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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  November 19, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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ox 5 news this is "good day early call". juliet: not the best news to wake up to. isis is a threat to new york city has been the iran police commissioner hold an unusually late news conference to calm people's years. antwan: is the mastermind behind the attacks federal law? he was not among those arrested in yesterday's rating. we have the latest. heather: bill deblasio in battle with chris christie's plan to reject refugees. hear what he had to say. name calling on their. antwan: robert: antwan lewis in for ben simmoneau. juliet: i am juliet huddy, good to see on november 19th. i will be working covering the
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parade that day. you know how assignments can change. i will be here. so any plans? juliet: i just moved. you are all invited. talk about last night. except for you. antwan: nice gray and purple, both there. >> meteorologist: let's show you what we have, do we have any rain yet? no, we do not expected. is to the west of us but a pretty solid line of showers making slow progress, we will get through the morning commute with out having to deal with the rain fallout the. temperaturewise 58 degrees at central park, 59 in newark, 58 and allentown, 52 in monticello cough definitely a model start to the day, temperatures warrior
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than normal, warmer than one average highs are for this time of year. we have more clouds in the area keeping the warmer temperaturess, kind of staying put because cloud cover holds it down and we have a southerly flow ahead of the rain that will be coming in to the tristate region. cold front, war front swinging in our direction, we will begin mid day or shortly thereafter, showers and a few thunderstorms, maybe some good rain out of its. high temperatures 65 degrees as the front passes by, it is out of here in time for tomorrow so the commute should be fine as far as morning is concerned through the upcoming weekend, things looking tried but on the cooler side as well. let's get you to ines rosales, at 4:30. >> we have construction delays out there. staten island, no problems on
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the bridge, that should open up soon, westchester crossing the tappan zee bridge, if you are traveling on the george washington bridge, wrapping up construction on the upper levels so you can see traffic, 5 to 10 minutes but once you pick everything up it will be cleared out. lincoln tunnel doing fine, the holland tunnel looking good, and train so southbound orting express from 59th street to kings highway, the rest of the trains on or close. juliet: serious stuff, the french prime minister is warning that associates of those involved in friday's paris attack could use chemical and biological weapons. antwan: pieces written n.y. city, and bill deblasio and police commissioner bill bratton are responding to the warning. juliet: liz dahlem joins us with an update on the story. >> reporter: good morning, not
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too often use year of the nehru and police commissioner holding a press conference at 11:00 at night. that shows you they wanted to calm people's fusing york city and address this issue head on. isis released this video and has disturbing images of locations across the city like here in times square. the police commissioner and now a year saying there is no credible threat at this time. times square, herald square, yellow taxicabs, these are some of the still images from the latest isis propaganda videos showing a suicide bomber putting on an explosive vest and pulling the trigger on the streets of new york city. police commissioner bill bratton says the city is a constant target and on highland the video is something new. >> previously released video. the compilation of videos going back to one in august directed against germany, one in october
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directed against israel, 19 seconds of a 5 minute video released today, scenes of new york. >> reporter: the nypd deployed additional counterterrorism teams throughout the city. the officers were specialty trained and equipped to deal with active shooter scenarios. >> we have initiated the first wave of critical response command, 500 plus officers specifically dedicated to anti-terrorism activities. >> reporter: the nypd continued to work closely with the fbi. director of homeland security saying there's no specific threat in the united states and encourage people not to live in fear. >> we continue to encourage the public to travel, attend public events and freely associate but remain vigilant and aware. >> reporter: commissioner bill bratton has the same message for new yorkers and millions of tourists that will come to the city to celebrate the holiday.
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coming into the city, celebrate, be aware but do not be afraid. >> reporter: encouraging words from the police commissioner. as he wrapped up the press conference he has strong words for new yorkers and anyone who might be visiting here. tomorrow or in weeks coming, the nypd will protect you. they have the finest department in the nation, he said. live in times square, back inside to you. juliet: thanks very much. in paris the fate of abdelhamid abaaoud isn't clear. there were widespread reports he was captured or killed during the raid and officials have not confirmed if he is indeed among the two dad. >> we are trying to identify the terrorists that are dead or anybody that could be involved.
