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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  January 27, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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it's ten pm, do you know where your children are? right now on "fox 5 news". >> there going head to head with bill o'reilly on why he's boycotting the fox news debate tomorrow night. >> we are less than 24 hours away from the last republican debate before the big iowa caucus. >> donald trump is the leading candidate in the polls and he's still refusing to show up. here's more on why the donald is skipping out. >> high drama as fox news anchor and host as bill o'reilly consistently argued with donald trump on why he should bury the hatchet and join the debate on it got personal.
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here's a few highlights. of seeing you. >> no i'm not, it's a form they need to see you and. >> fox news bill o'reilly tried to convince donald trump to reconsider and take part in the gop debate on fox news tomorrow night. >> don't you think that's the right thing to do? >> it's called for and i for and i, i guess you can look at it that way too. >> no, no, no, no. here's what it is,. >> trump pulled out of the debate and said he didn't want megyn kelly to be one of the moderators. he is still angry from her question in the august debate. >> you call women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and
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animals. >> the final straw, it was the childishly written and catching pr statement by fox that made me not do the under -- not do the debate. >> would you say donald trump is a person who can let petty things, and that's what i think this is all about, petty things influence him to the extent that he doesn't do what maybe he should do? >> let me put it a little differently. i don't like being taken advantage of. i was being taken advantage of by fox in this case. >> o'reilly did not give up. he insisted that trump give reconsidering some thought. for the time being trump plans to hold an event in iowa. his competitors are speaking out tonight and they say they don't
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as they say in tv, stay tuned. >> thank you, we appreciate its charm. democratic hopeful bernie sanders met with president obama at the white house today. he said they talked form policy, the economy and a bit of politics. the the vermont senator also said the president has been evenhanded in his treatment of the democratic presidential candidates. obama is not expected to endorse any particular candidate. >> threats continue to surround the organ wildlife preserve where an armed militia group has occupied for the last month. those remaining at the preserve should now stand down and go home. last night one member was killed. seven others were arrested after confrontation with police during a traffic stop. they were headed to a community meeting. >> it's time for everybody in this illegal occupation to move on.
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bloodshed in our community. we work through the appropriate channels. this can't happen anymore. >> the judge has ordered those arrested to remain in jail until friday. >> the virus is spreading rapidly. five people right now in new york has tested positive for the mosquito borne virus. even though all those people contracted it while they were traveling abroad, health health officials are sounding the alarm right now. >> state health officials now confirming five people across new york has tested positive for the virus. two of those patients live in new york city. the rest are from orange, nassau and monroe county. while they wouldn't say where they traveled, the cdc does have a list of 2424 territories where the virus has spread. it recently added the virgin island and dominican republic. the agency urges pregnant women
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because of the link to brain damage in newborns. >> it leads to learning problems later on. it's a very serious brain defect >> on tuesday president obama called it a rapid development and called for vaccines and the virus has the potential to spread to all countries across the americas except for canada traces of the mosquito that carry the virus. >> we have over 1 million people in the world that have been exposed to this virus and have gotten the disease. they are expecting the virus to spread rapidly because of air travel. the cdc has issued a level ii for travel advisories for people going into affected countries. if you do plan to travel to those countries, protect
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>> most most people don't have to be hospitalized. it's very minor and you only experience a headache or rash. we are learning more about this virus as the days goes on. >> a major drug bust in queens. they found about 100 pounds of heroin hit hidden inside an axle and drive shaft. that's estimated to be worth $14 million. >> a helicopter pilot was forced to make a hard landing right in the middle of the intersection. they were in a training flight when there was engine flight. he landed the copter just before noon.
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the faa is looking into the cause of the crass. >> the fda warning people to leave the hover boards at home. the agency has been the gadget citing the fire risk. that includes all the transit systems including the subway, the railway and the buses. they plan to launch an advertising campaign called hover board not allowed. >> it's common sense that using a motorized vehicle on a platform near a train is simply not safe. it doesn't make sense. on top of the fact, these hover boards -- >> they are already illegal to ride on streets, sidewalks sidewalks and parts of the city. they been bandon amtrak and many airlines. trying to get its courses off the ground for the first course they expect a future when people
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fields other than photography in the military. they plan to run corporate training program think a camps while they create your own related coursework. >> now that the roads are clear, one woman has a whole new problem to deal with. one of of those plows sideswiped her cars. dan is in delaware with her storm story. >> can you imagine the blizzard 's past and you go out and you find damage on your vehicle caused by a snowplow. it's an example of a larger problem that the city is aware of. complaints have skyrocketed in the last few years to about 2800 claims. owners like this say finding answers after something like this happens is complicated. >> please help a sister out. i just need some help here. i just want my car fixed. i have nothing against you personally.
