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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  November 5, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> from fox 5 news, this is good day new york. >> all right. good day, new york. it's thursday, november 5th. i'm rosanna scotto. >> hi, everybody, i'm greg kelly. it's foggy outside, could rain later on today. >> it still feels very mild out there, greg. >> it does. you see those wisps of fog, really isn't that thick. >> no, not too bad. >> mike woods is here, of course. >> the search continues for the victims of the small plane crash >> also what happened with that russian plane that went down over egypt. u.s. intelligence suggests it was a bomb that took down that plane. isis has already claimed responsibility. some flights to that area have been suspended. >> hundreds of police officers are rallying right now, as we speak. their upset -- they're upset with the city's contract proposals which calls for a 1% raise for the next two years. >> let's go underground. take a look at this.
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it's a new tunnel. this is going to bring long island railroad traffic to grand central terminal. they've been talking about this for decades. it's getting closer and closer. we've got a camera down there. you know, you can kind of see the this thing taking shape. >> it looks like a secret world. >> you know what's going to be cool? penn station can be kind of grim, you know what i mean? >> yeah. >> and grand central can be, well, the opposite. feels like you're walking so -- >> anyway, how are things? >> terrific. >> you got a haircut yesterday. >> do i look sharp? >> you do. >> remember how i told you nobody voted on election day? take a look, rosanna, i'm telling you. this is the polling place. this is at four in the afternoon. >> right. >> nobody, but nobody is there. >> you told me that you were the fourth person there, right? >> all day long. and by the way, some people i know could be -- look, i didn't know any of these judges.
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voting for any of these judges. so, mike woods, rosanna scotto, me and george clooney. [laughter] wouldn't you lo to wear those robes -- love to wear those robes? i wanted to make sure i was still registered. >> you really didn't do anything so badly, because they were running unopposed. if you were the fourth person there that day -- >> i might have guilt. i'd get over it right away. phone calls? >> i did not but, actually, i'm like to know -- do we make the runoff? background. [laughter] >> i don't think you have to be to be a judge. >> oh, really? okay. >> isn't that weird? >> she's judging everybody all the time. >> that's true. character. >> the word is judgmental. [laughter] emphasis on the mental. [laughter] >> meanwhile, i have to say last
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taxi with my daughter on the upper east side, i had the biggest rat come right out underneath my feet. i screamed is so loud my daughter thought i was being attacked. >> i can belief that. >> eye never had it, actually, brush over my shoes. >> come to my neighborhood. i'll show you some rats. >> really? >> no, we don't have any. >> it could have been a cat, right? >> oh, it could have been a cat, but it was a rat. >> glad you made it through. >> i was traumatized. it was hard for me to go to sleep. anyway, okay. let's move on. [laughter] how's the weather? >> well, you know, the fog is burning out over the city, but in some places it's not quite ready to get out of town, long island, coastal connecticut. let's take a look at our visibility numbers. all right, so, yeah. central park, we're doing fine, two and a half miles for you, but it's one-eighth of a mile along islip.
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parts of long island, slow it down on the roadways. now that the sun's up, it helps out a little bit. quarter of a mile visibility in bridge forth, ten miles in belmar. it was worse earlier, so things are, thankfully, getting better for most of us in the tristate, but long island is where it's the thickest. 60 out at central park, 55 in newark. the cool spot is 48, and that is monticello. your temps are warmer today than yesterday. in some places it's significantly warmer. our temps have been going up day by day. 17-degree jump in temperatures in sussex, four degrees warmer out in central park. belmar, it's one degree cooler than it was 24 hours ago. it looks like the low clouds are starting to break up over the city anyhow, and it will be happening for you in long island and connecticut eventually. but this is the other thing we're keeping an eye on. see these showers?
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the air's already purchase saturated. pretty much saturated. don't get caught off guard, but if the be rain does come, it'll be there briefly, and it should be on the light side. brief, light showers could be with us as high pressure's still in control. light rains possible, high temp up to 69 today, quite warm, even warmer tomorrow with a high of 74. if we do hit it, that is a tie for the record high for central park. so some records could be falling tomorrow. and then it looks like the cooldown will come to us this weekend. all right. now let's get you to ines, see what she's got to say. our commute, we're up to 7:00, we know we've got problems. >> obviously, the fog isn't helping, though as you mentioned, it is lifting in some areas. staten island ferry is on a modified schedule, running every 20 minutes.
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slow. let's go to our cameras, take a look at the lie, and you can see how it's still foggy. traffic moving fine, let's go to queens, check that out by the grand central parkway. normal delays, traffic coming westbound moving slow and eastbound side you're fine. as far as the trains, metro north, there's police activity affecting the harlem line, a 20-30 minute delay. close. >> thank you so much, ines. >> so a plane crash last night off the coast of breezy point in queens. at least one person confirmed dead. >> yeah. it was a small plane. it crashed right into the waters. one person, as you mentioned, found dead. fox 5's robert moses outside the mobile command center right there in breezy. all right, robert, what's going on? >> greg and rosanna, good morning. you can see the mobile command center just off beach 219th street here in breezy point. the search has been suspended.
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we don't know if it's going to are resume. it's very possible from what we're hearing that police have recovered everything that they need to recover from this crash. nypd special operations tweeted out a photo of the wreckage in the water u. appears -- it appears to show part of the tail as well as a wing. the plane went down about a mile and a half off the coast of breezy point at about 7:a -- 7:50 last night triggering an emergency response both on land and at sea. water. no board on his identity or if there were survivors. at this point, it does not appear that there were. aaccording to, the plane be left philadelphia at 6:53 last night. the tail number on the plane corresponds to a single-engine two-seater, like this one. the plane has a range of about 1,000 miles which would make sense on a trip from
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that's well within that range. it's registered to a man who lives in new hampshire, rye, new hampshire, to be specific. but, again, we want to emphasize police have not released his name, so we don't know if the be deceased is the man to whom the plane was registered. we did check the weather observations last night, and unlike the this morning, the visibility was just fine according to the observations at kennedy airport, and also there was a light west/southwest wind about 5 miles an hour. so on the surface it doesn't look like weather played any role in this crash. as soon as we learn anything more, we'll let you know. that is the latest live from breezy point, greg and rosanna, back to you. >> robert, thanks a lot. >> police are looking for three masked men who held up a pharmacy in glendale, queens. >> they go in with guns at #-bging on tuesday -- 1:00 on tuesday. they jumped the counter, and then they demanded prescription pills. they zip tied the employees and walked off.
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if you know who these guys are, 800-577-tips. right in the middle of the day. >> there are new clues emerging as to what and possibly who caused that russian jetliner to crash in egypt. and the focus is now terrorism. >> yeah. isis. they've already claimed responsibility, but were they just boasting? we don't know for sure what happened here. there are some theories, and maybe we'll know more soon. teresa priolo has the latest. >> hey, good morning, everyone. the united states and britain are saying it's isis, russia and egypt are saying, absolutely not, it wasn't an act of terrorism. as far as isis is concerned, it is believed they potentially planted a bomb onboard that metrojet plane killing all 224 people. picked up on known social media accounts, the question is how did they, in fact, do that? debris strew on the ground from the remains of flight 9268.
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the video captured by a member of the egyptian military showing the aftermath of the crash that claimed the lives of all 224 people onboard. in st. petersburg the memorials grow. russian aviation experts have found what they think are blast wounds on bodies of some of the victims, leading some in the international community to believe isis' claims that it downed the russian jet with some type of explosionoff device. >> we have concluded that there is a significant possibility that that crash was caused by an explosive device onboard the our craft. >> in washington an intelligence source tells fox news the terror group is claiming responsibility on an isis social media account that is well known in intelligence circles. but the terror group is not backing that up with proof. at the white house, josh earnest says american flights are being told to maintain altitude while cruising over the sinai peninsula.