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yesterday's rape which captured eight people stopped imminent attacks on a shopping center in the business district, police have a related european neighbors to be on the lookout for a vehicle that could be carrying salah abdelslam handled logistics and rented one of the vehicles used in the attack. juliet: antwan: hillary clinton will deliver a major policy address to lay out a strategy for defeating isis. her campaign says she will outline a plan for combating radical jihad more broadly. clinton has been criticized for not doing enough during last week's debate. >> this cannot be an american flight although american leadership is essential. is important to understand your adversary in order to figure out how they are thinking, what they react. >> reporter: bernie sanders is expected to speak at georgetown
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how the world community can defeat isis. juliet: whether or not to allow cn refugees in the country. juliet: antwan: teresa priolo has more from the newsroom. >> reporter: opinions on state, local, federal level split on the controversial and emotional issue, those who say we are a nation of immigrants and those who believe we must protect our own. >> i would like to know what chris christie says about this. >> reporter: the image that echoed crowned the world, that of a 3-year-old syrian boy dead on the beach trying to escape the hardships of war. now is being used to highlight the refugee crisis facing the united states. >> is this what happens to children? we don't exceed that in new york city. >> reporter: bill deblasio called out chris christie for his hard line stance on rejecting those seeking asylum. chris christie believes president obama's plan to accept
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and thousand refugees poses a security threat. >> fbi director, and that these people, and that should be the end of the conversation about syrian refugees. >> reporter: this opinion shared by half of the nation's governors and many in congress who will consider legislation requiring three national security teams to certify that each refugee is not a threat. the fbi would also have to certify the background checks. opponents say it was all but shut down a refugee program. president obama has vowed to veto it and criticized republicans for what he calls anti-american stance. >> they are scared of widows and orphans coming into the united states of america. >> reporter: there are those who believe terrorists might try to infiltrate the syrian refugee program and do us harm. if those in congress who failed to halt the program, the governors of 30 states who are
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can stop it by existing law which requires local agencies and nonprofits to cooperate with the state's. of those agencies failed to stem the tide in the states might try to shut down non-government agencies, non-government organizations, that often bring these people in. that is the latest in a newsroom, back to both of you. juliet: isis released a photo of a bomb that took down a russian passenger jet. explosives were put inside it can of pineapple soda. the plane blew up november 2nd killing of 224 people on board. security experts examine the picture, a simple device like airliner. russia will hunt down the terrorists responsible. the lead on "good day early day. antwan: popular among many holiday wish lists, but her boards are banned in new york city.
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59 in newark, 57 in a islip and so 6 as well as montauk, a lot of clouds from the tristate region but rainmakers not on top of us yet, winds from the south southeast at 6 to 12 miles per hour, warmer wind direction, men at ground levels, more or less acting like a blanket but showers just now coming across pennsylvania and a lot more stirred down to the south, slow-moving cold front that will come this way and heavier batch of showers in the mid-atlantic region and that should hold together and slide in our direction and bring a good amount of rain but doesn't get here for a little while so you get through the morning commute, but later in the afternoon those showers are on top of us, most of the light to moderate rain with heavier pockets from time to time, this goes up until close to midnight before it shuts down for most of us and is out of here by tomorrow morning and we will be done with rainfall and things will be
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quite good from that point forward but there will be more cool air making a come back in the tristate over the weekend but today it is on the warm side, high temperatures 65 degrees, showers possible in the mid to late morning hours and look like it continues into this evening and tonight and then should shutdown by midnight, should be nice and sunny tomorrow, cool and dry this coming weekend, high temperatures in normal range in the law were 30s near 32 degrees coming up by early next week, there's a live interactive radar, you can keep track of rainfall does it heads into town or get out of town, the apple itunes store or google play store, it is free, ines isn't that thes, here we go again. ines: no problems in new jersey, 82, 87, morris county doing fine, you concede it is looking
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county, 84, 64, all green, going to cameras look at the long island expressway, traffic moving fine westbound and eastbound, 59th street bridge go to that camera shot, upper and lower level manhattan bound, queenstown we are ok, george washington bridge traffic flow on the upper level, and construction wrapped up causing this slowdown, should be gone in ten minutes, no issues. back to you. >> ingraham did smart phones play a role for terrorists trying to communicate secretly. juliet: law enforcement wants tech companies to take it easier to crack the code. dan bowen has more on the balancing and one from privacy concerns to national security. >> from google and apple, just about every smart phone can't be unlocked with out a user's pass receiving by companies themselves. this is a point of frustration for law enforcement officials across the country.
