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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  January 5, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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juliet: get your gloves in your scarves! it's very cold and you will it's very cold and you will need them today. temperatures are way below freezing.mike has the chili forecast and i'm as is watching the road. ben: it's been met with resistance to get the homeless off the street. we will have a live report , coming up.juliet: the search is on for two burglars were broken into nine homes in queens. this is a video of these
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will help lead to their arrest. you better not fall asleep on the subway. crime is up and many of the victim's are asleep . i am juliet . >> it is tuesday morning on january 5 . it's 5:00 and it's 12 degrees. it feels like it's colder because it's windy. ben: not quite as many as it was yesterday but there is still a good amount to make it feel colder than it actually is. juliet: yes . mike: it should be almost preaching the coldest time of the year. we made to 35 and today it looks like it's much colder than what it was 24 hours ago. most of us are 25 degrees
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a big hit in the temperatures. we are down to 12 degrees in central park . that doesn't take into consideration the wind. it's coming in from the northwest at around five 18 mass per hour. that's what makes it feel so much colder. feels like negative for any work and it feels like four degrees in central park . the temperatures and wind can be dangerous for folks to be outside . the only winchell advisory that we have is up around sussex county and over towards the poconos. remember, we did see some clouds around with snow showers in long island. it doesn't look like that is the case here. we saw some passing late snow showers in the long island area. looks like some ocean effect or sound effects now. we have that coming to a close with mainly clear skies here and high-pressure in control.
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we roll you forward. clear skies and colder air dumping across the northeast. we will see things start to ease up heading into tomorrow. high temperatures will go back into the 40s which is more than what we will see. today, it's pretty cold and we had into 19 with a high. he keeps something up quickly but tomorrow make it up to 43 degrees on thursday. there is a mixed rain chance until saturday. we have them on the way. let's get over to our lands and see what's going on. good morning, and as . ines: by 15 a there is a accident blocking the lane. it's causing speed restrictions . it's so windy. you're coming to new jersey doing fine .
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look at the f dr drive. this is by the 70s as you travel south down to one lane blocked in one lane open as you make your way to the bridge. across the bonds, keeping an eye on me accident there and he just reopened it and that's why traffic is moving in. only one lane is getting through on the westbound side so expect delays there . as for the trains, everything is running on or close to schedule. juliet: thank you, ynez. governor cuomo looks to get their homeless off the street . it's so cold out there. >> many homeless are refusing to go to shelters because they feel safer. live from penn station with a look at the situation
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anyone outside ? theresa: one person is it is unclear why the person is outside . has anyone approached him or her ? has anyone attempted to bring them into a closed space ? the governor's order. cold . the city wants the hearing of this measure . they think it's more of an insinuation than a warm, helping hand. >> how come you are not a shelter tonight? >> i heard bad things about the shelters so i don't trust them. that's why i am here. theresa: it's cold out. >> i have two blankets to keep me warm. the push is on to keep karl inside. keeping them somewhere inside
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>> it's not right to leave brothers and sisters on the street corner. theresa: this compels police to forcibly remove homeless into shelters of the mercury falls below 32 degrees . >> when it becomes freezing, it's a public health and safety matter. we have to get people in and off the streets. to the people in off the streets, you need an outreach effort . theresa: in new york city, the homeless problem is the biggest. officials see the initiative . they arty have a homeless program in place called cold blue . >> the effort that we announced last week with hundreds of workers constantly working to get to homeless folks around the city and working with the new nypd unit that is specially trained.
