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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  January 20, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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juliet: we are waiting and watching. good morning, everyone. will the storm hit us hard? will it hit us friday night ? ben: do you want to hit us hard on friday night? juliet: a little snow would be okay . ben: i did not agree to that . juliet: i did and there you go. mike is tracking the system. should we have a bet as to how much we will get? ben: serious news out of pakistan. more than a dozen people
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the pakistan taliban and is claiming responsibility. we will have an update for you. students had back to school this morning after bomb threats for some of them into the cold. seems to be a problem throughout the country. ben: sarah palin endorsed donald trump for the republican nomination. juliet: the him. they say she will work for him in iowa. she has a crazy following from the tea party days . ben: she does. .
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i am saying 19 inches. juliet: i am going for 8 inches. it is my favorite number and they want to go for that number. ben: she should be stuck at five . juliet: that does not work. what games did you play as a kid? before she changed her mind because of what i said . mike: eight is my lucky number. ben: we don't know at this point? mike: what would you say? 1 foot. at 12. ben: what about you, and as
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[laughter] mike: will it be cold enough? the temperatures came up a decent amount but we are seeing a 270 at central park in newark around eight 10 or 110 warmer.we saw the wind coming in from the northwest at three 21 miles per hour. the wind should relax a little bit , that's for sure. most of us are seeing a mostly clear sky in this works its way in our general direction with low-pressure and plenty of cloud cover in moisture. as it approaches, this one falls apart in the next one comes from the west. that's the big storm potential. from friday night sunday
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significant snow totals looking really good for 6 inches plus. the northeast wind comes through at that time around 30 40 mph with gusts as high as 50 60.with a full moon coming through, bad timing and that means moderate flooding . tides that could be at two , feet above flooding. it's along the jersey shore and that's where it's added. that saturday and sunday. i temperatures up to 36 today in the city. his dry today and tomorrow. friday and saturday, the storm comes into town and we will give you more details on that . it's too early to talk about exact totals but it looks like 6 inches plus is a safe bet .
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ines: we have problems out there in new jersey 287. we traveled northbound before exit 30 and there is a car fire. queens looks fine on the lie. let's go to the bq the. let's look at the long island expressway. westbound traffic is moving without any problem. we do have a problem on the bridge so let's go to that camera shot. it's westchester bound into lanes are blocked as you get on the bridge from the freeway. just expect some minor delays. street cleaning rules are in effect. ben: 5:05 am. breaking news at an attack in pakistan leaving 19 people dead . juliet: two of the debtor if professor and a student at the university near the afghan border. they storm the campus after
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army officials exchanged gunfire with the attackers. the pakistani taliban are claiming responsibility for the attack and some reports. we will keep you updated. 5:06 am. ben: police investigating 26 bomb threats. they turned out to be false but some were evacuated as a precaution. sending kids out into a cold afternoon. a similar rash of fake threats in massachusetts, delaware, maryland and others. no word yet if they are connected. >> they were running past our door, the cops in the canines. >> it was the middle of everyone, get up and leave ! ben: the calls were placed
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software generated numbers. there are digital fingerprints and they are following the leads. ben carson's friend died in a car crash. the van skidded on a patch of ice, slipped in was hit by another vehicle. three other campaign staffers were injured. he canceled his events yesterday and offered condolences to the family. >> in a show of political power donald trump has the endorsement of sarah palin. robert moses tells us about it. robert: sarah palin endorsed ted cruz in his race for senate but this is
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her endorsement is a boon to tromp and a snub to cruise. it could prove to be a difference maker in iowa and beyond. she endorsed donald trump at a rally at iowa state university. let's say the new york city tabloids are having a field day with this one. the tea party darling are down-home, folksy style. his power and passion is the fabric of america and its women by dreams and faith in the almighty, a combination ! are you ready to share in iowa? that's what will make america great again. he is the candidate best equipped to fight isis. are you ready for a commander-in-chief that
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>> i love sarah palin. without her support i would not be in the senate today. he says his opposition will hurt the state's economy. >> i believe it would be a big mistake for iowa to support him. >> the republicans do get out in iowa and a new poll shows that hillary clinton has a steep hill to climb. cnn survey shows vermont senator has 27 points ahead of her among likely democratic primary voters. it's a big loss in new hampshire and it could damage clinton who was the presumptive nominee . back to palin. they are expected to appear together today at two different events. that includes a rally
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oklahoma. this endorsement could prove to be a difference maker for those republicans who are on the fence about tromp. if he comes out of the gate he will have a lot of momentum . >> we will see you next hour, robert. juliet: the mayor announced a plan to limit the amount of horses in central park. we had heard about this and it seemed like it was a done deal. ben: it seems like the horse carriage drivers are unhappy. you can't blame the pedicab .they got, you know what, in this deal.we have more to explain why we say that. carrie: let's reverse the clock.
