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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  August 31, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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juliet: good morning everybody. it is going to be hot and humid. temps rising into the 90s today. going to be sweltering for all of those going to the u.s. open. wait that's us. this is on target for heat wave ben, you might actually ben, you might actually complain. you might actually complain. >> one week to go. do you think i'm going to lose it at this point? juliet: i pray. ben: a female prisoner escapes from police custody now police are asking for your help to find her. >> and about hollywood mourning death of legendary horror film create at elm street and scream.
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vmas nicki minaj and miley cyrus take their feud to live television at the museum awards you'll hear what they had to say. juliet: a bunch of rism people fighting like little children. like acting like spoiled brats. so they can draw increased attention to themselveses. you know has not been in the spotlight miley cyrus. sure. >> i'm jot juliet 5:00, august 31st almost into september. michael. we welcome september with with a heat wave most likely. mike: yeah, exit august and into september on a heat wave coming into town. ben: september is nicest month around here. mike:nicer ones and start to appreciate summer and dread what is around the corner after that. start off, you know, on a rougher note. here's averages for today. 81 average high, and average low is 68.
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66 degrees an so far we dropped it down to 76 where we are right now. the record high for today, though, is 100 so even though it is going to be into 90s we're not approaching record for today in any event. 70 -- 76 newark. 73 islip and belmar. 66 montauk with a mixed sky around tristate region. more clouds down to the south and humidity level and dew point levels are up a little bit too. we're also looking at temperature changes on the slightly warmer side for most of us here. three degrees warmer in central park. 6 degrees in nuke and 10 degrees warmer in allentown. so a bump up in temperatures is happening around tristate. here's what we're talking, the radar an satellite looks quiet but there are light showers over south jersey working their way up this way. some of that is from the remnant what is left of erika the tropical system threatening the southeast that kind of fell apart but it is bringing in a lot of rainfall as that resiege yule moisture is directed up the east coast.
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not much but we're going to keep it fairly hot and humid in the tristate region if anything pops up it is on isolated side primarily later on in the afternoon both today as well as tomorrow. looks like today is one of the bigger threat days but minimal not much on the future cast for a while so our high temp up to 92 for a high later on today. heat and humidity for the week. get used to it. all right bring in ines, see what's u up. white stone throgs neck bridge start ising off pretty good on this monday morning. 78 an 287 no issues. all green there on our maps. cameras on the motor parkway westbound side, eastbound side moving at the speed limit. george washington bridge, let's
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at that upper, lower level fine. no construction going on hiding towards lincoln and holland tunnel both a delay free ride. as for trains everything on or close to schedule. ben and juliet. ben: thank you. juliet: police need your help in capturing escaped female prisoner. ben: not the first to escape wool in custody as of late. robert moses joins us live with the latest on what we know. good morning, robert. reporter: ben and juliet, gorping to you. a source tells me this morning that that prisoner tiferny that that prisoner tiferny newman told cops that she might be pregnant which is how she got transferred to lower manhattan hospital in the first police station. not sure if that was just a ruse but this is another embarrassing prisoner escape. police say 23-year-old tiffany newman sat down on a bar on upper west side on saturday and ordered food and drink but she left without paying.
