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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  January 7, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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rosanna: "good day new york." thursday. january 7. i am rosanna scotto. weatherwise. what do we have out there? 32 degrees. not too bad compared to what we had a few days ago. rosanna: mike woods has all the details. a random attack. a young wolf and just walking to go to her job. guy.
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serious injuries to her face. breaking news right now. it is making a mess. both ways on the gowanus expressway. it is always backed up. you do not need this. medical marijuana now legal in new york. we will have some people involved with that. >> they are bringing marijuana. you have to have a prescription for this stuff. mike, former catcher for the mets is going to the hall of fame. he made it official yesterday. >> by the way, we do not know if he is going in as a met. we will have the man that
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we will try to coax it out of him. greg: he was with the dodgers as well. congratulations. rosanna: we are all feeling a little bit let down. >> look at you mr. positive. >> i feel like a chump whenever i play the lottery. we struck out last night. >> it is expected to hit a record. this morning. you came on with money this morning. it is single bills.
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are at a bachelor party. [laughter] anyway. rosanna: mark your calendars. mike: rosanna seems to be very -- good morning, everyone. very good. another decent start to the day. it is going to be a sunny day. just a few high clouds out there. it really was not that bad. we actually appreciated that yesterday.
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freezing. throughout snack. checking in at 34. just above that. white plains. they mainly clear sky. that is not happening for a while anyhow. there is a area of low pressure. bringing in cloud cover. high of 44 today. especially early on.
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staten island in particular. skyfoxhd. jim smith will tell you all about it. >> this is all happening on the outbound side of the gowanus expressway. take a look at that vehicle. hit from behind by the truck. the other car was on top of it. one person was removed from the vehicle. they were conscious and alert. that outbound gowanus all close down. dude lays back to 38th street. most of the traffic going onto the belt parkway. the downsides, the hov lane has been close.
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inbound. watch out for that. southbound. rockland county. in new jersey, bergen county, there is an accident. let's go to our cameras. take a look at staten island. heading towards the verrazano bridge. traffic crawling. trains. running on or close. greg: take a look at this. a woman slashed for no reason. >> 5:30 a.m. in the morning. she was seriously injured. totally unprovoked. >> the third slashing and the
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greg: let's go to robert moses. >> good morning to you. that suspect is here at that we are expecting police will walk them out at 9:00 o'clock this morning. including felony assault and criminal possession of a weapon. for one, that neighborhood is not safe. that woman was doing something that we do every single day. approaches faith in him and randomly slashed her on the left side of her face. amanda morris was on her way to work when the chilling attack happened. she wrote on facebook that she had never seen him before, but that she had a bad feeling
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video. follow tim and encountered two police officers. police say he has a long rap sheet. arrested a little more than a week ago. yesterday slashing comes amid a fate of unprovoked. the chinese exchange student was walking to school and whitestone when a man wearing a surgical mask and gloves slashed her. he reportedly left a note on a vandalize car in the area apologizing for slashing the victim. an ambulance worker in crown heights was randomly slashed. police tell me they have not made any arrests in that case. returning now to yesterday's
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the victim was taken to bellevue hospital. she also wrote on facebook, to trust your gut. she would be well-positioned to say this. she said she had that bad feeling yesterday. make sure you keep your wits about you. that is the latest. back to you. greg: what did that guy do? he's left the note on a card that was vandalized in that neighborhood. left a note on the car. they are still looking for that guy. he is still on the loose.
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of a mcdonald's manager has surrendered to police. accused of killing adam garcia. greg: trying to get mister gonzales to leave the store. that is when gonzales stabbed him in the back and the chest. he use used this mcdonald's as sort of an out post to get his wi-fi and everything else. >> it could be a very rough day. let's see. >> they actually shut down trading, by the way.
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when that happens in china, there are ramifications all over the world. rosanna: shanghai shut down as well. the emergency measures also kicked in on monday to halt trading. today's launch rattled other asian markets. fears about china's economic slowdown. plunging oil prices. greg: one third of america thinks it is going to win the lottery. we actually bought tickets. nobody one last night. there will be another drawing. rosanna: . drew can tell us.
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in it to win it. $675 million. we have rdc and people buying tickets this morning. the mega millions. worth 656 million. nobody purchased a winning ticket last night. the numbers, too, 11, 47, 62 and 63 with a powerball of 17. tickets in new york and connecticut did match five numbers and were worth $1 million each. we do not know who those tickets are yet. are you holding the lucky ticket?
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>> it is amazing. >> i got up this morning. i said to myself, here i go. i have to go back to work. here i am in manhattan. i cannot wait. >> let me tell you something. going to work on monday. taking the cash option on saturday. it would be over 400 are teens million dollars.
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you have to be in it to win it. i will send things back to you. rosanna: a commercial actor billed in new york city. greg: there she is. >> it makes it sound a little cheesy. listen to the music in the background. >> i like it. it is jazzy. maybe you need this next story. new york city's first medical marijuana dispensary is set to
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>> medical marijuana. it is now legal in new york. there are lots of procedures. they do that in california and colorado. you can say you have major headaches and they give you a prescription. greg: that is a general ailment. let's find out what is going on. one of the first medical marijuana dispensaries. let's go to teresa priolo. >> reporter: i am inside the first clinic. new york happens to be the 23rd state to allow medicinal marijuana. being inside here, as i am this
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mad spot than a pharmacy. >> clean. ultimately comforting. hope that that will be the feel of the new medical dispensaries. these are photos from inside the clinic. think doctors office not drug den. it calms comes just 18 months after governor andrew cuomo legalized medical marijuana. it is overseen by licensed pharmacists. just like a traditional doctors appointment, patients must be.
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brownie here? >> absolutely not. developing regulatory framework. everything here comes in liquid vapor or capsule form. most importantly, you have to show that you were suffering. hiv, aids, als, parkinson's and cancer. you are in severe chronic pain. a set of standards for a very controversial drug. it will be life changing for those that need them most. >> the key was to create an environment where there was a sense of security. >> reporter: this is not the place that you want to be. it means that you are in dire
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$0.95 a dose. each visit will run somebody from 100 to $300. >> that looks like a salon. a doctor from that facility. mike is here with a check if the weather. >> still looks pretty good for us now. you do have to take the rainfall with that. here is what we have feared dry and chilly weather through friday. rainfall. it is coming in for us this weekend. we have colder temperatures making a come back later this week. it could feature of rain mixed with snow. so far, kind of been avoiding
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it is now 31 essential part. the sky is mainly clear. nothing that produces any rain or snow. high temperature 44. sunday will be very wet. a high of 66. good morning ines. all the act to video. this has been by sixth avenue. you can see the cars involved. all four of them. they are trying to tow things away.
