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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  January 26, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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juliet: it's decent outside. i think you'll walk out and think summer is approaching. not really. it is nice out there. the li double r will not delays. results. yesterday was a mess. there were big delays coming into the city and
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they say all service should be up and running and we will let you know how it's going. >> the city is sending reinforcement on queens. we are sending the plows. >> send in the plows. >> i get where you're trying to go. >> you made your point. >> besides streets are just a mess. the mayor vows the city will not give up until the job is done. >> i hope not. >> a scary scene in the bronx as a little girl falls into a hole covered with snow. the hole has been there for quite some time and a little girl's mother wants to know why the city did not do anything about it. juliet: she looks like she is in good shape . good morning. >> thank you for being with us. juliet: lots of commuter issues . hopefully things will be
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we have liz down in north beach. it was a big deal with frozen switches and frozen third rails. hopefully the weather will help. >> we do have rain today. it was a little bit rainy when i walked outside today. >> are you sure it was raining? >> maybe it was just the snow dripping . 2:30 am i don't know. >> where you guys so mean to me? [laughter] it's not mean . ben: it is fun. mike: i thought the same thing and then i said it can be rain. here is what we have going on. at the bus stop , clear skies early on and watch out for slushy spots as it's not as cold as it was yesterday.
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spots with the morning temperature around 380. be ready for this still cold but not ridiculous. it's quite a bit warmer than what we typically see. the 90 and 39 in belmar. many spots are up to the northwest and that's what it will take longer for the snow to melt. there will be some patchy ice around parts of the tri-state. temperature changes with most of us being warmer at this point. it's a lot warmer for you and i slip . it's 110 warmer in montauk and 90 warmer with a and as they do so temperature start to respond and go up . we do have a mainly clear sky with clouds making a push back. there is a few showers to the northwest along with a cold front dragging through the tri-state region and
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the front. you are not expecting to squeeze out much. there is a few showers here and there . high temperatures going up to 43 today. here it is keeping it dry and it cools down thursday and friday. it starts to warm back up over the weekend. it could be worse. let's bring in ines. today should be a better day. the railroads are getting back online. >> 390 and we do have an accident on the grand central's in front of the laguardia airport. no issues on route 24. it's 106 107 eastbound. no news to report there on
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no problems in either direction . as far as the subways, some of the winter plan is going on. northbound between time square and 96 street and the staten island railway. the long island railroad as juliet and ben mentioned should resume today. we do have a bit of an obstruction in the new jersey transit and everything should be back on track like the gladstone bridge. you have no service between newark and the new jersey transit cross honors tickets. there will be limited bus service between harrison and the square. street cleaning rules are still suspended . >> let's start with the up dates on the li double r because that's causing a lot of problems for people . folks weren't able to take the train yesterday. things will be up and running today? ben: that's what they say. trains will be running .
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the problem.service will be close to normal. clearly, it did not happen. how is it looking? >> good morning. i went inside and spoke to one of the workers who told me that they are doing everything they can to get the trains up and running. that's when the first train goes out. they will not know until they get closer to the time frame. that's why writers get frustrated. they still don't have the answers that they want. they are hoping it's not a yesterday. said it all. leon frustrated with the delays and cancellations
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>> i don't understand why the long island railroad such a big problem? >> they just can't get it together. as of late monday night there were no trains running from far rockaway, hempstead , west hempstead. there was no service between jamaica station and brooklyn. >> i was supposed to get to work around 9:00. looks like 12, maybe. commuters showed up seeing workers removing snow and ice from the oceanside , there's a foot of snow on the track. seven of the 12 branches are fully operational by monday at 5:00 a.m.. that never happened. the railroad made problems today in a statement that reads, we expect to have all the segments operating on tuesday morning.
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travel time and check the potential for delays before traveling. you probably noticed that the li double r did not give a specific time. they did it yesterday and it was an epic fail. they give themselves a little bit more cushion this morning. the 535 train is the first one expect to to leave the station. they say to keep an eye on it as it may get out with real-time alerts on the twitter account . follow that if you are heading out the door to get the commute started. we are live in long beach. ben: they just tweeted two minutes ago that service is restored on the long beach branch following the cleanup. we will see which it is. communication is a big issue. >> it is. it's tough.
