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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  January 15, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> i have been arthur avenue. rosanna: they have prepared food and they feed you as you are shopping. i love that. greg: this is a place where we saw the baseball bat behind the register? rosanna: yes. say hello for us. greg: maybe ted cruz should pay a visit to arthur avenue.
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rosanna: i have been talking about it two hours now and i'm angry and i'm keeping it inside now. greg: let's focus on the ski trip. rosanna: yes had a good time. we hit the slopes. greg: this is mountain creek, an hour and 15 minutes outside of the city. we did pretty well. rosanna: we were phenomenal. i did the snowplow. greg: hey, we are going to meet the boss of the entire facility. mountain creek ski resort, action park next door. this is bill. bill, in charge of the whole deal. you are the ceo of? >> mountain creek resort. rosanna: how long have you been doing that? >> i have been there 20 years. i have been around the country
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it is a great place. greg: we are not recognizing everyone with the ski equipment on. >> i have got david. instructor. rosanna: god bless you, he was so patient. greg: i remember philipe? >> no. matt. >> you took really good care of us. rosanna: matt was very patient with me as well. thank you. greg: going back to the footage. this by the way, we had not seen skied in decades. i thought we did well. >> you were great. you are a natural. rosanna: greg was very good. i was fearful. which can be a problem.
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it, we got you calmed down and you skied beautifully. rosanna: i needed a hotted toddy. >> coming down, of course. rosanna: tell us about the slopes. it is a beautiful resort. greg: wait, the one mishap of the day. you were not hurt? rosanna: no. greg: ski patrol, greg kelly coming up to rescue you. rosanna: he's available on weekends. he's good. >> we are an hour 15 outside of the city. we are hundred percent snow making. we are making the snow around the clock. we are open for the season. rosanna: this must be a busy weekend. it is a holiday weekend. >> yes, kids off from school on monday. we are looking forward to it and
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greg: it wasn't that crowded. rosanna: yes, we went on monday, no, wednesday. >> we are open every night. it is great after school and work. it changed a lot over the years. so advanced. it is much easier. the skis are almost turning. rosanna: yes, the skis are different. last time i went the skis were big. >> greg: when skiing and it is a feeling of freedom and i will be back very, very soon. >> can't wait. rosanna: let me tell you about the pricing? depends on the day? >> yes, we sell the tickets on a variable demand, the earlier you buy the cheaper the tickets. as low as $22, the learning
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greg: hey, bill, this is new. magic carpet? >> yes. it is a people mover like in the airports. greg: it is kind of fun, right? rosanna: yeah, right, it gives a break. greg: we were hamming it up a bit. >> you can moon walk on it. now you tell us. >> you have been in the area all your life? >> yes. you wanted to be a ski instructor? >> yes, i grew up in a family that couldn't afford the skiing and snow boarding and at 15 i got a job and bought a snow board and hooked from the start. greg: there are options there. rosanna: i explored the options. greg: rosanna after two trips --
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greg: we were ready to chill out. talk about the lodge. rosanna: it is beautiful. a beautiful fireplace, a nice concession stand. i got a cup of coffee and chilled out. beautiful windows. you can watch the people skiing outside. i had the "good day new york" flag. look at you, working it out. greg: lew is a skier. he was with us. he did very well. rosanna: did he come because he wanted to ski or because he piece? the jury is out on that one. greg: you fell and hurt yourself ice skating. you didn't skiing. rosanna: i know, i'm happy. what is your favorite part? >> interacting with the newcomers coming to the sport. introducing them to the sport and showing them the excitement
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having the job that we have. rosanna: david, what are the fun things you can teach the people? >> teaching skiing for me is the ultimate fun. the joy of the people learning to ski, it is a great gift. greg: go to clip one, i think, in this day and age, we are all on the cell phones, nothing like meeting a stranger on the ski lift. you are alone with somebody, a fellow ski enthusist for who knows how long, and you get to bond with someone. often you are separated and you meet someone knew and you have the opportunity to get to know somebody in very unique circumstances. i really love that about skiing, whether with a friend or a stranger, you get to connect with people. you are going down by yourself. bill? >> you are right.
