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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  February 17, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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from "fox 5 news" , this is "good day wake up". it will be as warm as yesterday temperatures aren't bad for the middle of february. we see more sunshine and mike woods has a forecast. city council votes to give city council votes to give it a dirty 2% raise . we will have a live report, coming up. getting angry and scared. find out what happened on this trip to mexico. the top dog is the german short haired pointer beating out 2700 other injuries.
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kind of like whenever. maybe it's the breed. >> mike keeps getting me look . >> you criticize the dog and i am ben simmoneau . carrie: i am in for juliet huddy i am carrie drew. >> the dog is probably coming later on. we have seen some beautiful dogs. i feel like this one is just okay . this one is very close cut. the first of i ever had was a german short here. >> was all brown. at least he had on it they are hunting dogs. it was a boring dog. >> you know what's funny?
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husband name is max. [laughter] i don't know how i feel about that. >> wow! you can attack him now if you'd like .>> here she comes ! [laughter] let's tell you what's going on out there. bring tunnels from yesterday it was pretty bad. we had 1.71 inches of rain in danbury and look what she does. she sets it up . central park is an inch -and-a-half and you saw three quarters of an inch of rain with a significant storm and a good amount of wind. look at the gust. it's in central park .
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temperatures came down 100 from what we had yesterday at the same time was a lot cooler yesterday was warm and today feels like normal. we do have snow showers showing up in fairfield county. you might see some of it make it onto the ground but even if it does it doesn't stick around for long. we had a week to sermon swinging by and has enough kick to it . temperatures are fairly warm . snow comes down to the ground level . high temperatures up to 440 and that is not bad. tomorrow will be cooler than normal with a high of 370.39 for a high on friday. the weekend looks nice and dry. let's bring in ines and see what she has . let's see what's going on. >> i'm sure you'll find something.
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flooding issues last night and into this morning. the bronx river parkway is moving fine now.the bridge is looking good. no problems unto 80 into the parkway. let's go to the cameras and take a look at the lie . by north ocean avenue with traffic moving fine and there is no problems on the eastbound side. let's check out the cross bronx on the alexander bridge. very quiet northbound and southbound. 79 street heading towards the bridge you are okay and trains are running on or close. >> think you , ines. the nypd is doing and good job of setting up new policy. getting that down to the rink is a challenge. that's a adderall monitor report . he says many officers and supervisors are not yet aware of the new policy changes or they no longer understand what is expected.
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communication and reinforcement of the policy is needed . the number of street stops . dramatically at 24,000 last year compared to 685 thousand and 2011. >> on the hunt for a luxury watch thief who steals them well they are sleeping. police say on two separate occasions, she met a man who escorted her back to a hotel and police say she stowed their royal oak offshore watch. the watch looks like this . very expensive $50,000. the first thing happen in queens. 50 grand for that seems like a lot . more than it's worth . if you know anything, call crime stoppers at 1-800-577-tips.
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latest politician to take on donald trump. he says why he does not think he should be the one to proceed him in the oval office.yet again, another crazy day of things being said . >> obama took questions in california saying the stakes are too high and he doesn't think trump is think trump had something to say in response?you bet he did. >> i continue to believe that mister trump will not be present. >> it's rare that he comments as candidly like this.he did not endorse a candidate it's no surprise that he will not endorse trump . >> being president is a serious job. it's not hosting a talk show or a reality show . it's not promotion or
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game on . >> this guy has done such a bad job. he has set us back so far. for him to say that it's a great complement. >> trump address the president. >> you are lucky i did not run last time when romney ran because you would have been a one term president. >> jeb bush tweeted a photo of a gun engraved with his name captioning the picture, america the tweet generated criticism in social media. there was this moment when lindsey graham appeared with bush and asked the democrats in the audience to raise their hands. >> bush raises in . the candidates who are democrats , hillary clinton bernie sanders continued courting african-americans. clinton met with civil right leaders. >> there are still very real barriers holding back african-americans.