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we even heard from some course horse carriage drivers who said they were on board but it doesn't appear to be the case. when you talk to the drivers of the carriages and those who run the pedicabs, they say they are not happy in this is not a done deal. >> we want we have a mayor that wants to ban us. why should we trust him? >> the carriage horse issue , just when you think it's input out to pasture. >> we belong here unless they open a beautiful stable in central park! >> there is the city and the teamster representing the drivers limiting the industry in new york city. carriage drivers are firing back saying the mayor needs to hold his horses. the mayor's plan is supposed to get them out of midtown traffic and put
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by 2018, it relocates them from their current home to a not yet built state-of-the-art stable in central park. most importantly, it reduces the number of horses from hundred and 80 295.that would stress the working horses. they are asking us to reduce the number of horse licenses and its fundamentally bad for the horses and we will not stand by that. that's not all. in addition to protecting supposed to remove the drivers from the pedicab counterparts prohibiting them from operating in the park. >> they aren't pleased! they are trying to destroy our business. the plan requires the city council approval. she says she is happy the framework is in place and she refuses to say if this
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expects adjustments to make a difference in the public hearing. the mayor won't say numbers. there is some figures floating around that the new stable here will cost 25 million. just to add more wrinkles to this the center raises a ton of money for the park and they manage it. they are a very influential group but they are not happy about it . we will see if they mount up a position now that there is a framework. ben: thank you, teresa. a battle over a mosque. you will hear both sides have to say. mike is watching the impending snowstorm.
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that is the question. mike: it's not as cold with a little bit more wind so it's a little bit more comfortable. the daily and hourly forecast on the app by downloading for free and checking out fox 5 ny weather app. we will be back in a bit. dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4.
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mike: that seems fair. juliet: she already left . [laughter] mike: good morning everyone. whether headlines today. let's get through the rest of the week with the day starting out nice in the clouds come in. the area of low pressure squeaks and and it won't be as windy as yesterday or the day before. we are tracking a winter storm and it's late friday night. there is still some left over storms on sunday. the chance of snow could be heavy. it's still out there. the moderate coastal flooding is a problem. especially at times of high tide. keep an eye on the high tide with the area that's vulnerable with the
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14 in the airstrike with wind coming from the northwest at 14 miles per hour. it's called at 210 in boston. in pittsburgh, the cold air is sitting in place and it will be hanging around the next few days. the radar and satellite looks like lake effect snow coming through parts of the upstate new york but not here in the tri-state. it will swing by today with . it's not really a player for us. you will see a week rain and snow passing to the south of us.that's not a big deal and it won't be as we go through today and 8:00 in the
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here for most of us including the city.the snow kicks into action and we are heading up to 360. rain chances are coming in on saturday and there would be a little bit left over on sunday. looks like , no matter how much we get out of it, it's a good bet. we look at 6 inches plus. let's bring in ines rosales. 287 northbound as you approach exit 30 with an accident there in two lanes blocked. there is a car on fire. putnam county is fine.