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a floor of 26,000 feet in the air space over the sinai peninsula, and this is an advisory that the faa has shared with civil aviation operators. >> the british have gone further, banning flights from the town of sharkal shake. sharm el-sheikh. flush. >> i don't know anymore than what i've heard from several sources, and i don't think it's clear yet, but i will say this: fundamentally, modern aircraft do not break up at 30,000 feet. >> now, if, in fact, it was a bomb, u.s. intelligence officials believe isis had to have help from someone at the sharm el-sheikh airport. that's the latest from here, back to you. >> thank you so much. members of the patrolmen's benevolent association, they are taking part in a contract rally at this hour. >> they're upset about a pay raise, only 1%. most people agree that cops in new york city don't get paid enough money, and a 1% increase
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is just not enough. that's a big rally happening right now. they are actually police officers with those picket signs. and guess what? there are police officers actually kind of controlling the crowd as well. >> i know, that must be strange. carrie drew is at 62nd and york on the upper east side what's going on? >> greg and rosanna, good morning. a huge crowd has gathered here at the intersection of 63rd street and york avenue. i'll ten out of the way so -- step out of the way is so you can get a sense of what's going on here. hundreds of officers have lined the streets to protest. the patrolmen's benevolent association is protesting outside the home of a state arbiter who had been assigned to mediate a contract deal between the city and the pba after standstill. last monday a three-member panel ruled the pba was only entitled to two 1% pay raises over the
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we caught up with pba president pat lynch, he says it denies police officers the pay they have earned, and he also said point ever. >> we have an arbitrator who lives here, in the pent behouse, when our members can't move out of their parents' basement, and he offers them a 1% raise? it's absolutely disgusting. how do people think police officers are going to respond? lay your life on the line, change this city, go after the out there. but when it's time to take care of your family, the answer once again is no. >> mayor de blasio was asked about this yesterday. he said negotiations are ongoing. >> the arbitration process is still playing out. what i've said all along is i believe the pattern that we set for our uniformed services is fair and, obviously, the vast majority of the uniform unions and their members thought it was
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>> a live look one more time at this very active rally that's happening here on york avenue, and there could be even more fallout. the daily news is reporting this morning that nypd brass is are on alert for a possible work slowdown. the papers reporting in at least one brooklyn command, the delegate suggests cops only give 1% while out on patrol. that's an obvious effort to what was raised by this arbiter. high ranking officials told the daily news they have heard cops are being told to only bring out the handcuffs in, quote-unquote, must-arrest situations such as shootings or robberies as opposed to policing the streets proactively. i'm guessing several hundred police officers are here now on york avenue, and this crowd probably will only get bigger as the morning progresses. that's the latest live from here on the upper east side, greg and rosanna, back to you. >> we'd like to see that crowd. by the way, these are off-duty police officers.
7:15 am
and if you can tell us -- i can't really hear a k457b9. according to, the starting pay is in the 30,000. >> it's very difficult to live here. and aren't they required to live, you know, in the city or the surrounding boroughs? >> there are residency requirements. all right. so they're out there in force. >> meanwhile, it's starting to look a lot like christmas. the rockefeller center christmas tree has started its journey to the city. >> they chopped it down from a farm, let's see -- >> in gardener, new york. it's 78 feet tall, ten tons. st it's a norway spruce. >> a norway spruce. ultimately, it will be right by the ice rink. you remember that, rosanna, where you fell. [laughter] it's always glorious. by the way, it's -- the tree was from the lawn of albert -- [inaudible]
7:16 am
and if history's any guide, they get a great big thank you and no check. [laughter] >> greg, i'm so glad that you don't have a tree that would be considered for the rockefeller center christmas tree. because you know what? it is a prestigious thing for them to say your tree is grand enough to be outside "30 rock". >> thank you. that'll be 10,000, i mean be, something, right? in years past -- >> maybe you get a front row seat to see that whole christmas tree lighting thing which is -- >> they had a front row seat the entire life of this tree. >> but i'm sure they don't put all those lights on it. >> i think something could be done for albert and nancy financially speaking. mike, are you with me on that? >> i completely do, then all of a sudden you've got a big blank spot in your yard, then what? >> you both sound like grinches. >> or shrewd business people. >> that's the way donald trump would run it.
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greg's still got a little cough. let's talk about rain. we haven't had much rain here, but we could get a little bit today. see these showers coming across from pennsylvania headed towards new jersey? a little pop-up shower in rockland county there, yeah, we've got a little light rain that could be scooting through. some patchy, light stuff will try to pass through the tristate region. it won't stick around for long even if you do get it. the other thing we have, very mild temperatures and fog. a lot of low cloudiness, you can kind of see -- see those light green shades? they're breaking up, is so some of that is breaking up for us, that means the fog won't be around forever. it's mainly wrong island. high pressure's -- long island. high pressure's in control, near record high temps tomorrow, then cooler temps into this weekend with a lot of sunshine. happy birthday to ben. ben, i think he's turning 6, 7 years old.
7:18 am
happy birthday to you, pal. and also to jennifer. jennifer's turning 12. so you have a happy birthday as well. let's brung in ines -- bring in ines, see what's going on. the fog is easing up, right? >> except long island. still seeing that in some of the camera shots. let's check out westchester because of the fog. speed restrictions, 45 mile-per-hour on the tappan zee bridge. westchester side doing fine, sam goes for the cross -- same goes for the cross westchester, the hutch and the new england be highway. you're find on sunrise highway. let's go to our cameras, take a look at the new jersey turnpike. this is the east bridge toll plaza, traffic jammed heading towards 495, so it's already an hour delay heading towards the lincoln. george washington bridge, upper level 45 minutes, lower level 30 minutes. if you want to take the holland tunnel, it's about 20 minutes from each approach. greg and rosanna.
