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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  August 6, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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juliet: wow. toque. not sure why we're showing that. but we're going to give you an idea of what it might look like if we were channel nine. really, bright? really sunny. orange, a little orange. a little shade of -- of the -- i don't know. like what is with everything today? it is going to be a sunny start more clouds as a the day progresses. mike has the full forecast coming up. is that a real shot? >> i think so. >> crazy. meantime authorities have suspended their search for a swimmer who wents missing at
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sandy hook last night. 25-year-old man disappeared around the 8:00, the search will resume today. >> 8th person has dmied the outbreak of legionnaires' disease in the bronx. nearly 100 people now in our area have been diagnosed with the disease. the mayor said he thought he was ebbing a bit. we'll tell you. robert: top republican presidential candidates face off tonight in the first debate of the 2016 primary race, and boy, cannot remember a debate this early on in the campaign season with this much intrigue and >> i don't remember. yeah. and on my 27 years of life. i don't recall. [laughter] >> i thought it was 25. [laughter] juliet: i don't to feel bad out there. anyway robert moses is here. robert: juliet huddy is there. you're in rare form today. i love it. juliet: i didn't get a lot of sleep last night nor did several
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in this building. glorkt do we ever, though? juliet: no, no. but we love coming to work. honestly i wake up second i sit down here and these lights go on, it wakes me up. so thank you guys for giving my the energy because otherwise -- i would be probably snoozing or on the set -- robert: this doesn't feel like work. juliet: robert moses in for ben. ben simmoneau live reports will be with us at 5:00 and with us tomorrow morning. juliet: he will. now over to mike for the check of the weather. that was live? juliet: never seen that before. mike: didn't camera shots. different atures making it pretty. sun came up just before 6:00 now on its way up. when you get up in this time of the morning i have cool sunrise shots from twitter and so on. that they share from time to time going to give you one in a little bit. clear skies central park, and
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yeah looks like a good looking day. temps drop down even though sun is officially up it takes a while for heat energy to go to work. hour. 60 in pittsburgh. why do we show you that? generally speaking that cooler air mass finally starting to move into the tristate region where we have cooler, drier temperatures are just a little bit below normal. much about lately. we have a lot of clear skies therefore sunshine here in the tristate but notice clouds to the south working their way into the tristate region as a well and continue into the day. later on this evening you have partly mostly cloudy skies. clouds thicken up. there's the area of low pressure down to the south of us. second one is main driver of the moisture that is coming there over next 36 to 48 hours. most of it to the south but ofsome of it brings in lighter showers and sprinkles into
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central and southern sections of new jersey some along the coastline but that's it be. main center is too far to bring us in the tristate. high pressure will take over after that. saturday into sunday you're in pretty good shape including at the beaches. midday. high of about 83. through the next five days high of 81 tomorrow. 82 on saturday. good looking weekend coming up. normal. all right let's bring in ines rosales, and see what's going on with roads on or rails good morning, ines. >> problem on long island, hew jackson on l. ti. start off with queens there's a stall on bqe westbound at the kosciuszko bridge blocking a lane. delays there and van wyck southbound slow approaching belt parkway with a crash closing a lane. camerases at long island expressway problem by route 110 a sunny bright shot. you can see delays and going on with police afnght. a tractor trailer that flipped
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over. l.i.e.110 three lanes are blocked there so a lot of delays, you have that lefts lane getting through there. but traffic building through the area westbound. fine. as far as trains, metro-north flield railroad, new jersey transit and path trains they're doing fine. guys back to you. >> thank you so much. 6:05 authorities have suspended their search for a man who wents missing swimming at sandy hook beach b in new jersey. >> officials say 25-year-old man disappeared around 8:00 last night. u.s. coast guard national park services, the nypd aviation unit scene. the search was suspended just before 9:00. and again it will resume this morning. >> police shoot and kill a man wielding a gun and this morning learning mother it be. identified as 29-year-old vincent of nash veiling. police say he had significant psychological issues and pepper sprayed audience members during a showing of the new mad max
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movie. police shot him as he try to escape. >> shady looking guy walked to the back of the theater and pulled out like a hatchet and started attacking screen and then pulled out a gun, and we all ran out of the theater. >> he was also wearing a surgical mask during this very bizarre attack and police say afterwards, three people suffered only minor injuries. >> the man had a superficial injury, a cut to his shoulder, and evidently having been hit bit hatchet. two women doused with chemical spray by the suspect. their faces we are blasted with pepper spray. >> police say he had been committed to psychiatric wards four times since 2004. and that he had been reported missing to a local police department on monday. >> bad news an eighth person dmied a legionnaires' outbreak in the south bronx.
