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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  October 24, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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against utah. this guy was sensational tonight. he comes into this game leading usc in tackles. it wasn't what he did against the run and devontae booker. it's what we did against travis wilson. 3 interceptions. one taken back for a touchdown. he changed the entire game in the second quarter with those interceptions. this last one a remarkable play. batting it to himself. you don't normally see young defense. he is an athletic player and a student of the game. cameron smith. >> gus: the big man on campus. one theme was how usc wanted to play physical. they did against maybe the most physical team in the pac-12. >> joel: coming into this game, i thought the theme for usc's
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ball more. they relied too heavily on the pass game. they ran the gall. statistically. they averaged under 3 yards per carry. but it was what they did in the toughness of their offensive line and the physical nature with which their running backs played that was the stand out for them offensively. it was a great performance from usc. >> gus: and molly mcgrath is on the field with lights, cameron, action. >> molly: i am here with the man of the hour, cameron smith. college career. 3 interception. what was working? well. credit the defense and the team. it was fun. >> molly: it was an emotional couple of weeks for your team. you guys pushed through. how necessary was this win as a motivator moving forward?
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>> player: it was huge for confidence. we have to keep playing better every week. >> molly: congrats. >> player: thanks. >> gus: the final score at the los angeles coliseum, 42-24. usc over utah. on tuesday the world series begins. murphy and the new york mets take on kane and the kansas city royals. we will have expanded pre-game that will wrap it up for us. this is gus johnson so long from south central.
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>> right now on fox 5 news at 10 -- >> a day of celebration turns to shock and horror in oklahoma. >> after a driver barreled into the crowd at the oklahoma state university homecoming parade. >> it is our top story. hello, everyone, i'm antwan lewis. >> and i'm christina park. four people were killed, but despite the tragedy, the game still went on. >> fox 5's lidia curanaj is live from the newsroom with more. >> good evening, antwan. among the four killed, a 2-year-old. a total of 44 people were injured.
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first hit an unmanned police motorcycle, then crashed into a crowd of spectators, the driver is now in jail charged with suspicion of driving while under the influence. happiness turned into horror this morning when a car careens into a crowd of people watching oklahoma state university's homecoming parade. >> we are heart broken at this tragedy, and our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who died and those who were injured. >> four people are now dead including a 2-year-old. dozens of others were injured, four children and three adults remain hospitalized. >> at this point the police department's accident reconstruction team is on scene. we treat these like we would any homicide investigation. >> just hours later a moment of silence was held at the school's centerpiece homecoming event, a football team between, so osu and the university of kansas. oklahoma won the game. school officials debated whether
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or not to cancel it. >> this one incident can't take away from oklahoma state university, cannot take away from the homecoming and the celebration. >> the car's driver is a 25-year-old who's now under arrest for suspicion of drunk driving. >> the oklahoma state homecoming parade is probably one of the most wholesome, happy events in the country. and to have it fouled like this and these victims, this terrible tragedy -- >> this is not the first tragedy to strike school's sports program. ten people, including two osu men's basketball players, were killed in a plane crash on their way back from a game in colorado in 2001. and an oklahoma state women's basketball coach and assistant were killed in a plane crash in arkansas during a 2011 recruiting clip as well. antwan? >> tough, tough story. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> there's a lot going on in the sports world this weekend. here at home, all eyes focusing now on the world series.
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>> the mets hit the practice field to prepare for their game against kansas city on tuesday. >> tinaer is vas ya is here with more on the road to the world series. >> yes, everything was abuzz at citi field as the mets held their first full-squad workout. now, while this team played like seasoned veterans throughout the postseason, only two players in the mets' clubhouse ever went to a world series. david wright and daniel murphy, mets lifers, are heading to the fall classic for the first time their careers. as both worked out today, it's interesting to point out how each has contributed to the mets' postseason run in their own unique way. murphy hitting an mlb record six home runs in six straight postseason games and wright injecting his leadership in the clubhouse. >> i think it's important to create an atmosphere early on in spring training where, you know, guys know that it's business when we need to get our work done, but also, you know, it's kind of that family feel and
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kind of you have a bunch of big brothers helping out your younger brothers. >> this is a great deal of fun, and i know i've said that before, but i don't know how else to describe it. i'm having a blast, i think those guys are having a blast. we're going to enjoy this as we continue to keep playing. >> the mets players have been saying that murphy's been playing out of this world, he's from another planet? well, today when asked what planet he's from, murphy confirmed, earth, planet earth. >> he is -- he is not of this world. [laughter] >> and he's in jacksonville, florida. he's just excited and honored to be representing the mets. >> we're all pumped up. thanks so much, t.. >> now we know who our opponents are, the mets are taking on the royals starting tuesday night -- >> but how does k.c. compare with us? how the two cities stack up against one another. >> best city in the world. >> it is new york city -- >> we're loyal to the mets, and we stand by 'em. >> -- matched up against kansas
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>> maybe a midwestern kindness that exists there that doesn't exist here. >> here the big apple has more than eight million people, more than 39 of the 50 states. >> the atmosphere with the people, you know, you've got people from all over the world here. >> new york city has the statue of liberty, they have all these museums, all this art, they have all the shows, the broadway. >> there the population totals about 2.1 million, just shy of the population in queens. i'm going to kansas city, kansas city, here i come. >> what they lack in numbers they make up for in barbecue joints, more per capita there than any other city in the nation, and it's good says natives denise and laura braun. >> barbecue. [laughter] yeah, best barbecue you can find. >> please. we've got everything. bagels, gyros, chinese, japanese, korean, what do you like? pizza. >> i like pizza too.
