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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  January 2, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> right now on fox 5 news at 6 -- >> will tomorrow be tom coughlin's last game as head coach of the new york giants? fans are buzzing tonight. hello and good evening, everyone, i'm christina park. antwan has the nightoff. speculationing is swivelling that tom coughlin -- swirling that tom coughlin could coach his final game tomorrow. jessica formosa is here with our top story. >> amidst reactions this evening, some giants' fans telling us it's not just coach's fault. but others say winning two super bowls is just not enough. multiple reports tonight suggesting that tomorrow may be tom coughlin's last game with
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>> i don't think they should put the blame on just him. it's been a tough season. jerry reese hasn't made the best draft decisions in the past two years. >> the giants haven't byrne to the postseason in the last four years, but fans say he's done a lot for their team and shouldn't have to go. >> i don't think he should go. i think it's not, it's not his fault that they've lost a lot of close games. he's doing what he needs to do. i mean, it's tough. you can't control -- you can only control so much as a coach. >> some of the decisions he's made to take us to the super bowl were completely clutch. i mean, he's fantastic in terms of, you know, just throwing, like, contesting a play. you know, this year he's had some questionable with the, you know, with the clock, but, you know, i think that the team also maybe has a little part many that, you know? it's not just him, and, you know, it's easy just to blame him. >> in his 12 seasons with big blue, coughlin reached the playoffs five times, won two
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but that's still not enough for some fans. >> i think, unfortunately, it's the end of tom coughlin's reign here in new york. he's done a great job, he's won us two super bowls. nothing but thumbs up for tom coughlin, but it's time for a change. the team's done poorly the last four years, we haven't gotten into the playoffs. we need something new. >> all eyes will be on coughlin tomorrow as he coaches the giants at metlife against the eagles. then we will have to wait to see what happens on monday. once again, nothing is confirmed. christina? >> all right. we'll be watching and waiting. thanks,. >>est ca. and tomorrow will be a huge day for jets fans as well. a win existence the bills, and the team makes the playoffs for the first time in phi years. tina cervasio will have much more on the big game coming up later in sports. a fallen hero laid to rest on long island, the funeral held at new beginningsing christian center.
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american airmen killed last month during a suicide bombing in afghanistan. the 31-year-old was serving his fourth military tour with the air national guard. the sergeant leaves behind a wife and 5-year-old daughter. shock around the world to a mass execution in saudi arabia. 47 people were executed including a prominent muslim cleric who led rallies against the saudi government which labeled him as a terrorist. reaction from neighboring countries was swift. [speaking in native tongue] >> translator: i think saudi arabia made a big mistake when it executed him, and this'll fuel the existing sectarian violence in the region more and more. they have poured oil on the fire. this will spark new unrest in the region. >> the executions are expected to inflame tensions between saudi arabia and iran, two rivals backing opposing sides in the civil war in syria. gun other thans are
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allowing owners to wear their handguns in plain sight. the controversial open-carry law applies to hundreds of thousands of texans who are currently licensed to carry handguns in that state, and they can now wear them in holder -- holsters on their hips or shoulders, but they must first take a 4-6 hour class to do so. the law does ban handguns from certain places like hospitals, jails and some places where alcohol is served. meantime, president obama is putting gun control at the top of his agenda for 2016, he plans to use executive action. it is a tactic he has used before. in his first weekly aaddress of the year, he says his team has been working on gun control measures for some time now. >> i directed my team at the white house to look into any new actions i can take to help reduce gun violence, and on monday i'll meet with our attorney general, loretta lynch, to discuss our options. >> expanding new background check requirements for buyers
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dealers. the president is expected to officially unveil that plan next week. well, as you know, hoverboards were a hot holiday gift, and now the injuries are piling up. dan bowans on how the trendy items are keeping emergency rooms so busy. >> celebrities like mike tyson have tried it only to take a tumble. hoverboard fails and lots of falls. the popular holiday gift item leaving many bruised and battered. [laughter] >> no shortage of bumps to the head. >> hold your horses. >> locally, the bergin record reports the emergency room at valley hospital in ridgewood, new jersey, treated 14 patients all with injuries related to boards on christmas day. problems with hoverboards have gotten so bad the chairman of the consumer product safety commission has even issued a report about injuries saying the agency has received dozens of complaints from hospitals around
