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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  February 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> okay it's going to be cold, an cloudty with with some flurries and light snow showers this morning. pretty view, though, look at that. audrey let's us know how much snow we could be getting, more on that coming up. >> storm system we've been experiencing is responsible for coastal flooding out on long island with more expected through tomorrow also potentially in new jersey perform primary underway in new hampshire. resident of three small towns voted kicking off a make or break day for several republican campaigns. developing story out of germany where there's been a reported head-on collision reports of several people killed.
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situation with what we know in just a moment. >> wow. good morning i'm liz dahlem juliet is off today. >> i'm ben simmoneau it is can 6:00 we thank you for being with us on this tuesday morning february 9th primary day in new hampshire but all weather moving through the area. going to be a messy week for the next couple of days at leasts. >> snow icon every day this week so far and long island getting ready for it, right add? >> not going to be a pileup every day but a chance of snow showers. at times it could be accumulating i'll go through it along here. first let's talk about flooding that was a major issue yesterday and will continue to be a threat across our shore point today. high p tides two to three feet above normal to result in minor to moderate flooding. factor in wave heights accident
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more snow in the forecast that's for tonight sphwoorm. so national weather service has a winter weather advisory for county shaded in purple here. few inches noser to make the roadways sleek so they issue that advisory whens that the case. temperatures cold enough for snow. mostly 19 in belmar, and colder than they were at this time yesterday. a good five to ten degrees cold or. one round of snow showers pushed through to the north. lots of cloud are in place and relatively quiet for much of your tuesday. nots until this evening around sunset that we'll start to see snow crank up again. we have one area of low pressure to our south. one over the the great lakes and these two will keep us unsettled through next several days. so look ahead we'll see that we're expecting one to three tomorrow morning. that's roughly across northern new jersey and long island and points northward. dwriers the south we'll see more. upwards of four to six across
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noontime tomorrow. so for today mostly cloudy it will be cold with temperatures hovering near freezing mark. snow showers develop later on this evening. last is early part of wednesday and then a lull before more snow on thursday. which can out temperatures, though, not only cold for next couple of days they're down right frigid into the weekend. overnight low it is in simghts and factor this a gutsy wind and windchill below zero. >> good morning audrey, everyone. the roadway for the most part not terrible. we have lingering issues around look this eastbound sunrise highway that accident happened earlier this morning with injuries involved now we have an accident investigation going on and eastbound side closed as a result of that. also peb bqe approaching l.i.e. very swrsh heavy for you. ramp for eastbound l.i.e. closed
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involving tractor trailer that split into two pieces. while they gets that cleaned up, we're looking at bumper to bumper delays moving into that spot. now outside i'll bring you to gowanus also looking congested as you make your way into town and alternate side of the street parking rules they're in effect today. ben and liz back to you. rng thank you very much. another snowy day off and on for mp the area and same storm is creating that snow is causing some flooding. >> teresa priolo joins us live if from long beach long island this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning to you guy, gork everyone. they dealt with it yesterday and expecting more of the same today. if you're familiar with long beach you know that it floods here from time to time, and in the worst of it ocean o meets the bay. they're hoping that doesn't happen had todays. but the ocean is looking angry this morning, and so we'll see what the rest of the day brings. national weather service has finished a coastal flood advisory that's in effect till
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flooding was a main concern yesterday in the rockaways, we have some video to show you of that. city says they're doing what it it can to keep people safe of the high tide and what is expected there today. problems all around the island yesterday in the form of snow that made for treacherous road can conditions. highways were a problem, in fact, when we were driving yesterday we saw a sign that said avoid travel because of the storm that is proching. again more of the same for the most part expected today. lilled terse talking, what they dealt with and how sick of it they are. >> i thought that it was beginning to be a mild winter. it was very warm, now feels like every day we get hit with another blizzard. >> this is the worst water we've seen since sandy. so actually dcial getting over something, it come right back again. >> drastic out here.
