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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  January 28, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> right now on "fox 5 news" at ten. >> republican presidential hopeful debates without the good on his threat to be a no-show for tonight's debate. >> dari: that doesn't mean his debate. the candidates who did show up got there trump shots in early. we have the highlight. >> donald trump skipped the republican debate tonight. on fox news. trump and fox news did seem to have mended fences. as other gop candidates took the spotlight. >> let's address the elephant not in the room today. >> donald trump has chosen not
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presidential debate. sense to the voters of iowa. >> it's not about donald trump. >> the republican today was donald trump. at least upper. >> i kinda miss donald trump, he me. we had such a loving relationship in these debates. i kinda miss him. i wish wish he was here. >> every donald trump voter, i hope to earn your support, i i hope everyone else on the stage hopes to earn your support. >> trump refused to take part after fighting with moderator, megyn kelly was not be a to him in the last debate. the press release sent out by press fox news this week. to organize a fundraiser for veterans is started at the same time as the debate. >> i do want to be here. i wanted to be about five minutes away. i have enjoyed that.
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the debates. you have to stick up to your rights, when you're treated badly have to stick up your rights. fox has been extremely nice, but once the started there is nothing i could do. >> cruz is the closest to trump in the polls in iowa. >> we need to define the enemy, rebuild the military to defeat the enemy and be focus and lift the rules of engagement so we are not sending our fighting men and women into combat with their arms tied behind their backs. >> the last four questions have been ran please attack tech, chris please attack ted, jeb please attack ted. >> let me just state this. >> it is a debate sir. >> a debate is actually policy issue. i would say this, gosh have you guys asked more one more mean question, i may have to leave the stage. [laughter]
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fox released a . >> i open up the door to see what was going on and everything looked fine. it may also play a role and how far the effects travel. >> it traveled further than it would normally travel under different environmental conditions. i speculate a little bit but i'm guessing the environmental conditions may have enabled the sound to travel a greater distance than it normally would. >> the f35 was based out of a station in maryland. despite all this all this disruption the navy described the text as routine. >> it has been 30 years since
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a tragedy unfolded on life tv. it happened at the kennedy space center in cape canaveral, florida. florida. they were joined by the families and friends of those lost on that day. all seven crew crew members root killed. christa mcauliffe was trying to become the first civilian in space. >> by people have now been diagnosed with physical virus. one was a pregnant woman. it causes brain damage and on born babies. people who travel abroad is transmitted by mosquitoes. new yorkers should not panic. >> mosquitoes are not active in the winter months. here in new york city, there is virtually no risk of trans mission of zika. >> steve: the health organization will hold a meeting on monday.
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new cases it in america by next year's. >> dari: the affluenza team is back in texas. he was captured with his mom, he returned to face charges after dropping his fight against extradition. the 18-year-old was accused of violating probation in a deadly drunk driving crash. he is waiting to hear if he will be tried as an adult. >> steve: a homeless man with a history of mental health problems is wanted for questioning in the deadly stabbing. a man was stabbed to death last night. they're calling the roommates a a person of interest in the case. the attack raise new questions on the safety of homeless shelter in the city. >> dari: subway writers are being extra cautious these days. in the past past week three people have been slashed on trains and many commuters are on edge.
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jumped a 29-year-old woman. an argument ensued and the suspect took out a 2-foot long object and slash the woman at hand. a day earlier 21-year-old damon seen in the surveillance video slashed a 71-year-old grandmother on the d train. he has since been arrested. the randomness of these acts have some new yorkers concerned. >> i need to get up when i'm ready, i don't know what's one to happen. >> the random ones are of greatest concern because they come out of nowhere. >> michael was the chief medical examiner for new york city in 1979 when the subway slasher joseph christopher murdered four people in one day. he says this clustering of recent flashings is nothing like that. >> random acts that we have seen on the subway, there's no evidence that they meant to kill. >> 6 million people ride the
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fewer than seven crimes are reported per day. >> this year we have 30 in these 28 days, of those 30, ten by police officers who are proactive and engaging people who became violent. >> most of the suspects in these crimes are not getting the help they need. >> so many of them involve people who are bipolar, schizophrenic, self-medicating, and not medicating at home. many of these people need to be in institutions where they can seek full-time care, not in the streets of new york. >> 2800 officers were hundred officers were assigned to keep the transit system safe. i want to bump that number up. he will assign some officers in the critical response command to the subways to ensure writers the system essay. >> steve: the l train shutdown
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in williamsburg, brooklyn today. people voicing their concern about of shutdown saying it would hurt businesses. they offered no new information which as you can imagine only fueled the frustration. >> we do not have an alternate plan yet. everyone knows that we need to make repairs. >> steve: that guy has a fungi. the mta is deciding whether to completely shut down the line for 18 months or just on weekend that which make the work take up to three years. >> dari: breaking news that there could be a break in the search for missing college student, lauren fehr. the indiana university student has been missing since 2011.