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police say she then walked into a store nearby allegedly stole a t-shirt and put it under her dress. cops arrived arzted her, and took her to manhattan central booking while there she said she didn't feel well. so yesterday police brought her to new york presbyterian lower manhattan hospital an there where she ditched her handcuffs and made a run for it. cops think that she also shed her hospital gown and is now in street clothes. hers is latest in a disturbing litany of escapes from police custody in the city. earlier this months austin stevens son escaped in east harlem he was recaptured last month arthur collins escaped from a holding cell and he turned himself in. and who could forget this surveillance video of detectives chasing after tariq arnold after he made a run outside the 32nd presipght in june? he may have been able to temporarily outrun these winded officer as but couldn't outrun
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>> tiffany newman originally charged with larceny, theft of service as well as possession of stolen property. safe to say when recaptured she'll have a charge or two added to that list. that is the latest live from lower manhattan this morning. juliet back to you. juliet: robert moses thank you very much sir. terminal c at newark liberty airport is operating normally after shutdown by a security breach last night. port authority police say man with a ticket to fly entered through a restricted exit door around 7 p.m. rather than passing through security. he led officer os and a chase prompting evacuation of the entire terminal as you can see there. a man taken for a screak evaluation after taken into custody. police conducted the security sweep of the terminal an passengers were finally aloud back in 9:30 last night. >> west known as creator of
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street and screamed and passed away after battling brain cancer. he was credited with e invented and 1996 release of the movie scroom hugely successful. grossed $160 million. survived by wife, a son, and daughter and stepdaughter he was 7 of -- 76 years old. >> singer nicki minaj has quite a beef with people. >> she had one with taylor sweft but that was buried now one with miley cyrus. >> floblg a twitter feud with taylor swift you mentioned she continues the fight with miley she was the host of the vmas so a confrontation on stage. have a look. had a lot to say about me the other day in the press.
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miley, what's good? >> used the b word to describe miley. may have been a totally unscripted moment but then again could have been totally scripted who knows with these thing. miley shocked by what she said. miley said recent interview that nicki minaj was not too kind or polite. >> shouldn't nicki minaj accept her work because she was wining about not getting nominated for something that was the whole taylor swift thing i think. just be up there being pleasant an happy got the award? >> i don't know. >> hard to please juliet hard to know which is real and what's made up. so kanye west speaking of things -- [inaudible] he accepted the video vanguard award he's 38 years of a lifetime. lifetime achievement award. >> i understand like madonna, michael jackson getting the award but -- >> billy joel.
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>> anyway it was presented to him by none other than taylor swift. [cheering] >> as kanye would want to do he gave a speech and it went on and on, and on he was talking about like juices and grocery store with his daughter he goes to the grocery store? but then he went into like all of these bizarre things fennelly he did admits that he spoked a little something before the show to take the edge off. finally ended the speech with this -- >> oh, yes. as you probably could have guessed by this moment, i have decided in 2020 to run for president. [applause] >> he did make about as much sense as people who are running for president so it. >> a thank you speech.
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speech it was. should be noted he did actually say thank you. >> we don't have to worry about kanye running for couple of years but there are candidates already out there for 2016. some about as interesting as he is. >> liz dahlem is here to tell us about the latest in the political world. good morning. >> my goodness. so this new iowa poll that we can twailg take seriously, sheds a different light on the 2016 presidential candidate. hillary clinton is struggling that's the bottom line. and there's a new democrat gaining traction and support from voters. >> had is probernie sanders. >> 2016 presidential candidate bernie sanders talking about a surge in support from voters on abc this week. vermont senator is trailing 7 points behind democratic front runner hillary clinton. according to a new iowa poll result. >> people are responding to our message that something is wrong when the middle-class of this
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>> first time clinton dropped below 50% in the poll while campaigning last week she is made views on to women those held by terrorists. >> we expect that from some of the terrorist groups. we expect that from people who don't want to live in the modern world. but it's a little hard to take coming from republicans who want to be the president of the united states. >> quick to demand an apology. >> can you believe if we compared the terrorist groups and mainstream media for that yet she stood up and said that republicans are like terrorist groups. >> republican front runner donald trump spent the weekend in nashville in the new poll trump's lead spiked 23%. this began jeb bush took trump
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>> when people get a deeper look he's not conservative, and there are candidates that are conservative including myself. reporter: so retired neurosurgeon ben carson saw significant gains with 18% heist a close second to trump which is a pretty big deal for political experts show this is what a nontraditional candidate can lead the country so between trump, carson, and sanders three of them definitely not who you would expect to -- have a meeting right now. juliet: a very good point earlier we're sick of politicians we want somebody i think the majority of american voters want somebody -- ben: also pointed out that remember at this point four yearings ago, late 2011 everyone talking about herman cain. and he fizzled pretty quickly. >> city way out. ben: a lot of things can happen in the next week let alone next six months. >> that's true. juliet: different than what we've had. overall the last -- 20, 30 years. anyway we have a lot more coming
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up for you. ben: we do a hip-hop superstar helps students get ready to head back to school plus. juliet: mike's keeping track of the forecast. mike: changes on the way here. first of all heat and humidity back to us yesterday. we're starting off with 76 degrees. another hot humid one above normal temperatures coming to you. daily an hourly forecast available in the fox 5 weather app, search is out at the apple, google play store there. download for free right now. we'll be right back. this fall at dunkin donuts, get lost in pumpkin. pick up your favorite pumpkin-flavored beverages and baked treats, like the new pumpkin cheesecake square, while they're still here.