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although it back to staten island. bumper-to-bumper pulled the legs. this is right by the belt merge. the timetable on that. eighty-six minutes. bradley avenue all the way towards the belt merge. less. you still have those closures in place. driving on the l.i.e. camera shot over by deer park avenue. the lincoln tunnel inbound. let's see that. 830 minute delay. greg and rosanna. greg: the gowanus. rosanna: i grew up in brooklyn. it was always a problem. greg: that split. it is a mess. can we get a peek of that from
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rosanna: breaking news right now that we want to share with you. police have shot and killed a man who had a knife. he went inside a police station. this is the anniversary of the charlie have bill attack. greg: they fired upon a levin staffers. one year ago today. but authorities say he had wires coming from his clothing. they were concerned that this attack. early december. shootings there. the bombings. the cafe .
7:25 am
this has, at least for now, over. >> killed by police. address. >> what i want to focus on is the state of the union address. not just what i want to get done in the year ahead. what we all need to do in the years to come. >> ready for a big fight. >> no jacket. a little bit more of the preview. >> it is my last one. i keep thinking about the road that we have traveled together these last few years.
7:26 am
done to make change happen. everybody makes a gain of the applause. rosanna: he can get an angle. he goes in there hours before. shaking the president's hand as he is going by. hillary clinton. regrets not running for president every day. decision. >> he ran before. again, people forget. he opposed president obama. then candidate obama in the primaries.
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the oldest person ever elected president. reagan was 69. i think donald trump has his 70th birthday this year. rosanna: 7:26 a.m. nice sunny skies outside.
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>> okay. i don't like this song. >> why not? >> i'm sorry. [laughter] >> you don't want to love me like you do? >> who is this? >> i don't know. >> name that tune. name that artist, anybody? >> oh, ellie goulding, yeah, she's good. >> look at your great city. jim, as you look to the right, we've got eight million people out there. 8.4, i think. this is a big town. >> i know. >> but a small -- i heard somebody once say new york is a big city, but manhattan is a big town. >> it's so funny, because you run into people outside of new york. what are you doing, what are the chances of you being here? >> so if you walked into
7:30 am
here, you run into them in the atlanta airport -- >> right. >> or you run into them, let's say in milwaukee. do you have lunch with them? >> no, you just say hi. >> remember that larry david thing. >> nice to have you here. it's a little bit warmer than yesterday, not terrible. i think it's walkable. >> yeah, you can get out there and do it now that we've kind of toughened up. >> monday and tuesday was rough. >> tuesday, yeah, it was rough. >> what do you do with no shirt sleeves on? >> he's got short sleeves -- >> you chilly, mike? >> i was a little cold the last couple of days, but the bionic arm thing, gotta do it. >> give him a yellow name tag, he'll be your best best buy employee.
7:31 am
>> greg try it? >> you want to wore borrow it? >> it doesn't make you look stronger. >> it makes you look cool. you know what it's good for also? >> it's a contraption for a mouse. >> stop that. [laughter] >> what's it good for also, mike? >> sympathy. >> exactly. >> yeah. you can get a little upgrade on the plane. i'm just saying. >> you little brat. >> all right. let's show you what's going on with the weather outside. deft need a little more -- definitely need a little more on, hats, scarves, gloves, i think they're still in line, but our temps are becoming more agreeable. hey, remember what happened 20 years ago here today? oh, yeah, that was the blizzard of '96. we saw the fifth biggest snowstorm in new york city on record here. central park saw 20.2 inches of snow. that's not the biggest, but that's one of them, and a lot of folks remember that big storm back in '96.
7:32 am
anyhow, nothing like that so far, but sometimes these winters do a quick flip on us, and all of a sudden you get piled up with the snow. 31 central park, 31 in us -- 11 in sussex. winds are kind of light and variable, not a big deal with a mainly clear sky. and a good looking day if you like the sunshine and not too bad when it comes to temperatures. this is what's next coming to us here, and it's coming in from the deep south, area of low potent. tomorrow's going to be mostly clear in the beginning, and then more clouds later in the afternoon around 4:00. as far as showers go, some try to pop through early on saturday morning, but sunday looks like it's going to be real wet, so be ready for that. high temp today up to about 44 with mainly high clouds, tomorrow 43 with even thicker clouds, and then the showers kick in saturday into sunday,
7:33 am
the workweek. let's bring in ines and get a check-up on what's going on with the accident affecting staten island, brooklyn. >> yeah, on the gowanus, affecting the brooklyn side of the gowanus. jim has an update. >> good morning, ines. while we don't know the extent of injuries, one person was were alert. they were moving their arms. this all happened on the outbound gowanus just after the split with the belt parkway. that vehicle, a truck, a car went up on top of it. all wound up tangled together, and it took some time for the fire department to get the vehicles apart and get that person out. again, they were alert. now, the outbound gowanus is closed down just after the belt parkway split, there are delays back to 38th split, but it is on the opposite side, the inbound side.
7:34 am
bumper to bumper delays into staten island. ines, back to you. >> thank you, jim. the rest of your commute, garden state parkway, accident southbound by exit 172 blocking a lane, tappan zee bridge, normal delays heading towards westchester. you can see there's a crash blocking the entrance ramp as well as one lane, so one lane getting through, no problems eastbound. trains are all running on or close to schedule, street cleaning rules are in effect. >> thank you very much. medical marijuana has been debated for a long time, and guess what you're looking at? that's actually the medical marijuana. actually, i have an example right here in the studio. you and i thought they'd be handing out joints -- >> these are batter like cookies, brownies like they do in colorado. >> it doesn't work quite that way.
7:35 am
dispenselies are now open in -- dispensaries are now open in new york state. >> right. bloomfield medical industries. >> let's meet our guest, shall we? >> yes, colette is the chief operating officer of bloomfield officers, and dr. debbie with nyu's school of medicine. we thought it would be great to get a doctor's perspective on all of this. colette and dr. debbie, nice to have you here. colette, let's start with you. so you open your -- what do you call it? >> patient resource centers. >> okay, today. >> today. >> what happens? people need to come in with prescription? >> it's not a prescription. patients need to go to their beingses who must be registered with the -- to their physicians who must be registered with the state, they get a recommend from their physician, then they go to the web site, certified with their documentation, their card and identification before they're even allowed into the patient resource center.
7:36 am
>> complicated. >> -- much more involved than getting a prescription. you're saying a patient has to do all that, then they go to your facility, your resource center -- >> correct. >> for more consultation. you're just not handing out marijuana. >> that's correct. >> you guys make the decision. >> that's correct. >> so, colette, this is different than california and colorado, because i've heard college students can actually -- no, seriously. >> right. >> college students can go to a doctor next door to these dispensaries. >> no, the hallmark is between the patient and the physician that's treating them for one of ten very debilitating physicians. >> but my physician has to undergo special training, and he gives me a certificate -- >> correct. >> then i've got to show up to your center -- >> once you have a certification, you will receive -- >> oh, the discussion's over, there's no debate at that point.