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jerry seinfeld among the celeb >> oh! >> royals have immediaten januaries paul rudd and jason sue day kiss, and it's not uncommon for players to fans. >> and they would say beers on the house, drinks are on the house, we're going to take care of the bar tab for the next hour for everybody. >> perhaps nothing, though, can match that new york attitude. >> kansas city, a big plate of barbecue, go to sleep, wake up in a week, we're going to be the world champions. >> and the mets and the royals do share some things in common, it has been a long time since either won the world series. the royals won it in 1985, and who could forget that mets team in 1986? dan bowans, fox 5 news. >> game one is tuesday night, pregame coverage starts at seven, the game is at eight, and the postgame show comes on
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>> legendary actress maureen o'hara has passed away. one of the few remaining stars from hollywood's golden age, she passed away at her home in boise, idaho, this morning. she starred in many classics including how green was my valley and the parent trap. she was john wayne's favorite leading lady, she received an year. a powerful storm has caused a freight train to derail. >> it slid off the rails before dawn about 50 miles south of dallas when a creek overflowed and washed away the tracks. nobody, thankfully, was hurt. the area has received more than a foot and a half of rain since yesterday morning. many parts of texas are under flash flood watches, and numerous flights at dallas/fort dallas/fort dallas/fort worth international airports are canceled.
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secretary of state john kerry is trying to ease the tension between israel and palestinians. coming up, we'll tell you about his push to end the conflict. >> hi, samantha. >> hi, guys. we are tracking some showers overnight tonight. it's going to be cloudy, cool, temps in the 50s. when you wake up tomorrow morning, a few spotty, light showers, but look what happens
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>> you're watching fox 5 news at 10. >> president obama's urging reform on a controversial
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education issue that is standardized testing. the president is calling for capping standardized testing at 2% of classroom time, and he wants other factors to be emphasized in assessing a student's performance. >> learning is about so much more than just filling in the right bubble. so we're going to work with states, school districts, teachers or and parents to make sure that we're not obsessing about testing. >> the president can't force districts to limit testing, but he has asked the education department to make it easier for states to satisfy federal mandates. new york governor andrew cuomo commended that plan. >> today a rally and prayer vigil were held for police officer randolph holder killed in the line of duty this week. in memory of the 33-year-old officer who, as we reported in the week, died from a gunshot wound to the head tuesday night
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in east harlem. sharpton fights against all forms of injustice including police killed in the line of duty. the mother of eric garner also came out showing her support for the fallen officer. >> randolph holder's killing was a blow to all of us. and we who up apologetically fight bad policing, we unapologetically support good police. >> we need to get rid of the bad people that's on the street, and we need to get rid of the bad police. >> officer holder is the fourth nypd officer murdered within the last 11 months. >> colorado movie theater gunman james holmes has been assaulted in prison. the colorado department of corrections says another inmate lunged at holmes while an officer was escorting him through a hallway on october 8th. holmes was not hurt. the inmate will be disciplined. he is a 27-year-old man serving time for several convictions
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including auto theft and assault. holmes is serving life in prison without parole for the 2012 shooting in a suburban denver movie theater that killed 12 people and wounded 70 others. >> tonight israeli and arab leaders have agreed to a series of steps aimed at calming the renewed violence in israel and the west bank. after meetings with leaders, secretary of state john kerry announced the status quo at a mosque which will not change. violence began spiking about five weeks ago over rumors was expanding its presence at the shrine in jerusalem. jordan will remain the custodian of the compound, and 24-hour video surveillance will be added to strengthen security. >> a recent law banned communist symbols in ukraine -- >> and that meant that a statue of former leader vladimir lenin had to go. the popular "star wars" villain. lenin's head was replaced with
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coat tails were turned into vadar's cape. [laughter] >> dogs were getting into the halloween spirit just a little bit early. >> the crazy costumes on parade today. >> i'm not sure what that was, but this is a subway, as you can see. it can also be a musical place. we're going to meet new yorkers who per we're here in the streets of new york, spreading the news about the real possibilities aarp is creating across the five boroughs. because if you don't think real possibilities in new york city when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". we're working with you to make new york city a better place to live, work, and play.