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include fractures, concussions, abrasions and internal organ injuries. >> i had seen it on youtube, and it seemed like fun. >> some kids still hoping for a post-holiday present. mom says not so fast. >> just the safety of it, and i was worried about them falling off it, actually. >> the device is making headlines for catching fire like this one extinguished earlier this week. but in reality, an e.r. physician says physical injuries are more common. >> the reality is that we're seeing lots of extremity injuries, predominantly ankle fractures as well as wrist fractures. >> he says riders should wear protective gear like they would with a skateboard. >> most importantly, a helmet. if you're going to get op one of the boards and your going to fall, you have a high risk of having a head injury. >> in late 2015 the nypd banned hover bodies in new york city. there is a proposal in the new
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legislature to legalize them. from the upper east side, dan bowans, fox 5 news. >> a shaky start to the new year for some people in new jersey, a small earthquake shook the northern part of the state. a magnitude two quake hit just about 2 miles northwest of ringwood. officials say it was felt in some towns in rock lin county, new york. officials say small earthquakes are felt in the region every few years. fresh be local fruit and vegetables all year long? in tonight's big idea, the unique way farmers are growing local produce even in the dead of winter. and how a superhero can help you keep that new year's resolution to get in shape. and attention gamers, the cyber game that could trick you into compromising your personal
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>> you're watching fox 5 news at 6. >> it's finally starting to feel
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doesn't mean an end to fresh fruit and vegetables thanks to new technology. local farmers can now grow crops year round. stacey delikat shows us how in tonight's big idea. muck i. >> inside this 300,000 square foot greenhouse in riverhead, long island, a farming revolution is flourishing. it's not what's being grown, but how it's being grown and when. >> we're not blessed with warm weather year round on long island. >> when most traditional farmers on the east coast wrap up their growing seasons in late fall, carl gabrielson is just getting started. >> there's a tremendous market. we have how many, 15 million people within a 40, 50-mile radius, and we can't feed them. >> is this changing that? >> it's definitely changing that. >> gabrielson's family has grown flowers here since the 1950s, but they used to to take the winter off.
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a method that enabled him to produce regardless of the weather. growing plants indoor without soil originating more than 60 years ago. >> the this is a high-speed bullet train. [laughter] >> dixon is an emeritus professor of public health at columbia university and the author of the vertical farm: feeding the world in the 21st century. >> hydroponic farming in general has been on the upswing because of climate change issues, patterns. >> growing hydrouponically allows farmers to cheat the seasons, but it's also brought fresh produce to places where there's no room to grow the traditional way. vertical farming is just what it sounds like, growing food from the bottom up. it's happening around the world like right here in newark where arrow farms will open the world's largest vertical farm in the coming months. >> another five years from now, you're going to see lots of
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there's nothing you can't you hydroponically. >> producing greens and herbs. >> this is a lettuce seed, it's encapsulated in a pellet. >> as with any kind of farming, it starts with the seed. but as head grower showed us, the only planting happens in these small trays. >> it's ready to go out into the greenhouse mow to be planted -- now to be planted into the troughs. >> that's where the water comes in. >> it lays in the trough like this, and all we need to do is wet these roots about every four to five hours. >> this process actually saves water. >> let's take a head of lettuce we grow outside in the field. you would need about 50 gallons of water to produce that head of lettuce. in here with hydroponics, we use between one and two gallons of water per head of lettuce. >> the water is recycled in these big tanks.
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gabrielson uses insects to control the damage of aphids. >> years ago if you saw, let's say, an aphid be, you would get out the pesticides and just blast away. now we release parasitic wasps, they'll hatch and search out the aphid. >> this is the finished product, and it's actually still alive. fun fact, it'll stay alive and even stay fresh as long as the root is still attached, sometimes more up to two weeks. and it's more nutritious with the root left on. very fresh. i'm hungry for lunch, so i could just get some dressing, we could put a little on -- >> we're set to go, you know? >> as the lettuce winds up in supermarkets and restaurants on long island and vertical farming begins to serve more produce-starved urban communities, hydroponic farming is feeding global demand for healthy, locally-grown food year round. stacey delikat, fox 5 news. >> year round, that looks delicious. i wish we could have that december weather year round, but here we have, samantha. how are you? >> hi, christina.