7:37 am
>> there are no combustible products, no topicals and no edibles. so the marijuana is processed into oil, and the oil is made into medicine. what you're looking at here is a syrup just like any other medicine that that's dispensed or taken as a syrup. >> right here. and, again, you put it on a teaspoon? >> there's a dosing cup right at the top. >> okay. >> the other medicine is an oil -- >> the small one? >> an oral syringe that's typically used to treat children who, for example, have epilepsy. the dose goes under the tongue. >> now, it looks like it's been modified at least in its form. does it, and i'm not trying to be cute here, but does it give you a high? >> there are various ratios of medicine based on the level of cbd and thc. some ratios have high thc more very critical pain. >> is so some do. >> some have high cpd and low
7:38 am
not make them high. >> dr. debbie, i would love to get you involved in this conversation. so what do you think? is this something good? do you see signs of abuse here? >> i think new york is handling it the right way. they're basically making medical marijuana available, but they've got enough restrictions that hopefully we won't see that much abuse. for patients that have cancer, hiv and aids, multiple sclerosis, a lot of them have problems with pain, nausea and vomiting, and this can help those folks. they'd be able to get it. not everybody, but the folks that might benefit -- >> and you're a doctor. >> i'm a pain management specialist. >> medical doctor, correct? >> yes. >> where can we find you? >> nyu and my own practice. >> you are not yet authorized to dispense or prescribe marijuana. >> exactly. >> you have to go through a >> exactly. the thing i have a concern
7:39 am
patients with back pain and arthritis, so we don't know what the evidence is medical marijuana is that would help those folks, so i think new york is cautiously looking to see how this would work in certain conditions. >> so right now those people are not on the list to get the medical marijuana. >> no. >> all right, gotcha. >> what are the benefits of marijuana apart from the high? you mentioned for children is it the -- >> cbd. >> the cbd is lower or removed. >> no, the, hc is low, and it's usually used for children with severe seizure disorder, it reduces the number of seizures that they experience. >> okay. so we mow the advantagings of this -- we know the advantages of this. what are the disadvantages from your perspective? >> the disadvantages? >> every medication has a whole list of side effects. >> certainly things you shouldn't take together, and that is why we have pharmacists on staff at all times during our open hours --
7:40 am
in these neighborhoods? >> we've had no issues at all. once we have the conversation and people listen, their very interested -- they're very interested and very supportive. >> dr. debbie, what are the drawbacks? if this were a medical marijuana commercial, you know how they go on for about 30 seconds with all these horrific possibilities? [laughter] >> yes. >> what are some of them? >> the effects on mood. so it could potentially cause paranoia, could cause sedation, so people feeling drowsy. there's some evidence that in the long term maybe it could contribute to heart disease, but because it was illegal for so long, nobody's been able to do the research for the pros or cons for the long term. >> you know, my uncle had cancer, and he was hoping to get that and, unfortunately, he didn'tly to see this -- didn't live to see this day. so it hopefully will help people going through something critical. >> how much is it a dose?
7:41 am
>> how much? >> anywhere from $100-$300 depending on how much your take. >> covered by obamacare, do we >> not currently. >> okay. >> oh, no! >> dr. debbie, colette, thank you. >> thank you very much. >> it looks like milk of magnesia, remember that? [laughter] >> a little bit. >> i don't trust you with the syringe. put everything down. does it also cause the munchies? >> that's how it helps with loss
7:42 am
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, the forecast high for today is 34, the average high is 38, and the record is 64, so we're not doing so bad. 31, central park, with a partly cloudy sky. nothing that produces anything when it comes to rain, just kind of blocks out the sun from time to time. here's the ski report for you. camel back, it's open. you don't have to travel all the way to vermont, new hampshire. thirteen trails open. not the thickest of base, but it's around 6 to anywhere 36 inches. hunter mountain, 26 of 58 trails open and a base of 16 inches altogether. for the day today, you're going to see sun and clouds,
7:45 am
little bit chilly, but for this time of year, that's about where we should be. later on tonight a little cold, a few clouds, lows dropping down between 20-30, freezing again for just about everyone. and as we go through the next seven days, high of 43 tomorrow, 47 on saturday. that's when the showers are coming into town. more so on sunday. then it dries out is and cools down monday, tuesday. a rain/snow chance coming on wednesday. the fox 5ny weather app is free, check it out now. let's bring in ines, give you the latest on what you need to know include what's happening with the gowanus. >> good morning. yeah, still keeping an yea -- an eye on that issue, there's sky fox hd live over the scene. in the outbound, southbound, westbound right by sixth avenue. they are getting all the vehicles out of there, so looks like only two or three leavitt.
7:46 am
reopened eastbound, but you still have traffic jammed all the way back into staten island affecting the verrazano bridge and the staten island expressway, that is backed up all the way to bradley eave. -- avenue. take a look at those delays coming off the verrazano bridge. there's the expressway, about 103 minutes between bradley avenue heading towards the belt merge inbound. your new jersey commute, 78 and 280, you're doing fine. an accident that's partially blocking the left lane -- excuse me, the right lane as well as the onramp, so that's causing some delays westbound. 495 towards the lincoln tunnel, 30-40 minutes inbound. holland tunnel, 15-20. >> mike piazza, legendary new york met going to the hall of fame. take a look at him back in his prime, huh?
7:47 am
>> but we don't know if he's going as a new york met. duke has a special quest -- >> of course he's going as a met! >> -- who could solve this right here and now. >> he can. with me now, the president of the baseball hall of fame, jeff idle soften. an excite -- idleson, an exciting night, ken griffey jr., mike piazza. we're going to put you on the spot right away. >> fair enough. >> everybody wants to know. i know he was a met, he was a dodger. what he's he going in as? >> i haven't talked to him yet. [laughter] you're going to find out at 3:00 today when he reveals it. >> you know the answer. >> huh? i'm going to know the answer after i talk to him. >> you know the answer! jeff, identify known you -- i've known owe since i was 10 years old. >> this is my congratulations to all mets' fans.
