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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  January 13, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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it's windy out there and it's awful cold. mike woods is back.he is dressed for success. dressed for success. he has all the details in his forecast. mike: theresa: a developing story out of iran where 10 soldiers are being detained. they are trying to get them released at this hour. it was a look back and a look at the future with obama delivering his final state of the union address.
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the powerball jackpot is up for grabs. 1059 is the drawing. the new study shows that they are among the biggest in the country. are they the biggest winners? that's what i care about. >> it's wednesday morning. >> i am in for juliet this morning. she is recovering from her tooth issues. mike's bionic arm has been >> great news he is dressed . mike: i'm getting a lot of tweets saying they like the old look. theresa: you feel like you're ready for work because you have a suit on? >> this time of year i appreciate the suit because it's cold . other than that it was easier.
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snow and it was recorded we have the wind as an advisory and all of long island and lower hudson mylan and all of connecticut. 1:00 this afternoon wind gusts around 45 miles per hour. the wind gusts as they stand now at 26 mph. 30 in newark and bellmawr. 29 in bridgeport in you could see the wind up there. there can be damage out there like tree lines and it is windy and cold. windchill factor is down to 11. we have seen worst but it hurts this morning. same thing in sussex. we do have a mainly clear
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most of the moisture that we're going to deal with has now moved through and as expected, there is a few snow squalls . most of us did not get a lot out of this clipper. they don't have moisture with it . the cold air continues to spill and it keeps the temperatures down. we are in a deep freeze. high temps getting up and it's windy. the rain is coming through to the south. is close to an area . let's bring in ines. right now, problems are southbound blocking a lane. there is no problems in new jersey. let's go to the camera to see how things are moving. in staten island, dover by victory boulevard .it's
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westbound for the lincoln bridge. all three are doing fine. trains are running on or close. cleaning rules are in effect . >> developing news this morning with 10 sailors expected to be released. iranian officials say the sailors were into patrol boats. they drifted into iranian waters near farsi island. apparently, one of them had mechanical problems and they say the boat was between kuwait and buck rain when they lost contact. the secretary of state is negotiating a release. this comes before iran satisfy the terms of the nuclear deal. it was $100 billion in iranian assets. >> it was not your typical state of the union address.
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ahead for this nation. gary drew is here with what the president had to say. the state of the address box in at just under an hour. he reiterated his commitment to defeating isis. >> the president of the united states! [applause] >> barack obama outlined his plan for this country. >> protecting our kids from gun violence. equal pay for equal work! he touted the accomplishments of his administration mentioning a stronger economy and improvements in education. he urged politicians to put out side the differences and get along better. he tried to ease concerns
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isis. with 10,000 airstrikes we are taking out the oil, training camps, weapons. he alluded to republican candidate , donald trump in his suggestion to ban muslims from coming into the us. >> when politicians insult muslims , whether it's abroad or our fellow citizens, it doesn't make us safer. that is not telling it like it is. it is just wrong. it diminishes us in the eyes of the world. those comments received a standing ovation. drum? did the state of the union speech is really boring , slow, lethargic and hard to watch. republicans picked nikki haley to respond to the president's remarks . >> we are facing the most dangerous terror threat that our nation has seen in
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unwilling or unable to deal with it. the kentucky clerk , kim davis, was a guest of ohio republican jim jordan. in the first lady's box there was a empty chair right next to michelle obama. that chair symbolized victims of gun violence who no longer have a voice. >> the governor will they out his agenda although many of it . has already announced. the wage was raised and
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chris christie took some time off to deliver his state of the state address. he touted his accomplishment saying private sector jobs grew under his watch. he vowed to increase his commitment to a drug treatment program. >> the victim's of addiction deserve treatment , whether they are in the community or incarcerated. if we can break the cycle of addiction anywhere, we should break it . christie talked about his desire to abolish the estate tax in new jersey. they call has address a presidential stump speech and vowed to keep pushing him to pay mandated pension details coming out about the alleged rape of a woman of teenagers in brooklyn. this is as a fit suspect his charge. for faced a judge yesterday. the attorney denied the
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two of the suspects said they believe sex with the woman was consensual. one defense attorney says the woman was seen on video laughing and smiling during the attack. it was last thursday at a playground in brownsville. >> it's not indicative of anyone under's not indicative of anyone who shows bruises to their face. if it picture is worth 1000 words, a video is worth how many? >> sounds like police or pressure to make the arrest when they did . >> spoke to her and she gave a very credible report to us. she had physical injuries at the time and she was traumatized. ben: the chief says the boys told detectives that the woman was engaged in some sort of sexual conduct with her father when they entered the playground.
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arrested at his school and charged with rape and other counts. bail ranges from 10,000 50,000. they are all due back in court on friday. theresa: new york city is cutting down on violence. they will establish a gun court in the same state building in brooklyn . it will handle only gun cases. the pair of judges will oversee arraignments and trials and the nypd will investigate intrastate gun trafficking. nine out of 10 come from out-of-state. breaking news. all 10 of those iranian sailors have been freed. this is according to a report by iran in media. taken into custody yesterday as to patrol post drifted into iranian waters in the persian gulf. we understand that all us sailors are being held by them in the last 24 hours and they have now been freed .