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>> thank you, ines. >> let's take a peek outside. who remembers -- ooh, look at that. >> beautiful morning. >> something wild with the fog and the light. >> oh, yeah. >> gotham looking good this morning. all right, good day's coming right back. we thought we' d be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn' t need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. you can' t predict it, but you can be ready. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself. realize your buying power at catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees,
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>> bethany, she was singing this stuff when she was, like, 15. >> all right. what's going on? >> tiffany's going to be here in the 9:00 hour. she's performing for us. >> the red-headed girl. >> the '90s are back. there's a big -- >> '80s/'90s. >> all right, h is and m, you -- h&m, you like to shop there, right? why is everybody showing up? >> well, because they're waiting for the release of the new line from designer balmain. it doesn't go on sale until 8:00 this morning online and in stores. now, there are exclusive pieces. they are more expensive than h&m's standard fare, but if you follow balmain, you know -- it's
7:23 am
thousands of dollars for, like, a shirt. >> you've never heard of that. >> if you're a fashionista -- obviously, these people are online since last night. >> is it as good as halston? >> halston, gucci, fiarucci! yes, i would say so. >> quentin tarantino, the filmmaker, what is the latest? he went on that rant. >> he is still blabbing, she's been trying -- he's been trying to clarify some remarks. at an anti-police brutality rally, many called his comments ill-timed considering they came the day after officer randolph holder was shot and killed here in new york city. >> he went on one of the cable shows and said this: >> me because i had made statements in some interviews, you know, along the way that have suggested that i'm on their
7:24 am
of, you know, ultimately what i feel is a problem of white supremacy in this country. and they realized that -- >> okay. open mouth, insert foot, quentin. you don't think it's a -- >> well, it muddied -- i guess i'd have to sit down and watch the whole thing, which i'm not going to do. >> he did reiterate his point that in the case of eric gardner and others that he believes they were murdered. >> well, a lot of folks deeply concerned and upset about what happened to -- >> all right. let's move on and let's talk donald trump, shall we? >> what's he up to now? >> well, he's starting new radio ads. >> okay. hit the videotape please. meanwhile, he's going to be hosting saturday night live this saturday. he's hosting that show. not everybody's crazy about that. there were protesters outside of "30 rock" yesterday. >> exactly. just so you know, these radio ads are only going to be in iowa, new hampshire and south carolina. but what makes it kind of
7:25 am
time his campaign has spent money on advertising. >> pretty wild, he's number one or number two in most polls -- >> yeah, i think the latest is number one. >> listen to this, please. >> hi, i'm donald trump, and i'll be hosting snl with sia -- >> and the ratings are going to be -- huge. [laughter] >> so, obviously, donald trump is okay with it when you imitate him. i am anxious to know and learn if he actually saw our little skit from halloween. i thought it was great, i thought you were great as hillary, i thought i did a pretty decent donald. any word, rosanna? >> i will tell you that i got it into the right hands. >> and? >> i haven't heard back. i don't know if that's good or bad. >> huh. come on. he's cool. i mean, in a way, sometimes. all right. actually, i get a huge kick out of him. what else is going on? >> there was one promo where donald trump called ben carson,
7:26 am
>> i think they pulled that one. >> they pulled that one from youtube. anyway, saturday night, donald -- ben carson says he doesn't want to do saturday night live because he feels like the president's job is very serious and should be taken seriously. >> donald trump would not be the first candidate to do it -- >> hillary clinton was on just a few weeks ago. >> john mccain as a candidate did it. >> all right. good day's coming right back. this holiday i can count on someone's kid mistaking me for santa. i'm so sorry. it's okay. and knowing right when introducing real-time delivery notifications. one more reason
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>> halston, gucci -- >> that guy was one smooth dancer. the greatest dancer, in fact. listen to this. >> he's the great dancer. >> she wonders why, rosanna. is this by sister sledge? who sings this? >> i don't know. >> she goes out with her girls on the outskirts of frisco for a night on the town -- >> i think you're right, i think it's sister sledge. are we looking at breezy point? you know what? there's a lot of empty properties there which meant they didn't get the money to start rebuilding yet. >> well, happy to report that my
7:30 am
who live in breezy point, they were displaced for quite a while, but they're back, and the home is great. >> they got the money that they needed to rebuild? >> we had christmas there last year, rosanna. the place was, ooh, flooding -- mike is a great, fish is his nickname, retired firefighter. knows how to fix all that stuff. >> that's awesome. meanwhile, we're there because we're looking into what happened at that plane crash yesterday. we'll get to that in a second. in the meantime, looks like the sun's trying to breakthrough, mike. >> it's trying. even in long island, the fog was thicker there. the possibility of a few little showers, nothing major, but a little bit of rain could come your way. the dense fog advisories have scaled back for us, they're up until 10:00 in the gray-shaded areas you are looking at. we've canceled out all of new jersey, but it looks like long island, coastal connecticut, you still have that up until about 10:00 unless those start to
7:31 am
now let's take a look at fox 5 sky guardian 3-d, most of the showers to the south and west of the tristate region, but a few little showers are now heading into westchester county. it's not a tremendous amount of rain, but in and out fairly quickly. not a big deal but maybe a little inconvenient for a few folks. it is 62 in montauk, a lot of low cloudiness. it doesn't look like we're going to have fog all day long. a few patchy showers to our southwest, they're going to swing through as we go through the day. 74 tomorrow, if we do hit 74 in central park, that's a tie for the record high. but cooler temps will follow up. we've got 64 for a high on saturday and only 55 on sunday but below normal temps at that time. let's bring in ines. the fog's been a bit of a problem, but that's getting
7:32 am
better. still we have other problems. >> let me make that full screen for you. the fog, it affected the staten island ferry, it's on a modified schedule, so the boats are running every 20 minutes. delays on the staten island expressway heading towards the verrazano bridge. union and essex county commutes, doing okay. let's go to our cameras, see how things are doing on the turnpike, this is heading towards the lincoln tunnel. this is the toll plaza and the eastern spur, you still have delays. if you're not exiting off 495, you're fine. just heading towards the lincoln, it's an hour delay. let's go to the grand central parkway, also a slow ride this morning in front of laguardia, i didn't have an accident or anything, just traffic moving slow westbound heading towards the triboro bridge. harlem train, 20-30 minutes. there's police activity in bronxville. everything else running on or close.
7:33 am
greg and rosanna. >> so long island railroad commuters, we've been waiting for a long time to go to grand central instead of penn station. it's inconvenient for a lot of people and, oh, by the way, it can be pretty bleak in there. however, grand central terminal, huh, huh? it's inspiring in there. >> it is, it's beautiful. it is beautiful. it may become a reality, greg. >> they've been working on this tunnel. let's take a look at footage of it. it's getting closer and closer to completion. it would take long island railroad train toss grand central. >> unbelievable. liz dahlem actually went below grand central terminal for a tour. >> underneath grand central's terminals, there's a whole new world being built. this video taken by the mta shows demolition being done a couple of years ago, but now the
7:34 am
really starting to take shape. long island railroad commuters will be able to come to grand central terminal. we got a look underground to see what's happening. our tour started at track 113. we went true a secret -- through a secret door and made our way down below to the bedrock that supports the entire city. 130 feet underground we saw two massive caverns. they're 60 feet high, 60 feet wide and 1200 feet long. trains will travel through tunnels that start at sunnyside boulevard, run under long island city and terminate at 37th street and park avenue at the new long island railroad terminal. this gives you a great visual here. the long island terminal will have two separate levels, four platforms and eight different tracks. this is the largest transportation project underway in the country. the mta says the additional stop
7:35 am
will serve more than 160,000 commuters a day and save them up to 40 minutes in travel time. >> like london, like shanghai, like paris, you need to have public transport. >> but the price tag is steep, $10 billion. >> new york is an expensive town because we are actually paying our people well, i'm talking about the labor, and that's reflected into the cost. >> the finished project will look something like this. the concourse will be grand with 17 deep escalators, all 11 branches of the long island railroad will come to the new terminal, the mta hopes, by the end of 2022. from grand central terminal, liz dahlem, fox 5 news. >> how many years is that from now? >> it's a few. we're in '15. >> seven. by the way, when where would you rather go? you can have dinner there, michael jordan's, all those places.
7:36 am
you have got ray's pizza and the apple store. >> that's true, but there are some places now at penn. >> let's take a peek outside, can we please? >> yeah, 7:35. >> and kind of foggy out there. >> that's right. but it's moving out. lanes moving in. we'll tell you all about it when we come back. patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. t fewer than 10% received 5 stars. r among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits.
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>> that's right. who is this? >> foliage. >> we had some trouble pronouncing that for a while. >> i know. but we got the hang of it. >> you're looking live at washington square park. where's the big arch? where's that arch? come on. it's got to be down there somewhere. hello. >> i don't know. the rats may have taken it over. [laughter] >> i told you about the time i went up in that arch. >> and what happened? you got arrested? >> it was cool. no, it was supervised -- >> sanctioned? >> maybe we'll show you next time. >> let's talk about the weather, because it looks nice right now, mike.
7:40 am
he looks like an an explorer. >> i see to mike woods. >> i see land! >> and we are going to see a lot more. the fog's lifting at least here in the city, and it will be happening out in long island, coastal sections of connecticut. gets what else you may have? spotty showers coming at you as well, but not a lot of rain. it's in and out before you know it. record warm temperatures could be coming our way as we head through the next couple of days. highs in the upper 60s to low to mid 70s, but then the cooler weather returns as we head into the weekend. get out and enjoy it right now. spotty showers back over pennsylvania, closer to philly, coming into new jersey. one little patch of rain coming through northern sections of westchester county drifting up towards fairfield county. a little light rain through that region. 56 in bridgeport, 62 in montauk and 50 in monticello with some
7:41 am
there are some showers right here to our southwest. kind of keeping an eye on things because there seems to be a lot of light action drifting up in this direction. so don't be surprised if you get some quick showers later on as we head through the afternoon and the evening. they could be passing through here as well. they don't stick around for long but, basically, the next couple of days we'll have this gray, murky sky with a few scattered showers to pass through until we get to saturday. is and then it starts to clear out and cool down. that's what we're going to have from saturday on. high temp gets up to 69 later on this afternoon and 74 tomorrow. shower chances are here both days. if we hit 74, that's a tie for the record high temperature. and then we see cooler temperatures with more sunshine as we head into saturday -- sunday, monday and tuesday. the fox 5ny weather app is at the apple itunes score and google play sore, download it for free -- play store.
