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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  January 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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from "fox 5 news" , this is "good day early call" juliet: the li double r up and running. the commuters are hoping for better service today. better communication, some say. they expect service to resume this morning. ben: where are the plows? residents continue to try to dig himself out as a city rings and reinforcement to try to clear the street . juliet: cell phone video capturing road rage taken to a whole new level. here we go. drivers swinging at each other with a baseball bat and a pole. charming ! good morning everyone.
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ben: i am ben simmoneau. thank you for being with us. do you remember the song, send in the clouds? send in the plows. ben: a lot of them are in new jersey. juliet: michael, i heard rumors on the radio that there is still the system out there . before it's less likely today. it's a nice warm up this morning. it's kind of nice. ben: above normal temperatures. mike: is the coldest time of the year. 390 in central park and 26 is the current temperature. newark is 41 and montauk
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where it's freezing you have a lot of ice potential out there. 400 cooler for you and 90 warmer in central park. 22 degrees warmer than it was. changes happening because the cold front is on the way and it will pull up warmer air. at this point, we have a mainly clear sky but there is a cold front approaching. you can see the showers up to the northwest. we were talking about this yesterday. it will swing through here but the rain potential is minimal maybe 20 or 30%. i temperature goes up to 430 later. it will cool back down before it warms up over the weekend. let's get over to ines to see the problems on the roadways.
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better. ines: whether commute is off to a good start. let's look at the trains. i don't have any accidents to tell you about. li double r expected to resume service. new jersey transit , even gladstone, back in service. they cross on our system wide. no service between newark and the new jersey transit cross honoring. you have limited bus service between newark in harrison and journey square.street cleaning rules are still suspended. long island railroad says everything will be up and running this morning. you are a busy lady. there was unforeseen problems that cause delays. will it be a repeat today?
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island with the story. liz: long island railroad commuters jan frustrated with the cancellations after the blizzard. the metro-north is working so i is a railroad such a big problem? the railroad can't get together . it starts at the top. >> monday night there were no trains running from rockaway, has instead for west ham said. there was no service between jamaica station and the atlanta terminal . >> i was supposed to get to work at 9:00 but maybe 12. train sat still while they shoveled and removed ice. there was still a foot of snow on the truck . seven of the 12 would be
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at 5:00 a.m. but that never happened. the railroad made promises to commuters. >> expect to have all segments up operating on tuesday morning. customers show look at all travel times and check for delays. ben: thank you, liz. streets in queens still buried under snow. teresa tells us about the things that are buried under the snow. she tells us about residents demanding to know where the plows are. theresa: queens residents are digging, shoveling, heaving and hauling the snow away. >> they only wish they had a little bit more help from the city. >> we can't get out. we are trapped. it's a nightmare. >> i had to work with a shovel and take the snow
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. he was there for about four hours stuck. >> it's the worst they can remember. the anger runs as deep as the powder. this ration is so great that it went to social media to say plow queens. i lived in queens my whole life. you have to shovel out yourself. the problem is, there's too much of everything. too many winding streets into many part cars. too much snow. the plows can't even fit they send in the reinforcements . >> you have moved hundred and 70 front end loaders into queens because some of the streets , the plow is not effective. the snow is too deep in there is not enough room. we are going in dragging out . online news conference, mayor deblasio says his
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job is done. he also suggested city residents were in part to blame. >> you put all the snow in the street is not possible . with that. >> . juliet: thank you teresa. two days after the storm ended , new jersey's largest city is crippled. people in some parts of the city say they haven't seen a plow in their neighborhood like echoes of queens. it's causing a major traffic issue. residents are saying, what is going on? >> no one clean the street. i don't know what happened. >> i tried to go to the supermarket and now it took hours. that is crazy. we don't see any plows over here at all. this started on friday.
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>> big problems. you can see the sidewalks are narrow and parking on both sides. they say the city is completely to blame. too many people ignore the travel ban. they get stuck and have to abandon their cars in the street. ben: a classic example of how to drive after the blizzard. here's the pictures posted by the howell police department. this person barely cleaned off the car. he was ticketed for failing to clean ice or snow off the car. please don't be that guy. don't be a jerk.
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other drivers. put windshield wiper fluid make sure you have it. i ran out yesterday. i was on the li double r and that was not fun. >> i hope there was no trains on the track. juliet: this woman was on the train at seven 15 a.m. in the train approached . the man got up and slashed her across the face living a 4 inch gash. the man never said a word . just rain and jumped into the d train. the man is described as late teens and early 20s. red pants and black sneakers. if you have seen him , call crime stoppers at 1-800-577-tips. we have heard the stories
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now we have video proof. it's unbelievable. one guy has a baseball bat and the other guy goes into his truck and gets a pull out of the back. here goes. it almost looks like a sword fight because it's just unbelievable. both men returned to their cars , bruised and battered. maybe a little embarrassed . juliet: people get crazy on the road. i happen to be shockingly angry on the road. i get angry and i yell at people. i don't get out of the car . ben: would you get out? juliet: know, i would speed off as fast as possible.
