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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  January 15, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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ben: did you forget that you send us a video? juliet: what do you mean? >> my gosh. this is not good. this is not good. mike will tell us i sent mike some weird messages in the dentist chair. he will tell us when it's going to get here and how much to expect . mike: police make an arrest. juliet: it was a showdown and a smack down.
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at certain points. you thought they would go in there with guns blazing but donald trump was very elegant with a couple of his answers. >> carly fearing i had a job at hillary clinton. you'll hear what she had to say. good morning. i am juliet huddy . ben: i am ben simmoneau. it was interesting.i really wanted to tweeted out but i didn't. he had oral surgery. i got off of painkillers. i was just on motrin . >> i do not recover well from general anesthesia.
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, right? ben: you are hoping to come back yesterday you having some facial trouble. idiot like me . six months ago . she realize that it was a big infection. it was really bad of me. i thought i would be back on tuesday but here i am. don't be stupid! mike: a lot of folks are afraid but don't be because it just makes it worse. here are the high temperatures today.we are heading up into the 50s. it's 380 for the normal and we are almost there now. it's a lot warmer than normal.
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now 320 in bridgeport. well above normal and his drive for the time being with wayne on the way. clear skies and it will eventually come in here and bring us a decent amount of rain. that will intensify it and they both work together. one other thing that's happening as a hurricane out towards portugal. the wind around 70. it's something that happens rarely. it's something to just keep an eye on. have sunny skies in terms
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high is at 50 and as we go through the next seven days it's at 47 but rain comes through on the morning it will be pretty solid. this is snow but it's a clipper that doesn't carry much with it. that might make for a messy commute . already. it's time to get over to ines. ines: no problems on 80 and westchester comes in from rockland county. let's take a look at the as for the bridge, it's a with no delays. goes to lincoln and holland tunnel.
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the republican presidential debate . the candidates went out hoping to score points with's all seven candidates on the stage with a primetime debate. who is left licking their wounds. ? temp and cruz brought the heat. >> the new york times are always . >> maria, thank you for passing on that piece. >> i am happy to get a question this early on. i was going to ask you to wake me up . voters will head to the polls in iowa and new hampshire. the smalls group took to
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showdown. the gloves are off. foxbusiness hosted the match and focused on the economy, terrorism, national security and guns. >> the guns don't pull the trigger. it's the people that pull the trigger and we have to find out what's going on. >> i watched storytime with obama and i have to tell you it sounded like everything in the world is going amazing. >> some of the most fiery exchanges happened off-topic like the back and forth over ted cruz's eligibility to be president. >> there is a big ?on your head . you can't do that. >> i have spent my entire life defending the constitution. i will not be taking legal advice from donald trump . >> those that affect the
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affect our city. they focus on the money in the media.>> on the world trade center came down, there was no place on earth that they could've handled more beautifully and more humanely than new york. it was a very insulting statement. >> think a lot of people would agree. say what you want . some people love him and some people.but he stood up for us last night. iowa caucuses february 1. it's the ninth so that is the date . we will see how resonates with voters. a lot of people are talking about it. >> i will be happy we can stop talking about iowa and new hampshire. ben: after some trips to the main stage, carly fiorina was back to the main debate .
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there was only two others on stage with her. mike huckabee and rick santorum. it was fear his turn and she did not hesitate to go after trump or clinton. i have been blessed by a lot of opportunities to do a lot of things. unlike another woman in this race, i love spending time with my husband. >> rand paul was supposed to join the undercard to be but he is not happy with the position so he declined. hillary clinton made an appearance on the tonight show. it was the second time the democrats hopeful had gone on the late-night talkshow. thompson was brought up in hillary says she is not bothered by him. >> we had a donald trump on the other night . >>
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[laughter] he is a lot more obsessed with me than i am with him.>> do you believe she did not see the interview? >> i don't. they just say that because they want to act like they are too cool but they are all watching each other. >> . ben: fallon conducted a job interview and he joked , as an email address we can we reach you at ? one nypd arrested a man after hearing gunshots. happened in the bronx near featherbed lane. you can see the two officers with their guns drawn approaching the suspect to put the weapon on the sidewalk and the officers take him into custody at 31 years old. they found a loaded revolver . sounds like he was up to no
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ben: come monday , those who use the m subway line , the commute will get more difficult.juliet: several stops are shutting down for more than a year. terry drew has more . carrie: this will be a big inconvenience for so many people. we are outside on the train stations. this is the m station near w. 7th st. . it opened in 1915. over 100 years ago and beginning on monday, it will get a rates like new lighting and platforms. a new commute for the thousands of people use this every day. >> they are reacting to closing the m train stops. >> is a really long time. i feel like people would start moving.
