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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  January 1, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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greg and rosanna are gone. highs only in the low to mid 40s today. even cooler tomorrow. the coldest weather of this winter so far on its way. liz: good by 2015. hello 2016. an estimated 1 million people fill times square to watch the ball drop. ben: new year's fireworks up in rochester. authorities arrested a man they say was planning a terror attack in the city. officials got word of a suicide bomb plot. liz: firefighters are battling a big fire at a sort church in
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ben: clubs and faced alabama. yesterday, clemson defeated oklahoma. liz: we will have more on that. happy new year. ben: happy new year to you. it always feels like a fresh start. ben: mike woods is off on the holidays. night. it was a good night. a chilly night. exciting stuff. >> last year was so much cooler. >> it was.
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christmas, two. >> we will start to turn a little bit colder. we really do have a great stretch of weather coming up. we will see that sunshine. quite cloudy and kind of gray. sunshine will be on the way. right now, 39 degrees. thirty and monticello. forty right now and islip. dragging in the drier air. chilly air. probably a little bit closer to the freezing mark. wearing the heavier jackets, again. lots of clouds north and west. the flurries will not be able to
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carolinas. that is moving away from us. upper 30s and 40s. slowly climbing. we start to feel the difference. when chill tomorrow about 20. still pretty good on sunday. tuesday, this is the afternoon high. thirty-three. right above freezing. all this weather we had from last march. lots of sunshine out there will keep things dry. good morning. very busy on the roadways this morning.
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little bit. we do have a few problem spots. route 17, traveling northbound, right by union avenue. an accident involved a downed pole. all lanes still closed. a live look outside at the inbound george washington bridge. at is free and clear. 495. traveling inbound. no cars on the roadway here. trains are all on or close to schedule. we can schedule today. do check your time tables. the meter rules suspended for the new year. ben: thank you very much. 7:04 a.m. new york city ushered in the new year.
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watch the ball drop. fox5 robert moses is in times square with more. >> good morning. the sanitation department has done a beautiful job getting it cleaned up. these workers cannot afford to nurse any hangovers. they have to be in tip top condition. yesterday was 2015. today 2016 is here. your new year's resolutions may include eating less or exercising more. the department of sanitation resolves to get times square cleaned up fast. nearly 200 workers are cleaning up the party hats, noisemakers,
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fun that was had here. last year, the sanitation department said it removed more than 48 tons of debris. 2016 got off to a rousing start as the confetti fell. about 1 million people gathered here under the watchful eye of nearly 6000 police officers seen and unseen. everything went off without a hitch. it gave them plenty of time to look back on 2015 and make resolutions. >> be happy. travel around the world did.
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for why waited till 2016 to do that? >> will you marry me? yes. she said yes. >> reporter: that proposal went very well. 2016 will be a good year. speaking of the cleanup, it is a hercules task. deputy chief, great to see you. happy new year to you. tell me how the cleanup is going. just using the eye test, it looks like things have gone very well. >> the atmosphere was electric. >> reporter: tell me about the manpower in the machine power that you guys are using to get all of this stuff cleaned up.
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we ran 26. forty people. >> it seems like the weather cooperated. the wind has not been that high today. >> we got to it. >> any particular challenges this year? >> you look in the background. it made it a little difficult for us. we have to actually manually sweep it and manually blow it out. >> reporter: that took a little longer than usual. >> definitely. it looks like the task is pretty well done.
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it puts us back down to 75. >> two steps forward, one step back. what are your hopes for the new year? any goals, any resolutions? >> a dedicated workforce. >> i love working with the people around me. >> he got here at 6:00 o'clock he will be here until about 9:00 o'clock this morning. >> new york's strongest. this is what we do. >> thank you so much. great to see you. great work. the whole sanitation department.
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back to you. >> they have done a great job. big pieces of confetti. it looks great. liz: impressive. robert moses, thank you very much. a church in new jersey this morning. >> flame shot out of the roof. the three alarm fire was so to pull back. the church was added to the places. it was listed as one of the most dangerous historic sites in new jersey. largely out. there is not a lot left.
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rochester. a man accused of planning a new year's eve terrorist attack. ben: planning to carry out the attack on behalf of isis. that is not the only threat that authorities were concerned about. >> antwan lewis. >> reporter: good morning. he is being called a lone wolf. >> several authorities have charged the man with attempting to provide support to terrorists. planning an attack at a bar in rochester on new year's eve. he got knives, machetes, schematics and ammonia from a walmart to carry out his threats. executing a large scale event targeting innocent people.
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be a target. we are asking our residents to be safe and vigilant. >> reporter: prosecutor say he described himself as an islamic state brother. agreeing to kill dozens. another new year's eve plot broken up this time in germany. they got a tip that isis was planning attacks with five-seven suicide bombers. authorities used facebook to get the word out. police taking no chance at public safety. the would-be bombers known to german authorities. back here at home, many are calling it a certain reminder. not just major holidays, but all year round. >> isis is preying on them. the quality is they communicate by the internet which gives us a
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they do their act. >> paid undercover informants. appearing to tip off their german counterparts. liz: thank you so much. a luxury high rise in dubai smoldering this morning. ben: tearing through the hotel. everybody managed to get out. at least 16 people were injured here and the fire did hold it spectacular new year's celebration. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. paul francis has delivered his new year's message. liz: during mass. he called for in and of that ignorance. ben: a new year's eve tragedy. a man died being crushed in an elevator accident while saving
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>> it happened around 1130 yesterday. the man is stalled elevator. he was crushed when he tried to get out. it took 20-30 minutes for officers to arrived. he was rushed to the hospital where he was reported dead. arrested for robbing a man in brooklyn. ben: police say the suspect pushed and kicked the victim in front of a house. then took off with his wallet. the victim was treated and released. charged with property and assault. liz: bill cosby embracing his silence. in a simple tweet he wrote,
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ben: that is it. he was arraigned this week on sexual assault charges. assaulting a former employee back in 2004. the charges are no surprise coming after a hotly contested election. made a focal point. his wife testified in a defamation lawsuit brought against her husband by seven they claim his statements were false and accusatory. the federal judge denied that of course, no morning show would be complete without telling you year. liz: point exactly at midnight at coney island hospital in brooklyn.