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note in south carolina where he promised to fight for greater equality . >> the change never takes place from on top. everyone who knows history knows that change takes place at the bottom. it goes up . >> sanders was joined by erica garner. she is the daughter of eric garner who died in a police chokehold. she appears in this ad for sanders. a new poll is due out at 6:00 am. we'll bring you the results when they are released. >> can't wait to see that. robber, we will see you in a little bit. >> members have not had a raise in 10 years. when the opportunity came up they decided to give themselves a big one. >> 32%. bill de blasio is getting a raise or will he take it? liz joins us live from
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>> good morning. right before the three-day holloway holiday, the issue is added into the record. some people are questioning if the mayor is trying to sneak it in or downplay the fact that he will give the city council and himself a big raise. >> the mayor put on record he plans to give the city council members a big raise. he filed the last-minute notice into the record on friday that says he will sign the bill into law that guarantees the pay hikes. we believe the mayor's office has to give the public five calendar days calendar days notice before the change. they will get a 32% pay hike bumping their salary from hundred and 12,000 248,000. that numbers is $10,000 more than the mayor's commission recommended pay
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full-time employees . councilmembers haven't had a raise in a decade. the mayor's salary will also go up from 225,000 to more than 258,000. that's a 15% raise. in the past, he has said he would not take a raise until he was elected into a second term.>> on february 5, 40 members voted yes on the measure including melissa whose own salary will also climb. the citizens union , the government watchdog group says the council short-circuited the process by public input raising the salaries more than $10,000 more and i what was recommended by the commission . >> the mayor's say they are being transparent and not trying to draw attention
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they do not want to go unnoticed. there's going to be a public hearing process done at city hall and it should be pretty interesting. >> the time is now 5:11 am. it's been a canine tradition 440 years. westminster kennel club had the best in show. >> the best tonight is the german shorthair pointer. he one night group becoming a third to win the event. one and 2700 contenders with a graceful stride and deep brown hair with a sleek white body and brown spots. she knew the pooch was destined for greatness and he was born. . ben: you are always
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maybe i should be more diplomatic periods 13 i don't know, i think he is . i think it's the hair. i think you are looking for that manicured hair. >> they always have that flowing lock. >> we have more to come. the judge orders apple to break into an iphone used by one of the california shooters . apple is responding . mike keeps track of the forecast. >> we have a big change coming up. more clouds around in the morning mr sunday afternoon. we see cooler temperatures with a normal high temp at 420. we are starting out at 37. if you want weather information, download the weather out with live interactive radar. it's listed the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl.
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or macchiato for $1.99.
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pothole season is here. according to aaa, the recent snowstorms followed by rain made the perfect conditions for pothole season.flat tire repair in long island jumps to more than 300 daily. that's compared to 21 total on the day of the snow storm last month. us drivers spent 15 billion to repair her car damage. this is caused by potholes and 14 billion of that was on the fdr.
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it's always pothole season in new york. is there really a season? this time of the year is the worst .>> it is but it's always pothole season . >> there are but we hear about it more now. this is when they tend to develop more so . >> what we need is to stay above freezing. . >> it would be nice. there is not much out there weather done . at least with the big ones. there is some way down the road . once we get beyond that the days are longer and if we do get something it does not stick around. what to expect for the day today.