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bound platform would close and work would begin on the platform. they say the project will give them a much-needed facelift. commuters trying to get to manhattan will have to travel deeper into brooklyn entrance friday station with manhattan service. >> is like wasting 30 minutes of our commute time. which very inconvenient. the following train stations will be affected. 8th ave., fort hamilton, 18th ave., 20th avenue parkway , avenue you and 86 street . the 300,000 daily commuters who ride the l train are also concerned. the mta is considering a plan to shut down service for up to three years.
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from super storm sandy 313 they are considering going station by station.if you take the untrained and you will be affect it, check out the website for all the alternate routes. back to you guys wnyw and "fox 5 news". consider taking over. are they causing more traffic? the mayor claimed that last year. there is a new study out and we have the results. juliet: mike is keeping track of the forecast. mike: is a warmer one out there starting out with mostly sunny skies.mild temperatures are at 350 right now and it's not even freezing at this point. it feels good but we have rain on the way. you can check out the weather up with a live radar in the google play store costing you zero.
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so you can love cereal... again! ben: we are back. juliet: just in time for the weekend.
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mike: she was watching the show is not really about aware.she sent a video to us and it was special . [laughter] the one that i showed you is not that bad. juliet: should have been sleeping. mike: it smiled. 35 in central park and 300 in bridgeport. many of us are freezing. crows in the area but
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significance in this time. it will make its way through the carolina region later today and by tonight it will be our mess to deal with. clouds increase on the future cast but it's mainly high clouds . dover pennsylvania and back out towards western new york. you could get into the higher elevations and it's an area of low pressure. that will be well offshore but we have warm air coming in. it's eight or 9:00 in the morning. retry out but on sunday, we have another snow threat coming our way as we head towards monday. it could affect the commute . we have to hold off and i
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morning. we are keeping the clouds away and it's mainly high during the day and i thicken later tonight. it's a high of 500 today . we have a drier, cooler day for you let's get you over to ines . >> good morning. let's start out with putnam county.684 moving fine in both directions . here is new delays on 280. construction is set up there on 78 near route 24. let's go to the cameras. construction has been cleared out and no delays
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head toward 63rd. as for the cross box, you are moving fine there eastbound and westbound. after taking the trains, they are running close to schedule. both two million-dollar traffic study is complete and huber does not complete can compete . there has been prompted rapid change and has not caused a increase in traffic. the study will be released in a few days. it came after a fight between armor and the mayor when he wanted to limit the growth of the service. the city is inching closer to a horse carriage deal. it bands them like manda baggio promised to do. that's the first thing he said he would do. it would ban them from the streets allowing them only
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what is the story? >> the stable will be built in the park and a number of horses would drop from 220 225. i agree. there is trouble with that. a spokesman says no full-time drivers will lose their job. >> what do you think when a parent comes up to your work and tries to get you to buy girl scout cookies for their children? >> they are on sale now . >> it seems harmless. some say could keep kids from learning important lessons. back in my day , and i can't believe i'm saying that, we use to sell the cookies door to door but it seems like the parents are doing most of the selling. was it really good for the kids?
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know it because your colleagues passing on the order sheets. >> you pick your favorites . >> the thin mints . >> was some os. thin mints ! [laughter] wait for your box to show up at your desk. it's a layup a guaranteed way of selling dozens of boxes of cookies and making the rest drool with envy. there's a problem with that. >> they don't the skills of doing it on their own. on top of that , they risk losing the sense of pride that comes with making a sale . >> you can't parents doing everything for them. that's not what the girl scout motto is about. not the point . >> five things that girls
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sales. it's something girl scouts of america supports writing in a statement , although they may assist, it is the girls who should make the sales. for the child who is uncomfortable, the doctor has some advice . >> how will we get this done and how we collaborate ? what is the first step in what is the next step? how to have them do something fun together. >> then meant is my favorite . ben: so boring! juliet: it's amazing and it's good . the some os are good. carmel and coconut with chocolate .
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juliet: it's 5:25 am. government probe into the housing bubble is causing big bucks. a $5 billion settlement in the role on the sale of mortgages leading up to the crash. he pays 1.8 billion to customers in the form of mortgage forgiveness and refinancing. most of the rest will go to civil penalties. he has been one of the latest to settle for its role in the financial
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we will start selling a heroine antidote . 479 stores will offer this without a prescription. the drug box the effects of heroine , oxycontin and other painkillers. it will help prevent deaths by giving people time to go to a hospital. they start offering antidote in stores last fall. juliet: shake shack is expanding its menu. it's adding a chicken sandwich and it looks really good. it's called the chicken shack made with cage free hormone free chicken breast deep-fried in the same which is top with chicken lettuce and herb mail on a potato bun.