7:42 am
download it for free. maria we rare row at hampton management. let's brink in ines and see what's going on with the commute. >> good morning, maria. as you mentioned, some of the fog is lifting, but still dealing with issues with that. putnam county, not a lot going on. 84 and 684, no issues east direction in yorktown heights. as far as your commute in greens, normal delays on the lie, not as bad as yesterday. throgs neck bridge a better option. take a look at the long island expressway, still lifting as mike mentioned but still foggy, this is by the oyster bay expressway, westbound a little sluggish. the cross bronx on the alexander hamilton bridge coming off the george washington bridge a slow ride heading towards jerome avenue. exiting towards the deegan, your fine, the southbound deegan is moving fine. greg and rosanna, back to you. >> thanks, ines. >> let's talk knicks with duke. >> i watched most of this
7:43 am
game -- >> what happened? it got boring? you're the sports reporter. >> he fell asleep. the guy's exhausted. >> well, tell us what happened [laughter] >> i got home at the end of the first quarter, that's why. the knicks and the calves, the knicks taking on lebron and the cavs. king james doesn't like the cavs' new uniforms, misses the three and tears it apart right there. hey, it worked for him. >> it's unusual that it's not a tank top. >> i know. i was watching this going those jerseys are really weird. fourth quarter, knicks down by 7. carmelo anthony be lays in two of his 17 on the night. new york down by 5, but lebron just too much. moments later, gets the bucket from far out. 23 points for him as the cavs beat the knicks 96-86. atlanta and the hawks, nets up by 1. great hustle here, brook lopez with the block. then gets down the other end, 27 on the night for him.
7:44 am
nets up by 3. but in the fourth quarter, the hawks up by 6 off the steal. they get et up to paul mill sap, and he's going to dunk it, and the hawks win it 101-87 handing the nets their fifth straight loss to start the season, their worst start since 2009-2010 when year. on sunday the 4-4 giants head down to tampa, florida, to take on the tennessee buccaneers. this is a huge game for the giants. the giants need to crawl back over .500 to hang around the top of the nfc east. technically, if the season ended today, they'd win the division. jason pierre-paul out practicing yesterday, trying out ways to work with his right hand. remember, he lost his index finger in a july 4th fireworks accident. he says he wants the play, but it's up to the medical staff. >> during the time that, you know, i was, you know, not here,
7:45 am
doing everything that i had to do what i was going to be out here doing. it's not as big of a challenge, i've just got to do what i know, make sure i shoot my happened out. i've been doing that all day today, and it felt great, you know? it felt great being out there with my be teammates. they're happy i'm out there, and i'm just trying to produce. >> i was out there at practice yesterday. you know, he seemed in a great mood. watched him play this weekend, and i know the giants could use him. they need a pass rush. so we'll see what happens. ryan fitzpatrick will start at quarterback on sunday for the jets. he says he'll probably wear a protective glove during sunday's matchup against jacksonville. he's confident the injured thumb won't be an issue. a scary moment yesterday, mets' general manager collapsed while speaking at a news conference. he later said he did not have
7:46 am
the the heat of tv lights caused him to collapse. he was quickly helped to his feet, and the 67-year-old gm was examined by the training staff, he's expected to be okay. >> he's an all right guy, and an ex-marine. >> new two-year contract extension for the team's manager, terry collins. he spoke again about decisions he made in game five, but the entire focus right now, getting back for another shot. >> you make a move, and it's either going to be the right one or the wrong are one. and if it worked out, great. if it doesn't, it was the wrong move to make. aye tried to press forward and realize what we did to get there and what we had to go through to get there, and i'm very proud of, you know, the coaches, the players, the organization, what we had to sacrifice to get to the world series, and i'm going the bad. >> all right. and that is our look at sports.
7:47 am
thinking about baseball right now, but -- >> okay. >> you know? >> football. big football weekend. >> do you know anybody named the fat jewish? do you follow him on instagram? >> rosanna's new friend. >> this guy is hysterical. if you follow him on social media -- >> take a look at the picture we have. >> he's a comedian. >> rosanna went cooking with this guy. >> i did. >> he's very clever. today's instagram, it's one moose talking to another moose be, you know, on the wall here? >> yeah. you want to see it on the ipad? >> check this out. i'm covering it up because there's a bad word. >> what does it say? >> basically, he goes i told you it was freaking hunting season, but, no, we had to visit your sister near the lake. [laughter] >> anyway, he's part of my wining and dining special on friday night at 10:30. but today we're going to give you a little sampling of my encounter with him many his apartment. he's a really funny guy.
7:48 am
>> he calls himself a plus-sized model. >> by the way, he's got over six million followers, and i call him josh now. >> okay.
7:49 am
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>> the least i can get around. hi, everybody. hey, nyu, new york university. very prestigious. >> very. >> and pricey. >> well, that's happen when you go to a private college. let's talk health news right now. everybody wants to lose weight, everybody. but i need to find an easy way to do this. >> i'm really going to just blow it off and accept it. you know what i mean? [laughter] always going to be 210 pounds. >> i think i need someone to move in with me and just guard the refrigerator and be like, no! >> you that bad? >> she likes good food. she's a food connoisseur. we're talking about one of the most important meals of the day, breakfast, and the age-old question, is breakfast -- should we skip submit should we not skip it? now researchers at the cornell food and brand lab are trying to
7:52 am
they interviewed many people over several hundred people who are slim, people who are at a healthy weight and asked them what do for they eat for breakfast. over 51% of those people ate fruits, dairy, colted cereals and -- cold cereals and granola, eggs and coffee. >> basically, they eat breakfast. everything you've mentioned -- >> yeah, but notable absences, there's bacon, there's sausage, they didn't have those, they didn't have muffins or doughnuts. >> we get that. >> doughnuts. people used to have that for breakfast. >> i know. or even just pastries, and there are a lot of people who still have bacon and sausage every despite our report last week. >> i think they scale back on the bacon, by the way. >> people have? >> yeah. i think they said moderation. >> so a slim person's breakfast is what?
7:53 am
egg whites, almonds, things like avocado on a whole grain toast. >> ooh, that sounds delicious. >> it is. >> avocado's very good now. there's a place down the block, gotham cafe , there's an avocado toast with a boiled egg on top -- >> ooh, sounds deliberation. only 4% of these people skipped breakfast. you do want to get a good breakfast. >> you just ate how many omelets while we were on the air? >> i had an omelet. >> did you? >> i also had a bowl of count chocula yesterday. >> the cereal they were talking about, things like cheerioses -- >> marshmallows included. >> all right, doctor, that got us -- where are we now? >> depressed. >> avocado toast. all right, thank you. >> anna gilligan. >> i love avocado toast.