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... around the world. call a t. rowe price investment specialist, or your advisor... ...and see how we can help you find global opportunity. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. >> the performers that you to see in the subway really have to fight for those gigs, and we found out it takes a whole lot more than just opening up a guitar case and then starting to play. new york city has many places to showcase musical talent. one of the most endearing is
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right beneath your feet. rob anderson is a subway performer, you know, one of those ones who serenades you as you're racing for the a, the lirr or any mta train. >> when we playing and they walk past, i don't care if they're 2 years old, they're going to be chapping. >> he hauls his bass to subway stations across the city x he's been doing it for 20 years. jazz. i want them to be able to hear the jazz for free and not be able to go into, you know, clubs where they're drinking and stuff like that, so, you know, i really basically do this for the kids. >> subway performers are part of the mta's music under new york program which since 1985 allows some of the best unsung big apple talent to shine sub train yously. >> we have classical, jazz, reggae, steel drums, all types of music reelecting the diverse
11:24 pm
>> susan has been a subway performer for about three years. we asked her about nerves when playing for some of the toughest critics you'll ever meet; random new york strangers. >> the first time, it's a lot. right from the first day i had words of encouragement from people who said, oh, finally, classical music in the subway. [laughter] >> how'd it make you feel? >> it made me feel really good. >> the m,ta has about 300 musicians and groups. each must apply and then audition for a chance to make the commute in and around new york city just a little sweeter to do. >> just have to have a passion. you got to do it like you get up every morning, you hum a song. that's what i do every morning. >> what's the biggest tip amount you've ever gotten? >> i've gotten a few hundreds. >> really? >> oh, yes. yeah. believe it or not, there are millionaires, a lot of millionaires in new york city. [laughter] >> so here's what happens.
11:25 pm
spring, but you have to apply starting in january. a panel of about 35 people -- >> wow. >> -- vote on who actually gets a chance to perform. >> professional musicians. >> yep. >> beautiful. it does make your commute though. >> it helps. knowing what they're doing versus those ones who perhaps are a little off key. [laughter] >> remember that rat that was spotted carrying a piece of pizza? >> turns out it's a popular
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>> you're watching fox 5 news at 10. >> some of new york's famous furry friends showing off costumes at the 25th annual halloween parade. [laughter] >> hundreds of dogs packed thompkins park, a popular theme. costumes that wowed the spectators and judges including back to the future dogs -- >> is that what that is? >> home free pomeranian. >> he looks hurting. he is not smiling at all. >> just, like, stuffed in that cone. [laughter] he's so dude. get -- he's so cute. what is that? they just stuck a tutu on that one. >> all right. we're getting the weather cue.
11:29 pm
>> i love it so much. i need to still get a costume for my dog. i haven't done so yet. >> sam, what do you have? what type of dog? >> i have a malti poo. >> you could put a piece of pizza on him. >> he looks nothing like a rat -- there she thinks of this, she just comes up with it. >> those dogs are so adorable. we're all getting ready for hall week, getting out, getting our costumes. today wasn't a bad day, sunshine early. we'll be tracking a little bit of wet weather tomorrow morning, and then we'll clear it out. right now 56 degrees. the temperature's been kind of steady. we have a south wind right now, cloudy skies, winds are about 10-15 miles per hour, and we'll cool down towards morning, by tomorrow afternoon we'll be a touch warmer. showing you the big picture of temperatures from boston to albany in the 40s, the chilly air is moving away to the north and east. 62 right now in pittsburgh.
11:30 pm
air that will be creeping in our direction, and it will move in tomorrow afternoon after the rain showers. right now it's mainly dry, might be noticing a few sprinkles here and there off to the western new jersey, parts of northeastern pennsylvania just past scranton there's some showers, and moving up into parts of the upper hudson valley. any rain is really going to be on the light side, more in the way of just a couple of sprinkles. we do have a weak cold front that's approaching right now, you can see those showers back out to the west moving north and east for the past few hours, and as we'll be tracking our direction overnight tonight and on into morning. we'll show you the bigger picture. check out all of the moisture right now in texas from remnants of patricia. some spots have already had over 15 inches of rain, and all that heavy rain is going to slowly track eastward through houston, texas, tonight and then working its way through the gulf states tomorrow and into the start of the upcoming week, and this area
11:31 pm
of low pressure will try to track in the northeast, and some of that will be headed in our direction by wednesday. and we do need some of that wet weather. overnight tonight into morgue, maybe a sprinkle. as you can see, there's not much there along with the cold front as we head into the day tomorrow. we're going to be clearing things out in the afternoon, we have sunshine. head to central park, check out the beautiful fall foliage. we do have the sun coming up tomorrow, look ahead. good stretch of fall weather, temps in the 50s, a bit warmer but we're tracking showers, remnants of patricia wednesday into thursday. >> all right, sam, thanks so much. >> tina, what's coming up in sports? >> we have the mets who know who their opponent will be, and when they hit the field for a full-squad workout, there was a lot of talk about how the kansas
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