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he and mom stephanie are doing great. coney island hospital also had the first baby of 2015. ben: very well-timed. mike woods is enjoying the holiday morning off. samantha is in. >> perhaps he is recovering somewhere. i have a funny picture in my head did i know we had a good time last night, hopefully you did, too. it was the warmest december on record. we smashed the old record. temperature. we will wait for the official numbers to come out. were this day was 72. that was on christmas eve. coldest temperature 34. frame.
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down to 39 degrees. ten-15 miles per hour. we will start to clear things out. it will make it feel good. monticello, your wind chill is 21. thirty-nine in central park. have that heavier jacket handy for the next couple of days. lots of louts. us. we have higher pressure building in. rain showers using out to see. moving in. digging through the timeline this afternoon. not bad. snow showers just to the north and west.
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temperatures for you in the low 40s. nice bright weekend. here comes the cooler weather. thirty-six for your monday. check out tuesday. we will hang onto the sunshine and colder weather. look at the roads and rails. happy new year. we do have a few trouble spots. overall, not too bad. let's begin in new jersey. route 17. all lanes closed. right by union avenue for an accident involving a downed traffic signal. down in south translate. in accident investigation. trouble in connecticut now by 95. traveling southbound. right by exit for ingrid which. that takes out at least one lane.
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starting to reopen. the areas are reopening did it will be safe to travel through midtown right now. a look at the fdr drive. clear by 23rd street. northbound and southbound. alternate side parking rules and meter rules are suspended for the new year. liz and then, back to you. liz: thank you. gathering in the port of san francisco to ring in the new year. ben: look at that. this is how it looked. good day, on this january 1, is coming right back.
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stationed here in kuwait. with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich.
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for under 400 calories.
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liz: more than 300,000 people ushering in 2016.
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a 4-mile long strip. turning into a lengthy pedestrian mall. that is actually pretty nice. the sidewalks are always chance. it is hard to walk. liz: very nice. it looks great. a fun party spot. 6500 more pages of e-mails from hillary clinton. some of them have now been marked last of five. two of them have been declared secrets. she did not send or receive information. classifying this month since the review began.
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it has been a bit more than he expected. liz: campaign manager. he said he kept cutting heads with one of the advisors. dropping from second to fourth. raising $23 million last quarter. one month to turn things around before the iowa caucus. >> many of us have committed to resolutions. liz: pledges could have an impact on other people. >> beyond working on his golf game, much improved in recent years, president obama has a lengthy list goes resolutions for 2018.
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>> we will squeeze every last ounce of progress that we can make. >> reporter: the other big goal for 2016 is helping to defeat whichever republican wins the gop nomination next year. especially if it is donald trump who appears to get under the president's skin. >> i think the democratic nominee will win. i think i will have a democratic successor. >> it will be essential to keep the president's agenda intact for the coming years. pushing items like gun-control. the transpacific trade real. things that can be
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does not alienate voters come november. >> if he is serious about elect and the nominee, he will have to find ways to become less controversial and appeal to a broader section of the public. can he do it? i do not know. the president will be looking ahead to a new year that could well determine his legacy. in washington, fox news. >> i forget what flavor he gets. it looks good. ben: the home of the indianapolis speedway. a car drop. >> a suspended car over indianapolis. making its way back to 2016. all right.
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ben: look at that. 2016. it will stay cloudy. a little colder out there. liz: you feel a difference. >> i think so. moving towards the manhattan skyline. liz: people up and that it is early morning. >> good morning, everyone. liz: thank you so much for joining us. 2016. >> a big change coming. a great week. no problems.
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cooler. >> the weather around christmas was very unnatural. >> yesterday i even went for a run in shorts. maybe, we will see some of our first snowflakes, as well. we have writer whether i had. you can see that we are turning colder. going down a little bit. our normal high as 39. we will still be a touch above that. we are going to be looking at sunshine. that is good news. some people out and about. maybe getting started on their new year's resolutions.
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in newark. this time as compared to yesterday at this time we are about five-degrees colder. bottom line, chilly weather coming our way. if we show you the bigger picture, high pressure does extend back off. low pressure out to see. away from us. we have some flurries to the north and west. feeling a little bit like january. temperatures in the upper 30s. nice and dry straight into this evening. have a heavier jacket handy. sunshine continues sunday into monday. we are looking pretty good. having that sunshine as we headed to the later part of the
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the daily and hourly forecast. you can find it on the apple itunes store. now we will head over to kelly dylan. >> happy new year. pretty quiet over all the area roadways. that is our hotspot this morning. avenue. we have an accident involving a downed traffic signal. right by these delays. that takes out at least one lane right by exit for. a live look outside by the brooklyn bridge. nice and quiet. the bqe also doing nice. no problems to report on the fdr drive.