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cooler temperatures and highs in the 40s. yesterday was warm but you had to deal with all the rain .it was heavy and windy with a few showers coming out as . it doesn't look all that impressive. temperatures are on the rise for the weekend so you have above normal temperatures saturday and sunday. today will be a little bit closer to normal. the cold front drop by and brought the rainfall it's drier still have clout left over. 33 in albany and we don't have huge cold air sitting with us now is definitely cooler than what we saw yesterday. the showers are rolling through and it could bring us some flurries in fairfield county. there is parts of long
5:18 am's briefly for the most part, things should get better as time goes on. the disturbance drops and more clouds in the morning and sunday afternoon. the cooler temperature will be here and we have more of that dropping down from canada. there is not enough to produce any precept. future cast is trying to give us some snow flurries to the northwest but i'm not right about that. dry skies on friday and later on saturday with a small chance of a shower. it does not look like deal. a high of 37 tomorrow and 39 on friday with a chance coming in. high temperatures in the lower 50s and another shower on monday. let's bring in ines rosales and look at our command . >> yesterday we were
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conditions. problem. heading towards green boulevard , the bqe looks good. connecticut no problems. in the parkway, looking at some green. take a look at the lie over by north avenue looking fine but we are having a problem on the ramp from the deacon heading in there and you can see it spin out and it hit over there but they left the scene. you have no one claiming this. >> traffic is moving fine and on occasion you have someone trying to merge. no significant delays but across the lincoln tunnel, no problems heading into the city. the trains are running on
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you guys are talking about potholes. >> i saw a lot yesterday. >> they are big! they're going to get bigger . >> digital privacy versus national security. apple had a court ruling with a judge ordering apple to provide the fbi was spent the special software to hack into a iphone that was used by farouk malika. apple says it will fight the order. they said they must supply the fbi with software that can disable the security feature which erases data from the iphone after too many attempts to unlock it. they killed 14 people at a holiday party in december. they died in a gun battle with police.>> supreme court justice is set for saturday in washington. he died unexpectedly in texas. his body will lie at the public viewing on friday.
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bunting. that is a custom dating back to the 1800s. it's also touched off a political firestorm. he will nominate a successor but republican leaders say they will block any nomination until after the election. >> a little frustrated with the crowds. he traveled through a stadium look at that. they knocked him down. the pope can be seen saying, don't be selfish and had an angry look on his face. >> look at that! he held mass in the drug trafficking hotbed. he wraps evans for a he will focus on the play of migrants. >> at the hundred percent real parmesan cheese but the f da says grated cheese sold at retailers and
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made with parmesan as they advertise. many contain cellulose it's a plumping additive made of wood pulp used as filler. the news conducted test and found levels of cellulose and walmart, whole foods in craft cheese. they said it's now investigating the matter but they believe the test may have been a false positive. no response yet from the other manufacturers. we have changes to monopoly. game tried to catch up with
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>> this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first
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we are back. airline services will be restored between the united states and cuba soon. they were in havana and decided to reopen the skies to the country. us airlines will still apply for permission from regulators to fly before they sell tickets. both sides say a major step forward. the first flights are expected in fall . jetblue and united have expressed interest in flying to havana. >> chris christie unveiled his 2017 budget proposal. it totals 34.8 billion. the address did not include tax increases. there is increased funding for public worker pensions, schools and drug programs. no money for the transportation trust fund could run out of cash this summer. democrats had propose an increase in the gas tax is a possible solution. >> florida will unveil its
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lottery jack ticket . one of three winning tickets putting the historic price. the winners from tennessee took the 328 million payout.there is no word if the florida ticket holder will do that or take the entire amount with 30 annual installment payments. the winner california has not come forward. monopoly is getting a modern of trade. they are going cash less. >> the game maker is trading in its iconic paper money for bank cards. transactions including purchasing properties and paying rent will be used with a tap of a card. >> i like the cash ! the bank cards track wealth and property values that can rise and fall. rents will also fluctuate. the banking addition goes on sale at $25.