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that investigative work done today in the area where lauren disappeared. local reports a police and federal agents search a property with cadaver dogs in morgan county. she vanished after a a night out drinking with friends. >> steve: the second they go on sale there gone. >> dari: weathers hamilton, springsteen, the new york attorney general is in. >> steve: they do not need a shovel to dig out the blizzard, how a new jersey families driveway cleared itself. >> dari: do you pay watching a movie and tv show? why does it depend on what sex you are.
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diabetic carried drew has more. >> i was diagnosed in 19791 oh six years old. that was a dark age of diabetes. >> alicia has worried about her type one diabetes for most of her life. >> it is 2477. >> is a diabetic she wears an insulin pump and a continuous glucose monitor. >> she needs to figure out how much insulin she needs. managing at all and getting it right is difficult. >> during the day i can keep an
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day, at night that is a different game. >> between two and 3,000,000 americans are living with type i diabetes. the have to to keep an and all night. what if there is something that could do it for them. pancreas. >> we call it because we are at a place where nature took away in diabetes with that machine. >> aaron is the chief mission officer which is funding pancreas. the patient would still wear an insulin pump and use a continuous glucose monitor, but the two devices will communicate wirelessly to a smart phone through bluetooth mini computer instructing the pump to dispense insulin using >> this will be transformative, it will take the management
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people with diabetes. computers can outperform people an awful lot of the things we do. in in this system which is just software on an app watches the glucose level all of the time. it is very system vista katie. >> though say i'll see the glucose levels changing. you need less insulin. >> at doctor carroll is the director of the mount sinai diabetes center. in november she let a clinical study of the artificial pancreas of the results are incredible. >> we watched on a computer a screen throughout the night and they don't have to worry about getting up at 3:00 a.m. it takes care and they wake up with a great morning. >> she has a personal stake in the research. she too has type one diabetes. >> it's huge because it is world changing and life-changing for
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almost like like having a dr. following you around all the time. >> there are ten participants in the study among them were alicia, patient of doctors. >> what was your reaction to the results. >> i was crying. it is one thing to hear about it it's another to have it on your body. the the hardest part is giving it back. >> more research is being done, the device is expected to be approved in the next few years. >> in the next two years we will have people where in the. >> research is wonderful but this is something a patient can visualize an ipo for. >> for alicia the artificial pancreas means people with diabetes in the future will have a different life than she had, a life with less worry more freedom. >> to think this could really happen and change people's lives, it's an enormous responsibility and a level and put into words.
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>> steve: had to our website for more information about artificial pancreas research involving the fight against diabetes. >> dari: a new jersey family did not have to worry about digging out the driveway after last weekend's blizzard. the paris family home is powered by a unique and eco- friendly geothermal system. solar energy warms rainwater and pipes below the driveway and walkway to more than 100 degrees. so it melts away the snow. the house also has system to collect rainwater in the snow melts during winter storm. that is the future. >> when the snow comes we use the earth and the son to fight it. by insulating yourself just enough from the environment you can tap into it. >> sunday we got up and looked out the window, while what
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that is awesome. snow melting system is not cheap, cost cost $250 per square foot. >> steve: ever wonder why it's hard to get tickets to the concerts or shows? fans have a disadvantage, they released an extensive report same fewer than half of all tickets are made available to the general public. odds are against you when it comes to getting good seats. >> on average, 54% of tickets are set aside for insiders. the we are going to be undertaking investigations in an effort to level the playing field for new york sports fans and concertgoers. >> steve: they accuse mainstream ticket sellers of applying unreasonable fees to the tickets.
