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tv   North Carolina News at 1100PM  CBS  November 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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[ music ] >> here's johnny! [ applause ] [ music ] [ cheering ]
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we've got to, uh-- >> hey-o! [ cheering ] >> we've, uh-- look. really, now. come, now. you've gotta keep it down. gary coleman's taking his nap. [ laughter ] d'you have the drug search, tonight? [ laughter ] >> no. we need it. >> half this audience is carrying. i'm not sure. well, friday night. doc, how are ya? >> fine, thank you. last night, he had-- >> yes. well, i had to dress with a sense of decorum, tonight. >> why is that? >> well, my son is getting married, tomorrow, and i'm-- >> oh, i didn't know that! really? >> yeah. [ applause ] >> first time? >> first time? >> yeah. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> no, i know that. it's the first-- fi-- no, i don't mean that. first one of your children? no, you got daughters are married. >> oh, that-- i have others married, yes. >> yeah. yeah, it's different, when your son gets married, isn't it? >> yeah. i hope he has better luck
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[ laughter ] you know, it's a lot more fun-- speaking of that, when you have-- yes. when ya have-- [ laughter ] no, you-- [ some laughter ] when you have a son get married, it's more fun, for the father, than the daughter, because, when your daughter gets married, as you know-- >> as i know. >> you pay for everything, right? [ some laughter ] >> yeah. >> your son gets married, you just go, get a half in the bag-- "hey, good luck!" [ laughter ] that's it. anyway, welcome. it's friday night. this is "the tonight show," the program that asks the burning question, s wear a sony walkman under his beard?" [ laughter ] think so. i noticed some of the tourists, today. nbc has-- like, uh, a lotta movie studios do-- they have a tour, which-- it is not a charitable thing, either. you have to pay, to go through the halls and look at all the exciting things that are-- [ chuckling ] are going on, here. what do they now charge? uh, anybody on-- been on the tour, today? >> two seventy-five. >> two seventy-five! >> two seventy-five. did they show you the new feature, today? >> no. >> they have a new feature, on the tour.
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[ some laughter ] where you can watch dick dawson getting mononucleosis shots. [ laughter ] [ applause ] that man-- he's gonna come down and get it. and, after the program, tonight-- since you're out here, in the san fernando valley-- i recommend, uh, a fine restaurant, on burbank's famed restaurant row. [ some laughter ] new, and opened, last week-- robert's french cuisine, and mufflers repaired, while you wait. [ laughter ] [ some applause ] not a classy place. you order, by speaking to a large, plastic charles de gaulle face. [ laughter ] i went there, the other day, though, to try it out, and the-- [ laughter ] what? >> you went there, already? >> of course! yes. >> d'you get a joke? >> i did. yeah. [ laughter ] [ applause ] they were outta the joke
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the cuisine leaves a little bit to be desired. i ordered turtle soup, and, uh, i found a shell, in the bowl, that said, "visit miami beach." [ laughter ] i just don't trust any french restaurant that has photographs of the food, on the cover. that's all right, for denny's, but not for a french restaurant. well, let's see. next week is thanksgiving. have you shopped, for your, uh, turkey, yet? >> yeah! >> president reagan has a few, in his cabinet, he'll let ya h [ applause ] [ cheering ] forgot to mention. i just saw a item, on the-- came over, in the, uh-- the news teletype machine, before i came out here. earth, wind, and fire just insured themselves, for earthquake and flood. [ laughter ] [ some booing ] well, i know. i thought i'd try it. [ some hissing ]
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[ laughter ] why do you boo a leveling-off period? i do have some good news and bad news. >> uh-oh. >> the bad news is, unless the house and senate can agree on emergency legislation, the government will run out of money, by midnight. true. >> right. >> good news is the government will now know how the people feel. [ laughter ] [ applause ] [ cheering ] national security advisor richard allen is still the, uh-- the whitehouse has ordered him to check his records, on any contacts he has had with japanese businessmen, and officials are concerned they don't have the full information about his activities. and allen wanted to know if this was gonna take long-- he could put the $1000 in a tax-free saver's account. [ laughter ] that's-that's good thinking. then, haig, you know-- secretary haig and alexa-- and richard, uh, allen have been feuding. and the, uh, president called