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and snow board. we have great programs to get on it. four reasons that people think it is not for them. the fear factor. you got over that. access, we are close. another is cost. we have promotions. >> and the social piece. >> yes, it is great. >> i have to say, i'm not a cold weather person, you know, you forget you are layered up and invigorating to be out there the weather. >> it is a great way to exercise and mix it up. greg: guys, not without occasional hassle. once you have the gear on and walking around, at one point, i thought we were both going to die of exhaustion, even before getting the skis on. roz ross yes, just walking in the boots, you feel like
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>> you were great. you guided us through the process. mountain creek, thank you so much. o what is the website. >> mountain how have we done on the body language thing? >> oh, you have done nicely. greg: we have no clue. thank you for the outfit. i have to return it now. maybe we can make a deal. rosanna: you look professional. unless you are skiing don't walk around the streets of new york like that. greg: bill, tim, matt, dave, you are the best, thank you so much. if you like to fish, check out dave, you have a fishing joint? >> yes, i do. thank you so much. i teach and guide fly fishing in east hampton. >> bill, you want to mention
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when the weather is nice? >> yes, tim runs the water park, matt is part of the water park and great mountain biking. >> anna once did a report in the park. that is great. thank you so much. mountain creek we love you. formerly vernon valley. better than ever. thank you. >> mike, a little snow for these guys? >> mike: yes, a little cold. nice to have you and see you. the snow is on the weak side but cold enough to make the snow. and they have been doing that for a while. for the temps this morning temperature z in the 20 # and 30s. it is well above normal. it is a warm one. anyhow, 39 in islip. central park same thing. 45 in montauk.
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winds starting to come in from the east and northeast. that means area of low pressure developing down to the south of us, that is fairly close to us here in the tristate region and bringing us more clouds later on today and by tonight we are seeing more not only clouds and showers, but that is not until mid night or so. the clouds are on the move. partly cloudy skies here today. i see the thicker clouds starting to creep up on us as the area of low pressure is getting going. this one here, over the southeast atlantic waters coming in that direction and this low pressure is coming out the mid western states and energyize the coastal low and bricks us a potent little storm. look at the futurecast, rolling forward throughout the day today, not too bad. partly cloudy skies. the clouds are thickening up in the afternoon at 4:00.
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after mid night. the warmth. here. system. any way, we bring in a deseptember amount of moisture, rain through tomorrow morning until 8:00, 9:00. cooler dryer air is funneling behind it. dry for you on sunday. as we head to monday, another clipper is coming by and bringing in more snow, especially to the higher elevations. anyhow, today we are headed up to 50 for the high. sun to clouds here. rain coming in later tonight and the lows, it is a mild one, lows 32-42. you. morning rain. dry on sunday, cool high of 38. 29 for the high on monday, that is a clipper rolling by and
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with us and keeping it cool. high temps in the 20s and lower 30s. greg, rosanna, over to you. greg: mike, thanks a lot. we both watched the debate, mon oh man. rosanna: take off the glasses. greg: ted cruz made us very upset, again. taking shots at new york. who stood up for us? rosanna: donald trump handle it. he talked about how fearless new yorkers were and how we all came together and rebuilt this town and boy oh boy not an easy time for any one of us living in new york. greg: ted cruz forgot. >> everyone understands that the values in new york city are
9:14 am
or progay and focussed around money and the media. >> when the world trade center came down i saw something on earth -- your two 110 stories come crashing down, i saw them come down, thousands of people killed and the clean upstarted the next day and it was the most horrific clean up probably in the history of doing this and construction. i was down there. the people in new york fought and fought and we saw more death and even the smell of death. it was with us for months, the smell, the air, and we rebuilt downtown manhattan and everybody in the world watched and
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york and loved new yorkers and that was a very insulting statement that ted made. rosanna: well, i hope ted cruz feels bad about that. greg: whether you like donald trump or not, that was a magnificent moment for him. rosanna: maybe cruz doesn't think he needs us. he needs us. he took $11 million loan here. greg: when out in the sticks, rural iowa and making fun of new york is fashionable. all over america people come here and i lived around the country, we are not that different. sure, we might have better broadway shows, better restaurants, we get the movies first. rosanna: by the way, our tv shows, our local shows, yeah, it is a little more interesting
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the sticks. greg: "good day new york" beating good day des moines. so debate last night. rosanna: it is interesting to see if that follows him around. but he better not come here. well, we'll remind him. greg: if he comes i will be putting these on. rosanna: a new show on hbo called vinyl, it has a great cast, including jack quaid. greg: who happens to be the offspring of dennis quaid. >> and meg ryan. >> well, he's done a few things of his own right. rosanna: he was in the hunger games. greg: we are going to meet him.