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>> there is nothing more satisfying and having a big wad of the 500s. >> like the way it piles up . >> top stories with weather and traffic, when we return. >> come seek the royal caribbean. all across america families are coming back to time warner cable for a whole new experience. pwe came back for internet speeds so fast even the kids are impressed. oh she's impressed. we're catching up on movies and
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is a cloudy and breezy start to the day looking at the new york harbor. mike woods has a complete forecast coming up next obama takes on donald trump in the race for the white house. here what the president has to say and donald response. >> us sends a message to north korea saying we will defend south korea from aggressive action. who would not want paul mccartney at their party? >> he is pretty unbelievable. he is pretty much the most famous person on the planet. >> i am carry drew in for
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ben: i am ben simmoneau. juliet had surgery and she was fine. towards the end, she came down with bronchitis and the flu . how many times do we tell yes. it was like a daily routine and she believes that she flu shot anyway . >> all of the people who got the flu shot did not get the flu. >> she will get shamed mercifully when she returns. >> she has been through enough. juliet huddy , we miss you. you better not bring that stuff over here! before anyway, it's looking
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it could be next monday. >> when i had the flu , i was out for a solid week . >> i've got a flu shot every year since then. >> she is probably sitting in bed grunting. mike: we have the storm from yesterday moving on. there is some residual action out there and we are picking on some showers but if you get a quick sprinkle in the area that's all you will get because temperatures are above normal or a little bit warmer. it looks like the precipitation is getting out of town quickly. 36 now and it's not freezing in central park so you have clouds around that will break up as the day goes on.the cold front has now moved by . look at that cold front. it's not our problem
5:33 am
rolled through here getting some showers going but i'm not too worried about what it will produce. the main thing is the temperatures are coming back down. closer to normal. the normal high for today's 42 but we are going up to 44 . 67 is the record high but that will not happen for a while.390 on friday. another shower chance then. >> good to see you , ines. the commute . we are dealing with icy spots in the evening rush hour it was flooding. things are fine on the lie. let's go to the cameras and take a look at the commute over en route 80. no problems eastbound by route 15 on the westbound side. on the ramp heading towards the cross bronx, there is a
5:34 am
was abandoned. it's here as you head westbound and partially blocked. for the most part, it's doing fine. >> thank you. 534 after weeks of speculation, city council will get a big pay raise. how big? 32%. even the mayor is due to get more money. liz joins us now from gracie mansion. >> this bill was added to the city record right before the three-day weekend. some suspect the mayor was trying to downplay it . that's all speculation. apparently the mayor believes that the city council and himself are worthy of a significant pay increase. bill de blasio put it on record that he plans to give the city council members a big fat raise. he followed a notice that
5:35 am
into law guaranteeing the pay hike. legally, the office has to give the public five calendar days before the change. here's the breakdown. members will get a 32% pay hike bumping annual salary from hundred and 12 to more than hundred 48 . that number is $10,000 more than the commission recommended pay increase. it also stops them from having any other outside jobs. councilmembers haven't had a raise in a decade. the mayor's salary will also go up from 225,000 to more than 258. that's a 15% the past, he has said he would not take a raise until he is elected into a second term.on february 5, 40 members voted yes including
5:36 am
will also climb. the government watchdog group issued a statement saying the council short-circuited the reprocess by getting public input that they raise their salaries more than $10,000 more than what was recommended by the commission. the mayor's team and says they are being transparent now not trying to draw away any attention from the signing. there is going to be a public hearing process that takes place on friday down at city hall. it could get pretty interesting. we are live on the upper east side, ben and carrie over to you. >> as if this was not a strange enough year, the race for the president just brings new unusual terms. obama is speaking out on why donald trump should not be president and of
5:37 am
donald answers back . robert is here with the latest. usually obama is very measured when talking about the race. yesterday, not so much. he took questions from reporters and he said foreign observers are concerned with the rhetoric on the republican side. he cited the anti- muslim sentiment as one example. he expressed his harshest words for donald trump. listen to what the president said and to what donald said in response. >> i continue to believe that mister trump will not be president. being a president is a serious job. it's not hosting a talk show for a reality show and it's not promotion. it's not working marketing it's hard. >> this man has done such a bad job
5:38 am
for him to say that it's a great complement. >> you are lucky i did not run last time when romney ran because you would've been a one term president. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders each spent yesterday courting the african-american vote . bernie sanders was in south carolina. we will have a complete wrap-up coming up at 6:00 and we will look at a couple of baffling moments from jeb bush yesterday. this twitter picture he raises hand in an interesting moment . ben: another nightmare for passengers on this delta flight diverted away on the second straight day. it arrived from dominican
5:39 am
diverted to new hampshire. they waited on the tarmac because they decided to land it and it was not international airport. they reported and headed here to new york to be diverted back to boston because of severe turbulence. passengers arrived in new york last night , 24 hours later. some blame the airlines. >> the way they handled it was crazy. it was dangerous . people fell all over and not having enough supplies on the plane it was just crazy. i thought the plane would break in half. >> there are issues when weather comes in . we understand that airports get overrun . >> passengers say delta offer them airline miles. we asked delta for comment but we have not heard back. riley lost his wallet after leaving a concert in
5:40 am
he went back to look for it but he figured it was on until he got an envelope in the mail containing his driver's license and credit card . i kept the cash because i needed weed. i kept her metro card. the wall is pretty cool. enjoy the rest of your day anonymous. by then he had probably canceled his credit card and not in a new license. >> license of the biggest pain . >> mike woods is here. looks like a nice day . >> clouds around this morning with some flurries or sprinkle in the area.