7:48 am
here, the plaque at the hall of fame, here's babe ruth. he played with the boston red sox, but his plaque has a new york yankee hat on. this debate is what kind of hat will be on the plaque. and let's face it, i forget -- who in the heck was he with? the dodgers or something like that for ten minutes? [laughter] >> marlins for ten minutes. >> so it's mike's decision, not your decision -- >> he has the ultimate decision. >> sanaa, it's collaborative. i'll talk to mike, i'm give him the -- tony larussa didn't want to split the baby. >> you mean, he'd just be wearing a plain ball cap. >> yeah. >> wow. i didn't even know that was an option. >> look, he connected with so many people in such a potential way here in new york. >> you're absolutely right, duke. when you think about guys that play well, that's one thing, but
7:49 am
that's what drives people to cooperstown. we're probably expecting in and excess of 25,000 for the weekend. all the hall of famers come back to welcome these guys, and it's a weekend of events. july 24th in cooperstown. only 5,000 blocks from midtown. [laughter] >> the piazza home run at shea stadium just ten days after 9/11. everybody knows shea stadium was a staging area after 9/11. that home run against the braves, mets down 2-1, eighth inning, we have that here. and mike hits the two-run homer, and the mets go on to win it, the american flag, it was just such a special night, such a special moment i know you have some artifacts from that game already at cooperstown. will there be anything because mike is going in around this? >> we'll have a whole exhibit on mike and his career. he's already donated a lot of his own artifacts to the hall of fame.
7:50 am
in '96, jersey from 2000, home run record bat but, yes, 9/11 was such a poignant time in our history, and mike's connection, the mets' connection was really, really special, so we have john franco's fire department cap, curt schilling's new york police badge, and a baseball that was found in the rubble of the fire department who donated it. >> yeah. if you haven't been up there, i have, i was up there. all the hall of famers come back, it is fabulous. hours from here. tom sievers is the only other met in the hall of fame. so you can tell us -- >> hey, gary carter's in the >> right. as an expo. mets? >> yes. >> i have to ask jeff a question. i'm rooting for my good friend john franco at some point. >> what can you do? [laughter] >> what do you want me to do? >> we want him many this hall right here. take a look.
7:51 am
i was there as a little kid. it looks, it's like sacred ground. >> i know. i could see john franco in there someday. >> he had an unbelievable record, great career, rosanna. the thing many people don't realize, only 1 of all players make it to -- 1% of all players make it to cooperstown. maybe he's in the top 2% right now. >> and we know now you don't have to be dead. a as a little kid, these things looked like tombstones. let's face it, this looks a little bit like a tombstone. >> i'll get that once or twice a year. >> thank you. >> jeff was pr director for the yankees way back when, and identify literally known -- i've literally known jeff since i was 10 years old. it was a pleasure, thanks for coming in. mets or dodgers? >> he's going in as a modger. >> very funny. thank, jeff. [laughter]
7:52 am
you look it's about time the taco...came out of its shell. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough.
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you couldn' t do anything about that driver running that red light. you couldn' t do anything about him hitting you while you were in the crosswalk. you couldn' t do anything about all those missed paychecks. but you can do something about getting the person responsible to pay. you can call jacoby & meyers. we' ve been winning pedestrian knock-down cases for years and getting people the money they deserve. >> i watched it last night, "american idol." >> anna gilligan, everybody. >> it was good. >> really good. i got emotional. i started crying at one point. so the farewell season has officially begun. here's some of the highlights, beginning with one woman who
7:54 am
>> yeah, yeah, that's true. >> right? >> she's a personal trainer from kosovo, she got all three voteses through to hollywood. now take a look at sonica from martha's vineyard. >> beautiful voice there. she was a real standout. >> so when did you start crying, anna? you said you cried. >> i got emotional about this couple. i showed it in the last hour. i can show it to the you next hour. their mother had passed away. i'm an easy cry. i cry at commercials. but it was a really good show. i'll give you more highlights from "american idol" in the next hour, and it's back tonight at 8:00 here on fox 5. >> very nice. at least i know what to do at night now.
7:55 am
time for our facebook fan of the hour, it is mimi. looking good. i like the hat. thank you so much for saying nice things about us on our fox 5ny facebook page. good day's going to the take a
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7:57 am
>> from fox 5 news, this is good day new york. >> hi, everybody, welcome to our program. it's thursday, january 3th. happy -- january 7th. i'm greg kelly.
7:58 am
thank you for joining us. mike says it's going to be chilly with a mix of sun and clouds to end the week, highs in the low 40s, he'll have the full forecast coming up if or us. >> a woman in chelsea slashed in the face by some guy, a random, unprovoked attack. she's going to be okay, but she has a very big scar. police say they got the guy responsible. >> but corrections officers are recovering after reportedly getting beaten by teenage inmates at liker's island. some of -- rikers island. >> penn station, it's about to be new and improved. can you imagine entering in from eighth avenue and seeing that beautiful -- >> oh, that's pretty. >> -- natural light coming in? there is a plan to change it. >> i heard that jim dolan of msg and the knicks and, you know, the rangers, he's actually involved and given his approval
7:59 am
his facility to make this look even grander. >> thanks a lot, jim dolan. >> he said it may be the first time anybody's ever given him applause. >> that's right. he made some screwy decisions with the knicks a while back. musician. he's been on our show. >> he's a nice guy. i cut him a lot of slack. all right, how's it going? >> i'm good. how you feeling this morning? >> a little exhausted, a little frustrated by the making the murder show on netflix. >> you personal injuried it. >> i have -- you binged it. >> i have a big question mark, quite frankly. >> what do you think? >> in 1985 he was convicted of sexually assaulting a woman. he spent 18 years in jail. turned out, he didn't do it. 1,000% exoneration. gets out of jail in 2003. two years later, the cops arrest him for arresting a woman, and he's ultimately convicted along with his nephew.
8:00 am
your heartbreaks for this guy for the initial offense -- >> what are they saying? the police did payback because they embarrassed him? he embarrassed them by showing it wasn't him in the first case? >> right. basically, yes. and this is definitely told from the defense perspective. i think they make a lot of good points, but i'm always wondering what are they holding back? >> the prosecutor's gone on the record and said they left out critical evidence which one of the things is sweat on the back of the trunk of a car. >> so i invested ten hours of my life in this thing and, quite frankly, some of it was extremely entertaining, some was horrifically boring. >> but everybody's talking about it. >> here you go. his own defense lawyer said he can't say for sure if his client is, in fact, innocent. so so keep that in mind -- >> the fact that you are talking about it is a recommendation because, obviously, you were in it. i know the next cocktail party you go to, you're going to bring
8:01 am
>> i'll be in the know, right? has anyone watched making the murderer on netflix? how about you? >> i'm going to watch it. i can't watch it at night. these things freak mow out. >> it's not scary. it's not a horror movie, although horrific things are depicted. you're not going to be afraid somebody's in the closet. >> okay, that's good. >> but it's a big hit on netflix. >> mike woods is here. have you seen it yet? >> i started watching that breaking bad thing. >> wow. >> i just gave up on it. >> i watched "american idol". know why? >> it was bringing me down. >> breaking bad, it's not 2010. >> i know. it was bringing me down. i went right back to weather [laughter] good morning, everyone. oh, by the way, happy new year. you know who you can say that to you? you know why? robbie just got here, one of our floor directors. >> that's different.
