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tv   Chasing News  FOX  January 30, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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now on chasing news. >> i'm digging deeper into the story of the disappearance of many young man whose body was pulled out of the hudson river and they were dead. >> i spoke to judith who is the mother of anthony. >> i think something may have been put in his drink. >> these are what the drinks were made of. >> the people were waiting it out blizzard for three hours to get a milkshake. >> who wants to try it. my car is a mess, is a 10-pound bag of trail mix. would it hurt to give over to fantasy for just a little bit.
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of the disappearance of many young men whose bodies were pulled out of the hudson river and they were dead. i chase this to 1003rd street in manhattan where i spoke to judith lopez. she's the mother of anthony, 23 years old. he was last seen by old. he was last seen by his mother on friday the 13th in november. his body was pulled out of the hudson river on christmas day. there is a detective looking at cases around the country of young men who please have claimed there's no fault play but yet their bodies were pulled out of the hudson river. judith believed her son did not commit suicide, she believe something went on and she has been trying to solve it. i brought former nypd detective to her via skype. first piece of evidence we talked about was surveillance footage showing anthony the last time he was seen around 5:00 a.m. on november 14. it shows him walking down the street and there is a black
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shortly later that black car goes up the street going the wrong way on a one-way street. [inaudible] that vehicle is going down the street the long the wrong way. >> the theory that they were killed through because they're administered the date rape drug, abducted and thrown into the river. we want to see if that happened to anthony. judith believes it may be the case. >> in the beginning when they tell me the way he was walking i believe that something may have been put in his drink. >> judith believes because of the evidence were anthony is
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control. i put her in touch with kevin, he is going to help her get his liver tested for the date rape drug to see if that could possibly help her get answers. while speaking with judith it was heartbreaking because she said first of all, thank you she is glad someone is willing to help her who has law-enforcement experience. number two,. >> i just want to cremate him and keep him with me like a mother. i just want him to be with me. >> do you think the detective has the clues she needs. >> the detective has some suspects of mine. if he did have the date rape drug in his body then kevin will continue the investigation. it may be possible that he can help her but he will try. >> you continue your zone will hear from you soon. >> high-speed chase. >> mayor diblasio and staten island will not be have having their annual date together on
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he'll be in iowa. he has sort of a not so great history with the woodchucks. last year they are separated by a glass divider because there before he killed charlotte. >> in new jersey they serve nearly one year in federal prison for fraud. now on tuesday, good morning "good morning america" will have her first television interview with amy,. >> dominic set spent 25 years as a new jersey state police officer, 22 as a narcotics as a narcotics officer. he is saying it is time to legalize weed. >> i've come to the conclusion that the current policy in new jersey as it refers to marijuana is complete the wrong. >> i met with him at his home in
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>> before you you became a narcotics officer when it was becoming popular. in 2010 new jersey spent more than $12,127,000,000 with marijuana possession. he says there is also a human costs. >> there's a dark side to marijuana that should be sought. you pick up the paper every day and read in the paper a young man in philadelphia shaba street. they don't tell you why your how it happened. if you dive into it you would find out they were selling marijuana on the wrong corner. the drug gangs one habit. >> the money is for marijuana for enforcing the law they should be putting into preventative measures for the other drugs. he has a lot of thoughts on legalizing all drugs. right now he's sticking to marijuana because he has seen the toll it is taking on people, especially
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that it's unfair that they're targeting something that doesn't really hurt a large part of the population except for these petty crimes. >> we see with medical marijuana people are still going outside to dealers to get their drug. i question here whether people would go to the dispensary or wherever it is sold and get it. >> new jersey medical marijuana laws and regulations are still outrageous. look at place like colorado and washington have legalized it, crime has gone down. >> the lives were not focusing on is the lives in jail, ruined by these drug laws that are too tough. more than 200,000 people are federal prison right now, offenses. >> let's just say you legalize marijuana, cocaine is still illegal, are you arguing that we legalize other substances to? >> legalize all drugs but put funding aside to deal with addiction.