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st. moving south bound, construction moving through and there is no problem northbound.there was an accident blocking two lanes and that will be cleared away with no delays left. the trains are all running close to schedule industry cleaning rules are in effect. juliet: thank you, ines. the board in new jersey has postponed its decision on whether to approve a plan for a muslim community center. demonstrators turned out to voice their opinions. more on the debate . carrie: this meeting was loud and president and it lasted for a few hours. they pack the city chambers with more spilling out into the halls. they were there to discuss plans for converting a warehouse on the east side of town. the zoning board listen to people on both sides and
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about religious intolerance but issues like traffic congestion. muslim community says it runs a space . >> we have been here for eight years. >> you are telling me that you have services six or five times a day. you current have 20 30 families that attend. why is there a need for a 20 foot facility?>> national officials should know what's going on . the city is trying to push it through. it's as fast as possible. why? it's a hot potato. it has nothing to do with racism or xenophobia. >> the board says they have a few more experts to hear from before they make a decision on this. on the website, it says $1 million has been raised for the purchase of the website . an additional 600,000 as needed for renovations.
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scheduled for march 14. x we have a lot more coming up . it's a milan's of wonderful flavors. will they work? savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin mcdonald's all day
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welcome back. it's under $28 per barrel in early trading in asia. that's the lowest price in september . analysts say the big reason for the drop is because the contract for february
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expire.most traders closed out and move for the contract. crude oil is down 70% in their 2014 hi. races have been hurt by the slowdown in china. we are the second largest consumer of crude oil. juliet: have you heard about this? donald is testing out a new menu item. ben: it sounds gross! french fries covered in chocolate? it's the me choco potato . there is no plans to bring it to america. for those customers there they have two choices. chocolate or milk chocolate . it's not the first time messing with the french fry. it offer the item with cheese sauce or bacon bits . juliet: i can see that .
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juliet: i am not sold on it. maybe we should try it here. maybe with like fudge? juliet: oh yeah
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ben: for the first time since sunday, the temperature will be above freezing but snow is heading our way. it's still a big question. how much will we get ? looks like it's in the saturday time frame with mike woods tracking the storm. have another big bet here in the studio.mayor bill de blasio is seeing his approval rating rise. it's curious results. we look at how he compares to other contenders for his job. >> donald trump goes whoa . he accepts his endorsement
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it's oscar hero rescuing a man and saving a guy from a burning truck. you hear what he has to say . it's very cool . >> 530. you really don't know. depends if it will go off the coast or go up the coast. >> mines is a foot . >> we don't know! it's saturday and not friday. >> it comes to mother nature and what she wants to do. >> it produces two 3 feet here but it didn't really get much here. it did not happen but it depends on where you are. you can see how sharp it is in terms of what goes on with the snowstorm. it could be really dicey so you can't say too much and
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270 out in central park. we have a mainly clear sky with no problems for the preset today. looks like it's coming this way and you might think it's the next storm. it's actually going to speed through here later this afternoon and into tonight . the increase in the cloud cover is today but we miss out on the preset .it gathers as we head into the afternoon and evening. the high temperature goes up to 390 but it's far enough to the south. tomorrow, we go back to sunny skies with temperatures up to 33. the snow is basically working its way from the south and it looks like primarily snow. some of the models want to
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coastal areas. you'll see primarily snow which will be significant with at least 6 inches plus. some models say 20 inches. we will have to wait and see . it goes until sunday morning. again, it's a little bit early to talk about the snow totals. we will give you an idea . >> let's bring in ines. she will see what's happening . >> we have had some problem spots this morning. if you are traveling on northbound 287 , as you approach 78 eastbound , we just heard from the extension , expect some minor delays. let's go to the cameras and take a look at the commute. on the staten island expressway, you are fine and the trains are all running close to schedule the street cleaning rules in effect.