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and i'm 6'8" light snowfall expected today and problems throughout next couple of days. the snow stopped here no more light flurries some out and about this morning. but we can tell you big thing today is flooding, flooding so keep an eye on that. beach. back to both of you. underway in new hampshire for the state's proorms. keeping an eye on that. >> could prove to be a make or break day for republican candidates carolyn is live in manchester, good morning. >> good morning to you ben and liers it is still very early here in new hampshire, but one town north of here is already finished voting in today's primary. >> so much population 12 picks senator bernie sanders for democrats and john kasich for the republicans. several gop candidate have been going after kasich including jeb bush who just put out an ad
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kasich is hoping to deliver a surprise win. >> i'm really disappointed in jeb. it's look, he's taking a very low rode to the highest office in the land. donald trump has been own top of the polls, even before his strong debate performance on saturday. >> one of the things that's come in all of the studies is that people that are with donald trump they're sergely seriously with us. hillary clinton is piewghting uphill belittle and struggled to deliver a clear message criticizing sanders proposal. >> my o o pocket who shares my goal of universal health care over again. we cannot put our country through another contentious national debate on health care. bernie sanders ahead with an anti-establishment message. >> i'm the only candidate running for the democrat nomination who doesn't have a superpack. >> sanders blowout would be
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campaign after razor thin victory in iowa. on republican side they're tryings to narrow the field. >> i think they will after today. up in manchester, caroline thank you. the storm yesterday more weather news. a casino bound chart hadder bus from queens flipped other on a snow covered highway pup in connecticut. >> it happened yesterday afternoon or 95 east of new haven it was in route from flushing when snowy conditions it caused it to go off the highway and overturn. 70 people onboard at the time. at least 30 injured. the crash is now under investigation. >> weapon continue to watch that developing story out of germany. the death toll from a massive train crash has risen to at least 8. morning crash. 50 of those severe flip police say two trains slam intoodz each other head-on. this happened it in the southern part of the country about 40 miles southeast of munich.
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making rescue difficult. vaccinates are being taken by boat or being lifted by helicopter across the river to waiting ambulances. happen. a lot more still to come could inning emotional testimony of the nypd accused of killing a man in a stairwell last year. for you. area. most of it won't happen until tonight folks. cloudy and cold today with temperatures near freezing mark. right now at 27 degrees in central park. you can track the weather along with us by downloading our weather app. get a live interactive radar and hourly forecast and updates. you can find it free at your google play store and itunes store search "fox 5 ny" weather. stupid, "good day new york" will be right back.
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we're back 6:12 it's chill livelihood this morning. areas. like yesterday snow not quite as much as yesterday but flooding like we had across parts of the tristate area unfortunately it is unu settled for next couple of days in and out of snow least through thursday. and then start to see sol quieter weather as question go into the weekend.
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outside with readings below freezing mac across the region. we're at 26 in islip right now. bridgeport 23, and cold at 278 and belmar checking in at 30 degrees at this hour. our wind are still out of the northeast but lighter than they were yesterday across the region. we have snow showers come through earlier now moved their way up to the capitol district. lots of clouds are in place and you can see sun kind of brighten up skies just a little bit here and there but mostly cloudy for much of your tuesday. two areas it have low pressure one off towards our south here and one sitting off towards the great lakes. these two influence our weather keeping us unsettled with scattered snow shower it is for the next let's say two days across the area. so much of the day is dry. see brightening the sky but from time to time and then a3ter sunset tonight, we'll start to see snow showers rotate through, and some of them could come in busts and see snow begin to accumulate across the renal.