8:02 am
>> it's still the first week of the new year. you can still say it. >> i was making your point, greg. >> thank you. >> trawl, we've got another -- first of all, we've got another cool start to the day but not as cold as yesterday and the day before. there goes the set, falling apart again. anyhow, here's what to expect from this point bard. we've got dry, chilly weather coming at us with high temps in the 40s. as far as rain, we have some this weekend, especially on sunday. it looks really wet. so weekend's looking good if you want to do some netflix and chill, something like that. also snow next week in the mix coming at us as we get towards the middle of next week. it is a possibility. it's 32 in central park, 29 in newark, 23 in bridgeport and 16 in poughkeepsie. winds are light and variable around the tristate region, not that big of a deal. yes, a few clouds here and there but nothing really of
8:03 am
the sun out much. an area of low pressure is coming out of the southern plains, and it's going to come up this way, but it takes about two, three days to get here, so don't worry about it for now. up to 44 for a high this afternoon, the average high is 38, just in case you were wondering, so a little bit above normal today. farm a partly cloudy sky, there's the first of the showers, sunday looks pretty wet and should be out of here monday. the cool temps coming back at that time too. let's get you other to ines rosales, she's been kept business i by the gowanus this morning. >> so much going on this morning. as mentioned, the gowanus, traveling between staten island and brooklyn. if you're going from route 440 towards the gowanus, it's going to cost you about an hour and a half delay. more about that in a second. putnam county, you're doing fine. 84 and 684, no problems. let's go to our cameras, give
8:04 am
sixth avenue. cleanup still continues, all lanes closed westbound, this is where the accident happened. police and emergency crews still on scene. westbound here by the belt merge past sixth avenue, heavy delays on gowanus back to the gowanus canal. then on the eastbound side inbound, they just reopened the hov lanes, but that was closed along with that accident and rubber necking delays on the westbound side left that delay on the staten island expressway. gwb, we have a stalled tractor-trailer approaching the toll plaza, you just have the lane closed. minor delays as well as on the lower. lincoln tunnel, 20 minute inbound, holland tunnel, a five minute delay. >> a young woman brutally slashed in the face by a man in chelsea, and it's on videotape. >> yeah.
8:05 am
this guy randomly cuts her face. police know who he is. he's no stranger. robert moses joins us from gramercy where that man is being held right now. >> good morning to you. a group of photographers has gathered about halfway down the block outside the 13th precinct there waiting for this suspect to be walked out. we expect that will happen around 9:00 or shortly thereafter, and then he will be arraigned. he faceses multiple charges including felony assault and criminal possession of a weapon all because police say he attacked this woman who was simply trying to get to work. police say 41-year-old carey approached his victim and randomly slashed her on the left side of her face. that victim, 24-year-old amanda morris who was on her way to work early yesterday morning in chelsea when the attack happened. morris posted pictures of her injury offense facebook. she wrote that she had never
8:06 am
a, quote, bad feeling immediately when she encounted him. last night a man recognized him from this surveillance video, followed him and encountered two mounted police officers. he told them what happened, and baysmore was arrested. baysmore has a long rap sheet. in fact, he was arrested a little more than a week ago for randomly punching a woman near sixth avenue and 12th street. yesterday's attack comes amid random, unprovoked slashings across new york city. in whitestone a man wearing a surgical mask and gloves slashed her. he has to not been arrested, although this week he reportedly left a note apologizing for slashing the wrong victim but promising to return to get his intended target. and in early november an ambulance worker in crown heights was randomly slashed. so far police tell me they have not made any arrests in that
8:07 am
back now to yesterday's attack in chelsea, the victim was taken to bellevue hospital where she received seven stitches. she was then released. now, writing on her facebook page she said yesterday she was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, but she says now she wants to raise awareness. and she says even in a safe neighborhood like chelsea, stay alert and be aware of your surroundings. that is the latest live from gramercy this morning, greg and rosanna, back to you. >> thank you very much. earlier this week we told you about that missing woman in the bronx, 39-year-old andrea caruth. i think the last time she was expected was at brunch with her friends. they found her body in the basement of her home, and now the father is the main suspect. watch. >> why did you kill her? what happened? did you kill her over money? >> did you kill your daughter, sir? >> the father's not saying anything. he's 61 years old. he's been charged with murder.
8:08 am
the home that they shared in the baychester section. apparently, she was in the basement. police say caruth dug a bit in the basement and buried her face down. the daily news is reporting that the two had been arguing over a second mortgage that she had taken out. her father had reportedly given the money to somebody else. >> very sad. we have this on rikers island, five corrections officers injured in a vicious attack by a group of inmates. >> one officer, as you can see here, was left of bloodied. the attack happened around 5:00 yesterday inside the new transitional repair unit in the area for difficult-to-control teenage inmates. one officer suffered a broken nose. union president norman seabrook said the fight started after one teenager refused a direct order, and then the other teenagers juniored in. -- jumped in. two of the teens neitherly killed an officer in a slashing attempt last october. >> they've been under the
8:09 am
some serious issues over there that they're working to correct. >> yeah. some changes that have happened under mayor bloomberg, and the way. at least the union president is not happy. >> mayor de blasio. >> yeah. all right, meanwhile, the powerball jackpot is now at a record high. >> what is it? >> well, i think it's going to be over $600 million. it was $524 million last night. >> this is the biggest lottery history. the biggest one. we are now playing, rosanna, we both pitched in for yesterday's game that we didn't lose -- that we lost, rather. [laughter] >> we're staying positive for saturday's drawing. >> we'll most likely be chumps again. >> i don't know. carrie drew was there, right? you need a positive attitude, right, carrie? >> you've got to think positive, greg and rosanna. you've got to be in it to win it, and this weekend there are $675 million reasons to be in it. take a look at that number, that is officially the largest jackpot for any lottery game in
8:10 am
we've already seen people playing this morning. here's a woman playing right now. the previous winning record was the megamillions that was purchased in march of 2012, $656 million. no one purchased the winning ticket last night. the jackpot was $524 million, making it the fifth largest of all time. the numbers were 2,11, 17 -- [inaudible] there were numbers in new york and connecticut that matched all five numbers, we don't know anybody who won those tickets yet though. the jackpot has gone untouched for 18 drawings, and we've been talking to a bunch of people this morning, everybody seems to have jackpot fever. do you think you have the lucky ticket? >> i hope so. he said this is a lucky one, so i hope it is. >> mainly charities whatever. that's a lot of money so, you know, i give back.
