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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  January 13, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> it's going to be a cold one. a wind advisory in effect through 1:00 today which should bring windchills of 10 to 15 degrees. mike has more on your very chilly forecast coming up. >> we're following a developing store morning, state television in iran is reporting ten sailors frod after their boats drifted persian gulf. >> portrayed as a time of positive change. last night's o "state of the union" address called on americans to come together during deep political divisionings unlike any other
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>> city of new york is close to a dheeld move carriages in central park. dozens drivers could, though, lose their jobs under this office. >> good morning everybody i'm teresa priolo in for jutes morning. >> i'm ben simmoneau wednesday, january 13th. colder in the suburbs mike woods is here and it's a -- >> hump day, yay. >> thought we were getting away without that? >> you remember, juliet. >> he was kiefd kind of leak drawing it in in juliet's absence she would be so disappointed. probably watching -- >> she did yesterday. hope she's sleeping in. >> must be happy to see -- >> that the bionic arm is gone.
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it is good to have it off but i can tell it is not 100%. >> women you look sharp. >> of to the extra layers on it helps like a day like this. it is cold but windy at the same time. that's most everybody here in the tristate a good part new jersey is excluded but up until 1:00 in afternoon. winds in the neighborhood around 45 to 50 miles per hour. in wind advised years keep that in mind not only is it cold outside. we have a good amount of wind that we're dealing with too. look at belmar had sitting at 35 right now . and again we expect this to continue until about lunch time before it comes back down. 24 miles per hour wind gust makes windchill factor feel like 12 degrees out at central park. feels like 17 in poughkeepsie. one degree in monticello so farce precip goes i don't think anybody got too excited about
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did get everything rain and snow. now moving on this is what typically happens with clippers they get extra moisture but first here in the tristate they don't usually produce much. anyhow we have that colder air spilling across northeast that's going to keep your temps down and just to give you an a idea of what's happening with month of i can so far with your temps, the average temperatures been 35.8 degrees which is still 3.1 degrees above normal. last month 13 degrees warm or than normal. warm etion day we saw 59 degrees coldest 11 degrees and yeah looks like as far as precip goes a little bit above normal there only a trace of snowfall and that came through yesterday. temp wise we're up to 31 for a high but it is windy so feel like we're in lower 20s later this afternoon. and then tomorrow you're going to see a high of 37 degrees but wind is out of here. 46 your highed from and more written on saturday that's the only rain event for the next week. all right now let's get orr to
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you know what iftion thinking here -- >> you were thinking that's not a good way to start -- mike. : winds is that a problem things like the tap. sometimes that happens. no speed restrictions with the wind but alexander hamilton bridge eastbound an texas there blocking a lane. as far as your new jersey commute doing fine. 78 and 287 let's go to our cameras actually maybe this is winsd relateddest let's see slow by the prospect to the bqe with possible because of the wind that were tay blew off a vehicle and it landed on are a that could be a possibility. either way days on inbound side. upper lower l level good. same for lincoln minor delays five to ten. holland tunnel no delays. trains on or close.
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>> iran says it has released ten u.s. sailors. >> nine men and women taken into custody yesterday. two boats reportedly drifting into iranian waters near the island in the persian gulf. apparently one of the boats mechanical problems after they serve the deal and about billion dollars in iranian assets reports those sailors are onboard and getting their medical checkup so they're on a u.s. ship. >> that is good news. in the meantime down in washington we may have seen president obama's last big speech. has final "state of the union" and he passionately defended his record saying this was unlike anything they've seen from the president before. >> not like his traditional speeches good morning to you ben and teresa. final "state of the union" address clocked in at just under an hour in the speech the president took a look back at
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economy, health care, and same-sex marriage. president tries to calm fears of terrorism and isis. >> the president of the united states -- [applause] >> his 7th an final starch "state of the union" address president obama outlined his vugs for the future of the country. >> protecting our kids from gun violence. equal pay for if equal work. mentioning improvements in education and urged politicians to put aside partisan differences and try to get along better. as commander in chief he tried to ease american concern about terrorism and isis. >> with nearly 10,000 air strikes we're taking ab oil, their training camps, weapons. alluded to republican presidential candidate donald