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mike: it's 390. that's one of any average high for the state so we will take it at 390. is 39 in belmar. you are below freezing in newark so it will still be a problem out there to the north and the west.that's outside the metro where it has not drop below freezing. anyhow, the temps are not so bad. we have a partly cloudy clear sky and a few showers off to the west of us. we have another cold front area of low pressure forcing the cold front in the general direction. the warmer wind will kick in and that is the reason it's a little bit more mild this morning.
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will not be impressed. only a small chance for a few sprinkles that show up and most of the model information brings us out into the east near the jersey shore. that's about it. there will be cooler air and that's what we have for thursday and friday. let's give you the stats for january. 33.30 is 10 above normal. 590 on the 10th and 11th was the coldest on the fifth. 4.41 is the total precept almost and a half inches. snow is 20 inches above normal for the entire month. we are doing okay this year. we are still behind from laster.we have a few more clouds with a high temperature getting up to 430. some passing sprinkles or showers and that's about it. it won't be much at 430 for the high.
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rain on monday of next week. the daily and hourly forecast at the apple itunes store download for free today . here comes ines.ines: the warm weather will help . icy conditions. with the rain later to wash some of it away and give us more parking spots. rockland and westchester with the some green there . on the sawmill, it's looking good on the lie. let's go to the cameras. let's look at the commute on staten island. heading towards the bridge eastbound, you have lanes open and there is no problems westbound . in the george washington bridge in the upper or lower levels heading towards lincoln tunnel looking good as well as the holly. three trains in the staten island roadway expect
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the winter advisory. northbound and local during times square. the staten island railway expect delays . we like the warm weather. >> thank you. you decide. hillary clinton has a lead and it continues to shrink at 49%. that is down from 54% two weeks ago. remember, one year ago she was at 90 something. there was no doubt.bernie dropped by two points and martin o'malley is still in the race at 1% of the vote . 10% is undecided and 2% earlier this month. sanders is way ahead in new hampshire. juliet: speaking of, bernie sanders faced off with
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it was the last meeting before the iowa caucus. it was nice traditional debate but the candidate fates is a tough question. there is very different visions, different values, different forces at work. >> tough questions and iowa taking part in a town hall forum. there was a war of words as sanders questioned hillary's decision. >> secretary clinton experience is important but judgment is also important. >> you have to have someone as a proven fire. >> sanders is pressed , socialist leanings. >> what democratic socialism means to me is that economic rights and economic security should exist in the united states
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>> he defends tax increases for his programs. >> we might raise taxes what we are going to eliminate private health insurance premiums. >> income and equality has been a major platform. >> at knoxville in my town hall, i called on the man and he said we never had it so good . only when your husband was present because we tackled income and equality. while the maryland governor looks at the polls, o'malley says he is in it to win it . >> my message to the o'malley supporters is this hold strong . >> the democrats don't have any more debates scheduled. the iowa caucus takes place next monday. >> i don't mind the shirt and tie thing.
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ben: why not? juliet: celebrating bernie sanders white house run. he is described as a thick layer of chocolate and plain mint ice cream underneath. it comes with eating instructions. it says open joyfully. it's not an official ice cream and only 40 pints remain. 40 were sent to the campaign and 15 will be given away in the contest. maybe they'll send us an example . ben: awesome! juliet: we love ice cream all the time.mike piazza . love him!
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it is why we need to be warm.
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it's warm and rain.not enough here. we have 390 at central park is a clear sky. the winds are coming in from the southwest at three we have a mainly clear start to the day. clouds and showers are part of the north and west of us. we don't have to bother with it at least for the time being. cold front will be dragging through here and it will try to pick up some showers. the high temperature gets up to 430. bring your umbrella today. we have another dry day for you and it once back up a little bit on saturday. ben: thank you, sir. juliet: hello, duke
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ben: look who's here. duke: gamez tied at three. jt miller will take a pass and he goes ahead here, the rangers lead 4/3. he sets it up to matt and it's a one timer. it's the 18th of the year. he assisted with two goals and three assists. it's the best single-game performance by ranger in five years. they win 6/3 is the final score. the islanders are over taking on the red wings. they fire a slapshot and its 19th per season with the game tied at one. danny kaiser fires for the goal. the red wings are up winning 4/2 at the final score.
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piazza number 31. it takes pl., saturday july 30 prior to the game against the rockies. it's part of a weekend long celebration of the hall of famer .he will go into cooperstown is a met on the 24th. 31 will be retired. it will be the force met nayar number to be retired. the australian open rolls on. taking on thomas in the first set. the ballboy is down under and it hits him! not good. he took the first two steps and here he is in the third.he comes up with a huge win. better it comes and it's the overhand smashed. it 7/6 and 6/2. the top-ranked serena williams takes on the
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slow. he can't get to it.he takes the first set . in the second set to me now with a huge eighth here. that's a match point. he will get to the net and she moves on to the semis with a 6/46/1 victory. that's a look at sports this morning. >> tickets are going for super bowl tickets . i am surprised by that because denver . it's not a huge market team. >> it's out there in silicon valley and there's lot of money. i don't know.
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