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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  February 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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audrey puente is here now with a first look at what we can expect. what's it look like? >> today is going to seem balmy compared to the weather we'll be experiencing into the weekend. let's talk about the highs. they were below average, mostly in the 20s across the area. normally we should be in the low 40s. we're not going to see that until next week. wind speeds are light. a little breezy right now, but enough to give us a chill. our current windchill factors are in the teens. we're in the single digits towards monticello. these numbers, double them and throw them below 0 and that's what we'll be experiencing tomorrow night into early sunday. we have a frigid and cold air mass working its way out of canada. tomorrow we'll experience highs in the single digits to teens across the northern plains through the great lakes and the ohio valley and right here into the northeast and new england. it's going to be the coldest air we've seen this season and for at least a year now we haven't had a frigid air mass in place for some time. it looks like it's going to be here a couple of days, which is
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tonight's lows will be in the teens. not too bad. the next night we're expecting lows in the single digits across the area. the winds will be the major factor through the afternoon tomorrow and into tomorrow night. the national weather service has issued windchill warnings and windchill advisories for the entire tri-state area. starting about 3:00, 4:00 in the morning up to the hudson valley as the cold front works through and later timed as things work its way downstate across the region. tomorrow night, windchills from 15 to 40 below 0. that's below 0 up towards the hudson valley in extreme northwestern new jersey. it will be 10 to 20 degrees below 0. that's dangerously cold. this is expected for tomorrow evening right into sunday morning. sunday morning's low is forecast to be 0. that will break the previous record of 2 set on february 20th. the coldest air was on the 5th when the temperature was 11.
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temperature below 0 was 1994 on the 19th of january where the temperature was at minus 2. therefore we haven't seen cold air like this in place for some time. i think this is going to be a shocker for a lot of folks, especially after the mild winter we had. november, december was nice. recently we had 60 degrees. ernie: this is brutal. >> fortunately only short-lived. ernie: thank you. we should tell you when it gets this cold it triggers code blue warning for the city. it goes into effect when temperatures drop below 32 and it means sherlt -- shelters are open for anyone in need. last night 232 checked into city shelters. >> also in the news, fallout from the guilty verdict of now former nypd officer peter liang. the jury delivered a guilty verdict last night. today liang's partner was kicked
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dan bowens is live in lower manhattan with more on this story. good evening. >> reporter: good evening. right now there's a demonstration happening outside of 1 police plaza. 80 to 100 people are attending the demonstration as described gurley. it was going to happen regardless of the verdict, some people carrying signs for other police-involved shootings that guilty verdict. as for akai gurley's family, they are not here at this rally this evening, but they did put out a statement earlier today where they said they want to see big changes when it comes to nypd policy. >> i feel it was a tragedy for everyone involved. >> reporter: mayor bill de blasio saying his administration respects the jury's decision to convict former nypd officer peter liang. >> the jury has spoken here. >> reporter: he's downplaying calls for akai gurley's family
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liang and his partner were patrolling a stairwell when gurley was shot. >> they're necessary as part of keeping residents safe. we have to work to do them the right way. >> reporter: a day after the verdict against liang on manslaughter and official misconduct charges, the nypd announcing his former partner shaun landau, who testified against liang in exchange for immunity, has been fired. the pba president saying the verdict will have a chilling effect on the police force citing a shooting of two nypd officers in a bronx stairwell last week. >> the police officers were shot in an equally dangerous stairwell. that's why we have the weapons out and why we're taught that way. it doesn't make it a crime. it makes it a terrible, terrible tragedy and accident. >> reporter: gurley's family moving forward with a civil lawsuit against the city. his former domestic partner appearing on "good day" explaining how she talks to her
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>> she asks about her dad. i tell them he's not here. i try to explain to them and sometimes they might understand, but they're not old enough to understand. >> reporter: peter liang's defense attorneys held a news conference today saying they plan to file a motion to have the guilty verdict thrown out. if it doesn't happen, they will appeal. back to you. ernie: dan bowens, thank you for that. also these stories. we talked about the flint water crisis yesterday. now thousands of e-mails obtained by the detroit news show federal officials suspected a link with outbreaks of legionnaires' disease a year before the public was warned. >> pope francis making history, meeting with the patriarch of the russian orthodox church in cuba, the first time the leaders of the two churches met face to face in nearly 1,000 years. the pope and patriarch signed a joint declaration on religious unity which calls for peace in syria, iraq and ukraine.
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now. coming up next, valentine's day weekend is a time to celebrate love. so it's powerful. it has healing properties. we'll tell you about that. and you'll meet a couple i married a while ago. we'll hear how they're doing now. it's coming up next. keep it here. we'll be right back after the break. i'm neil patrick harris and new york is my home. no place has more world class culture.