7:54 am
>> id kind of is. -- it kind of is. trevor noah had to undergo emergency surgery. he's going to be just fine, but he did to have an appendectomy, but it led to canceling yesterday's taping of is show. comedy central tweeted out, quote: feel better, trevor noah. they do expect him back tonight for a new show. >> how is that show? i haven't watched since jon stewart left. anybody? what do you think? >> i don't know. i'm too busy doing social media. [laughter] >> tweeting and instagraming and -- >> you know, what can i tell you? follow me me @rosannascotto, very simple. >> follow exhausted rosanna scotto. >> that too. >> i was shocked by this, i thought these or one rumors, but gwen stefani and blake shelton are confirming that they are, indeed, dating. >> oh, my goodness, i knew it! >> their reps say it's true, and
7:55 am
they both recently announced divorces. here is shelton performing last night at the cma in nashville. >> i'm going to take you for a date, take you for a ride, gonna get you over there on -- >> everyone's reading into the lyrics because it's talking about a lady. now, according to tmz stefani flew out to nashville to be by his side for the after party. >> hey, guess what? he's a little bit country, she's a little bit rock and roll. >> oh! >> that's a good one. >> remember that? donny and marie osmond. that was their catch phrase. >> you are unbelievable. >> excellent. >> that's a great combination. >> i love when you start quoting songs. >> thank you. i think it was really just something they said a lot. >> yeah. >> anyway, so this is happening. >> so it's on. it's on. and she didn't go to the actual show, but page six says it's not because she was worried about being in the same room as miranda lambert, his ex, but because the trip was last minute, and she didn't have the right clothes.
7:56 am
>> all right. now it's sounding like eighth grade. [laughter] middle school. >> sometimes hollywood is like eighth grade. >> maybe she didn't want to, kind of tweak miranda. >> i think it's a deeper reason. she had a bilge night, best -- big night, she took home the award for best female vocalist, some people were read boog the pink hair -- reading into the pink hair. >> you didn't think of that, rosanna? that was the first thing i thought of. [laughter] >> here is the winner, best male vocalist, chris schaeferington. >> i can't see his face. >> he also won best new artist and album of the year. >> a good old boy. i do remember charlie daniels. is he still on the scene? >> i couldn't tell you. he also had a great duet with justin timberlake, and here's luke bryan. >> he's good.
7:57 am
can't get someone as good as gwen the stefani. he couldn't believe the news. >> he joked publicly? >> yeah. >> all right, we'll be right back. oh, we have a facebook fan of the hour. nicole mill per, not the designer, but the lovely person who watches us on good day new york every morning. >> nicole miller's a redhead too. >> yeah. they both have the same name. [laughter] good day's coming right back. >> biological? >> yes. for the girl scout meeting... for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! p at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up. my stop&shop. it's great to look back at all your family's milestones. and birthdays happen only once a year. getting the flu could make you miss the party. don't let the flu don't let the flu achew! take you out of the picture.
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8:00 am
>> from fox 5 news, this is "good day new york." >> welcome to the program. it is thursday, november 5th. i'm greg kelly. >> i'm rosanna scotto. nice to have you with us. much of the morning fog moved out but we're still seeing a lot of clouds rest of the day. highs in the 60s. mike woods has the full forecast. >> cool. we had a plane crash off coast of breezy point at least one man is dead. not sure if anybody else was on the plane. on its way to new hampshire from philadelphia. the investigation is on going. >> this morning city workers make a grim discovery near washington square park. they found a 19th burial vault with skeletal remains of more than a dozen people. look at this. we'll show you already. also -- >> h&m, ready to go to h&m? yes. rosanna stops there all the time. >> the fashionistas out in full force, greg. this makes me so itchy. i need to be there.
8:01 am
>> what is this designer. >> balmane. a very high-end luxury designer. designing something specifically for h&m. it is not h&m prices but not ba almost mane at saks fifth avenue prices. >> they have security. >> they said 8:00. it is 8:01. >> will there be stampede. looks like he is opening the door. how many people in the line? >> a lot. people sleeping there overnight. >> i never heard of that before. >> i tried to get stuff on website this morning. it is not up and running perfectly. >> is balmane good as sassoon? is it like that? >> sassoon is jeans. more like gucci fiorucci. >> if you're into that, h&m is the place to be. >> looking for a new job, nasa announced an out of this world opportunity. it will look for new astronauts accepting job applications
8:02 am
through mid-february. i know i would like a few people i would like to send to the moon. to the moon, greg kelly! >> threatening me once again. let's talk about this. nasa is accepting applications. we recently talked to buzz aldrin who has been to the moon amazing guy. "good day new york"? we brought him to the moon. this is mars. >> you think? >> yes. you can see right there! he gave you with a kiss with the space helmet. >> he is little out of his mind. so am i. >> did pardon of you stay on the mind. i can't believe you said that but he liked you. >> to find out what qualifications are and whether greg should be sent there immediately. >> she's had it. >> he fits some of the qualification. >> a little spacey. >> not what they're looking for.
8:03 am
>> what's up, buddy? >> stepped outside. the fog burned off here in the city. someplaces taking longer for fog to go away. testimonies are warm. testimony testimonyps in the 50s and 6s. 62 in central park. newark you have 58 degrees. earlier we had a lot of low cloudiness and fog in the area. that is breaking up in long island. still have the dense fog advisory but not for much longer. you see the green shades coming from pennsylvania. >> new jersey, looks like they're holding together? expect lighter showers to pass through the tri-state region into the afternoon. they will be in and out fairly quickly. not a big rain day. there will be splashes coming on buy as well as tomorrow. a trough drops through the tri-state region. we have chance of showers next couple days. what we have not that big of a
8:04 am
dryer skies take over saturday and sunday. is a little warm and murky. fog should burn off for he have one after 10:00. we'll see high of 74. a few scattered showers. 74 ties the record high for the day. central park, record high temps we might get those. cooler after that. bring in ines to check out what happened with our situation. how are we doing, ines? >> the fog didn't help. we have a lot of problems. good news, the staten island ferry off to normal schedule. they had a modified schedule because of foggy conditions. some fog has lifted. bridge. clearing an accident by flat burke avenue. delays still remain there. couple problems, westchester and bronx. bronx parkway. traffic jam to west bund by the bronx thorough parkway. webster avenue the accident
8:05 am
let's go to our cameras, taking long island expressway. westbound a little below the speed limit. eastbound you're fine. cross bronx, let's go to that camera shot. traffic moving slow because of the accident. this is the affecting gwb. an hour delay on upper level. major deegan moving slow. metro-north was a late-running train. there is 30 to 40 minute delay. harlem line last couple hours has been dealing 20 to 30 minutes. they're telling me 15 to 25 minutes on harlem line because of police activity by bronxville. >> thanks. a plane crash off breezy point coast off queens. it was small plane. looks like one person was killed. >> crashed about 8:00 last night. robert moses is near the mobile command senter in breezy. what is going on, robert? >> reporter: greg and rosanna i spoke to man that didn't want to
8:06 am
go on camera. low. it sounded like a helicopter. we know what happened shortly after he heard that sound. police tell me the search will resume that day. they're not sure exactly for now. it is suspended. last night the nypd special operations team tweeted out a photo showing wreckage in the water, showing not only the tail but also the wing. it apto show both in the water. another picture shows part of the plane being towed to shore. it went down mile 1/2 off the coast of breezy point t was before 8:00 last night a huge response both on land and in ocean ensued. police say a man's body was pulled from the water. there is no information on any survivors. at this point we believe there was only one person on board that two-seat plane. according to the plane left northeast last night. it is believed to have been
8:07 am
the tail number on the single engine planes corresponds to two-seater. the maker of the plane says it has a range of one thousand miles. it is registered to a man in rye new hampshire. we do not know if that man was the one killed in this crash. we checked weather observations last night from kennedy airport. we found there was calm wind, light wind from west southwest at five miles an hour. visibility was good. we know there was plenty of fog this morning. that wasn't the case last night. it doesn't appear as though weather played any factor in this crash. we're awaiting word on exactly what causeed it but the latest is, one person dead. a search to resume at some point today. we don't know when. that is the latest. live from breezy point, this morning. greg and rosanna back to you. >> thank you, robert very much. earlier this week, a hit-and-run, actual city bus ran
8:08 am
over the woman and bus driver just drove off. it is unclear if the bus driver knew what had happened. turns out he has rather extensive criminal record. >> apparently we're learning he has three prior arrests on his record according to "new york times." unnamed official told the paper that paul roper was arrested for drug procession and sought in 2007 and for assault in 2012. no other details are available as the records are sealed. i don't know how they got that information. the mta tells "the times" it knew about the arrests but sense no further action happened from the arrests it had no basis for disciplinary action. mr. roper faces multiple charges including the leaving scene of an accident the death. he is being held on $25,000 bond. >> remember over the summer two guys escaped from the jail up state in dannemora? the whole country watched. they had help from inside. another person in trouble, gene palmer. a corrections officer.
