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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  February 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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we're working with the public to be -- share responsibility of everybody being mindful of this, to be aware and be afraid but aware, but i'm comfortable with the slashings we've seen in the subway, a small increase in the city overall, is an aberration. we'll deal with it and -- as we go forward, the numbers will decline. >> reporter: police are telling subway riders and people on the street to be extra aware of anyone trying to get too close to you. sometimes it's difficult to keep people away. they have made arrests in three of the cases. as for the woman who allegedly attacked the police lieutenant earlier today, she is in custody and being evaluated for psychiatric issues. tbush, lisa evers, back to you. steve: an international emergency over the spread of the zika virus.
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steps being taken to get control of the outbreak. >> coordinates an international response to make sure we get to the bottom of this. >> reporter: at a news conference, the director general of the world health organization declared the zika virus as a public health emergency of international concern. that means more money, resources and scientific expertise will go towards tackling the outbreak. >> a coordinated international response is needed to minimize the threat in affected countries and reduce the risk of further international spread. >> reporter: the zika virus has been spreading rapidly through south america and has reached 23 different countries, including the u.s. the primary method of transmission is a bite from an infected mosquito. the symptoms are usually mild. however, health officials are especially concerned about pregnant women. the virus may be linked to a certain birth defect called
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to be born with small heads and incomplete brain development. >> the experts agree that a causal relationship between the zika infection during pregnancy and microcephaly is strongly suspected, though not yet scientifically proven. can you imagine if we do not do all this work now and wait until the scientific evidence comes out, then people will say that why didn't you take action? >> reporter: health officials from across new york state gathered in albany to discuss ways to reduce the spread of the virus. nine zika cases have been reported in new york. five are in new york city, including one woman, who is pregnant. all of the infected patients were travelers who recently returned to new york from other countries. the director general of the world health organization says studies to determine a link between zika and microcephaly weeks. the cdc issued a travel alert on friday, recommending that
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plans to mexico, central america, south america, and the caribbean. world health organization officials agreed with the recommendations but say if travel is necessary, pregnant doctors. steve: hard to imagine getting on a plane with that being the potential outcome. dari: thank you. february is off to a mild start. in fact, it's feeling april-ish. steve: amazing we could climb higher this week. found. we pretty much polished off anything from the blizzard. nick: whatever hasn't been in the next couple of days will get polished off. we'll be above average in the temperatures and rain for wednesday. today, for february 1st, pretty amazing. 60 for the high at poughkeepsie. upper 50s around the city down to belmar. some areas around new york city touching off at 60. new record at islip at 64. right now in new york, we're
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still pretty mild. we're looking at readings into the upper 50s to lower 50s in the city. notice it's cool to the west. a cold front is coming through. that is bringing showers. you can see that on fox 5 sky guardian. a couple of light showers, southern connecticut, across nassau county and extending down to philadelphia where there will be heavier rain in that direction. these showers will be moving along as you'll see in the futurecast. we're not expecting much to happen the rest of the night. we'll see the clouds break up. it will be a clearing trend. tomorrow, beautiful, sunny, cooler, but above average by 10 degrees. we will be on the lookout for rain on wednesday. could bring flooding into parts of the area. keep that in mind into wednesday's forecast. as we head into tonight, we'll be talking about clouds to break up. 37 in the city. 20s to near 30 in the suburbs. beautiful tomorrow, sunny, 30s in the morning, 48 in the afternoon. steve: all right. a tragedy on long island. police say a 12-year-old girl
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near a school just after 7:30 this morning. authorities say the girl was jaywalking and did not have a light. she was hit by the car. girl. it. dari: the truck driver accused of crashing a limo van carrying comedian tracy morgan pleaded not guilty to vehicular homicide and other charges. police say kevin roper was driving a walmart truck, but crashed on the new jersey turnpike in june of 2014. morgan's friend james mcnair was killed. morgan was seriously injured. investigators say the truck driver hadn't slept for 28 hours before that crash. steve: we are getting new insight into the moments leading up to a deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia. dari: the ntsb is sharing its reports and evidence into the cause of the crash. stacey delikat joining us from the newsroom with some details. >> reporter: well, the ntsb