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someone is in danger, to get them off the street. part of the controversy seems to be that you can't force someone inside . the statement of hygiene law allows for people to be picked up and sent to a hospital against the will but not a shelter. the governor will temporarily cover that caveat without a change to state law. >> something that may well between the state , between the governor's state of the state address he is expected to unveil a homelessness plan that the city officials say they have yet to get any advanced warning or any copy of what that might entail. that's the latest from a very cold penn station. >> you just took the words right out of my mouth . it's a very cold penn
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we have surveillance video here and you can see the suspect is very clearly he is carrying it back . early yesterday morning, he was being escorted out of the restaurant on broadway near west 236 street and east avenue the 28-year-old worker.the worker is identified as adam garcia and he was pronounced dead at the hospital after he was stabbed as she tried to go back into the mcdonald's gasping for air . if you have any information, please call crime stoppers at 577 tips. >> they have committed a rash of burglaries.the video is breaking into nine homes in sunnyside and woodside. they've taken everything from jewelry to computers to bicycles. one of the men is between 50 and 60 years old . the other is between 40 and 45. have any information call
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>> bill and says stat show crime is down with 40,000 fewer the same statistics show that sleeping subway that is better keep one eye open. robert moses joins us with more. robert: good morning. by the numbers, 2015 was a great year but transit crimes were up significantly. as you head out the door, if you hop on the subway, keep your eyes open and your property close. it's a good year for us. bella bratton and other city leaders touted it as a safe year in new york city. here's a look at the dropped one major crimes dropped 17 percent . shootings were down three percent. now, it's the not so good
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and others kept up with rape increased by six percent. robberies were up two percent in transit crimes increased 11 percent. city officials cautioned me increase during a period of record ridership so there are greater odds of crimes happening. he was an important message. if you snooze on the subway will probably lose. >> falling asleep and waking up in the property is taken that's what we saw driving the numbers in the transit . much has been made of these crime numbers. the top cop criticized his successor for massaging the numbers to make them in the art . he responded to the criticism. >> we have made no changes in how we report information.>> we mentioned that overall the rest were down significantly.
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mayor can arrests were up he says it's a good . that is the latest live from a chilly columbus circle. fantasy sports site are fighting back again against eric schneiderman. they are going to court and going to ask for permission to operate in new york. schneiderman says they are just gambling sites. it would be a lucrative time for the site so i'm sure they want the ruling asap. we have a lot more still to
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ben: chick-fil-a made a big entry into manhattan we have the restaurant supposed to reopen but it did not it's pending. we will look at that and find out why it remains shut down. listen to sean mendez . we look at michael who is just bionic.mike: we are going with the bionic work. it's a very cold start to the day. the temperatures will come up quickly and we need the sons help . we will get plenty of that and will get the wind. hats, scarves, gloves and all of that will come in handy today.
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ben: we are back. check out this video from turkey .look at the huge piles of snow. that is a snow falling off the roof of a mosque off of people that were walking on the sidewalk . avalanche dropped and people began to date. they were rescuing the
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this happened in northeast turkey. two women were slightly hurt and treated at a local hospital. juliet: look at that! oh my gosh. all those other people start standing on top of the snow and i'm sure that did not help . >> michael is here. i don't want to put you on the spot wholly have we gone without snow? mike: i am just curious . there has been some years where we got almost nothing. i am okay with that at this point. we might as well go all the way through. fast forward to spring. i'm good with that?>> ynez says no. we need the snow and helps with our water storage. let's show you what we have
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it's late this year. would normally get six or seven inches of snow. this year we gotten some lakes in central park but that's it . we had 39 for the average high today. sunrise time at 7:20 am and it will be going to work today. temperatures are dropping into a below normal range. the average is low 28 degrees and we are at 12 . if the wind from the north 18 and the windchill factor is below . other temperatures in the region are at 11 in the region and 13 islip . there is the wound coming down at five 15 miles per hour. makes it feel like four degrees at central park and five below in new york .
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the eventual advisory. windchill factors could be below zero. we are starting to get into a dangerous range. we do have a mainly clear sky and clouds around with a few flurries out to the east. high-pressure than control high. it keeps the skies nice and clear but it will be easy and not as windy as yesterday. tomorrow will be sunny without the wind. the colder air is not coming down tomorrow so the high temperatures will get a chance to pump into a normal range. it's a cold start today but it's sunny and breezy. it's dropping down to 10 21 and as you go into
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with 43 on thursday in 46 on saturday. it looks like temperatures will be a little bit more mild with highs in the mid 40s. let's bring in ynez and see that we had . is it cross bronx we have the issue on? >> let's start out with the throwaway despite the rain blocking. you're looking good in morris county on 287. here is the expressway victory boulevard. no delays heading towards the bridge on the westbound side. let's go to the box there is westbound with everything cleared away. it's moving away and there was a storm is #. it's also clear so the good news is it's moving in the box. everything is running close
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cleaning rules are in effect . ben: obama will formally announce the executive action and that more gun control. the measuring is expanding the definition of a gun dealer to those selling firearms online at fleamarket and gun shows. they would be required to conduct background checks. if all short of the tighter control that he wanted following sandy hook shooting . this issue is split along party lines and democrats and hillary clinton and bernie sanders support the president . they say it's not the way to do it . the president says otherwise. >> the good news is that these are not only recommendations that are well within my legal