8:09 am
he is accused of helping these guys. but he pleaded not guilty. >> says he did not know they planned to break out after more than three weeks on the run. after a massive manhunt, richard matt and david sweat were shot. one of them was actually apprehended alive. anyway he said this officer did not know anything about this. and you know, we'll see how it goes from there. >> he did have inappropriate relationship. he gave them supplies. matt was a bit of a painter. he actually took paintings from him and gave him tools to create art. so he is still in some trouble. >> it has been 36 years since crisis. on november 4th, 1979, the pro-ayatollah students stormed the u.s. embassy in tehran. they immediately took 66 hostages. this was a wild time. they were held for had 444 days. president carter, this presidency.
8:10 am
it was number unstory on the news every day more than a year, rosanna. >> yeah. >> embassy workers held, american servicemembers held, felled like entire country was held hostage for a while. >> they were released january 21st, 1981, just hours after president ronald reagan's inaugural address. >> 36 years ago this week. >> members of the patrolmen benevolent association, pba, are taking part in this protest. they are off-duty police officers. >> they are off-duty police officers and think they should be paid more. a lot of folks agree with them. let's go to kerry drew outside of location. kerry, why 62nd street? it is in the police headquarters. what are they doing there? >> reporter: they're protesting outside of a home of a state arbiter who made the decision about the pay for nypd officers. we'll get into that in a moment. we'll give you a live look at
8:11 am
we showed up to the intersection of 63rd street and york avenue much earlier this morning. the crowd has only grown in size. several hundred nypd officers are out here rallying outside of apartment building. the police june, patrolman's benevolent association is outside of an state arbiter. was assigned to mediate a deal between the city and pba after lengthy negotiations reach ad stand still. a three member arbitration panel that pba was only entitled to two 1% pay increases over course of two years. earlier we caught up with pba president pat lynch. he blasted the panel's decision saying it is insulting to the police officers. he says police morale is at an all-time low. >> we have an arbitrator lives here in the penthouse. when other members can't move out of their parents basement, and offers them a 1% raise?
8:12 am
how do people think police officers will respond? lay your life on the line. change this city. go after the robbers, rapers and murderers out there. but when time to take care of your family, the answer once again is no. >> reporter: obviously a lot of anger from pat lynch there. mayor de blasio was asked about this at news conference. the mayor sate the negotiations are still going on. >> arbitration process is still playing out. i said all along the pattern for uniform services is fair. obviously vast majority of uniform services and members thought it was fair because they voted for it. >> reporter: live look once again at the crowd gathered here at intersection of 63rd street and york avenue. traffic is still moving although very slow as everybody stops to get a look what is going on here. there could be even more fallout from this decision. daily news is reporting that nypd brass are on alert for possible work slowdown. the paper is reporting that in
8:13 am
at least one brooklyn command, the pba delegate suggested cops give only 1% out on patrol. which is obvious reference to the raise proposed by state arbiter. what a slowdown might entail or look like high-ranking officials, told "the daily news," they are told only bring out the handcuffs in must arrest situations like shootings or robberies as opposed to policing the streets proactively. a very large crowd of off-duty nypd officers along york avenue. no sign when they might be leaving this area. we're expecting this rally to continue throughout the morning. the latest live from the upper east side. greg, rosanna, back to you. >> kerry, thank you. >> meanwhile a few blocks away from there, lots of people are lining up for the new designer, luxury designer's new campaign at h&m. i believe is had name is bauman. i'm from brooklyn. bauman i believe how they pronounce it. >> you're from brooklyn.
8:14 am
that is your excuse for everything. >> in the fashionista circles bauman. >> a hot designer new for me. do we have reporter standing by? ben is actually there. >> ben doesn't strike me as big fashionista but you never know. >> no. at 4:30 we read this morning i had to turn to teresa per little low and say who. this line is huge. extends all the way down to third avenue. they're being very organized about this, guys. people have been out here all night. they handed out color-coded wristbands. they are letting people in. started couple minutes before 8:00. 40 people at a time. don't want a crush of people. big deal for h&m. not to be outdone. they just not release ad commercial but music video to promote it.
8:15 am
>> contend dell jenner starring in the music video -- ken dell jenner. it has been forming last 24 hours. people out here from yesterday. we had video from last night. it was down to third avenue at that point. a lot of people out here, thousands of people interested in this. locations all across the city. what exactly is balmond. we have photos from this collection. these are expensive high-end pieces typically worn by likes of michael jackson, kim kardashian. a lot of these pieces go for 5,000, 10,000, $20,000 a piece or a pop, rather. here at h&m covering them not -- offering them not quite h&m prices, a hundred bucks but big discount. we spoke to folks why they are out here.
8:16 am
how much do you think you will spend here today. >> 1500, $2,000. >> reporter: that is a lot of money. >> yes. >> reporter: a bargain compared to what they cost. >> 1500 for a pair of jeans. $99 now. >> reporter: why are you out here? >> keep up with the trend. and, got to do my best. >> reporter: now, some of this, was also supposed to be available on h&m's web site. as you can see the web site has been down most of the morning due to traffic overload. back here live. windy. a lot of people rushing buy on the way to work, saying what exactly is going on here. who is this. why are all the people out here. know. a lot of them say they expect to spend maybe couple thousand bucks that is the story live on the upper east side. rosanna and greg. rosanna? me? >> i think it is a little hipster for you.
8:17 am
>> maybe i can pull it off. ben, we have moment or two. grab somebody live. let's learn more. >> that's a nice idea. >> reporter: not a lot of cable here. a lot of commuters. >> they will say it is dritt. >> reporter: want to tell us why you're out here? no? that is the kind of crowd. >> next time. >> ben? >> next time. sometimes you never know what they're going to say. >> dive right in. ben, thanks a lot. >> mike, take it away. >> they're shy or bashful or supposed to be at work. >> ben is a little shy. great guy. >> we have first of all, low clouds and fog in the area. winds northeast at six miles per hour. a mild day out there, not only here but everywhere throughout the northeast. boston at 59 degrees. 1 degrees in buffalo.
8:18 am
we don't have cool testimonies testimonies -- temps. we see a little light rain coming through central and northern sections of new jersey. light patchy showers barely holding together. a splashes of rain through the tri-state. northeast new jersey bergen count towards essex county. you have light showers coming your way. it will be in and out area before you know. futurecast brings us a few splashes not only today but tomorrow. same general weather set up. instability kick up a few showers. you're high temps until we get to saturday. see your temperatures coming back down and rain temperatures drop back out. wednesday, mostly cloudy skies with fog early. high temp in the city getting up to 69 degrees. 74 for a high. a few quick showers not out of the question. cooler for you on saturday and cooler on sunday and monday.
8:19 am
a lot of sunshine coming at you on those days. don't forget the fox ny weather app and google and android app store. download for free. church fox ny weather. let's see what we have with ines. >> this fog doesn't help. par sip any area, slow spots. no significant delays to report. long island, suffolk county moving fine. a little delay on the sags coast on lye. if you're on the staten island expressway. always slow towards the verrazano bridge. expect delays by flatbush avenue. have an accident there. look at the new jersey turnpike eastern spur from 495, from the turnpike and route 3. a busy morning. holland 20 tunnel minutes, if you're taking the george washington bridge.