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tomorrow morning so leaf in a chance of snow showers at least until noon and then scattered in nature through the afternoon on wednesday. thursday a couple of isolated it snow showerses will see a mix of sun and clouds. when all said and done by tomorrow we should have one to three inches across the area with higher amounts to the south of new jersey. plrt so our day planner shows that temperatures stay cold today near freezing mark and then we stay cold looks like much for much of the rest of the week and over the weekend highs in the 20s. factor in a strong gusty wind and windchills feel look below zero it that is cold. now the roads this morning. christina is here with your traffic update. >> good morning audrey, good morning everyone. surprisingly roadways aren't looking terrible this morning about but we have an eastbound closure on sunrise highway at grape neck road active investigation involving a pickup truck. couple injuries involved in this
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will be in effect until further notice, and then on the bqe south of the l.i.e. very, very heavy for you here. you see this red that means traffic is at a stand still moving into the area of the l. ti. e. this is because westbound is closed with an accident involving tractor trailer that split into two. so as they get this cleared up, off the roads unfortunately things don't look good for you. here now outside to the tay taconic things are looking okay. but snow is definitely on the ground here so in area of pine bridge roads up to speed. but if you're traveling u up in this area you know just keep it slowerren that usual because roadways are slower and wet. belt parkway looking congested on westbound side passing area of the airport. okay. north and south to western spur splits everything is moving well for you. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today. liz and ben. >> jury could begin deliberating
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of nypd officer peter liang. >> spoke about the night he shot and killed kentucky gurley inside the pink houses in 2014. he said a noise startled hmm, he tensed up and his gun went off. he panicked and did not realize his bullet hilt then. he never gave cpr to gurley and he testified he received some intraing but never on a mannequin and felt that calling for paramedics was best way to help and he showed little remorse and has never apologized. >> no accident -- he murdered me son. i need justice for my son. i need a conviction in the end. >> liang has been on administrative duty since shooting. clarts are expected this morning. >> people who live near the if indian point nuclear power plant
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quality. it leaked under the facility. officials have said a leak of a cancer causing isotope is on site and no risk to the public. and that the police vehicle is 1,000 times below federal limits but despite assurances people near the site are worried and senator chuck schumer wants some answers. what happened if they affect their drinking water. >> show me an alternative plan and i'd be open to shutting it down. it never should have been built there in the pus place. governor cuomo ordered state and health departments to investigate, schumer is calling for an independent investigation. >> police says a woman sexually assaulted and robbed on upper east side this weekend and need your help to find the suspect. attacked saturday morning at
6:18 am
avenue. this is video of the suspect. police say he threw the come to the ground that made her walk further down the block and attacked and robbed her. if you have any information call kriem crime stop percent 1-800-577-tips. this is video inside the first source of new york from back in october. this woman distracted an employee at the store and he grabbed a phone and stuffed it under his jacket. in all four are suspected of stealing it furs on at least six separate occasions between october and december. anyone with information should call crime stoppers at 1-800-577-tips. >> we have school closings and delays at the bottom of your screen. we have much more still to come this morning how scientists think they can prevent jet lag without medication or adjusting your stleep schedule. >> could help on this schedule.
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>> all right 6:21 tuesday morning "health watch" chipotle is blaming sick employees for introducing thorough virus at storeses one in california other in boston restaurants opened late yesterday not until 3:00 in the afternoon so employees would watch and educational video an discuss food safety.
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outbreak was food born illnesses including norovirus salmonella and e. coli that sickened several and they've improved safety of all of the food and company says it's pleased with the outcome. >> simple flashes of a bright light could be enough to cure jet lag. researches for on stanford, university found exposing people to short thrashes of light while sleeping could help subjects adjust more quickly to a new time zone. they believe -- the flashes help reset brain's rhythm and technique might help suffering from overnight work schedules like some of us or changing schedules like some of us. like you -- based on clinical investigation. >> what time do you work tomorrow? >> 5 a.m. >> later. more drones registered with the federal government than piloted aircraft.
6:22 am
325,000 people registered their drones at friday according to faa. that surpasses the 320,000 pilot aircraft registered with agency planes essentially. faa about began program in december to address safety concerns. all drones must be registered before they take the first flight. >> are people doing that? >> 325,000 people i guess. >> such a high number. cockroaches i'm concerned about this video that's coming up here. but these high-tech bugs are here to help. [laughter] that's gross. all right creepy creations will actually scramble into disaster areas to help search for victims and things like building collapses after an earthquake. so they are helpful. making to withstand something that is way, way heavier than
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and look arpgd. researchers from california berkeley could be outfit west side microphone or sensors, study appear in journal proceedings of the inarm academy of sciences. that looks kind of real doesn't it? >> it does. a giant racket have you seen this? [laughter] >> looking for a new home in scott land. >> check that out atlas is 7 month old continental rabbit. they to be him in when owner could no longer take care of him because he was eating him out of house and home. size of a west terrier dog and still growing. but atlas has a ways to go before he catches up with the world's largest rabbit at 49 pounds and four feet and four inches. he's only 15 or 16 pounds right now. >> ears can be keep get bigger. squeezable that guy.