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temporarily ban muslims come into the u.s. >> when politicianings insult muslims whether abroad or our tell low citizens, it doesn't mac fuss safer. that is not telling it like it is, it's just wrong. the world. that receives a standing ovation but donald trump says "state of the union" speech is boring, hard to watch. republicans picked south carolina governor nikki haley to respond to the president's remarks. >> we're facing the most dangerous terrorist threat our nation has seen since september 9/11 and this president remains unable or unwilling to deem with it. >> among these including davis
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republican congressman jim jordan in first lady's box was jim he was lead plaintiff in supreme court case that brought marriage had equality to the u.s. there was also an empty chair next to first lady obama. that was meant to symbolize victims of gun violence who no longer have a voice. >> kerry drew thank you very much. >> andrew cuomo delivered has "state of the state" speech today. >> a lot these announced in revamping penn station. raising minimum wage to $15 an hour, freezing tolls on new york state throughway and homeless off the streets when it is ktd an fighting homelessness including reportedly increasing state oversight of sheet earl system. took time off to deliver his "state of the state" dress and touted his accomplishments saying private sector jobs grown under his watch and home sales
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governor vowed to increase hits commitment to drug treatment program. victims deserve treatment whether they're in the community or incarcerated. if we can break the cycle of addiction anywhere. we should break it. >> he talked about his desire to abolish state tax in the garden state. called it a presidential stunt speech and pushing christie to pay mandatessed public pensions. >> i don't know if you've heard about this but powerball jackpot tonight is pretty big. >> is that right? >> prate big. >> how big, ben? >> over a billion dollars actually -- 1.5 billion. it is tonight 10.5 if you're hearing this truly for the first
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liz dahlem joins us live from newcastle, long island hoping to strike it rich. she is hoping to streak it rich and promised to share some of her winnings with us. putting that thought in her head. >> i promise to share. >> tack a look at the tape. i don't know that i did. just kidding. we're here in staten island in castle to know corner a lot of people are saying that this could be lucky store in front of well low brook deli they recently sold 165 million mega millions ticket in last friday's draws e-ing. so why can't it happen again hoar? that'ses what staten islanders are saying. customers lining up as well as others throughout the city hoping that their luck won't run out before want to's powerball drawing. in the trash and hit a world record an now wot and estimated
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it's so large electronic signs aren't made for it so happened written signs are in the city. no ticket holder had all six winning numbers in sarld night 949 million so it swelled over past few days. new yorkers are hoping their luck will help them live our their dream. very, very good god willing i get a beautiful horse, -- >> where part of ab office pool your chance of winning are slim. one in 292 million. >> you within, you'll have to choose how to take the prize. annuity or lump sum payment right now. but a winner in new york city could attack home smallest prize thanks to high taxes city
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state tax and city texas on top of the 25% withholdings tax. left 579 million if they take the cash payout option. i can imagine that too, the drawing tbrs from the florida lottery studios in tallahassee and l baas they use, lottery balls are under a as a result, sealed set with an alarm an not tampered with before the u drawing. live from staten island this morning. back over to you. >> and everyone at home good luck. new details in that awful rape case out of brooklyn. >> and mike is here with your forecast. >> all right we've got another cold start to the day. cold and potentially ice yis. we've got 23 out at central park right now. sun will come out and we'll see plenty of it. windy and cold feels like we're
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channels for a year.
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>> 6:15 on this wednesday morning. six flags great adventure is raising an african lion cub and look at them. a siberian cub come together in one litter so far they're getting along. they were born a week apart and rejengted by brothers so they were paired up to have much needed social skills to one day be reare rejointed with their own species. that's adorable. i want one. when they grow up they'll claw your face off. reconsider that one. >> i want a cub and give them away with when they grow. i'll buy myself a stuffed animal, whatever. >> those domesticated cats to claw your face off. >> you have a cat. >> i do. >> want a cub.
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just kidding. >> pets aside. >> e love my cat. take it away. >> first of all what to expect we could see slippy conditions in spots around tristate region this morning. because we did get snow and ice with accumulation especially in northern tear of the tristate. north and west as a matter of fact there are some schools that have delays like passaic county and keep an eye on things because of the icy conditions from yesterday's weather but also windy and cold out there. we're between 10 and 15 out there because of the windchill prkt and sun is not up yet. but dry weather u through friday but into saturday there's going to be a coastal low to our south and more rainfall a init look like at this point and time opposed to snow. here's temps.