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97 diagnosed with the disease that is up several from yesterday. traced to building cooling towers. five have been decontaminated include on top of the opera house hotel. but the real source of the outbreak may be coming coming from inside the building. >> find it in the domestic hot water system. you can get it from showering. you can get it from inhaling the vapor gets into your lungs. >> national institutes of health also says shower heads can be a source of the legionella bacteria along with spas and the spritzers you know in the supermarkets as well. >> still has not ebbed yet in the city that's for sure. robert: 6:07 mayor de blasio popularity is disapproving of the job the may or yo is doing four points more than it was back in may.
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worse 47% of registered voters say he doesn't deserve a second term. approval rating at 44% unchanged frerlier this year. city hall released a statement saying more concerned with issues than with political chatter. >> mayor has problems with dealing with homeless as we've been hearing and seeing in paper in the editorial and so forth only the streets of new york, obviously. glorkt but he has a plan and find out exactly what that plan is. with a preview of fox 5 liz live outside tompkins square park in the east village. liz, good morning to you. reporter: good morning to both of you thompson square park has been a long time trouble spot when it comes to homelessness. new initiate live help city wide. but the real question is will it be enough to get people off a streets an help mayor's approval ratings? >> 22 million how much the city is expected to spend on the
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homeless initiative to get people on the streets especially those with convenient tendencies towards mental health care. plant also includes retraining of 10,000 nypd officers. homeless street teams and social worksers will work with the nypd to help get people the proper medications they need and offer a the streets. the mayor has been underfire recently for apparently growing homeless population. in an e-mail press secretary blamed previous administration for the problem. telling fox 5, quote, under mayor bloomberg homeless funds slashed dramatically opinion number of homeless trip it would under mayor bloomberg. a according to blasio office number of homeless dropped from 60,000 to 56,000. but in a recent quinnipiac poll new yorkers feel like mayor could do better. some 53% say they didn't approve of de blasio's handling of the issue. and the new homeless initiative could prove to be difficult. advocates say it is hard to
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identify violent homeless people let alone get them to help they need. now mayor is expected to make this announcement along side his wife chirlane mccray down at city hall. live at tompkins square park. over to you. >> thanks very much. >> liz thank you so much. we have plenty more as we continue in the 6 a.m. hour. >> mike it is checking the weather for us. a beautiful sunrise today. mike: lots of shots and share one with you a little bit. sunny skies increasing clouds later in the day, though. but still beginning ton pretty warm but not as warm as yesterday. startoff temp 68 and lower 80s. by the way we have the fox 5 weather app at the am l itunes store. google play store with headlights, alerts that you can download, check out set it up custom to whatever it is that you are interested so download it today. we'll be right back.
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[laughter] juliet: welcome back. robert: what was that? juliet: hi brenda. robert: going out with brenda today to the bronx i believe. >> lucky you to cover the legionnaires' disease. fantastic. it is very disturbing story.
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michael. mike: our photographer. for those who don't know. juliet: mentioned that. mike: i heard the name we're all a behind aren't we? anyway get up, get you going. beautiful shot from our friend scott out in mamaroneck, yeah, took a run this morning. nice, beautiful clear sky. you can see harbor see what you're missing thank you scott for sending in pictures doing good stuff like that on twurt. anyway let's show you what we have with temps in the tristate. 52 month is low. 68 newark. if and 64 bridgeport and 69 out at montauk we have clear skies here right now. however, clouds are going to start rolling into town as time goes on. there are showers down to the south of us. we don't have to worry about so much here today but later tonight yeah question of to start considering that there could be a few sprinkles in the area probably not so much here in the city but down to the south. this is future cast which is rolling forward and can see some
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clouds gathering in south jersey by later tonight some showers try to roll through here tonight into tomorrow morning. some of that bleeds into the tristate region but shouldn't be much. maybe a light shower most in south jersey near coastal areas where the concentration of cloud cover will be. but out of here by earlier side. not too much going on into the weekend here. things are looking pretty good for us here. today northwest winds come through at a first and then becomes southwesterly. waves two to three feet. uv index 63. quarter is warm. rip current risk down into the low range which is good news. but forward will through the day a lot of sun out there. day goes on. 78 by noon, and high of 2383 back to 81 for ride home at 5:00, and then tomorrow see a high of 81 with a lot of clouds out there. especially down to the south of maybe a few quick sprinkles i'm not too worried about the rain with that particular system here and then clouds break up all a together by saturday morning.