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if not, we'll make it again on the spot. see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. >> obama administration are renaming north america tallest mountain mount mckinley called once again denali. name given by alaska can natives honored president kenley back in 1917 although he never wept to alaska. [laughter] he was assassinated in office. president obama announced that change as he prepares for a trip to alaska today to highlights the effect of the climate change in the arctic. i heard a renaming, apparently presidents they've kind of always wanted to do it for last couple of decades but no one has done it because he's from ohio. never visited -- never went there. but ohio factored if so, you know, prominently in
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didn't want to offend ohio iians but now obama saying -- >> what he's saying. >> so that whole climate -- conference you know probably wish you were there, right? yeah. yeah. mike: i have to say -- ben: an observation one of the warmest overnights. mike: we've had some where we dropped into the 80s, so we have this one where we're dropping into mid-70s and also kind of getting late in the season here. so we're typically seeing low temperatures dropping down into the 60s so it is definitely an above normal morning out there as far as temperatures go. hot, humid weather continue to come at us with highs near 90, for several days, yes there's a possibility of a heat wave coming up for us again yesterday
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today looks very much the same here. not going to be quite as hot and humid by next weekend. but by then i'm sure we'll deserve and be ready for a break right now hot again. relatively speaking 76 central park as well as newark. 74 bridgeport. 73 islip and 76 degrees in montauk. we do have a mixed sky here in the tristate. more clouds down to the south and even a few showers showing up on radar if anything mawk it is to the ground it is light stuff in and out before you know it. small potential for showers and storms here in the tristate here especially in the afternoon. but what we have is a lot of that tropical moisture working its way up the east coast basically what's leftover from erika. it dumpled a lot of rain over florida, heading into south carolina, and north carolina, and now into virginia a little bit of that into the tristate region. that's why we have additional cloud cover but it didn't look like a lot of potential to bring us showers and storms but again isolated up to the north that's possible today.
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most of this week should be on drier side it qoangt be until we get to thursday before a back door cold front kind of edges into the tristate from the north and that could help to kick up storms a that the time as well. but today it looks pretty dry out there. again not a guarantee that it stays dry all day long but fairly hot and dry. 86, and high of 92 feeling hot per because of the humidity hanging out for a while. high temp of 92 today. 90 tomorrow. 92 again on wednesday, then 91 on thursday until we get to friday beyond that it looks cooler an drier for you. but this week, a little rough out there feeling like summer. all right let's bring in ines rosales, and see how we're shaping up for the early monday morning commute. good morning, ines. rng gong mike it has been so far so good actually. wake up in the morning no problem on long island. -`suffolk county northern, southern state off to a good start. westchester good off the tappan zee bridge no problems on saw
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go to our cameras by 202 and parsippany traffic heading eastbound. moving fine heading to 280 no issue on westbound side. as far as bqe goes heading to the brooklyn bridge no problems. all lanes open on manhattan brooklyn bridge they resume construction tonight. back to you. >> hundreds of queens children and parents turned out for the backpack giveaway. line it was long in jamaica but they waited to get free bags an school splice at an autograph from superstar -- l.l. kool jay. >> l love him. >> exciting, with always fun to come back home. you see things that we do at home and feels good just to embrace the community, and you're blessed to be a blessing. >> i think it is very nice. supporting -- like -- to be happy do anything they
5:21 am
>> that's a name i love it. l. l. is the beg on ncis. helped him become the success that he is and never forget where he came from. he said he knows lisa evers so well. >> cool person in general. we have a lot more common including the start of the u.s. open. we'll be out there, ben in the heat, humidity 90 degrees. [laughter] that's greats. i can't wait.