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go to shake shack, you have to lean out a little bit. why not have a non-fried version? >> the chicken shack will set you back 595 cal. >> herb mail is 85 cal. >> have to run.
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back. ben: . mike woods has a complete forecast. juliet: students and cleans come down with a stomach flu. they are trying to figure out what's going on. it was fight night at the debate.
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went at each other.some of these people were remarkably restrained. juliet: anderson california and her family with a very uncountable things getting dinner. ben: that's 11 months from now. >> maybe the memorial day picnic might not be asked about the fact content . juliet: i've been asking for the meal that you would cook me. ben: next friday!
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pigs in a blanket. i was friends with those? juliet: i can make you turkey meatballs . >> that is good! i thought ines was making meatballs. juliet: he is catering. ben: frozen! before i will put them in the sauce. they are good. >> we have a cold blast coming up . . mike: a lot of folks get tired of the cold. we take it back down by monday and we hang in the 30s.we are coming back up as the first few days of the seven day forecast are the next few are below normal. here we go.
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normal days at 35 in central park . 120 more than it was and we have a mainly clear sky with sunshine coming in. the area of low pressure will work together bringing us in a pretty good shot of rain. today, during the day, we go up to 50 51 for the high. the rain holds off and there is rain in the snow chance on early monday. let's bring in ines. ines: good morning, mike. start out in nassau county. no problems there. staten island you're looking fine. let's take a look at your new jersey commute . it's westbound and eastbound.
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the lie has some construction. it's westbound delays with a slowdown moving at the speed. the service road with construction going on there. the mainline is doing fine. as for the trains, they are all running close to schedule. ben: thank you, ines. juliet: i am waiting for the big reveal. ben: it was a showdown . here now with the highlights. theresa: good morning, everyone. it was a night of fiery exchanges. as we saw last night, these guys are ready to rumble. it was a night of one-liners . >> the new york times are
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>> thank you, maria. >> i am happy to get a question this early on i was going to ask you to wake me up . the gloves are off after they took to the stage for a primetime showdown.i appreciate you dumping your research folder on the table. i will say, >> he is focused on the economy, terrorism, national security and guns. >> the guns don't pull the trigger. it's the people. we have to find out what is going on. on tuesday night i walked storytime with rock obama and have to tell you that it sounded like everything was going amazing.
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was off topic like ted cruz eligibility. >> i spent my entire life offending the constitution and i won't take legal advice from donald trump. >> issues with career and character. those that affect the country and those that affect the city. the value new york city focused on money in the media.>> when the trade center came down , it was a very insulting statement that had made because when 9/11 happened , those people handle it so well. january 28 on fox news moderated by megyn kelly. we are talking winter. a lot of people are saying
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performance in ted cruz these are the two running neck and neck. >> ted cruz has some explaining to do . there's a deadline to indict five teenagers or release him. they have been released. just one remains in custody for unrelated assault . the boys are ages 14/17 and they are accused of raping a 18-year-old woman and brownsville playground . questions emerge and no gun has been found. neither the girl or the father could identify the suspects and the lawyers say cell phone video shows her laughing.
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were held sent home . the department of health did not find any evidence. they were dismissed of the precautions and it will be open today . inspectors are investigating what it is. >> savor your commute. today's not the last days the commuters will take one to get around . work begins on the online in brooklyn. this will affect thousands of writers. let's go to carry . carrie: . thousands of writers will have to go around. this is the kings highway station here near w. 7th st. they will be making
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lighting and new stairwells. the first platforms will close for over a year . when that work is done, upgrades will begin on the brooklyn platform. we'll talk with which stations will be affected. 8th ave., fort hamilton, 18th ave., 20th avenue , bay pkwy., kings highway , avenue you and 86 street. they would have to travel keepers who brooklyn . for many of them, that is a big inconvenience. >> that is like wasting 30 minutes of our commute time. during rush hour it's very inconvenient. >> the mta is considering a plan to shut down the l train service. this will repair damage from super storm sandy.
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of daily riders. if you will be affected , go to the website to figure out another way to get to manhattan starting on monday.juliet: thank you, carrie. at least it's warm and this morning. ben: it is. mike: folks wanted: they want snow. juliet: i am okay with this. some people, that's what they want. 350 in central park and 31 in newark . 23 and marcello as well as sussex. it's my honor this morning and this is a temporary condition that won't last forever. other temperatures in the area looks like we will see temperatures in the 30s
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like in the 50s. is definitely a mild day with clouds increasing around the tried state and area of low pressure down to the southeast will head up this way and bring in the cloud cover starting out as i clouds in as they thicken, by late tonight, we will see the rain. 470 or high. they will go on until midnight or 1:00. it looks dry and now we have snow showers scheduled. let's bring in ines and see what's going on. ines: watch out for an accident southbound. that's blocking lane and
5:40 am
causing delays. let's head over to deer park avenue you are fine eastbound. no delays in the same goes bridge. you are fine on the bqe heading towards the brooklyn bridge. he passed the airport westbound and there is minor delays . we have a lot more coming up. ben: it's a big frank frank they played on a nurse. we will tell you who played the prank. >> has she disowned one of her kids?
