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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  January 8, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others
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it's 10:00 p.m. do you know where your children are? right now on "fox 5 news" at ten. >> the tide is about to turn as this weekend's weather will be wet and wild and icy in some parts of the area. i guess it's a great time to organize. >> here's a look at what to expect. warmer and wet. >> they maybe took down the christmas decorations. that's on the agenda. it's not going to be all that wet tomorrow. it's now night and sunday. take a look at the box five radar. there's not much going on but you see a few patches of rain appear. as tonight goes on you'll see more of that. patches of white rain or drizzle. they've come up just a little bit right now but when that
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a drop back down to 31 or so. that may cause some icing on the road. i will show you where. forty-two in the city. that's way above freezing so we don't have to worry about that. mid throwers 40s on the jersey sure. north jersey, up toward orange county, and in terrier southern connecticut as well a potential for light icing. the second part of the storm is the one that were going to be watching as this energy drives. it will bring temperatures up and the potential for heavier rain tomorrow night and sunday morning. it will taper down sunday afternoon. future cast will show the cap clouds in play. not a lot going down here. just a day of clouds and mist. not too pretty. then the rain gets going and there is sunday's rain.
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the heavier downpour. the rest of the afternoon breaks down after that. then we will turn colder and have a record high on 60s. on sunday. we will stop in the upper 40s late in the day tomorrow. >> thank you nick. shocking images of a police officer being ambushed in philadelphia. the suspect told police he tried to kill the cop in the name of isis. luckily the officer survived and the nypd is on alert tonight. they are in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: the nypd is issuing an officer safety alert telling them to be extra vigil. this was an assassination attempt. he targeted an officer because he believes cops defend laws that are contrary to the teaching of islam.
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officer called for help. >> i'm shot. >> i master gunmen charging the philadelphia patrol car firing at least 11 shot at close range. >> he is literally inside that car. he has his arm extended, firing at the officer. >> reporter: that officer miraculously only was hit three times in the arm. >> his will to live saved his life. we are ever so thankful to god that he is here today because this could have easily been a police funeral. >> reporter: despite his cruiser, returning fire striking the suspect. the attacker identified as 30-year-old edward archer confessed to the crime saying he did it in the name of islam. >> he pledges his allegiance to the islamic state and follows allah. >> reporter: the ny pd taking note.
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the memo said the attack in philadelphia and the separate assault at a police station in paris this week demonstrate the continued threat that members of service members face for a variety of reasons including terrorist motivation. investigators in philly stopped short of saying that he was working with anyone else or had direct ties to isis. >> this was a criminal with a stolen gun. it has nothing to do with anyone following the islamic faith. >> the gun had been stolen from police in 2013. the officer suffered a serious arm injury. he is out of surgery and expected to survive. back to you. >> officials from the obama administration discuss ways of stopping the spread of terror through social media. representatives from apple, google, facebook and more were attending that meeting. there has been growing concern
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media to recruit and conduct attacks. >> the goal is to find ways to work together to make it even harder for terrorists or criminals to find refuge in cyberspace. >> they have policies directing the removal of violent or terror related content. experts on both sides feel they can do more to intercept attacks before they happen. >> el chapo has been caught in mexico. >> after his daring escape, he here's more on how mexican guy. >> like so many other things, they got a tip and acted on it reading a home. that happened before don. they caught him six months after he tunneled out of a prison. this was just another government. >> reporter: mexican marines
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world's most wanted drug lord who escaped last month from a maximum security prison in mexico. a security camera caught his brave brazen disappearance from inside his tiny prison cell. first you see him walking over to use the toilet and he simply vanishes. authorities would later find a tunnel three stories below his cell. it was equipped with a motorcycle waiting to ride el chapo to freedom. it led to a cement structure in the middle of a farm field about a mile from the prison. mexico's president sent out a tweet today saying mission accomplished. >> members of the institution of security in the government of the republic were able to detain el chapo. his location, pursuit and recapture were the result of the work working collaboration of the department of intelligence, security and justice in the state of mexico.