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as you know, about a week ago, and told 'em to stop-stop the bickering. the president stated, beautifully, i will say-- he said, "look, let's not fight, gentlemen. we're all striving for the same thing-- great pensions." [ some laughter ] president didn't get much of a laugh with it, either. [ laughter ] the, uh-- today, the nuclear regulatory commission suspended the operating license of the diablo canyon nuclear reactor. [ applause ] [ some cheering ] well, wherever you stand on that, uh-- governor brown was pleased. although, there was some bad news, for jerry. they-they opened the reactor room and found a 600-pound s-- fertile medfly. [ laughter ] [ applause ] lotta people thought that their safety precautions were not,
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their-their earthquake prediction capabilities were a bit primitive. what they did-- they bugged a gopher hole, [ some laughter ] and they'll shut off the reactor, if they hear the gopher screaming. [ laughter ] what else? i don't suppose you were invited to g-go on the tour of the whitehouse-- the redecorated whitehouse? >> no. >> the first lady, nancy reagan, invited, uh-- gave a tour of the whitehouse, to, i guess, about 200 people, who donated money to redecorate the place. and i was confused, "donors at whitehouse," and i thought they were there to give hearts to haig and stockman. [ some laughter ] [ some booing ] [ some applause ] doesn't seem to be a consensus, on that one, so-- [ laughter ] we have a great show, tonight. lot of good people here, to-- mr. robert hope is here. bob hope. [ applause ] [ cheering ] fine actress and a good-looking
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>> mmm. [ cheering ] >> and a young man-- [ applause ] and a young gentleman who is, uh, really a very nice young man and a good actor-- ricky schroder. [ applause ] thank you, for coming, and we'll be with you... [ music ] [ applause ] tonight, we would like to welcome taylor california cellar, to "the tonight show--" makers of a line of fine-quality-- high-quality wines.
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[ music ] [ applause ] that's nice. thank you, doc. okay. if you just joined us-- [ cheering ] if you just joined us, bob hope is here, tonight-- susan sarandon, ricky schroder. now, maybe we can lay this thing to rest. we've talked about this, on the show. we talked about it, last night. it is that old question-- the ri a in the forest--" [ some laughter ] right? you've heard that, since you were a kid. >> yes. >> "and there's nobody there, to hear it, does it make a sound?" well, we got into a discussion, last night-- >> yes. >> i said, "well, it doesn't make a sound, in the sense of the word that you h-- you have to have the eardrums or something to--" >> right. >> "for it to vibrate against." >> i support that it does make a sound, if you're in toledo. >> all right. [ some laughter ] gentleman by the name of andy hall-- i assume he's a gentleman-- from marion street, in columbus, south carolina, seems to have this well in hand. >> alright. >> "regarding last night's and earlier discussed--
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andy says it depends on whether you ask a physicist or a physiologist. explanation. [ laughter ] "sound or noise, in physics, means radiating sound waves, heard or unheard." >> aha. >> what do you mean, "aha?" [ laughter ] wait, a mi-- hold it. >> yeah, "unheard." >> don't gimme an "aha." i'm not done, yet. >> "heard or unheard." i support the "unheard." thank you, andy. that-- >> no, wait, a mi-- >> winds that up. >> wait, a minute! >> what? >> "represents sound, heard or unheard." >> yeah. >> "in physiology, or human physics, it means perceived sound, or audio only. only those sounds or noises actually heard." aha! [ laughter ] to your "aha," my "aha!" [ chuckling ] so, andy says, "stop the petty bickering, and bring on some more pretty girls." [ laughter ] "there are more girl-watchers than scientists." so? >> it's still not solved. >> take your best shot. if y--
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or noise is radiating sound waves, heard or unheard, there is a sound. if you say only perceived sound-- i h-- i hold to that. >> perceived sound. >> you've gotta hear it. there can't be a sound, if it's not perceived. >> now, lemme ask you something. suppose nbc came to you, next year-- >> yes. >> and offered you an incredible raise, if you would stay another year. >> uh-huh. >> all right? if you didn't hear that-- [ laughter ] >> yes? there's-- >> but i did, [ both chuckling ] would ya stay? >> you'd be here. i'd be in mexico. [ laughter ] i didn't know what that mean. that would be perceived. anyway, let's-- there, apparently, is no-- >> lay that to rest. >> there is no answer to that. >> no. >> obviously. i, personally, feel that there's no sound. >> and i personally feel that there is. [ laughter ] >> maybe we can, uh, solve this, right off.