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>> we're back monday morning u.s. open gets underway in flushing meadow park, an comes financial wind fall for the city. united states tennis association says that the tournament brings in 800 million dollars, economic impact for new york city. that's a lot of money. but don't i this that huge number will price you out. on september 10th all doubles match will be free to the public
5:23 am
matches for both men and women. >> all right. yes. apple's newest version of apple tv could be twice the price of the old one. this is according to nine to five mac which is a blog that closely follows apple's move could coast and cost between 149 and 199 bucks. ben: like 79. >> with that price jump could come better features with siri integration. >> she doesn't know anything. >> she said are you stupid, siri, she said please stop. a slightly thicker box. updated device revealed at the september 9th event we'll find out about the phone. ben: hopefully the new iphone as well with. both need new phones. apple is getting ready to launch the new mobile operating system there you go for phone and
5:24 am
tablets and advertisers are not happy about it. new ios9 will allow to block advertisements in the safari web browser that will sphantly increase performance. juliet huddy won't know how to do it, however, apple will not allow advertisement inside apps to be blocked. mobile ads rake in $70 billion a year for the advertising industry. juliet: i admit i'm not savvy when it comes to computers i grew up with typewriters in school so just -- ben: step by step direction she -- miley cyrus at vma music awards. >> listen up, my new album miley cyrus is onis line for free, right now. >> really energetic had 60 outfit changes that were really weird. so anyway, yeah if you didn't
5:25 am
hear that because you were too busy checking the her clothes or lack thereof her and her dead pet p.e.t. includes 23 tracks, and so first album in two years. refers to the death of her pet dog and fish. traumatic for her. ben: got to run. juliet: be right back. it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand.
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plus tv equipment and epix included.
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call 1-800-341-9716. ben: rei ready for a hot an humid day juliet? juliet: good day ben. ben: gird yourself for the u.s. open. juliet: i can't wait to go today i'm so excited to be out in the heat and humidity -- ben: drink a cold beverage perhaps later on today. juliet: that could be entertaining. ben: mike woods says we're headed for a heat wave details coming up. juliet: search is on for this woman. she is a 23-year-old prisoner who escaped from police custody. ben: tom brady back in court morning.
5:29 am
about his four-game suspension? >> i cannot focus on that shot because of the woman with the hair. so interesting. and nicki minaj and taylor swift -- they're putting their bags aside. no they did because they performed together but then nicki minaj started up another fight with someone else. we have highlights from the m music awards coming up shortly. ben simmoneau. juliet: i'm juliet huddy thank you very much for joining us did. did you have a nice weekend? ben: . juliet: what old man things did you do. ben: nothing old man bummed around the city what about you? juliet: my college, friend roommate in town with her husband and we went out to little italy it was great. ben: great time.
5:30 am
juliet: little italy is a restaurant on mulberry street, amazing. love it. ben: michael is here. mike: love it. that stretch of mulberry is great. jill >> a mulberry project cocktails like a speak easy you have to go through a door. across the same street -- across the -- whatever grand or whatever it is. mike: okay so you caught that too. i figured it was monday morning. i wasn't going to ask. anyhow. let's get you going after the door with a nice weekend sunny and warm especially yesterday. time to get back to work and hang on to the same thing here weather wise 76 central park. 66 in sussex so dew points are high again.
5:31 am
to 70 so those numbers are in a getting uncomfortable out there. that's what we're talking about here human perception that means yeah it gets to the point where it is sticky beyond our normal level of comfort but moisture forced up this way looks tropical in moisture. as a matter of fact, some of this is the tropical moisture the remnants from erika. but it doesn't look like a lot of holds together in terms of showers and storms more so in terms of the rainfall but sun and clouds high temp to about 90 in the city. through and high temps lower 90s. if we leak them altogether another heat wave. second one for this summer. coming at us here. storm chances are minimal for next few days. all right let's bring in ines rosales, and sounds like it is a pretty quiet start to the week here.
