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tv   Chasing News  FOX  February 16, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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>> i'm a lawyer. >> "chasing news" in honor of presidents day i checked out george washington's grip -- crib i went to to williamsburg. >> you could do that as your running down the sidewalk. >> keyword "chasing" the story of george washington? >> in honor of presidents day and george washington's
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crib. this is the alcohol? [laughter] is that normal? [laughter] i will chase this to the house in river edge in new jersey and there i joined the first new jersey regiment. when i got to the house there were soldiers in the continental army uniform and they help their muskets and were firing. at the time they would be firing at the british well george washington was inside
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win the revolutionary war. and george washington lived at this house 10 days in september 1780. >> close to new york city where the british were the reason is the bridge the hold is attached to is the bridge that washington crossed his troops over to save the army from the our british invasion of fort meade. >> it is a bid to read out of stone. rissole pots hanging. >> but the fires were very prevalent. it is a parlor.
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>> the root cellar. >> that is in the party room -- parlor room. >> they just take a bath? >> they will talk business. >> to the generals? [laughter] this was his actually. 6-foot 3 inches but even i had to bend over. in this is a macy it is part of his office. is an amazing. >> of the dollar bill with
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time they were continental bills. it is absolutely difficult to undo those in you could crush a walnut. >> ladies and gentleman your attention the radio control room of though hotel yorker. >> a living link to of the past then the worker was once the largest hotel in new york today it holds the secrets of the big apple past one person is and covering it in detail one artifact that time. 4,000 rollicks you a kid
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>> the vast majority. >> the longest serving employee ticket estimated 20 years researching the yorker >> i wanted to show things and even the kids would enjoy like milking the cow in the lobby from the wisconsin dairy queen or giving room service. in the fifties and forties it was a new home for glamour. >> tesla some credit with inventing the radio was eating yorker ted years and was there in 1943. >> also mahomet all the a featured guest has a river dedicated to him but this tunnel connects the hotel to
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as far as the empire state building. >> why does it exist anymore? about paying a fair and the security issues? >> they didn't last forever going from clever to drabble's closing in the '70s nearly becoming a homeless shelter or a hospital. it was saved by the unitarian church and kind of 1984 would wetback to its roots coming out of control of the ministry company ended 2014 it was taken over and it is continuing to grow as it was meant to be a moderately priced luxury. >> how much? >> not that much. >> how much? >> it depends on the season with the supply and demand but $300 is great for manhattan. >> that is ridiculous.
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>> i went to williamsburg where they are flipping the normal routine. everybody knows i am slightly afraid of heights. i held on a hand -- relearn how to do the whip it is a position in trick then the he intended to he and the transfer that is the trapezes structure that took
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your not just getting a workout it is absolutely incredible. >> bid does take strength of listening and timing. >> it is not just to jim for acrobatics also a defense company. i had my experience with pop action. the lot of popular and a lot of action and a lot of flipping. >> those who started to explore different parts of the body so if you draw the
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is six-figure horizontal and six-figure vertical that this issue wanted to see because she never went through that transition of that person getting up. >> if you would like to change a purity in -- changeup your routine if you don't necessarily want to retry acrobatics you can check them out. >> to convert 1200 calories in one hour. >> if you see me not listed in my arms they are exhausted. it every muscle tool whole on and move into the different positions. >> i have been running that is the only thing i can afford to do. his else like it is expensive. >> but if you need something to changeup that routine to go once a week.
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sidewalk? i could. >> comfortable beds it is unacceptable to see the veterans homeless could this be a solution? collaborators. >> eight driver in miami took the $4,000 of liberty. >> 400,000. >> you said 4,000.
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the country but this is in the middle of one of the biggest military bases. for military members and families. >> is under renovation now spend a mostly for people who are transitioning to new homes of the base after they finished employment elsewhere and are being reassigned or also for civilian active duty with relative numbers and retirees. $60 a night you can stay in a room just as nice as anywhere else where but most are made for long stays with them microwave it is a nice place i talked to some of the people. >> with housekeeping she takes care of me. we don't realize she is short staffed.