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on this show? [ laughter ] [ applause ] i'll-- >> would you like to have some nitwit, out here, introducing you with, "here's johnny?" [ laughter ] >> you're right. [ cheering ] okay, fair enough. we'll ask ricky schroder. >> all right. >> ricky's a very bright-- >> he'll know. >> virile man. he's only 11, and i-- when we were 11, we couldn't even tie our shoelaces. [ chuckling ] he is a-a bright young man. and he's a very honest and-and a-- outgoing. and his television movie is gonna be repeated-- and it says here, in parentheses, "on another network." on december the 15th, he'll be starring in disney world's 10 anniversary special that airs, in january. course, he was sensational, in "the champ." >> mmm-hmm. >> would you welcome ricky schroder? [ music ] [ applause ] how are ya? >> i'm fine. >> i saw ya, this afternoon. you were headin' over, to get some-- get some lunch? >> yeah.
11:16 pm
>> yeah. >> i said, "just--" >> it was good! >> "just go with the jell-o," i said, "and you're safe." [ giggling ] what'd ya have-- what'd ya have, for lunch? >> i had a hotdog. with-- um, with, um, mashed potatoes. >> yeah. was it good? >> yeah. >> yeah. well, you're lookin' in good health. >> thanks. >> what'd ya get, an early christmas present, or somethin', or what? >> no, this is for you. >> oh, come on, now. >> this is, um-- um, you have to open this up, now. it's from the lung association. >> yeah? >> and this is for ed. >> thank you. >> well-- well, listen. listen. >> oh. >> since, um-- since you guys are always talkin' about the smog, in los angeles-- >> right. >> i bottled up some fresh air, from connecticut. >> you're kiddin'. emergenc >> that cute? looks about like-- to be about three ounces. >> uh, yes. for you, that's a chaser. [ laughter ] >> thank you. >> what do we got, here, ricky? >> it's, um, a lung association, um, shirt. >> ah. "breathe--" >> with two good lungs. >> "breathe easy. friend of the lung association," with-- [ person in audience coughing ] >> people are coughing. [ chuckling ] >> quite nice.
11:17 pm
well, i'll tell ya what i'm gonna do. >> okay. >> you know, i-i smoke. and i shouldn't smoke. >> mmm. >> so, i think, maybe, since you gave me that, i just better not smoke, tonight, while we're sittin' here. >> right. >> huh? yeah. [ applause ] guilty. he guilts. r-ricky, you're-you're-you're what, in school? about the fifth grade? >> no, sixth. >> sixth grade. >> yeah. did you hear what we were talkin' about, a moment ago, about a tree falling, in the forest? [ laughter ] >> no. >> well, l-lemme try this, on you. >> yeah. >> 'cause i heard this, when i was about your age, and nobody has ever figured it o >> okay. >> now, they say-- if there's a tree in a forest-- >> right. >> and it falls over, and there's nobody there to hear it-- nobody's there-- would it make a sound? >> would it make a sound? >> would there be any noise, if there's nobody there to hear it? >> if there's no-- just answer yes or no? >> well, that's what we're tryna figure out. we don't know. what would you think? >> it would make a sound, yeah. >> great kid. what a-- [ applause ] thank you, so much.