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high temps stay in lower 80s. saturday, sunday, and next chance of showers will be here on monday much next week here a pretty good shot of rain especially tuesday. let's bring in ines rosales and see what weather is initial and quiet. does that mean a -- yeah. necessarily. ines: queens we have problems here if bqe a stall by the kosciuszko bridge qb same for van we can approaching belt parkway. big headache is only long island. go to our cameras a tractor trailer flipped over. a lot of police activity by route 10 but they have three lanes close between exits 50 and 110 left lane is getting through westbound. eastbound side i'm starting to see some stop and go. rubber necking delay so do not take l.i.e. for now. as for george washington bridge cameras upper, lower level good morning.
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same for lincoln and holland tunnel dealing with minor delays. robert, juliet back to you. juliet: ines you're in the area here. customers in new jersey are without quarter this morning after a huge crane ruptured a a water main. robert: new video but from yesterday officials say 300ing ton crane flipped and damaged the street crushing the four finch pipe underneath anderson avenue. crews working to remove the crane piece by piece. meantime united water issued a boil water advisory for not only cliff side park but for fort lee and angle wood and could taken a day before it comes back on water quality tests. juliet: in the dark after tuesday intense storms, pce and g help keep people cool yesterday could not come at a worse time. plan to open others today. more than 80,000 customers lost power at the height of the storm that took down trees and
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powerlines in parts of northern suffolk county. robert: tonight republican presidential debate -- have we told you about it? must see tv. juliet: i have a feeling mr. donald trump might be star aa traction. i'm going on a limb there. but new jersey governor chris christie also among participants and who knows what is going to happen. fox 5's kerry drew she has no idea either. and it is just going to be -- pure chaos tiff a feeling. in the newsroom with more. >> a jam-packed field. top ten gop hopefuls squaring off a in tonight's big debate in cleveland all eyes expected to be on the man in the center. donald trump appearing in his first ever political debate. cleveland. real estate mogul and reality tv star will take center stage at the clifton arena in five recent national polls, and trump say he's ready. >> i really just want to be
6:19 am
myself. i know that subject matter very well. i've been talking about it for a long time essentially we're talking about politicians that are all talk. no action don't get it done. >> first ever political debate. political experts say they expect him to avoid confrontation. he'll respond if attacked but respond to the attack if smk somebody goes after him but not on other people on the stage if he doesn't have. >> scott walker, mike huckabee, ben carson, ted cruz, marco rubio, rand paul, new jersey's own chris christie, and john kasich. jeb bsh secured number two spot next to trump. tonight's questions will come from the moderators and from facebook users across the country. with each candidate getting one minute to respond. not nervous at all -- scared to death. >> i think what's a real advantage if you know what you
6:20 am
believe and talked about it in the fast it is a lot easier to communicate. >> end of the day each cant supposed to be speaking or ten to 11 minutes when all ask said and done. a hashtag active that is trending hashtag is debate questionses we want to hear. so we want to hear from you go to our fox 5 facebook page or tweet us on our twitter page or at kerry drew what you're looking to hear from these candidates tonight. latest live from the newsroom back to you guys upstairs. juliet: kerry drew thank you very much. and -- the republican debate begins as we were saying tonight a 9 p.m. on fox news channel. 7 gop candidates who did not make the top ten have a chance to debate. they'll be facing off earlier in the evening at 5 p.m.. former new york governor george pataki in that group. carly fiorina called it the happy hour forum. >> fewer candidates in that forumty wonder if it will have more influence than we think because those candidates have
6:21 am
more time to talk. going to be more air time you would think. juliet: obviously, 9:00 debate geght the star treatment. but yeah there should be -- definitely some headlines coming out of the initial happy hour debate. coming up, we have living proof that former president robert moses is not getting you out of jury duty. being a former president -- robert: that i color swift takes us into the next break. good day will be right back.