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room doctor in manhattan at mount sinai has been arrested on two counts of sexually abusing patients. david newman is accused of targeting young what women who needed medical help. ben: egypt drugs, groped and performed a lewd act . he has written extensively about improving doctor, patient relationship . he jacked up the price of 750 four one pill. he has fired his lawyers . they are not sure why he was arrested in december in an unrelated case. the prosecutor say defrauded investors in a hedge fund and looted a drug company that he ran to
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he was supposed to appear in court but that is been pushed back two weeks. he did not explain why he hired a new legal team. this morning, it appears both sides are okay with the stable plan. melissa says too bad. she says they have to accept that the city have the power to do this. that's go to teresa. theresa: have you guys heard anyone say a good deal is when both sides leave the table dissatisfied? that appears to be issue here. all parties involved appeared to have a huge issue with the plan that the mayor announced. it's one that he said was all well and good. he released a statement with the teamsters and it suggested that a framework was in place that would
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reduce their numbers. that's not the case. not if you listen to the drivers. they are saying that the mayor , unfortunately, has put a plan into place that does not work. the mayor says he will reduce the workforce significantly from hundred and 80 95. he will move them from their current home on the west side and put them in central park. it's a not yet built state-of-the-art stable but it leaves a lot of people unhappy because it requires the pedicab drivers , who roam around the city, to stay north of 85th st. they say this plan cuts into their livelihood. take a listen to all sides. >> we have a mayor that wants to ban us. why should we trust him? >> . [cheering] there will be lawsuits filed ! when they see the backlash
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they will back down. >> the plan must go through the city council in order to be approved. melissa says she's happy with the framework . she would not say with certainty if it would pass the city council but she did expect them to change as it comes up for a public hearing. there might be different amendments put in place or adjustments made but what we hear right now might not be the final deal. she says, it's a compromise. ben: we will see what happens. thank you, teresa. half of new yorkers approve of a job that deblasio is doing but most would still vote next year. it found the only potential rival that comes within striking distance is scott stringer.
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would beat him 44 33%. it tops ray kelly 50/35. ruben diaz junior at 47/25. donald trump is campaigning after picking up an endorsement from sarah palin. ben: she is the former candidate . she came out to announce her support yesterday. robert moses joins us now with the announcement. robert: she was screaming curse words. you will have to hear a can't wait for that . sarah palin and donald trump are expected to appear today. that's a rally in tulsa. the two stood side-by-side yesterday at iowa state university less than two weeks before the caucus. the timing is very important.
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he is the best man for the job. her stamp of approval could sway republicans who are still on the fence about his candidacy. he has been locked in a tough battle with ted cruz . palin's decision to endorse from trump deployed her folksy townhome style as she praised trump at last night's speech. what a combination. are you ready to share and not again, iowa? that's what we'll let you make america great again ! robert: now, onto the democrats.look at wme you are. bernie sanders 27 points
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again, sanders is 27 points ahead of clinton. the candidate's campaign has been viewed more as an extended coordination then a campaign. ben: we have the numbers thank you. cursing. ben: we are talking about a snowstorm and we don't know how much we will get. juliet: will know better tomorrow morning? mike: yes. both of these say we get snow and significant but one of them says we get a lot of snow but they should start to line up . we are two or three days
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now. is 240 in poughkeepsie in the cold air is still here. it's not as cold as it was , temperatures are five 130 above where it was. high pressure is in control of this area swings to the south. this is coming into the rockies and it swings to the tri-state region. clouds in precept coming in. here comes the snow. it looks like it's primarily snow and it goes into sunday morning. it should try out after that. the weather app has the
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let's see what's going on. all of it as they were in the google and apple itunes store. let's bring in fox 5 ny weather app. ines: no problems at all with things fine in new jersey.98 to until river plaza and no issues. let's take a look at the lie. traffic moving at the speed limit eastbound and look at
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ben: checking the headlines for you. 5:45 am with an attack in pakistan leaving 19 people dead in the lot more wounded . the prime minister has vowed to fight to the end and destroy the menace of terrorism. police in new jersey are investigating 26 bomb threats. it schools and a dozen towns. the threats were false but they forced the kids into the cold yesterday. chris christie has pocket vetoed a law that would give new jersey elementary school students 20 minutes
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mandatory recess would cut down on childhood obesity. most schools have voluntary recess. i thought recess was standard? juliet: [laughter] are you serious? i excelled in that . >> did you have lunch after recess or before? >> i think we had recess in the morning and a longer . we always had recess and then lunch. juliet: i don't remember. too long ago. duke: the rangers take on the canucks. he bangs and with a rebound here and the third.
