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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  January 12, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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she is also terrified of the dentist. ben: she is okay. she had a few days to recover. she will be back!
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off in the teens and 20s. 46 entrance to central park in 19 and montauk. it's dry right now and mainly clear. temperatures change down a bit and 140 in poughkeepsie. again, he mainly clear sky with wind not doing much. we don't expect much from the wind today but tomorrow might get a little bit windy. clouds are starting to make a comeback even though we have a clear sky. here is what we are looking at to the northwest. the clippers drop-down all the way out from canada and it's coming this way from minimal moisture bringing in a few quick showers and it's a mix of rain and snow coming to us in the tri-state. it starts out as rain but there is a chance it will with a quick squall that could
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on some of the roadways to the northwest with temperatures getting above freezing . it should be on the minimal side, if anything at all. anyway, it's out of here by tomorrow. it could be windy and we could see a gradual warm-up through the rest of the work week. we will see another shot of rain and snow on saturday. let's bring in ines to see what's going on. ines: the same goes for the commute new jersey looking good. we had a problem on the be qe and the camera shot by the bridge with traffic moving fine. there is an overturned tractor-trailer affecting your commute by adams street on eastbound side.
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close to that. >> thank you. >> we begin this hour with some breaking news out of turkey. he reportedly left 10 people dead. 15 others have been injured in the explosion which happened in an historic area that's popular for tourists. it shook from the forest of the blast. they say it's likely a suicide bombing. turkey went to a bombing attack in july. the islamic state had 30 people dead. more than 100 were killed in the suicide bombings outside the main train station. now , back here at home. on long island, police are looking for a man who tried to kidnap a baby. he confronted the babysitter bizarre story. she has the latest in hewitt long island. reporter: good morning. this is a parents worth worst nightmare. she was
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man approached her and insisted on taking the 20-month-old baby. he followed them inside of a home and only got away with an empty stroller that he later ditched here next to this pizza shop. >> nassau county detectives say this man approached a 65-year-old babysitter pushing a stroller. it was around 1215 monday afternoon. he told the sitter she was pushing a dead baby and demanded that he take the child. in a panic, the babysitter walked into a home but the suspect followed them. he entered an unlocked mud room door but could not get past a locked kitchen door. he took the stroller and walked east on west broadway. police found the stroller on the side of the pizza place on broadway and hewlett. the video shows the clear picture of the man inside . he was last seen in a blue coat, gray sweatshirt and blue sweatpants with a white stripe. police in the fourth
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this suspect. they are asking anyone to call the crime stopper tip line to leave anonymous information at one 800 244 tips. thank you very much. charges have been filed against the suspects in a gang rape of a woman inside of a brooklyn playground. police are being criticized for the delay in telling the public about the attack. three of the suspects are morning. they are looking for a fit individual. >> police tell me that the three youngest suspects are being held here at the special victims unit and a fourth and oldest suspect has been taken to downtown brooklyn for a possible arraignment as early as today.
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the loose.>> police announced charges against four of the teenagers seen in this video taken from a bodega near osborne playground in brownsville. that's where they, along with another suspect, raped an 18-year-old woman on thursday evening. police charged a 14-year-old, to 15-year-olds and a 17-year-old with rape. despite their ages, they have charged each as an adult. they pulled out a gun and demanded that the father leave. i am a father of a young woman. this is the kind of thing that , for me, it deeply troubles me. they will have to fight to make sure women don't go through this kind of tragedy. what compounds
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too long to notify the public that happen. after further conversation , a my oral spokesman says he believes the local community should have been informed sooner and has instructed that the nypd to notify the public sooner going forward. that is a sentiment that people share . >> we are in this neighborhood so we need to know what's going on. >> maybe he would have been caught faster if the community was aware. >> the victim's father was threatened at gunpoint. he ran into two bodegas and try to convince the clerks inside to let him use the funds but he was unable to do so. unclear how or if that delayed the police response.
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thank you, robert. theresa: dramatic veil of commando storming the house where el chapo was hiding. [gunshots] this video is shot from mexican marines. by the time it was completed, guzman and six of his employees were captured and five others were dead. there was blood smeared on the walls. officials found a 6 foot tunnel that opened into a storm suitor. officials tracked him down just as they published an interview that he had done with sean penn. the actor comes under increasing scrutiny back in october. in a statement yesterday, sean penn says he has nothing to hide. his criminal offense
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break the law. sean penn has not helped him. he just interviewed him. he was speaking to someone that was wanted . that is not against the law. he has been returned to the same mexican prison that he escape from. he could be extradited to the united states , here to new york city where he faces several drug charges. that could take at least one year. the mother of the affluenza teenager has posted bond and is expected to be released from jail. tonya couch has a bomb that was lowered from $1 million.