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documents and transcripts from their investigation into the derailment last may, which killed eight people and injured more than 200. now while the documents don't delivery any solid conclusions about the cause of the crash, they provide never before seen photos and accounts from the moments leading up and after the derailment. moments after the derailment, the train engineer remembers pushing the train's throttle forward to pick up speed to the 80-mile-an-hour limit, but braking hard as soon as he felt he was going too fast. i remember holding on to the controls tightly and feeling like, okay, well, this is it. i'm going over. so i tried to brace myself, he told investigators in the second of two interviews. he suffered a concussion and told investigators he could remember few other details from immediately before the derailment. this newly released video from a camera mounted to the front of
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it started to derail, flipping on its side. the data recorder shows a speed of 106 miles an hour before he activated the emergency brake. the train derailed traveling 102 miles an hour in a 50-mile-an-hour zone. documents confirm his cell phone was not in use at or before the time of the crash. he was at the end of a five-day shift on the day of the crash and told investigators he hadn't had any medical problems or issues with sleep leading up to the accident. also in the documents, photos of the mangled train cars. amtrak's equipment damages totalled $27 million. he has been suspended without pay since the crash. while the ntsb released the documents, investigators are working to analyze the evidence. they're expected to release their draft report with conclusions on the cause in the spring near the may 12th anniversary of the crash. steve: thank you. in less than three hours, voters in iowa will make their picks
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dari: it's all about turnout in tonight's caucuses, which is expected to be very close. sharon crowley is here with more and the possibility of a blizzard, sharon. >> it's a secret ballot. you write down the name trump and you're done. >> reporter: ivanca urged iowa voters to participate. donald trump doesn't have much of a traditional ground game in iowa. trump is in a tight race with texas senator ted cruz. cruz is popular among evangelical christians. for the democrats, hillary clinton had president clinton and chelsea campaigning in iowa this weekend. socialist bernie sanders is closing in on clinton in the polls. >> hillary is running scared, running around iowa right now and she's telling people that she's going to get tough with the banks. she knows that bernie sanders is really making headway. >> caucuses begin at 7:00
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republicans will cast their votes in a secret ballot. democrats caucus in the open with voters able to make a second choice if their candidate doesn't receive enough support. >> basically it's a two-hour meeting where people come together in a community with their neighbors to decide who they want the nominee to be for their party. >> reporter: with so much at stake, those at the back of the pack made last minute pitches. >> it's important. it was the first time any americans will answer the question of what comes next for america after barack obama. >> this is a long process and we do well here, we're going to be fine. i'll have you come to south carolina. >> i'm here to challenge the people of iowa to do what you do best, lift up a new leader so we can move our country forward. >> reporter: the concern is turnout, some questioning whether the big crowds that came
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sanders will translate into real votes tonight, especially guys with a big winter storm coming through just as voters are heading to the polls. now, new york city mayor bill de blasio is in iowa. i'll have more coming up at 6:00. steve: interesting. can't wait to see how it shakes out. dari: advocates are urging the nypd inspector general to investigate the policing of homeless new yorkers. they're claiming officials, officers, have unfairly targeted the homeless over several months by forcing them out of public spaces, dismantling homeless encampments and confiscating their belongings, even when they're not violating any laws. advocates are also complaining about warrant raids that have shelters. steve: a harlem church may get bought out by an organization that supports gay rights. the center is hoping to raise enough money to purchase the church for putting anti-gay
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the church going up for auction due to unpaid bills and tax liens. the organization wants to turn that building into housing for homeless lgbt youth. >> workout gear that you can wear to work. dari: technology that is helping one company create clothes that can keep up with our busy lives. steve: and you shouldn't run up 1,500 steps without a little practice. audrey puente gets ready for wednesday's run up the empire
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steve: a local start-up wants to save women the trouble of hauling a gym bag to work. dari: i'm intrigued. you're a fan? >> reporter: i'm often more -- more often in active wear than regular clothing. these pants, i have to tell you, they're among the best. if you could leave with one bag for all of your junk, if one outfit could take you from your commute to the office and workout, one company right here in new york city is trying to make that happen for women around the world. >> our clothing couldn't keep up with our lives. >> reporter: in 2014, meg and nina decided to create a brand of active wear to go from work to workout. >> if we can create better,
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best technology into contemporary daywear, you have the best items in your wardrobe. we started after with a pinterest board. we went to a fabric store in paris to find our first couple of fabrics. >> reporter: and it was born. a collection to get you through the workweek or weekend away. >> leggings, track pants, a sports practice, a top, a racer tank and shorts. it was like a -- and a jumpsuit. >> the clothing is taking off. they were named to the forbes 30 under 30 list and they relocated from london to new york city. the same month, they had their most successful day to date. >> we hit our biggest day. we did close to 20,000 in revenue, which was huge for us. >> reporter: their business ground helped bring in solid funding.