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gorilla has to take the pass and he tips it in for the goal at 17. we are tied at two. jt miller with a big win. it's in the nets for the devils as they play. do duke , get it right. one time is the goal . game tied at one and he tips it in. the devils win 4/2.the rookie , kristaps porzingis listed as questionable against utah at the garden. recovering from the
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on the side . while caution always remains the role, they say christopher is angus kristaps porzingis . he's looking optimistic in his postseason surgery.he is a picture on instagram. he posted an inspirational message encouraging his followers to never give up . he lost his right finger and injured two others badly and that accident. he says that this would probably be the last surgery . >> pete rose is headed to the hall of fame. it's not the way you could be thinking of. they will induct him into a hall of fame in june. he was banned in 1989 because of the gambling scandal. he is not eligible into the
5:44 am
i think he should's the best hall of fame in baseball. >> maybe it would be if i went from cincinnati. this is the first big thing. >> i think you should be allowed in. all the other cheating has affected the game. with steroid use and etc. i am not saying what he did was bad. duke: the rule is posted that you can't gamble on see it everywhere. the reds will retire . mlb's all-time making. it would be a massive turnout . >> definitely. remember when christoph is angus was drafted ?
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inga's was drafted . >> it's so jerky to do that. this is the sky's dream. he showed them. he is doing it with such maturity. thank you, duke. perhaps a snow storm headed our way. how much we get out of it is the big question. it looks significant. 270 is the temperature into central park . you have 29 in islip and 29 in montauk . tips are warmer than it was at 150 with a jump up . 100 warmer in central park and eight in bridgeport. as far as the sky goes clouds out there but it's starting out with a good amount of sunshine. this will slide by to the south in bring us an
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it's down to the south and in the atlantic waters. here is what's going on. snow totals are possible and we are counting on that at this point in time. it could change. the northeast wind is coming through around 40 miles per hour. it 60 mph but the northwind piles up the water alone new jersey. high tide comes in with a full moon and it's a moderate title flooding . today we are ahead of it with sunny skies first inquiries guys later. 33 tomorrow and fridays dry into saturday. the snow starts to roll in and it makes a mess of the
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that's over the weekend. the daily and hourly forecast saturday is good. >> here's what's going on. working on a car fire by 280. let's look at the lie. past woodhaven here is an accident in the left lane. it's blocking the left lane there so you have to set up a slowdown. you are taking the lincoln
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mmmm, yoplait. ben: i have a question. what are we referring to you as? anna: my name is anna lacey . i did not change it on air. ben: you did change it? my name is anna lacey . i did not tell anyone that. it's fine. anna: whatever you want to do. juliet: i saw your husband yesterday. i love him. anna: isn't he a
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jamie fox help pulled a man out of a burning car. the actor called 9-1-1 and he rushed to help a man burning inside of a vehicle. they cut his seatbelt and got him out right after the truck completely went up in flames. the toyota tacoma skidded on a wet road. it rolled over several times and inside the vehicle is brett kyle who suffered some injuries. yesterday, his father met with fox to thank him for saving his son's life. >> i look at it like he had to do something. we all just worked out. it's without going too far. i told him, you have to
5:51 am
he really risked his life there. he says this is all that matters. life was spared last night. just happy father's. >> that serious stuff that he did. jaded pinkett smith released a video with the lack of white nominees. she says she is grateful for the academy's quick response. namely sharon who said she is heartbroken. george clooney says the academy feels like it's direction. he says we were doing better 10 years ago. he thought this year's snobs included will smith , compton. he pointed out that the situation is worse for hispanics.
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industry that in the 30s, most were women and now
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it's in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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