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>> coming up wing fragment found in the indian ocean is indeed part of missing malaysia airline as flight 370 this is first physical evidence of that plane which disappeared in march of last year. 239 people were onboard. the debris was found near reunion island a french territory so the french government is now examining it, investigators are still looking for more debris and trying to determine where the plane went down. juliet: we'll continue to follow that story. in the "health watch" cvs is dropping viagra from the coverage list. attacks effect in january. so if you get viagra from the -- cvs stores, well, it is not going to be covered unfortunately for you. little blue pill that we're talking about this takes effect in january. you can get it there if your insurance covers it, but if you
6:25 am
have the cvs care mart coverage cialis it will be covered instead. chain is not saying why they're dropping the erectile dysfunction medication known as i've been saying the little blue pill. [laughter] robert: eleanor roosevelt is favorite choice replace hamilton on the 10 dollar bill. according to a new merritt poll former first lady leads choices with 27% aron american about a ligsist heir yacht tubman ahead of sacjawiia. back in june department announced that a woman would indeed be on $10 bill scheduled for release in 2020. >> hanging out at the courthouse for jury duty can be boring but not yesterday at a civil court in dallas. >> look who showed up.
6:26 am
check this out former president george w. bush from looks of it he spent the day taking a lot of selfies with fellow jurors being a former leader of the free world does not exempt you from jury duty not because of the high profile. court officials say that his number never actually came up. >> that is -- hilarious. >> don't you think when you serve on a jury not so sound cliche but serve on a jury or at jury duty you see how awesome democracy really is. right? no one is exempt from it. and everyone is entitled to a jump their piers even if it is former president of the united states. >> my gosh. we're going to take a quick break. details how authorities caught up with the inmate who escaped from the upstate prison. we'll be right back.
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juliet: good morning everybody. we're starting the day with sunny skies, unfortunately clouds are on the way. i mean, maybe it won't be too bad. robert moses, mike woods has all a of the details his forecast is coming up. glorkt nice shot there. former undercover cop sentenced to two years behind bars. has been convicted of assault in a 2013, in fact, by smokists on an suv driver on the west side highway. richard sweat was drunk when he die. his blood alcohol content more than double to make him legally intoxicated. robert: new york mets came close to blowing an eight run lead. they would have earlier in the season but keeping with their
6:31 am
recent good fortune they extend their winning streak to six games no matter what type of baseball fan they are, so cool what they're doing anding hopefully hang on with a two game lead in the washington nationals and they love that. fling need me back in a game clearly my friday night appearance. recent memory. >> uh-oh what happened? >> i left in the sixth inning a whole long story. i know. robert: missed the winning home run? juliet: yeah. yeah. i didn't know about it until next day to be quite honest with you. and i know i'm i know. robert: ben is on his way to cleveland which is why i'm here. you have to settle for me i'm soirl. >> stop it. stop it. we love having you here. you're part of the team you're robert moses if bobby moe. go over to mikey woods.