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checking out your headlines. mayor bill de blasio has approved a raise for himself. he gets a 15% raise. more than 258,000 per year but he says he won't take it until he gets a second term. >> 15% raise? like the fact that he won't take it unless voters think that he should be elected. >> 15% is quite
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they will have to give out jobs and work full-time. two police officers surrounded a man with a handgun . this happened near featherbed red lane . the 38-year-old man was taken into custody in the loaded revolver was found nearby. juliet: cover boards are not allowed on brokers. they are worried about them catching fire. the chief of emergency services says injuries related to the scooter , rowley , things. celine dion is enrolling morning. dion confirmed the news saying that he died at the las vegas home after battling throat cancer. she has canceled her shows
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a beautiful couple.they been together a long time. a huge celebration in a nursing home. worker there was told that she won the jack on wednesday. she struck it rich and 52-year-old says she would finish her shift and when she got home, she found out the truth. her son had pumped her. she is devastated. is no word on happened to her son but she says the whole family is upset. the media was out there. the guy that ran the facility was called by the media . can you imagine? why would you do that? that's your mom! ben: it could have been a small spring prank that got
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>> the giants had a new head coach. he is a guy that they know. ben macdougal is the head coach. he is 38 young for coaching. second youngest in league. juliet: he replaces tom coughlin. they will have a press conference today to introduce him . looks like everyone knows him already. >> coughlin has pulled out the contention for the job in philadelphia. both sides were close. he was the front. they discussed salary became two concerns with who would in would not be his coordinator.he said
5:46 am
felt he could've brought along his assistance but as soon as the giants named makkah do , they thought he would keep them in coughlin did not want to have to start all over. the eagles like him as a possible air down the line. that will not happen so he will not be in philadelphia. b3 he was with the raiders. he is back in college. juliet: interesting. a thriller on the ice with the metro division with the rangers in the honors. they took a 1/0 lead and shortly into the. , they had a man in the penalty box in the islanders tied it up . there was another one later on and it was an empty letter . the devils in colorado can
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they did stop 27. juliet: the minnesota game. it's a heartbreaker. walsh missed a field goal which would've gotten on the win. fans were very upset and poor walsh. he is upset with himself. used as an opportunity to teach her students about empathy . they sent walsh cards in support and he went personally to the school to thank them. was that northpoint elementary school. he says he will treasure their cards forever. that is cool! poor guy! ben: let's talk to mike woods. it's cold outside and there is a hurricane. mike: i know. it's the first one this year.
5:48 am
begin until june. we have one out there but it's way out in the atlantic. the category one hurricane and could drop for . other than that, it's not a's what we have this weekend. we are going for rain early tomorrow and the high temperatures up to 470. high temperature is around 380. here's what we have now. partly cloudy skies in the wind is calm. 20s and 30s throughout the northeast. it's a fair sky without rainfall out there. not today or until midnight.
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future cast. light and moderate rainfall swing through and intensify as time goes on. there is so much warm air involved with this that it will stay that way throughout the region. that saves you a little bit . we have snow up to the northwest. machine conditions with trails open and hunter not in. 33 of 58 trails open. high temperature gets up to 50 in the rain comes in tonight . ends up early tomorrow at 80 9:00 with some snow coming through on monday. let's bring in as. ines: problems with black ice. putnam and westchester county causing accidents. soft overturn by picocell hollow road. be careful!
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doing fine on 80 into 87. let's go to the cameras and . on the bronx river parkway you are fine southbound and northbound. as for the train, they are looking good running on close to schedule. i guess we're all weird in doing that. you don't let it go on and on . juliet: this guy was like in his 50s . ben: my guess is that it started out small . he certainly did not think that you and i would be talking about it. juliet: thank you, and as. remember that show one day
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let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at ben: one day at a time is getting a reboot . this time it's a latin twist. it's such a great team. instead of focusing on a divorced mother and her daughters the new comedy is starring rita sereno. the original series ran
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he passed away recently. pat harrington was snyder. juliet: it was jumping into short time. pat harrington was 86 years old. lots of great auditions on american idol. they were in denver. country, rock 'n roll in soul. it's a 17-year-old from arkansas. have a look. ben: that is thomas stringfellow. the judge loved giving the
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>> was jordan simone and she sang whose loving you. it's another 15-year-old moving on from our area. wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're
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