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calling for new federal rules. >> is affecting our ability to do the job. >> reporter: new encryption features has impacted criminal cases in new york city. >> reporter: 111 cases in our office and we have not been able to access the iphones to gather evidence ranging from homicide cases. >> reporter: direct access to phones. >> we are asking for designers for these operating systems to respond, for search warrants. >> fbi director also speaking at the sixth annual financial crimes in cybersecurity symposium, u.s. investigators have been frustrated by isis's use of encryption. >> if they find somebody who might kill on their behalf, they move to mobile messaging apps.
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and the needle searching the nation to find those invisible to us. >> not just about terrorism, but dealing with day to day crime. >> reporter: bill bratton aware of the balance from security and privacy. >> the world of new technology constantly changing, we do find in the middle in trying to balance those issues. >> reporter: critics say the proposal puts people's personal information at risk, supporters call it a necessity for public safety. dan bowen, fox 5 news. juliet: if you are thinking of buying one of those new hover boards as a gift for the holidays or yourself, probably should avoid that if you are in the city. they are now illegal. the self balancing devices are considered motor vehicles under state law kind of like the segway and can't registered so if you are caught writing one on
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could get hit with a $500 fine. they are kind of cool but lot of people get on them -- still ahead willett the thumbs-up or thumbs down for ryan fitzpatrick this weekend?
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in the free time to get you out the door. the morning commute looking good. it will be mild, 58 at central park, 59 and newark, 57 islip, pretty uniform around the tristate, no rainfall to speak of yet, by mid morning shower chances will pick up a bit as the front gets closer and we will see solid rain later in the day along with a decent amount of wind, high temperatures 65 and by tomorrow is out of here, temperatures through this weekend, over to you. juliet: it is going to rain
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everywhere today. thanks very much, this is a sad story. i saw this this morning, it is heartbreaking, heartbreaking story, former quarterback doug fluty lost both of his parents. they have been married 56 years and died within an hour of each other. his dad died of a heart attack in the hospital and in less than an hour is mom passed away also from a heart attack. afterwards he posted on facebook they say you can't die of a broken heart and i believe it. i would like to honor my mom and dad for all they did for about my and my brother's and sister's lives. ben: one of my all-time players. he had an opportunity to interview him and talk to him, just a wonderful guy. my heart goes out to them. he and his family's. duke: ryan fitzpatrick is not
4:54 am
on the sideline, the jets' quarterback underwent surgery the day after thursday night's loss to the bills that gang green getting ready to face the texans in houston and they were at practice yesterday and here is ryan fitzpatrick, broke that from the few weeks ago against oakland, the coach taking it one day at a time but fitzpatrick declared he is ready to start. >> coming out of any surgery, i didn't feel great for a couple days, i was groggy and trying to get over all that. i feel lot better today than i did yesterday and hopefully take the same step tomorrow. i wasn't sure what to expect. >> we didn't give him anything. duke: we will find out if he plays the texans sunday at 1:00 p.m.. in basketball nets looking for
4:55 am
their second straight win against the hornets. let's pick things up in the fourth quarter, hornets find jeremy lin striking in for the reverse lay in, sean up 4, later in the fourth, jerry jack from downtown nailing the three and they cut the lead to 1, they will go up but lewis is off to the races, jeremy lin mrs. it, for the pushback, hornets when 116-111. the rangers are itching for tonight's rematch in tampa going against the lightning for the first time since the game 7 elimination in the eastern conference finals last season adding fuel to the fire, rangers could win their tenth straight game with a franchise record, and the head coach expects the team to get fired up when they hit the ice. >> everybody in that room knows the team that eliminated us from
4:56 am
year, the seventh game, third period going in 00, so from our standpoint it is a big game and a serious game and i expect our guys to be highly motivated and very ready when they step on the ice tomorrow. duke: not a lot of fight for 60 days. the u.s. c said she is under medical suspension. also has to undergo a head cd's can. if there's any damage, she could be out another six months. is second round she knocked out a kick to the head. he was taken to the hospital, had to get stitches on her when it. she did.
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in baseball chicago cubs won the sy young award in the national league, posted a record of 22-6 with earned run average of one.77 but over the last three months of the season record was 14-1 with an era of 0.175 andrew a no-hitter and almost another one later in the season. houston astros, a record of 20-8 with and run average of 2.48 finishing second with david price of the toronto blue jays followed by sunny gray of the oakland as and that is a look exports. antwan: she was covered with a shawl. she got hit hard. scary. she got beat up before that too. thanks so much.
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