11:18 pm
>> and you would bribe this child? [ laughter ] we've never figured that out. do you like riddles? d'you-d'you-d'you ever do riddles and things like that? >> yeah. uh-huh. >> try your famous riddle. >> what? >> no, no, no, no, no. >> famous. >> no, no. >> yeah! >> we got the-- we did that one, the other-- >> go ahead. >> we did it, the other night! >> what difference does it make? >> yeah! >> okay. [ laughter ] what has a tail-- >> a tail. >> four legs-- >> four legs. >> tail that wags, four legs, and barks? >> a dog. >> oh, you've heard it. [ laughter ] >> you told me, in, like, the first or second-- >> i know. it's-- yeah, it's an old joke, [ chuckling ] d'y-- have you got one, or anything, at all? >> no. >> no. >> well, you see, i figured that there's-- since there's two great comedians on, today-- [ chuckling ] i don't have to use any of my jokes. >> what a terrific kid. >> don't have to do any material. no, he's talking about bob hope. [ laughter ] >> he means hope! [ applause ] [ chuckling ] so, whaddya been do-- what'd ya do, this summer? >> um-- >> anything exciting? >> nothin', really. just been hangin' loose and goin' to school.
11:19 pm
>> yeah. >> y-- are you glad, when the summer's over, to go back to school? do you like the-- like to start school? >> sort of, yeah. i like-- i like to go to school. >> yeah. >> see all my friends. >> yeah, that is fun to go back, isn't it? >> uh-huh. >> what's your favorite subject? what do you really enjoy? >> really enjoy. recess. [ laughter ] >> no, are you good, in, uh-- >> no, i like math. >> yeah, you mentioned that, before! >> uh-huh. >> are y-- >> math and oceanography science. >> that something you might like to do, when you get older? oceanography? that's-- >> mmm. maybe. >> an exc-- that's an exciting field. >> mmm-hmm. >> really exciting. somebody said-- i read, in the paper, you were back in washington.>> >> uh-huh. >> and met the president and the first lady? >> yeah! >> tell us-- tell me about that. how'd that-- how'd that happen? >> well, you see, he-he works for the lung association, too. >> mmm-hmm. >> and, um, we, um-- i think i'm the youth ambassador. and, um, we went there and met him. it was really-- we went in the oval office. >> right. >> it was really great. >> yeah, tell me about it. >> well-- >> what's it look like? did ya-- was it like you saw in pictures? >> it's big and round. >> uh-uh. [ laughter ] kinda oval-shaped. >> yeah. uh-huh. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> and, um, it was great.