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they are wondering am i getting to work or am i not? i feel for them. >> i should have given liz a key. she could have hung out there. maybe i will have someone drop the key off for you . ben: in queens, and a lot of streets are still buried under a ton of snow. >> i have been trying to change the way i say that word. juliet: tomato, tomato. residence there are demanding to know where the plows are . >> day and night . queens residents are digging, shoveling, heaving and hauling the snow way . the only wish? to get more help from the city. >> we are trapped and we can't get out. kids can't go to school and i can't go to work.
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shovel.i tried to help the plow as he was there just stuck. >> the anger runs as deep as the powder. restriction is so great that it went to the social media # that says plow queens. >> you have to shell out the street . too much of everything. winding streets, parked cars and snow. the plows can't fit down the street so they are sending in reinforcement. >> we have moved over 170 front end loaders . some of the streets the plow is not effective because the snow is too deep and there's not enough room so we are going in and dragging it out . the problem isn't just queens it's places like
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mayor diblasio says the city won't stop until the job is done. he also did not appear to go against the outrage when he said city residents are to blame. you put all the snow from the car in the street and then you say sanitation can't keep up with it. juliet: today after the storm ended , new jersey's largest city remains crippled. they say they haven't seen a single plow at all since the blizzard.this caused major traffic troubles and residents are saying, was going on? >> no one cleans the street. >> i go to the supermarket to get groceries and we are stuck for hours. >> we don't see any plows here at all. no one shows up on friday. we are landlocked and there is no way out.
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blaming the city. he says a lot of people ignore the travel ban and they went out . in snow. people stuck in the abandoned them and they are sitting in the street and that complicates snow removal. it's the second straight day they will be closed. the little girl and her family plan to sue after the sexual fell . the girl named colima was walking with her friend towards the st. mary's house in the woodstock section. she fell through a hole and she landed on some pipes. it took two men to pull her free. the whole has been there for three years and the family lawyer says the city is to blame. >> new york city was clearly negligent in the manner to which they maintain this property.
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and scared. she was not physically injured, other than a small scratch. new york city housing authority says they are looking into the incident. they cover the hole with plywood and dirt. >> mike scoffed at me earlier. >> you did not have to say anything. >> just give me the look . >> do know the words? >> we had mainly clear start to the day but there are clouds coming up .
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from getting to work . gabby langdon hit her unreliable truck . she hitched up rascal. the 7 mile trip was just waving and smiling. rascal obviously had to leave work early. she had to make it home before dark. >> i am looking at the meeting. it's a metaphor. >> i don't think i ever knew. >> the clowns came into cheer him up . juliet: clowns don't chew me up! [laughter] mike: good morning. 390 and that is the temperature in central park. the dew point is at 250 in the air is dry. many of us are not freezing.
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we have 39 here and 35 in dc. 46 in pittsburgh and 43 and syracuse. most of the north east is warmer. i'll try to work their way into the region. they worked their way by and they don't look impressive with a lot of moisture out there to the front peeking out. most will be over the central section of new jersey has its wings by. not much popping up for us. the colder air works back through the region and it drops temperatures down with today being on the warmer side. there is a few sprinkles
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through the tri-state. 370 on thursday and 39 on friday and we want it back up . it goes back into the mid-40s over the weekend. let's bring in ines to see what's going on with the commute. ines: good morning, mike. no icy conditions out there this morning. i'm county, you are for. 684 looks good and new jersey 78 , 24 and 280 near exit 5. it's closed momentarily. plows are out there doing their jobs. let's look at the commute on the grand central pkwy. it's not bad of a ride. no delay so far in the holland bridge. new jersey transit is back. long island railroad is
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i got a terminal with 581 and delays are possible. it's between harrison and journal square. >> incorporated you so much. another slashing attack. it's pretty scary. a 71-year-old woman was on the six train around 715. the man across from got up and slashed her in the face. he is leaving a 4 inch gash in police told the post the man never said a word. he ran and the victim was treated and released. the man is described in his late 20s and handling red pants and black sneakers. if you see him, call crime stoppers. let's get them! 1-800-577-tips . juliet: let's get him. peter liang trial has begun.
