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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  January 29, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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announcer: it's 10:00 p.m. do you know where your children are? right now on "fox 5 news" at 10:00 p.m. steve: back to work. a surprise strike appears to be over tonight. the workers walked off the job at terminals in new york and new jersey, shutting down the largest complex on the east coast. >> full operations have been restored, dan bowens has more with the latest. reporter: a longshoreman literally just pulled into the parking lot and said that we are back to work. this is described as a strike that came out of nowhere. it started earlier this morning. there was an emergency meeting with all parties involved which ended in a deadlock. it went before a moderator and
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this walkout was unauthorized. the strike shut down terminals at the busiest seaport on east coast, is finally over. only a few hours after it started. and arbitrator as a result said that they urge their members to return to work. and earlier in the day nearly four thousand members of the international longshoremen's association abruptly walked off the job. >> all of a sudden the unannounced strike stranded hundreds, the ports are the busiest outside of california
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every year. the dispute stemming from outstanding issues including hiring practice. they say that it was agreed to expeditiously seek solutions to these long-standing issues. a long standing look at things, the word here is the largest in the country with some 300 million containers every year. steve: there could be a break in the missing person case of 20 or older lauren spierer, she disappeared near her indiana university apartment years ago. they are searching the home of this man. the mother of lauren spierer said she is not giving up hope of finding her daughter.
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each passing year. >> the attorney said that he has no knowledge of he or any other missing person. >> under arrest, this is the man seen in these surveillance pictures. he's threatened a 29-year-old victim saying that he would chop her up. the woman was treated for a cut to her hand, there's been about a dozen unprovoked flashes since december. spew on this surveillance video shows suspects. she eventually yelled for help and ran away. anyone who knows the person on the screen, call crime stoppers at 800 number below.
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the stomach flu sickened dozens, areas are being disinfected throughout the weekend as a precaution. parents are being notified about the outbreak. steve: an air canada flight earlier today, flight 549 took off just after 6:00 o'clock, it was headed to vancouver, canada, where expansive pressurization issue. the plane descended to 10,000 feet in just five minutes. about an hour and a half after takeoff, the good news is there's no word of any injury. making it cheaper for new yorkers to get around. not everyone everyone's happy about it. especially taxi drivers. jessica has the details. >> dropping prices by 15%,
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all. but taxi drivers are. they are calling on city officials. drivers with the new york taxi workers alliance were outside the headquarters in long island city demanding them to reinstate this and asking the city council to regulate the industry. >> in new york state, we serve to protect. >> but the general manager says that the reason that they decided to lower prices is to make it more affordable for writers. >> what this is going to do is grow demand for the service throughout the city, particularly the outer boroughs. the mackie will feel the benefit. >> a trip from midtown to
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$37 and 12 cents instead of $43 and 67 cents. are accusing them of destroying the industry and taking advantage of workers. this is not the first time that they dropped their prices again in 2014. this driver that we spoke to says that she's hoping you'll see more money in her pocket this time around. steve: hillary clinton facing e-mail trouble. tonight the obama administration confirming that her unsecured home server contained top-secret information. they would not describe the substance of the e-mail. officials say that they will investigate whether the information was classified at the time that she sent them.
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the server that were top-secret. allison: part of the rally, expanding leave for maternity and paternity leave as well as adoption. steve: getting a lot more publicity for not attending last night's debate, donald trump. stump. he says he is the most gop. he too many new yorkers are struggling to make a living and it looks like the council is setting itself up for a payday. they are expected to vote next week to raise a by 32%. bringing salaries to $140,000 per year, the proposal would also limit the outside income,
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lot since 1880. >> it is loud in here. here is a once-in-a-lifetime look at a crucial part of the city's infrastructure. this is what a pilot looks like when you power a good part of the city. >> at 2000 degrees, this is as close as we can come. 2000 degrees is what it takes to initiate this system. >> christina oversees the massive operation here used by some 3 million new yorkers and many don't know that it exists. >> customers use of steam for so many things from heat and hot water to air conditioning, humidification, as well as sterilization and hospitals.