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25 in bridgeport but feels like 8 only in newark and one degree monticello. we have a dried clear sky. clipper has come through as far as precip is concerned. but colder air spilling across and windier gusts up to 45 to 50 miles per hour. with that wind advisory that's up for the majority of the tristate until 1:00 but other than that dry. a weak disturbance comes by tomorrow to brung in more clouds. maybe a quick flurry especially to the east but it is pretty dry. and stays dry on it way all the way through friday bit time we get to saturday where we're seeings clouds building up especially to south. that is where rein will be coming from as well. that's saturdays. but today it's basically sun gnu by windy and cold. high up to 31. 46 on friday and what on
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passing by and then it gets colder again next week. over to ines she's got a eye on the roads with the colder windier can bees. what's happening the there ines? >> cross bronx westbound here by the alexander hamilton watch out blocking a lane. new jersey commute fine and no problem on parkway between union and essex toll plaza. show you gowanus here traffic moving slow by the prospect slow heading to the bqe by hamilton avenue all closed. large tarp on the roadway so trying to clear that out of the way. mean time heavy delays to brooklyn battery tunnel. george washington bridge upper level traffic slow. you can see flashing lightings here on the side there was a stall or an texas here in left lane they pushed it to the right but right now a ten minute delay upper level not bad. lower level fine. there's 495 to the lincoln
6:19 am
holland 5 to 10. ben and teresa. >> thank you very much. new deill tays about alleged rape by a group of teens. >> they did not enter pleas but attorneys denied allegations. politician say at least two of the suspects told them they believe sex with the 18-year-old woman was con sheen cial. one defense attorney says she was seen oned video laughing and smiling during alleged attack last thursday at a playground in brownsville. >> not indicative of anyone under force. not indicative of anyone who had been beaten or o bruised or anyone who shows nieces wriewzs to their face and i think it speaks for itself. if pictures worth a u thousand words a video is worth how many? a million.
6:20 am
she gave a credible report and physical injury she was traumatized. >> boyce told detectives the woman was engaged in some sexual contact with her father when they entered the playground. fifth suspect arrested at his school and charged with rape and other counts. also the first four range from 100,000 to 50,000 a piece. due back in court on friday. >> horses that pull little central park carriages could be getting u new stable. city is putting finishes touches on a proposal to get them off midtown streets into the park but new stable can only house 75 horses and there's 220 but dozens of drivers will lose their jobs.
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating
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company's tomorrow, today
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>> police are log for man they say grabbed a 12-year-old girl amendment kissed a 13-year-old girl at a shake shack on upper west side. it happened monday at the shake shack on columbus avenue rather. police around 11:grabbed on downstairs dining area and street level she pulled away and he continued to lower level. ten to 15 minutes later he was seen outside the buildings asking a 13-year-old girl her nail before kissing her on the cheek and she pulled away from him also. he ran off along columbus avenue call crime stoppers
6:24 am
>> force of sexual abuse on subway rose dramatically last year. 35% increase. 130 cases compared to -9d 8 in 2014. forcible touching cases rose 25% from 272 to 340, however,s play say this is not indiggive it of a problem getting worse but they've been underreported and increase is result of officials communicating about it more. >> in todays's "health watch" first medical marijuana patient in new york state is speaking out. 27-year-old britney barger joined by medical staff at the zero health dispensary in white plains one of the first legal dispensaries to open doors in the state. britney first in line to receive medical cannabis for stage four ovarian cancer. the car insurance is too widespread so she's not a
6:25 am
>> start by morning from anywhere 10 to 15 pills to get out of the bed in the morning. here because i'm tired of taking pills she can tick a smaller at of pain medication since receiving the medical marijuana that's something that a lot of patients say it is taking them off of the intense painkillers and using this prescribed amount of medical marijuana. >> you live in new jersey. >> i do. >> how much is gas right now about? >> about -- last time i don't know. i don't know, i don't remember the last time i filled up the car. >> getting cheaper. i paid a buck something in new jersey a couple of years -- buck 47 there. how low will it go?