5:32 am
ines: traffic problems problem on route 80 eastbound by exit 37 an accident blocking a lane. so it is not causing delays you have that lane closure there. 287 no issues at all. no issue on the expressway, and verrazano bridge no problem on brooklyn side there's the gowanus belt parkway that is moving fine. long island expressway right now, there's a problem this is over by 84th street traffic moving fine. but eastbound approaching queens boulevard a car fire closing three lanes so right now not causing any significant delays. westbound side possible rubber necking just watch out for that but nothing crazy. go with the trains see how that's doing this morning. everything on or close to schedule. ben and juliet. ben: thank you ines. 5:34 following a developing story out of lower manhattan searching for escaped female prisoner. juliet: robert moses joins us live from new york presbyterian where the woman slipped past authorities what does she do?
5:33 am
in the first place? reporter: ben and juliet, she stole various items on west side of manhattan. by the way, she managed torig her way out of the handcuffs. lower manhattan hospital where we are says amazing things are happening here today indeed last night an amazing thing did happen here. just not what doctors and cops had in mind. tiffany newman sat down at a bar but left without paying. police say she then walked into a store nearby allegedly stole a t-shirt and put it under her dress. cops arrived arrested her and took her to manhattan central booking. while there she said she didn't feel well, so yesterday police brought her to new york presbyterian lower manhattan hospital and it was there where she ditched her handcuffs and made a run for it. cops think that she also shed her hospital gown and is now in
5:34 am
hers is latest in a disturbing litany of escapes from police custody in the city. stevenson escaped from police custody in east harlem he was recaptured. last month arthur collins escaped from a holding cell at the 25th precinct. he turned himself in. and who could forget this surveillance video of detectives chasing after tariq arnold after he made a run outside of the 22nd precinct in june may have been able to temporarily outrun the winded officers but couldn't outrun the law. he too was captured. >> so how did tiffany newman get place? a source tells me that yesterday she told police that she might be pregnant. copscops are not sure if that is true or if that was just a reduce to get her here. but either way. this is another embarrassing escape. that is the latest live from ben and juliet.
5:35 am
ben: robert moses for us downtown. patriots quarterback tom brady downtown this morning back in court in the deflate-gate case asked to decide if whether the four game suspension violated collective bargaining agreement. judge in the conference has not said when he'll make a decision but both sides eager to make this case before they take on pittsburgh coming up on september 10th. >> miley cyrus experiences wardrobe malfunction hosting last night's live vmas. here you go. [inaudible] >> what's happening oh, sorry for a brief second she accidentally flashed the audience. something tells me maybe that wasn't an a accident. before heading out on stage for final performance the night she was behind the curtain getting ready when the curtain slipped too far down.
5:36 am
award for best music video maybe taking some of the spotlight. tag it away. perhaps, perhaps not. >> a relevant arer in san diego gets a scare on live television when a giant bug flew next to his face. >> oh, no. take a look. >> what sup. stuff like that happens. are we live? oh, brother. >> fox five's reporter brad willis he was caught offguard by that. pretty being bug he was retweeting -- his close encounter. >> pretty funny. >> those of us who have bug phobias we appreciate that. you have phobia of creatures, sea life, bugs. [laughter] >> she said that i'm picking on her today. >> you tell me. been very mean. >> okay. i was going to say this is --
5:37 am
>> dishes it out all of the time. defensive. juliet: yeah, right is that true in ines? >> what's wrong with you guys. mike: silence means yes. let's see what's going on here. monday morning 76 degrees. reported clear skies but we know there are clouds around the tristate region but motion of us are not so so much consequence here but temperatures warn dew points are high. humidity levels are high too. checking other temps around a the region we've got 77 degrees in philadelphia. 75 in d.c. 71 boston so a lot of 70s up and down eastern seaboard. the warmer temps are back, and some of the cloud cover is here too. but when it comes to showers not much happening here right now. but again i want to keep an eye on radar because there have been showers showing up on radar over south jersey. but doesn't look like too much that is going to hold together. we'll have to definitely watch, though. high pressure is in control but seeing all of that moisture,
5:38 am
