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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  January 8, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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juliet: good morning everyone! is friday . carrie: it's a dry end to the workweek that we are temperatures. mike has a full forecast. juliet: obama holds a televised town hall meeting and had some tough critics. you will hear what they said. carrie: fit with wearable devices may make the workout harder . what a lawsuit is claiming. juliet: good morning.
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and for ben. juliet: to have a sense of cappuccino? i was sleeping in the back of the car service and he started to fall asleep and was holding my starbucks and i felt liquid falling on me. i woke up covered in cappuccino . carrie: now, you don't . some people would wear that if you bottled it up . juliet: i am getting little whiffs of it and i am thinking, this is not so bad.carrie: maybe you don't need to win the lottery that is it. cappuccinos perfume . mike: that is a bit of a stretch.
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mike: good morning. carrie and juliet , we will have some changes coming up for some other. today, we increase the cloud cover throughout the day and we start off with some sunshine but it doesn't end up that way. showers are coming into town and it does mix. it's not only pain but some snow and ice possibility with some sleep out there. there will be a few showers here and with some patchy stuff here and there. it's on the big deal but as we get into sunday, it gets ugly . winter weather advisory comes up until 10:00 am but only for the purple shaded counties. it goes up to the poconos in the catskills. it doesn't look like too many folks get in on that there will be some slushy accumulation on the minor
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we have 36 in central park and 30 degrees in bridgeport. the wind is coming in from the north east at around five 10 miles per hour. it's not a lot of wind but there's a lot going on. again, a partly cloudy sky. folksy cloud cover to the deal. they start to build as time goes on and we have some areas of low pressure to the south . they will swing in the tri-state region and bring us some changes here. today is still a day off and it starts off with 20th century and 35 degrees. you up to 44 degrees for the high today so it's a lot like what we had yesterday but more cloud cover in the afternoon. make it up to 47 degrees tomorrow patchy fog . 57 degrees on sunday but it's quite wet. it's at least an inch of rain and that's what it
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and it's a good day to hang indoors for the first part of the day. later in the afternoon, use of season breaks in the rain. let's bring in ines to see what's going on. ines: a couple of hotspots here on 202. there is a structure on fire. it's between mount harmony road.broke for westbound watch out for an accident there. no problems in connecticut. we find the entire stretch and we look at our cameras and alchemy. fdr drive south and you are doing fine. construction is set up as you approach the 60s. northbound has no problem. upper and lower level in the lincoln or the arnold tunnel and trains are running on time. >> a suicide man is jumping to his death and west
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he landed on the oxygen line and he cut it off the supply. juliet: the building was not evacuated but one of the emergency room entrances was closed. we will keep you updated. carrie: in greenwich village, a man robbed two lobby. . juliet: you can see the suspect displayed on and tell two men off-camera to hand over the cash. he got 400 bucks before running from the building. this happened near the corner of waverly place and christopher street.if you have any information, all crimestoppers. 1-800-577-tips . obama is facing tough questions.
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situation and telling us what's going on there there were people that were very divided. >> good morning, everyone. this is the presidents chance to explain the gun control. the theory is trying to take away your gun is nothing but a conspiracy theory drummed up by gun rights activists. his position was countered by those who have been impacted with the violence. they say he is off the mark.>> i have been unspeakably victimized once again and i refuse to let it happen again to myself or my kids. a rape victim . >> a law enforcement officer . >> would you have done to prevent the shootings? the laws that we create . these things from happening. >> illegal sniper was
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>> fair focused on this nations gun laws in the epidemic of gun violence. >> i respect second amendment. i respect the right to bear arms. >> there is nothing in our lives that we purchase where we don't try to make it safer. >> it follow the emotional speech that he gave this week in which he outlined his executive action on gun control. noticeably ask absent is the nra calling this a public relation spectacle. >> he is trying to create an illusion that he is trying to keep people safe . the truth is, his policies have failed miserably. >> that is nothing more than a mischaracterization. >> it's important for us not to suggest that if we can't solve every crime, we
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any. he sent a warning to members of his own party saying he will not campaign for anyone who does not support godly forms. members of the nra can come to the white house and discuss the issue . the man accused of slashing the face of a woman as she walked to work and chelsea is in the psych ward at w hospital. juliet: he may be tied to other crimes. >> the suspect here was brought to bellevue for the evaluation and it's not clear if he has been arraigned yet . according to his family, he has had psychiatric problems in the past and we are learning it's not the first time that he attacked