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by far the warmest on record? >> we enjoyed it. >> yep. it was definitely warm, but we're turning the corner now, and we are talking about colder weather, much, much colder weather, especially as we head into next week. today it was nice. we topped out near 40, bet you felt the chill out there, but with the sunshine, it wasn't too bad. tomorrow we're looking at a repeat of today, a lot of sunshine in the morning and more clouds during the afternoon ahead of this cold front that will usher in the really cold air tomorrow night. lows will be in the 20s. and then on monday, coldest day of the season. highs only near freezing. and look at that, wind chills, 10-15 degrees. yes, it will definitely feel like february and definitely feel like winter. today your high was 40, and it's really where we should be for in this time of year. the average high's about 39, 40 degrees. we woke up to a temperature of 32, and there was only one day in december that we hadwet that chilly. -- weather that chilly. it was very, very warm with temps in the 50s, 60s and even
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right now it's chilly but nice outside, 38 in montauk, 37 in bridgeport, 28, is the cold spot in monticello. still a little bit of a breeze but not too bad. west/northwest. tonight, especially tomorrow, and it's going to stick with us as we head into the week as the colder air does filter on in. so if you're out tonight and tomorrow, just make sure you have your winter gear, the heavier jackets now, the hats, the gloves, all of that and also sun glass because we don't have much going on. scattered clouds right now. north and west those persistent lake effect snow bands are going to be continuing, but we won't reaching us. you can see the clouds and the snow showers north and west. we have a cold pool of air that's building in from canada. we'll be watching this cold front right now, it's moving towards lake erie, lake ontario, and that's going to usher in very cold weather by tomorrow night and especially into monday.
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it's going to be quite cold. so overnight tonight lows 23-33. skies are mainly clear. little bit of a breeze at times, and that breeze will mix it feel colder -- make it feel colder than what it actually is. tomorrow, again, the normal high is 39. one more day where temperatures are a touch warmer than normal. we have lots of sunshine in the morning. clouds will filter in during the afternoon as that cold front makes its way towards us x then the breeze will pick up. especially by tomorrow night temperatures are going to be in the 20s. it feels more like the teens, and there you go. monday, tuesday, look at that. these are high temperatures, only near 30. it looks like we're going to be below freezing, and the last time we were that cold was last marcor earlier in the month. we shall feel it, but we have sunshine. still no snow p coming our way, and we'll hang onto the chilly weather wednesday, making our way back up into the 0s towards the end of next week. -- 40s towards the end of next week.
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for it. >> thanks for the honesty. a man survived a shark attack off the northeastern australian coast, the 31-year-old was spear fishing when the shark approached. he suffered extensive injuries to his arms after fighting the shark off. for surgery. >> we received a radio call at the base that somebody had been attacked by a shark near mile island, and one of our vessels went over and took the person, injured person onboard, were able to administer first aid immediately. >> right now the victim is in serious but stable condition. well, we are tracking the hottest fitness trends for 2016. how technology will be an even bigger part of getting you in shape for the new year. >> what do hip-hop and science have in common?
6:17 pm
the inspiring way one professor >> getting in shape, it is one of the top new year's resolutions, and tonight jennifer lahmers takes a look at the fitness trends expected to be popular in 2016. >> you can bet by this time next week gyms will be packed. how do you make sure you're getting the most out of your workout? mark at crunch 19 studio is showing us some of the hottest workouts of 2016 and, believe it or not, this is one of them. >> so one of the huge trends you
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superhero-inspired workouts. one new class we have is called the extreme firefighter workout. six sayingses, sewer values -- intervals, climbing a pole and saving someone or tap that light, right? or carry a mock body in the class across the room -- >> this is 70 pounds? >> 70 pounds, yeah. in this interval you could literally take the person and ground them. imagine like you're holding them this way, right? if they were more damaged in your mind and your idea an instructor gives you, you might want to cradle them this way and drag them across. nice. >> oh, my goodness. [laughter] >> technology-inspired workouts are totally 2016. >> yes. >> right? so, for example, i'm wearing this fitbit device. we've got a new classic crunch called acceleration which is pushing envelope, making you track every single step you take and then measuring your success at the end of each class. >> right.