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>> arthur avenue there. all right, a couple of things, another show we have to watch. vinyl. it is coming to hbo on valentine's day. advance buzz and a-list names. rosanna: yes, nick jagger, mart ki skorz, olivia wilde, big names and newcomer, but he's been in the movies or two. >> jack quaid, show business runs in his blood. we are taking a look at the show. o so this is my story clouds by lost brain cells, and maybe a little of both. you know what, how about i shut up and put on the record and drop the needle and crank up the volume.
9:21 am
record industry was like hot. people were making money and all things were well. >> watch jack quaid. jack, hello. welcome. >> thank you for having me. what is your role in all of this. >> a rep for the records, it is a fiction allay bell back in 1973, i'm and the least cool guy at a historically cool job. that is the best way to describe it. >> so you didn't partake in the partying? >> well, everyone kind of does, especially back then. for me, like i would, but do in a very uncool way. i'm kind of privileged -- well nobody likes me on the show. rosanna: is it obama administrationed on reality in
9:22 am
>> we feature a lot of bands. something that is cool, we got the modern day musicians to rerecord the songs. this is originally a movie idea that mick jagger had in the day and went through the different versions and we have vinyl. >> it makes sense, tv shows, more are interesting in tv. >> i am happy to be on this show, let me tell you that. >> roll the clip. three boys, three boys i can tell they'll be filling football stadiums. >> come on, ritchie.
9:23 am
venn actually you have to swallow and and when you do i want to hear the good news. rosanna: what a cast by the way. >> oh, yeah. rosanna: did you meet them? >> it is crazy, you are on the set and they are on the set and for a second your brain goes this is normal and then you have to check yourself, no, no, i was so grateful and happy to be around there. i happen to audition, and the fact of meeting him. >> i wonder if we'll look back and think it is interesting. great decade. great clothes and music. can we go here? you have show business in the
9:24 am
dennis quaid and meg ryan your mom and dad. >> when did you realize they are special people? >> well, i mean, i think the thing growing up, you have your parents and they have a job, and there's just happening to be acting, and no different than a construction worker. and i got the poshl performing bug early on, like the magic trips in the yard, see the hat, close your eyes, open them, i was four. i did it. but then to see two people who made a living performing and had so much fun doing it. it proved to me it is possible. rosanna: they never tried to talk you out of it?
9:25 am
they saw me doing the plays and always encouraged me. i'm proud and love those parents of mine. rosanna: you grew up in hollywood and spent time in new york? >> yes, i went to nyu and doing sketch comedy in theatres of a hundred college kids. we had a monthly show. we wrote and performed a new monthly sketch show for college kids. greg: good for you. jack quaid in vinyl coming out february february 14th, valentine's day, thank you. >> thank you. >> we have the bulls. how do you feel about bulls? we don't take bull around here. >> right outside of "good day new york."
9:26 am
right outside of the studio. dl is a big bull riding festival this weekend add madison square garden. we are meeting them in a bit. hey- slow your business down, you need
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>> hi, everybody. howdy. announcer: i should say. >> howdy, yes. >> look at our new friend. >> this is no bull. >> i don't know if you can tell at home. this thing is huge. oh -- >> he smell? put your face in there. >> hello. hello? whoa. you know what, red in the jacket. >> you think he was charging you? >> it upset him. bring in the experts. >> let's bring in j.b. mauney. can i call you j.b.? >> yes, ma'am. >> what is key to riding a bull? >> stay on top. >> stay on top. >> first things first. big event all weekend long at madison square garden. >> starting tonight. >> what happens. >> top 35 guys in the world on best bulls in the world. >> where are you from, partner.