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ones that are supported by the american people, including gunowners. pen, you die by the pen. my plan has an eraser!>> that's like circa 1985. well in the ink was weak . stopped 20 years in the past . americans overwhelming support background check sperm are divided on the question of stricter gun laws and were very divided on the efficacy of that . >> and never took all of it . it's a whole other topic. let's talk about something out may not end anytime soon as a group of armed activists took over and promote wildlife refuge on saturday . they are upset about two
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a son sent to prison for setting fire to several lands. the government has taken the land and taken away and taken property away from people who worked hard. there's an invasive plan and a set wildfires. they set their own fighters to combat the other fires. it was a whole big mass but dwight and stephen turned themselves in yesterday. they were convicted of arson and they spent one year in jail but it's this whole political issue. was it arsenal wasn't not going they said goodbye to their families. lots of new yorkers are disappointed after a popular restaurant was shut down. juliet: the chick-fil-a was supposed to reopen yesterday but apparently it's just massive news. chick-fil-a i have never focused on the chick-fil-a
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have you ever had one? is it worth it? >> i have never had chick-fil-a . ben: you grew up on long island and they are out there but you just have to go a little bit south . i have to say it's pretty good. a lot of people seem to agree. when chick-fil-a opened the flagship restaurant three months ago, there were lines around the block . now there are workers inside trying to correct serious health code violations. the company was sided with six . everything from food flies to improper temperature control. the chain is known for its fried sandwiches and waffle fries when they realize the doors were locked, the left disappointed. >> i just came here to get something to eat i didn't
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>> i am very surprised because chick-fil-a is always very clean because it's a fast food restaurant . it always impressed me. it left a sign endorsing the hope to open yesterday for breakfast . that didn't happen and it's unclear willie will be open. they take the violation seriously and, reopen until it exceeds all standards. there's a lot of people that love this place . ben: it's good but i don't know that it's that good. juliet: it's like a shake shack mentality. thank you. what mark for the girl scout meeting... okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! p
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pwhich makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
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juliet: mark zuckerberg is encouraging women to be more interested in science and technology. it's a host on his page saying she tells her granddaughters to date the nerds because they might be founders. he says it would be better nerd. facebook has been working to bring more women and minorities into high-tech injury industries.
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from "fox 5 news", this is "good day wake up" . juliet: ben: winter has arrived. it's 12 degrees in central park . averages are barely in the double digits in the outlying suburbs. you might find single digits out there. mike tells us how long it
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feels like single digits with the windchill. in executive orders and if to bring the homeless into the shelters and out of the cold . is being met with resistance. it is persistent . you are here from there six acted campaign trails. ben: good morning everyone. i am ben simmoneau . juliet: im juliet huddy. have all your weather gear. it's so cold that i was very regret all that i did not have a coat on. he did not think that i should keep a quote? i've had these codes for
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with the old and in with the new . i donated them in december came and went and it was warm . i had that little vest you are ill prepared . juliet: hello burlington. i have lab coats. it's better and what she has. [laughter] there was calm the police that she needs more than that . she's a keeper ! someone needs to watch over her all the time. mike: don't make the mistake out there and step out without. . if you put a couple of layers helps out a lot . it's cold outside and is your actual temperature at 12 central park . 1 to 3 is the actual temperature in monticello. get wind from the northwest
5:32 am
making file 12 low.feels like one below sfx and that is for the one county in new jersey that has the windchill advisory we do have the potential for below zero readings . you will get all kinds of sunshine to take you in to 29 degrees by two or 3:00 in the afternoon. it's all that breezy today but not as windy as yesterday.43 on thursday and we get to the mid- 40s over the weekend. let's bring in ines and see what's going on. we did have some problems out there with some accidents as far as the bridge because of the wind at 45 miles per hour. you are traveling in the
5:33 am
earlier problems by the bronx parkway affecting the key .it's been cleared away so traffic is moving fine. let's go to the camera and take a look at the committee . as for the trains the long island railroad and they are all running on or close to schedule. streaking roles are in effect today. many of the homeless are reluctant to leave this treats. juliet: teresa is out in the cold outside of penn station . people out there who are not listening to this order ? they are laying on the theresa: i don't even know . i don't know if anyone has tried to bring them inside
5:34 am
sleeping right outside of penn station. that is despite the fact that it is well below 32 here. in accordance to government farmers executive order these people are supposed shelter. agencies and social services providers are expected to find the homeless around the city and if necessary force them inside. the governor says it's a public health crisis and the people need to be off the streets because it's not safe for them to be out in temperatures like this. it's a statewide initiative but it affects new york the most because the state has the largest homeless problem crisis i should say. the intention is to help out but there are some in the city government who believe this is just more of an insinuation by the normal administration. we don't have a candle on the homeless problem here
5:35 am
take a look at the governor and the mayor. >> it's not right to leave brothers and sisters on the street corner. or homestead effort that we announce with hundreds of workers working constantly to get to the homeless folks all over the city. working closely with a new unit that is trained . we have the power now if someone is in danger to get them off the street . there is some that we have talked to that will tell you that part of the reason they don't coincide is because they don't feel safe. mental health issues are rampant and the feeling they would rather take their chances on the street. it's a sad state of affairs when you think about that .