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reporter: police escorted carrie bazemore out of the station house last night. he slashed 24-year-old amanda morris with a razor early on wednesday morning as she walked to work in chelsea.a man walking at the cathedral saw bazemore and recognized his red jacket from the surveillance video.batman notified two mounted cops nearby and he was taken into custody. he has 31 prior arrests. he was arrested for punching a woman near sixth avenue and 12th st. and the judge released him. he struck again soon after. >> we have identified other instances where he attacked other people . one in the bronx on new year's day where he sliced , with a razor blade , on a young lady's face near brockway boulevard. they're looking into
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other attacks. his unprovoked rattled morris needed seven stitches to close the gash on her face. >> i could feel him beside me trying to walk at the same pace and i was trying not to look . as soon as he was out of my professional peripheral , that's when he hit me. she said it was surreal to see herself on the tabloids after the attack . much. i was so scared. reporter: bazemore was staying with his sister in the bronx. his sister told the news that she tried to get him to take his medication. she says the problem was,
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juliet: thank you, robert. carrie: a two-year-old boy is doing well after he fell down elevator shaft in the bronx. isaiah edwards was in bras neck around 730 last night. he slipped through the gap between elevator and the floor and fell 20 feet . he was pulled out with a ladder intake into jacoby medical center. he had some minor injuries. >> so far, everything is good.we just want to make sure we check everything with x-ray and ultrasound. carrie: we are hearing the boy is expected to be okay. 5:11 am . we still have a lot to discuss. juliet: at another donald trump attack ad against the clintons . mike is keeping track of the forecast . mike: today looks pretty decent. we are looking at signing
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clouds roll in and the high temperature goes up to 44 degrees. it's all the cool outside. the hourly forecast is broken down on the weather app . that's on google play store and it will show you what's happening with the weather .
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back. new york is my home. no place has more world class culture. come winter, i can't wait to visit our must-see collections of art and superb photography and film. new york has beautifully that are now important centers and museums that preserve the glories of the past. winter in new york state means more great things to do than ever. plan your trip at
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carrie: the lamborghini is attempting to plow through. the water washes right up to the windshield. with a little bit of power, he pushes through and he makes it to the other side. the cargo zero 60 in under four seconds but it's just not the same and a flood . you can see that kind of flooding and you should not be plowing through. back up and go through . >> it's just that that lamborghini has such a low profile the water just went up . juliet: how much is that car? carrie: $200,000 . juliet: that is someone
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juliet: let's get over to mike . mike: i did not know it wasn't in fabian. yes , turn around. it's not a good situation to put yourself in. here is what we have out there. temperatures are mild and if 36 in central park. 37 degrees in belmar. temperatures are warmer than what we had yesterday. we have five degrees it's 12 degrees warmer in belmar and 19 degrees warmer in the heart. partly cloudy and clear
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things will change soon as we have the moisture to the south w. working its way into the tri-state region . temperatures are any minimal range and will take a look at the future cost . it picks up on some showers later on this evening and it's mostly rain but there is a mix as you head into the northern tier. that's how you could get some slushy spots and easier conditions. that's why there is a winter weather advisory in effect . the northern tier. through is later on , the rain will get pretty heavy at times. especially earlier on sunday. it should shut down after that. it's dry throughout the day. high temperature goes up to 44 degrees. it's body light showers
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47. 57 will be windy and warm. for the first part of sunday , we will see sunshine back and monday and tuesday. temperatures come down and wednesday. there is a rain and snow small . let's bring you over to roads. ines: good morning, mike . keeping an eye on structure fire shutting down with closing in both directions between now harmony in my area. westchester has things find near the bridge and it's just a lot of green on the map . holbrook road , no problems westbound or respond. let's look at grand
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pkwy. looks great . no delays is found or westbound. smooth sailing! juliet: the driver of a toyota is lucky to be alive after being crushed between truck and minivan. we showed you this child up . rescue workers pried the driver out of the car which was reduced to a three by three box. they found him alive, thank goodness. he was alert and talking. he is in serious but stable condition. several other people were hurt that the injuries are not life-threatening. 5:19 am and donald trump has released an attack at . >> women's rights are human rights and human rights are