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give it to me i' m worth it baby i' m worth it uh huh i' m worth it gimme gimme i' m worth it
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baby i' m worth it >> better make sure you budget
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the high winds are making had it feel bitterly cold out there this morning. mike will give you a pulls wrap in his forecast coming up. >> president obama delivered his final "state of the union" address last night and a speech included a few jabs at critics including donald trump. we'll have more for you, check coming up. >> you haven't bought a powerball detective what are you waiting for? drawing for the jackpot set for 10:59 tonight. st. louis rams had haded back to los angeles. nfl voted to approve a plan that will move the team to los angeles for -- this season. 2016. all right good morning everybody i'm ben simmoneau. >> and i'm teresa priolo in for juliet huddy this mornings. january the 13th a cold january the 13th. >> 3 in the park and windy the there. he's dressed a little bit warmer than you have been last couple
6:30 am
>> weeks, monthses. >> thanksgiving pretty much. >> weekend like i can put a jacket on now but i vice president been able to wear them because i had the cast on. cold outside everyone good morning. we have a wind advisory so not only cold but windy at the same time so windchill factor is a player out there but wound advisory for bay shaded counties until 1:00 this afternoon. that means winds up to 40, 45 and even 50 miles per hour are possible the there. here's what we have with the wind gusts right now. 24 miles per hour gusts central park. 28 out in newark, and same thing for you out in bridgeport that means what its like outside 8 in newark. and el too 12 in bridgeport. yeah, you're doing to feel it
6:31 am
face but precip is done near catskills yes a few snow flakes flying some lake effect snow still happening but not really in the tristate. drier conditions become again and sunny and wednesday did i as well with a high up to 31 degrees later this afternoon. through the next seven days, dry for you thursday, friday but saturday some more rain back in the area tben. now over to ines what's our problems out there ines flashing light it is don't look good. flghts it is not this morning starting off good. now we have problems you have 30 so rush hour if to come up. cross bronx by bronx river parkway right lane is blocked there with an accident. go to our cameras at the gowanus here by the prospect thins are better inbound to bqe. roads temporarily closed because of a large tarp by brooklyn be the rei tunnel so they cleared
6:32 am
traffic okay on gowanus. george washington bridge this is upper level off the gwb this is one of the last exits there fort lee there's tow truck trying to get everything set up so this they can clear it but right two lanes blocked. upper level off the gwb. lower level it's about a 10 minute delay right now. five to ten. lincoln tunnel 20 to 30. holland about 5 to 10 as well. ben and teresa. >> thank you so much. a lot of excitement about the pow ball drawing that is driven jackpot to 1.5 billion. >> five liz dahlem live in the castle conner of staten island that has been a lucky place to buy tickets. good morning. >> good morning ben and teresa this was on hot streak really. more people coming in and out
6:33 am
been quiet this morning but this has been a big ticket to get here because mega millions detective worth $165 million was sold here and one in last friday's drawing. so customers are hoping to get lucky here as well before this big powerball drawing and we know that jackpot hit a world record now at 1.5 billion. it's gotten so large that the signs are not made for it so handwritten science are popping up in stores throughout the the city. these guys just got their tickets here. so -- the reason this jackpot is grown to be so large buzz there were no winners last saturday and 949 million drawing so pot has swelled over last few days and continue to grow as people keep buying their tickets. your chances of winning, though, are slim about one in 292 million.
6:34 am
hoping they can get lucky. i have good hopefully get rottweiler. >> can you imagine winning that type of municipal? >> and winning, absolutely. weather conditions all imagine it right, if you win you have to choose how to take that annuity paid over 30 years or lump sum. a winner you'll tack home smallest prize thanks to taxes we pay here. city residents pay a state texas and city tax as well as 25% federal withholding tax so a $575 million if they take away that had -- go with the cash payout option. now tonight's drawing broadcast in tallahassee, florida at their lottery studios there, and lot ball the are under lock and key under surveillance.
6:35 am
in a safe secure yore not to be tainted with before tonight's draw which is set to take place at 10:59 live in castton corners, staten island. >> nice and warm place to thaw out -- president obama delivered his final starch address last night. portraying a two term as time of positive change for america. >> can kerry drew is in the newsroom. >> during's the speech president obama highlight accomplishments siting universal health care and a better economy. in his 7th and final "state of the union" address the president also urged politicians to put aside partisan differences and get along better in the future. as comangder in chief he tried to ease american concerns about terrorism and isis although
6:36 am
name, president obama did allude to the republican presidential candidates suggestion to temporarily ban muslims coming into the u.s.. when politicians assault muslims whether abroad or fellow citizens, it doesn't make us safer. that's not telling it like it is. it's just wrong. it diminishes us in eyes the world received a standing ovation from the crowd. donald trump said "state of the union" speech is boring, slow, lethargic, hard to watch. one notable guestened inning kim davis a kentucky clerk jailed last year and refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. she was a guest of ohio republican congressman jim jordan an might have noticed an empty chair next to first lady michelle obama to symbolize
6:37 am
longer have a voice. morning. back upstairs to you. that. "state of the union" will likely be discussed in the next presidential debate. >> fox business will hold two debates set to start at 9 i recallier card debate will start at 6. >> speaking of the fox busy network let's go to the studio to check in with lauren simonetti. >> hello, good morning. >> tracking oil is that right? >> it's unbelievable what's happening you should care because as long as oil prices go down, down, down, tbas prices will go down with them. if you filled up lately you know gas is cheaper than it used to be. here's the problem with cheap ole shale producers here in the u.s. and others can't make any money it smells job cuts and comid that might not do as well as a result.