6:32 am
mike: sure, the other guy. robert: hello michael. mike: cool or cooler all a of the time. same thing in newark. 61 belmar. 55 degrees in poughkeepsie, temps came down a little bit from what we had 24 hours ago. about three to seven degrees on average around tristate five degrees colder than in central park. other than that a quiet start to the day. high clouds building into the south making their move in and going to see that general trend happening throughout the day. clouds increase especially from about midday on. high temple goes up to 283 degrees. through next five days high of 81 tomorrow. 82 on saturday. and not much rain in our future really until question get to around monday into tuesday of next week. so looking dry and a cool. all right let's bring in ines and see what there is to talk about on roads or rails, good morning there, ines. >> good morning mike well this morning long island expressway and melville huge headache
6:33 am
there. live fors from skyfox hd tractor trailer flipped over heard about it about about half an hour ago causing huge delay here. expressway. you can see it right there center part of your screen. blocking lane it is they were letting shoulder, right and left through but they closed everything down this is westbound. long island expressway by exit 49 route 110 so you'll have a lot of delays there on l.i.e. spearnl now that it is closed if you want to statistically to northern state parkway a better option. go to maps i'll show you how that is looking at the moment. l.i.e. from deer park avenue there with everything closed. those delays are quickly going to build. northern state parkway for now. there's a little delay here by dicks hills but not bad. stick with that as a alternate at the moment. southern state is doing good as well as meadow brook into queens you're fine. everyone is stuck over there. as far as regs of your commute cameras route 80 wharton, westbound no problems there. on qb side look it is good
6:34 am
incase you're heading to poconos you're fine. trains fine this morning. long island, new jersey transit and path trains running on orr close. robert and juliet. >> thank you very much. >> 6:33 former nypd undercover detectives will spend two years in jail. >> he was convicted of second-degree assault in a 2013 attack by motorcyclists on an suv driver on the wrdz west side highway he left state supreme court after his sentencing yesterday without speaking to reporters. 34-year-old acquitted of the most serious charges which carried up to 25 years in frizz. he was fired from the police force after his conviction. richard matt escaped and drunk when he died. new york state police said he had a blood alcohol content of .18 and found in hundredthing cabin during the search.
6:35 am
david sweat were inmate when is they broke out in june, and we know what happened then they led law enforcement on a 23-day man hunt. sweat shot and captured after a two days after matt died. robert: 6:35 now a new poll shows that nearly half of new yorkers think mayor bill de blasio does not deserve a second term. juliet: also shows they're not happy with the way they're handling the homeless situation but u today he's taking action. liz dahlem is is in east village with more on his plan. liz. >> good morning to both of you thompson square park has been a long time issue hot spot werktd we should say for homelessness. this new initiative should tackle the problem city wide but the question is this enough to get people off streets and improve the mayor's approval ratings. now we should talk about this initiative that is gong to cost city around $22 million that's how much money is going to be allocated towards this and mayor says it is going to help people
6:36 am
living on streets especially those with violent tendencies and get them towards mental health care. plan includes retraining of 10,000 police officers homeless street teams an social work reverse going to work with the nypd to help people get the proper medication they need. the mayor has been underfire recently for apparently growing homeless population. in an e-mail mayor press secretary blamed previous administration for the problems telling fox 5, quote, under mayor bloomberg homeless funds slashed dramatically. number of homeless tripled under mayor bloomberg but in a recent quinnipiac poll they believe they could do a better job. 53% believe they do not approve of de blasio handling of the homeless issue. now back out here live, the mayor ice administration sent us a statement saying number of pipe homeless has gone down from 60,000 to 56,000 but advocates say there could be issues
6:37 am
blementing this initiative it is hard to identify violent homeless people let aloanl get them the help that they need. so the mayor is expected to make this announcement at 1:00 alongside his wife chirlane mccray down at city hall. live in thompson square park. robert and juliet back inside to you. >> pope francis is offering an olive branch of sorts to catholics who get divorced. >> catholic teaching saying those who remarry are living in sin and can't receive communion. pontiff says divorced people deserve better treatment and mercy and stopped short saying he would lift the ban on sacramento. >> fox means business -- now from the fox business studio is lauren simonetti to explain how being perceived as aggressive at work can cost you money. >> if you're a woman. if you're a woman this is leak 1950 all over again. new study by a company that does
6:38 am