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i just want my car to be fixed. >> she said the snowplow just kept going, no notes, no apology, just this. >> if. >> if we continue to scrape all along my car and the door, scrape here and broke off an entire piece. >> in front the tire is ripped up, the bumper is cracked and there is a hole with a few thousand dollars damage. >> it's very discouraging to see your car in that condition. i have to drive to work on monday, the mary mayor didn't close the school. i have to be there. >> that was a big problem for her. she parked the car hear the friday before the blizzard, staying off the roads just like they had asked. >> if you like that's totally unfair for people like me. i'm no i'm not the only one. >> we checked around and if you neighbors saw the accident.
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another truck helped him move and it struck her car. >> a plow got stuck and another one came to help and it was like plow on plow and they struck her car. >> it would've been nice for them to let me know instead of leaving me stranded. >> she has insurance was a $500 deductible. she doesn't think she should have to pay it. >> we've been emailing back and forth with the city sanitation and they don't have any record but anyone should file it complaint with the comptroller's office. she said she she is already filing that paperwork. >> speaking of the sanitation department, they will resume garbage pickup tomorrow morning. think givenness. trask collection was put on hold after the blizzard. city officials left about 40,000 tons of garbage and 9 tons of recycling piled up on city streets. crews crews will start picking up trash and recyclables.
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one day. they are asking you to remove snow from around your trashbin. >> there is so much trash. at least it's cool. i grew up -- he grew up in poverty. now he is inspiring the next generation. >> roman numeral's for super bowl 50. why the super bowl ditched the letter l for the big game. >> they are calling this a in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind
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he is a wrapper and hip-hop mogul. he expanded his empire into film then the first installment of the bic. they talked about the success the secrets and she joins us now >> that is amazing animation that they made for you. >> you know master p. he has made millions of dollars when it comes to knowledge, he said he is a billionaire so he flew to new york to share some of that wealth and wisdom with us. he's a hip-hop mobile, entrepreneur and and reality star. he's playing one of his favorite roles. >> i feel like i'm a life coach. this is a tough neighborhood that didn't have a high school until 2001. to talk to the kids about education and financial literacy.
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a change my life. you can inspire other people. these kids, their education is important. you don't have to be embarrassed about getting good grades. it's important and it's going to change your life in the future. >> when people say to me, if somebody - -dash. >> i grew up in poverty but i inspire the next generation and i feel like kids can look at me and say he comes from where i come from. if he decided to do what's right in education is so important, maybe it's good for me. >> who knows what financial literacy is. everybody wants to make money right so what you want to do
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there was one lady in my neighborhood and she said you're going to be a star. everybody else that you're gone be nothing. i'm looking at all you guys and telling you that you're going to be stars. you just have to believe in yourself. >> we had to the hotel to check-in with the star. >> used talk so much about the importance of education and i majored in business. what were the things that you learn that help you get started? >> no amount of money could pay for the education that i have. i feel like i have a billion dollars worth of knowledge. >> you told an amazing story today about how you turn down a million dollars.
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told him that story. >> the owner of the company had just signed and they were pretty good at that time. they said you're gonna be the next guy and i'll give you a million dollars. another deal. i got the first hip-hop deal. it was an 80 - 20 deal. i got 80 in the record company got 20. it was a distribution deal. at that time, i think that change the game. >> was there one thing that was the spa earnest investment you made and one that you bombed? >> i invested into this technology that will be coming out real soon. you'll be able to download your videos. it's the master cam. i've been working on that for six years. i think the worst thing i ever did was buy in the gold fillings. i never could get my money back
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>> do you worry about that, that someday something could happen or do you just know you'll build it back up again? >> i come from new orleans. the here cane might wash everything away, but the strong people will get back up. i can always go back to the project. i can make money with water. >> i'm in a be all right. >> one of the interesting things that he's dealing with now is how we make sure kids stay hungry and driven because they've grown up with so much more that he's ever had. one of the things he does as he makes them come up with business plans to teach them about working hard and thinking their ideas through.
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>> they have a whole lot of money and it's a different ballgame. >> his net worth? $350 million but gold fillings were a bad investment. >> i don't know, the price of gold,. >> here's one of these back to the future cars. they are going back into production. they said their resurrection resurrecting the car and begin making as many as 325 delorean's over a five-year period starting next year. the cars will run at least 100 grand. >> that's kinda retro. >> a cover-up controversy of a different kind in italy. why the iranian president is drying harsh criticism there.
