. but we can't even console her about her tough break because we're not supposed to know about the tournament. - no we can't even tell her what a great guy
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- what's so funny? - betty, take the tray up to your mother while i working on the typewriter. - typewriter? - and bud, see if you can get me a couple pieces of cardboard about, oh that size. - well, what are we gonna do? - we're gonna give your mother the biggest surprise of her life! - but kathy, what if i don't want to come downstairs? - well you have to, we have something to show you. - well couldn't you show me up in the bedroom? - no, it's too big. - i'll bet. - well, good evening mrs. anderson. would you say a few words into our microphone? (laughter) - a few words about what? - oh about anything. here, try reading the words on this book cover. - margaret anderson, this, this is your life? - yes, margaret anderson, this is your life!
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as we relive the exciting pages of your harrowing life. your life began, oh. your life began margaret, at birth. but unfortunately no medals are given for being born, so you plunge on into girlhood. you play, learn, eat, sleep, and grow. to young womanhood, where you meet a man and marry him. and uh, he's no prize either. (laughter) you make the best of your marriage however, and then your first child is born. a scrawny little thing, but you love it anyway. - [betty]: i remember the lean days when mother used to make creamed tuna
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- yes, that is the voice of your eldest child, whom you have not seen in over nine seconds! - mother! (laughter) the last nine seconds have hardly changed you at all! - exactly what is this all about? - ah, betty. tell me about mrs. anderson. is she a fairy godmother? oh, ha ha. a fairly good mother? (laughter) - well, we try to make the best of it, you know. uh, what was that you were telling me about a costume party? - oh yes. well it was my first costume party, i was nine years old. mother had made me a fancy costume, but on the way to the party, i fell in a mud puddle and just ruined it. oh i ran home crying, broken hearted. but mother didn't bat an eye. she dashed up into the attic and practically
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but i won first prize. i thought then that she was the greatest, smartest mother in the whole world. of course now that i'm older, i'm sure of it. so mrs. anderson, i award you this plaque for most valuable mother. - well, i.... now when in the world did you do all this? - uh, never mind that now. you'll have plenty of time to talk to her later at the waldorf pool hall. attention: are you eligible for medicare? the medicare enrollment deadline is just a few days away. changes to medicare plans could impact your healthcare costs. are you getting all the benefits available to you? new plans are now available that could increase your benefits and lower how much you pay out of pocket. to update your coverage- or enroll for the first time -- call healthmarkets. we'll help you make sure you have the right medicare plan.
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- [bud]: i remember how she conned me into wearing patched pants by telling me, patches were badges of honor. (laughter) - recognize that voice? that's the pickpocket you met on a bus in albany. (laughter) - hi mrs. anderson. - sir, i understand you knew mrs. anderson back in the year of the big rain? - uh, oh. uh, oh yes. ome from school, joe phillips and i got so interested in building a dam that i forgot all about my paper route. i rushed home, knowing i'd be fired and feeling terrible. then i found out that this character had gone out in the storm and delivered all my papers for me. i'm sure i never told her, but i was so grateful.
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with the national boy's best friend trophy. - oh. it's a shaving mug, just what i've always wanted. (laughter) - uh, in spite of all this, you struggled on. and soon your third child is born. (laughter) kathy! - [kathy]: i forgot what i was supposed to say! (laughter) - our best joke, too. (laughter) come on in. now you recognize that voice of course, scarlett o'hara. scarlett, would you tell us about the time-- - well one day in school, i was the only one in the-- (laughter)
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my mother would bake for the pta bake sale, so our teacher made a big speech about how dependable my mother was, and how much better the world would be, if there were more people like her. boy, i was so proud i almost cried. well, here's the blue ribbon you've won for being the mother i'm the mostest proud of. - oh thank you, kathy. i'm gonna put this right in the center of the trophy case. i thought she was a hopeless case. - oh, no! oh no! (laughter) you knew it all the time, i could hit you! (jim and children laugh) - cliff wyatt, i understand that mrs. anderson is a pupil of yours. is she any good? - she was pitiful. (laughter) and the worst of it was, she was sneaking her husband's fly rod. - oh, that's awful!
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own. - oh, no, oh this is too much! - and i warrant you this box of flies for being the best pupil i ever had. - oh cliff! oh, i don't know what to say. trophies, plaques, but still no medal. so, here's a medal for being the best darn wife i ever had. - a fly reel. - ahh!! (laughter) - oh not again! - ouch! hey, take it easy cliff.
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voiceover: robert young. and jane wyatt. (giggling) with elinor donahue, billy gray, and lauren chapin in father knows best. to make a field trip. there isn't a boy in town to take me to the founder's day picnic. margaret: now certainly not all the boys went on the trip. betty: all the boys i know, or that any of my friends know. it's the most disgusting situation. the day of the picnic and the town is full of practically nothing but girls. bud: say where's the ice pick? i'm looking for the ice pick. betty: don't come in here shoving people around. bud: well i'm looking for the-- betty: it's not here! margaret: the ice pick's in the top left hand drawer. kathy: you got the ice cream freezer ready?


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