corporate training they're called vital smarts. they found that when a woman speaks her mind, rocks the boat does so in aggressive or assertive way her pay will be uh-huh. and also she's perceived less favorably in the office. 35% less favorably to be exact. i mean, i have issues with this report. they go on to test different scripts you know they gave actors different things and when female actors preference with something like i understand this is unusual for a woman to say, but i wanted to speak my mind. does that work better for them? because there was that -- cushion if you will? but that's just bringing it all gender bias into the office? anybody can say what he or she wants and if both sexes are going to have their pay docked as a result, fine. but why should it just be women
6:39 am
for speaking their mind? you know -- >> i don't understand. i don't understand women who speak their mind. that is just -- really unacceptable. >> never do that juliet. i never hear you speak your mind. >> no such a good anchor. >> yeah. lauren she's been so quiet today. [laughter] i haven't been able to get any -- excitement or energy or anything out of her. >> docked $15,000 it adds up. >> let me tell ya. [laughter] glorkt say to that one. >> ill realized this might be fun comfortable for a come to say but will let me tell you. >> that will never come out of my mouth. >> lauren a pleasure to see you. >> you as well. juliet: this might sound a little strange for a woman to say but you can catch lauren each week on fox business network am, on fox business network at 5 a.m. robert: if you're not sure where to find fox business in your
6:40 am
area go to fox juliet: unusual for a woman to say this channel five. glorkt that was great, thank you. juliet: let's talk about mcdonald's they redesigned hamburger mascot that didn't do much god for sales. robert: company told bloomberg his mascot was meant to promote the new premium sirloin burgers but sales doesn't meet expectations and sandwich phased out soon. among those who did try premium burger 67% say it was luscious and improved their opinions of mcdonald's beef. >> i have to tell you there's nothing lightning like a mcdonald's cheese burger. >> i wonder is there a big taste difference in that? >> i have no idea. >> have you had it? >> trying to market themselveses and put out products to compete
6:41 am
with those other folks like five guys that are putting out, you know, more expensive burgers and stuff. cheaper makes it cheaper than five guys. >> exactly. five guys is not cheap. >> a guy in a mask is not going to do it. >> not doing the trick on you. usually that does work on you, juliet. worth a shot. >> personal, talk about that in the commercial break. mike tell from way downtown. [laughter] mike: just saying. glorkt anyway. usually a guy in a cute mask works on you, juliet wow i remember an earlier story on this guy in the mask with the scruff. got it worked up there. sun and clouds today. not as warm as yesterday. going to start off at about a 5 degrees cooler than yesterday and a tracking an area of low issue from pulling by to the south that may give us a low
6:42 am
passing shower. motion to the south of us later tonight into tomorrow. however, weekend things look good. clouds out of town. highs near 80 both saturday and sunday so that's a good weekend forecast leak the sunrise this morning in the background. let's bring in ines at this point, and a see she's got problems on l.i.e. but a ways out there but still a problem. >> yeah for those of you traveling on long island expressway be prepared for this mess. live look from skyfox hd in melville all lanes are closed because of that overturned tractor trailer this is westbound. the huge traffic jam is happening right now because of this finish there. you can see cones are up. so all traffic westbound diverted off of 110. so far delays back to deer park avenue. back to our map it is to use the northern state parkway as an alternate i saw cameras there d.o.t. camera a better option. this delay back to deer park avenue. trains everything on or close to schedule with that. street cleaning rules are neivelgt.
6:43 am
teen tina cervasio is in. >> allowing two hits dealing with a shutout with the mets. taking an 8-0 lead. but wait until you see what the bullpen did in the ninth inning. latest entertainment news.
6:44 am
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6:46 am
bustbusta rhymes bus >> let's check headlines right now 6:46 police identified man who attacked theater goers in tennessee as 29-year-old vincent david three people suffered minor injuries when he attacked him with a hatchet and pepper spray. police shot and killed him as a he tried to escape. >> 25-year-old missing while swimming sandy hook beach in new jersey yesterday. rescue crews us suspended search and start again today. >> preparations in cleveland for the first debate of the 2016 president prl race. 17 gop hopefuls taking part in news. >> quickly one of our twitter folks viewers, john who i respect e immensely talking about the $10 bill we refer to alexander hamilton as
6:47 am
presidenting and hefsz not as a john pointed out. we know that. we do. but -- we love our twitter peeps. thank you for pointing that out john, appreciate it. teena is here. >> hair looks amazing. bianca special. [laughter] >> top pitching prospect with the major league debut against the red sox. top of the second here and he drives this ball deep to right center. now, it would stay in the park for a run scoring double. so rookie did give up that hit-and-run. red sox take a 1-0 lead. top of the fourth david ortiz leading off against zeferino and solo home run that puts soxes up 2-0.