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trend you're going to see is hard core restorative workouts. i say hard core because restore ty can mean lazy or relaxed, but >> okay. >> we are launching in january cocooning with antigravity. hammocks, and it's an intense workout, yet at some point the restorative factor kicks in when you form a cocoon-like shape -- >> right. >> -- you get a bit of soft maage manipulation on the spine. it feels awesome. >> from superhero to super technology, here's to a super healthy 2016. from chelsea, jennifer lahmers, fox 5 news. >> twins in san diego are getting a lot of attention, and for a very good reason. they were born only minutes apart but have birthdays in different years. one was born in 2015, the other in 2016. jalen was born new year's eve at 11:59 p.m. and her twin brother,
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at 12:01 on new year's day. their father is calling it a new year's blessing to have two healthy children. congratulations. well, connecting students in a whole new way. next at six, how local teachers are using hip-hop to teach kids about science and why their paying off. and then think the selfie stick changed the way you took pictures, wait until you see the incredible technology in 2016. plus here's samantha. >> chilly outside right now. temperatures in the tos. -- 30s. a good sunday coming up, then the coldest weather of the season. all the details in your seven-day forecast. >> new york is much more than fires and traffic accidents. it's the center of culture. it's the greatest city in the world, and i want our wear to reflect that. >> this is my love letter to new york.
6:21 pm
island, over 30 walls, beautiful paintings that really capture the flavor of new york city. >> i wanted to give, like, a little brooklyn history inside the murals. >> celebrities like barbra streisand and neil diamond, then notorious big and jay-z. >> it's always been an expression of the identity of who you are. >> you feel good, so it's a way. you can be down, but it's a way to, you know, make you feel good about yourself. >> helen lives in a 90 square foot apartment. >> you're not using the chairs. you don't need them both down. >> closet space. >> i built drawers that roll
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patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. t fewer than 6% received 5 stars. r among them was cancer treatment centers of ramerica in philadelphia. t learn more at p slash eastern. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits.
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>> you're watching fox 5 news at 6. >> 2016 promises to be an incredible year for technology from a revolution in apps to make your life easier to a selfie drone can you have to see to believe. zachary quiche gives us the lowdown. >> the new year means new technology, and we are already checking out the must-have tech items of 2016. >> these days the biggest advances in technology are not so much in gadgets, but in services and apps, things that make your life easier by offloading chores of yours. things like outsourcing services, things like uber for anything you can imagine, a future where you press a button, and whatever you want, you've got.
6:24 pm
your phone. tech experts also say expect more from existing apps and messenger services that could impact everything down to the way that you buy groceries and check off items on your to-do list. >> what's most amazing about these services is how affordable they are. these services are not expensive. for example, this one called fancy hands, just $3 they'll do anything you want as long as it takes 20 minutes or less. they're finding people who are really good at things and do them really quickly, and they're going to do them really cheaply too. >> look to see other improved versions of what we were excited about last year too, especially drones. >> drones is so huge right now, we're seeing a new sport come up around them. drone racing. this is, i think, going to be the next nfl, people racing drones. it's going to be like that pod racing scene in the first "star wars" movie. and what's so cool about it, because these drones have cameras built into them, they can capture this incredible
6:25 pm
through canyons or warehouses or buildings, and it's so stunning to look at and costs so little to actually get this done. >> but there's a wrinkle this year, and it could be the thing we're all talking about when 2016 wraps up. it takes selfie to a whole other level. >> the one gadget i think a lot of people are super excited about is something called the lily camera. of it's actually a drone that you just sort of throw into the air, and you don't even have to control it. it just follows you around. if you're going skiing or doing anything and you want it to film you, it'll hover above you and film you. it's sort of like a gopro on steroids. not only can it capture what you see, but it captures you from above and footage that once would have been extremely expensive to get. >> both big and small tech companies will unveil their new goodies at this year's consumer electronics show in january. as far as that camera goes, people are already preordering that.