8:11 am
college tuition, for him. buy a house for my grandmother since she raised me and do a lot for my family. >> it's awesome. i hope i'm the next winner. that money in. >> oh, i don't know. quit working tomorrow. the next day, i'd quit working. >> hope your employer's not watching. >> no. [laughter] >> let's take a look at that $675 million. if you to do win on saturday night and you take the cash option, that amounts to about $413 million. and, greg and rosanna, there's about 40 of us playing, it's over $10 million apiece. i did put another $20 in myself and bought my own ticket, but i promise if this is the winning ticket, if this is the $675 million, i promise to buy you guys really nice gifts. i'll send it back to you. >> oh, that is so rude. i thought she was going to say i'll share it with you all. [laughter] >> okay.
8:12 am
you know what i'd like though? take a look at that sign. they've got the scratch-off games. they're a lot of -- you buy 'em, you know -- i'm sorry, maybe those are -- yes, they are. you scratch off, it's fun. you take a quarter, and you know if you won right away. that is kind of neat. >> or you lost right away. >> all right. thanks a lot there, carrie drew. >> all right. meanwhile, it's going to happen, greg, penn station is going to get a facelift. >> penn station, let's face, a grim, tough place. here it is yesterday. could it look like this someday? take a look. let there be light! >> this is governor cuomo's plan. >> governor cuomo, who knew he was an architect. >> i know, by the way, it's a $3 billion plan to renovate the station. >> all that natural light, that is, i believe, the eighth avenue side. yeah, you can see the post office. right now you basically have to go down a hole to get to penn station.
8:13 am
moving around because the calls for the amtraking waiting area to be moved across the street to the old post office. >> wow. this is going to take a lot of money -- >> three years. >> this is going to be ready in three years? >> that's what they said. and, by the way, will be paid for entirely by private funds. >> now, this looks very nice. you're going to have to dress up to go to penn station in the future. all right, folks, 20 years ago we were in the midst of a serious snowstorm. the blizzard of '96, they call it. >> oh, yes. >> you do? >> yes. my husband got stuck in florida. [laughter] i'll never forget this. >> he was in florida. >> he was in florida, and i had the two kids and, naturally, had to get in to work. so i put them on sleds -- [laughter] and i took them 20 blocks, because you couldn't get a taxi. i took them on sleds to my parents' house x they stayed with my parents while i came to work. >> and tell me about the time you encountered the polar bear. [laughter] did that happen?
8:14 am
january 8th -- >> you sure that wasn't a dream? you went 20 blocks on sleds? >> you know, i pushed them 20 blocks. >> kid you meet the abominable snowman? >> i did not. we got there. all of new york city was shut down. when it's this kind of situation, that's when we go in to work. we tell people to stay home, we come to work. >> you're a hero. >> by hook or by crook. it's not that. but that's our job. >> i was living in arizona, actually, in the summer of '96. >> it was hot then. >> literally in january, january it's in the t 0s in -- 90s in arizona. you have to think for a moment what month it is. >> this is one of only two snowstorms to be declared a five, the highest rank on the northeast snowfall impact scale. >> how did giuliani do getting the streets clear? do we remember that? >> i think it was pretty quickly. >> sometimes mayors pay a bryce for that.
8:15 am
we had a blizzard. mike, where were you? >> i was in north carolina at that time. eastern north carolina. so, yeah, i missed out on that. >> you were in greenville, weren't you? >> greenville, exactly. but, yeah. i tell you what, 20 years ago, big one. butbut you know what ten years ago was, biggest snowfall with nearly 27 inches of snow, and that was in the month of february. anyhow, yeah, it was a huge storm. we haven't seen any snow so far yet this year, so that's a thing ago. flake. it's 32 in central park, temps are warmer by about 5-10 than yesterday at the same time. but we will see a lot of sun today mixed in with a few clouds. no showers for a while. 44's your high today, there's the showers here for the weekend. not good timing, but we've got the rain coming up for us, and we need it. a lot of rain on sunday, then dry and cool for a while. a little rain/snow chance on
8:16 am
just something to keep an eye on, but it's way down the road. daily and hourly forecast at the apple itunes store and google play store, and it's free,, fox 5 weather app. this is gina, turning sweet 16, happy birthday, gia, as well as justin. justin's turning 12 years old. friend. all right, let's bring in ines. it's been pretty rough this morning. >> it has. >> something's getting better. >> i'll get back to you. the lie here, park avenue westbound, you have an accident, your new jersey commute, not too bad of a ride, delays on 280 eastbound as you approach route 21. route 3, no major issues. let's look at the began mis, an accident that happened around 6:45 this morning. cleanup still going on, this is the westbound side by sixth avenue where all lanes are still closed, so heavy delays on the
8:17 am
the inbound side was affected, the hov lanes were affected, but you still have traffic backed all the way up into staten island. let's go to our other cameras. the grand central parkway at a crawl in front of laguardia, eastbound side looking good. trains running on or close. street cleaning rules are in effect. by the way, greg, you're so positive with the powerball and everything, i'm so proud of you. new year -- >> oh, that? >> yeah. >> yeah, we're going to lose. [laughter] everybody knows that. >> the medication's wearing off. [laughter] >> anyway, guess what? the boat show is going to be at is javits center, but they're coming to good day new york. they're bringing actual boats. actually, they already did. can we go on there, greg? >> knock yourself dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches
8:18 am
and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4. that's breakfast whenevs. hey, what are you doing? getting the coats.
8:19 am
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8:20 am
>> all right. we've got some sad news about macy's, because some of the employees are going to lose their job there. they're going to have to to make big changes at macy's.
8:21 am
november and december, so they're going to clash 4800 jobs after sales fell more than 5% over the last two months. the company also announced which 40 stores are closing. >> wow. >> they include two in our area. the macy's at hudson valley mall in kingston. been there, done that. very nice store in kingston. and the other store's in the middlesex mall in south plainfield, new jersey. >> you're look agent the flagship macy's in harold square, that will, obviously, remain open. but tough stuff. i told you, my dad, his first job as a kid was at macy's, he was a stock boy there. and my grandmother worked at macy's there too. all right, what else is going on? >> let's go over to the fox business hour where mawrn simonetti is this morning. >> well, macy's is lay aring off workers because their business is struggling. hold sales were not -- holiday sales were not impressive. especially in china, the world's number two economy, their
8:22 am
right now. they actually closed their markets early for the second time this week, but get this, they closed them in 29 minutes this morning. it's like closing wall street at 10 a.m. and saidty so because stocks were down so much, they had to bring in the circuit breaker rules. so selling begets selling, unfortunately, everything is a sea of red morning. our futures are going to tumble in an hour when the market opens, i'm seeing a decline of 375 points right now if you are looking at the dow. if you have a 401(k), what do you do in an environment like this? i think the best news i have for you is the u.s. is the safest place to invest, believe it or not. that's what we keep hearing from the analysts that we speak to. it's a tough time right now. you know, you have so many dynamics coming together. cheap oil, which is bad for energy companies, right? they can't make money. you have iran and saudi arabia contrasting, you have the north korea potential hydrogen bomb. so all of this makes us very,
8:23 am
this is an awful tart to a new year. >> i'm no financial adviser -- >> but. >> -- but i think the answer on the 401(k) is do nothing. >> do not look. >> it's like getting on the scale. [laughter] >> thanks a lot. >> thanks, guys. she works at the fox business network and, by the way, the fox business network will be hosting the next presidential debate on the repolice officer side. >> january 14th. maria bart bartiromo and neil cavuto are going to be asking all the tough questions, january 14th, 9:00 at night. early debate, 6:00. >> they'll do a better job than that cnbc fiasco. >> the republicans said they're not going back there. meanwhile, a chinese company is has created the world's first drone capable of carrying a human. >> it is, tech yes -- technically, a drone. it'll be piloted by a remote control.