heat and humidity from southeastern states is kind of funneled in our direction. a lot of this is the remnants from erika. which kind of el if apart but did bring attention to the southeast but some of that moisture comes up this way. nothing really to trigger a whole lot in terms of ringing the showers and storms only isolated ones will fire later this afternoon into this evening as well as -- prepare for heat and humidity with you throughout the entire day. 92 degrees and feel more like between 95 or a little bit warmer than that because of the humidity. storm chances are minimal. but again it starts up what around 11:00 this morning. and it goes for next couple of weeks or so with heat and humidity here for at least four, five days that's a heat wave, and we'll have to wait to see what happens on that one. but looks leak we're going for it here. fox 5 weather app has forecast
5:39 am
at the apple itunes google play store comes in handy. all right let's bring in ines right now. [laughter] >> also we have to -- >> my gosh. all right let's talk the commute. traffic good morning on the newburgh beacon bridge. car fire by queens boulevard blocking three lanes that's been cleared away. but now there's a new problem on the van wyck accident northbound by queens boulevard this camera shot by 101st street slowing things down northbound on southbound side you're fine. for the george washington bridge let's check on that go to cameras upper lower level moving fine. no problem heading to lincoln tunnel. the holland tunnel smooth sailing. all right kids, you done yet? [inaudible] >> my gosh. >> so mean to me. [laughter] >> funny. ben: off tad. we have to tick a break. check us out on twitter at juliet huddy tv or at ben
5:40 am
>> across the street. [laughter] the street. ben: that's what she said earlier. serena williams could make hurst. duke is here with sports. [ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions.
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juliet: checking out your headlines at 5:44 remnants of tropical storm erika are now bringing heavy rain and flash flooding to parts of florida. last week, the storm caused floods in mud sliefdz slides killing at least 20 people. >> director of best known as creator of legendary horror films night mor on elm street and screen has died according to a family statement he died at his los angeles home yesterday after battling brain cancer. he was 76 years old. >> u.s. treasurer rosie will hold a town meeting. town hall meeting in upstate new york today. the topic is changing the pass on the $10 bill. alexander hamilton will be replaced by a woman by 2020. : a lot of folks to say to put the woman on the 20. >> does it really matter? >> duke is here.
5:44 am
u.s. open and maria sharapova dropped out because of a leg injury. meanwhile eye on serena williams under the light. williams number one seed could possibly make tennis history during the u.s. open. she on the brink of the greatest achievement in tennis. last time television done was by stephanie in 1988. along the way serena will have to beat top players including possibly her sister venice williams. >> wimbledon i was going for the second serena slam, and that is rare. so yeah, so that really gave me the best practice and declaration in terms of going for the grand slam. >> other featured matches.
5:45 am
novak joke djokovic and turned the light in city field yesterday. especially with all of that talk about a possible collapse. mets fans taking 2007, 2008 not going to happen this year. red sox came back in the 7th with a triple that just came to score game tied at four. in the bottom of the inning. daniel murphy stole second base to set out michael game winning hit to single to score murphy with a lead. mets win 5-4 they stay five and a half games up on the washington nationals. mets taking on the philly it is tonight. i think their starting pitching it too good for it to collapse. yankees in atlanta looking to complete a three-game sweep started the day off in the second. scoring a ton of runs. homer to right puts up 3-0 that was just beginning. braves cut the lead to 7-5 when the yankees exploded for nine runs in the 7th includes bases loaded, mccann enjoying first trip back to turner field since
5:46 am
signing with yankees. they complete the three game sweep 20-6 final score, and from chicago -- cubs history being made. on the road in los angeles comes pitcher into the ninth strikes out chase here to end it. first ever no-hitter they win it 2-0. final round of the barclays from edison, new jersey. jason day shot a 62. fired 63 on saturday but 62 yesterday to finish it 19 under. his world we're living in it. wow. fourth victory of the year, and moves him into furs place in the fedex cup game. finally how about brian. did not one but two holes yesterday. that is right i've never had one. >> that's crazy. >> believe it or not it is not -- you know, happened twice before
5:47 am
in the pga tour. would end up firing 68. check this out jets giants game saturday night during the broadcast buddy tried to present his broadcast partner karl banks with a birthday cake on he has birthday. >> you're number 58. >> yeah. >> but you're not 58. >> not on my birthday. but staff was able to get you -- >> oh, my god i got your cake. >> how about that? >> usually that happens when you tip the cake. >> a turn over. >> that's what you call a turn over. [laughter] so -- able to rescue some of it. five seconds rule? you know? ben: would you eat the cake off of a broadcast floor? juliet: scoop the top of it. embrace the bacteria. ben: thank you duke. mike is here.
