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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  January 6, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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dari: north korea, concern as the country claims to have condubbed a can ducked a success all hid rejen bomb test. >> linda schmidt with what we've learned. reporter: good evening, this is an alarming development. out of north korea, the u.s. state department is skeptical that it was actually a hydrogen bomb, state run television released a picture of north korea leader kim jong-un ordering the hydrogen bomb test. >> there was applause in the streets, at u.n. u.s., japan and south korea
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u.n. security count issue organization monitoring for signs of nuclear testing defected what it calls a unusual seismic even from north korea. >> this is profoundly destabilizing for regional security, and undermines international nonproliferation efforts, i condemn it. reporter: this is the fourth time that north korea has tested a nuclear weapon, but the first, said to involve a hydrogen bomb, that is more powerful than an atomic bomb, but the state department is skeptical about north korea's claim. >> our initial analysis is not consistent with north korea claim it was a hydrogen bomb. in any event, we condemn this violation. >> u.s. and other world powers call on the u.n. security
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on north korea, while japan dispatched fighter jets to create radiation measurements. >> a clear threat to national peace and security continues to exist. reporter: north korea claims that the bomb it tested was miniaturized, that means it could be placed on a missile and pose a threat to neighbors country, and the u.s. back to you. dari: thank you. a top stay official calls local homeless shelters a scar on the city issue city controller scott stringer demands action on the findings of an audit that shows that man tie of shelters are dirty and dangerous with 18,000 safety violation, many homeless or the street, pause they are afraid of shelters bis fight governor cuomo's order to move them once temperatures dip below freezing. >> we call on city hall to look at our audit we released. look at this code violation
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shelters, and fix them up. dari: the city plans to increase shelter inspections and make quick fixes, the mayor said he will set up up patient -- shelter complain hot line. steve: 50,000 workers, who make about 11:theft an hour, it will cost city 200 million dollars over next 4 years. dari: long delays penn station renovation project may be back on track. governor said that 3 billion facility will be renamed empire state, station. here is ha is going to happen, amtrak waiting area will move to old officialy post office, and conquers for new jersey transit, and long island railroad are developed. wild, el nino storms are causing severe flooding in drought ravaged southern california.
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underwater, dozens of car stranded there. storms are battering also the san francisco bay area. that up north. steve: the magic of macy's may be slipping, closing 40 stores, sharon crowley with more on macy's struggles. reporter: macy's is about to get smaller, company is closing stores and cutting jobs, macy's shuts 40 of its 770 department stores nationwide, about 3 thousand macy's employees will be let g4 stores in fall, and 36 in the spring. >> 2015 has been a tough year for retail space, grappling with on-line competition, and strong dollar, and macy's case, you know, international shoppers are not buying thing here in the u.s., because it is more expensive, give inthe strong dollar. reporter: business insiders say that macy's has been facing
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on-line shopping has cut into sales. and company had declining sales for a while, and december a mile weather is not hop. >> 65 degrees on christmas day, people are not buying big ticket item like the coats and boots. reporter: chairman and ceo terry lundgren released a statement, saying we're making adjustment to become hor efficient more appreciate and productive. the flagship store will stay highway patrol but open butsome stores in new jersey will stay closed. >> i think they should try to keep the stores open. >> i think that macy's is one of the best, you can get anything that is stylish quality. >> a time where inch needs jobs -- where everyone needs jobs. >> "charlie hebdo" is -- chairman and ceo hoping to save 400 million with had consolidation move, they hope
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sales, sharon crowley, "fox 5 news. dari: chipotle surge federal investigation, they were served with a grand jury subpoena in california, they are looking to how the company handled the norovirus outbreak at the simi valley restaurant last year. >> he'll code inspection -- health cold inspections found numbers violations. dari: chipotle has been hit december. steve: on long island has been saved it dates back to 1672, taken open of over by two caters companies, it will be remained open.
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baseball hall of fame with ken griffey jr., he was a career 300 hitter. piazza spent 8 years with the mets leading them to 2 2000 word serie, ruses will have more in sports. steve: someone could be a half billionaire, tonight's powerball jackpot shored to 500 million. the biggest since last february, the winner could walk away with more than $2 75 million av taxes, remember likelihood of all 6 numbers is 1 in 292 million. >> hey. dari: it is a debate that never seems to end. steve: then word, the title in this song, lisa evers with whether there is a time that it is okay to say.