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on that .ben: powerball well, it's one point $5 billion. it could go higher. 10:59 pm tonight. we are all dreaming about what will be do with that money . ben: a big trip. i would take a lot of friends. i would have to think about the rest. that would be the first thing i would do. >> let's hope we are among the friends that are going on that nice trip with ben simmoneau. ben: i expect you to to reciprocate. i would not be standing outside in the freezing cold. we are happy to be here this morning a lot of people in staten island are hoping that this is a lucky
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they have been on a hot streak here at the willowbrook delhi. they recently sold a mega millions ticket worth hundred and 65 million. customers lined up here and other stores around the city hoping the luck will run out. >> $1.4 billion is in the trash and now it's worth 1.5 billion. it's so large that the electronic signs aren't . handwritten signs are popping up in stores around the city . all six winning numbers with the 949 million dollar drawing. new yorkers are hoping their luck will help them live out their dreams. >> how do you feel?>> i feel good. god willing i will get some land and some horses .
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single digit ticket or part of an office full her chances are slim. one in 292 million. you have to choose how to take the prize. a lump sum payment right now? the winter in new york city could take on the smallest prize, thanks to high taxes. city residents will have to pay an 8.8 estate tax and a 3.9 city tax. that's on top of the 25% . a big apple winner will be left with 579 million if they take the cast payout option. that much money? >> yes, absolutely. tonight's drawing will take place in florida at the lottery studios in tallahassee. article. it said the lottery ball that pops up goes under
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under specific security seals to make sure they are not tainted. a lot of people put serious money on the line. a lot say they would be better off taking the annuity.>> that is true. get inside and warm-up . . ben: they thought they were powerball winners but they were lottery losers. theresa: it was a simple short that it brought a lot of restaurant workers back to earth after they quit their job. mike has a look at the forecast before we will see clear skies . it's windy and cold at the same time.
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the day is sybaritic . fond of centrists luxury or pleasure.use it in a sentence. theresa: if you win the powerball, you could have a sybaritic retirement. sensuous luxury. ben: mike is sybaritic. on to find the luxuries? mike: who doesn't appreciate a little luxury? i think everyone does. here is what we have out there. it is cold. here is your actual temperature is not even factoring in the wind. 250 in islip and 26 in bridgeport. wind is strong coming in from the west around 15/20 miles per hour.
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is way down . it feels like 16 in sussex. we do have a clear sky with some seeing rain and snow. there is still leak affects not only on the what makes it in the tri-state not much at all. tomorrow, clouds roll in with a look that's not as potent. it's out east and we will have to wait until we get in friday and saturday. saturday looks like there could be some showers rolling in from the south. up until then it's dry. sun and clouds today. it is windy and cold. wind advisory is up until
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we have dry skies. on saturday there will be rain coming through and that is it. let's get you over to finance ines . ines: we had an accident on the expressway. it's been cleared away so things are moving fine. we have to show you the commute this morning. on staten island, there is the expressway by bradley and no problem westbound. looking good on the be qe. yesterday was such a mess . no problems approaching the bridge. no problems on the be qe trains are running on time. ben: thank you ines. we are just hours away from the billion-dollar powerball jackpot . theresa: a lot of restaurant workers in new jersey thought they had one .
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victory celebration did not last very long. it's what euphoria looks like. $940 million worth of pure bliss. >> it was unbelievable! my legs were shaking. >> that's what the staff at the restaurant in new jersey thought. for those 20 minutes it was amazing. saturday night the bartender got a text of what he thought was a winning numbers. you can see him calling them out . two, 11, 47, one after another they were matching the ticket . >> they were high-fiving and laughing and crying. this is a nice feeling. we did not even think about
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employees took their aprons off. saying i am not watching any more dishes. 42 employees were all in on the pool. >> we would have each gotten 22 million. that's before taxes. for those 20 minutes we said you are finished. he has been parking cars here for 20 years. he quit . speed . reporter: they are winning numbers but the problem is, they want the winning numbers on saturday night. these are the winners for wednesday. reality hit after his wife told him to double check, just to be sure. >> sure enough, i went to the website and it was a whole set of new numbers.
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is back at work. [laughter] reporter: so close to having it all. ben: you can't help but feel bad. theresa: the restaurant is really good. it's supposed to be one of the best in new jersey and
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be 12 bundle up! ben: 230 and it will get much warmer. mike has a complete forecast coming up. sailors are now free that were detained.we will have the latest. ben: mayor diblasio will have the newest on horse carriages in central park and what happens next. theresa: tonight powerball jackpot is worth 1.5 billion. it may grow bigger.ben: i think it will be 1.6. >> it's 530 a.m. i am ben
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theresa: i am teresa and i am in for juliet. it's a pretty nice start to the winter. warm. 13.40 warmer than the december. the warmest one that we have seen on record. we haven't been a wind advisory up and all five boroughs that's until 1:00 in the wind gust will be up . we've seen them up to 30 35. his 29 in bridgeport will keep them around. the second half, they start to come down. actual temperature is 23 .