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and killing girly and a lewis house. this happened in november 2014. early and a friend were walking down a dark upon the officer. he was on patrol with his weapon drawn. he was more worried about losing his badge than helping girly. >> you could have helped him . you waste precious time arguing with your partner he is shaking and terrified . totally unaware that the bullet struck anything. >> if found guilty, he faces 15 years behind bars. we have a lot more coming up. the bogata has meet wave requirements. they have been fighting it. ben: "good d no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian
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if they pack on the pounds. remember we talked about the bogata babes? they sue the casino after it fired two waitresses over their appearance. they can prohibit waitresses from losing or gaining 7% of their body weight. it's part of their performance in public appearance described in the position. when they are hired, they know what they're getting into. they upheld the standers and new jersey supreme court denied the request to review the case. it stands. they have to stay babe -ish. we are getting a better idea of how much. ben: almost half of all homes have an amazon prime membership. this is according to the firm consumer intelligence
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amazon does not release numbers but if the firm is right means big money. members of the service that offers two day shipping spend an average of $1100 per year on amazon. that's compared to $600 per year for nonprime members. mark zuckerberg juliet: he is rich.ben: he does not dress like it. he gives us a peek in his closet . juliet: wow. he posted this social media. he was joking about what he should wear on the first day back . at least it's organized. billionaires closet is filled with great t-shirts and headings. he was the same thing every day. he says unless it's a special occasion, choosing an outfit is a frivolous waste of time. >> he's one of those. ben: he is trying to be
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juliet: he took two months off to spend time with his baby daughter. i will not just the guy. he tries to do good things. he puts his money where his mouth is. ben: it's a little strange. juliet: so are we. ben: very strange. >> . [music] again! r again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors
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is a pretty mild out there pushing 400. juliet: it's hot! mike woods will have all the details. ben: we have a couple developments on mike woods. ben: after enduring helen for better services. long beach did not have service . officials are saying they expect service to resume this morning.
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long beach and she will give us details. ben: we are asking, where the plows? residence in that borough continued to try to dig themselves out. it was a tough day yesterday for some people in the city is sending and reinforcement . they are trying to clear the street. juliet: police and new jersey are asking people not to be like this guy. this driver figured he did not have to clean all the snow off his car and that's a no-no . it can be very dangerous ! ben: it's illegal. we have breaking news. juliet: mike woods. mike: here we go. juliet: he does not know how to tie a double knot and his laces so he wears velcro shoes. true . juliet: that's not a stretch . mike: i world velcro boots .
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knot and he said i haven't done that since i was a little kid . mike: i did a double knot and i could not get them off. juliet: i do a double knot every day with my running shoes and works fine. mike: doesn't happen to you? >> i can untie a double knot. most people over the age of two can.[laughter] how about 42? keep going . mike: anyway. 390 at central park with a clear sky and went to the southwest at 9's still on the clear and dry side and not too cold. 250 in new rochelle and same thing and hudson.
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are well below freezing. we had a chance to drop well below freezing. look out for ice on the roads and sidewalks. it's not freezing here or in long island. we do any mainly clear sky but is not have the cold front dragging through which it will do so later on this afternoon. it will bring us into a small chance of showers. high temperatures go up to 430 you could see some rain. it's cooler on thursday and friday and it warms up over the weekend. let's bring in ines to see what's going on. we had some problems out there in westchester eastbound. there is an accident there blocking on exit 11.
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let's go to the cameras in grand central pkwy. there is a accident there blocking two lanes. this is closer to a story about boulevard. you have the lanes blocked on the right side so there is minor delays as traffic gets onto the grand central. we have something going on with the trains. they still have a winter plan that they do. three plans are local only . metro-north is on track . metro-north is on track. the gladstone bridge will continue to cross on our system wide. the service is between new york and new jersey transit continues to cross honor. limited service between harrison and journal square. ben: type xxx 4:00 a.m.. the long island railroad's will be ready for the rush hour in the city.
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that delayed the plan. will there be another day of unexpected delays in headaches? liz is in long island this morning. he ran into some trouble. good morning. liz: the 5:35 am train is the question. will it make it out? we have been hearing from engineer saying yesterday was a big fail. they have high hopes for today spoke with says all the trains will be leaving out of long beach. mess. no trains running from far rockaway and hempstead in long beach. there was no service between jamaica station and the terminal and brooklyn.
