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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  January 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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crunch! crave those crazy squares. cinna-milk! christina: topping the polls, donald trump and hillary clinton on the eve of the critical iowa caucus, i am christina park, al ruechel has antwan lewis has the night off. fox 5's zachary is joining me now. reporter: good evening, iowa caucuses serve as an early indicator of what candids have a legitimate shot of getting the nomination, it is a big deal, this time around it is tight at the top, they are out there duking it out.
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>> i raised $6 million for vets that is more important than a debate. >> this is like benghazi, i understand that. >> most recep polls have secretary of state hillary clinton leads for the dems this week she was on be a this week, defends herself. >> fellow front-runner donald trump on face the nation defending himself, after he stood up the final debate in iowa week, setting a stage, just a day out from iowa caucus primary season, republican candidate ted cruz has been building moment umthe last few weeks, number of polls have cruz in second place in iowa, he was on fox news, on the attack. >> he doesn't want to talk about the issues, the same thing he
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record is inconsis sten. reporter: most polls have marco rubio in third place. for democrats support for bernie sanders has been building he was on meet the press he talked strategy and continued to outline the difference between himself and hillary clinton. >> i have been asked every day, by the media, attack hillary clinton. i have chosen to do in this campaign is focus on the issues faces working families and the middle class, not make personal attacks again hillary clinton. reporter: most will agree if you try to get to white house, a strong showing in iowa is vital, candidates acknowledge it important you about be careful not to set themselves up for a collapse. christina: thank you, zachary, police say, a man has been slashed in the face, in the 6th attack on new york subways and streets this year, latest happen
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street subway -- 110 street subway station in harlem, he got into a dispute with a warm, they say she left, and returned with a man who then slacked victim in the face, nypd is steps up patrols. christina: nypd asking public to help find suspect they say robbed an elderly man in chinatown friday, this man approached 70-year-old victim from behind, knocked him down after 3:00 this sap suspect took the victim's money and metro card and ran off. if you recognize the suspect, please call police. christina: nassau county police say a 28-year-old woman is hospitalized in critical
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nonresponsive in a swimming pool of a long island gym, they are not sure how long she was underwater, her name has not been yet been released. christina: it is time if dig out your car. if you have not already done so, alternate side parking resumes tomorrow. city said that regulations will help facility snow removal, last week we were digging out from a blizzard, temperatures were in 50s today, audrey puente with a look at our forecast. audrey: it sure felt nice and mild across the tri-state area, we were above average most of the highs in 40s and the 50s, we were the 61 to poughkeepsie in central park, official high was 56, last time we had a 50 degree day in the
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month on the 16th. keeping in mine our normal high is 39, we'll be above that for much of the weeking right now we're at french in the park, it is 43 in islip that is same number in bridgeport, 46 in belmar, we're in 50s toward poughkeepsie. now we have a partly cloudy sky across the region that will continue to be friend overnight, tomorrow the clouds will taken up there is a chance of a few scattered showers for the middle part of the day, have your umbrella hand as you head out the door in the morning, temperatures above average with highs around 50. christina: all right. thank you. >> the world health organization is holding an emergency meeting tomorrow, topic is fighting zika zier virus, it is linked to
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throughout the americas, experts say there could be 3 to 4 million zika infections a year, schumer said that word should push world health organization to declare a health emergency that would require accord -- coordinated global response. >> we have to build a fire wall against zika that prevents it from coming to new york and america using resources of federal government and world health organization. christina: 9 cases have been identified in network h state. >> senator gillibrand wants v.a. to let its doctors biscuit medical marijuana with patients in places where is legal, policy
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>> this v.a. is discriminating against our veterans instead of giving our veterans a modern treatment option we letting answerquated ideology -- antiquated ideology get in the way of progress. christina: not everyone agrees. >> if you live in our city your legal some natural gas bills may go up next we're, con ed is asking state regulators to approve the first energy price increase since 2012. the average customer would pay $4.5% or $4 more a month. marchial gas -- natural gas heating bills would enclose 8% or -- increase 8% or well $11 a mob. >> new york city said if struck
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to reduce the number of tourism flights, it will be down 50%. this just more hand two months after new york council staked a public hearing after councilmembers proposed banning the helicopters, the sightseeing tours cause day long noise and contribute which pollution. christina: starts tomorrow motorists who drive or stand in bus lanes will be issued a $115 fines. as of tomorrow, the law will be enforced with help of cameras. the corridors ar used by service bus that carries rider from laguardia airport to morning side heights. christina: many say that video for song him is culturally incentive.
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vague or controversy? >> a video as twitter buzzing and debating where it honors the culture of india or exploits it. video for coldplay him for the week, has been on youtube just a few days, has more than 11 million views, with a spec cam spectacular image and music it is ease to see why. some on twitter tweak spheek speaking out about beyonce performance, in the poll bollywood fashion. >> some new yorkers disagree.