11:20 pm
did he show ya the phones? the hotline, and all that? did you see the-- >> yeah. >> the red tel-- the red telephone? >> yeah. >> whaddya got, there? >> jellybeans. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> want one? >> did you, uh-- >> thank you. >> did you just sneak a handful, or did he give ya some? >> no, he gave me a whole jar. >> all ri-- now, are these official? >> yeah. >> from the whitehouse? >> no, these aren't the ones f-- right from the whitehouse. >> oh, i see. >> i have 'em, in a jar. >> can i try this? >> sure. >> good. [ some laughter ] >> a little sticky, aren't they? [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> did he-- but he gave ya some jellybeans? >> yeah. well, ya know, i really like jellybeans, much more than peanuts. >> oh, you do? >> yeah. [ applause ] [ hooting ] >> tomorrow, this is equal time, right? [ laughter ] hmm? getting politically oriented, already. i have to do a commercial, here. then, we'll come back and talk, a little bit, okay? >> okay. >> all right. here's a word, from the-- your tough americans,
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[ music ] [ applause ] we're back, talking with ricky schroder. i like that coat. >> thanks. >> that's a good-lookin' red coat. you, uh-- you buy your own clothes? do you go in and say, "hey, i like that," and-- or-- >> mmm, my mom usually buys 'em, for me. >> yeah, but do you get approval? i mean, you can say-- >> nah. >> you don't, huh? >> no. >> well, your mother's got good taste. that's very nice. >> thank you. >> yeah. now, we're talkin' about goin' to the whitehouse. i've, uh-- i've only been there, once or twice, myself. >> ya have? >> yeah. >> d'ya get any jellybeans? >> no, i-- well, it-- uh, theodore roosevelt, uh-- [ laughter ] gave me a big stick. that's another story. [ laughter ] uh. >> w-- uh, well, have you met the queen? >> w-which one? [ some laughter ] >> uh-- >> well, i-- ya know-- >> queen elizabeth. >> no, i haven't. >> you haven't? oh, she's nice. >> oh. [ laughter ] >> what about the pope? [ some booing ] have you met the pope? >> no, i haven't. have you? >> yeah. >> oh. [ laughter ] >> that was-- >> d'ya ever-- >> it was-- >> d'ya ever meet count basie?
11:24 pm
>> duke ellington? see, he says, "who's count basie? who's duke ellington?" >> no, the duke of-- the duke of-- i met the duke of rutland. [ laughter ] >> the duke of rutland. >> you see, what happened was-- now, i was filming "lord fauntleroy." >> right. >> we went-- we went in his castle. >> ah! >> and filmed. well, by the way, it's gonna be on, again. >> oh, the-- "little lord fauntleroy--" >> december, i think. >> in december. >> december 15th. >> you've met a lot of famous people, haven't you? >> yeah. >> did ya-- did ya meet the first lady, mrs. regan? >> y-- uh, yeah, we did. >> yeah? >> it was-- we-we met them, for about 25 minutes. >> uh-huh. >> where we all shook the hands and took pics >> yeah, that's fun, isn't it? >> it was-- it was really nice. >> yeah. what-what'd ya think of the whitehouse, generally? is it, uh-- would ya like to live there? >> uh, sure! i-i-i would like to. >> yeah. >> uh-huh. >> so, what else ya been doin', now? you, uh, been workin' on a picture, right now, or-- >> no, not really. well, i just finished that disney-- that'll be coming out, so-- i-i think that-- yeah, it'll be coming out, soon. >> i think i asked ya, last time, and, uh-- i don't wanna bug ya, about it, but i said ya-- "did ya have a girlfriend, at the time?" i don't think ya had a girlfriend, at the time. >> no. i didn't. >> yeah. >> i don't think so.
11:25 pm