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steve: the nk word, you nword you hear it in songs and movies, but it is every okay to say. dari: lisa is here with a preview. reporter: as you know, the n word is a word with a terrible legacy of racial hatred, but many, in the industry are using
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term of endearment, it was in title of jay-z and kanye west's hit song about their experience in paris. it caused a backlash for jay-z's friend gwyneth paltrow when she included the song title in a tweet. >> sometimes entertainment we embrace a different version of the word it lowered the standard allowed people to say if you guys don't have a problem with deal. reporter: the use of racial slur, ending in er came under fire, quentin tarantino who is white reportedly used it more than 100 times in the swept. >> 50 years ago was one of the most terrifying thins that a black person could hear. reporter: fast forward, a white
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his bail used it against a black circuit court judge, he was punished with 60 days. >> you don't use that word. >> later apologized. >> and just one of more than 417,000 hip-hop songs that do according to music authority, dr. watkins is challenging artists to be more creative. >> you cannot say black lives matter as we have and use the n word in a song in every other sentence. >> the doctor said maybe it's time to banish both versions and use something new. street soldiers will debut on
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hip-hop artists joining me. steve: all right. thank you. >> a controversial rezoning plans of two schools in brooklyn has been approved, they are rezoning pif 8, and pf 307. it is made up of mostly minority students that is bringing a lot of push back from parents of both schools, a father of twin girls said they move to the area to send their kids to pf8. >> we're grandfathered in, yeah i would not want to send my kid there. steve: department of education calls the rezoning official said it will help increase diversity in school. dari: people in one neighborhood on edge in brooklyn. steve: on the look out for a
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spitzer, a -- spit. >> you don't hear that every day, he is hitting old folks and young folks, i'm here in brooklyn. >> it has been reported he is a well dressed man. spitting on people here in brooklyn. >> kind of nasty isn't it. >> when someone spits on you? i i would see. reporter: how many people have been spat on? my research said more than one and up to four. spitter. spitter.
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>> i believe you, i never heard of it. reporter: nypd is aware. if they have any information call pricinct. >> do i spit, no. reporter: it seems like a laughing matter until you are the one who is hit, police ask if you have any information reach out give them a call. dari back to you. dari: well concerns about fire safety lid to a new jersey college to put brakes on hoverboards, cain university banned them from the campus in union and ocean township. 16 universities nationwide, including 4 in connecticut have banned the over board from campus -- over boards from campus. >> the issue here is the safety of everyone, we know that these things, it is well documented they are a fire hazard, they are banned on airlines, city of new
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so i don't think that kean is being out of line. >> school officials will confiscate all hoverboards and give them back after students promise not to take them back to campus. steve: prince george, attending west acre month ache --mont -- school, receiving same treatment. dari: anybody gone dry for january? in case you are not familiar, 30 days without alcohol? more than 2 million brits are doing it many american are joining. is it worth it? i check it out where dr. manny
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>> is it good to stop drinking for 30 days, from a him perspective yes. dari: your liver will function better. >> a little detoxity but de. tox,ious but not yes, but not what you imagine, 30 days will not do the trick. >> you will sleep better? >> maybe. dari: better sex. >> for sure. dari: what about losing weight. >> absolutely, if you -- one of your new year's regulars to resolution to lose weight, you lose calories. dari: replace that, with something else?
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replace it carbs and calorie you will gain weight. reporter: studies that say you will throw it out 1 over. >> from the corner absolutely. i don't believe in dry anything. i believe in moderation. dari: okay, i guess it's on. >> i'm taking this with me, just to look at home. steve: he is into moderation, i will presented i believe it. dari: everyone has their definition of moderation. would do it. steve: i love talking about doing it, i could never make it through a month. dari: i'm not going to try. i don't need it to do it. forget it. steve: it never lasts. dari: not worth it, it makes you miserable. steve: you fall off hard, hollywood stars turn out in
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review awards. dari: jennifer lahmers hits the red carpet. steve: crazy stuff happening one group of new yorkers prepares for the worst, we showed you part one last night, tonight dan bowens with part two of doomsday preppers, how they plan to get
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the sound of the wind. the warmth of the sun. the smell of the earth. even the rumble of a tractor. we'd love to put all this inside every can of progresso soup. but since we can't bring you the entire farm, the least we can do is bring you the best, tastiest vegetables.
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being handed out this weekend in hollywood. steve: but in hollywood, jen lahmers. reporter: it is award season, stars and directors of some of the biggest contending films were on the big carp it. as the academy casts ballots films like "the big short," room, creed and the martian among others are on the top of the list. how much fun was it to make a movie. >> a demented fun it was tough, in desert in africa. reporter: for sylvester stallone, it could mean his first oscar for the rocky franchise.