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care of everybody the marines and air force and the coast guard they all stay here. >> $60 per night with active duty. >> one flat rate. >> is this a solution for retired military personnel that they're experiencing homelessness? technically they are eligible for base access active duty or retired or if you have the identification card you're eligible. >> there are 27,000 hotel rooms across united states operated by department of defense on 98 different installations but it is unacceptable to see our veterans who has served our country homeless and would have to go to secretary of defense carter to take this up not for those are doing a
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>> why would it not be a solution? is there a criteria? >> you have to get on the base. that is a security issue. >> i went to the welfare motel up on route one that is $50 a night and this is a lot nicer than the one. >> group service? -- ruth service? >> check this out. the tournament of champions i was blown away of how ridiculously good-looking. find out more as the splash of royalty the newly elected head from brazil he said it
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it is better. >> you did not even think about it. >> i have a lot of questions >> also brings out the rugged and beat. >> that is what we used but the professionals love the grass court. >> we also talked about the difference between tennis and squash it is about power their racket is designed to deliver the ball on power. there is the most powerful rackets they have been the
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>> rated by "forbes" export muscular strength less ability cardio and calories burned and risk of injury. >> i have been told that many times. the tickets to the finals are $50 they are not cheap. the harvard club bend the yale club and the new york athletic club then the event is sponsored by j.p. morgan so with the sponsors and the dnc crowd with the estimated 800,000 players in the united states alone is a big game of the moment or the new trend or too rich for
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>> too rich for my blood like squash battle the because i wish i was one of those out were rich to play squash. [laughter] >> is it coed? >> a good question everybody can do it you just have to have a straight face and stamina. >> squash's better than sex?
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>> what happens when you
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6>1 changes everything. how. >> tamara , . speaking were "chasing" us story set the date is cute when? >> get ready for over space been some time with tube little cubs we were indicted by six flags to meet the new additions to the six flags family a siberian tiger and ally in club raised right here in new jersey. >> the tiger is more dominant but the alliance
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who. >> does veterinarian is watching over these to. the lion cub born in mid november that around the thanksgiving the tiger cub was born. they have not been named. >> do they have names? >> did you knottier? my last line was they do not have names. [laughter] >> i was distracted by then zebra tell they trade them on their future food. >> the lion will be fully grown before age weighing over 300. the tiger will be full and about five years and over 500 pounds. >> we measure up to bottles in the blender. that is their meat shake. >> four times a day. four bottles a day.
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female cats they would typically never meet in the while they're on different continents but their bombs did not accept them. >> in the wild they will abandon them all. >> where can you see that the? >> said period tigers are on the endangered species lists only 3,000 are estimated to live in the wild according to the world wildlife organizations and estimative less than 90,000 african lions in the wild and are now protected under the endangered species act. >> do they smell? >> they scratched me. i was thinking they were adorable he was petting the
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to that rand is scratched me of the neck. >> future killers. >> central park five. their names became a emblazoned in history. >> five young men went to prison for rape they did not commit. >> at the age of 161 of the most shocking crimes of york history.
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dish nation all right, everybody, we have a flirt alert. >> bring it. >> ariana grande has a bit of a reputation of being a diva, difficult to work with. she's trying to work that reputation around. this might be backfiring on her. >> being nice is backfiring? >> well, because her interpretation of being nice is flirting. >> okay. >> and she's flirting a little too much. and it's making people uncomfortable. at a recent photo shoot, they said ariana grande walkeded over to the photographer's lap, sat on it and started giving him shoulder massages. >> that's really like a kodak moment. >> that's really nice. >> that's just her way of checking out the photos he took. >> you think? >> she's very raunchy, risque on stage, that's part of her persona but now she's bringing


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