6:38 am
but yesterday they qengt to $29.93 and now i have things coming out with these crazy calls. standard charter saying we're going to see $10 oil. $10 oil. barclays says it will hit 20s. others are saying about the same maybe higher so oil should be cheap in 2016 which means go out to buy that suv because it won't cost a lot to fill up. but you know you don't want to hear of job cuts. bp said they'll slash 4,000 jobs. only tack a one-year lease. i remember the economy doing just fine. but -- that was a different time period. >> you remember oil in the triple digits in 2014? not too long ago, it hit 145 at one point? >> yeah do you feel you're spending your savings at the gas pump. do you feel it's like that. so you feel richer when you go
6:39 am
>> i don't, when oil was off a the charts i remembering this, oh, gosh do i want to really go that or for and do that and fill up as frequently. >> oil is expensive we cut become on discretionary spending but pocketing savings i would agree with that. fox business network thanks. also cold outside this morning. >> it is cold outside. let's check in with mike to see how cold it it is goings to get. >> a blast coming this way and cold an windy look today. slippy yep it will be slippery around tristate mainly northern tear north and west to fiend most was slick spots there are delays in northern motion counties. also windy and cold an feel like we're between 10 and 15 degrees here that's your windchill
6:40 am
now it is also beginning to be dry, dry through but into saturday a coastal low in the area that brings in some rainfall at that point and time but rain not snow but there's the headlines for the day. get you on over to ines and see what will perhaps slow you down on roads or rails. good morning. >> we have problem spots this morning. problems in new jersey none right now. 80, 287 poon in parsippany there was an accident on cross bronx on alexander hamilton bridge all cleared wade. but delays remain become to bronx river parkway. as far as problems well gwb one of them two lanes closed hoar as well as offramp to fort lee. this accident tried to upright so about a 20, 30 minute delay upper level. lower level ten to 15. lincoln that's 30 to 40. holland five to ten and problem with new haven a five to ten minute delay because of
6:41 am
let's go to sports duke is here. >> knicks -- [inaudible] coming right back. entertainment news still to come. movie "fifty shades of grey" is up for a big award but aparnlgtly one that nobody wants to win. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. people are surprised at how easy and affordable it is to get insurance through new york state of health. we help them to find the best insurance plan that suits their needs. working with so many consumers, you begin to develop a kind of kinship or friendship, a bond and you see them on a consistent basis, so it becomes almost like a big family, it's fulfilling and it gives me, you know, hope that there is a better future
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>> all right, it is just about 6:45 now on a wednesday morning. here are the headlines for you iranian television reports ten u.s. sail rs have now been released they were detained yesterday after their patrol boats wandered into iranian waters. >> four suspects arraigned in ailinged rape of a woman by group of teens in brooklyn their lawyers deny a fifth arrested one defense attorney claim there's a video showing this woman laughing and smiling during the alleged attack. sk uh-uh a new chapter in saga over horse and carriages in central park. dozens of the carriage driewfers could lose they jobs. city wants to build a new stable in central park but space for 75, but 220 on the streets of the park.
6:45 am
12th children after hd a vastectomy they told "us weekly" she's preeing with twins married in november of 2008 and two children together. he has eight other children from other women. i hope he didn't pay a lot for that surgery. >> impressive if those are fraternal twins because that means that you know -- his wife is okay. switch gears for a minute. >> basketball red hot knicks what a game it was. huge first half. 16 points in the first quarter thanks to couple of three pointers by the way rooky and then second quarter. two hand slam atsd break. before the break watch this.