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hindering extradition of a felon. she was caught with her son ethan and mexico. his lawyer claimed he was too rich to know right from wrong after he killed four people in 2013 in a drunk driving crash. he faces allegations of violating probation and remains in custody in mexico. the prosecutor tossed away the case and they say the charges are illegal and violate the prosecutor's pledge not to charge him over an alleged encounter with an employee in 2004. his legal team says that's why the comedian agreed to testify in a civil lawsuit. it was settled back in 2006. we have a lot more to still come. obama is getting ready to deliver his state of the union address. they say it will be different and no, it won't happen on air force one. mike is keeping track of the forecast. before we have changes coming to us. a lot of
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today we start off with sunshine but the clouds roll in and it will turn breezy. later, there is some rain mixed with snow coming into the region. pick it up. we'll be right back. dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4.
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the guy who owns this car needs more than a ice scraper.basically, it's on a windy day. >> the wind gust near 50 miles an hour and there is way is all over the car. they froze and turned it into a ice sculpture . even if he can get there is a sheet of ice. is that an excuse to tell your boss that you can't make it to work today? what do you think? do you think they would buy it . >> it's pretty. it is pretty. i wonder how long it would take for it to melt if you just turned it on. >> you can't open the door.
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>> . >> just sit tight you'll get your car back in july. >> michael it's not that cold here. except for that one day it will be it . we will be in the snow and a lot of folks wanted and we can welcome it a little bit. for the morning, we have sunshine out there but as we had through the afternoon there will be mostly clear skies here with showers showing up . it's mostly rain and it turns into snow. you could get some snow squall passed through here quickly and could lay down a quick coding or layer up to an inch or more to the northwest. it will be another clipper
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lot . 23 in bridgeport and 190 for you and montauk with mainly clear skies.we do see some snow showers off to the northwest and they had in this general direction. here's the area of low pressure. you'll see the atmosphere loaded up and you can see it's in the higher elevation to the northwest and that's where it will be with more snow in there. maybe it's an inch or two. maybe , everyone else has a coding to an inch or so. in and out of your fairly quickly and it's colder for the days to follow.
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41 today. we will go to the wet weather this weekend and that's all we have another rain and snow chance coming to us on saturday. let's bring in ynez and see if we have any backups there on the commute . >> we do have a couple of problem spots. jersey city is closed because of an accident. 280 and the polasky skyway if you are heading towards newark. another problem is in brooklyn and it's in the bq e. it's past the manhattan bridge with an accident involving an overturned truck. emergency vehicles have one lane blocked. please quickly build. the george washington bridge looking good. >> there is a final state of the union address. it happens tonight. as kevin reports, don't expect a traditional goodbye.
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that's how they are talking about his address. it's a speech is not about him. it's about the american people in the future of our country. he is expected to paint an optimistic view of 2016. we had an all time high of auto sales and 2.7 million new jobs. it's the second best since 1999. in his checklist, renewed relations with cuba and i run deals as well as initiatives on climate change and trade. >> the big things that will guarantee a stronger and more prosperous america for our kids. it's the america we believe in. it's long and well-documented. it's the failure to support immigration reform and say nothing about the war in
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longest conflict in american history and closing guantanamo bay in cuba. >> i said repeatedly that i will close guantanamo and it's a pledge eight year in the making. he feels an obligation to his successor and that's why we will do it. >> critics are so sure. another detainee was released this week after 14 years at the plant prison leading some to believe he may attempt to empty the facility or use more executive action to close it once and for all. what he is doing is preventing any successor president from undoing what he has done. if yes to close off the option for the next president to reopen it he has to give it back to the cubans. >> will he rise to the moment? that's the question. based on what the white house says unlikely we will hear a unifying message for the country
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they expect him to be conversational and has mode. we have also learned that the family council has made it possible for kim davis to attend the speech. she is the county clerk in the state of kentucky who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples . the white house has invited case that made it the law of the land. ben: you can watch that at 9:00 pm followed by the news at 10 o'clock. the biggest a back shot jackpot ever.
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ben: drivers who have u-verse service will have $100 a month when traditional lines going for $40.