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feature story tonight. in case you forgot, it's valentine's day this sunday. you know it's about more than just flowers, candy or cards. it's all about love, which as lidia curanaj shows us, can be a very powerful thing. check it out. [music] >> reporter: love, it's the foundation of some of the greatest songs of all time. >> too engrossing. >> reporter: it's the inspiration behind shakespearean tragedies, lovers perishing at the very thought of living without one another. the power of love so indefinable, or is it? not according to tony and kathy, who have been married for over four decades. we always hear about love. it's more than a feeling. >> i don't know, thunder, lightning, what? >> i made her laugh. >> he did. he still does. >> that was good. >> reporter: he made your life
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>> i made her hot, making her laugh. >> reporter: for peggy, love can be transformative. >> i feel it coming back to me. if i'm depressed, that's really healing. it's a wonderful feeling to feel the love bouncing back. >> reporter: according to psychologist psychologists, love can be healing from the inside out. >> when they're in love, studies have found that we have a lot more -- the chemicals, the pleasure principle chemicals, that bring down our stress hormones and create a condition where we have less anxiety, less depression. we have more focus in life. our immune system is healthier. >> reporter: for allen, being a grandfather has instilled in him a love he never knew existed. >> that's why i'm here suffering in the cold instead of moving to florida.
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you can stay here and your grand grandkids are across the park. >> the common theme, for love to be powerful, there must be a connection. >> it's about having another experience with another human. [music] >> reporter: lidia curanaj, fox 5 news. ernie: all right. thank you. as we celebrate this valentine's day power of love, we have a very special feature for you right now. you may recall back in may 2014, i had the distinct honor to marry a lovely couple at the boathouse in manhattan. they were surrounded by family and friends as i performed a legal ceremony in accordance with the city clerk's office. it was a very memorable day for everyone, especially at this classic moment.
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>> i now pronounce you married. congratulations. you may kiss the bride. and with bubbling champagne, lots of congratulations, they celebrated their commitment to a lifetime together. look at this. this is incredible. you're watching yourselves. you may kiss the bride. it's okay. all right. i'm telling you, you guys are so amazing. it was almost two years ago you'll be celebrating your anniversary anniversary. how's it going? >> amazing. really, really good. ernie: the way you thought? >> i mean, it wants better than i thought -- it's better than i thought it would be. nothing really changed from our relationship. we're still the same people. we're just married now. it's been the best year and nine months of my life. ernie: that's great. love to hear that. what can you share with us? what's the best thing you can
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being married? >> the best thing, because we work together ad we obviously live together, it's been nonstop, 24 hours a day spending time with the person i love. ernie: you do a lot together. you do some cooking. you were telling me you take honey moons almost every month. you did that because? >> because when we first got married, everything was moving so fast with the business, so a year, once we -- after our year anniversary, we decided to take a honeymoon once a month. we go to a different city or country and hang out. ernie: that's a wonderful thing. you must be very happy. this is good. >> it's exciting and a lot of fun. ernie: you have a very special relationship. seems like yesterday i married you. >> it feels like yesterday. ernie: what's the best advice you have? people who are watching and saying i'm thinking about
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what can you say? what can you share? >> i say just do it. there's a lot of misconceptions with marriage. let's say a guy or a young lady, if the love is there, love doesn't look at age. if the love is there, doesn't matter if you're 18 or 30, i say go for it. ernie: love is the key. and communication, making sure you talk to one another, you share your feelings. i'm so happy for you. congratulations. so good to see you. you can kiss the bride. it's okay. valentine's day coming up. a beautiful couple. all right. audrey, we need some warm weather for valentines weekend. i don't think we're going to get it. >> do we? it's good cuddling weather. ernie: yes. >> it's going to be very cold. folks, it could be dangerous if you plan to be outdoors. be aware of that. let's review the winter we've had. it was pretty good in november and december.
