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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  January 7, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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get tv, internet and phone for $89.99 per month. only from time warner cable. from "fox 5 news" this is "good day early call" juliet: an arrest was made in the murder of a pregnant woman in the box. this is the woman that her dad was arrested. her dad is the killer. ben: crazy story. new york is getting ready to open the first medical marijuana dispensary. qualify. if you are up and getting ready for work that she did not when the half $1 billion powerball.
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it will push 700 million. that means a lump sum will be 400 million and that means the first question in the morning as everything it again? juliet: maybe we should double the nt to eight dollars. ben: eight dollars? how about 10? juliet: i'm feeling ! ben: good morning everyone. big spender juliet huddy and i am ben simmoneau. ines is in blue . juliet: do you have on blue? >> i have on pink . mike: there is blue on the map . 20 years ago today i have no idea
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talking about . the blizzard? you did not live here. i didn't. i lived in south carolina. juliet: what i am reporting that happens and i have to stop.we have sensitive man asked. mike: that's what happens. 13 degrees in sussex .it's too to his moment was 24 hours of the . clear skies: on .
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that . here's the area i pressure as it gets up to 44 degrees today. tomorrow make up to 43 degrees in the showers again. looks like sunday is the soaker. let's get over to ines. she is ready to play this game! ines: it's off to a pretty good start in new jersey. over by victory boulevard it's very quiet . no problems on the cross bronx and it's moving fine heading towards the brooklyn bridge. ben and juliet, back to you. juliet: thank you. god only knows what it will be.
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likely be the biggest jack taught in history. powerball numbers were to 11 4762 taught in history. powerball numbers were to 1147 6263. we had the powerball and one ticket that i saw. the powerball was 17. some people match five numbers. there was 1 million a piece on saturday start but . it will be 700 million by the time it's over. it will be the largest us lottery jackpot . it was 656 million in 2012. is the one in 292 million. >> i want to compare to the 40 something in. juliet: new york city's new medical marijuana dispensary is opening.
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have to be referred by a doctor. reporter: sleek , clean and comforting. that's the feeling of the dispensary in union square. these are photos from inside the clinic. it's a doctor's office not a drugged in. it's on 14th st. and it's the first will be in new york city. it comes 18 months after, andrew cuomo legalized it in the state . it's overseen by licensed pharmacist. patients must be referred. unlike a traditional doctor, patients must first obtain a state health department issued registration card and also be certified by state approved position. there won't be refer or edibles available. everything comes in like , paper or capsule. you have to show that you
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debilitating or terminating parkinson's , cancer or severe and chronic pain. it's a severe set of standards but it's one that advocates believe will be life-changing for those that need it most. juliet: a gruesome discovery in the bronx. a father killed his pregnant daughter. >> why did you kill her? did you killer over money? did you kill your daughter? juliet: he has been charged with murder. they found the daughter of his 39-year-old daughter , andrea, and his home. he does a pit in the basement and buried her face down . they found cement , and humor and she was five months pregnant . she was missing since sunday.
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from forced trauma to the head.suspect one in the murder of a mcdonald's manager . rafael gonzalez is accused of killing and garcia on monday. he has caught on surveillance video after the murder. he was escorting gonzales out of the mcdonald's in the kingsburg section .he was stabbed in the back and chest.he was a regular at the restaurant. please make an arrest and the slashing of a woman at 6:00 yesterday morning. the third random slashing. the suspect has a long rap sheet. robert moses has more. robert: carrie bazemore approached his big them and/or on the left side of her face. the them the victim was on her way to work yesterday morning and chelsea wendy attack happened. he posted pictures on facebook. she wrote that she had
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that she had feeling immediately when she encountered him. he told them what happened and he was arrested. bazemore has a rap sheet arrested more than a week ago for punching a woman randomly near 12th st. it's on public sessions in the the chinese exchange student was walking to school in whitestone when a man wearing a surgical mask and he left a note in the area aerobic , promising to target . an ambulance worker in crown heights was randomly slashed.
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the case. they are called local the city. scott stringer is showing findings that the majority are dirty and dangerous. many homeless are still on the streets because they are afraid of them. despite the order to move when they get below freezing. >> we call on city hall to look at the audit a few weeks ago and the code violation report . let's get into the shelters and fix them . there is a plan by the city to increase the inspections at shelters and make quick fixes to the problems. he will set up a shelter complaint hotline. we are in the middle of one of the worst blizzards. the blizzard of 1986 ravage the area.