8:20 am
40 on the lower. metro-north, two lines are having problem. harlem line. police activity in bronxville. expect 20, 25 minute delay along with congest shun. passaic branch a delay. thanks a lot. 911? >> funny. >> big cop show. niecy nash was great on it. here is example. >> in the koran, i'm not sure, if everything is there because i just got it, but i know that it talks about y'all being the devil. thanks to the nation of islam, i'm free. >> talking about being on "scream queens." >> not sure if that was funniest part of the show. scheme queens, catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees.
8:21 am
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. ask your doctor about it by name. when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i' m checking to see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there. if the last 3 letters were p22, that' s me. >> hey. would you like to be a astronaut? nasa is hiring.
8:24 am
>> where do they want to go? >> there are all kinds of things going on. they have the international space station. >> right. that sounds boring, floating out in space. i would rather go to mars or the moon. >> you're floating around in space, 3thousand miles-an-hour, going around the earth, that is boring to you? probably gets boring after a while. >> accepting applications to february. they will pick candidates in 2017. >> there are requirements. college agree. >> engineering, biological science, physical science or math. you and i are eliminated. >> if you're in military like a thousand hours of jet time. i have that. there are waivers. there are exceptions to every rule. i know a helicopter pilot became a astronaut. it says jet time. they will work with you. >> i think you need to pass the nasa long duration spaceflight physical. that is where we could have a problem. >> there they are in astronaut
8:25 am
school. $66,000 a year, starting pay for a astronaut. >> fox means business. adam shapiro. >> good morning if you love hamburgers, get ready for this. mcdonald's testing in the united kingdom, it is overseas right now. but they're testing what they call the signature gourmet hamburger. comes in three different flavors barbecue, spicy premium. it is thickest all-beef patty mcdonald's ever offered. if it works in the united kingdom they will bring it to the united states. they are trying to compete with five guys burgers and shake shack and five-napkin burger this is another way mcdonald's reinventing itself. >> say it again one more time? >> reporter: the signature gourmet burger. >> how much? >> reporter: didn't say how much it will cost. that is seven bucks. >> look at that. >> reporter: 4 pounds, 69. roughly $7.
8:26 am
prices might be different in the u.k. >> stick with the mcrib and big mac. >> that is nice juicy side hamburger. >> i like mcdonald mack's. look at hamburger again. it will not look like that in the real life. rosanna, it is perfect. you probably can't eat. that they have food designers, deckcation specialists. come out to do the food. >> you're right. >> one of my favorite food. i consider it a delicacy but will not look like that. >> reporter: that burger will be made to order. take a little bit longer. might look better than the production line stuff, which i agree with you tastes very good. >> adam, thank you so much. don't forget you wan watch them on the fox business channel. >> big presidential debate on republican side. >> november 10th. >> take a peek outside, shall we? >> talk who will be here, greg. tiffany will perform. i think we were singer her song, we're alone now.
8:27 am
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8:28 am
>> all those people in line at the h&m store on 86th street, tasty delight. >> shake shack is down the block, same side. >> waiting in that line. why not wait for another. >> what we'll do, we talked to ben. we'll do show-and-tell coming up at 9:00. asking what people are buying. >> what is he telling those people? how long it will take, procedures for buying this stuff. balmain is the designer. stuff sometimes costs like $10,000. get it for a lot less at h&m. kendall jenner. >> is the spokes model. the whole thing. >> some people have all the fun. 8:30 in the morning. nice to have you with us. at least it's a nice day to be outside. it is nice and mild. right, mike? >> it is nice and warm outside. record warm temperatures may be coming our way here. >> tomorrow? >> tomorrow. >> just in time for the weekend. >> that is not right though,
8:29 am
mike? >> it is not normal. >> are you freaked out? >> global warming? what is happening. >> it is just warm. >> we don't have to move to florida anymore, toto. >> global warming is general trend, not a specific event. anyhow, show you what we have, we do have warm temperatures out there even as we speak. temps are above normal, normal than what we see for highs. the fog is starting to back down in majority of the tri-state. we'll look at numbers. one mile in islip and bridgeport. think they will cancel out the dense fog advisories. temp wise, 57 degrees in belmar, 58 degrees in bridgeport and ice slip. nice and quiet around the tri-state. we had low clouds and fogginess. we're focusing condition at showers. they're pulling into the northern sections of new jersey over a little disturbed area
8:30 am
over city. don't beer is priced if you get splash. it shouldn't be sticking around too long. generally speaking high pressure is still in control. it allows for a little bit of wet weather to creep into town for mex couple days as high pressure slips offshore. we'll see a murky condition with still small rain chances. then that front crosses through saturday. that is what the cooler, drier weather takes back over. up until then a few spots of afternoon. high temp getting up to 69 degrees. morning fog should burn off for everyone real soon. 4 is your high tomorrow, same deal with patches of rain here or there. dryer skies saturday. sunshine back on sunday with below normal temperatures on sunday here. all right. >> what is going on sunday? >> we do have something on sunday. national kidney foundation walk up there in foley square, sunday, right? >> beautiful weather. it will be a little bit cool out
8:31 am
there, ines. >> that is okay. 55 is still good. not as long as it is 32 or 20. whatever. traffic, well, mike said some of that fog is starting to lift a little. so, that's helping out the commute actually because visibility was a problem. garden state parkway you have delays in area of 280 northbound and southbound. 280 earlier wrecks, westbound by carter highway has been cleared. dealing with delays back to the new jersey turnpike. the bronx, accident on cross bronx eastbound at webster avenue affect commute on george washington bridge and hen hi hudson parkway moving slow. fdr extra delays on 71st street due to protest. york avenue is 61st where the activity is going on that. is affecting fdr drive. look at cameras. commute on lie by terry road. they're trying to see if there is something going on here. there is a bit of a break. that is terry road.
8:32 am
hov lanes are moving fine. you're at a crawl westbound, a little slower than normal. go to the george washington bridge. a hour delay because of accident i told you on cross bongs. lower level 45 minutes. holland tunnel met north. pa says i can branch delays 30 to 40 minutes. slow running train. harlem line, 30 minute delay because of police activity an congestion. >> thank you so much, ines. city workers got a big surprise upgrading water main pipes in the ground near washington square park. look what they found. >> a lot of bones. they better put the bones back. i saw "poltergeist," if you disturb grave sites, 19th century, 1800s. >> a vault full of remains. more than a dozen skeletons found inside of the park once used as a graveyard for public executions. >> public execution. >> did you know that? >> no.
8:33 am
they stopped a long time ago. downtown, greenwich village. theresa per little low, what is going on? >> this is fascinating, new york city has a rich history. not until you cross the surface you see first-hand. see what is happening behind me, greg and rosanna. crews are looking to upgrade the water main east of washington landing. they're not working in area closest to us. they're working in area close to washington. the area closest to us is where they unearthed bones. more than a dozen skeletons found from the 19th century. who they belong to, we don't know. it is unlikely we'll ever find out. the reason is in the late 1700s and early 1800s this area surrounding washington square park was potters field. a burial ground from indigent and unknown. many died from yellow fever.