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hearing testimony on marijuana legalization. we'll catch up with them next. >> lester there is a big debate, the last the last one before the is. everyone is talking about the man who was not there. >> thank you. >> donald trump faces on debate of sorts, a non-debate debate. something is a winner here but people are talking about how he set the stage for other candidates. this is an opportunity for another republican contender to get up to the plate. >> they know hillary clinton will never be prosecuted by this justice department. they are going going to want to put a prosecutor on the stage and
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better prepared to prosecute the case then i am. i will be ready, i'll take her on and when i take her on, i guarantee one thing. she will never get within 10 miles of the white house, the dates for the clintons and public housing are over. >> you get more in this debate for reaction will go to gym with debbie wor, what you think. >> i think when you see the saga of fear start to dissipate from trump and carson by the way, you are starting to see and that's what this debate, it showed the undercard. christie is at the end of the bench collecting splinters of single polling digits. he is 2% in iowa, 2% south carolina, 5% in new hampshire. >> governor christie still looks like a chance because at least he was facing the music. trump was busy whining. just because trump doesn't like someone doesn't mean that if your president you can escape work with people you don't like. >> jim, i have taken you for one day, 24 hours and i made you chris christie's campaign manager, what you do? >> i come back to trend network
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that month and see how i can ever make that work. >> the strong sound of hammering behind you is you putting nails in chris christie's presidential coffin. >> thank you, make sure sure to watch a jimmy queenie on i-9. >> is not going down without a fight. i'm talking about pastor james manning of the worldwide church in harlem. >> have a nice day. >> he has failed to pay $1.02 million so now the church, the building will not help the pastor out. he saying the church's tax-exempt so he doesn't have to pay. >> i would how much he can get for those signs outside the church. >> the man suspected of flashing a woman is surrendered, the incident took place on the subway on tuesday. it's the same person that told her i will chop you. the 37-year-old was charged with
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possession of a weapon and menacing in an attack. the victim was able to snap the photo and amazed the cover of the posts. that was not humble in his case. he will be arraigned on friday. >> over the top 15-dollar milkshake, these are are not just any milk shock shake, they have chocolate frosting, candy, whip cream and more candy. >> that the size of your head. how many. how many calories, you could be to family for a month in thailand. >> lamar odom incident -- the
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>> check out this incredible video of a man paragliding in front of the northern lights. it's spectacular. spectacular. i chase the northern lights myself and got great pictures. but not as great as these where he paragliding across the sky. >> the disaster you may not have heard of. a war worth fighting, mcdonnell -- at least that's what angry customers are claiming on social media. twitter was flooded. >> it defeats the whole purpose of the mozzarella sticks. >> mcdonald's has yet to comment on this. >> we need to get to the bottom of it. we need need to fix the problem now.
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snow on the ground, 20-degree when she'll, windshield, it must be time for an ice cold milkshake. >> i could've said it better myself. you may have likely seen the over-the-top a 15-dollar milkshake. these just are not any milkshake, they do start is milkshake but they are chocolate frosting, candy, whip, whip cream, and the more candy. they have flavors like on candy, sweet and salty, cookie, cookie dough, and a couple more. they even does do specialty shake space on holiday. >> right now between both locations we do about 500 or 600 per day. with a new york city restaurant lunch the milkshake they were a huge hit. >> however a huge hit is now an understatement, the news have gone international. >> on the third month it went international. now we have
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hours to get a milkshake. >> you may look at these and think they are probably not good for you and wonder what the calorie count is. >> we plead the fifth on the calorie count. >> they didn't tell you. >> no, there read pores that they are around 1600 calories. >> it's the size of your head, you can feed a family for the month in thailand. >> you could. what is that delicious what you don't know -- so since he couldn't wait in line i'm going to make the irish girl can't cook version for you. what you do as you start off by decorating it or coding the outside with the frosting because that's what makes the candy stick. you can lick it. >> okay. >> so then next you want to coat
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candy. >> timeout, i forgot the whip cream, hold on. >> every body free. >> sorry, forgot the whip cream. i'm getting the whip cream. sorry,. >> your ego. >> so next, the milkshake park goes in keep going, keep going. [laughter] that's not enough whip cream, look at at the picture behind you. it should be more than that. >> allison knows what she's doing, this allison doesn't. >> wants to try it?
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this one is good. >> my controversial case in town server today, it's going on. >> a small relief who is sentenced to eight years in prison for growing 17 pot plants. he faced as many as 20 years in jail for maintaining a drug manufacturing facility. he will be eligible for parole in a little more than two and half years. that's do to the downgrading of his first degree charges to second-degree charges. talk to me about the conversation with the judge. >> so the judge actually called him outright arrogant at one point. he tried to to lecture the judge and prosecutors about what he said are the problems with marijuana in the laws banning it. >> now you're going to tutor me on what we don't understand
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>> in return he blaine the uncontrollable behavior on decades of smoking marijuana. >> he cut them a pretty big break. he was facing a minimum of ten - 20 years and only got eight and could get out in less than three. >> not a bad deal for him. >> the philadelphia , reporter. it looks back, respect,. >> is over 7000 square feet of awesome cars, this is fun. >> have a story we should know about?
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>> on chasing news. >> to appreciate the finer things in automotive design, who better to send to the philadelphia car show to tell us about the new models. >> oh i want to be a racecar driver but i'm a reporter. i want to be a racecar driver but i'm a a reporter. the cars a mess, there is, there's comes on the floor, 10-pound bag of trail mix that my 10-year-old son left on the floor. would it hurt to give over to fantasy for just a little bit.
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starts tomorrow. there is too much to see. the performance, the porsche. twenty-four hour of entry the 919 hybrid. i just want to bask in your glory. it just reads fast, looks fast, it speaks. i was i was checking out the angles, the lines, the logos, it's just a really beautiful thing. this is one of a dozen of things that you could see. this is my son, were running vehicles up over ramps.
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>> about that. >> but the sports cars make my heart beat. >> both of these cars, both mclaren models are part of the mile-per-hour club. down. >> and then something i was for you it is returning to the u.s. market for the first time in a long time. >> i'm gonna be on my back in my big fat rear end but it's not hard to get used because i i know this car will get down. >> 505-horsepower. i tally and style, ferrari power but at a price point that is affordable and attainable.
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i want to be with it. >> at the end of the day think i'm representative of a lot of people out there. the car show brings out the kid and a lot of us. it's not rocket science, it's the auto show, if auto show, if you love cars go to the autoshow. >> there's over 700,000 square feet of awesome cars, it's just fun. >> they went to fat to fit. >> believe it or not this fitness expert living on 60 losing 69 pounds in four months.
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