9:29 am
>> where are the bulls from. >> these bulls are from north carolina. >> this was inadvertent, i got this to go skiing. is it true red antagonizes bull. >> color-blind. they see black and white. >> interesting. >> what happens? >> more like beginning it's a rock show. they have music going. and introduce all the bull riders. >> then like, yeehaw. >> from the time it starts until the time it's over bull riding. >> appears to me the bull does not want cowboy on its back. he is always trying to throw you. >> that is what makes it hard. they want you off. you want to stay on. >> what is the key to staying on? >> i don't turn loose. >> we'll come back this afternoon. greg is standing on top of the bull. >> i would rather not be paralyzed today but who knows. what is difference between the bull and cow. >> bull is the boy. cow is the girl. >> that's it? >> yep. >> mystery solved. >> you don't eat bull meat, do you? >> you can.
9:30 am
than cow would be. >> what a belt buckle you won? >> yes, ma'am. >> is this amyotrophic lateral sclerosis if i. >> -- trophy. >> what is like being professional bull rider? you ride city to city. >> here this weekend. oklahoma city next weekend i. i couldn't ask for anything better. >> get things in the ring. bull in the cage is arguably boring although this is little agitated. >> can we do anything with the bull right now? i feel like we're hanging out. >> i don't want to bage at the same timing bull. i want to make that priority. at the same time -- >> do something. >> wave that hat in front of their eyes that will -- >> he will get upset and try to crash the feet. we know he can't get out, right. >> i'm not going to do that. >> feed him a carrot. >> if he wants to stick his hand in there he can. >> that is not good idea, huh.
9:31 am
>> are they real fast? >> they are fast. people don't give them credit how fast they are. if a bull can feel a fly on their back and swat it with the tail he knows where we are. >> they like this? >> these bulls are taken care of way better -- >> than what they do in spain. >> best feed, best hay. >> what do they do after bullfights in spain? >> they kill them. >> that is not going to happen. >> these bulls once they're done rocking they breed cattle rest of their life. >> that is life. you don't duplicate what they do in pamplona, running of us about, on 57th street, what do you think about that. >> that would be interesting. >> yeah. >> let's see the other bull. come on partner. >> this is the bull show. >> he is beautiful.
9:32 am
>> this is tooth fairy. gorgeous. why is she tooth fairy. he. >> he is tooth fairy because he bad habit riding him hitting people in the face. >> right in the face? >> so you lose a few tooth. >> that is where the name come from. >> people have a lot of jokes about bulls, stuff like that. >> not a whole lot. >> you got one in your repertoire that is clean for our audience? >> probably not. >> j.b., nice to meet you, man. >> nice to meet you. >> north carolina. welcome to the big city. >> tickets available all weekend at madison square garden. >> ticketmaster. >> you put on a big show. >> oh, yeah, big show. >> people get thrown off the bulls. >> whether you do good or not you will hit the ground. >> be careful of us "city slickers." tooth fairy has intelligence watching us and -- >> they're real smart. >> be careful, okay? >> yes, sir. >> we'll see you this afternoon.
9:33 am
mud or something. >> okay. >> how do you say good-bye. howdy is hello. happy trails. >> there you go. >> happy trails, y'all. happy trails. >> happy trails coming up, sounds like us. we were fit at one point. we got fat. now we're trying to get thin again. >> right now we're fat. but these trainers -- really ripped trainer got fat and then got skinny. pepper discovers jimmy dean delights, made with real egg whites, lean cut meats, and whole grains. an excellent source of protein, it fuels her up with energy to help power through her with jimmy dean delights, good
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>> i'm not so sure about bull >> yeah. i know. whose idea is it to go back to madison square garden this way? >> i need to get eyes on. >> maybe should go and watch what do you think about that? >> we're not going to ride the bull, but we're going all cowboy, okay? >> let's do it. >> the lasso, the whip. >> the whip? now you got me interested. >> indeed, rosanna. you never cease to amaze. >> anyway, talk about getting fit, shall we. we're still in the resolution phase. >> look at this guy. his name is jj. look at him. he is ripped. he is professional trainer. he is in fantastic shape. yet he decided on purpose to get out of shape. this is conscious decision. he put on 61 pounds.