5:36 am
governor is expected next week. that's the latest outside of 10 station. juliet and ben, back to you. ben: thank you, juliet. second person has been arrested for midterm murder. michael wisdom has been charged with conspiracy and criminal possession of a weapon in manhattan. the charges stem from execution murder of random watered in midtown. they say the merger was tied to a major interstate drug when . they charged lloyd mckenzie in connection with the murder. the stats show crime rates are down. when it comes to riding the subway, the numbers are up . robert moses is life and he does the math. robert: good morning. the overall crime is down two percent but that's the
5:37 am
the bad news is that transit crime is up more than 10 percent. if you have the urge to catch some shut eye, resist the cause if you close your eyes we open them a property could have already disappeared . >> it's a very good year for us in 2015. the police commissioners touted it as a safe here in new york city. here's a look at the numbers the good . overall , crimes dropped 1.7 percent . shootings were down three percent. now, not so good there were 12 there were 1217 murderers and other specific categories of picked up with rapes increasing at six percent. robberies were up two percent and transit crime increased 11 percent. city officials say that increased during record
5:38 am
greater odds of crime happening. here is an important message if you snooze , you will probably lose. >> falling asleep and waking up in their property is missing. that is what we saw driving the numbers. >> much has been made of the crime numbers. the top cop criticized his successor for massaging the numbers . i think you have to take a look at those numbers because i think there is issues. i think there is some redefinition going on. bratton wants to respond to the criticism. >> we have made no changes in how we report information.numbers are extraordinary. he says he is pleased with the number of arrest for
5:39 am
numbers are up in 2015. those are the latest. juliet back to you . juliet: thank you, robert. back to the future the clinton is on the campaign trail for hillary. he will be in iowa campaigning for his wife . yesterday he was in the state of new hampshire and he spoke it to events they are talking about how great a president hillary would be. his return to politics has donald trump all fired up the republican candidate is not backing off his claims that mister clinton's past is fair game . >> that hasn't been a pretty picture. i am going one that's willing to talk about his problems. what he did and what he has gone through i think it's terrible especially if he wants to play the woman card . >> i don't believe in my lifetime that anyone has run for this job at a moment of greater
5:40 am
qualified by knowledge, experience and temperament to do it needs to be done now to restore prosperity. >> hillary clinton has accused donald trump of being sexist and anti-women. donald trump said , hey, what are you talking about? you are married to a guy who had issues in the oval office. hillary clinton is asked yesterday about trenton and she says, she is a new year's resolution to let him live in his alternate reality. >> the gloves are off. we have 11 months to talk about this . ben: that's assuming it will make it across the primaries. let's focus on the cold weather. mike: we haven't seen this weather for quite a while.
5:41 am
see temperatures with wind on top of that and it's a the system. you have 12 out of central park and 11 in newark . effector in the wind and feels like five below. don't have a wind chill advisory there but you do up and suffix county. we might see some windchill factors lowered not as the morning goes on. we are mainly clear skies here and we will see sunshine making the temperatures head up to saturday and sunday. you are set to go. let's bring mankind as .
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some accidents.the inbound ramp is block because of some accidents. exit 98 to find as you make your way up the bridge. no problem with 195 or route nine. as far as working look at the northern state parkway and traffic will be fine . the 59th the 59th st. bridge is looking good. let's look at the camera shot . it's in the upper level into the city. there is a lane being blocked there. having into queens no major delays at the moment. heading into the city , all three dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4.
