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tv   North Carolina News at 500AM  CBS  November 30, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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i thought you loved me. my responsibility is to my patients. cut. print it. that was beautiful, rick. o.k., people, let's break for lunch. how am i doing? great. you're doing great. rick, i think it's a big mistake we felt killing her off would be more dramatic. dramatic, maybe, but consider the effect on rachel. this could destroy any hope she has for recovery. what's happened to rachel is horrible, but l.a. med's job is to entertain. what about your responsibility to your audience? our responsibility is to be medically accurate. you said liver transplants are risky.
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we made a creative decision. the decision sucks! people survive liver transplants. this gives the impression they don't. what about potential donors who won't come forward after this? we can't be advocates for every cause. we'd never have patients die. i'm talking about rachel. you changed the rules by making it her show. she is going to identify with this character. rachel's going to be fine. in my eyes, she's got the best damn doctor in this hospital. the man is too cool. no, no. the man is too pompous. he is also a self-serving, self-obsessed, egomaniacal, manipulative, patronizing, arrogant weasel. i'll let him do the show his way. then i'll tell everyone i tried to stop him, but he wouldn't listen.
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yeah, yeah. this is perfect. howser, howser, howser, howser. what? i've never seen this twisted, dark side of yours. frankly, i'm impressed. what dark side? most men would try to overcome their petty jealousy and help the liver girl. but not you. you have that rare ability to exact revenge no matter what the cost. welcome to the gutter, doog. o.k., o.k. you're right. i can't believe i'm actually jealous of this creep. it took me years to get used to living in your shadow. eventually i became a human mushroom, flourishing in the dark. just learn to get what you need from rick. how do i do that? he's filming rachel's death scene tomorrow. simple, doog.
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but nobody sucks the spotlight like an actor. you want to help rachel, feed rick's ego. all right. i need you here so he's clear for the medium shot. do it. o.k., people. let's have it quiet, please. here's your tear, rick. roll, please. rolling. speed... mark... and action! you did everything you could. how can you say that? when a patient dies, it's never enough. she was 20 years old. cut!
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sorry, rick. camera problems. we're going to need a few minutes. doogie, vinnie, the scene you wrote was pretty good. yeah? we know it could be better. you're the professional. what do you mean, better? your hearts were in the right place, but this just is not our show. this is miles chambers' finest moment, using his own blood to save a life. i should never have let you talk me into-- excuse us. he saves her with his own blood? he might as well transplant his own liver. you liked it last night. i was desperate. this idea of the heroic doctor is crap anyway. the patients are the heroes. they go through all the suffering, the pain. nobody thinks about that. they're busy congratulating doctors. that's good.
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redit for saving his patient's life. very noble. - i'm weeping. - me, too. somebody get me a writer! right away! rolling. mark... and action! dr. chambers? shh. you're going to be fine, rebecca. get some sleep. congratulations, miles. that girl owes you her life. don't congratulate me, george. rebecca's the one who had to go through all the suffering. for three months, she's been lying here alone, scared,
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we're not the heroes. she is. dr. miles chambers, you're wanted in o.r. 3 for consultation. dr. miles chambers, you're wanted in o.r. 3 for consultation. cut! print it. he's terrific, isn't he? thanks for being my inspiration. ohh! come see me when you get out of here. o.k. all right, rachel, let's get you back upstairs. nurse spaulding, i think i'm going to become an actress when i get out. i know it won't be easy, but i can take classes... meeting rick o'neill was fun, but i'm glad he's history. me, too. usually i'm just in your shadow.
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i'm so far in the dark, i'm mold. imagine the impact it would have had on rachel. on our show, we have a responsibility. we're more than just entertainment. what a jerk. having rick here wasn't all bad. did i miss something? he helped me realize my days of being the famous kid doctor are almost over. it's o.k. being a doctor's enough. you love being famous! it's going to kill you. no way. good night, dr. howser. good night, nurse richardson. keep up the good work. good night, nurse richardson. keep up the good work. i read you like a book, doog. get in there.
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uh-huh, uh-huh. yes! i don't believe it. you got them. of course i got them. my cousin frankie can get anything. don't ask how. harry connick jr. front row center. these are going to blow cecelia away. you and cecelia have been pretty hot and heavy these days. what's it been, a couple of months? wow. you know, it is amazing, doog. on one little operation on her schnozz, she goes from anteater to babe. her old nose wasn't that bad, vin. her nostrils were like caves. you could go spelunking in them. look, do me a favor. whenever she's around, you stare at her nose. try and control yourself. i do not stare at her nose. yes, you do. just watch it.


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