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will be running today the commuter show up seeing trains just sitting there while workers shoveled snow off the rail. they were really waiting around for lots of answers yesterday as the train came or didn't. 12 of the branches will be fully operational monday by 5:00 a.m. but that never happened. commuters were not happy. >> we had no service yesterday. a lot of people had to made their way in and hopefully today it's a better situation. >> you still don't know. >> a lot of people say we should be good to go. >> the railroad sent out a statement saying we expect to have all segments operating on tuesday morning. customer should allow extra travel time and check for the potential for weather-related delays before traveling. i just got word from a
5:35 am
and said the train did leave the station here. it's a good news. of course, expect yourself to check those delays. just because the trains are up and running doesn't mean they will be up in the other branches. the li double r is sending out real-time up dates to his twitter page which is at li double r and i would check that throughout the morning because we could see issues. live from long beach julia and ben back over to you. juliet: you should look to the diner down the street. it is fantastic . juliet: queens has been going through some troubles. streets are still buried under a ton of snow. ben: as teresa explains, residents are explaining to know where the plows are. queens residents are digging, shoveling, heaving
5:36 am
their only wish is more help from the city. >> it's a nightmare. my kid cannot go to school and i could not go to work. >> i had to take the snow out from under the plow and he was there for four hours stuck. theresa: the anger runs as deep as the powder. it spread to social media for the hashtag, plow queens. >> i've been in queens my whole life and this is horrible. the problem is that there's too much of everything. too many winding streets into many parked cars. too much snow. in many cases the city of sanitation says the plows can't fit down the street so instead they are sending in the reinforcement . >> he moved to hundred and 40 loaders into queens because some of them , the plow is not effective.
5:37 am
there is not enough room so we are literally going in and dragging it out. >> the problem isn't just queens. it's places like staten island. the news conference, the mayor says the city won't stop until the job is done. he also didn't appear to claw the outrage because city residents were to blame. >> to put all the snow in the street industry is not possible. sanitation can't keep up with that. >> what a mess. we will show you a classic example. this is how not to drive after a blizzard. >> check out the pictures posted by the howell police department pulling over a driver. he had barely clean the car off leaving several inches of snow. that looks like a foot or so in the back and all over the vehicle. the driver was ticketed for failing to clean the ice and snow off the car. please don't be that guy.
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those blobs of snow flying off to the car behind you. it can be a distraction and it can be dangerous. how about this for cozying up on a cold winter night? it was listed on the b&b . the builders added comfort like the pillows covered in plastic.they pulled the posting. really, it doesn't meet the standard for occupancy. >> we had out to check out the igloo. >> send in the current. >> send in the plow. remember that judy collins song? >> it was the song for the day. >> this was a song from a movie. >> it was smiled to the
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>> it's from the act to which the character desiree reflects including an affair that she had years earlier. >> frederick was with a woman much younger than him. he had a marriage with her and she ended up running off with his son . he was freed up to mary desiree. ben: you think clown sounds like cars plows. it has nothing to do with desiree or frederick . mike: [laughter] juliet: it's little things like this little trivia that will help all of you. ben: will never help me. juliet: oh boy. mike: 390 and it's a little bit warmer central park.
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poughkeepsie. wind trying to switch to the southwest at three 8 miles per hour. not everyone is in on that but the clouds are already coming in and we started out with clear skies. clouds are rolling in and there will be some showers wanting to give us a visit in the tri-state. the high temperature will get up to 480 and tomorrow we see the high with a dryer and cooler air in on saturday. we are looking at a cloudy day with a high of 40. the daily forecast is there on the weather app. it's free. check it out. >> we are slowly recovering. watch out for an accident dropping in the cross westchester exit 11.
5:41 am
central pkwy. these two are blocking and causing delays. they are trying to get to the dragon grand central.