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trains are on or close to schedule. to check with your time tables. those meter walls suspended for the new year. back to you. ben: thank you very much. 734 now. >> minimum-wage hikes are increasing. workers. fast food workers in new york city. juliet huddy has more on that. she is live on the upper east side. good morning. >> good morning. you see the golden arch behind me. there are quite a few new yorkers behind me. they are the fast food workers, the restaurant servers and other
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they will see their paychecks jump. quite a bit in some cases. it is jumping from a dollars and $0.75 to $9 an hour. not a huge bump, obviously. those fast food workers, specifically. during the fight for 15. they will be seeing a pretty nice job. going up to $10 an hour. it will be up to $9.75 an hour. they are inching their way to that goal of $15 an hour. not everybody, obviously, is cheering. a lot of them feel like they just will not be able to sustain what they have. also, they say, look, if we have
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pay our employees, they will have to come up with more money to pay for the higher bills. on january 19, investigators looking into certain missing child cases. it will be very helpful. specifically in cases where they feel like a parent or legal guardian could be involved. more protection. new legislation. tougher penalties for human traffickers. tough new penalties. nationally, there are some items of interest. gun laws are getting tougher in california. in texas, they will be a lot easier. finally, in hawaii. you have to be 18 to join the military. twenty-one to buy or use cigarettes. we are live on the upper east
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happy new year. ben: see you in a little bit. >> newly released e-mails. investigate. all coordinating their response and months after a white officer fatally shot a black teen. ben: do that case could be, politically explosive. the clip was not made public until five weeks ago. more than a year after it happened. some protesters say it believe that.
7:35 am
a cost of more than $700,000. that works out to $1620 it means each member of the unit will have their own gun. the city has agreed to a tentative contract. similar to what police say. the union 7000 members still approved back on track. and medal of honor. >> awarded the military's highest broadcast of the. carpenter was released on bond. police do not believe that alcohol or drugs are a factor in
7:36 am
the mothered of the affluenza teenager is back in the u.s. >> tonia couch is being held on $1 million bail in los angeles. they both fled to mexico last month. whether even violated his probation. he killed four people. he has used the affluence of defense. making it possible for him to tell right from wrong. he remains in mexico. the city's new speed cameras catching a record number of motorists. >> handling out more than 1 million tickets. an additional $50 million.
7:37 am
the nypd is giving drivers 30000. >> we continue our look at new year's celebrations around the world. >> there we go. 20000 people admired the display. shooting off from the space needle itself.
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dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4. that's breakfast whenevs. ben: a nice start to 2016. a little chilly air. it will improve, i think, over time.
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this woman is walking down the street alone. everyone else is sleeping off their party from last night. >> that is true. why does pop the cork off champagne if you can do this? competition. >> that is a lot. they each had one minute to open as many bottles as they could. the winner, 50? sixty-six is the record. ben: you have seen him do this?
7:40 am
one shot. i did not do it. i was standing back holding my ears. i don't like opening up the champagne on a regular day. >> the champagne not to go to waste. you know, we are celebrating now. it will start to feel more like january. bridgeport. winds out of the west.
7:41 am
that is where they will say. high pressure is now building in. dry weather pushing in. thirty-nine-35. just a touch warmer than normal. for your saturday, 41. there was though cold weather monday, tuesday. if you want more details, your daily and hourly forecast. you can download it at the apple itunes store. some good stuff on that weather at. we have big stuff on the roads. >> new jersey is our hotspot. we only have accidents elsewhere. finally fell asleep after
7:42 am
let's begin in rutherford. also, just getting word of an accident now. right by 135. at least one lane. south brunswick could all lanes still closed. a live look outside. the tappan zee bridge. things nice and quiet. moving okay. also no trouble. that is in great shape. trains are all on or close to schedule. they are on a holiday or weekend schedule. keep that in mind. rules suspended for the new year. back to you. >> duke is off this morning. we had sports today. i am just kidding.
7:43 am
orange bowl. running it in here in a second. clemson goes on to win it. they advanced to the national championship. they won the whole thing. >> number two, alabama. already up 17 in the third. crimson tide. thirty-eight-zero the final. the 24-year-old posted this picture from his hospital bed on instagram. a simple celebration of a
7:44 am
turning into a day that will change my life forever, but for the better. sources tell fox5 he may have been set up. >> we talked to our guys about the situation. being a public figure, so to speak. here is where the story gets even more bizarre. someone threw a molotov cocktail yesterday morning. not sure if it is connected to the earlier case. >> the islanders up in buffalo. no score in the second.
7:45 am
this is a fun story. >> yours sincerely. offering 20 cocktails on tap. the idea is to be able to deliver fast and cheap. drinks run between four and $9. the city charged creating the menu of cocktails. >> the cocktail all into the same realm. they mixed really well. >> that is quite the beard. opens this saturday. if i was in bushwick, they would
7:46 am
facial hair. >> you have to keep them fresh. >> in georgia they celebrate the new year. >> dropping a massive 800-pound. beginning to fall. the largest new year's eve celebration. january 1. 2016.
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how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. hurry, offers end january 4th! after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it' s something you earn. brookside.
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ben: we are back. i was accused of being crotchety this morning. liz: no, i don't. do you? a lot more goes into making my hair look okay. >> your hair what they put no matter what. a sad story this morning. after wayne rogers has died. he passed away yesterday after
7:49 am
pneumonia. he also starred in the nbc detective city of angels. he was 82 years old. george lucas is apologizing for comments he made about disney. he referred to the star wars film. he said he was very intimately involved. >> i sold them to the white slavers. [laughter] >> refereeing to disney. he changed his tune. he said i misspoke and use a very inappropriate analogy. he chose disney because he respects the company. clinton tarantino.
7:50 am
of dollars. 2012. two screenwriters claimed he stole from their script. there are many similarities. the key plot point that tarantino allegedly stole is when he returned to free his wife rubber plantation owner. they registered this script hack in 2004. they discussed him directing the film. put up on a website. it grossed 425 and again dollars worldwide. >> i don't want to be accused. >> okay. good.