8:24 am
was unveiled yesterday at the annual consumer electronics show in vegas. >> this, to me, looks like a promotional video. >> yeah. >> i'm not sure if one has actually taken flight, but they're ready to do this. the person can't be super, duper big. >> no more than 220 pounds. >> that's definitely chunky. i could just now get away with being a passenger in this thing. >> by the way, this thing only operates for about 23 minutes at sea level. the company is hoping to sell them for -- greg, open up your wallet -- >> $200-$300 thowks. >> the first ones are always expensive. i'm sure they'll come down in price. >> coming up, you know her from trading spaces and extreme home makeover, ty pennington's going to be here to talk about a new show. >> which one is he, the guy on the left or the right? >> on the right. you know, ty. >> oh, yeah. >> all right.
8:25 am
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>> one of the greatest songs of all time, rosanna. >> michael. r-i-p. >> relax your mind -- you got to feel that beat and we can ride the boogie, share that beat of love >> was it michael jackson first solo album when he bolted from the jackson 5. >> i remember see him on tv dot moonwalk. that is when i completely flipped out.
8:28 am
>> that was off of "thriller." i was in the building when he died. >> i think you were being thrown out. did they have you by the collar? >> not that hasn't happened before. hi, everybody, what is going on? >> 8:30 in the mornings we're happy you are hanging out with 30 minutes. 9:00 is off the charts. if you don't have to go to work hang out. when are you fixing your arm? >> it is sliding down. people commenting. >> tendons is attached. >> the tendon should be attached should be next week. and i hope i get this thing off and my arm out of arm jail. >> meanwhile you're bionic man. >> are you righty or lefty. >> i'm righty. this is fairly inconvenient. i barely click the button. tough job. don't look at me. another chilly start to the day.
8:29 am
we're not getting it. only a few flakes out at central park. when you average it out, this year we got barely anything. last year 50 inches of snow. if you average out from one year to the next, you never know what irboeing to get. this year we're getting shortchanged. sunny skies. 32 on average. we should have a little bit on the snow gauge. nothing so far. we're falling behind. we've got 13 degrees in albany. 29 in boston. 22 degrees in buffalo. our temps have been cool recently but they are starting to warm back up as we get more sunshine as the arctic air that has been over us tends to moderate last couple days. it was a too cold for most folks taste few days ago. but it is starting to come back. we have low pressure, warm front, cold front, will bring moisture in our direction by the weekend. by the time it gets here we're looking at rain, not snow.
8:30 am
clear skies on futurecast today and tomorrow. cloyds thicken up later tomorrow. little bit of rain to start you up on saturday. looks like rain picks up a bit late saturday. by sunday a pretty much a washout with a inch or more of rain camping at us. that is what models are indicating. no snow over the weekend. we'll have some snow maybe down the road a piece. mainly sunny sky today. 43 is your high tomorrow. there is showers coming through. showers on been, off again on pretty solid on sunday. after that gets out of here cooler temps make a comeback. rain snow mix later for you possible on wednesday. there you have it. let's bring in ines rosales. you've been beyond busy. what is going on now? >> rough morning on the roads now. accident on the garden state parkway exit 135 and clark.
8:31 am
280, stop stop and go delay as you travel eastbound towards the garden state parkway. staten island. guanas have been a problem because of the problems on the go juan has. -- guanas. that will be 106 minutes. more than hour 1/2 trying to get there in inbound. there was earlier problem on the westbound guanas. hov lanes had an accident. with rubbernecking. past the belt merge. you still have traffic jammed up to the canal. both directions still heavy. at least delays moving again. george washington bridge not bad of a ride upper level. okay inbound upper and lower elf level. lincoln tunnel. 20 minutes. holland tunnel ten minutes. trains run on or close.
8:32 am
snowing them if you got 'em. >> medical marijuana dispensaries are legal in marijuana. >> no joints, no pipes. no brownies. no lollipops. >> this is kind of sterile. >> seems like they have pretty strict rules who you got referred from and what registered doctor. i don't think you can fool around with this. teresa priolo is one of the new dispensaries in union square. >> it looks like a spa where you get your hair done, the vibe. >> reporter: i thought spa, but you said salon. doesn't smell like marijuana in here. not plants around. only ones are decorative. this is not a facility where they're growing marijuana. this is in fact a medical clinic.
8:33 am
this is inside of it. by the front door patient shows up and show his or her state issued i.d. once that is approved. then they make their way inside. they eventually come back here. this is where they will meet with licensed pharmacist. they will sit here. that person be able to determine if they meet criteria. they will get pills droplets or vapor form of medicinal marijuana. these are patients suffering from severe, chronic debilitating disease. only 10 at this point have been approved by the state. talking als, cancer, aide -- aids, things likes that. if you end up in clinic like this you have some sort of life-altering debilitating disease. while it is beautiful inside it is not a place you want to be because it indicates you are suffering one of these diseases. this is not place where you show
8:34 am
medical weed. medical purposes only. some of these people are using different kind of painkillers which can be highly addictive. giving them option of using medical marijuana, you essentially take away option of those kinds of opiates which can be highly addictive. take a listen to the see of the person who runs the facility. his name is nicholas vida. take a listen. we don't need to tell people when you smoke or eat something laced with weed but will you have the same effect taking a capsule, vape rising it or putting droplets under your tongue when it comes in liquid form. is that the same thing. >> the biggest misconception we're treating patients. ultimately patient with chronic illness? >> mls. these are people trying to live a normal life.