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>> he went in with such intensity, he got hurt, and knocked down, he trained harder than i think i did. reporter: "the big short," adam's portrayal of the bank collapse of 2008. >> i fell that subject matter went away too fast, we had one year of discussion, it was gone, i think this is a 20 year story. reporter: you can't for get the martian, features matt damon. >> it was fantastic, i get to spend that money, with matt damon have a good time. reporter: tonight's youngest talent 9-year-old jacob.
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buy along breelarson. >> during the gala there were candid moments, jacob thanked his agents, and samuel l jackson, responded to his twitter feud with donald trump. steve: keep going back and forth, thank you, jen. new yorkers prepping for doomsday. >> you have to want to survive. dari: you have to prepare right now. >> virtual reality head set, available for preorders, the price tag is giving people a bit
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steve: escape from new york. would you know what to do if the world was ending? these guys do, they spend their lives preparing for it.
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in life, one thing they have in common, dan bowen with part two of the series surviving the arkansas the a.>> we want to make sure no one is following us. reporter: a urban trek up manhattan's riverside drive. >> he makes sure no one dropped behind. >> like that. to get on whatever you need. reporter: the tools to survive, 40 pound bags with gear. >> always carry a head lamp with me, this you can shoot this 200 yards. >> this is my first walk with the group.
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>> i just' to be in a real life scenario if somebody happened, and among people who have done this for a while. reporter: she joined new york city's preppers organization. >> i know thatting and can happen. >> about getting more team prepared for merge, and disasters. reporter: jason charles, a new york firefighter is a volunteer. >> it is necessary, you can end up in a jam, any time of your life. reporter: evacuation route across george washington bring across hudson river, just get out of new york city, interest in the group triples after the terror attacks in late 2015, shooting in san bernardino, and events in paris. >> average person freaks out said what do i do now, they go into a shell, feeling bad, we
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hop to it we prepare. just in case. >> two sides, the have and have-nots. reporter: you want to be with the haves? >> yes. reporter: marl inis -- marlin is a fashion expert. >> you get a spark on this it lights. reporter: he started prepping after 9/11. >> next thing will be get people more panicked, they saw what happened first time. i think it can potentially be worse. reporter: that is why they are mapping escape routes. >> you have to want to survive, i have two kids and a wife, my 9-year-old knows how to do some of this stuff. reporter: the group said they are not little political or religious they are part of a larger
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are 340 registered members across new york city. i dari: thank you. dari: tech geeks are going wild, first of its kind virtual reality head set is ready for preorder it costs $600, comes with a variety of high-tech gadgets that allow you to step into your favorite game. you will need a high-end desktop pc. to operate of rift. >> that is what i'm going to do, time for on brand off brand. off brand marco rubio boots, wearing these this week in new
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boots, on brand, they may be too fannie. they have mocked him. on brand, sly disof martin shkreli disguised as a dyi fancy. >> on brand, adele showing ability to connect with people, posting a photo she is having a little fun getting ready for her upcoming tour as we are jump-start our exercise routine in the new year. >> all right stakes were high. he did the right thing.
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that cost him a match. >> all out people's attention, i talked to the guy in the middle how he did the play hamilton with the band fish. >> first here is tonight's new york minute. >> congratulations. >> dozens of new emit let's were sworn in at fdny headquarters toward, the new class will be business. two of graduates are u.s. arm forces veterans. >> look how georgous the orange peppers are. reporter: third graders, in long island got a lesson in healthy eating, they walked through aisles of stop and shop. >> the goal to instill life long
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>> the eeliesh you get them started eating healthier you make life long changes. >> that is your new york minute. steve: check out fox 5 weather app, features daley and hourly forecast, and live interactive radar. headlines stork alerts, download
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dari: hamilton is hottest ticket in town, when people tried to get discounted ticket last night, the sim system crashed. today live lotteries were held in times square, some were lucky
10:35 pm
steve: after melting faces, ban fish celebrating their run by taking in a heard of of hamilton on sunday, hanging out with their wives. a track down guy at the center of it all, to see hugh how it came to be. >> we created on a musical. >> a gig choreographic fish's halloween show in atlantic city during the song wombat. >> we came out with where we work with abe about get to bagota with a wom wombat suit. he saw the show. >> sunday he came back with the band and their wives. >> you are going on, yeah, i, he
10:36 pm
we're overs are going we'll be there sunday issue he came, and onstage. it was amazing. they were so taken from and moved by it. was there there. >> john said he has sign one phish showing in to halloween show he performed in, i asked him if other cast members were excited to see the band in audience. >> cool. dari: amazing, it was a surprising display of sortsmanship. >> yeah. >> really cool, pro tennis player who decided that honesty was best policy in middle of the match. >> how a puddle became the most
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dari: if you are a professional athlete you have to be pretty cutthroat to win the competition.