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as well. instead of having their own boiler, they tap into the steam system? effectively. energy. >> they are very careful about the contaminants, what can you show us from this angle in terms of how this works? >> we have a large steam pipe culminating in all of these valves down here at the end. the series of valves and systems all right here. right now we have water coming through one line and we have water coming out of the other and then we have direct steam. >> within seconds, it is ready to go. >> already i have water at 200 degrees fahrenheit coming out of this does. >> to get to this cheese lab, it
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135 years ago engineers figured since electrical generators get hot, why not use the heat. today the electricity being produced starts the process through the network. air-conditioning of massive high-rises, saving him space and and there's something also we want to see that comes with steam. that is cleaner air. >> two years ago we converted our plants to natural gas. does that change takes the equivalent of 200 30,000 cars off the street. >> from the equivalent of fewer cars, this is perhaps one of the most valuable secret ingredients to life in the city. steve: is there a reason for o.j. simpson's downfall?
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allison: the nfl. steve: is continuing to deal with the potential health impacts of playing pro football. a 50% rise in concussions, a spokesperson says that they will investigate the cause and says that data shows there was a large number of helmet to helmet hits that could be to blame. they also say that another reason could be doctors are doing a better job of diagnosing concussions in the first place. steve: and this doctor is convinced that o.j. simpson
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that it could be why he suffers. reporter: o.j. simpson could have a reason for his downfall. this world-renowned apologist revealing to people magazine that i would bet my medical license that he has chronic dramatic and some philosophy caused by brain trauma and has been linked to numerous football players. doctors say that side effects include exaggerated emotional reaction. >> it can lead to psychiatric disturbances tour in 2008 simpson was found guilty of armed robbery. in 2012 he tried to convince a nevada judge that he needed a new trial because he had suffered from brain damage. so could this become a new
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are >> absolutely. it would fall under this dramatic stress disorder type of defense. because it's something out of the ordinary, their reactions and perceptions are different from people who did not love her from those types of things. >> the highly anticipated miniseries highlights the real-life drama that unfolded when he was on trial for the murders of the whole brown simpson and ronald goldman. he says that in diagnosis would not have helped the former football player's case. >> the problem is that you have to admit during the crime. >> doctors have a lot to learn about this because the patient cannot be diagnosed until they
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allison: detroit figured out a way to collect more money. this 42-year-old says that he has been homeless for about 10 years. he also has a website so people can hire him for odd jobs like mowing the lawn. steve: according to the daily news, this rock ledge and left an estate behind, his wife will get half of the money, two kids will get the other half. his 16-year-old daughter getting his woodstock estate. david bowie fought a long battle of cancer at the age of 69. allison: this was auctioned off along with a cardboard cut out of the pontiff.
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philadelphia last year. the money will benefit special education schools and charities. steve: the search continues to be a subject of much discussion, the cia has released thousands of classified documents on aliens and ufos. >> are you ready for this? reporter: nearly 14 years, this network debuted a miniseries built upon the x-files original storyline. and then after they declassified hundreds of documents, they uploaded them to the blog under the hash tag. >> what i am saying, we have a long history. reporter: these documents were first read when the ca released them in 1978 and this man
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the cia has lied. >> is the first to investigate the crash in 1947 in roswell. they identified identify the vehicle is an air force surveillance balloon. >> we did recover a crashed flying saucer in new mexico. reporter: >> i would persist that into more years i got dozens of top secret, cia and ufo documents. you can read a few words per page. >> whether or not they possess more conclusive evidence, the agency decided to post and then publicly link already public documents. it doesn't answer the story. >> there's no reason to believe that they are telling the truth.
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flying saucers saucer says that at one point someone at the agency at least entertained the existence as a possibility. >> where did the good stuff go? reporter: mack king for "fox 5 news". allison: how a new application helps choosier outfit for you.
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steve: taking the whole netflix thing and running with it. now available for $400 per night. airbnb. the apartment also offers rooftop access. allison: a new application helping women become friends. the application asks users to fill out a personality questionnaire survey can be matched with people that have similar interest. the application is only available in san francisco, but if it is a hit it could make its
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and finding the right wardrobe. a challenge for many men. there is a new application that can make it easier. >> you know, the men's fashion industry is truly growing. in 2019 it's expected to reach $40 billion. despite all the clothing being sold, many are confounded by the basic process of creating the perfect outfit and there could be a solution. it lies in the palm of your hand. >> it seems like a fantasy, but now we have a new application that recommends an outfit for you in seconds. inventory the items in your closet and enter your location and the weather. >> they can create as many as
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>> daniel eppler says that he's driving a free people of the burden that they face every morning, figuring out what to wear. >> most would purveyor if they never had to think about close again or shopping again but still look great. >> you never feel that you have enough of the right essential. >> in addition to styling your selection of basics to supplement your existing inventory should the need arrive. but this style expert is not >> i think there's an element that is missing because the best laid plans of making suggestions and not releasing a person try
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be problematic. >> so when you start getting into putting a look together, head to toe, it just gets a little tricky especially doing it online. >> and of course he is just getting started. according to him, this really is a lifestyle decision. fifteen minutes could mean more time for the family or even a bite of breakfast. it's a great idea. i think we need to incorporate some of the ideas. fashion is about nuance. steve: for the women of the world as well. do not have to answer this question. >> boom, you are right. [laughter] >> both sides in the relationship save a lot of time. steve: thank you. one drink could soon be
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allison: lowering the drinking limit and why some people think it goes too far. steve: scaling the seven wonders
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steve: there is a new recommendation out that could make you think twice about ordering a drink. the legal let alcohol level is going to be .05. allison: a lot of people don't like the idea, as sharon crowley found out. reporter: the weekend is here. maybe want to celebrate by having a drink with friends. if you have more than one drink an hour, you could be putting yourself at risk of being over the current legal limit. you could be charged with drunk driving if you are stopped. the ntsb would like to see a blood alcohol content be even lower before getting behind the wheel.