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we are all set. all right. ben: time now for the facebook fan of the hour. mendez. liz: if you would like to be our facebook fan of the hour, just like our facebook page. ben: good day is coming right
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>> from fox 5 news, this is "good day new york." >> good -- today, new york, it is january 1st, 2016. i'm ben simmoneau. >> i'm liz dahlem. good to say that. >> scary we're more than halfway through the decade already. >> we're saying how quickly it goes. a drier and cooler day to kick off the new year with highs in the mid 40s. samantha has the forecast coming up. >> here is to h healthy and happy 2016. about a million people helped,er in the new year in times square. this morning cleanup crews are busy doing their thing. >> historic west orange church in new jersey goes up in flames. the raging fire is now under control but not before doing significant damage to st. marks episcopal church. >> bill cosby is breaking
7:53 am
friends and fans, thank you. looks like his wife will have to testify in defamation lawsuit brought against her husband by assault. >> with the new year comes minimum wage hikes for thousands of workers. we'll have all the details coming up on that. >> a couple other new laws going into effect around the country on this january 1st. yes, indeed did you have a nice >> i did. >> you went out? >> i went out with friends. we went to tony dinapli's with a group friends. home right after the ball drop. it was low-key. >> impressed you made it out past midnight. samantha and i were in bed. we missed the ball drop. >> much earlier morning. >> thought about having my husband wake me up to see the ball drop. >> same thing every year. >> get used to missing it. my third year in a row being fast asleep. >> you guys have resolution.
7:54 am
i probably should, i don't know. haven't even thought about it. >> i try to tell myself not going to complain. i feel like i commodity plain a lot when it is cold in here but i'm tired. live a healthy, happy lifestyle. this and that. we do have changes coming into the new year. we've been very, very warm. so warm for christmas and december as a whole, it was a record-breaker. the warmest december on record by far. i think we shattered the old record by about seven degrees. so now we'll see the changes. it will feel more like winter and more like january. here is a few records for this day, new year's day and in 1869 nine inches of snow. we haven't even had one snowflake. we had the winter mix northwest of here but central park we haven't had it. wettette, 1888, two inches of rain. coldest, negative 8 degrees in 1918.
7:55 am
it is winter after all. it is january and will start to feel more like it. 39 degrees right now with westerly wind of 10 miles per hour. windchills in the 30s. temps northwest of us. we're down to 39 degrees. cold weather will creep in our direction next couple days. starting the day off a gray note. southwest there is high pressure and drier air. it nudge into the day and kick this storm far out to say away from us. we'll look pretty good. for the afternoon we'ring mainly cloudy did i skies with sunshine. normal high is 39 so just a smidge warmer than normal. chilly evening come temps go down to 40. weekend, surgeon any with a breeze. feels colder out there, monday, tuesday, wednesday.
7:56 am
by tuesday, temperatures hover the day. bright. our direction. we'll check into your traffic. kelly, good morning. happy new year. how are we doing out there? >> good morning sam. happy new year. a few problems on the roadways. route 17 in new jersey by rutherford a serious accident. a traffic signal fell down with this. that should be closed quite some time as crews around the scene working to repair that. accident investigation still ongoing brunswick route 1 by dean's landing. all lanes closed and detoured. parkway. an accident unfortunately here. this is the backup. two lanes are out. delays really starting to build.
7:57 am
inboard george upstairs, downstairs that is great. not seeing any trouble on 495 traveling towards inbound lincoln. holland is in great shape. trains are all or close on schedule. meter rules are suspended for the new year. liz and ben, back to you. >> kelly, thank you very much. one million people around the world filled times square to ring in the new year. >> the crowd waited several hours for the county down to 2016. now that the celebration is over the cleanup is underway. it moves quickly as it always does. fox 5's robert moses standing in middle of tidy times square just eight hours after the big moment >> reporter: ben, even hard to tell there was biggest party in the world here. of the sanitation department did a really good job consider
7:58 am
the a few pieces roe conn fet at this littering the -- rogue confetti littering the plaza and revelers are home in their beds and 2016 on us. while your resolutions may include eat hing less or exercising more the department employed 200 workers with mechanical sweepers blowers, brooms, collection trucks to clean up the party hearts, noisemakers, confetti, other evidence was had here. you think your party gets messy? you got nothing on times square. last year the sanitation department said it removed more than 48 tons of debris. how much longer will your guys be out here? looks like the task is pretty well done, but how much longer left? >> what happens we have 85%. but we still get residual confetti blows off the buildings which put us back down to 75. we have to recap streets and
7:59 am
we get it done eventually. >> is, six, five, four, three, one. happy new year. >> reporter: 2016 got off to rousing start as confetti fell. public displays of affection were totally okay, encouraged in fact. one million people gathered here under watchful eyes of nearly 6,000 police officers seen and unseen. despite fears of an attack everything went off without a hitch. those who gathered here waited for hours, which give them plenty of time to look back on 2015 and make resolutions for 2016. >> get better grades. >> live more intentionally with everything i do. >> be happy and travel around the around the world. >> i want to get engaged. >> reporter: why wait until 2016 to do that. >> will you marry me? will you? >> yes.
8:00 am
new years is off to very good start. she said yes. he's happy and everything is all good. the barricades, many of them have been broken down. this had been a maze of barricades in times square but now, all the barricades and many of the people have gone home. all the best for 2016. that is the latest. live from times square this morning as the fire department says hello every there. ben and liz, back to you. >> tell them we said hello. nice work about all involved. robert moses, thank you very much. a rage being inferno ungulfed a histic church in west orange, new jersey. >> massive flames shot out the roof and windows of st. marks episcopal church. in 1977 the church was added to the national register of historic places. in 1996 it was listed as one of the 10 most endangered historic sites in new jersey.
