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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  January 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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and select varieties of friendly's ice cream for $1.79. low prices, great quality, and friendlier service. acme. juliet: good morning, everyone. it is 6:00 o'clock on tuesday. still stuck in their places. the streets have not been plowed. temperatures are pretty decent. mike has the full forecast. greg: ben: the railroad is hoping for much better.
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reinforcements to queens. the mayor, browse the city will not give up. the five traffic nightmare at laguardia airport last night. a backlog of wires. they got out and walked because they were going to miss their flight otherwise. juliet: mike does not know how to double tie his shoelaces. ben: we learned that he cannot untie a double not. juliet: so you do know how to double size your shoelaces. mike: yes. yes.
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later on? i have some places right here. mike: i cannot do it on another person. no way. [laughter] juliet: do you guys want to see this? i want to see it. mike: not bothered all. there are a lot of slushy spots. right around 38 degrees. you have 40 degrees in central park right now. eleven only in sussex. once you start getting out of
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a lot for almost everyone. 20 degrees warmer in belmar. the reason we have former temperatures is because we have a warm front ahead of it. it brings up your temperatures. often times, we get rainfall. to date there is a slight chance that you will see sprinkles. high temperature goes up to 43 today. today is the better chance when it comes to showers out there. thirty-seven on thursday. still keeping it right over the weekend. let's get back to ines rosales. >> we still have some stuff to do with.
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accident. on the brooklyn side of the verrazano bridge, expect delays. let's go to our cameras. another accident. you have entrance delays trying to get onto the grand central from a story of. lincoln tunnel doing fine. let's go to that camera shot. local only between times square and 963. metro-north back on time. i have noticed some trains are running late. check the website. new jersey transit, everything is back on track. with the path trains, we
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limited path bus service. juliet: let's talk about the long island railroad. >> most trains will be running. will it be a repeat today? the 535 headed out on time. >> good morning. passenger since computers were so excited to see that. will one of the 609 get out when it is supposed to. the board says that it is on time right now. the look on their faces said it all. beyond frustrated with the systemwide delays and cancellations after the
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>> metro north is working fine. >> the railroad just cannot get it together. >> reporter: no trains running from far rockaway, hempstead. no service between jamaica station and atlantic terminal. >> it looks like 12 navy. train sitting still while workers shoveled snow and removed ice from the third rail. there was still a foot of snow on the track. the long island railroad said they can be fully operational by monday. the railroad making promises to commuters today. we expect to have all segments of all branches operating.
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weather-related delays before traveling. only one train has gone out so far. other train stations have seen delays or cancellations. the 546 is being held right now. still lots of delay's and cancellations systemwide. handle. you can search that right there. sending out lots of updates this morning. we are live at long beach. back over to you. juliet: i have a prescription. i would appreciate if you picked it up for me. ben: some streets in queens are
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they want to know where are the files. >> this is such a nightmare. this is nassau queens. before the plows came through. good morning. >> the morning. a plowed street. this happened at about 5:30 a.m. this morning. the first time that the snow fell. there are, of course, cars still buried in. it is really going to make all the difference for these people. we are seeing this slowly, but surely around queens. normal. day and night. queens residents are digging.
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their only wishes they had a little more help from the city. >> it is a nightmare. >> i had to work with a shovel. he was there for about four hours. >> the worst that they can remember. frustration so great it spurred the social media hash tag. the problem was there was too much of, well, everything. too many winding streets, too many parked cars and too much snow. they are sending in the reinforcement. >> some of those street, a plow
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dragging it out. >> it is places like staten island, two. mayor deblasio said the city will not stop until the job is done. he suggested city residents were in part to blame. >> your street is not possible. sanitation cannot keep up with that. >> reporter: if you want to be frustrated more than you already are, that is the sanitation department website. that is actually what we use. i also want to remind people, alternate side suspended friday.
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ridgeway area. ben: it will take a long time. a perfect storm. look at that. port authority officials blamed part of the jam. contributing to the hours. walking to the airport. wait until you see this picture. literally could not get out of
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oh my gosh. the snow was piled so high on saturday. had to call the emergency officials to come over and dig them out. wow. ben: that is where you definitely have to stock up. we have a lot more to come this morning. mike. greg: give some of that here today. temperature 40 degrees. we will increase the clouds. it will not be as cold. daily and hourly forecast. dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection
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ben: everyone's favorite panda is still rolling around. posting another video of the giant panda yesterday. it has pretty much gone viral. basically e-mail merge via the snow. the zoo is still closed because they cannot handle the snow. >> i prefer wolof. it is a little strange.