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lowered from .08 to .05. >> one drink, you can beat thrown in jail. >> it's an idea that did not go down well with customers at this bar in long island. >> when you are eating, the cop is going to stop you and the rest do. it's kind of ridiculous. >> the bartender here also things that this could hurt his business. >> is there anything that could affect your business. >> it definitely wasn't. >> they say that lowering the legal limit would help make the roads safer. >> mothers against drunk driving has no position on whether to lower the legal limit. they just want to remind you of
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to drink and drive. sharon crowley for "fox 5 news". allison: a ribbon cutting ceremony, the first and only medical marijuana dispensary opened it less than two years after new york state approved the compassionate care act. it is being operated by the nation's largest manufacturer and provider of medical marijuana. >> it means that patients have suffered from cancer, hiv, als, epilepsy, they have an alternative to some of the most powerful drugs available in the marketplace. steve: doctors must be qualified in new york, the patients then have to get a state issued id card. not headed to the big house yet. ethan couch will remain in a juvenile detention facility.
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tried as an adult. he was detained for a month in mexico where he was captured with his mother. rescued. a mind that they were working in collapsed on christmas day. fifteen have been rescued, one man was killed. steve: a media report says that ran recently flew a drone over an aircraft carrier. this was shown although it's unclear if it is from the event in question, but it sure looked that way, the u.s. navy officials said they did not open fire after determining that the drone was not on. and a german teenager risked his life for the ultimate adventure. he illegally climbed a great pair met in egypt earlier this
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check it out, he called the adventures fun, he climbed to the top of this pyramid in just eight minutes. the police are waiting for him and they took him into custody. steve: it is time for on-brand, off-brand. jim mcmahon crediting medical marijuana with getting him off the pain pills that he has been using to treat symptoms from the beating that he took during his pro football career. comments come as the state of illinois is considering expanding its medical marijuana program. and jimmy mcmillan, the rent is too high. he tells the daily news that he is endorsing donald trump. and jerry springer helping to
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twitter beef between kanye west end wiz kahlifa. it's a great twitter beef. and peanut butter and jelly. speak to a local artist trying to make thousands of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. steve: and why less is causing some much more these days. but first, here is tonight's new york minute. >> part of a new exhibit, lifelike creatures travel around to this habitat.
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think about how this relates. >> this new exhibit opens tomorrow. tune into glenbrook high school, they are using 3-d modern skills to apply at to help children at the hospital. >> some of it is cause and effect, some of it will help patients tour it will help them hold mobile devices, play video videogames, and that is your new york minute. >> check out the weather application that features our daily weather forecast.
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you just gotta find that balance. where taking care of yourself takes care of more than just yourself. lease a 2016 lincoln mkz for $289 a month only at your lincoln dealer. your path to retirement may not always be clear. we can help guide your retirement savings. retirement journey we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. steve: the dow jones closing 400 points, finishing off the month
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allison: they are basically charging to keep deposits, trying to stimulate the economy. it was a great day for stocks. the markets are down more than 5%. and coca-cola and pepsi joining the push to battle obesity. they see cans and bottles contain fewer calories. the mini can of coca-cola cost 9 cents more than a 12-ounce can. that's almost twice as much. and finding a very unique way to honor her mother. allison: what caused her to crank out more than 2300 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. steve: proving to be a big distraction where michael phelps pops up.