8:35 am
our effect on person with something like that is really stabilization. we shouldn't think of it someone trying to increase their sort of happy factor. only. 95 cents an ounce. visit runs you from 100 to $300. greg and rosanna, they give you a 30-day supply. that is the latest from union square. send things back to both of you. >> like how you called it weed in the story. they bristle. teresa, great stuff. who has seen "making a murderer" on netflix. i binge watched entire 10 hour series. this thing is making big news. >> a lot of people are tweeting about it. there is even petition for pardon headed for white house. >> guy you're looking there is steven avery. in 1985 he was wrongly convicted of sexual assault. he spent 18 years in jail before
8:36 am
that it was another offender. years later sean avery and brendan arrested for a murder that essentially took place on their junkyard in wisconsin. rosanna if you watch this documentary, it makes the case these guys may have been framed. >> like the police were out for them, base it was payback, because this family made them look back in the first case? >> they were embarrassed about the mistakes. but this is told almost exclusively, seems to me from the perspective of the defense and the prosecutor in this case has pointed out there are key things they left out that you should know about. i even heard the defense attorney of steven avery he can't say beyond a shadow of a doubt that his own client was not guilty. >> meanwhile "tmz" uncovered court documents in the case. they were filed in 2009, two years after after avery's conviction. in them he claims his brothers earl and charles murdered hall
8:37 am
>> the woman on the junkyard. >> that they were potentially jealous that he would get $36 million settlement. >> he points out that the cops were guilty of mall practice. fascinating occasionally boring documentary everybody seems to be talking about. "making a murderer" on netflix. rosanna i think we have some visitors in the studio. hello, what is going on, ladies? little girls. >> hi. >> oh. >> it is girl scouts. >> nice. >> hello. >> hi. >> is it cookie season ben? >> yes. >> very nice. what is your name? >> my name is gabby. >> you forgot for a moment. what is your name. >> my name is isabella. >> hello. >> madison. >> how much for a box, i like thin mints. >> $4. >> how about do-si-dos. >> $4. >> he will take 50, 50 cases. >> i got one. >> one, two, three, four.
8:38 am
i get out of workpand i go to the store, and somebody' s,psmellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that' s honey bunches of oats, that' s all." i say "don' t eat me now." >> can not eat all these cookies,. >> oh, man, i drove a hard bargain with the girl scouts. >> i know. did you get a discount? by the way if i ate all this stuff i would not be able to sleep tonight. no way. >> you will not eat all.
8:39 am
dr. rajini rogers is here. hello, doctor. >> we're talking about a stud shows women are having much more trouble sleeping than men in this country this study looked a the over 44,000 adults in the u.s. a survey. they found for women in particular had more difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep and wake up feeling unrested. when they broke this down between women with children who were single parents, women with children who were married and women who did not have children, they found single mothers surprisingly -- not surprisingly had hardest time with sleep issues. then married women with children and then single women. one we tend to process anxiety differently. it may affect our sleep more. when women are going through pregnancy and menopause this can affect sleep patterns.
8:40 am
falling asleep three nights a week or three months or more time to talk to a doctor with potential options which may include relax sakes techniques sometimes medication. sleep deprivation has been linked to obesity, heart disease. >> you know why? your brain needs oxygen. >> your brain needs to cool. >> cooling off the brain. >> they learned this couple years ago. your brain is basically over heating, a way to cool it taking in all the air. is that wild. >> very interesting. >> that guy is so clever. >> then we're also talking about the importance of mother-child bonding very early years for newborn babies and how cell phones and other technology in the home may be interfering with childhood development because it is distracting the mother this is study coming out of uc-irvine. actually looking at rats but they made the leap this may affect adults as well, human adults as well. they found distracted rat
8:41 am
testing them for things like pressure sensory information input, they found rats of mothers that were more distracted, did not take pleasure from social activities. they made a leap, mothers not paying close attention to children on -- >> we have nothing in common with rats. how do they distract the rats? so interesting. they made an environment for rat mothers where they had to forage more for food and things to help their young. they were more distracted as opposed to cushy mothers who get everything they needed and spend time with baby. >> i want a study on kids who ignore their parents because they're on the phone. forget about the mothers. >> that is very good point, rosanna. >> i'm done with this mother blaming. i'm a mother for you. >> i accept your apology, rosanna. would you like a -- >> this will make mothers feel better. do-si-dos. they look good. >> thank you, dr. raj.
8:42 am
>> the boat show is at the javits center pretty soon. we'll be right back. find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
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>> doesn't make enough pancakes. making pancakes at the good day cafe for later. >> as long as i have my cookies. anna gilligan, what's going on? >> "american idol" kicked off its farewell season last night. check out this 10-year-old lee john's audition. >> he sound like sean mendez. >> he is great. away. really believes in his talent. say. >> i agree with harry on the to work on. you have god-given talent. >> i will say yes. >> it is a yes. >> i absolutely think you're terrific.
8:45 am
said yes too. >> i think he'll go far. check out the husband-wife duo auditioning separately, handed off their baby while they sang. >> kind of a rough break. the wife, alex sasser didn't make it, the husband jordan did. they turn on each other a little bit because the judges said her family was distracting. you were dancing with the baby. but at least up with factor is going to hollywood. look at joshua with her who had
8:46 am
rihanna. makes me feel like i can't live without and it takes -- >> great voice. crying. judges loved him. so you will see more of joshua. see who makes it and who doesn't as auditions continue on "american idol" here at 8:00 on fox 5. peoples choice awards were on last night where fans have fate of the stars. they were on hand to accept one for "furious 7". vin diesel accepted on movie's behalf. chris hemsworth won famous actor. fame must for thor. >> he is handsome. >> he is a hunk. one actress beating out meryl streep. >> what movie was she in? >> most recently, brand of crisis. johnny depp -- was his hair washed?
8:47 am
>> on sunday, his air i don't know if he is product in it, but he was frying eggs. >> just dripping oil. grooming. >> claire daines is there with "homeland" cast because they won favorite premium cable show. this season has been phenomenal. it is really so good. jerry seinfeld is performing tonight at the beacon theater. first show of his residency. he is performing there once a month. doing stand-up at beginning alf "seinfeld" episode. >> here he is circa 1992. >> he is, he is, got a superhuman talent. there is something, to see that guy in action. no, i mean it. >> he is genius. he makes it funny and so it is 8:00 tonight and does look like there are some tickets. >> cool. we've seen him do stand-up. it is very funny. are you all right?
8:48 am
>> i think your brain is cooling off. >> had a conversation. >> like irin a movie theater or something. >> interesting. >> interesting nothing. i told you we saw -- never mind. find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
8:49 am
>> good day span of the hour brought to you by mazda, driving matters. >> carolyn, it is all about you, thank you so much. >> thank you, carolyn. happy birthday to screech from "saved by the bell." >> katie couric, her birthday. >> formerly of cbs news. now with yahoo!. you remember when she was anchor of the "cbs evening news."? >> you're right. find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
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