6:48 am
overall he was solid in his debut. those were only hits the 21-year-old gave up while walking no one and streaking out seven two ones all they needed. carlos beltran hit for the only home run. red sox beat yankees 2-1. mets and miami yesterday looking to make it a 3 game sweep of the marlins and win their sixth straight. top of the second inning newly acquired he lines single into center field. curtis granderson racing home from second base 1-0 mets. very next bat or. lucas duda this is with mets lineup has been looking for he rips double in two man's land that scores daniel murphy from second base followed by him that make it is 3-0 mets. pitching well into another new met paying dividends a three run
6:49 am
homer 7-0 and mets line up would go to 8-0 but bottom of the ninth bullpen gave up 6 runs. marlin, china come back 8-6 that was a tieing run on base but gets christine to ground out for final out. they hold on to win their sixth straight 8-6 the final score. getting into the yankees stadium is about to get a lot faster for some fans. stadium partner of clear. a biometric platform a same system as airports across the u.s. including westchester county. ticket hold terse registered with with clear can use fast access entry ways for yankees and nyc soccer games an any other event basically that is at the stadium. fans register outside of gate four on game days starting tomorrow at no cost. that can save you hours. sometimes it depends on a game and how many people are there.
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>> it is just easier for fans. >> smart. tina good to see you. >> you too. over to mike for a check of the weather. >> all right good morning cooler outside. first of all we've got 68 degrees central park. 54 monticello. 55 poughkeepsie. temps are five degrees cooler than yesterday an your dew points are lower too. 51 degree dew point for you out at central park as well as poughkeepsie, and any time you drop below 55 you're plenty comfortable especially when temperatures are trending downward as cooler high pressure builds in from canada we have a front seat boundary and looks like most of that wet weather with the -- areas of low pressure that are tracking along that front is going to stay to the south of us. some of it comes into the central and southern section of new jersey but more about the cloud cover that we're going to see and a maybe a few passing spring it also that's happening tonight into tomorrow. and then after that we're going to catch a break. today high temperature 83 more clouds tomorrow. not much with the rain here sprinkles.
6:51 am
weekend good and things soggy monday into tuesday of next week. fox 5 weather app at the google play store. you can get great weather information including weather headlines, and alerts if there's anything severe going on this will let you know. download it now, for free -- over to you. juliet: thank you very much. entertainment news coming up. robert: split between ben affleck and jennifer garner too bad. good day fear not, we're coming back. patients recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in
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>> welcome back 6:54 with haix on the long island expressway and melville live pictures from skyfox hd a tractor trailer flipped over shortly after 6:00 and right now, all lanes are closed on the l.i.e. westbound. center part of your screen looks like they close some of that eastbound side a little bit. hov lanes are not getting through so westbound all by route 1 ten that's exit 49 where traffic is being diverted to, and so far delays go back to deereing park avenue there. crews trying to upright it. expect delays both directions alternate the northern state park qai so far looking like a better option. pretty good normal delays on l.i.e. and queens.
6:55 am
you're fine. thank you guys. anna is on vacation so we'll cover it for her. busta rhymes busted at a chelsea gym. >> working when he began arguing with a worker. it escalated it and he threw a protein drink at the guy. >> take that. >> real name is trevor smith junior charminged with second-degree assault. a lawyer for bust tay tells "daily news" he's confident rapper will beat the charge. >> 19 kids and counting -- >> network and parent company discovery communications reportedly lost $19 million as as a result of that decision tlc pulled plug on widely popular reality series following josh duggar molestation scandal to touch five girls when he was a teenager including ofsome his sisters. meantime ben avenue a lek and jennifer garner divorce drama continues.
6:56 am
>> affleck has been paying for ex-nanny stay at the bel-air. name is christine -- affleck accused of cheating of garner with nanny and laying low at the hotel since the story broke. he's denied cheating allegations but photo surfaced the nanny giving him a bottle of champagne. announced in june they were ending their ten-year married that is not -- good news. okay well that's it for us today you'll be back tomorrow. >> said it to me so many times i can't feel my face when i'm with you. but i love it. a good song. rosanna and greg are up next we're going to take off for the day. erchg ben is on his way to cleveland he'll be there at 5:00 live reports of that tomorrow morning from that debate tonight. >> we look forward to it. have a great day everyone.
6:57 am
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