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represent the culture in a way that is honoring and kind toward the culture, then ien to see beyonce dressing up in that boost indian attire as an issue. reporter: all this cultural appropriation talk is anything, the vid show cases the brutey beauty of india, no need for drama. >> as long as it is appropriate and not racist, they should be happy, come on, its beyonce. >> kapur making a brief appearance we reached out for their reaction, we were unable to make contact with them. christina: less than an our in
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fitness gas prepared for the musical event. >> more than a show for kids
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to sing along to, could you hold a note while spinning an exercise bike? baruch shemtov gives it a try. >> going to hand jive baby reporter: "grease" live is coming to fox this weekend, they are getting pumped up at their cycle karaoke class. >> all right. reporter: as we ped pedal dance and
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burned up a sweat. honors the musical sensation that has kept our hearts pumping for decades, check out cycle karaoke at your local crunch, i am baruch shemtov, "fox 5 news." christina: "grease" live tonight has new meaning for star van esis a hedge -- vanessa hudgins, the 20-year-old, who plays rizzo on the show, lost her father this morning. shiaded that she will do the show, in his honor. >> released in st. peter's square as part of pope francis decoration of peace.
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hold messages of peace. 2 years ago doves were released but it has been changed sip two of sincetwo of the doves attacked by a crow. >> crow. audrey: high number in the park is 56 degrees. winds are shifting south-southwest, we're in firsts in montauk to islip and toward bridgeport, poughkeepsie, at about 54. wins are light at the most, elsewhere we're experiencing nice temperatures from boston to philadelphia. buffalo looks mild with a temperature of 5252.
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50 degree readings. so look at our satellite and radar we have partly cloudy skies right now, we're keeping an eye on a disturbance at great lakes, brings snow and rain across parts of michigan northern ohio, a coldfront associated with it that will sweep into the area tomorrow that will help ignite a new scattered showers in the afternoon. front is kind of going to loss the energy to the region. this is a disturbance to west, it will be a soaking rain, and a wind swept rain, wednesday is going to be least pleasant weather day of the week. pleasant temperatures can be found across the southeast tomorrow, that is where we find readings in 60s and 70s, and 80s in southern texas, cold
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l.a. with 60 tomorrow afternoon. future cast with tomorrow, catching sun early, you want a good look at it clouds thickening up through the day ahead of the cold front. after about noon, that is when we can see the chances of rainfall increase, and it will be a couple light rain showers passing through, but chances lingering in early evening commute. and it races out tomorrow night, tuesday we'll have sun shine, that will be calm before the storm, that will arrive on wednesday, givings a good soaking, tonight, dry, partly cloudy. temperatures nice, at overnight lows in low 30s, north and west for low 40s in city, normal high is 39. and then tomorrow, increasing clouds, watch out for showers after about 12:00, mild
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we'll dropo to futures tuesday -- to 4s on tuesday, watch out for rain wednesday, the temperatures will be in upper 50s, we could see 60 degree reading in parts of tri-state area. trying out for second half of the week, sunday we could see a rain and snow maker. christina: all right. thank you audrey. >> sesame street is launching a new initiative to help the military families, will help parents convey a sense of optimism and adventure. >> a lot of resources include video, a activity book that could be a journal at their children are making their transition. making it to an adventure it will be available for different organizationing that service transition military family and veterans.
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more information about to our web site >> duke is here is a look at what is coming up in sports. duke: after the break. up 95 to make on s.a.t. st. john, your
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mmmm, yoplait. duke: the denver broncos arrived no northern california, peyton manning and rest of the team filed off the plane, ready to play in the super bowl.
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streets outside of bank of america stadium to cheer the panthers they depart to california this morning. the crowds were chanting keep pounds and super bowl as buses rolled out to the airport. >> college hoops at garden, st. johns and villanova. st. johns playing well in first half. a floating jumper and foul. nova took over from there. off the steal, for the monster jam, wildcats took the lead forever good, beat st. johns 68-53. >> and open, australia open, murray and djokovic, he has up with 4 of last 5 majors. >> and coming up on "sports extra" presented by toyota that begins at 10:30 be we talk super bowl with tony richardson and
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christina: most people think that having your -- he tied his loose tooth to a race car on the track, he wait for the winner, it pulled the right out. so brilliant. audrey: have you done that with a door. duke: yes. christina: no. audrey: i think it hurts more. first grade. christina: no. i'm more excited about weather. audrey: me too we're expecting
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area, feeling like april. we do start february tomorrow. then it looks like showers in afternoon on monday, tuesday is groundhog day on ahead, a soaking rain is expecting temperatures soar to near 60, in many locations. >> all right, beautiful that is it for fox 5 news 6:00, i am christina park with audrey puente and duke castiglione, we'll see you back here at 10:00, stay tuned "inside
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