>> good! good. is this somebody who goes to school with ya? >> not in-- yeah. uh-huh. in the same-- not in the same class, though. in same grade. >> yeah. can y-- ya wanna talk about her, at all, or-- >> i don't care! >> you rather kee-keep her name a secret? >> keep her name a secret. >> yeah, that's-- >> yeah. >> i've learned that's the best thing to do. [ laughter ] [ hooting ] yeah. always-always-always keep the name a secret. >> okay. >> un-- uh, unless-unless really pressed. uh. you said you met-- when'd ya meet the pope? >> um, well, i think i met him a while ago. >> mmm-hmm. >> uh, we met him in rome, some friends. >> boy, you really travel a lot. >> yeah. >> where would ya like to go? some place you haven't been. i've wanted to go to china. i've never been to china, and-- >> oh. uh, i really don't know where i'd like to go. i'd, um-- i really-- i don't really know. >> yeah. >> i-i-i liked germany, a lot, when i went there. and japan. >> yeah? >> and the-the-- those are my-- probably my favorite foods. >> yeah. japanese food? >> japanese and german food. >> do ya like sushi? d'ya know what that is? >> no. >> the raw fish? >> well, no, i don't like war fish. but what we had was--
11:26 pm
that was delicious. >> in a raw egg. >> yeah! >> yeah. >> just get a cup and dip it in. eat it. >> ya like that, huh? >> uh-huh. >> now. you're in the-- you said you're in the-- in the sixth grade. >> right. >> what would ya like to do, now, if you can't be an actor, all your life? it'd be nice-- would ya like to just, as you grow up, uh, continue to be an actor and-- if-if-if ya find parts you'd like to do? >> yeah, i think i would like that, most, but i would also like to play baseball, i think, you know, that-- know? i love playing baseball. >> yeah. you play in a school team, at all? >> i-i just-- we just finished playing. >> football. i don't play on a real team, but-- >> yeah. >> i play. >> well, how 'bout-- can play with the rams. [ some laughter ] the-they're-- there's a l-- they're short of quarterbacks, right now you brought it up. [ chuckling ] do you follow professional, uh-- those kinda sports? >> yeah. uh-huh. >> yeah. well, you're a nice young man. it's good to see ya, again. >> yeah. >> yeah. did-- [ laughter ] yeah. are ya workin' on your magic? we, uh-- you were doing magic, one time, when you were here. >> no-- yeah, i did magic, once. yeah, i know. but i haven't loosened up, yet. >> yeah, you gotta-- you gotta practice, with it.
11:27 pm
>> yeah. did i show ya the one with the jellybeans? >> no. >> hmm? okay, here's one o' your jellybeans. >> okay. >> you ready? >> yeah. >> all right. now, you have to figure out where it is. >> it's in that hand. >> you're right. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> great kid! [ applause ] >> good to see ya, again. >> thanks. >> thanks, for comin'. >> thanks, a lot. >> okay, thank you, ricky. we'll see you soon. [ music ] [ cheering ] "it's in that hand." [ some laughter ] kid's one o' the most natural-- >> oh. >> young men i've ever met, for somebody who has been in the public eye as much as he has-- and traveled around. >> mmm. >> he's-- handles it, very well, doesn't he? >> beautifully. >> and he said that there is a noise, when the tree falls. >> that's right. >> so, i guess that-- >> he is a great kid. >> yes. yeah. [ laughter ] that settle that. we have another great kid coming out-- robert hope, in just a moment. [ applause ]
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11:31 pm
[ music ] [ applause ] we are back. okay. we have-- >> whoo! very good! [ applause ] >> my next guest is-is truly remarkable man. the-- you run out of things to say, about bob hope. everybody-- >> mmm-hmm. >> knows him, throughout the entire world. he's had a remarkable career. and he's got a-- he's had a string of television specials, with some remarkably long titles. this one, i have to read, this sunday night, at 8:00, right here on nbc-- >> yes. >> for two hours-- two-hour special-- you can see-- and here's the title-- "bop hope's stand up and cheer for the national football league 60th year and all-star salute to america's number-one spectator sport." [ some laughter ] [ chuckling ] and, on the 1st of december, he's gonna be appearing in philadelphia, at villa nova university. would you welcome the one and only bob hope?