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after shootout. five people were killed and one mexican marine was wounded. el chapo was brought in a life. he has escaped from prison and been recaptured before. he escaped twice from maximum-security facilities once in 2001 and again in july 11, 2015. the u.s. wants to extradite him due to crimes in the u.s. mexico in the past has said he would first serve sentences in mexico. the question is will mexico try to hold el chapo in a mexican prison? especially when someone they united states want him to face justice here and be locked up here. i imagine there will be a lot of pressure to bring him back this time. >> especially since he has escaped twice.
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the man the fbi says is in charge of san francisco's crime scene in chinatown is headed to prison. a federal jury convicted him of 162 charges ranging from racketeering and drug trafficking to murder of gang rivals. during his trial the 56-year-old man told jurors he had renounced his drug dealing and gangster ways after leaving prison in 2003 and turned to meditation but he will spend the rest of his life in prison. >> the nypd discusses the wrongful death when connor died following an officer's alleged chokehold. she was stripped of her badge and gun. she had recently been promoted to sergeant. they call the charge ridiculous and politically motivated. >> right before the closing bell led to one of the worst opening
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the dow lost another 167 points today. a strong job report did little to help the market recover and numbers were down more than 1000 points this week. that makes it the worst opening week since 1991. it could get worse before it gets better. >> governor cuomo wants to ring the mta in the 21st century. he wants to replace metro cards with a digital system and expand wi-fi and cell service to also play stations. >> i want people to listen to their music and make a telephone call, be be connected to wi-fi. i come to expect that. >> it also calls for the renovation of 30 subway stations by 2020. each will have have to be shut down completely for an average of 6 - 12 months. >> yikes. today's announcement comes just hours after six benneta train writers got stranded during the morning
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the mta blamed a train causing delay for up to three hours. >> things are not going to be running smoothly on the weekend. the emeline will have service changes due to track work. the f train, the three and seven as well is the l train. bags of recycling are piling up after it was not collected on the regular schedule. the department of sanitation said this cutback only happens during the holidays. buildings were supposed to store instead piled the bags on the sidewalks. be cleared by tomorrow. >> i'm sure with a little bit of this out. how would you spend 800 million or 900 million or even $1 tomorrow night's prize may make you face that problem. the current jackpot of $800 million easily shattered the previous u.s. lottery record.
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if you plan to buy a ticket, the chances of winning are just one in 292 million. >> spend a couple bucks and have fun. >> the bikers club is suspending and why they are helping the neighborhood. >> what winemakers are accused of fudging. >> what's up with a weekend? the weather is going to be horrible. how about writing this subway with no pants?? what? it's just one of those things that are happening. it happens all the time now. look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from
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>> people who live in greenpoint, brooklyn have new neighbors. a motorcycle club moved in and since april the city has received more than a dozen complaint about noise. they talk to them about the problem.
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been in the area and them motorcycle club is on this block as well as homes and apartments. some of the few who live here say it's never this quiet when the bikers are around and for that reason, they want them out. the unknown bikers are not so unknown here. >> it's pretty loud. they kind of control the whole block. they're here every weekend and there's nowhere to park on the block. >> some have decided not to show their face on camera and others are very vocal. >> it's loud enough that stuff shakes in our house and i couldn't hear people talking to me as close to me as you are. >> reporter: motorcycles at all hours of the night are keeping them up. >> they wreck the whole block the morning. >> one of the reasons is she moved here is because of the it all changed about nine months ago when the bikers moved in. they have made multiple 311. meanwhile meanwhile we did find those who say the bikers are not in control of the block. >> sometimes they have a little block party and their kids are
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they're not a problem at all. the parties haven't bothered us, the noise hasn't bothered us. some of the choppers going by our little loud. >> reporter: no one wanted to go on camera to speak to us. back to you. >> a scary trip home for some middle school students in brooklyn. their bus overturned after colliding with a car. seven people were hurt including for students. one seriously. some will tell us the bus was struck as it attempted to make attorney. police are investing getting. >> the state health department says at least 71 patients have signed up for new york's medical marijuana program. the program started yesterday. patients with certain qualifying conditions have to get certification from a doctor and apply for a registry card before getting any marijuana. the medication only available at state regulated dispensaries and only in non-smokable form.
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they are being sued. they claim it shows inaccurate heart rate. fit bit denies doing anything wrong. >> time warner cable companies in new york will soon have faster internet service now that regulators have approved the merger with charter communication's. under the terms, charter will charter will be required to provide faster internet service statewide by 2019 and make high-speed broadband available to more low income customers. >> jubilee can't catch a break about food safety concerns. the restaurant failed to disclose inadequate policies. december alone. >> campbell soup is taking a stand in the war on gm zero fluidly labeling.