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>> very cute. interesting would you want a giant rabbit? >> giant dog than a giant rabbit. >> great dane? : no, no way. >> separate bedroom for that. >> 6:25 we have top stories, weather and traffic when we return. and a cruise ship from new jersey sails into eye of storms but this morning the question is why. look at this damage. good day will be right back. i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios
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>> it's going to be cloudy, cold an flurries with light snow showers this morning. audrey will let us know and keeping an eye on the forecast. >> primary voting underway in new hampshire. residents of three small u towns have already voted kicking off a make or break day for several of the republican candidates. >> a dream cruise has turned
6:28 am
passengers traveling out in new jersey. when the ship sailed right into a storm. >> powerful storm. attacking homeless problem in the city. volunteers help those in need trying to count how many people are living outside on the streets. all right it is tows morning february 9th good morning everybody. i'm ben simmoneau. >> and i'm liz dahlem, juliet huddy has the day off today gearing up for some nasty weather coming our way especially in long island. and jersey responsibly but flooding audrey is that the deal? >> true liz all going to be o o u curing during time of high tide. we have a new moon which causes astronomical tide. higher than normal. we have a northeast wind and as a result flooding is an issue. here's video we shot yesterday from the rockaways, you can sees roads under water there. unfortunately we're goapg to see the same threat as we go through today. at the time of high teed we could see wave heights two to
6:29 am
tietdz are six to ten feet so not only o flood will be an issue also beach erosion and at least for next 24, possibly 36 hours so be aware of that. so again minor to moderate flooding ath time of high tide, and a lot of beach erosion can be happening as tides will be two to three feet above normal. direction. motion of it will be happening tonight into tomorrow. so weather service is issuing a tonight through noon tomorrow and seeing a couple of inches of snow across the area with higher amounts across central and southern new jersey for a change. opposed to connecticut an long island from yesterday. temperatures are in the 20s this morning so bundle up out o the door. 26 in islip. 22 in bridgeport. same number in poughkeepsie. in the teens in monticello. suffolk 24, and down the shore in belle or mar checking in at 30 degrees at this hour. another back is coming into central or excuse me southern
6:30 am
buttening for much of the day mostly cloudy skies with sun struggling it break through two areas of low pressure one over the great lakes and unsettled for next several dpaips by noontime anticipating one to three inches across the area with higher amounts to the south here. and staying unsettled for next couple of days. cold and 30s and drop it into the 20s the weekend. windchill factors into the teens and single digit through the weekend. here's the roads with christina stoffo. >> we're dealing with some issues out there on the roadway rough right now so let's talk about grape neck road injuries now we have an accident investigation going on. so esh side is closed down here
6:31 am
ramp is blocked by an unthorszed truck so all of this red leading into the l.i.e. because of an earlier accident that was split into two. tractor trail arer detached so they got that cleared away. so it is jammed here and on fdr southbound in the triborough bridge we have unauthorized truck there blocking a lane so a lot of volume. out to southern state parkway in fletcher avenue exit 14 where things are good in both direction. approaches. from turnpike extension very, very heavy for you from route one and nine. but you're going to see at least 15 to 20 minutes at this timen bounded a holland tunnel same at the lincoln at this point. george washington bridge not looking terrible running along with minor delays. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today. ben and liz back to group voting underway in new hampshire for state primaries. >> it could prove to be a make or break day for a number of republican candidates. fox 5 robert moses joins us now
6:32 am
not really a question that doesn't appear as to who is going to win on either side. trump and bernie sanders but especially republican side who comes in second and third could mac a being deal. >> certain people you have to watch or for, obviously, jeb bush. chris christie, john kasich i would probably pay attention to especially to those three whether they stay in the race . ben ben and liz good morning to you already voters in three small towns in new hampshire have cast their ballots. clinton 16-7. donald trump and john kasich tied with nine votes here. i feel like i'm talking about nfl scores here. admittedly it is early but every vote crucial in a state that will likely determine who stays in and who leaves. >> at the stroke of midnight nine registered it voters of dixville notch, new hampshire voted. john kasich beat donald trump,