6:26 pm
ship within the next few months. i'm zachary quiche, fox 5 news. >> there is no stopping the force. walt disney's "star wars": the force awakens, is now the second highest grossing film of all time in the u.s. it pulled in more than $686 million as of friday, surpassing titanic to become number two. now only avatar's record-setting $760 million haul stands in the way of the force awakens' road to number one. there was a little bit of a rough end to 2015 for tommy lee. the band was in downtown l.a. thursday night when the roller coaster stopped with him and his drum set hanging upside down. lee kept a good attitude, and he's fine. a local professor is using the popularity of hip-hop to get his students into science. lisa evers shows us how he's using music to make math and
6:27 pm
>> let me tell you something. dna have the genetic information . >> something incredible is happening inside this library. the energy is at a fever pitch for the performers. not celebrities, students who write verses to popular beats using the terminology of their science lesson. if the temperature drops, then rain forms. >> part of the hip-hop edge science genius program. it uses the rhythmic repetition of rap to help memorize scientific concepts. it's the brain child of one of the top urban education experts in the country. >> we literally just go into the classroom, and we say who can rhyme? and literally, and we'll have 95, 96% of the kids say, oh, i can rhyme. and then i might go and put a science bar. they're, like, what just happened? >> students compete to represent their school in a battle rap
6:28 pm
>> in hip-hop the kids are doing everything that you want them to be doing in school, and in school they're completely disengaged. and we know as an educator, i know that if a young person is engaged in a concert that's -- concept that's going on in the classroom, they're likely to be more successful. >> the doctor, himself a product of new york city public schools, says hip-hop helped him, especially the science-oriented verses of the wu tang clan. >> each drop is full of hip-hop energy, connecting on all sides with such great symmetry. the bars unlock the power to stars and turn them into telescope -- >> we put the science words on the board, put the definitions on the board so they know what it means, and we say write four bars, two lines that rhyme. >> taraware uses hip-hop ed. she tells me it's a game changer in many ways, not the least of
6:29 pm
>> not only do they take the slow cab i give them, they try to research their own vocab that i never taught them. >> i'm going to get a -- >> ware believes it's vastly enhappensed her ability to connect with her students. >> taking in time, taking in emotions, taking it in passion. they want to be here, if you ask them, and to get a kid that excited about education is something that i live for. >> i've learned information about rock, sedimentary, whatever it was. there was some content in there, and i loved it. >> the biggest outcome is not just the work that we're doing, afterwards. so we have kids who are more engaged in science, more likely classes. and now we have our group from the last four years who are going into college who are now college. >> helps me remember and use it in my vocabulary. >> it helped me, and it helps everybody else that's here.
6:30 pm
and the kids in the african-american schools and the kids in the latino schools are all consuming the same cultural artifact, which is hip-hop. and so hip-hop becomes the mechanism through which we can bridge the cultural and ethnic divides who have been segregated. hip-hop ed is the future. this idea of hip-hop in education or as education, as an influencer of education, is the next frontier. and not just hip-hop to, but in education. we're changing the world. >> the benefits of this program go well beyond the class room. the guidance counselor here told me that it helps so many of these students look at the potential for their lives in a whole new way. from the south bronx, i'm lisa evers, fox 5 news. >> scammers have found a new target, why they're setting their sights on gamers. find out what they're after and how you can avoid being a victim. and messenger apps are soaring in popularity, but they're not just for sending
6:31 pm
how they're about to make your life a lot easier. >> new york is much more than fires and traffic accidents. it's the center of culture. it's the greatest city in the world, and i want this to reflect that. >> we all still type, but fewer and fewer of us do so using a typewriter. >> the last typewriter repairman in new york city still spends five days a week visiting clients. >> having the feel of the machine, seeing the words hit the paper -- >> one of few latinos working in computer science. he came to the united states at the age of 4. computers? atari. thousand web sites. >> i count my blessings every day. >> what are you doing right now? i don't want to touch that. bee keeping, it's only been legal in new york city since 2010. believe it or not, there are a lot of rooftop his just like this one -- hives just like this
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>> a warning going out to gamers, you could be the target of cyber crooks. we explain how scammers are tricking gamers into giving out personal information. >> it may have been just a game once, but it's not just a pastime anymore. video gaming is a $22 billion industry.