8:01 am
>> that is very sad. upstate new york a man accused of plotting a terror attack in rawter on new year's eve. >> 25-year-old emanuel lynch man was arrested by fbi -- lynch man. the terror plot affected celebrations. >> reporter: absolutely, liz. the suspect is called a lone wolf but firms stop ad plan involving multiple people. federal charges -- authorities charged 25-year-old emanuel lynch man. a career criminal, got knives, machete, ski mask and ammonia. according to documents he met with undercover informants to get instruction executing a large-scale event targeting innocent people. >> we all must acknowledge in today's day and age, any place
8:02 am
so we're asking our residents to be safe and vigilant. not just tonight but every day and knife. >> reporter: prosecutors said he described himself as islamic state brother pledging oath of allegiance to the terror group by pledging to kill dozens on its half. a plot was broken up in germany. they got a tip that isis was planning attacks with five to seven suicide bomb is. authorities to used facebook to get out word of possible threat hour 1/2 before midnight. two munich train stations were evacuated with people taking no chances with public safety. local media outlets said the would-be bombers were iraqi nationals known to german authorities. many here at home said the arrest was reminder to remain vigilant not just at holidays but year-round. >> disaffected individuals are everywhere and isis is preying on them. the redeeming quality they communicate by the internet
8:03 am
catch them before they do their dastardly act. >> reporter: fbi used paid informants to catch him and french officials appeared to tip off their german counterparts. ben? >> anton, thank you very much. 8:10. a new year's eve tragedy on lower es east side of manhattan. a man died on elevator accident while saving the live after woman. >> it hapappened last night at 11:30 on broom street. the 25-year-old man was installed elevator, when it stalled he shoved a 45-year-old woman out but he was crushed trying to get out. it took 20 or 30 minutes for rescuers to arrive. seems like a long time. he was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced did. the building had three current violations for elevator defects. two teenagers were arrested for beating and robbing a man in brooklyn. >> brutal attack on monday was
8:04 am
the suspects punched and kicked the 55-year-old victim in front of a house on avenue m. the victim was treated and released. the 17 and 19-year-old were charged were robbery and assault. the body of staff sergeant lou wills bonacasa returned home to long island. >> dozens of airmen stood in formation as the man arrived in west hampton beach. the sergeant was one of six american airmen killed last week during a suicide bombing in afghanistan. he was serving his fourth tour of duty. >> lewis bonocasa recognized the danger on that fateful day december 21st and moved aggressively to defend the people that were under his charge. >> the funeral for the sergeant will be held tomorrow morning a new beginnings christian center in his home town of quorum. >> our thoughts and prayers with
8:05 am
>> absolutely. comedian bill cosby is breaking his silence but not saying too much. in a simple tweet he wrote, quote, friends and fans, thank you. >> he was arraigned this week in pennsylvania on sexual assault charges. he is accused of assaulting and drugging a temple university employee andrea constand. his lawyer says the charges were no surprise after a hotly-contested election that his case was made a focal. the a lawsuit was brought by a seven women. mrs. cosby filed a motion to avoid giving testimony but a federal judge denied that request yesterday. you said you were there. i know you were there this week. >> i was wednesday. >> he did not look well. just so inad. he is 78 but that cain, maybe that is a front. but i'm telling you, he was not
8:06 am
and walking in and out of the courtroom. he needed the assistance of his lawyers yeah. >> all right, switching gears to something much more positive on this january 1st, of course no new year's morning show would be complete without telling you about the first baby of the new year. >> we love these stories. the winner is, zaden. noelle. he was born in brooklyn at 7 pounds one ounce. he and his mom stephanie are doing great. coney island hospital had the first paper keeping the streaks going. >> samantha is in for him. good morning. >> hopefully a lot of people are kind of sleeping in especially if they were out late last night. it was a nice night. not too bad. temperatures near where we are near 40. we'll be gradually turning coiledder near the weekend and next week.
8:07 am
a touch warmer than normal. we're nowhere near the record high of 62. record breaking warmth we had for december is now gone. 39 is the temperature in central park. 38 in poughkeepsie. 40 month sell low. good morning to you, in montauk, at 42 degrees. we have westerly breeze that will pick up. makes it colder than it is. windchill is 32. have a heavier jacket if you plan to spend anytime outdoors with your family. it is kind of a gray start to the day. dry weather off so the southwest that will nose in we have lake-effect snow showers but us. maybe very month will be able to make snow today, maybe fresh snow as well. skies clearing out for the afternoon. enjoy some sunshine, a little tomorrow we clear out. this is norm morning 8:00 a.m. we're off to the good start first weekened of 2016 it will
8:08 am
really all the way into sunday no problems. that is the start of a nice sunny but chilly stretch. today temps slowly get up i'd day about 45, 1:00, 2:00. this evening. it will be chilly with a look ahead. we're 41 tomorrow. 43 on sunday. colder weather comes in with temps in the 30s. get your daily, hourly forecast anytime during the day or weekend at fox 5 weather app. find it at apple itunes store or the google play store. we have a update on your traffic with kelly dillon. >> good morning, sam. good morning everyone, happy new year. we have a few trouble spot working. a cleanup in rutherford, new jersey, traveling northbound by union avenue. all lanes are closed and detoured. onongoing accident investigation on south brunswick north bound route 1 by dean's lane.