9:37 am
>> mostly around his belly. >> looks like a different person. he wasn't retiring from being trainer. he did this to work with his client ray. ray needed to lose a lost pounds. >> you don't have to put it that way. >> i'm sorry. a fact is a fact. i guess thinking if trainer is out of shape along with client and get back into shape together. it would make a interesting workout routine and maybe great tv show. >> fit to fat to fit. it is premiering tuesday night on ame. we have jj and his client ray with us. you're one of 10 trainers right? right. >> congratulations. welcome to the show. >> ray, did you want your trainer to be little overweight i'm sorry like you were at least at beginning? >> right at beginning it broke my heart he would do that to himself honestly. >> really? did you have a hard time doing that, jj? i would have to love a license
9:38 am
>> like first four hours. 6,000 calories a day gets pretty old. >> what did you eat? >> you name it. >> sounds like your diet. >> this was on purpose. the thinking goes that if you gain weight, if you became somewhat plump your clients would be what, less intimidated? they would like you more? they would relate to you and you could work out together? what was the rationale? >> i honestly think more for me. i needed more empathy. i went from being judgmental, to my eyes have been open. i can better relate with ray for sure. >> where was it like, jj you problem before? >> he never dealt with weight issues or depression or despair or anxiety. this is huge for me this is blessing. >> how long did you gain the weight? >> 120 days. >> four months about. ray, what were you doing during those 120 days? did you continue to eat or try to get a head start on jj? the. >> no, i didn't know he was going to gain the weight. day one he met. he told me that, boom. >> by the way we're looking at
9:39 am
how heavy were you back then. >> 389 pounds. >> how many pounds did you lose so far? >> i'm down about 155 pounds. >> wow. do you feel fantastic? >> of course i do. my life has changed. >> so you didn't try gastric bypass or anything like that or did you? >> no, i never really considered it. >> you wanted to do it the old-fashioned way? >> exactly. all the old cliches are true. it is diet and exercise. there is no magic pill. you know, you just have to commit to do it. and do it. and then keep doing it and keep doing it and keep doing it. >> i think you're on to something because quite frankly you know what? trainers, you guys intimidate me a little bit. hanging out in the gym. you are ripped, all the girls are checking you out. you know what i'm talking about. me -- >> you look great. >> you know i think there is some kind of benefit here. >> hopefully we bridge the gap between the two communities because at end of the show, every world i said, i meant ray
9:40 am
how far he has come, you know in these over the course of 11 weeks we had to work together. >> there is us drama in these reality shows. >> sure. >> give us a little bit of the drama. >> i was alone during the first 16 weeks. there was some dark times. >> when you were gaining weight. >> you would think that is great. >> you would think so. that was hardest part of this journey for sure. >> what was so hard bit? >> 6,000 calories of poison every single day. >> you're a health fanatic. this would be like heaven. >> did you have ice cream, pizza. >> sure. you name it. >> where were you trying to gain weight, you're from utah. >> utah. >> you probablyhave eaten better. >> you should have come here for four months. >> see the show and where? >> next tuesday is premier. so the 19th on a&e. 10:00 p.m. eastern, right? >> now you want to show us, see
9:41 am
"fit to fat to fit." >> i'm doing good. obviously. [laughter] good job. [laughter] four months ago, jj he was frikin' ripped. i can't stop smiling bit. jj is in the pudgy boys club. >> misery loves company. >> i know that was horrible day for him. i couldn't stop giggling at his belly. >> compared to you he is olympian, even back then. forgive me. >> no worry. >> what do you do in utah? >> i am a police dispatcher. >> police dispatcher. jj, full-time trainer? trainer and i work for supplement company also. >> show us exercises all of us can do to to from fit to fat to fit? >> start with the eating. >> start with the eating. that's where i would start. how many more pounds do you want
9:42 am
>> i want to lose 15, 20 more pounds. i will be right where i hope to be. >> good. >> jj, let's see a few moves. >> we like to hit style training high-intensity intervals. >> high high-intensity intervals. >> this is plank. 10 seconds on, 10 seconds off and go through four rounds. >> go for it. >> we got, i guess a little 10 second clock going for you. >> we have timer going. >> so you are going to hold it for 20 seconds, 20 seconds. just a tight flank. rest for 10. so the idea behind it is, short bursts of high-intensity or -- >> wait for it. it is coming. it is progression. than jump right into it. so back on. so now we'll do push-ups. 20 seconds.