8:34 am
in earlier 1800s as rosanna mentioned this was public execution site. i was looking around for history of washington square park. there was a place in the northwest corner of the park that was used as gallows. there is what was called the hang man's tree. so these names of people buried here, names of people that are birried, that were buried right here in front of us, were not recorded, were never recorded, won't be recorded. some 20,000 people buried in this park. really fascinating history here in new york city. anthropologists will come here. they will look at this and are going to make sure they can, just really assess the situation, treat the remains properly and again, greg and rosanna, adds to the rich history of the city. haven't seen anybody digging on site. doing water main work. you never know. back to you. >> what will they do with the
8:35 am
bones, proper burial? a little late. what's next? >> they will study them and put them somewhere where preserved for posterity. >> theresa, do you know what happens to these bones now? >> reporter: we don't know exactly what happens to particular set much bones because some other bodies were buried here maybe there is process to be buried with the others and go about their business. they're trying to make sure they work around this. >> thank you, teresa. why don't you believe me? why isn't possibility that they will study the bones, who they were, how old they are, and then bury them in a nice way? >> in a nice way. i don't know. take one more look at that. boy, rosanna, fascinating and a little gross, right? >> yeah. >> remember that skeleton from the subway, medical worker hugging skelton, that was crazy. >> yeah. all right, speaking of scandal, joe morton will be here. you know him.
8:36 am
he plays olivia pope's dad. he is so evil on scan dal. -- >> he has been in million movies. he was really smart guy in terminator ii, scientist, did the right thing for humanity in the scene. >> have a lot of fun with joe morton. not tell you what they're doing. >> mayor de blasio is having bad week. just received lowest approval rate frogs the latest poll. a paltry 38% of new yorkers approve of the job he is doing, given decline of quality of life in new york city, no one is surprised by these numbers. he also had to embarrassingly apologize for heartfelt tweets from the mets which appeared come correctly from the mayor but were written by staffer. many ask you about ability to
8:37 am
there is facebook page dedicated to the effort with 5000 likes. there impeach de blasio page with 12,000. that has not been active in a while. in new york state there is no process which voters have a recall election? state senator tony avelo introduced a bill which would change that but it has been collecting dust-up in albany for two years of the 18 other states give voters right to return elected officials if they feel they have been sold a bill of goods. what is it about this mayor turned so many against him? even his liberal supporters say he is not progressive enough because he still believes in broken windows policing. in my opinion there is certain laziness about him, witnessed by late arrivallals and making delays in critical personnel importance and arrogance when he didn't admit the homeless crisis until he did and stubbornness with many confrontations to governor and indifference to the new yorkers with dumping in other cities to promote his personal agenda. despite all of this he remains odds-on-favorite to win a second term. doesn't new york city deserve a
8:38 am
since recall is out of the question, only thing you can do is hope for a better candidate. make sure you show up on election day and let the true
8:39 am
as an everyday business person, and not colonel sanders, why sometimes i'm just too busy to cook dinner. so, i just pick up kfc's twenty dollar family fill up with eight pieces of delicious, original recipe chicken.
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>> what are we looking at? this is new photo of the sun. center of solar system from nasa hd. we already knew what it looked like, let's face it. >> looks cool and very hot. look how hot it looks. >> the sun, by the way, some fun facts off the internet. 4.5 billion years old. it has about another 4.5 billion years left before they use up all the hydrogen. some day that thing will go away. >> by the way, this is half hour video, made up of photos taken every 12 seconds across 10 different visual spectrums. >> whatever that means. >> this was taken by the nasa solar dynamic observatory telescope. >> one other thing about the sun. it is 109 times bigger than the earth. you can't face it some day, right? it would be too hot. i will shut up now. >> sounds good. >> es especially that part.
8:42 am
>> can get get through next hour 1/2? can we talk about binge watching. >> rosanna and i are having mine more thing. >> a little tension. >> you're embracing night long-term couples. >> how are you. >> i'm doing well. >> we love it when we get company. >> that's right. we're talking about the binge tv watching, which by the way is defined as only two hours or more. that is not a whole heck of a lot of tv watching but in a new study published in the american journal of public health, those who did binge tv watch, spent two hours or more per evening had higher rates of depression and anxiety. they had sleep problems and reported increased stretch. >> should watch something funny. watch parks and recreation. that is hilarious. >> it's a funny show. watching tv so much because they are already depressed or tv watching causing depression? that is chicken and egg situation. >> problem, some of the shows are so good, "homeland" and "the affair."
8:43 am
>> the affair is depressing. everything about that show is depressing. >> i know. >> we figure out why people are depressed, content. >> thank you doctor. >> anytime. >>? yen -- >> sun is four 1/2 billion years old by the way. >> may want to limit less than go hours a day, read a book, exercise. something else more positive for the outlook. there is this one study showing a possible link with depression and anxiety. >> reading anything good lately? >> still reading "city on fire." 200 pages to go. really good. the mystery is to be solved. can't wait. >> it is book, 900 pages. >> it is amazing. >> you are really like -- >> i'm into it. i was english major. >> surprised how impresses rosanna is your reading a fairly dense book. >> i have it at home. wow, i'm going to read this book. no, not now. it is 900 pages! >> it is worth it. it is a masterpiece.
8:44 am
it was well-writ en. >> rosanna is extremely impressed. >> i'm happy to impress her. >> maybe you will be impressed by a fashion designer coming up. she is reknown for her wedding dress. she is one of the most coveted wedding dress designers around. look how gorgeous the dresses are. >> vavavoom. >> she will bring us fairly tale dresses coming up in the 9:00 hour. jumpsuit wedding dress.
8:45 am
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>> hottest show on television.
8:48 am
howard had a great song. >> yes, i have that coming up. >> it was good. >> been in my head all morning. stay tuned for that. a few spoilers in heres so, just be forewarned. lots of drama on last night's "empire." jamal is still heartbroken that his boyfriend cheated on him. >> all the drama leads to good music on "empire." hakeem is safe. held by the kidnappers for afternoon an was returned but he is definitely has some issues still in his head from it. he is a little unstable now and finds solace actually in anika, as you remember used to be engaged to his father. she has been kind of cast out. looks like she may make a comeback through him. meanwhile -- >> this is like incestuous a little bit.
8:49 am
>> it is crazy and wild. cookie is hooking up with concert promoter who promised to keep her family safe. be careful who she is sharing her bed with. looks like he is working with hakeem's kidnappers, but she doesn't know that. >> that was hot scene. >> very hot. this song is in my head and your head. >> they say the good die young. put the pedal to the metal. i'm about to take a shot, i pull slide. when they say the world is yours to score . >> bang, bang, bang. that is catchy. next wednesday night at 9:00. find out what happens next on "empire." >> i have to watch. i will have something to talk about with you two. >> you feel like you're left out. >> binge on it. don't worry about dr. raj said
8:50 am
it will lift you up. some shows. very sad story. melissa matheson, screenwriter brought us "et." she passed away. she died saturday after battling neuroendocrine cancer. she was married to actor harrison ford 20 years before they divorced. they had two children. steven spielberg when he read the first draft, only took an hour, he was willing to start shooting next day. >> that was fantastic movie. >> they teamed up again for a year. we'll see her final work with her. melissa matheson work will live on forever. >> very talented news. santa conn is back. the date is december 12th. >> rosanna and i decided we're doing it. >> we are. >> you want to join us?
8:51 am
>> some people are deciding to hunker down at home. people have mixed feelings about the santacon. >> when it gets more controversial rosanna and i get more intrigued. >> we'll go undercover. >> i quill go with you guys. >> i will be naughty. greg likes that. raised his eyebrows. sounds like they're trying to get santas to be better based. they posted a santa code on website, reading in part. santa spreads joy, not terror, not vomit, not trash. tree? >> no, i wouldn't. >> we'll go and be only mildly misbehaving santas. >> okay. you never know. >> thanks. >> speaking of hanukkah, the fat jewish will be on with me. >> this guy is very interesting. instagram super-duper star. >> six million followers. getting all of the endorsement deals. he is really branching out. i actually got a chance to go
8:52 am
into his home. we played around. i dressed up as a pizza for him. >> this is what he goes by, right? this is the knicks name the jewish? >> yeah. >> he calls him the fat jew.
8:53 am
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