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no delays. look, i know you're and you may not know what but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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here are your headlines at 5:45 am. another/anti- . a woman was cut on the six train. she approached bleecker street. the passenger slashed her and ran onto the d train. the woman was treated at bellevue. the city has a plan to downsize industry and it will be given new jobs. no word what the jobs will be. an estimated 40 50 drivers will lose their job as a result. juliet: the blizzard has caused so many travel problems. travel problems are still happening. i had some friends down at st. martin in the can't come back until tomorrow. >> it's terrible for them. juliet: it's expensive down there. 1300 cancellations today with newark liberty far ahead . in all, 13,000 flights have been canceled.ben: do you
5:44 am
in 2010 at christmas? it was the day after. i was covering the giants postgame show and we got stuck out in green bay for three or four days. la. >> what you do there? >> we drove down to . >> they are famous for . >> the rangers are looking back after the loss to the senators taking out the flow. it's their last game for all-stars. . jt miller takes the pass they lead 4/3. moments later , he sits up with matt for the one timer. it's also assisted taking
5:45 am
assists on the night. they win 5/4. the islanders taking on the red wings. they fire the slapshot. it's 19th in the season and it's in the second. danny kaiser fires and the red wings win 3/1. >> they go up 3/1 and they win 4/2 in the final score. kevin durant and the thunder visit porzingis and they win on the winning streak. it will take place saturday, july 30 prior to the game against the rockies. it's part of a weekend long celebration. it's a hall of famer with piazza going to cooperstown on july 24. it will be the fourth met number to be retired.
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>> let's head over to the other side of the world. >> the men's quarterfinals taking on thomas bridge. it's the first set . the ballboy gets hit and he stays in the game. >> it's areas in the third and they look at a break. it's a matchpoint now. roger comes to the net and it's the overhead smash. 7/66/4. lady side with serena williams taking on maria . she will get to the net and she can't get to it . 6/4 with the second set. it's a matchpoint.
5:47 am
it's the forehand winner. she goes 6/46/1. i was getting yelled at by people like carol o cleary down in redbank. she is languid today. she says that the send in the cloud song is from smiles of the summer nights. >> i know you try hard. [laughter] if audrey was here, you would be the star of the moment.not that you are not star in our hearts. . mike: the best highlight was the ballboy. juliet: thank you. ben: mike was here.i think he feels the same.
5:48 am
>> we socialize and lock. >> that part is fun. it's the same thing you did in green bay and milwaukee. mike: changes weatherwise. it's a little bit warmer. not so cold and a few showers are possible late in the day. it will be a little bit warmer than normal. thursday and friday there is a storm that out to see and it looks further out there now. yes, we are watching it but it looks like it's less of a threat. you have to keep an eye on things every once in a while is a pulley fast one. doesn't look like at this time. 39 at central park and 24 in bridgeport. 41 montauk and the temperatures are warmer than what we had yesterday starting out with a clear sky and now the clouds are making a comeback. here is the cold front. it's going to try to
5:49 am
but there's not a lot going on. for the most part, you will see mostly cloudy skies with a quick shower popping in. the high temperature getting up to 430. mostly cloudy with a few quick showers possible later on tonight. rain chances are only at 20%. most of us do not get rain but it's a small chance and if they are. partly cloudy sky that 37 on thursday and 39 on friday. high temperatures in the 40s and it's dry on monday. no big storms in the future. let's bring in ines. let's see what's happening as we hit the roads and rail.ines: street cleaning rules are suspended. you don't have to worry about that . we have accidents on the cross westchester near exit 11. there is a lien blocked. new jersey commute is doing fine.
5:50 am
parkway between 105 . let's go to laguardia airport. police arrived on scene with two accidents there. one involving two cars. one lane blocked as you try to get onto the command central. three trains under the weather and local between time square with a metro-north back on track. especially the gladstone bridge close to normal. long island railroad's resume service. there is a possibility for a delay and a cancellation so check the website. no service between newark and this dacian with the new jersey transit cross honoring tickets. juliet: the clowns are actually fools. it's fascinating.
5:51 am
pursuit if you have the knowledge.
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ben: the news for the hot show, 24. the actor will be taking over the lead role. in a spin off title 24
5:53 am
taking the lead spot with kiefer sutherland. it's following the 24 . he will be playing the role of eric carter who is a former army ranger pulled back into action. larry david will host saturday night live. he will see him play with bernie sanders data on ringer. he will return this past weekend to fit play sarah palin. david was a writer but only had one skit made it to air. the episode of seinfeld world george came back to work? that's based on david doing the same thing as a writer. woody allen has done casting for the coming amazon series. he is casting miley cyrus. she confirmed herself saying she was staring into the eyes of a woody allen portrait .
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