5:48 am
duke: i'll remember that when my wife says -- >> embrace the back fear kra. pieces of dirt. chewed up food, hair. dropped on. stuff like that. >> glass half full. >> finally pineapple upsued down cake. >> 91 newark. quite a few 90s around the tristate region kind of a hot and sticky way to end the weekend here. most of this week. 76 central park right now. reporting clear skies but i know there are clouds around town too. partly cloudy sky there. more clouds in belmar. 73 at this point and time. it is a warm and somewhat sticky start to the day. here's the clouds and there are showers again showing up over central and southern section of new jersey on radar and satellite. some of this is moisture from erika leftover from it up the eastern seaboard but it look
5:49 am
of that moisture to the south of us. but we'll have to keep an eye on the radar incase something fires up because there will be small opportunity for showers to pop up there today. but looks like we have winds from the west, southwest around 9 knot knots here this morning headed out to the boat, beach, whatnot looks like a fairly sunny day. mix of clouds and sun but more sun than anything. high temp up to 92 degrees later 90 tomorrow. 91 on thursday. that's a little stretch of 90s there. five of them in a row cob another heat wave let's bring in ines now and see what else is going on in the commute. deep or but looks like a deep start to your monday. >> nassau county checking in with no issue. northern state or southern state parkway. woodbridge fine on parkway and turnpike. take a look at your commute this morning on van wyck aning by queens boulevard has at least one lane closed on the
5:50 am
southbound side you're fine. let's talk about trains because right now problems with the water bury branch mostly cloudy problems with metro-north branch a 15 minute delay right now. everything else on or close to schedule. ben and juliet. back to you. juliet: we have a lot more coming up. ben: nicki minaj and taylor swift there's no bad blood between them but nicki and someone les. anna gilligan talking about the
5:51 am
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>> anna gilligan is here. good morning. >> good night for music wades. >> a great show big night with taylor swift and nicki minaj proving there's no more bad blood between them. they opened the show with a duet and taylor sang a few seconds of bad blood to let everybody no there is none between two of them. they hugged and after the show they tweeted out their love to each other nicki telling taylor thank you for being epic while they made headlines swift took home four awards. >> didn't know taylor swift -- [inaudible] >> you know this video was such a collaborative effort these women helped create their part.
5:53 am
>> took to the stage with her girl crew there accepting for video of the award year for bad blood. >> best pop video and best female video for blank space and best collaboration for bad blood an let's not forget about the men. take a look. >> and the vma goes to -- oh -- mark featuring bruno mars. >> mark, and bruno mars won for uptown funk. >> great song. >> great song. got several other nominations too, and justin bieber -- they were really playing up this that he would be performing and he got very emotional after his
5:54 am
what do you mean orr judge for yourself. take a look. [applause] wow. >> well -- okay. wow -- >> that's him crying. i didn't actually see any tears. i don't know if i'm alone in anything this. sure -- >> pr people are doing a magnificent job of spinning him as luke this guy who has been through so much. guarantee you. >> he's doing a lot of controlled press right now. they were playing that he would be performing. first return to the vma kanye running for president. miley announced a free album. that's on the website -- also people were saying nicki minaj and miley were feuding. they had a back and forth i
5:55 am
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