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>> that is inappropriate. that was good. remember that video, you guys? it looks like something we do not want to get into. [laughter] once you suggested it. here is what we have out there this morning. this is a good name. twenty-five in bridgeport. wind is trying to switch around to the southwest. coming through only around three-9 miles per hour. it brings your warmer temperatures and did obviously.
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it does not have a lot to work with here. the pressure is getting away from the cold front itself. that could be happening for you later this afternoon and evening. we will see a clearer sky tomorrow. mostly cloudy with eight click late shower. forty-three is your high tomorrow.
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this morning. you don't have to worry about digging out your car. in accident blocking the right lane. take a look at the staten island expressway. heading into brooklyn. let's go to our cameras. traffic jams because of the crash on the gowanus. traffic moving slow. there is a stall in the area on the inbound side. ben: trying to make the class on cell phones tougher. many of us are walking around with shadowed cell phone screens.
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promises it will not break. >> good morning. you should work on that. this box arrives at my house. they say that you cannot break his phone. inside is a droid turbo two from verizon. that is what this phone does.
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there goes than. as phones go, it is pretty anyway. a couple things. there is a four year warranty. i was unable to get exactly that. it has a wireless charge. just drop the phone on it. you'll have to ask tim cook. we will not talk to you about that. no one knows. juliet: they like to come up with the ideas themselves. >> it is a great feature.
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you can customize the phone. important for everyone. ben: you do not have to put a case on this phone. >> you should. it is simply shatterproof. the screen itself is shatterproof.
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juliet: workers are inhaling
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they tested 10 vukovar workers that had just finished their shift had inhaled high level of toxins. ben: the blizzard left supplies in the tri-state running very low. the giant snowstorm forced the cancellation of three days apologize. those donors not waiting for those blood drives to be rescheduled. instead find another place. juliet: you decide 2016. the lead in the democratic primary race is shrinking. it is down from 54% two weeks
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with 1% of the vote. now, the undecided are 10% did in iowa, clinton is still leading sanders. sanders is way ahead in new hampshire higher. the clintons, dirty 4%. bernie sanders. questioning hillary clinton's decision. >> experience is important. judgment is also important. >> you have to have somebody who is a proven fighter. hold strong.
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juliet: good morning, everyone. we can see showers a little later on in the evening. it actually feels pretty nice out side. mike has all the details coming up. ben: keeping an eye on lirr service. someone has unexpected delays. ines rosales has the latest for us coming up. juliet: this is really interesting. if you live near a whole foods or trader joe's, you will likely be a little bit richer. two drivers swinging at each
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and then a giant pole. that is unbelievable. supposedly it mellow and chill. kind of angry like that. let's get over to mike. >> they do their own thing. mike: their capital is orange. a salmon color. >> that is good knowledge to have. >> not as cold of a day at us.
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than normal. for the rest of the week. for the coastal storm that is out there. it really looks like it will be out to see now. clear skies sky at at central park right now. most of the northeast is not freezing this morning. a few clouds have rolled into town. we do save the possibility of some showers trying to work their way through. this is not going to be a huge one for us. a lot of folks probably do not get anything. a few quick light showers or sprinkles later in the day. highs struck down into the 30s
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it's time to get back to ines rosales. ines. ines: we do have a lot of accidents. everyone is heading to work today. there is one name blocked with an accident. problems in queens. expressway. only one lane getting through. this card involved in an accident. you have to laze fair. this is right before woodhaven boulevard in the eastbound side. local service only northbound. no express service. as for veteran north, they are
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expect delays and cancellations. new jersey transit, everything back on. with the path trains, you have no service to newark and journal square. limited bus service will be available. ben: thank you. residents are not happy. they want to know where the files are. >> it looks like they are making some progress. let's go to to resell priolo. ben: good morning. this right here may not be a novelty for those of us in manhattan on the upper east side.
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they have not seen this. they are finally free on this one block here. let's show you what it looks like prior to the file coming through. we found that only half had been treated. it was completely passable. they were out of luck until the file came through. exactly what happens. residence, once they finally get up and running here, will be breathing a sigh of relief. they have been bagging, absolute
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from the city. there was really just too much of everything. there were too many cars in the way for the city to feel up to remove the snow. take a listen to some residents and the mayor. >> take the snow from under the power and whatnot. >> they cannot keep up with that. there are about 900 plows out on the streets. 174 voters. while nyc. a sanitation department interact
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it shows which streets have been plowed. if you are curious as to when you will be freed from all the snow, then certainly check out that website. the city says that it will not stop until it is done. a 71-year-old woman was on the six train during rush hour. 7:15 a.m. yesterday morning. a man across from her got up in / her in the face with something sharp. the man never said a word during the attack. he ran and jumped into a d train.