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this time of year. coldest day is now today. before today, it was 27 degrees back on january 23rd. today's high was 25. that will make for the coldest day this season. our coldest night was january 5th when the temperature was 11. remember the blizzard we had on january 22nd? we had over 26 inches of snow. the most rain we've had for the month was january 10th. we're going to add to that rainfall total as we go into the middle of the month. -- the middle of the week. right now we have readings in the 20s. we're in the teens up towards monticello where the temperature is at 16. it is all about the temperatures for the next couple of days. it's cold across the northeast, from new england towards the great lakes into the ohio valley and down towards the nation's capital at the moment. a look at our satellite and radar shows we have a couple of snow showers being picked up by the radar. they're associated with two elements. we have one that's an area of low pressure sitting over the mid atlantic region. that's providing some snow
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they could come close enough to bring a few flakes around central and southern new jersey through the overnight hours. then we're watching a cold front that's working through the great lakes. this one will be pushing through the region tonight. along it we have snow shower the great lakes. we could get a couple of isolated snow showers out of the front. the big story will be the arctic blast that will come in and it will start working into the region after 3:00, 4:00 in the morning. first in the hudson valley and moving further downstate. temperatures right now very cold behind the front. we have readings in the teens, even colder off to the northwest towards the canadian border. that's headed in our direction. the milder air is suppressed into the northern portions florida. it's cold towards georgia and the carolinas as we go through the next couple of days. a look at futurecast shows lots of clouds. we'll get breaks from time to time and a couple of isolated ow showers. tomorrow wll wake up with few snow showers tomoow, but we'll see a mix of sun ouds tomorand e big talk
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not only t temperatures but thewinds. they'll be increasing in speed tomorrow. we'l gusts highs 30 miles an hou that'soingoes brutal windills tomorrow. sunday night or saturday night into sunday, we expect the core of the cold to be in place and the brutal windchills. sunday morning, plenty of sunshine, but that's not going to do anything to warm things up. temperature z temperatures will be at record highs sunday. in the meantime, we'll have cloudy skies with a couple of isolated snow showers. lows dropping into the single digits in locations north and west of the city. tomorrow, frigid and cold. temperatures in the teens to low 20s. factor in the winds and it will feel like the single digits for the daytime hours. tomorrow night, that's when we get cold with windchills below 0. as we go into sunday, we're going for record lows and record highs. that's going to be the coldest day of the weekend. then we rebound quickly. we'll be in the 30s on monday.
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the precipitation that we're expecting will be in the form of rain and not snow. temperatures will be more seasonable the second half of the week. ernie: it's cuddle up weather now. thank you. still have more for you. we'll tell you all about it. next we'll talk about advertising only basketball jerseys. it is coming soon. russ will join us in just a minute. and this is black history month. we're celebrating all next week with very personal success stories in different fields and programs that will help young african-american children achieve similar success. it's all next week at 6:00. we'll be right back after the break.
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ernie: it's the nba all star weekend. soon we might be seeing something that has to do with money. it's advertising on players' jerseys. russ: go back a little bit. ernie: moola. russ: mucho dinero, it's all there. ernie: is this happening? russ: it's the all star game in toronto, the first time the all star game is being played out of the country. but owners are going to get together. a committee is going to get together this weekend and discuss ads going on uniforms if it -- it would have to get passed in april. you could see ads on uniforms by
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season. ernie: a lot of money. how much? russ: in 2011 when adam silver was the deputy commissioner, he said that kind of advertising could bring in conservatively $100 million. ernie: incredible. russ: off the charts. ernie: you have a little complication. you've got large markets and smaller markets. russ: good point. because of the large markets and smaller markets, the league is proposing that 50 percent of the money gotten from the ads goes to the teams. the other 50 percent goes into the revenue-sharing pot, which the players are part of. it works out. ernie: you could see a little possibility of conflict there. you've got advertising. it could be -- russ: guys are advertising mercedes.
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cadillac. it's a problem. it could pose a potential problem. you know what? they're all going to work through it because it means money for the ownership. it means money for the players. as they say, it's always about the money. ernie: always about the money. let's talk about something else, breaking news involving a mets pitcher. bad news. russ: i have to say this. there's only one way to say it. henry mejia formerly of the mets gets the knucklehead of the year award. this is the third time -- it's for failing the drug situation, but for performance-enhancing drugs. it's not like an addiction. it's performance-enhancing drugs. he just signed a 2-1/2 million dollar contract after being caught twice. now he's caught for a third time which means he's the first player in major league history to receive the lifetime ban. ernie: always something. okay. thank you.
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ernie: thanks for watching the news at 6:00. now you can connect with me on facebook. go to anastos. check it out, and you can also answer my daily positive questions. go to anastos. >> finally tonight, 20 degree weather is great for ice, but bad for people. so new york city's annual central park ice festival this weekend has been cancelled. you heard audrey tell us how dangerous the windchills could get and officials decided it was too much to ask people to be outside all day for the event. by the way, it is not being rescheduled. so get yourself some hot chocolate and stay warm for valentines weekend. that's it for now.
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i'm ernie anastos in studio. big john, give us a wave. have a wonderful weekend. we'll see you again on monday. got to stay warm this weekend.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: i got to say, you look at this and khloe and lamar look like it was six years ago. >> how are you doing, bro? good seeing you, man. >> lamar looks completely normal. he's interacting with the paparazzi. thought we would see this. >> they have to get back harvey: it feels like they're back together. >> but you said repeatedly no, no, no, no. harvey: what do i know? >> taylor swift and kanye west. they're long-standing beef has now been resurrected. he released a song. his lyric is, i feel like me and taylor might still have sex. i made that bitch famous. taylor and her swifties were >> my favorite part was taylor's brother throwing away the yeezys. the homeless man wearing those


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