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we are in the single digits across to the tri-state. we are looking at a mainly clear sky with showers out there . that's why the precept wasn't that impressive. as far as what we had, it looks like we have temperatures out there. that is your forecast out there with mainly sunny skies. 370 is the high and 46 on friday. looks like we will see some showers out there on saturday. let's bring in ines. ines: good morning. so far so good.
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such a mess in the be qe if you are traveling along the garden state parkway it's looking good heading towards the bridge. let's go to our cameras and see how things are moving. it's over by bagatelle road with smooth sailing westmount and eastman. the trains are running close to schedule an street cleaning rules are in effect. ben: developing at this hour iran says it just released 10 us sailors. the nine men and one women were taken into custody yesterday. they both drifted into iranian waters. one of the bows had mechanical problems. the release comes before they satisfy the terms of the nuclear deal. we are learning more about the capture of el chapo guzman. he was nearly killed by mexican marines weeks before his marines had him in his
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because he was holding a girl. the king and expect after the raid.
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call nick's avon for the giants. that's what the papers are pushing.duke: it will happen. ben: yes. he has a lot to prove. duke: for the giants, the best coach available is tom coughlin. theresa: how crazy would it be if they got the idea from the show and watching you . [laughter] 10% ! whatever neck makes. that would be a lot of money. duke: he makes $9 million. that would be a lot .
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>> the rams will move back to los angeles. 30 of the 32 owners approve the plan to go to the site of the old hollywood park racetrack in englewood. if you've ever landed in lol lax , where the lakers play, it's 10 miles from downtown la. they have the option to join the team . apparently, they will build big entertainment around it. >> if i am in and out i will go. juliet huddy the cardinals and two in the second period. duke: patrick berlin into the net. new rochelle's own he fires the slapshot and it goes.
5:38 am
5/2 in the final score. the blue jackets tied in one of the first. he goes in and they take the lead.nelson will break it and he gets a hat trick. they went 5/2 in the final score. tomorrow night, the islanders play host and should be a good one. i went to the last time they played and you like it as a hockey venue. thank you, duke. kids have to be bundled up . ben: it is cold!
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you know when it appears to run down your eyes and freeze on your face that's what it feels like . >> 's before today's high is 410. it's below normal by 70. we have wind on top of that and take a look at the wind gusts. 34 in newark and 29 bridgeport and islip . it makes it feel like 110. it feels like a in newark. what we are going to see is more sunshine coming up here today. the wind is still kicking so the cold air is dumping down from canada. it's not an issue. there could be some isolated spots of black ice. other than that , looks like overall conditions are
5:40 am
be prepared for the windier will be coming at you here. looks like temperatures make it up to 26 by 9:00 am. there is a high of 31. we do climb up that we stay at or below freezing back to 27 for the ride home. there is a high of 31 and the wind advisories up until 1:00 this afternoon. tomorrow you will see partly cloudy and there is a disturbance coming by with a few clouds in the area.we see a warm-up at 46 foot high on friday. there will be some rain coming through . temperature start coming down with a breezy , if not windy condition for the next workweek. those temps will be below normal. >> with the wind how does it feel? >> is 23 but what if you like now? >> it probably feels like
5:41 am
>> there you go. bundle up. >> the commute is looking okay. no problems and 95 in the merritt parkway. as far as putnam county is concerned let's go to the cameras and take a look at the commute. traffic is slow by prospect as you approach hamilton avenue with a large tarp on the road. it's obstructing a lane and causing delays on the inbound side . if you are heading towards the bridge or the park way, you are fine. in the upper or lower level no delays in lincoln and they are okay there . >> thank you very much. theresa: we have a lot more coming up . ben: the growing popularity of david bowie's music after his death.
5:42 am
return . ben: time now for entertainment with anna. anna: the demand for his music is soaring. [music] it's one of his most famous songs.
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his last album is headed for the number one spot on the us billboard 200 chart . that means his album would dethrone adele. he never achieve that's lifetime. the tickets for the carnegie hall memorial concert is totally sold out. tickets are selling for as much as $3000. >> it appears that homeland is coming to new york city. the hit series took place abroad. it was shot overseas. they were in berlin last season. according to the ceo, the plan is to shoot an end around new york for the first time. it looks like the state up in the air. it seems like they are not seeing it exactly.
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looks at the challenge in philadelphia. it was the first stop for the judge's on the seven citysearch. it was the closest arena addition that they have had . you may see someone you know auditioning in philly so be sure to turn in. it:00 here on fox five. courtney cox is taking on a new role here.she later starred in the comedy , cougar town. she will now executive lee produce an untitled show. she will play woman name haley who inherits her husband's charity. she finds out that changing the world is far less glamorous than she imagined . theresa: i am excited for homeland! anna: me too! theresa: it will focus on domestic issues instead of being happenings abroad. ben: i am a few seasons
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