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the ticket. >> dari: that's horrible. dropping dropping the curtain for the final time. >> steve: the iconic theater is
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or with a 2 year agreement, get $400 back. go to or call 1.888.get.fios. >> steve: in tonight's idle
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boyfriend to take her shirt off with a ring on instagram. jennifer lopez that the two lives across the street from each other and didn't know it. >> dari: omission for mcdonald's in new jersey. the first round plainfield from seven-nine, you can audition on saturday afternoon in neptune from two-4:00 p.m. >> steve: star wars has made history in the box office. it will be the last film ever shown in the big theater. we are there now outside on this historic night. >> since 1969 this nine this
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new yorkers and tourists into his grand 1100 seat seat theater. it is the city's last single stream movie theater. it is closing the curtain on a beautiful era. >> this is the place where people can leave it all behind and walk into this wondrous world of movie magic. >> reporter: for the devoted fans this theater represented a. when going to the movies was an event. >> it has character in a way that multiplexes of today just can ever imagine. >> i have a lot of personal memories here. i remember lawrence of arabia when it was restored in 1989. >> is special because you want to see it in the theater that -- >> i have seen every film that has open since 1992. >> reporter: this one-of-a-kind cinema is a true community. >> i made a lot of great friends. >> reporter: they say it has always been a for some pop
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>> it is the number one movie premieres in new york city. going back to cabaret and hundreds more including you got mail, even joy last year. the big-name theater for new york means drama, old-school, is the place of many massive premieres. it's a landmark in were said to sicko. >> reporter: for the fans of my tonight the legacy will remain show. >> it's a travesty it is closing and we will not have gatherings in the future. the theater was a financial decision. it is impossible to regulate films in such a large space. the theater theater was losing more than $1 million per year. the building will survive and it may become a ballroom in 2017. it is certainly the end of an
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back to both of you. >> dari: pay more and eat less. >> steve: tiny cupcakes, we'll break down the cost and healthy profit margins of keeping a healthy diet. >> steve: they are the latest
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>> dari: eliminating junk food in your diet can cost you. junk food is actually more expensive and it is the price of a lot of people is willing to pay these got these days to eliminate the temptation. >> steve: paying more for less. our desire to stay fit.
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debate over sugary drinks, we know they are unhealthy. perhaps that's the reason people have been cutting down. >> america has an obesity problem, we hear hear about it all the time. people are aware of it in their final willpower alone doesn't work. >> reporter: the two beverage giants are pushing smaller cans that contain fewer calories. it it is working for both coca-cola and pepsi. while you're dishing out more money for smaller can, the companies pocketing the cash. >> coke sales grew by 50%, this is an amazing product success. it shows the demand for smaller containers is high and coke is tapping a real market need. >> reporter: this 12-ounce can is 9 cents less than the minute can which is 7.5 ounces. >> the cost per ounce of soda is almost twice as months as an
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>> reporter: by small pay more when the consumer wants to pay less on the scale. >> did you know you are paying more for that smaller can? >> yes. most things, the smaller the package, the more expensive. you're paying for the extra packaging. >> reporter: it did you know you pay more for the little ones in the big ones? >> no, i didn't know that. >> how do you feel about that. >> stupid. if it smaller why my pay more money? >> reporter: if you are one that hates the idea pay more for less, stick to the big bottles because there are people out there find the tiny cans, the revenue companies are making sense at all. >> dari: it could become tougher to get rid of bedbugs in the future. a study found the bugs developed a resistance to the main
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overuse of the chemical the last few years. researchers are now looking for new, nonchemical methods to stem the spread including the use of heat. they recommend a a thorough cleaning of the household. >> steve: he started blocking on twitter after sexually explicit tweets. let's keep it great and family-friendly few could, cubs could be washed gene. the chito's mascot chester cheetah sees the opportunity and jumped in welcoming all fans to his twitter account where the feathered, scale, come on, come all.