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encased in tall white boxes while the president held a news conference. some criticize them for covering this statues saying it's an insult to italy's national identity. the nfl decided to go with the number 50 instead of the usual which would be the l in this case. they they were worried about aesthetics and what the l usually stands for in sports which is a loser. the nfl has been using since super bowl v but they do plan to go back to them next year. i do think the 50 looks clean why not. >> winter may still be in full
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retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. >> if you're having trouble sleeping it could be that your checking facebook or twitter too much. according to the school of medicine, heavy use could recap it with your health. it's the middle of winter and were all bundled up. it's bikini season for the models of sports illustrated
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world trade center to get their secrets for staying in shape. >> supermodels ascended to the top of the world trade to talk all things sports illustrated. >> where did you shoot? can you tell me anything? >> no, i could not. its cool locations every year. the annual swimsuit magazine hit stands next month, there was one wardrobe malfunction involving it into the issue. pulled me into the rocks and i lost my suit. >> a little bit of both. >> the finished product looks effortless but they assure me there is lots of discipline, self-control and training leading up to a big shoot. >> i don't just eat what ever i want and roll up to do sports
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i do yoga, pilates, you name it. running, it's just moderate and do it all the time and drink a most importantly is to sleep. photos? mark. >> i have scoliosis so yes,. >> emily says she has a lazy >> what? >> it looks fine. >> we were talking about body images a few minutes ago. ashley graham, do you ever think we would see a plus size model on the cover? >> i think that would be awesome. >> i don't think she was.
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two. >> there gorgeous women. who doesn't look at them women and relate in some way. strong is the new skinny. >> yeah. >> what she said. >> is it about the money or a way to make it or is it hipper what is it?
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(singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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it's after ten pm, do you know where your children are? brought brought you by ridgewood savings bank. >> hip-hop music has always evolving but some are concerned about the directions it's heading with drugs and violence becoming common themes. they feel it may be heading for a state of emergency. >> were talking about the state of hip-hop. i had to come into the dj. >> how are you doing? >> state of emergency in hip-hop? >> actually, always. hip-hop can seem like a non- stop stream of lyrics about drug
10:30 pm
and violence. >> they say too many aspiring artists mistakenly think they can buy their career. >> you go down just as quick. i'm okay with that. >> he says the real hip-hop crisis is a lack of creativity. >> there definitely isn't as much originality in hip-hop as there used to be. be an original was the blueprint for success in the years past. >> this super influential dj said there are arches who stay true to their voice and make great music, just not as many as
10:31 pm
the world, the drakes, they are the artists who win the accolades. >> if you're, one new artist gets the approval. he said he's created an original and it's paying off. it works in the street, it works in the clubs. i put out ten more hot record. >> he tells me one thing you can count on with hip-hop is it is sure to change. were talking about the state of hip-hop on the next episode of street soldiers. >> you can catch that street
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at 10:00 p.m. and 99-year-old woman woke woman woke up to a frightening scene, a wild animal curled up sleeping on her chest. that animal turned out to be a king could you name banana. it is part of the raccoon family and typically found in the rain forest of central and south america. it snuck into her home. the son-in-law was able to catch the critter and they took it to of that. banana is back with its family today. >> interesting that it just wanted to cuddle. >> time now for on brand offbrand. it has a music theme today. they're calling up the high school for canceling his play.
10:33 pm
of horrors instead. they are respectively thanking those taking responsibility for the reunion. this seems like a clear shot at anybody who was taking a shot at getting them back together. she tweeted out something that was about kk which is a type of weed. he thought she was referencing kim kardashian. tweet. he then turned all the attention
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all is well now. can a computer be a genius? >> i sure think so. researchers at google have a computer that can do something shocking. what that means to the future of intel. >> michael jackson will be per trade in an upcoming tv series. this casting controversy. >> the reason i got out of the boxing was because i was being bullied. he created his campaign and took his message to students in manhattan. one aspect is combating bullying on social media. >> back in the day you go to school and you go through the neighborhood and you see someone being bullied. but there's so many forms now. it i want to bring more
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campaign at get in the kids learned everything from food to sports to daily life. >> they visit six countries and you really just want to create a lifelong memory for them.
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they are asking for your help to find a missing artistic woman. that is 35-year-old nicole white. she disappeared while walking with her home healthcare aid near archer street in the bronx. she is nonverbal, 190 pounds with long black hair and brown eyes. she was last seen wearing a black coat with for on the hood, a black hat, grace that plants in gray snow boots.
10:39 pm
the nypd right away. some say the quality of the are outraged by the choice. robin haze is a professor of urban policy and said she understatements why many are disappointed. that there is a lead character that's african-american. why wouldn't a studio take the opportunity to cast that as an african-american in that role. >> the casting decision comes on the heels of the oscar controversy. >> the cast of straight out of compton was not invited to this year's academy awards ceremony. despite the fact that the film was nominated for best original screenplay. the academy has been criticized for their lack of diversity in the nominees for the second year in a row. he would would not have attended even if he was invited.