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for all. let's fight for opportunity and dignity. trump posted a video on instagram. images linked her to various sex scandals. there is no response yet from clinton's campaign. >> i went outside this and there's 20,000 people and we can't at them and say you are very lucky tonight , i hope . you'll be very happy i hope . they have a crowd that stretched 15 blocks. i watched a lot of clips and something else. a packed house as donald trump told you in vermont . it's a very liberal area. thousands are forced to stand outside because they offered 20,000 free ticket which could only hold 1400 people. despite every person being screened, and hecklers did make it inside. when they would not be
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>> get them out of here! we have to get security moving faster. we are not dealing with tough hombres. >> the rally happen at the same time as barack's town hall meeting. he says he would eliminate gun free agent zones around schools. a town hall meeting, bush said trump could win nomination and he is convinced trump won't make it to the white house. at some point, we have to get beyond that two serious issues at hand. we have to get there pretty quickly. if donald trump wins the nomination and he might , hillary clinton will be in like a drum. she will tear him up and it
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we got one months ago. bush is pulling a second or third in most polls. the republican candidate is wrapping up a speech . a woman passed out and chris went over to make she was so they made a clip about it . >> good news, she's doing okay. [applause] young lady, she heard the name hillary clinton and she fainted into her. [laughter] it's a scary thought . i understand. he is doing well in iowa and he is taking the lead edging out against donald trump. he holds his caucuses . carrie: fit but is suing for a problem that will cause you to work out harder. that's coming up
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fit bit is the popular band of fitness trackers and it is facing a allegation over faulty heart monitor results. according to m gadget , the device occurs with interest lay low members . the devices with heart
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they are sold 450 and $250. >> fit but says the case does not have merit. carrie: the time is 5:25 am and time warner is warning customers about a massive data breach. email password may have been stolen as a data breach to other companies. that is through time warner customer information. they are contacting customers that may have been effect did in having them change their password. new yorkers are in for a nice tax credit. juliet: it's pricey to send your kid to the school in the city.if you make between 40,000 and 300,000, you qualify. a $350 credit will apply to your income tax. you will have to file a one you will have to file a 114 and if you use tax software should be done is a new app named to help women get ahead .
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creators say that statements like sorry and i think should undermine a woman's workplace authority. juliet: i think that's stupid . carrie: the app works with google: and gmail. maybe if you say i think it doesn't mean i believe. they're trying to act like they don't know. if a woman says that, it's different than if a man says that? carrie: we have top stories. yes, we do.
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. juliet: you know, enough with that at i think rain will be moving into the area and i think mike will tell us ?carrie: do you think or do you know? juliet: you can see the smoke coming out of my head .
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slashing a woman in chelsea 's thought to have performed other crimes. juliet: oh my gosh . hold the baby. i just want to be your man. how does it feel? carrie: how does it feel? we will show your talent . the big one is the last year. here is the last manner. you will always be known as the last winter. >> she always looked really tan and really beautiful and gorgeous. she has different books. she looked very tan there. carrie: i am carrie and for ben simmoneau. juliet: i am juliet huddy . hello mike .
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we have shades coming up. >> everyone wants to know. it's a weekend preview. we have some showers out there. the high temperature makes it up to 47 degrees. sunday will be warm at 57 degrees for the high . we have rain that you are dealing with. it will be a messy day early on. later in the day it will not be so inspiring. this is one thing we have coming us. winter weather advisory is coming into the area. there has been minor snow and ice accumulations but only for the purple shaded counties from 7:00 this evening until 10:00 tomorrow. look out for the slushy spots. 36 degrees in central park and the winds are light from the northeast at
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the sky is clear for the majority of the tri-state and when it comes to rainmakers we are not here yet that they will make their way into the beaches. it will be primarily rain that there is a slushy component to the north coming at us later. it's only for a short time. some these guys are coming to you by 1:00 am and high temperatures up to 44 degrees with more clouds in the afternoon. tomorrow, patchy showers here and not a lot of rain expected that with a high of 47. sunday will be wet with a high temperature of 47 degrees. it will be on the breezy side but it's out of here for the work week. let's bring you over to ines and see if we have a backup happening. ines: not a lot going on but we have 202 closed. there is a structure fire shutting things down between mount airy road. no problems this morning at putnam county. 684, things moving great .