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capital. it's from friends and family. >> reporter: none of which they've spent on marketing, letting the web site and its content do the talking. >> we believe this is first and foremost like a life-style people have to believe in. >> they have a pop up shop in l.a. this spring. they're about to grow to nine women and they've added to their collection. >> we launched with eight items. now we have 13 or 14. >> reporter: they're proud of -- >> it's difficult to spend a lot of money. >> reporter: they try to make the best quality at the best prices. accessories start around $18. when you look at the prices people are charging, they're not out of line. steve: it starts at like $90. dari: i know you're very
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thank you so much. >> you could wear shorts. do they have shorts? pants. nick: it was 60 or greater in some areas. there you go. 59 in new york city. that's 20 degrees above the average high. not a record. that would have been 67. that was set in 1989. the low was 49. high tomorrow. somewhere in the upper 40s is what i'm thinking. 7:05 sunrise and sets at 5:30. tomorrow will be gorgeous. you'll see sunshine all day. 52 now. the wind out of the north. we have a couple of showers, a cold front moving through. the temperature is going to start going down this evening. pressure 29.87. it does continue to rise. here are the showers. as we look at fox 5 sky guardian, you can see them here, southern part of connecticut. it's making it into the western part of suffolk county. north and west, that's dried out.
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showers are moving through central new jersey. a clearing trend will come in overnight. look at the highs in the northeast, in the upper 50s to lower 60s. monticello, upper 40s. 64 at islip. 60 at bridgeport. upper 50s everywhere else. right now 50s rule. 50 on the east end. 55 at bridgeport. low 50s to belmar. notice the cooler trend as you get to the north and west. that will be a sign of things that happen as the night goes along. eventually a north to northeasterly wind tomorrow. let's take a look at the satellite radar. you can see the showers coming through here. the clearing line is back about western pennsylvania. it will be later tonight we'll start to see the clearing line. an umbrella might be necessary and then after that, things should get quiet through the rest of the night. a cold front coming through. eventually that is going to be
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we've got a day in this nice weather. that's for tomorrow. the storm we were talking about earlier causing blizzard conditions tonight in iowa. that's going to bring rain for us as it moves to the west. could be a good soaking as we head in towards the forecast for wednesday. tomorrow, a beautiful day. 30s in the morning. 20s in the burbs. 44 noon. 48 as we head into the afternoon. take a look at the futurecast showing the front moving through. there's our beautiful wednesday. the system coming into our west brings the rain on wednesday. that will last into the first part of wednesday night. we'll turn colder and more seasonal at the end of the week. a freeze watch is posted wednesday afternoon into early thursday for central new jersey westward. clouds early, then clearing. 37 in the city. 20s in the burbs. it's a chilly day. for february, that's mild at 48. there's the rain wednesday. 59 on wednesday. back to the upper 40s thursday. dry weather into the weekend. about 40 on friday. lower 40s saturday and sunday.
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at 40. have to watch a coastal system that could bring rain or snow on tuesday. after that, we'll turn sharply colder middle to the end of next week. steve: been great. everybody is happy with today. nick: a gift. steve: one less day of winter. dari: on wednesday, runners will be taking the long way to the top of the empire state building. steve: audrey puente was there as the athletes practiced for the grueling climb. >> reporter: a special training session was held at the empire state building today. world class athletes were here to prepare for the 39th annual empire state building run-up scheduled for wednesday. among them is patty collins who had her leg amputated after being hit by a car. >> i remember watching on tv all 39 years of its existence. when i had the opportunity to run up it and get to the top and maybe show some other people that anything can be done, i couldn't refuse.