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. from richmond all the way up to boston a lot of places in the area and the new jersey suburbs hit with 30 inches. of 23 feet of snow. it was one of two snowstorms to be declared a five. is the highest ranked . the other one hit three years before in march in march 1983. do you remember that? juliet: i was in miami and 96 i was in jacksonville florida. juliet: i have no recollection. we're looking at a chilly day with a mix of sun and clouds. the rain will come in but
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take airborne,
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>> 33 degrees and it's above freezing. we will probably get there with clear skies out at central park .
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31 degrees and philadelphia and 16 in williamsport . the northeast is getting more moderate in terms of temperature so temperatures are going back up . we have no rain or anything like that a few more high clouds in the picture now be at high pressure is in control an area of low pressure will stay here but it will take a little while to get here. we will see more high cloudiness in the area but that should be about it as we head into tomorrow. we are seeing the rain come out of here with high temperatures where they should be in the next few days. over the weekend, i clouds come through in it will be shower chances, but they seem to be pretty small. heading up to 30 degrees by midday and as we go through the next five days a high of 43 tomorrow with a partly cloudy sky . the increase in the shower chances are back but it looks like most of the rain will come through on
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sometimes pretty hard. it's breezy with a high around the mid-50s. look at that guy will see the rain and snow chance and that's a possibility coming at you later on your wednesday. the forecast on the weather app is in the google play store ends free so check it out. that spring and ines and see what's going on. hopefully we're off to a quiet start. >> sort of . ines: there is a problem with a tractor-trailer . it is found in waterbury. it's causing delays. this will make you plan an alternate route . over near park avenue, you are find eastbound and westbound. not bad of a ride as we go over to the lower level on
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you are taking the holland tunnel and the train is running close. it was paying 20,000 as a settlement . up until 2014, the car service had a geo locator at . the current location in cars across the city with the attorney general having abuse of the tool and labor has gotten rid of the feature. hoover says it's deeply committed to protecting the driver policy. american idol is part two of the final season tonight. it's right here on fox five. they got the debut last night. on the recap of some of last night's most memorable moments.
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final season , jennifer lopez was feeling optimistic about the singers lining up for the show. who knows if i'll walk through the door today. that's what's so exciting. >> why can't you be blue? over me reporter: the auditions brought out several 15-year-olds and even someone playing a cello. there was a cop and a few keith urban super fans with a rapper, kanye west.>> the former idol winner and finalist helped with the early additions and offered plenty of encouragement. we are just stretching out. the judge's tried to mix
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it was finding raw talent they sing in this have this per huge personality. i have never been so sure of anything before. juliet: she just released her debut video which is really good. there's former classmates there which is really cool. i know my friends has been plays the bouncer and it . it's really cold. we are fans of mike piazza around's a great day .
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we'll be right back.
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ben: good morning! juliet: we were just talking about guns and roses and how cool it would
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. it's through the month of december. now i have the seasonable temperatures back here tri-state. it's another day or so and it's supposed to get up to above normal. really solid rain coming through on sunday.
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coming at us. a lot of folks are looking at snow. the minimal side will take it or we can get . temperatures are warmer by eight degrees. the winds are nonexistent. only we are reporting what's coming in the southwest at seven miles per hour. the winds will be that big of a deal with a mainly clear skies. there could be some clouds popping back into the picture. the area of low pressure is moisture and it will bring us some showers as we head into the weekend. the clouds thicken up and we will see shower chances
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sun and clouds up to 44 degrees and tomorrow it's up to 43. the rain kicks and it comes in on sunday. it's out of here by monday and cold temperatures come back after that . if you are a baseball fan, you are probably thrilled about this. juliet: can give you drink. ken griffey junior.mike piazza elected to the hall of fame yesterday. ben: on his fourth ballot appearance, he is the top offense of catcher in baseball history. this year, he got 365 vote and he was on 83 percent of the ballot. ben: >> it's a great honor. it's something i've always loved about this game. his history and you guys doing an amazing job there.
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all-star with the mets and the dodgers. he had 396 catcher with 497 in his career. ken griffey junior with 437 votes. it's 99.3 percent. ken griffey junior never had a suspicion i accusation for steroid use. it will be in the did on the 24th. just to be clear, i don't care if there was suspicions. he never came up in any of those things. a lot of people throw it out there but to me come on. ben: he is going into the
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juliet: i think everybody has. duke: he finds carmelo anthony for the gym. 36/35. miami for the dark . on the other end , he will go for the junk and he misses. he goes back and throws it about that? he will meet the buzzer !
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in the fourth quarter the raptors are up and he throws it down . that is two of 22 points. 91/74 is the final.20 mitchell is in the far post. montrial goes on to be jersey with two on the final. that is the look at sports. >> congratulations. yes, indeed. here's a couple of minutes
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>> for the girl scout meeting... okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! p at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up. pwhich makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
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