8:09 am
live look at the grand central parkway where we're working with this accident, on the eastbound side just past the trees down there. this is the backs upright here. this accident still picking up two lanes by the gardens interchange. definitely avoid that spot. pretty quiet on. b.q.e. traveling towards the brooklyn bridge. trains are on or close to schedule. they're on holiday and weekend schedules today. alternate side parking rules and meter rules are suspended. liz: and ben, back to you. >> thank you, kelly. more than two million people gathered in rio for 2016. >> this could be a big year. they host the olympics for 2016. tons of fireworks lift up the sky. they unveiled the olympic rings for this year. >> beautiful.
8:10 am
dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- two english muffin breakfast sandwiches for $4.
8:11 am
london our friends in britain counted down to midnight along with bongs of the iconic big ben. >> of course, yes, fireworks exploded over the river thames. about 100,000 people celebrated together in central london. that is the eye there. >> love seeing these pictures across the world. so neat to see how everybody celebrates. people not celebrating in the financial world because stocks ended 2015 on sour note posting the worst annual losses since 2008. >> the dow lost 2.7%. the s&p which access as wider rang of stocks fell .7 of a year, with six of 10 sectors seeing losses. nasdaq did grow in 2015 by 5.7%. thanks to well-performing tech stocks including netflix and and amazon. not a great day. >> end of the year things were
8:12 am
>> many of us committed to resolutions as the new year gets underway and the president is no exception from the rule. >> as doug luzader reports from washington the commander-in-chief's 2016 pledges could have some wide-ranging impacts. >> reporter: beyond working on his golf game which appears much improved in recent years. [shouting] president obama has a lengthy list of resolutions for 2016. he will finish this vacation and 2015 with just over one year to advance his vision for america. >> we are going to squeeze every last ounce of progress that we can make when i had the privilege, as long as i have the privilege of holding this office. >> reporter: the other big goal for 2016? helping to defeat whatever republican ends up winning gop nomination next year. >> he played more golf last year than tiger woods. that of it. >> reporter: especially if it is donald trump who appears to get
8:13 am
>> i think we will have a strong democratic nominee. i think that demic nominee will win and i will work hard to make their that happens for a variety of reasons. >> reporter: there in lies delicate balances act for the president in 2016. pushing items like gun control, trans-pacific trade deal, even closing prison at guantanamo bay. things that could be controversial and at same time he doesn't alienate independent and democratic voters in november. >> if he is serious about electing the democratic nominee he will have to find ways to be less controversial and appeal to the broader section of the public. can he do it? i don't know. >> reporter: no one really knows at this point but it is clear as his vacation winds to a close this weekend the president will be looking ahead to a new year that could well determine what
8:14 am
in washington, doug luzader, fox news. >> all right, 8:23. new york city's bike share program has reached a new milestone. >> people took 10 million trips on city bikes in sift 2015. the mile phone trip was taken ad yesterday. ridership increased 24% over 2013. it has highest ridership program in the nation and on par with london and mexico city. 2016 will be remembered for number of things and cutting the cord will be one of them. >> people cut cable and comcast, time warner lost 50 billion bucks because of dwindling subscribers. the trend is expected to continue. >> i can see that. >> winning powerball, we were hoping to do it on wednesday. we had a pool going here at channel 5, didn't really work out for us.
8:15 am
we were talking about this. we bought 80 tickets too, it was crazy. it would be awesome way to start the new year if you win saturday >> yeah. no winners on wednesday but jackpot is 334 million bucks. bucks. still not bad. saturday is the 12th highest in powerball history. biggest jackpots last year were 564 million in february and 310 million in september. >> showing you more celebrations from around the world. hong kong counted down to the new year with a celebration along its waterfront. >> victoria harbor was alive with music on the ground and fireworks above. a spectacular display with the hong kong skyline listened to traditional new year's song, awed lange sign.
8:16 am
>> tradition here at fox 5 to play this song on fridays. >> friday mornings, 8:30, never too early. first friday of 2016. first day of the year too. there it is. one world trade center looking nice. a little cloudy out there this morning. >> i think it is nice. brooklyn bridge. we live in a great place, don't we? >> we do. beautiful city. all over. >> all right. good morning, everyone. i love it. >> drops you off. [singing] >> keep it going, ben. >> i think that is near east 83rd or 84th, and third avenue.
8:17 am
great thing we -- liz dahlem. i'm ben simmoneau. thank you very much for being with us. samantha augeri is in for michael. he is off this morning. he went out. hope he had a good time. >> he always has a good time. >> i never been to times square. work in the morning. >> i never have. >> looks like it would be hungry and cold. >> although last night was a good night to go. it was not that cold. >> it really wasn't too bad. temps near 40. we certainly had years where it was much colder. we're about to start to turn colder as we head into the new year. temperatures will go down a little bit. really nice weather ahead. it is winter after all. so we can expect it. here's a preview of your weekend. look at that, we'll have sunshine. mostly sunnily skieses especially tomorrow. a few clouds around tomorrow afternoon. a good dry weekend. 41 is the high tomorrow. breeze feels colder. windchill, 20 to 30 degrees. more sunshine for you on sunday.
8:18 am
brighten things up a little bit. so many clouds are around lately with on and off rain showers. it has been a little unsettled. central park really cloudy. we have a west wind bringing in drier air through the day. 39 degrees. breeze makes it feel chilly. afternoon. boston down to 36. philadelphia, 40. it is colder north and west. the light shading from pittsburgh to buffalo. that is cold air from canada. it starts to trickle down in our direction especially over the weekend and next week is with we see the colder weather. places likes buffalo, towards rochester and syracuse pick up good snow accumulation from this we will not see any snow. we'll have increasings sunshine as dry air pushes on in. see it southwest. these rain showers off the coast are moving away from us.