5:19 pm
>> reporter: over 200 participants from around the world will race up 86 floors to the top of the iconic building, something joe has been preparing for at work. >> i've been trying to do stairs in my office. it's only eight floors, but going up and down a bunch of times. >> it's bringing the enthusiasm and excitement and the nervousness i need to turn it into the energy to get to the stairs and to the top. >> reporter: the athletes are training to climb 1576 steps. yours truly will be joining them to take the long way up to the top of the building. this will be my first run up to the top of the empire state building. apparently, i'm not alone. i'm climbing this for the first time on wednesday. what advice would you give me as a first time climber. >> i am, too. congratulations.
5:20 pm
climbing on wednesday for the first time. >> me, too. >> reporter: last year i climbed to the top of the world trade center, so i offered coaching to the first timers. i climbed the world trade center. >> you're a step ahead of me. >> hold the handrail. >> both hands? >> reporter: if you need both, do what you've got to do. keep a steady pace. no breaks. >> there's water? >> grab it and keep moving. >> awesome. >> reporter: what about sprinting? >> you probably could. >> the prize is the view of the city. >> reporter: we'll find out if they take my advice wednesday night. audrey puente, fox 5 news. steve: i get winded going from the third floor to the fifth. dari: i'm tempted. steve: you have to train for that. one of gotham's ruthless victims could be planning a comeback. and the reason it may be harder for uber customers to get a
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next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood and let the people who buy change your thinking about
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dari: more controversy at the sag awardsaturday night.
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about fairness. steve: simone boyce is here with the big nners. >> reporter: it can be a dizzying timef year. the sag awards is when actors award their peers. it's voted by other actors. and you've hea the #oscar so white. #sag so black. there you go. the sag awards celebrated diversity with viola davis and elba, a few of the big winners. many feel elba was snubbed by the oscars, but he was awarded performances he took the stage three times, taking home trophies for performances in the beasts of no nation and the drama luther and a equip about the oscars diversity controversy by saying looks like. good for him.
5:24 pm
sag so black, oscar so white, jada pinkett smith is returning to gotham. she would be reprising her role. i talked to a frequent scene partner, robin lord taylor, who plays the penguin, a character who probably wishes he pushed fish harder. >> not much i can say about what happens. i know she's coming back which means that my reign as king of gotham is very much in jeopardy. fish can swim. yeah. she's coming back and is going to be more ruthless than before. >> reporter: you've got to know nobody dies in comic book
5:25 pm
look out for more later this month when gotham returns to monday night on fox on february 29. i got to see the bat cave. i got to see a bunch of areas you don't see on tv check out my instagramor behind the scene pics. dari: it's a beautiful production. steve: nice. dari: thank you. steve: fighting back against fare cuts. dari: how uber drivers are less than pleased about the lower rates for customers. steve: and the technology credited with closing dozens what super poligrip does for me is it keeps the food out. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my
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visit mattress firm, america's number one tempur-pedic retailer today. dari: lower fares for customers. less money for uber drivers. steve: earlier today 100 drivers refused to get behind the wheel in protest of the price cuts. zachary has the story from long island city. >> reporter: the release called for all drivers to come and stand up against the company's recent fare reductions they say takes money out of the pockets of drivers. it's quiet on long island city now, but earlier today hundreds of drivers were out here voicing their frustrations and asking for change. >> first and foremost, uber needs to reinstate the fares.