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the government wants to make it easier for you to use cable boxes from companies other than your cable provider. they want to allow customers to use whatever box they want instead of renting one from providers. 99% of customers currently rent boxes. they don't even separated a out, they just lump it in. the glitches some other way, but nevertheless. >> they can claim a new breakthrough in artificial intelligence. >> they have one of the most complicated games of the world. they explain why this could be a really big deal. >> it may not look like a scene but the latest advancement could
10:42 pm
directions. it was developed at the google enterprise deep mine. there was a human executing its move but they beat one of the top players of the ancient game go. not once, not twice, but five times in a row if you haven't heard of go, it's popular in east asia and considering more challenging than chess. that was a game mastered years ago by an ibm computer. every move in go has 200 options. they say this development came years sooner than expected. >> how did they make this happen? >> it's called machine learning and it's a computer that has a couple different algorithms that can play against itself to get
10:43 pm
it's working through all of these millions and millions of they go far beyond fun and >> it's not just putting the searches, but actually figuring things out, applying some of what might be the right solution. way multifaceted way of thinking within the computer. >> like humans. of course comes gringo is just beginning. >> right now it's just about the game, but they're hoping long-term this is going to be applied across the spectrum of problems. >> they say it's only a matter of time before this technology helps with challenges including medical diagnoses, climate change in international diplomacy. stay tune as they continue to evolve. >> lots of melting again today.
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the 40s most of the day. tonight will be a little problem because we will have below freezing. it's amazing how fast that melts. >> we've lost about half of the snowpack. >> the happens in march. that doesn't normally happen in january. normally we talk about temperatures in january being cold and staying cold. the snow stays put for a while but that's not the case with temperatures that have been into the 40s. most of the day it's been in the middle 40s. thirty-seven was in the low. 37 degrees is the current temperature. wind coming is around out of the north.
10:45 pm
holding steady. it should be a quiet night tonight. nothing on the radar until friday morning. it will not interaction with the ocean storm. fortys, high in the mid- 40s. we were in the 40s for most of the day. you can see what's happening in the suburbs. it is below freezing. poughkeepsie is up 30. delmore is 35. we are down five or 10 degrees in most locales. boston is 34 right now. you can see the clear sky in play right now. here of the clouds moving to the we have this disturbance and
10:46 pm
the two shall not meet or interact. this one will move along. the one out west might bring some snow showers friday morning. it was cold to start, near 29 or 30 in the city. you can see the future cash showing that. there goes the coastal system and you can see it's a close call so were to watch it but i don't think it will be a problem. then they go away. clear tonight and 29 in the city. thursday with about 40 degrees, that's average. then there comes a seven-day snow shower on friday morning. forty-one saturday looks good. forty-six sunday, even better monday with it shower later in the day. tuesday at 48 in the next storm goes west.
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by the end of next week, it will turn cold and stay cold. >> thank you. good deal. >> last year, controversy in this year controversy with peyton manning. >> are traffic tractor tractor will have the right lane closed. no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day
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we'd love to put all this inside every can of progresso soup. but since we can't bring you the entire farm, the least we can do is bring you the best, tastiest vegetables.
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>> right how you do and everyone. there's no ifs, ands or buts. doesn't matter who you are rooting for, the broncos or the panthers. the big story is peyton manning for a couple of reasons. a, will this be the last game of
10:51 pm
and be, they are investigating peyton and his wife's link to hgh. at the time of the report, when it came out, he immediately called it garbage. other professional athletes were named as well. multiple green bay packers, washington national ryan zimmerman and men who were both mentioned and have filed defamation lawsuits against them. clearly the five time mvp peyton manning, why would they choose to investigate now? they said been going on for weeks and they had no choice but to investigate. last year at at this time the league was investigating tom brady and the controversy over deep lake gate. they couldn't investigate one without the other without coming under intense criticism.
10:52 pm
out in the open, they get a good start. we have nothing more to say other than the investigation is ongoing. as for the question of, will this be super bowl 50? i think it has to be. win or you lose the 39-year-old has nothing more to prove. he was one of the greatest, if not the greatest of all time. he is he has ownership of countless records. of course the super bowl win would be the storybook ending. but win or lose he rides off into the sunset. that's it for sports. >> most people use the gps for basic navigation.
10:53 pm
in the process and maps out bike rides and tracks it with gps. he does this all in baltimore. it's very elaborate. you can check it out. >> it seems like a lot of work. >> it's a lot of mileage two. >> it be a good workout routine. >> it's pretty cool stuff. >> yeah it's worth checking it out. >> i think that'll do it for tonight. >> fox five is an over. if you want to connect to
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and all the premium movie channels for 1 year. go to or call 1-888-getfios. previously on the big bang theory: what's going on? (laughs) it's-it's not what it looks like. what does it look like?
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