6:34 pm
gamers, average age 35. and this is the group a new cyber scam is targeting. >> this was the first time i've seen this sort of, like, police scare thing going on for gamers. >> a phishing scam is playing on a player's -- preying on a player's passion for the game.
6:35 pm
has video . >> there's, unfortunately today, there is more money on the dark side. because, again, they, the money is unlimited that can be made. >> which makes protecting one's
6:36 pm
than just a game these days. >> hong kong is now home to a high class hamburger from a surprising source perhaps, mcdonald's. the fast food restaurant opened up a concept store called mcdonald's next. on the menu, customizable burgers with fresh toppings like asparagus, salads and sweets like berry sundaes and lattes with themed foam art. mcdonald's regularly experiment with concept restaurants around the world. they even have a create your own taste min you right here -- menu right here in manhattan. how apps are changing the game when it comes to how we do just about everything. hi, sam. >> hey, christina. it was a nice start to the weekend. chilly today. we had some sunshine. tonight, mainly clear skies. cold temperatures down into the
6:37 pm
sunday off with sun
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>> messenger apps can do a whole lot more than send a text, chair changing the way we shop and do our daily chores. stacey delikat introduces us. >> facebook messenger, what's app, we chat, they're just some of the messaging apps that have blown up in popularity in recent years, even surpassing the basic text message as the preferred way to stay in touch for some. >> it's fast. like, i can just pull it up.
6:40 pm
app that everybody uses -- main app that everybody eyeses. and facebook messenger is another one. >> it's just convenient. you can talk to family, friends outside of the country which you normally wouldn't be able to do for free. >> now makers are making it easier for users. facebook rolled out mobile payments through merge. >> and as of this month, you can order an uber directly through facebook messenger without ever click on the uber app. messenger's also testing out shopping and food delivery functions, and we chat -- an app that's hugely popular in china -- has its own online shopping platform splmplet messaging apps are increasingly about far more than just me talking to my friends. it's taken off in a big way in other countries. >> it's called conversational commerce in which users can accomplish all of their mobile needs through a single, simple messaging app. a text expert explains. >> this works because people feel comfortable in messaging apps. this is how i talk to friends.
6:41 pm
to a friend even if it's a company. >> but some say they're not quite ready to commit exclusively to, say, facebook messenger when it comes to all things mobile. >> just trying to build a world for you right there in the messenger, and i'm not sure if i'm all about that. >> the companies behind the apps are betting otherwise and hoping over time the promise of convenience and simplicity will make you stay put. stacey delikat, fox 5 news. >> well, finally, looks like winter in upstate new york. nearly a foot of snow fell in the first day of the new year, enough for snowplows to hit the streets. people had to break out snowblowers to clear driveway is the and walkways. well, no snow in the forecast, hopefully -- [laughter] >> no. >> right, samantha? >> no, that's right, christina, but we're turning colder. those areas that we were just looking at are getting another 5-9 inches of snow tomorrow and tomorrow night on top of what they already had. so it's kind of brutal up there. and all that snow, it's lake effect snow coming from the colder air that's building in.