8:19 am
worry about. it is a little bit colder it will be breezy. the breeze makes it feel chilly. it is nice clears things out a bit. tonight we're down to 31. back to heavier jackets and gloves through the weekend. look at that sunshine. really good stretch. feels like january and winter on monday, 36. this is the first time that temps are below normal during the day. my gosh, really in months t has been quite some time. coldest day on tuesday at 33. we'll hang on to the cold. but sunny weather to wednesday. we check out the roads with kelly. we were saying earlier this there. how are we now? >> like a rush hour driving in at 3:00 a.m. it was crazy. not too bad. most people finally went to bed. the roadways are great in terms of volume a coaple trouble spots still going on. let's start in new jersey in rutherford.
8:20 am
all lanes are closed by union avenue with this accident. south brunswick, northbound route 1 by deans lane, all lanes closed with the ongoing accident investigation. a live look at the grand central parkway. on the eastbound side we're still working this accident. this is the backup you're seeing the accident is just beyond these trees down there. blocking two lanes by the q gardens interchange. you want to try to avoid that spot. pretty quiet on fdr. we're by 96th street. northbound, southbound moving okay. not too many cars on roadways. nice ride for the trains. they're on or close to schedule. be aware they're running holiday and weekend schedules. alternate side parking rules and meter rules suspended for the new year. >> thank you very much. if you're a minimum wage earner in new york, expect to get a bit more in your paycheck.
8:21 am
new york city is one of a lot of new laws taking effect in new york state and rest of the country. fox 5's juliet hud did live on upper -- huddy is live on the east side. did you get your egg mcmuffin as you saw ben. >> i saw your concoction. >> lovely oatmeal concoction. that is whole another story for another time for our cooking show we'll some day have. i want to say thank you, wonderful day to start off 2016 with i and your singing. >> i'm glad to know you were singing. native new yorker. >> reporter: thank you, ben. do later on perhaps after the show is over. we'll talk about serious stuff heres, money. people here they may be celebrating or may not be celebrating anymore in times square but a lot of folks including people who work here at mcdonald's third avenue and 84th street, they're celebrating today. fast-food workers, restaurant
8:22 am
workers after rallying and protesting they will see their paychecks jump. not a huge amount. every little bit helps. the state's minimum wage is jumping from 8.75 to $9 an hour. basically a quarter. something. for fast-food workers, you saw a lot of these folks over and over again at rallies across the city, fight for 15 rallies, they wanted $15. they see a decent jump up to $10 an hour for folks who work in this very expensive city. fast-food workers who work outside of the city go up to $9.75 an hour. those bumps helping inch towards the goal of $15 an hour. not everybody of course is cheering. restaurant owners are not too thrilled to say the least. a lot of them really feel like they will not sustain the number of workers they hire. they might have to fire people. hey, look this will transfer over to you, the customer. you will have to pay more
8:23 am
women in other news. other laws going into effect. women will be in the spotlight this year. they're getting more protection including tougher penalties for human traffickers. tough new penalties for those who pay women less than men for the same job. nationally, let's talk about a couple little items i thought stand out. first of all, california, they're getting tighter gun control measures. those will be going into effect now. go to texas conversely, they will have less restrictive gun control measures for certain owners that are able to carry weapons with them in public place as lot easier. also out in hawaii you can serve your country at 18 years old but you can not buy cigarette or smoke them anymore at age of 18. all the way up to 21 years old. that is the tightest restriction for cigarettes in the country. you don't have to worry about that, ben and liz. you're not smokers and not out in california, hawaii. happy new year's, everybody.
8:24 am
year. great working with you both. >> juliet, you're the best. >> what is favorite item on mcdonald's menu i think i know the answer. >> sausage and cheese biscuit, no egg. break the hark brown, put it on top inside and hot sauce on top of that. >> heart attack city. >> sounds delicious. >> it is delicious. so good. >> juliet huddy, have a excellent new year. >> see you monday, bye. >> what is your favorite item at mcdonald's? >> french fries. >> quarter-pounder with me. >> i could eat the french fries all day long. >> moving on, 8:37, nypd is buying new rifles for the emergency services unit at a cost of more than 700 grand. >> "the daily news" says 450 guns will be purchased from a company phoenix distributors in pennsylvania. that works out to $1620 per rifle. >> that is a lot of money. >> yeah.
8:25 am
of unit will have their own gun instead of having to share which i guess is pretty important. the city agreed to a tentative contract with the correction officers union. they gave them an 11% raise over seven years, similar to what police an fire unions have been getting. >> includes provisions that make it easier to prosecute inmates who break the law while in jail. the union's 7,000 members must still approve the contract. the mother of the so-called "affluenza" teenager is back in the u.s. charged with helping her son flee to mexico. >> tonya couch is held on one million dollars pail in los angeles. she was extra it dieted in mexico after being arrested along with her 18-year-old son ethan last week. an investigation was launched whether the teen violated his probation following a 2013 drunk driving accident that killed four people. couch used the "affluenza" defense, claiming his parents wealth made it impossible for him to tell right from wrong. interesting.