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a duck is one boys best friend. >> pure laughter is just precious from this little boy. he is 19 months old and his name is tyler. he has a pet duck when he was have been inseparable. they play and and enjoy a good bath together. beaker was with tyler when he took his first step in his first word was, duck. >> steve: on brand, escalating the world wars with wu-tang, threatening to edit his vocals if he doesn't write a written apology for talking trash.
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the west run first day where dinner was $325.5 per person will do better. on brand mark zuckerberg going to bed tonight, $6 billion richard when he woke up after facebook stock search today. let's go through his numbers, 31 years old with over $34 billion. he's the top richest man in the world. >> do you have a hard time watching tv that is not in high definition? >> steve: i do for certain. there's a fascinating battle battle of the sexes component to that. if this is a battle that plays out in your living room, why you're not alone. >> dari: a barbie for just about everybody. all the new shapes and sizes,
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doll. >> steve: check out the tran one it features forecasts, radar, all the good stuff you need. download it today. you can find it in itunes or the google play. no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian
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with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. enrollment ends january 31st.
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>> dari: barbie is getting closer to reality. >> steve: the iconic doll has a body makeover. the new barbie comes in all shapes and sizes. >> both the 11-inch blue-eyed bombshell is changing with the time. last year she debuted her look with different skin tones and hairstyles. for the first time close to six years the doll will have a new body. three to choose choose from, tall, petite, or kirby. >> it seems to be an issue for some people it would've been for me. >> mattel, the maker of a barbie said she needed a makeover after a drop in sales. they realize one size does not fit all. >> i think it was more in a man's ideal world than it was for girls to identify themselves as they were playing with these
10:35 pm
>> they finally have toys that look like people they recognize. >> reporter: until this change, they felt he gave little girls and unrealistic idea what they should look like. >> i think you need to teach her daughter that this is just a doll and it's okay if she doesn't look that way. >> reporter: the new looks are part of the barbie fashion line with seven skin tones and more than 40 i colors and hairstyles. for the first time the dolls will come at their own close tailored to their body. >> it's fine to change the design. >> it gives young girls a better image of themselves instead of having to look like a perfect model of something. >> reporter: you won't be able to swap shoes either. barbie will have different size shoes. thirty of the new looks will be available in march. >> steve: if you're watching
10:36 pm
instead of high definition do you care? >> dari: i really unless it's an action. >> steve: i realize there some gender component to the whole thing. >> dari: why guys almost always want to watch in hd while we women want to save money. >> steve: every woman wants to
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it's not about hugging trees. it's not about being wasteful either. you just gotta find that balance. where taking care of yourself takes care of more than just yourself. lease a 2016 lincoln mkz for $289 a month
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>> steve: i thought it was taken for granted that hdtv is better than standard depth. >> dari: it is, i don't know how necessary it is. it's more expensive for hd. unless it's an action flicker sports, there's a big difference. apparently we didn't didn't realize there was a male, female thing. we talked to people he found out that's true. >> i would say is uncomfortable but i'm don't care about watching standard definition. my wife doesn't care. >> reporter: this gentleman summed up the premise of our
10:40 pm
men refuse to watch television in anything but high definition. >> have lower quality stuff, i'm not watching the super bowl. >> many women willingly watch their programming a standard depth. >> i don't like is a big deal. >> i don't really care too much. >> reporter: we thought there's an apparent difference between the genders to a psychologist. >> we have a sample of ten people. >> reporter: a general consensus in the newsroom. >> it could be a gross generalization without doing really intense survey research across the country. >> reporter: we did none of that found very little on the subject on the internet. but there is anecdotal evidence we recorded inside on the sidewalk in front of bourbon street. and we hypothesized an
10:41 pm
with men being a little, in general, more visually based and looking for more fine-grained visual detail. >> she also suggested women might form a deeper connection with the program with the story, and that does not require improved picture quality. >> i probably would've realized it. >> hd, and yes i can tell. and i care specially for much in football. >> if it's a recording series i try to record a non- hd. >> reporter: back to you. >> steve: that is true in our house. i don't want to watch it if it's not in hd. it's a much lesser experience. >> it will be you can have a choice, why are we watching it