5:33 am
check on suffix county. it's the trains and the metro-north with street cleaning rules in effect . juliet: a suicidal man jumped to his death from a building that was next to mount sinai west . he landed on the oxygen line that feeds the hospital around 2:00. it cut the line in the outside vendor is on the scene to help with repairs. evacuated one of the entrances was closed. we will keep you up-to-date that . a man accused of slashing a woman might be involved with similar crimes. robert moses keeps us up to date with the latest. >> the suspect was brought from the precinct here to
5:34 am
psychiatric evaluation. his family said he has had psychiatric problems in the past. they led him out of the precinct last night and he said nothing. he used a razor to slice amanda morris as she walked to work. it was a horrifying and unprovoked attack . he has 31 previous arrests . cops say he punched a woman on december 30 sixth avenue and 12th st. the bail. struck again. he slashed another woman's face in the bronx. on wednesday, he slashed morris and she spoke to inside edition about her ordeal. >> i could feel him beside me trying to walk at the same pace as i was. him. as soon as he was out of my
5:35 am
>> the blood scared me and i was thinking was that i wanted to stop bleeding because i was losing a lot of blood . you can see the gash on her face. she needed seven stitches with four above the lip and three below to close the was surreal to see her face plastered all over the newspapers. that was the latest. juliet: thank you very much, robert. they rubbed three armored cars. the latest was on december 15 on westchester avenue. it ended with a wild shootout with three men arrested , including a corrections officer. while the suspects, 21-year-old bruce posted pictures on instagram. he was laying on the bed surrounded by money and it was reportedly taken after
5:36 am
good move. obama faces his critics at a townhall meeting. they were pretty tough. it's some interesting people that showed up there. the rate victim and the wife of the victim who was there. chris kyle this is a chance for the president to state his case and explain the new measures that he is using to combat gun violence. >> i think it's important for us not to suggest that if we can't solve every crime , we should not try to solve any. >> appearing at this event, the president said the idea that he wants to confiscate all guns is a miscarriage titration and ai and a conspiracy theory.
5:37 am
victim, a law enforcement officer in even the wife of chris kyle who happens to be one of the most decorated navy seals murdered by former marine. >> the laws that we create don't stop these things from happening. that's a tough pill to swallow. >> if i was living in a farmhouse where the sheriff's department was pretty far away i would want to have a shot on my protect it. >> he did say he is a supporter of the second amendment and he believes in the right to bear arms but noticeably absent was the nra and they call it a public relations spectacle. the public rebut invited them to discuss the issue and he says every time their extended they decline . he reiterated that last night he says some important issue and we need all the sites to come together which probably
5:38 am
juliet: thank you. it's 5:38 am and there's two state troopers delivering a baby on the side of the parkway. >> it's a girl! you can see it's caught on video of the troopers arriving on the scene to find the woman and her husband in the backseat. she was when going into labor while heading to the hospital. the hand of the baby girl to her mom. >> we knew we had to make a decision and make sure the family was called and we did a good job , i think. that monday was my daughter's third birthday . i delivered a baby and i celebrated my daughter's birthday that day. >> it's a great story!the mother and the baby are doing well. those guys are adorable. >> the baby is okay.
5:39 am
that day! carrie: yes, wow. can you imagine how stressful that would be ? juliet: you would say honey, drive faster! >> it's going well. it's friday and it's always good like this. the weather this weekend i don't know. we need wet weather but the timing what will you do? here is what we have going on. temperatures in the teens and 20s. not freezing this morning. it's 36 degrees there but you are freezing in newark with 30. 16 in poughkeepsie.we have temperatures that are warmer in poughkeepsie that's one degree cooler. 12 degrees warmer in belmar and 20 and allentown. there is partly cloudy skies here the tri-state and more clouds to the south. you had to the north and that's when you have a
5:40 am
into the tri-state region. eventually, all this mess has to work its way through. it will hold together in terms of the main content. when it comes to us now there is not a lot going on. it goes into tonight as future cast is picking up on some of it in the northern tier. you could get the mix for a short while and that's why there is a weather mix. patchy clouds heading into saturday and sunday will be wet and on the windy side before it gets out of here in time for the next workweek. if you a few patchy skies tomorrow and they come through on sunday bringing workweek. the weather app is fox 5 ny weather app and download it free and put it to work. let's bring in ines
5:41 am
ines: good morning, mike. a problem on 202 with the structure fire. it's closed in both directions between mount airy rd. if you are driving in queens not a lot going on. the jackie robinson parkway with no problems in whitestone. let's go to the camera. it's in the 70s. traffic is moving slow and it's on the northbound side in the lincoln tunnel. it will be found inbound and there is no problems to report on the bridge. happy friday! juliet: happy friday to you! carrie: it will be a nice weekend even if it will be a little bit rainy.