8:26 am
grant ad delay in his extradition to the u.s. >> 2016 is here. for a lot of folks it means out with the old, in with the new. >> for a lot of people that means a new rip. fox 5's jennifer laumers why january is the biggest month for dating websites and apps. >> reporter: according to dating apps, hinge and coffee meets bagel, january is the hottest month to find love online. >> i use tinder. >> i done it. it workings for me. i'm busy during the week. i don't have time to go to bar. don't want to meet someone at a bar either. >> reporter: why january? dating experts have a fenn mom none, cuffing season, when they look to cozy up next to someone during the cold winter months. >> keep as good balance. >> more of a reason to smuggle. >> snuggle time is fun. >> it gets crazy in online world. voyeurs overflow. systems crash because some
8:27 am
>> reporter: colorado based matchmaker mitzi says january say most dating sites get 595% of their clients. >> all of these people spent holidays alone. they're doing christmas shopping alone. they're doing thanksgiving alone. thanksgiving is the worst. starts the pattern. i think about it time they get to new year's eve. this is it. i need a relationship. all my friends got engaged. i see all my friends happy and married. yuck. >> reporter: by the end of january you still haven't found your snow mate, don't worry. for those of us in the northeast it's a long winter. number of dating app users keeps spiking for next two months. as long as the ice is still on the pond the fishing is just fine. on upper east side, jennifer lahmers, fox 5 news. >> taiwan put on a special fireworks show to ring in the new year. >> yes. crowds of more than a million people lined streets of the city
8:28 am
it launched with the enormous skyscraper type-a-101 on this january 1st. we're back in a moment. >> i'm here from italy. wishing shoutout to my family
8:29 am
new york, have a hap >> preparations are well underway for the annual rose parade in pasadena, california. >> volunteers and decorators are putting finishing touches on the float for today's new year's parade. believe it or not some of the parade goers were already in place 12 hours ahead of the start time. that is a big production over there. >> looks like bambi there. >> i was going to say, bambi. very cool. >> 8:44 on this new year's morning. duke is off. he is perhaps, i don't know maybe he went out last night. i doubt it. not his style. we have sports today. night. first up number one clemson faces number four oklahoma in the orange bowl. clemson takes the lead and they would not look back.
8:30 am
it in from 34 yards. clemson wins 37-17. they advance to the national championship game first time since 1981 when they won the whole thing. >> number two alabama and number three michigan state in the cotton bowl. this one was all bamma. up 17 h 0 in the third, cyrus jones takes the pup r punch 62 yards for the touchdown. they will play clemson in the national championship. >> in the tri-state area the investigation continues into the cleanthony early shooting and robbery but still no arrests. several of his fellow knicks visited him in the hospital. he post adlong message on instagram saying simple celebration after friend's birthday that will change my life forever but the better. early was shot on wednesday morning by a group of masked men after leaving a strip club in queens. sources tell fox 5 he may have
8:31 am
knicks coach derek fisher the team has told its players to be careful. >> we talk to our guys about the situation. just reminded them you know, how serious this is and that there are certain things that come with being visible. in terms of being a public figure so to speak. >> then the story got even more bizarre early yesterday when police say somebody threw a molotov cocktail at the strip club yesterday morning. investigators are not sure if it is connected to the early case. >> only one local hockey team in action last night. the islanders up in buffalo to face the sabres. no score in the second when france nielsen scores, his 14th of the year on the power play aisles win it 2-1 for the final. >> the ball dropped in times square for over 100 years. so a lot of communities taken up to raising and lowering different things. >> a peach a car.
8:32 am
key west, florida. >> marvel at the one of a kind red high heel shoe drop. thousands gathered for the 18th consecutive year to gather glimpse of sushi, decorated drag king inside a supersized red heel and start of sift. got to love it. "good day" will be right back.
8:33 am
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>> all right. i have a question. 8:50. you noticed this week every other hour we intro entertainment it is yellow, but today it is blue. i'm curious. have you ever noticed that, anna. >> i usually not but i'm -- >> i'm sorry -- >> great observation. you're so honest. >> get to the bottom of it. can we please? >> let's talk about twitter. that really does give you some
8:36 am
was major news in 2015. "time" magazine put together the top 10 retweets of last year, half of them were by one direction members. >> half? >> a little depressing depressing if you're older. including top three retweets all from them. number one spot went to hairy styles on the day announced zayn malik was leaving the band, all the love always. that was retreated 755,000 times. next popular twitter message, that he was complimenting expand mates music. that. interesting president obama's retweet, the day the supreme court legalized same-sex marriage. today mark as big step towards equality. it was beaten about a one-day retweet about their five year anniversary. kanye west about an event. 342,000 retweets. he wrote, please, do everything you possibly can in one lifetime.
8:37 am
>> in 10th place with 258,000 retweets was caitlyn jenner's first tweet after transitioning from bruce jenner, person. katelyn. can't wait for you get to know her/me. kanye west is very popular, with a release he new song. here are some of the most newsworthy line. i'm running the whole election. i've been trending years, y'all a couple days, yee-zy in the house, we got to praise. nike, nike treat employees just like slaves. >> he references nike, negative things about them. >> heard that. >> talks about bill cosby and steve harvey's miss universe mistake. makes other current event references, there is a line, kimoji shut doesn't app store, we made a million a minute.
8:38 am
impressive he wrote all the parts of the song. >> last week or two. >> of course he is, also mentions he will run for president in 2020. >> that was the opening line we played for you. yes, very interesting. also making new year's eve news, taylor swift released her out of the woods music video the take a look. >> came out yesterday. so far it has gotten over 1.4 million views on youtube. very catchy as her songs are. it is off the 19889 album. -- 199 album. i like it. >> very talented. >> super talented. >> only if you're in the squad. a lot of people don't like her squad. a lot of people think taylor swift is a little exclusive. >> interesting. i read that. >> there is a little bit of a
8:39 am
>> just had about four dozen in last 2 1/2 years. >> that song is rumored by harry
8:40 am
>> is that boyfriend >> "good day" fan of the hour
8:41 am
driving matters. >> time now for our facebook fan of the hour. it is rich deflorio. >> rich, thank you. if you like to be the fan of the hour, 2015 was a good year. >> we have the greg and rosanna's best ad find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
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