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from fox 5, this is "good day wake up".you could see snow this afternoon. mike has a details on how much to expect. >> there could be a little bit . he has the details. theresa: for teenagers and raped a girl and a playground. they say they are facing criticism over the delay in telling the public in the
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empty. the us attorney says the governor's administration will not face legal charges for shutting down the commission on corruption. ted cruz overtakes donald trump in iowa. i am sitting in for juliet today. she is a tooth issue. unfortunately, she is under the weather. ben: we hope for a speedy recovery. she will be back tomorrow . theresa: let's hope. we see some accumulations out there and that's what everyone wants to know. mike: yes and no. the amount is so minimal we're talking about an inch
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it counts but not really. we're trying a system that . it brings down the potential when it comes to snow totals. most of us don't get more than a coding of snow. we will see some evening snow so walls and quick showers blasting through. you could put down the coding and it turns wendy with windchill's dropping down to 150. it will be chilly in the days to come. there is a clear sky with winds that are, at this hour. we take a look to the northwest and we are coming through ohio into the western pa with snow showers there now. it's not a lot of moisture with this system. it's, again, not going to
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area. we have a partly cloudy day. another rain chances coming through the weekend. let's get you back over to ynez to see if we have anything bad out there on the roads. ines: let's start out with new jersey. you are on 280 and you have a lane closure northbound and southbound in each direction. there is an accident bound carlton avenue with a downed pole. there is an overturned trailer onto the bq e and
5:30 am
mainline block . heading towards the brooklyn bridge causing traffic jams beyond atlantic avenue as you had northbound.trains are running on or close. >> thank you very much. amanda is looking for a man who tried to kidnap a baby. the man confronted the suspects babysitter. liz: it's a parent's worst nightmare. the babysitter was walking down the street with a baby in a stroller when a strange man approached the sitter saying he needed to take the baby. he followed them instead of a home and only got away with an empty stroller that he later ditched here next to this pizza shop.
5:31 am
say this man approached a 65-year-old female babysitter pushing a stroller on west broadway around 12 15 p.m. he told the city sitter that she was pushing a dead baby. the babysitter walked into the home on west broadway but the suspect followed them. he entered an unlocked mud room door could not get past the locked kitchen door. the suspect took the empty stroller and walked east. nassau county police found the stroller on the side of the pizza place . the surveillance video shows a clear picture of the man inside . he was last seen in a blue coat , gray sweatshirt and blue sweatpants with a white stripe. called crimestoppers if you
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theresa: thank you , liz. files charges have been filed against the teenage suspects in the rape case . ben: three of the suspects are being held here this morning. robert: the three youngest suspects are still here at the special crimes unit. the fourth suspect has been transferred for arraignment. that could happen today. the four suspects have all been charged as adults. they have charged them with rape and criminal sex acts with sex abuse. if it suspect is still on the loose. all five are captured on
5:33 am
an 18-year-old woman and her father were drinking in the playground . one pointed a gun at the father and demanded that he leave. he did and that's when police say his daughter was raped. the mayor expressed his outrage which is what many are also feeling in the city. >> i am the father of a young woman. this is the kind of thing that , for me, it deeply troubles me and it's an intolerable situation. we will fight to make sure young women do not go tragedy. >> and a statement, the mayor says the nypd should have notified the local community sooner. that is the latest, live from the special 's unit . ben and teresa, back to you.
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he will not face legal charges for shutting down the commission on public corruption. they say there is insufficient evidence proving federal crimes after the office investigated. the governor created the commission in 2015 following a rash of corruption cases. the governor came under heavy criticism in shutting them down. theresa: just three weeks to go and the race is neck and neck for president. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are deadlocked in the two states. a national poll shows clinton maintaining a double-digit lead over sanders. ted cruz overtook donald
5:35 am
24% . donald trump paid his second visit to the tonight show. the presidential hopeful submitted to a big job interview. >> what are your weaknesses? >> i never forget . it's interesting. i am too nice too long and when it becomes someone taking advantage i become too bad for too long. i may have to have a shorter memory . are you willing to relocate? >> he holds a grudge.
5:36 am
general election for hillary clinton. >> he says in terms of hillary clinton he hasn't even started on her yet . ben: all right . theresa: we will see . mike: you would get a massive amount of voters. theresa: imagine a campaign ad with the sexiest t.v. ad and fitness magazine. >> it's basically a popularity poll before good morning. and 20s. newark has 23 and the same
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bridgeport. 100 cooler than it was. 130 cooler in bridgeport and the colder air is making a comeback. clouds are building back in across the break great lakes and there is a clipper system moving in with minimal moisture . it starts out around 410 before the cold air comes in and it tries to change over to snow showers. snow squalls come in and there could be a coating with some slick spots. the high today is 41.