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remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. juliet: checking out your headlines at 5:46 am. a man stabbed in mcdonald's employee to death. early yesterday morning he was being escorted out of the restaurant by the manager in kingsbridge when he stopped the 28-year-old worker several times leaving him for dead . police are looking for two men who created a rash of burglaries. at sunnyside and woodside. they have taken everything from jewelry to computers
5:46 am
>> obama will formally announce the package of executive actions aimed at more gun control. that includes expanding the definition of gun dealer to those selling at gun shows. it would be required to conduct background checks on buyers. duke is here. we will expect it. i still think he is the best coach for the job. i don't think this is finding someone better . >> tom coughlin has resigned. it in speculation as to his he steps down gracefully . 69-year-old racks up a record of 110 /93 with three division titles. big blue missed the playoffs for the fourth straight season and coughlin released a statement saying he
5:47 am
was right to step down for him and his family.he went on to say that it's been an honor and a privilege to serve as head coach. this is not a sad occasion i have spent 15 years with this organization with a part of this super bowl winning teams. this is an achievement in which we will take great pride. an emotional eli manning spoke about him before he stepped down . >> no one could question the effort you gave. >> the only thing i could do is say how outstanding of a person that he is. he is a good coach and leader. it's how much he exemplifies what coach should look like . duke: he is only one of
5:48 am
maybe or maybe not there are several teams looking for an experienced coach and he never use the word retirement in his statement. all the guys i talked to in the locker room and throughout the course of the year have so much respect for tom coughlin. it was a very different mood from everything i've ever been a part of. it was like melancholy you could sense the vibe . he changed his ways. remember how tough we were . >> you have a lot of people on the team that were very religious. it was a different world down there. the giants asked him to change before the season and he did . he talked to joe girardi before the season and . >> he took the course this year on how to talk to them
5:49 am
duke: all the jets could do is clear out their lockers. lorenzo bolton says the room was so quiet you could hear a pin drop . he lost on 22/17. run the chances for a postseason . i caught up with brenda marshall who spoke about the sting that they feel now . mentally, with so much failure, you have to keep picking yourself up and sometimes it's hard. you have to do it . i will take as much time as i need to pick myself up and get back up. lb the best teammate i can be. it's a major factor in why the jets got close. just a bad game .
5:50 am
>> i think we saw that he does not have the arm strength. >> draft the quarterback and let him sit behind fitzpatrick . juliet: not at 35 .>> back off i am 42 years old . juliet: i like him . i am waiting for him. ben: you are not just for this weather . is the shirt longer? i am happy. i think it's like an extension. here we go with the arm. we have 42 degrees 12 degrees in central park. those are the actual temperatures and what it feels like is a lot different because there is wind out there. feels like five below in
5:51 am
there's windchill advisories out there in sussex and monroe over into pa and that means the windchill's are down to 15 degrees below. it doesn't take long for you to get outside and have frostbite will kick in and you don't want to do that . cold area of high pressure is what controls the weather. we are back to 21 and 42 is the high on wednesday. on thursday, we will see a high of 43 with rain over the weekend. we will bring in ines and i know what it's all about . ines: [laughter]. a couple of problems starting off with queens an accident on the westbound
5:52 am
if you are driving in connecticut, you are going to the cameras and going to the community where there is a problem in queens. you see this off of phelps parkway. there is a accident and you can see why the car is in reverse. one lane is closed . as for the trains they are no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day
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potatoes and salad?ben: it's about chick-fil-a and wendy's amick donald's . juliet: it will be a lonely award season for one leo dicaprio. the baywatch babe the one that was chosen yesterday to play pam anderson . she bolted. ben: i am sure he has 16 others. the 41-year-old movie star will hit the red carpet solo. he and kelly are no longer an item. he will not show up solo. that would be legal. there been dating most of last year. they have been broken up for about one month but they are still friends. it was the most manic and to the missed universe pageant . do not expect the new winter to share her crown. in our view, she said some have called for ms.
5:54 am
who wore the crown they have said that she should show the title. she said it would be too difficult. you will hear more about what she has to say with greg and roseanna. she is on our show in the 9:00 hour. juliet: stayed to infer that. she is not happy for that . ben: not her what greg will ask her about. [laughter].juliet: there is a new way to get those $10 lottery seats for the broadway blockbuster, hamilton. musicmac there was so many problems, they decided to sell the tickets online.
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