10:42 pm
>> i don't like to pay for the hd. >> steve: i would pay more for it all day long. i know it saying but it is fascinating. >> nick: were talking about a big warming trend in rain coming our way. for some snow showers might affect us. not a big deal. today we were above average. what a a beautiful day. sunshine, blue sky. will be around average tomorrow. right now it's 39 degrees, clouds or thickening. the when pressure is falling. look at close the ocean storm is. is picking up the returns just offshore. this is not
10:43 pm
that way. we are not concerned about that producing a snowstorm here overnight on it to tomorrow. we have snow shouters coming in from the west. high 45 in poughkeepsie, 44 nice lip and now the temperatures are back into the 30s. thirty-nine montauk, 39 in the city, 30 a poughkeepsie, a calm wind in most locations. temperatures on the chilly side in the northeast in the 30s right now. clouds increasing from the west. snow showers for the first part of tomorrow morning. were finding the system slides and, the system goes that way and doesn't get pulled into the coastal region. where in good shape except for the snow showers tomorrow
10:44 pm
should be more prevalent in the afternoon and 39 degrees. the front moves by and will set us up for a nice weekend. lots of sunshine on saturday. upper 30s on saturday, after that system moves along it warms up and of the weekend. thirty-two in the city, 22 - 28 in eight in the suburbs. morning snow showers and some sun. it'll be around 40 degrees tomorrow. same as saturday. lots of sunshine. of sunshine. sunday will go to 47 degrees. tuesday 53 degrees, wednesday 57 degrees 57 degrees and cold air returns on thursday and into next weekend. >> steve: it's really easy to rationalize why you're not doing outdoor activities in those nice temperatures. >> it was a hard hit but the
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>> ines: heading towards north broad street the right lane will be closed tomorrow for construction from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn' t need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself?
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>> nick: how are you doing everyone. we'll talk about the dinner for broncos peyton manning the sherbet hall of famer probably in my opinion anyway. getting ready to to call it a career after super bowl 50. tonight we talk about his counterpart, the brilliant carolina panthers a former heisman trophy winner and number one pick overall in the 2011 draft. he put it all together the season leading the panthers in
10:47 pm
record. just one win away from being super bowl champions. what is up camp? what has changed to make the season your most successful season? >> not just changed but the only thing that changes we're winning. since day one, i'm an an african-american quarterback that may scare a lot of people because they have not seen nothing that they can compare me to. >> russ: he is a bright young man and most certainly is entitled to his opinion. in my opinion, i think is wrong. there have been other african-american quarterbacks. russell wilson led the seattle seahawks to the last two super bowl's, last two superballs, winning one and coming within just 1 yard of winning number two. camden did win a heisman trophy and become the number one pick because people were afraid of him being african-american. of course we know race is an
10:48 pm
the south he was stung by a more than once. he gets criticized for the same reason that the great mohammed ali a got criticize, cam says what is on his mind. he's not a right to be vocal. when his team scores a touchdown he celebrates in a way not many other quarterbacks celebrate. either way, don't expect camp to be changing anytime soon. >> people will say what they want to say. if i'm in the this world living for that person, then i can't look at myself and say i'm cam newton because i'm not, i'm living for you. someone for being themselves but when you talk race you have to sparks. sparks can ignite claims. now, in the get a lot of this, dennis wyman levels lineman from behind.
10:49 pm
leak is looking into it. he's not nope that kind of stuff, he did apologize afterwards saying he was just trying to get off the ice. the league issued a statement tonight saying that indeed he has been suspended indefinitely pending a hearing in person on tuesday. on the hardwood in toronto, the next lose. >> dari: speaking of wilson, and african-american quarterback. >> steve: he is still getting his share - mac he's been accused of using google to help write the description of a company they posted a twitter and instagram, we have those pictures. things like i kissed her and she had honey sweet lips that were lilac soft. matches word for word if you google how to describe a beautiful girl.
10:50 pm
back on google if you google how to -- a beautiful girl. he's not doing the super bowl, the media, don't ever let your guard down. don't google pictures of your girlfriend. >> dari: we will see you
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