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>> in a city where there is always something interesting to eat, i find myself asking what is the hottest in town. >> it goes to about 900 degrees. >> welcome to the lap of luxury. this year we visit lamborghini. we are going to take you inside
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steve: a local artist showing how much he appreciates her mother's. allison: she is making thousands of sandwiches.
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>> it is not just about this. reporter: this 30 year old visual artist plans to close 240, using only three >> i have a little over 1300. >> for 10 hours a day, she sat art gallery, crafting sandwiches in front of an audience that comes and goes. she has dedicated this to her mother who packed her a peanut butter and jelly lunch from her first day of kindergarten through her high school graduation. replicate the small acts of unseen love that parents perform every day. >> at first i thought, what are you doing? and then as i explained it i realized she was touched.
10:41 pm
peanut butter jar after peanut butter jar. >> my arm literally gave out and i had to grab the first-person that walked by to open it for me. >> she delivers her completed damages she delivers her completed sandwiches, every slice of bread served with love. in the east village, mack king for "fox 5 news". steve: that is a good tribute. allison: state and environmental officials say that 19 beaches suffered major erosion, the worst of it is in northern ocean county on long beach island. hopefully a preplanned program will help though them back up.
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week ago we were under the gun. nick: that's right. it was just starting to snow. you get these beach erosion. it doesn't take much. then you get another to come along. fortunately that is not happening. the storm stayed way off to the east. thank goodness, but it's ushering in error on the backside of the storm into tonight and tomorrow. and in the then the warming trend is coming our way. forty-one-33. zero back in 1873 was the record. sunrise, 7:00 a.m. thirty-three, humidity is dry, a little breezy, a few scattered clouds on the barometer and it's rising.
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flurries and snow showers are gone as this guy has found patchy clouds are you low 40s, i was 39, then back to the lower 40s across long island, temperatures have come back down into the '30s. back over to 30 dropping below the freezing mark. twenty-one in monticello, 21 suspects. teens and lower 20s era. northwest wind seeing that increase to 15 or 18 miles per hour. then becoming more southwesterly as we head into tomorrow. cold in the northeast. boston is 10 degrees warmer. although in pittsburgh. satellite photo showing the clouds are really staying off to the north. snow showers off to the north as well. the storm is way up here.
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westerly airflow. not a lot going on here. disturbances fire to the north. high temperatures heading into tomorrow. and it is warming up. fiftys, 70 over to dallas. cold tomorrow morning and then we will hit 30 and then we have sunshine. a good-looking day, more clouds as we get into the afternoon and sunday we jump into the high 40s. monday low 50s. twenty-seven in midtown. thirty-nine in the afternoon, that is typical with sun and clouds, 47 on sunday. fifty-two with late day or
10:45 pm
sun and clouds wednesday. there is going to be rain with a gusty breeze and a quarter thursday and friday. only in the '30s on friday. >> we will have to watch that. >> we will have to watch that. when it gets cold, it's going to steve: thank you. allison: coming up next, returning to the court tonight. allison: we have more coming up on sports. our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn' t need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy
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>> good evening, i'm in for russ salzberg. zero and six, he missed the last two games, both back in the lineup tonight at madison square
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first quarter, carmelo anthony making this 50-foot jump. but by 18 at the half, and on the third quarter, there it is, giving it the new york knicks a 45-point lead. and the new york knicks beat the phoenix s and the new york knicks beat the phoenix suns. lots of nfl news. the former st. louis rams are heading to los angeles. will the san diego chargers join them? they have reached an agreement with the rams were the two teams could share a stadium in englewood if the chargers don't get their own stadium. they will remain in san diego for the 2016 season. but the next step is waiting to see if tina spano's will work for it. they have until 2070 to exercise
10:49 pm
and the raiders now looking into las vegas. the sons have confirmed that they want to build a football stadium. they also have unlv on board. they recently spent $50 million acquiring more than 40 acres of land and are interested in a stadium partnership. the las vegas raiders does kind of fit. and the super bowl is over a week away. but carolina panthers fans of all ages are getting ready for the game. adding this to their daily routine. hoping to leave them to their first ever championship, they
10:50 pm
seniors are doing it as well. okay, in dallas, losing to the mavericks, final score. >> you know, i don't know. [laughter] >> more power to them. [laughter] >> that is a good point. all right, finally tonight, michael phelps showing his talents. allison: an organ and organ player took free throws, during the first attempts he started dancing in his sweatpants and then he pulled off the sweats and danced in just a speedo. the distraction worked.
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steve: i do not watch much college basketball but that is creative. [laughter] >> it works. steve: okay, good deal. see you later.
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