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helped out his opponent in australia, it left a lot of people shocked here is mac king. reporter: lleyton, then he followed his opponent's advice. this occurred in first set of a match in australia when umpire called one of hewitt a first serves out, his opponent agreed anding is that hewitt challenge the ruling he did so and won. it was one point in the game, when he led,ing is that amateurs make countless times day, this gest ire gesture occurred where most competitors might keep their
10:40 pm
>> jane, applauded the sportsmanship as did the crowd in perth. >> he put on a good show, did the right thing. reporter: it is not the australian open, he is ranked 26 in the world. it was imagine to imagine djokovic, never mind mcenroe help an opponent. >> he is up and coming. reporter: hewitt defeated sock. mac king, "fox 5 news. russ: better things will come his way. steve: karma. we hope. steve: today was more
10:41 pm
nick: it was better, the sun was shiny, much wind, compared to -- does not take that long. 41 felt good. steve: it did. dari: it could stay like this. nick: it will for a couple of days issue we'll be turning colder next week, today was 41, 25, split. we beat average, we'll beat it again, 72 record high. search a a few high clouds around, temperature is dry. pressure is falling but still high. fox 5 sky guardian there is really nothing to look at. sunday should be our big rain day, 42 in islip.
10:42 pm
and a half, 30s to the north and west, it has cool down we'll see teens in colder suburbs, 21 in poughkeepsie, 36 in midtown, 32 in islip. 27 in belmar, 30 to newark, temperatures change, still significant. a 4 to almost 15 degree warm up, more of the westerly wind most of the day. that wind stays there tonight. nota all that gusty. coal night for north east, twins in buffalo. albany at 18, hangs on to below freezing mark in philadelphia. satellites, skies are clear. these will be high clouds that filler in the sky. no big deal. friday should be just as nice,
10:43 pm
pressure zone. on off to the east. storminess off east coast goes that way. this area of snow and rain, that is going to way. we'll see clouds come in, a storm system. that will be our problem to the second half of the weekend. a shot of cold air to northern plain states next week, 24 in billings, 50s on west coast, 60 in dallas. gulf coast, chicago 38, wild be in low to mid 40s here. still above average, starting cold, 20s to 30 in the city. future cast, we're going don't joy a nice day of sunshine. more clouds at some point friday, the warm front, that could set off some light rain or drizzle, spotty stuff late
10:44 pm
maybe 'lunchtime, clouds upseteled but next system will bring rain sunday. clear tonight, 20 down, enjoy sunshine, a few high cloud, we'll see 43 sunday, sun battles the clouds a lot of the day, french, good soaking sunday, could be an inch. 54 with a gusty breeze, colder monday, cold earl tuesday and width. steve: mid january they went haywire last winter. nick: that is what they will start this year. steve: mike piazza on his way to cooperstown. dari: russ is up next with sports. >> 78 eastbound before exit 26 tomorrow and friday, the left
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russ: how are you doing. if you don't success at first, try again. mike piazza got the call that all major leaguers hope to get, the one that says have you been elected to hall of fame in cooperstown. >> a great honor, i look forward to seeing you tomorrow. it's something that i've always you know loved about this game, history, and you guys doing amazing jobs there. russ: with a record for that position. his entrance is great story.
10:48 pm
62nd round of 1988 draft, only reason he was drafted, a favor to his father from dodger manager at the time, tommy lasorda. a player needs 75 percent of vote, mikepy asa receive 83. -- piazza received 83%, and ken griffey jr., gains entrance, setting all-time record, 99.3% of vote. surpassing previous record, by tom severs, 98.8%, drafted number one pick overall in 1987 draft. junior spent 22 season in big leagues. a stellar out fielder and won 10 gold gloves, just one of 3
10:49 pm
and 500 home runs. others are willie mays, and mike schmidt. of 44 people who voted. -- that number also means there were 3 knuckle heads that did not vote for griffey. that is only way that i could describe them, there is no just case justification for not voting for ken griffey jr., unless they just wanted to prove they were morons -- hardwood, knicks. raptors whack the nets. steve: do you think we'll find out the identity of three people who did not vote. russ: i would not mention them because they want to be known does not make sense.
10:50 pm
>> there is no shortage of waste. waste time on social media. dari: this is most popular thing on -- perris scope. navigating their way around a puddle in new cas ill newcastle england. >> it of trends on twitter all morning. steve: i saw it, fill felt bad about myself for looking it up. dari: he will duplicate it himself tomorrow. steve: that is it for us
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