5:29 pm
the bottom. you know, they could have cut their commission, not their fare. >> look, how would anybody feel if you come to work and your employer tells you we're cutting your earnings by 50 percent? >> reporter: outside the offices, they held signs and joined in solidarity. uber reduced fares last friday, a move that was designed to increase ridership and revenue. the drivers say it's at their expense. >> if you don't cap the drivers, you'll keep hiring drivers and we'll still be sitting. statement. we lowered prices to get more people using uber, which means less time waiting for trips. since the price cut, drivers have spent 39 percent less time between trips, which has increased average hourly earnings by 20 percent compared to two weekends before. as we have always said, price cuts need to work for drivers. if they are not, we will roll them back as we have done in
5:30 pm
johnny lewis says protestors can leverage their power only if they stop driving. >> protesting is one thing. not using the app another thing. most drivers here, once they leave, they'll go back to using the app. >> reporter: uber says trips to queens have increased 22 percent. dari: freeport on long island has an answer to crime. >> license plate scanners changed the way police are protecting the community. jodi goldberg rode with officers to show us how they work. >> reporter: that's the alert sent to headquarters and police officers on patrol every time a flagged license plate is scanned. freeport's mayor is sending a clear message to criminals. >> in the first 90 days, we've arrested numerous people, including murderers, armed robbers, burglars, wanted felons and several drug dealers.
5:31 pm
november as part of operation safe streets program. license plate readers are posted at every entrance to the village the goal to go after unregistered drivers, stolen vehicles and solving crimes. >> since the inception of the project, we've impounded over 548 vehicles, 2,008 summons, 15 stolen vehicles were returned to the openers and 25 persons arrested. >> reporter: many times people don't live in the village, including a man wanted for a murder in virginia. as for the tickets, they start at $50. >> it's a good idea. if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about. >> readers brought up privacy concerns, but the village says the's not an issue. after six months the data is removed from the system. >> they're good for people that drive honestly and not good for those who don't.
5:32 pm
to get other people in trouble. >> reporter: the village of freeport has seen a 20 to 40% increase in overtime. they hope to hire additional officers to enforce a successful start to the program. in freeport, jodi goldberg, fox 5 news. steve: wendy williams says getting fit doesn't have to be about looking good. dari: how she's trying to raise awareness about a disease that affects thousands of women. but first, here's tonight's new york minute. calling all runners. suffolk county is hosting the 2nd annual marathon. the marathon is set for october 30th and benefits local veterans. >> our goal is to attract more runners and raise more funds to support our veterans. dari: registration is open. check out suffolk february is heart month. students are raising awareness
5:33 pm
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steve: after losing 50 pounds, wendy williams is trying to encourage other women to make healthy choices. dari: baruch shemtov spoke with williams about how to work healthy habits into your busy schedule. >> i no longer care about people laughing at me or laughing with me. >> reporter: wendy williams and her hit talk show are on a roll. congratulations on being renewed through 2020. >> thank you, baruch. what do i say? how you doing? >> reporter: how you doing? >> it's a very good feeling. >> reporter: what can we expect to see in the coming seasons? >> you're asking a lot. i mean -- >> reporter: isn't that my job? >> well, you are the reporter.
5:36 pm
promoting heart health and free screenings at select locations on friday. >> heart disease is the no. 1 killer of women. it's not about a black woman thing or hispanic woman thing or jewish woman thing. >> reporter: for williams, eliminating meat from her diet has changed the game. though she still indulges. >> reporter: when we go out, i do like a few shakes of hot sauce, not tabasco. >> reporter: why not? >> they're not the same. >> the frank's hot sauce. >> hot sauce is hot sauce. tabasco is over there. just saying. >> reporter: you read it here first. as wendy flies high, there's one thing she'd like to accomplish. >> i would like my doctorate. >> reporter: an honorary? >> you know that? >> reporter: i watch.
5:37 pm
good to meet you, wendy. so good to meet you. >> you're so cute. >> reporter: something tells me the corner. how you doing, wendy? dari: she looks incredible. and she has more energy, too. fiddler on the roof is back in a big way on broadway. [music] the powerful themes that have
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with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot. dari: fox 5 health news. a new study finds teenage girls who eat a lot of fiber may actually lower the risk of breast cancer later in life. steve: joining us dr. keri peterson. thanks for being here. this is big news. what do we attribute that finding to? >> what we know about fiber, we know that it reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer. this is the first study that showed a link between teens taking in fiber and the development of breast cancer later in life. they looked at 44,000 women in their 30s and 40s and they followed them for 20 years.