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ingredients derived from gm oh ingredients. it is the first major food company to do so and says it will continue to oppose state-by-state labeling laws. >> wine manufactures could be lying to you. they say the labels could be way off. >> most wine drinkers like there wine alcoholic. just how much alcohol a bottle contains varies slightly from wine to wine. >> where researchers tested some bottles and found 50% 50% of them contain more alcohol than their labels promised. >> there's lower taxes on wines with lower alcohol.
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that tax laws might lead winemakers to fudge the alcohol content on their label. >> alcohol and bodies go hand-in-hand when it comes to wine. >> i like very good wine. >> i met king, "fox 5 news". >> it's what you've never seen before. >> we are talking about pale. >> it's the longtime feel of new york village but it may soon be changed. some here in vineland, new jersey, home of progresso, we know the secret ingredient to a great minestrone dirt. california dirt
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eating paleozoic has been a diet tran for a while as with eating gluten-free. the upper east side. >> can i get the chicken curried sweet potato. >> it's a new year. we are all trying to get healthy and keep resolutions. kitchen.
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this is a two-story marketplace. they have a juice bar, coffee shop and gluten-free and dairy free eats will break it down. you're not eating any processed foods or vegetable oil or grains or dairy or gluten or lagoons. here is our kale salad and our most popular item is our almond crusted chicken tenders. instead of grain-based spreading we have allman almond meal. >> here's a begin vegetarian option. >> we have our vegetarian lasagna and cashew crust. also our hot cauliflower side.
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bar which is a non- dairy yogurt bar. there's nondairy pudding and berries. >> this is my new favorite treat. >> our number one goal was not to be a a healthy restaurant, we wanted to create delicious food that fit what we wanted to put in our body. >> the meals are as delicious as they look. they start at around $14 and that includes a quarter chicken with two sides but it does get pricey once you start adding other items all a cart. >> another controversy remains for the governor. >> my brain didn't catch up to my mouth. >> how he is trying to explain some race solely charged remarks without getting in more trouble. >> who's in the mood for
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>> it wasn't intended to be race. >> the governor of maine trying to backpedal after making racially charged comments while discussing the state's heroin epidemic. he tried to explain his remarks. >> some say he just dug a deeper hole. he doesn't know what sparked the outrage in the first place. >> msa before this week we did not know a lot about the governor of maine. when you read his comments from the past telling the ncaa to kiss my butt and president obama to go to hell, we expected more colorful comments to be coming soon. >> he has his state drug problem all figured out. >> these are the type of guys that come from connecticut and new york.
10:27 pm
heroin and go back home. >> then his analysis of the narcotics problem goes further. >> incidentally half the time the impregnated young white girls before they leave. >> the townhall meeting was full of supporters and were chuckling during the one, but not about impregnating white woman part. he had been trash talking role models. political experts say he has other trash talking role model. >> it's important to understand they are authorized in some respect by the kind of rhetoric that donald trump is mobilizing in the presidential campaign. >> with the flashback came this stamp apology. >> i was going impromptu in my brain, it didn't catch up to my mouth. instead of saying maine woman, i
10:28 pm
i'm not going to apologize to the main women for that because if you go to maine, you will see that we are 95% white. >> so no apology to maine women because they're mostly white? got it. however provocative his comments, it's likely to bring an end to his career than poor drug analysis. >> this will not push him over the edge. there is not that level of support. >> the governor does face the possibility of an impeachment over interfering in an hiring issue. if he is on his way out it will be because of the. >> very close reelection a close attempt last time around. >> the fed's statement end as
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donor in exchange for valuable gifts including a luxury vacation. menendez argues that his work was all legitimate. >> voters in a a community upstate will vote on whether to change their long time village seal which some are now calling racial. a white settler is choking a native american. some are calling for it to be changed. the emblem dates back to the early 1900s and depicts a friendly wrestling match. the vote to reconsider will be set for monday. >> some unexpected take-out customers trying to take a chinese restaurant in the bronx with a pair of raccoons trying to get in. someone was trying to chase them with a broom.