6:42 pm
difference as we head into the upcoming week. a look at today's high temperatures, quite the difference, but it was a nice day. good to see some sunshine. 40 was your high in montauk, 40 in central park, 41 at newark and 30 in monticello. the normal high for today on average for the tristate is about 39. so we're a little bit closer to where we should be for this time of the year. right now 37 degrees, and we have a west/northwest breeze that is making it feel a little wit colder, but the -- bit colder, but the weather's not bad. no big problems on the way. it's just all about the colder weather that's building in. we'll show you the big picture north and west. it's 32 in syracuse with snow around that area, towards erie, pennsylvania, and back through the great lakes region all the way back through minneapolis. it's going to be turning colder pouring in from canada. so we've had some extra clouds around but making for a pretty sight. this is a sunset photo from
6:43 pm
you've been kind of in a field or down by the water the past few days, the breeze, it feels much colder, and it certainly will the next couple of days. around. scattered clouds right now but drier weather is nudging in, so clear. you can see those snow bands knot and west. that's where the snow stays, but the cold air will be trickling down, and the coldest core is going to reach us monday into tuesday. clear skies tomorrow morning. here comes that cold front, and it will be pouring in to start off the workweek. we're really going to have to bundle up out there. we're talking about temperatures near freezing during the day. that's it. so really, really big change from the record-breaking warm december that we had. tonight it's mostly clear and cold. low temperatures, 23-33, and the breed will be making it feel much -- breeze will be making it feel much colder. sunday we'll be waking up to sunshine. a couple of clouds come in
6:44 pm
front approaches. not bad tomorrow at 44 degrees, but then we really notice that change on monday. look at the high temperature, 31. and it's going to be windy, so your wind chill will be 10-15 degrees. really cold winter weather, and we'll hang onto that cold stuff for tuesday. wednesday gets a bit better. again, no snow, so at least we're staying dry. thursday looks good as well. next chance of wet weather will get here late on saturday, so mother nature kind of paying us back now for that really warm december. >> no snow, that is the high point. >> that's good. >> i'll keep repeating that. samantha, thanks. tina's here with a look at sports. >> all reports are pointing to arm being tom -- pointing to tomorrow being tom coughlin's last day as head coach of the giants.
6:45 pm
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>> do you want to come back? [laughter] >> well, do i want to come back, i don't know if that's a great question right now. what i want to do is win a game on sunday. >> on thursday before what could have been his penultimate practice as head coach of the giants, tom coughlin was noncommittal when asked about his future coaching big blue. ing while no one knows for sure except for coughlin himself, sunday could be his last giants game on the sidelines. according to multiple reports, coughlin is expected to announce his resignation on monday.
6:48 pm
with the giants, 20th as an nfl head coach, but this is also the fourth straight year the giants are not in the postseason, stirring up speculation the ownership is thinking about a change. the coach will turn 70 this august, and retirement is an option as well, but the giants still have to play the eagles at home tomorrow, and it appears coughlin is coaching down to the last second. >> it's a divisional game. if we can defeat the philadelphia eagles, we will have split with all our divisional opponents. it's very important to win your last game, and anybody sitting in that room that doesn't think it's important to play well in the last game, they need to have their heads examined. >> and all eyes are on the jets' game tomorrow for different reasons. not only are they taking on former coach rex ryan and the bills in buffalo, the jets have two scenarios where they can earn a playoff berth. if they beat the bills, they're in. but if the jets lose and the steelers lose or tie to the browns, they can back into the wildcard spot. with what's on the line, head
6:49 pm
keep his team focused. >> just got to make sure they stay focused, you know? excitement that they have a chance to do it, it's just doing the same fundamental things that got us here in the first place, you know? make sure everybody knows their job, just do their job, and that's all we're trying to do. >> the brooklyn nets start the 2016 part of their season on the road in boston earlier this afternoon in the brooklyn era of the nets, they are 3-0 in the first game of each new year, so can they continue that trend? but first, a very big loss for the nets. jarrett jack goes down untouched while driving to the hoop. reports say he had to be taken into the locker room in a wheelchair, but he suffered just a sprained right knee. after blowing the lead in the fourth quarter, brooklyn went on a run in the final minutes, thaddeus young finds brook lopez for the slam. lopez finished with 30 points, the first net to score that many this season. nets beat the celtics 100-97.
6:50 pm
>> that makes them 4-0 now in their first game in each new year. >> oh, wow. >> very nice. >> tina, fun way to start off the new year. >> yes. >> samantha's here with our super cold forecast. >> yeah. we're starting the year off with cold weather. no big storms, this is just a look at the high temperatures for the upcoming week. 44 tomorrow, and you can clearly see the cold cell there monday, tuesday. temperatures only topping out near freezing. >> ouch. >> all right. >> bundle up. >> we sure will. thank you. that does it for us. thanks for joining us, for tina and samantha, i'm christina park.
6:51 pm
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