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released from bellevue. >> remember this. >> you need to get out. you need to get out. >> actually, i don't. >> let me get this work order out of here. juliet: she has been charged with third-degree assault. again, she is employed by the university. if she is found guilty, she will
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the professor has since issued an apology. >> we have all heard the horror stories. a crazy video out of austin texas. they get some sort of pull out of the back of the truck. it almost looks like some sort of a sword fight here. no word what started the whole thing. a little embarrassed. what would you be so upset over? i think just cool it. >> you just get so wound up. all right.
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looking to buy a home. you may want to pick a spot near a trader joe's or whole foods. ben: joining us now is lauren simonetti. >> never part of the criteria in my search for a new home. homes within a mile of a trader joe's or a whole foods see their home values rise. they are looking at home values for 1977. really fixing up the neighborhoods that they are in. trader joe's and the whole foods, moving into neighborhoods that are already established. they charge so much. at least whole foods does.
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for the most part, your trader joe's and whole foods comes in. ben: i agree. you can tell the demographics, if you will, sometimes. the kind of income levels in that kind of stuff did all right. juliet: simmon eddie, always a pleasure. >> thank you. ben: let's check the forecast. a lot warmer today. let's show you what is up. not as cold out there today. it is not just warmer today, but pretty much for the rest of the week. we still have a coastal storm to keep our eyes on.
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there. juliet: trafficking queens. several accidents out there. heading towards the verrazano. long island expressway, let's go to skyfoxhd. trying to put them on till. george washington bridge. driving into the city. the holland tunnel a five-minute wait here and the lincoln tunnel, 20-25. duke: coming up in sports.
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will be retired. rightfully so. details when we come back. ben: some good again! r again! again! again! again? again! again!
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ben: a 24-year-old man from hoboken has been missing since the blizzard. no one can find him. he left a pile of. we have heard these stories before. i hope it does not and in a bad way. >> course carriage drivers. downsizing the industry. given new jobs. no word on what those jobs will be. they may not want to take them. forty-50 drivers will lose their jobs because of this plan. newark liberty.
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what is going on up there? >> super bowl 50. if you want a ticket to the game, you have to spend a lot of money. the average asking prices $250 million right now. the reason for that date price jump is the location. very nice. very wealthy. >> you think peyton manning and tom brady -- they are up there, certainly. >> you will say that if peyton wins the super bowl. probably the greatest. throwing troy aikman affair.
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it is a great debate. ben: duke does not stay a word. duke: he is still a great quarterback. the last game before the all-star break. the rangers lead four-three. max figueroa. five-three. two goals. single-game performance.
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six-three final score. game tied at one. they win it four-two. russell westbrook. snapping a two-game losing streak. baseball now. part of a weeklong celebration. cooperstown. number 31. let's head over to the other
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the australian open roles on. that will hurt. federoff. took the first two. he comes through. he is the winner. kind of ahead of the highlights. >> straight sets. i was born in ohio. just a little while ago.
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let's check the weather. here we go. we have 43 is your forecast type. it looks like that will be pretty easy to get to. thirty-eight is the average high. we could use it to melt some of the snow and ice on the ground. 11 degrees in sussex. we have problem with the snow packed roadways. it will still be a problem. a few quicker, lighter showers later on this afternoon. what comes through the majority of the tri-state will be rainfall. not a lot, but a little bit.
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that are here for the next couple of days. today's high is 43 with a few quick little afternoon showers. dropping it down into the 30s for a couple of days. another shot of rain coming at you monday of next week. it is
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>> good morning. a lot of accidents out there. the roads are such a mess. there was a flipped over card. that is being cleared. bumper-to-bumper heading towards the verrazano. whitestone bridge. two lanes are flawed. this is all queens bound. only the right lane getting through if you are heading into queens. let's go to the trains. matcher north doing fine. still delays and cancellations. new jersey transit. everything running.
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juliet: thank you. suing for $15 million. posting this picture. she was getting a venous legacy treatment. a skin tightening massage. the company then took that picture. they put it up on the website. it was captioned. >> i guess that you can go on the internet and find this picture. she would not endorse it. the going rate is $15 million. a star trek convention is coming to new york city.
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the same people of comicon. home of the first ever star trek convention. for more information, including who will be on the panel, you can go to star juliet: that is pretty cool. ben: it is.
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