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next week . let's talk to ines and take a look at the roadways. ines: grand central is doing fine. ines: we have the right lane blocked and there is a huge traffic jam back to the brooklyn battery tunnel. looking in the 70s at 63rd st. and traffic moves better . they are wrapping up construction on the northbound side and no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day
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theresa: dramatic video of the mexican marines capturing el chapo.they blasted into guzman's house on friday and he has since returned to the prison escape from. he could be extradited to the us on drug charges. obama will deliver his final state of the union they say it will be an optimistic speech outlining his international priorities.
5:41 am
steps he is already taken. they have been bumped from the main gop debate. foxbusiness network says rand paul and carly fiorina has been invited to the undercard debate. they have to populate that undercard debate with someone but anyone who was in there was out of the race at this point. if paul and fear arena paul said he will not do it . i don't know who is out. duke, any ideas? >> you will have two go on stage for the undercard debate . >> is a big game last night
5:42 am
majority. let's let it roll if we have the clip . it was a great game. i stayed up for a lot of it . we will see the highlights right about now . >> alabama is looking for the fourth title in clemson is in the first national championship since 1981. in the fourth quarter, tied at 24 with adam in the onside kick.this changes the game at 24. it led to this jay with oj howard and touchdown. clemson would get a field goal and alabama will get another touchdown.
5:43 am
scott . 45/40 is the final score. now , the question is, will you try the nfl again? you think so? ben: did not have much success with miami. duke: my guess is we hear those rumors again starting today. it's a big market. hockey. it's an original six matchup . 35 seconds into the. and david is on the right sign. he tied up 15th of the season. he is under two minutes left to play and it's 45. the rangers win 2/1.
5:44 am
yesterday it's explaining why he fired his head coach. he reassigned the general manager . it's the best market in the world. of course there is a market where it makes great pressure. it's a lot of contentions. it's a very active press. thank you to all of you. that is why we need a coach who can resist the pressure. >> we will talk about this in a second. tony brown serves as the next interim coach after holland's firing. tom went down to halftime. he tries to get it to go. he nails the three and they are down by nine. >> the spurs are just too much. >> the dolphins rebound and
5:45 am
score. one more for the nets. john comes back and it's maybe a $10 million deal. he says he's not going to negotiate with anyone but he will be in kentucky a long time. you hear that in 96? we'll see. coach mark smith interviews with the job in several reports say they want to talk to hugh jackson. they make a big push for him and he did an interview with phil yesterday. that's not the only team interested! the 49ers are back.they were granted permission by tom coughlin. i would not be surprised if nick ends up here. the allure of coming to new
5:46 am
reporter: we tried to ask. it's the question last week . his dad has a history and he has a history with the yankees. i think tom coughlin's services are here. they don't want this time around . theresa: thank you, duke. ben: let's check the forecast with mike. mike: is just kinda cold and clear at 260. other areas are at 220. weaving mainly clear sky for the time being. there is moisture being forced and from the west
5:47 am
pressure. there is a coating with an inch or so and higher elevations. thursday at 44 and there is another great snow chance coming through. let's get over to ynez and see what's going on. we keep hearing about the be qe. let's start off with the new jersey commute . ines: there is an accident northbound and expect delays. it will be on the southbound side and in westchester , coming in from rockland county, the sawmill and they will be fine. let's take a look at the la. traffic moving eastbound
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the problem is the roadways here in traffic is at a crawl from atlantic avenue. it goes back to the canal and is jammed all the way to hillary street. emergency vehicles have the right lane blocked. it's meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and we're always looking
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has been a constant stream of fans to leave flowers and messages. carnegie hall has turned david bowie tribute costume into a memorial concert taking place on march 21. cyndi lauper, the roots and all are scheduled to take part. there is a big congratulations to jerry hall on their engagement. the happy couple made their announcement on the times newspaper . they also own the station, fox 5. they made a public appearance here on monday night. the announcement said they
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over the weekend after dating since last summer. there could be another engagement in the wings. aaron rodgers proposed. it's not confirmed that the two have been dating since 2014 and okay magazine says he popped the question over a romantic dinner after asking her family for permission. just because lady gaga won the going globe, she says she has a new album coming out this year that hasn't given a date or any other details. the last album came out in 2014 and one a grammy. >> she is very talented. she has been under the radar. with adele and katy perry and all of these >> the album before the tony bennett one did not do well and her tony bennett album was considered a come back and now she is getting aggravated for her acting.
5:53 am
settling in. she is a new yorker.
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