5:40 pm
when they took all things into consideration and equated -- made them equally variable, they found the woman who took in 20 percent of fiber were 19 percent less likely to develop breast cancer than those who took in the lowest 20 percent. steve: fiber makes you feel full. >> fiber makes you feel full. what they attribute -- they called fiber fruits and vegetables, whole grains and beans. they don't know whether it's the fiber in the foods that created the reduced risk or the nutrients found in these healthy foods that -- steve: or what you're not eating. you're full from fiber and healthy stuff. you're not eating junk. >> could it be due to the fact that the women were less likely to become obese? in your teen, that's when breast tissue is developing and when your body composition is developing. obese women have a higher rate of breast cancer. maybe these teens were less
5:41 pm
dari: either way, kick up the vegetables and fruits and whole grains. steve: hard to do sometimes. worth doing. the cdc ends the e. coli investigation. no outbreaks have been reported since december 21st. >> just to recap, what happened in october, there were 55 cases of e. coli across 11 states and a second outbreak in december. the cdc was investigating where could it have come from? they don't know what ingredient, what food was attributed to the risk. it's difficult to tell when there's so many ingredients in one dish. there have not been any further outbreaks since then. chipotle has released a statement saying they implemented new food safety standards to prevent this from happening. steve: was it the onions? the lettuce? it's all prone to that. >> they use fresh ingredients. anything from vegetable to the meats. dari: which is what everybody
5:42 pm
steve: the first sign of having food that's real. dari: thank you so much, doc. steve: i'm ready for spring. nick: after a day like today. steve: i'm ready. it did feel like april today. nick: it did. we were pushing 60. it is only february 1st. how nice it is to have this. we still have a lot of winter left. it will start returning at the colder. next week we'll have to watch for the next potential snow threat. there could be multiple threats coming, depending on how the cold pattern will evolve into the end of the week. next week will be the timeframe to watch. 59 today. no snow with that. hit 64 at islip. that was a record for them. 65 at boston. 60 at washington, d.c. mid 50s to near 60 from buffalo to pittsburgh. a couple of showers moving through. you see them on fox 5 sky guardian. new haven back to bridgeport, scattered showers have spread across suffolk county. it's ending in the city.
5:43 pm
through central new jersey. look at the radar. you can see how it continues to advance off to the south and east. a couple of showers first part of tonight. clouds will stay for a while longer as you look at the satellite photograph, the clouds going towards upstate new york and western pennsylvania and even late tonight we'll start the clearing trend. tomorrow will be a beautiful day as high pressure ridges down from central canada. it will produce cooler temperatures. not cold. cooler. upper 40s tomorrow, but a beautiful, sunny day coming up in the cards for tomorrow. 46 at belmar. they're down several degrees in the last hour. 51 poughkeepsie. 52 in the city. monticello continues to go down. they were 43 at the top of the hour. they're now 49. 54 as you get towards islip. 50 at montauk. the cooler air will be taking over as the night goes along. tomorrow morning you'll be in the 20s to lower 30s in the colder northern suburbs. upper 30s in midtown. here's our wind, light out of the northwest, speeds of 5 to 12, 10, 12 miles an hour.