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than a million times. offbrand. on brand, david david bowie who celebrated his 69th birthday by releasing an album. career. offbrand, social network where people are creating accounts under celebrity names. people around as if they were afraid to fight back. skill. last october he played against
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goals in the game. >> any plans for the weekend?? >> escape the dreary weather that's on the way. >> she's the face of age perfect skin even at 59. what susan sarandon sarandon is revealing about her new modeling gate. here's tonight's new york minute. >> dog lovers on long island will want to check out this exhibit at the for washington public library. it features past and present animal shelter dogs. in photos taken by a shelter volunteer. you can find out when and where to see them at cwp.l c wpl.calm. former met great has been going nonstop since his election on wednesday but he says it's all
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i've been here a few years ago and it's great to be back here. the way people just honor you and hearing the way to go mikey is a lot of fun. >> the hall of fame induction takes pl., july 24 and that's that's your new york minute. >> be sure to check out the forecasts and live interactive radar. you can go to headlines and storm alerts.
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>> a hunk of burning cash, they just paid top dollar for guitar for $270,000. he played the guitar many times including the famous concert in 1973. all those guitars captured big money. >> they performed with billy joe back when the piano man was climbing the charge.
10:35 pm
reuniting. i don't need you to worry for me because i'm all right. >> reporter: there's the original billy joel band from the 70s and 80s. now they are getting on with their own life. >> what it means is that we are going to play the greatest music again for people to see how we actually to word and wrote it. >> reporter: they are reuniting two years after they were inducted into the long island music hall of fame. dead doug stead meyer died in 1995. >> the thing that came back was the music.
10:36 pm
music music they were all a part of. >> if billy is the parent of those songs we are at least the uncle. >> it does bring us back but it brings us back in a good way because there's always good memories. there was nothing that was bad. >> david clark grew grew up listening to them. he's living his dream. there's a fine line of don't be in imitator but bring the of what he did. i think i'm close. >> they use their record run at madison square garden and the reunion is bittersweet. the music remains. >> if he showed up, yeah, yeah, that would be great. at some point he will. >> the band is making their big
10:37 pm
>> 69, susan sarandon is the new face of l'oreal paris. she was chosen as the international spokeswoman. she made the announcement on instagram and said she's flattered even though she loves new york. she always loved paris as well. >> would you be brave enough to ride the subway in your underwear. >> the no pants subway ride is on sunday. just one thing to do this weekend. find out what else is happening. >> a dime that's worth $2 million.
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many of the students look at the potential for a whole new life. >> may be if the universe started with the big bang, who started the big bang. >> it's a question humans humans have been asking from millennial. why are we here? did it just happen or was there something else involved, a higher power perhaps? >> faith versus science is is truly ridiculous because there are tons of scientists who are serious people of faith. >> one of the real success stories when it comes to helping former military members transition, behind the numbers there are real people. >> i had to adapt. no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day
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>> there's always something to do in the city that never sleeps. >> this week and you can go to a vote show, a star wars party or ride the subway in your >> the weekend is here and there are so many options to keep you entertained starting at the new york vote show where you can escape the chilly weather and sail away. >> the show is comprehensive. it's geared around the boating lifestyle. >> featuring kayaks to motor boats. even if you are not here to shop there something for everyone. >> we have a lot of other activities per we have a lot of educational experiences. >> the show is open through sunday and tickets are $16.