6:33 am
clinton 4-0 but remind i that new hampshire takes its politics very serious sly. candidates take new hampshire seriously too and they spent monday pleading for votes. name calling continued on the republican side on twitter jeb bush called trump a liar. trump said about about ted cruz a woman in the l are ally used a vulgar term for a coward to describe cruz. listen to how trump are responded. >> shout it out because i don't to -- [bleep] you're not supposed to say she said i never expect to hear that from you, that's terrible. >> cruz hasn't responded to trump comments he made his last minute pitch for votes. >> i don't care if democrat
6:34 am
policies. sanders has a sizable lead over clinton husband and daughter at her side clinton addressed those who may not vote for her today. >>i will always support you and i will always have your back. >> sanders enjoys new hampshire and next door neighbor of senator. >> you have the right to determine future of america. not just a handful of billionaires. >> you thought you had trouble keeping all of the candidates straight. now, well mike bloomberg, may still get in the race, and in an interview with the financial times, bloomberg said he's considering his options. we spofort knew that. but this is fist first time he's confirmed speculation that he's thinking of jumping in the race. bloomberg finds level of this, of course, on campaign trail, quote, an insult to the voters.
6:35 am
likely self-fund a run for president. and he says he's listening to what the candidates are saying, perhaps sensing an opening for a candidate like himself. >> interesting. could be -- he is another new yorker in the race potentially after donald trump the nominee that would make three new yorkers if hillary clinton is -- in the heart land one of the large test cruise ships ever been built. you would think incredibly stable not susceptible to being storms but that's not the case. now only its way after hitting the florida coast this qeendz. >> scary but so far captain ordered everyone to go back to their cabin for safety and images we're sees are crazy. lots of passengers posted on social media showing overturned
6:36 am
look at the waves here. jacob posted this his cabin window that caused all of this damage. take a listen. >> the ship starts to tilt back and forth. winds are getting monstrous, an we see one of the workers kind of drop everything. start videotaping the storm himself. that's when we immediately knew something was off. >> national weather service says it warn that strong storms four days in advance of the cruise ship running into trouble in the atlantic. royal caribbean said no one was seriously injured coming up in the next hour of good day we'll tack to a woman who was on that ship. >>apparently captain said they couldn't enjoy anything out of free. if thousands of volunteers spanned out early this morning to count city homeless people on the streets including mayor de blasio. city council speaker melissa marx and had you had secretary
6:37 am
canvas sector between fifth and sixth avenue from 33rd street to 31st street. this is the 12th year for hope count last year volunteers counted about 3,200 people living unsheltered. final numbers for this year have not yet been released. all right fox means business. >> joining us live now from fox business studio lauren simonetti. good morning to you lauren. we're seeing again the dow taking yesterday is that right? >> tag is a good word because 400 points to the downside is a plunge. we didn't close down 400. we basically have that loss down 178 points. it was ugly no matter how you look at it. today -- the answer is we don't know. [laughter] futures have been all over the place. let's look at what happened in japan. sometimes stocks in asia steal the course for how we're going to trade today. china is new year there. but japan is open and ek down five and a half percent. their government went to
6:38 am
essentially that means that folks are scared. they don't know where to put their money seeing gold g up in value. we're seeing japanese yen safe haven hit a 15 month high. so i looked at. pop stocks that many us own apple, amazon, google, pawflt big tech names because nasdaq is down 15% this year. look at this netflix down 30%. amazon you use it every day it's down 23 pblght since the first of the year. google down 11% so big momentum stocks getting hit really hard. >> are we close it a bare market not far away. >> not far away so a decline of 20% marks bare market. s&p 500 financial sector big banks rest with 2,000 stocks have a bear market. >> thank you very much lauren simonetti for us at the fox business network.