5:44 pm
morning and shifts to the east as we get into the afternoon. where's the action happening? it will be this storm moving into the mid-section of the country. for us, it's a weak cold front that you can see moving through. that will be sliding to the east. no problem there. here's tomorrow's weather. this storm will produce blizzard conditions nebraska towards iowa. and then goes to the west. that's going to keep us warm on wednesday but bring rain and a bit of wind to the forecast on wednesday. could be localized flooding, too. 48, 49 tomorrow. look at the surge of warmth and potential severe storms with the system moving into the middle part of the mississippi valley region here and tennessee valley states. 81 miami. there's the cold surging into the west. denver, 24 as we head into tomorrow. we'll get a cool-down later in the week. take a look at the futurecast, showing a couple of showers exiting tonight and then clear weather moves in. sunny tomorrow. upper 40s. we'll see the clouds come back tomorrow night. wednesday the rain moves in. some will be heavy in the
5:45 pm
wednesday night. that system moves along. it's dry after that. 37 in the city tonight. 28 to 35 in the suburbs with a clearing trend late at night and the wind out of the north and 5 miles an hour. tomorrow, sunny, 48. rain for wednesday. wind. right up to near 60 again. 48 thursday. then 40 friday. lower 40s saturday. good-looking days. mid 40s sunday. colder monday as clouds return. and after that is when we've got to watch for some things to take place that you may not want to hear about. dari: uh-oh. >> american airlines restoring some small perks for passengers crammed on those coach flights this month. it will start offering free cookies or pretzels to passengers flying between new york and san francisco or l.a. by april, the snacks are will expand to other routes. american has not offered free snacks -- i didn't realize it
5:46 pm
the airline is also expanding its complimentary entertainment on domestic flights with in seat tv's, which means they've been hurting. steve: they must need it. a fresh take on the musical fiddler on the roof on broadway. dari: you're executive producer spoke to the team behind the latest production. >> you might recognize this marquis, fiddler on the roof has had a long history and it's back for the sixth time. [music] >> reporter: it's a show about tradition and one that's become a tradition. fiddler on the roof opened in 1964. [music] for many, the songs are familiar. [music] >> for musical theatre lovers, it's music theatre mother's milk. you hear the songs and your
5:47 pm
it hits an emotional place inside of you that you forgot about. [music] >> reporter: broadway vet danny play tevia, struggling to build a brighter future for his daughters holding on to their customs from the past. >> everybody brings it back because it's an important show. it's important that every generation sees the show. it raises many, many questions about bigotry, about love, about family, about strength, about breaking of traditions. young people break away from their parents. it's a thing that happens. it's a thing that's universal. this show captures all of that and brings it to the forefront in a beautiful entertaining way and in a way that's actually helping you think and transforms your way of thinking while making you laugh and cry at the same time.
5:48 pm
1905. russia was ruled by a czar and jews faced growing restrictions and attacks. the director explains it was a moment in history that's still relevant today. >> i was very struck as i was doing research for the show, and the last year has been the largest refugee crisis in europe since world war ii and watching all that footage of people in the train stations in budapest and coming across europe and looking for homes after being driven out resonated profoundly with me trying to do a show like fiddler on the roof where a family is displaced and has to find somewhere else to live and bring its traditions and culture with them. >> reporter: he hopes the challenges the characters face strike a nerve with audiences of all backgrounds. >> i think it's helpful with the show as specific culturally as fiddler to find where it reaches into other culture and it's as
5:49 pm
from syria as it is somebody in smol -- somalia who's been driven out. >> reporter: the lyrics that bring the songs to life are the work of sheldon harnick. he says breaking down barriers was always the goal. >> i remember seeing the show at the actors fund when the audience was filled with actors. i was standing at the back of the house and at the intermission, florence henderson raced up the aisle and said, sheldon, this is about my irish grandmother. i said then we've succeeded. >> 50 years after the work day debuted on wall street, the tradition lives on.
5:50 pm
we'll see you at 10:00. steve: here's ernie with what's coming up at 6:00. >> thank you. coming up next, all new at 6:00 for you, the first votes will be cast tonight in iowa in the race for president and our mayor is right in the middle of it all. what's behind bill de blasio's decision to spend five days campaigning there. an expert panel will weigh in. and my special interview with show biz legend tommy tune. his thoughts on happiness that could help us all. that and more coming up next at 6:00. hope you'll join us. meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and we're always looking for ways to enjoy more. so we called time warner cable and got even more than we expected. more speed, like 300 meg. more tv shows and movies on
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good evening, everyone. i'm ernie anastos. we thank you very much for joining us tonight. and the waiting almost over. the first real contest in the race for president begins in just a couple of hours in iowa. voters will caucus for their candidates, and if there's an army of volunteers, they're out there getting out the vote, including mayor bill de blasio. he has been in iowa all weekend knocking on doors for hillary clinton. sharon crowley begins our coverage tonight. here we go. >> reporter: new york city mayor bill de blasio is in iowa campaigning for hillary clinton. de blasio was slow to endorse his former boss, but now he is towing the party line. he hopes his progressive reputation sways the people of iowa towards clinton and not her closest competitor, declared socialist bernie sanders. >> she knows that bernie sanders is really making headway, emphasizing his opposition to goldman sachs and the banks and
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