6:46 am
anthony steps on official sports up the court. went don in obvious pain. luckily x-rays were negative. he would return in the second half. just wasn't happening, in the fourth game tighted at 88 first round draft pick. 16 points ten in the fourth quarter. back by three. bottom of the screen. with knicks up one late in the game fouls out. 26 points. derrick williams huge throwdown here. new york goes on to win it 120, 114. basketball right now, knicks will pis nets not playing great basketball to be tonight in brooklyn. football news now tom coughlin met with san francisco 49ers about that vacant head coaching position. according to multiple reports going to meet with coordinator hew jackson today or tomorrow.
6:47 am
>> nick. >> not the craziest ben has had either. sm huge news that l nfl invited st. louis rams to move back to st. louis 30 of the 32 approved the plan and move to racetrack in inglewood ten miles from downtown l.a. if you've flown into lax you've son that area where lakers played old forum there a great venue there. they have option to champion the team there. nfl has been without a team for the past 21 years so st. louis about it lose its football team. still has cardinals out in stliews and blues. devils to face blues. game tided at two in the second period if patrick -- and perfect deflection there into the nets 3-2 st. louis.
6:48 am
st. louis beats 5-2 the final score. islanders at barclays center, tied one, going to skate in. and it can a 2-1 lead. now nelson -- breaking the tie again second of the game. 3-2 they get a hat trek on empty nether they win 5- final score. they play in brooklyn tomorrow night. knicks and nets in brooklyn tonight. your idea of nick -- papers like it. no better option than tom coughlin an excellent football coach. i just think -- you know, didn't have a roster, and goes down to phillyening he wins. >> going to find a home someplace les. rmingt forget his age. great shape.
6:49 am
>> duke thanks very much. cold outside. >> cold and windy but a great day for a birthday for janet alamo happy birthday from your husband hope you have a fantastic day. but cold everyone we've got 23 your temp central park. 22 in newark. 19 in u.s. is accident but you also have wind we're dealing with here. not the wind gusts coming through 8 to 18 miles per hour and that make it is feel cold earl between about 10 to 15 on average throughout majority had of the tristate. but we have a mainly clear sky and not much geng on to kick up the snow sures again unless out near catskills might have flicks flying but up to the north and west so sun more so than clouds out there. windy and cold high temp 31 in the city. wind advisory up for the tristate. 37 your high tomorrow. 46 on friday.
6:50 am
saturday and then drying out, cools out early in the next week here. by the way fox 5 weather app has dell and hourly forecast available on fox 5 weather app
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>> good morning, a lot going on with this commute. there was an earliering on george washington bridge upper level involving overturn that's been cleared away. left with a 30 minute delay inbound. holland 20 from each approach. fine on southern state and northern state parkway. normal patch delay there on l.i.e. into queens. problems on gowanus can't catch a break brooklyn now here on 38th street you can see bunches up with an accident blogging a lane. hov lane are fine. but right now only one lane getting through there to the bqe inbound. traffic backed up to verrazano bridge. ben and teresa. >> anna gilligan is back. >> award season. : so it kicked off with golden globes and find out oscar
6:53 am
the worst of the year in hollywood. 50 shades of the gray here. >> book is god, though. >> didn't read it -- 50 tied for first nominations with six opportunities to win a golden raspberry. both of the 50 shades leads got individually nominated for worst acting also worst screen play and directing blasted, and also got highest dishonor nominated for worst picture along with fraying four, jupiter and a mall cop two and pixels. wow. announce winners before oscars the night before. tonight "american idol" looks at talent in philadelphia. it was twall first stop judges made on their 7 city search for final hour and bus went out to smaller towns so watch philadelphia ngt to because you might see someone you know
6:54 am
farewell season of "american idol" 8:00 on fox 5. appears home lanked is coming to knox for the sixth season. hit series took place abroad past two seasons shot overseas in south africa and then berlin last season. according to ceo of show time a plan it so shoot in and around new york for first time ever so you might see sightings. >> anna if you win powerball tonight will you come to work tomorrow morning? interesting question. manies of dollars. i don't know how much i would work. won't leave anyone hanging until i give -- >> you would have to pick up her entertainment duties. [laughter] okay.
6:55 am
that would be not responsible. not out on that note. would you show up. >> i would. and then want three weeks off at least to take a trip somewhere. but then you continue working. >> you have to do something. >> come in at five tomorrow good luck everybody.
6:56 am
pone of the cool perks of this place cereal as you want. it' s like i' m going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. love it, live it. (laughing)
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