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and under while it may not look quite like this, the force will be with you at webster hall star wars dance party on saturday night at 10:00 o'clock. >> dance the night away. death dress up as any weird character. >> you must be at least 19 years old and general omission is $20. you're no pants subway rides are taking cities around the storm this weekend. the event involves a series of pant list subway riders boarding at different stops while acting as if everything is completely normal. the organization calls the ride in international celebration of silliness. this years prank starts at 3:00 o'clock on sunday. but it's just your metro cars. so pants or no pants, here's to a great weekend. >> i guess it will be warm enough. >> i think sunday will be record high temperatures. it will be a little windy and
10:43 pm
late in the day. >> he always know it gets warm this time year it will come with rain. >> yes and it's usually coming with a sharp drop in temperatures after that. that's the story. the warm front is moving north. clouds are in place. overnight a little spotty light rain or drizzle will appear with some fog and a little risk of icing going on in the northwest. it doesn't look like a lot of precipitation. just be careful on the roads. will show you where that is in just a second. 42 degrees above average today. sixty-five and two in the record now. clouds are here. 70% humidity. the pressure is 3020. does continue to fall. you see a little light blips off to the north. were just looking for some
10:44 pm
forty-five is the high. forty-one in sussex. all above average. upper 40s across the long island. bridgeport is 46. lower 40s. we were below freezing in monticello. when some of the precipitation comes and it may drop the temperature down to the freezing point which is while were concerned with a little icing going on but it won't last long. tomorrow we will warm up. the north east wind will be 5 - 10 miles per hour. let's look at temperatures in the northeast. upper 30s. forty in boston. forty at pittsburgh. the satellite shows some
10:45 pm
and west. we don't expect too much with that as the first the system flies up towards the great lake region and drags the warm front across the region. we will jump into warmer air on sunday. already, look down here. you see that area of moisture? that is some thunderstorm activity and that's the development of the next storm system that will arrive late saturday night into sunday. look at the next cold surge in the planes. the west coast is 44 in dallas. it's 80 in miami. that's a warm spot in the country. spotty rain tomorrow. forty-four by lunchtime. it will take most of the afternoon to warm up. the warm front gets going into tomorrow night. now watch the next storm moved
10:46 pm
look at all that moisture coming in on sunday. heavy downpour on the morning and then it will taper off in the afternoon. is that passes here comes the surge of colder air. next week will be quite cold. spotty rain and drizzle tonight. patchy clouds. watch out for a little late icing on the roadways. cloudy tomorrow. not 633 tomorrow, that sunday. tomorrow's high will be 48 degrees. there is 63 on sunday. the record on record on sunday is 60 set back in 1876. that will go bye-bye. as the weather improves, it will thirty-nine on tuesday. tuesday night and wednesday in arctic front comes in and we may showers. it stays cold on thursday and friday. coming. were on to the next sports.
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her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first
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new york is much more than fires in traffic accidents. it's the center of culture. it's the greatest city in the world this is my love letter to new york. >> this is right in the heart of coney island. over 30 walls with beautiful paintings that capture the flavor of new york city. >> i wanted to give a little brooklyn history. >> they also have the new ones. it's always been an expression of who you are. they live in a 90 square-foot apartment.
10:51 pm
i have drawers that rollout. >> how you doing everyone? some very interesting news here tonight. it is exclusive. we have found out that the philadelphia eagles have asked the giants for permission to speak with tom about filling their vacant head coaching position. because he technically resigned from the giants the eagles must get the teams permission and to do so they sent the required forms to the giants today. whether or not tom is interested, that remains to be seen that philly is not too far away so stranger things have happened and of course the last team he faced as head coach of the giants, the very same eagles this past sunday. as i learn in this business, many, many times before never ever say never. as for the giants searching for replacement, that search continued today.
10:52 pm
offensive coordinator, before being with the bears he was the offense of court nader for the denver broncos and eli manning's big brother peyton. as for eli's current defense of court nader, we told you he was the very first person to be interviewed for the head coaching position on tuesday. the giants while the search does continue, the more and more i think about it the more i like the idea of him getting the job. that man would be given the opportunity of bringing in his own offensive coordinator and if that happens, it would mean eli getting his third offense of coordinator in four years. well if it happen, it would not be the end of the world.
10:53 pm
happening. you have to remember eli's 35. he's got four or five good years left. i'd like to keep the continuity with him and his continuity. the spurs lose 10000 - 99. magic makes the hoop disappear. on the eyes the bruins beat the devils for one. the big story here is the philadelphia eagles asking the giants to speak with tom about their vacant head coaching position. that's a team that is not years and years away. >> crazier things have happened. if you don't win the powerball this weekend, don't sweat it. there may be a different treasure sitting around. >> this coin was sold that auction and was one of the most rarest coin of the world. >> the other coins may have been
10:54 pm
under your couch cushion right now. start digging. >> that's something you could do during this rainy time. >> that's a good idea. >> put your hands in the couch. >> the worst of it will be later tomorrow and in particular sunday morning. tomorrow will just be gloomy and cloudy. >> have a great weekend. >> take care. >> bye-bye. >> "fox 5 news" isn't over. if you want to connect with people, engage our twitter and facebook pages.
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