6:39 am
weather before the break. >> start out with flurries steadier snowfall tonight an flooding will be an issue minor to moderate tidal flooding. winter weather advisory tonight but expecting a general one to three inches across much of the area into the weekend. going to be a blast of frigid air. cold season will be on the way and talk or more about that coming up. christina what's beginning on in traffic? >> still seeing this -- accident investigation going on if you're traveling towards area of the eastbound sunrise highway by grip neck road. eastbound lanes closed down bauds of this active investigation and also still seeing unauthorized truck that son o eastbound side of the bqe ramp to brooklyn bridge hopefully that will be cleaned up as soon as possible. as far as your trains are concerned right now they are all wanting on or close to schedule. alternate side is in effect. now we're going to turn it of to duke castiglione with an update on sports. >> coming up in sports knicks looking for --
6:40 am
after firing derek fisher -- we'll tell you who that may be. we'll discuss whens we come back. i'm neil patrick harris and new york is my home. no place has more world class culture. come winter, i can't wait to visit our must-see collections of art and superb photography and film. new york has beautifully restored theaters, that are now important centers for the performing arts. and museums that preserve the
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winter in new york state means more great things to do than ever. plan your trip at
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after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate?
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>> all right it is 6:44 on a tuesday morning checking the headlines for you jury could begin deliberating today in manslaughter trial of nypd officer peter liang. he wept as he described his accidental shooting of 28-year-old gurley, closing arguments are expected this morning. >> 5 thowrk reward for information after a puppy thrown out of a moving vehicle in union dale saturday. anyone why information should call plils. >> mayor de blasio plans to restart negotiations in the fight to overhaul the city's carriage horse industry. the city council canceled vote that would have limited use of the horse it is to central park, and for the teamster union which represents carriage drivers pulled out of those talks. >> all right time now to check
6:44 am
>> i wasn't, derek fisher fired as head coach of the new york knicks. well, you know what, if you think about it, not really that big of a surprise. they lost five straight. 1-9 in the last ten, and sacking mid-way through his second season, and comes a day after the team as bs lost its fifth straight game. now they had hired him in june 2014. shortly after his career ended associate head coach kirk will be named interim head coach and he has head coaching experience. knicks president talked about how he came to the difficult decision. a game in the fourth quarter and we lost that lead in the fourth quarter. those are the things that were to me -- standing out that we needed to kind of have a look see and how getting that done. chtion you have to figure out how to stop people from score, uncomfortable. do things that they don't want to do. they practice doing what they want to do.
6:45 am
this is that they don't want to do. >> just last month 23-21 we thought they were looking pretty good. and then -- just went south. all right who is next head coach? but how about a luke walton? you know, he knows phil jackson. they were together in los angeles. 39-4 as warrior interim head coach. triking a it former knicks point guard one of my all time favorites mark jackson. he's had a lot of success as a head coach. with warriors as well. here. he grew up in brooklyn. went to st. johns played for the knicks, former cleveland coach black could be as general minnesota lew leone said, at princeton.
6:46 am
and did take cleveland to nba finals last year. brian shaw's name mentioned but a lot of strong candidates out there. playing host to barclays center. seconds left in the game tied at 10 2 throw in a driving layup. up by two. four seconds to go now. looking for brook lopez on this play. but gets it, bank shot. three pointer, and jumper -- he loves it. knicks go on toe win 105, 104 the final score. >> always a good thing to make the boss happy. metropolitan matchup. broken thumb. can you imagine that playing hockey with a broken thumb? >> power through it. >> one time right there, and rangers take a 1-0 lead. drops it back. how hot has he been? miller on fire.