11:32 pm
[ applause ] [ cheering ] >> thank you, very much. thank you. this stuff is coming back. [ laughter ] >> you always dress, uh-- >> look at this! >> i had this made for me, in pittsburgh. really? where were you, at the time? well, i'll tell ya, huh? [ some laughter ] >> you-you always dress rather sporty. i don't see-- you wear more sport clothes-- >> no, i did, uh-- a guy sent me this, from thunder bay-- any coffee. and-- it's a beautiful thing, isn't it? >> yeah, that's gorgeous. yeah. >> isn't that a pretty thing? >> is that, uh-- >> i don't usually go-- >> it's like a little corduroy. >> just goin' on the way to, uh. uh, but i-- it's-it's-- ya know, it wakes ya up, a little bit. >> yeah. >> i need it. >> you're looking good. how ya been? is that-- >> i f-- i feel pretty good. >> is that the official title o' your show? >> yeah. >> "stand up and cheer
11:33 pm
to america's number-one spectator sport." is-- i didn't know professional football had been around-- i guess it has. >> sixtieth anniversary. >> sixty years. >> isn't that wild, boy? >> yeah. >> made a lotta players and orthopedic surgeons wealthy. [ laughter ] >> yeah! you invested in the cleveland indians. are you still-- you never got to professional football. >> the indians. and i had pieced the rams, from '48 to '62. at that time, they were on o' my better tax deductions. [ some laughter ] >> that was the golden years, in the early '50's-- the rams. >> no, they did-- they really started the-- they played pre-- they had waterfield-- and "crazy legs" hirsch and-- >> tom fears-- >> great players. >> and all those guys? >> yeah. >> but you gave that up, huh? you must've known that this-- >> i-- no, i didn't-- i didn't give it up. i was with, uh, polly and fred loring seeley, and they sold to dan reeves. >> ah, that's right. >> while i was in okinawa. [ laughter ] it's true! i'm not kidding! >> you didn't know, and they-- >> i didn't know. >> well, i had an idea-- i don't think it would have made any difference, ya know, 'cause i was money-hungry, in those days. >> yeah. [ some laughter ] >> and i made a little cash, on that. >> d'you ever-- d'you ever play football? at any time in your life? >> i did. i played, in cleveland.
11:34 pm
i was the tackle. i was very limber. i could go around my own end. [ laughter ] well, it's vaudeville, isn't it? >> that's-- yeah. >> you really did, though. i didn't know that. [ chuckling ] you played football. >> i did. in high school. >> where're you gonna be, this thanksgi-- >> it was a lonesome end. >> yeah. >> nobody else in the team would talk to me. >> where're you gonna be, this thanksgiving? >> huh? >> where're you gonna be, this thanksgiving? >> this thanksgiving-- >> yeah. >> i'm gonna be in palm springs. i'm leaving, tomorrow, for palm springs. and play the harvey coleman g. >> that's right. freddy's goin' down, for that. >> and, uh. and then, i'm gonna try to get to ford and try to get some government money back. [ some laughter ] >> yeah. uh, d'you live close to the, uh, ex-pr-- the president ford, down there? or are you-- >> i live close. i can roll down the hill to four courses. [ chuckling ] i mean it. i l-- i live close to the-- the original course, o'donnell. there-- uh, canyon. i live close to canyon and-- >> right. >> takes me, uh-- seven lakes is down, the bottom o' the hill. and then, i get to thunderbird, in about 15 minutes. >> you know, i can remember, in the early years of los angeles-- it musta been about 1949 or
11:35 pm
golf course. i think it was indian-- >> nine-hole course. >> indian wells, or something? >> no. o'donnell. >> that was the first one? >> the original golf course. >> and now, i think palm springs has more golf courses than any... city. >> they have 52 golf courses. >> oh, come on, now. >> yeah, they're-- truly! and the way ford plays, he doesn't know which course-- [ laughter ] wait! wait! that's just a straight line. wait! >> g-good luck-- good luck, on this one. >> he doesn't know which course he's gonna play, until after his first tee shot. [ laughter ] [ applause ] [ cheering ] >> wherever-- >> fifty-two courses! >> in other words-- >> fifty-two! >> after the tee shot, he goes wherever-- >> wherever the ball goes, he follows it. >> i couldn't-- i don't believe they got 52 golf-- i cannot believe that. >> that's true! it's true. they put 'em in-- if you haven't got a golf course, you're nobody, down there. >> that is incredible. >> really. it's-it's amazing! >> oh. who you got, on your show, this wee-- uh, this week, besides-- i know you got some o' the football greats. >> who have we got, on the show? >> yeah, you've got-- >> elizabeth taylor. >> l-- talk to you, about elizabeth taylor, on the show. >> elizabeth taylor. >> yeah. >> she wanted--


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