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pot could lose 1 billion. the jackpot is saturday night at 11:00. >> we are feeling good. >> recess may be mandatory for students . the state senate passed a bill guaranteeing a bill for students. it passed the assembly and now it goes on to governor christie's desk. carrie: he will go into the hall of fame wearing them met that hat. juliet: of course he has. he will only be the second met . he will be drafted from los angeles. he felt more connected at shea stadium. >> as far as my hat i want to be clear and say, as much as i love coming up with the dodgers and i will always cherish my time there i will go in as a
5:46 am
they will now likely retire his number which is 31.he says the team has big plans. it takes place in cooperstown new york. go to. maybe it will get them to cover it. someone will have to go! i will nominate myself. >> it did not take very long. there is a recommendation to hire coughlin. they hired him yesterday but parcells says he should get a look. he says guys his age know a lot about football. this doesn't mean anything official. it's just a recommendation. any move is up to coughlin and his family. another big name added to
5:47 am
show.juliet: i remember when that song came out and i watched it over and over. got me looking so crazy in love . got me looking so crazy in love. beyonci will join coldplay at super bowl l on super bowl viith at levi stadium. juliet: they will be she will be the guest star on coldplay's performance. she was the main event on 2000 2013. they will also have bruno mars who is absolutely awesome.he was the headliner last year. right? was it last year? it might have been two years ago because last year was kenny perry. >> this will be a good one. the monkey cannot be the owner of this image.
5:48 am
2011. she snapped a picture of itself. peter sued on behalf of the monkey saying that monkey should own the photo. the judge says there is no indication that the copyright act extends to animals.juliet: she is smiling and everything! that is so funny! you have to hand it to the monkey! when will we stop this selfie thing? i can't stand it! mike: fica selfie of you it's the whole posing thing i am over it . 2016 should be the end of the selfie. i am over it. good morning. it's friday and we can get you up and out the door. it doesn't look like the weather will cause you any problems.
5:49 am
there's something that most folks appreciate. 36 in belmar and it's still pretty chilly there. generally speaking a clear sky around the high state region in the clouds told up to southwest . when it comes to rain, that will hold off until this evening. the clouds had in this general direction and we will see the rain kick in. it's a good thing. the ski resorts appreciated. camelback these are your conditions out there. 13 trails are open and there is power there at the base of 16 inches. at least the local areas most of them are open now. that is good news. we start off with clear skies and the role and with showers. high temperature goes up to 44 degrees today.
5:50 am
there is snow in the mix to the north. they will see patchy showers with a high of 47 degrees. sunday is a wet one and it's windy and wet i one day. let's ring and ines and see what's happening with our key . ines: got is a yesterday around 6:45 am. the new jersey commission and woodbridge in the garden state parkway crossing the bridge both ways moving fine. same goes for 287 and the turnpike . on the fdr drive, we have delays wrapping up construction by 79th st. it's trying to reopen everything so give it some time and it will ease out.
5:51 am
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american idol had more auditions. many contestants were focused on jennifer lopez. daniel farmer is convinced he could seduce her. >> are you ready? come on, baby . how does it feel? carrie: she liked them. he was pretty seductive to
5:53 am
it was very good. beautiful voice. here is his review from j lo. >> you are funny and you are sexy . that's very attractive. it's an attractive quality that you have and i'm being serious. i really like it and it was a good performance.>> me too! he went through to hollywood. carrie: i got a chance to interview julio and she says how she will remember her time on idle . >> fondly. i loved every minute of it . i was thinking as i was watching the premier there is nothing like this. what will we do without it ? what are families going to watch together now? >> i just look at how beautiful she is i can't even hear anything she says.
5:54 am
person! i interviewed her in brooklyn and la and she is a beauty. i will give you more american idol highlights . more on the view with jay leno. can you guess which past contestants and earning the most my now? kelly clarkson? carrie underwood? juliet: you are both wrong . >> my heart is a ghost town. >> surprising, right? juliet: had a couple of big hits. queen was the front man. he earned more than any other alumni. he made $10 million. he wasn't even the winner he was the runner-up .
5:55 am
. music . >> that's carrie underwood. she earned 8 million last year. that was album sales. she was the winner of season for an idol and in third place daughtry. chris docherty making 6 million with his band . he played 91 shows and he was hard at work this year. carrie: it shows you the live arena touring is the way to make money. it's not about the money and the albums anymore. anyone idle. literally, they performed on 48 and six. it was the most amazing day of my life. game of grounds has a return date . april 24.
5:56 am
about john snow. looking forward to that! thank you so much. we will be right savor an egg mcmuffin any time a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin mcdonald's all day
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