6:47 am
rangers win it. devils hosting a view party to watch rangers up 4,000 fan showed up to watch the game more importantly to witness the statue that will reside outside prudential center. they'll retire the number 30 sweater tonight before their game against edmonton. super bowl champion peyton manning celebrated by going to disneyland. doesn't stop. disneyland. manning was guest of honor at the disneyland parade in california. two other special guests his kids. parade less and he was happy to celebrate the big win with his kids at the happiest police on earth. manning may retire. if he does, he gas goes out a champ. >> coolest dad award.
6:48 am
>> and you get paid for it. super bowl, all the good stoves. couple of school delays out there. audrey good morning to you. >> a quiet morning across the aye so fare. it'ses are cold, though, so you want to be bungedded -- bundled up belmar at 30 degrees. we have a northeast wind flow coming in, though, not as strong as it was yesterday. but that northeast wind will be problematic where flood will be an punish once again especially along western long island, and jersey shore. a look at our radar shows snow showers earlier but they have rotated to the north u through capitol district. nice and dry at the moment. clouds in place but sun will struggle from time to time to sort of break through so you may see brightening point different points today. two areas of low pressure we're watching. one is sitting to our south here.
6:49 am
keep us unsettled with snow showers to add inches of snow across the area but not like yesterday or o as intense as yesterday across connecticut an plield. so much of the day will see a lot of clouds with sunshine to break through. and then tonight of a sunset that's when we'll see threat of snow showers coming through and some could come with intensive bursts that's when we'll see snow accumulate across the region. and then tomorrow it will be a mix of sun and clouds with isolated snow showers and thursdays too. we could see snow stream down from great lakes producing a couple of snow showers by then as well. by tonight through tomorrow morning one to three inches across the tristate area. down to the south, though, we'll see higher amounts close tore three to six across south central new jersey. so looking ahead clouds, cold with snow showers, unsettled for next k. days. snow left diminishes but they take a big drop. high readings in 20s.
6:50 am
gusty wind and windchill factor below zero on saturday nooght. so be prepared for that. ben and liz over to you. >> 7 -- it is not going to be good. all right latest entertainment news is coming up next. >> actor jackman has a skin cancer battle reminder coming up next. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. dd perks members, indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99.
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america runs on dunkin'. >> good morning everyone. we're seeing a couple of new it. staten island expressway is real heavy had for you on eastbound side approaching verrazano bring where we're dealing with a crash to raise clover road this time. bqe remember we have that unauthorized truck through the brooklyn bridge cleared away. dpaj is done heavy for you moving into that spot. and in new jersey, we're also seeing truck road one and nine at raymond boulevard with delays we have an accident there. that is blocking one lane. alternate side of the street today. ben and liz back to you. >> orange is the new black will be in new york city. falsely arrested in 2014 on charmings
6:53 am
or star says roommate it was stalking her at the time and violated order of protection. but nypd leaked details harming her reputation. manning is asking for $10 millions dollars. >> a lot of money. gwyneth paltexas row testified. she feared for the safety of her children because of the actions of donte michael sou. accused much sending dozens of letters to paltrow. in her words they're from pornographic to threatening. they arrested him in ohio last year and brought to los angeles and charged with one felony count of stalking and previously convicted of stalking paltrow and to a mental health facility.
6:54 am
after undergoing skin cancer on his nose once again if >> -- >> the fourth trial he's been treated for the most common form of the disease. he posted this photo urminging fans to get regular screenings to wear sunscreen something he never did while growing up. like batman. all right matt is looking to return to broadcast television. >> reportedly been tapped star in the new cbs comedy pilot titled i'm not your friend. contractor raising his kids while his wife goes back to work. starring as himself on show time, episodes show time is owned by cbs if that makes sense. he recently boarded back on the coast but first times on the network since friends ended in 2004. >> like saying he had show on nbc. >> joey.
6:55 am
>> greg and rosanna are standing by that's it for us this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> thank you for filling in. >> have a great morning everyone. (harold) looks like australia. (rob) i'm telling you, it's a western omelette. (jeremy) fellas! (harold) hey! what you got there? (jeremy) a new york lottery scratch-off game.
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