9:43 am
>> would you rather be eating? >> take your cowboy stuff off. >> we went skiing. >> did you? i love it. >> well you guys, you're made tore each other. >> now is there like -- >> we go into squats. constantly change it up. can be body weight movements. you don't have to have gym membership or weights necessarily. >> any of your friends in the show, trainers who gain weight have trouble losing it? >> all of us do. all of us do. >> anybody like we got a problem here? >> that was one of my fears we get to 245 pounds. >> there must have been a dark time? i tried to think of one time where i liked it. i can't do it. >> i should get into great shape so i can get fat. >> then you can be on the show with us. >> you guys are terrific. thanks for doing that stuff. >> ray, do you feel good? >> i feel amazing. >> what do you weigh right now? >> about 235.
9:44 am
>> five seven. >> jj, how much more do you think he should lose? >> 15 or 20 he will be pretty >> great. we can see the show on a&e? >> yes. congratulations. >> thanks so much. >> did you learn anything from >> yeah. that jj doesn't like eating. come on, jj. >> i loves just good food. >> speaking of eating and mcdonald's gospel fest coming up. don't mention mcdonald's around greg. he loses his mind. >> our good friends from gospel fest, curtis pharaoh. four for christ, right? they look a little bit like the four tops. remind me a little bit the four tops. we'll be right back. over 3 million people have silky smooth feet that you can't help but touch. the new amope foot file with diamond crystals and extra coarse roller head removes callouses effortlessly.
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did you know there's a cough liquid that lasts for twelve hours? twelve hour cough liquid. its advanced formula releases powerful medicine that acts fast while its extended release medicine lasts for 12 hours. . >> this is the new poster for 2016 mcdonald's gospelfest. >> i'm going to be there. rosanna might make a cameo. curtis farrow is the executive producer of biggest gospel event in north america. curtis, good to see you. returning? >> our host is returning. greg.
9:48 am
>> they love him. no he is so' amazing. they love him. i have to tell you rosanna, you should see it if you saw the way they treat him. there is the red carpet. people want his autograph. it's a big deal. we love him. >> rosanna, you drop by for a cameo. curtis, all these guys in the blue jackets? >> mcdonald's gospelfest we know it started 34 years ago. it was started by a group of mcdonald's owner operators who wanted to give back to the community. part of it is competition. these gentlemen won last year. four for christ. >> four for christ. welcome, gentlemen. >> are they disqualified for this year? >> no, no. you win until they knock you off. there is a competition. then there is the stars. this year we have the biggest stars. >> who do we have?
9:49 am
circlely caesar. tamela mann, original dream girl, jennifer holiday. >> wow. raise the roof. >> raise the roof, yeah. >> nuclear in there. clyde, tell us about four for christ? >> we started about six years ago out of metropolitan baptist church of in newark, new jersey. we grew out because we had a meggs. spreading name of jesus and lifts up name of jesus. we just don't go out to perform. we go out to have church. wherever we go we have church. >> that's beautiful. we may not have time for church. we want to hear you perform. are you credit did i? >> yes, sir. >> four for christ.
9:50 am
you, you, you, >> you ought to run >> you ought to rin you ought to run you ought to run and tell you ought to run and tell that why don't you run tell somebody tell them what the lord has done say good been good, say he
9:51 am
say he picked me up and turned me around said he planted my feet down and on solid and better ground you ought to run you ought to run run and tell that i been born again yeah i'm so glad. i'm so glad feel like telling the world not god my rock god is my rock not say god's my rock i'm going to tell everybody i'm going to tell everybody i'm going to tell the whole
9:52 am
god >> absolutely. four for christ. mcdonald's gospelfest. tickets go on sale today. 11:00 a.m.
9:53 am
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