5:41 am
temperatures look like. it's warmer than normal at 370 . it's 36 in islip and 35 in poughkeepsie. there is the mostly cloudy skies that were talking about here with a quick round of showers . it doesn't look like it will be capable of producing snowflakes. it will be just a quick sprinkle that in and out of here. we have cool air filtering and with more cold air back to the northwest. we will keep knocking the temperatures down the next few days. high temperatures today at 440 and that's pretty close to normal. 39 on friday with a small shower chance coming through late friday and early saturday. it's nice and warm and dry. there is a live radar that comes in handy. here is ines with what you need to know . >> the rails are doing
5:42 am
we do have an accident on the ramp heading towards the cross bronx. we are in the right lane and the left lane is open with a little delay here but nothing significant. the bronx parkway to the new england freeway doing fine.the new jersey 287 no issues there. let's look at the northern state parkway. westbound and eastbound
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as for the lincoln, it's a you' re unpacking already? yeah, help me find some mugs. sure. (beep) hey... o.k. they' ll do. wake up to the mountain grown aroma of folgers. the best part of wakin' up so, where do you want to start? i think this is a pretty good place.
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tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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we are checking the headlines for your 545. stealth fighters are flying over korea. this comes over tensions in the reek recent rocket launch. slated for later today with mayor diblasio and shirley mcrae expected to join . landmark restaurant was supposed to close for 10 months after they found an illegal gas. a german shorthair pointer one best in show. it was a 140th annual . he is the word german
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>> the day is finally here! pitchers and catchers report to spring training. >> real spring is right around the corner. many of the players are in camp including curtis granderson. the outfield is returning . he says he is good to go! the camp has a little bit of a different feel here. they are the reigning champion. they are now being hunted . more teams are looking to say that we know our team is better than you. it's a big chance to step on the diamond and do it. you have to continue to stay home?. the thing. >> they are exciting. the devils are hosting the
5:47 am
with jordan for the devils. he finds the nets in the fourth goal of the year. he ties at two but it fell apart after that . it's the former goal ending up beating the devils. 6/3. big numbers for football had concho, roger vidal with 34 million in the 2014 physical year. the last few years he hasn't exactly been doing the best job.2014 as last year the league is required to disclose compensation information. last summer it became a for-profit organization. that means before that it was non-for profit. the league paid out investigator fees at 12 and a half million . in the same physical year he made 48 million. he did not exactly handle
5:48 am
includes the ray rice case and placate . >> is it possible that he made even more? maybe 40 million? we don't even know.ufc fighter appeared on the show with her loss to holly home.she was knocked out in november and admitted that she contemplated suicide. i was thinking about killing myself. i felt like i was nothing. >> she says she got over that suicidal episode and said she wants to many example of someone who can pick yourself up and bounce back. it's the toughest moment of her life. >> is incredible that she
5:49 am
>> it is 549. let's check in with mike woods for a look at the forecast. >> stormy weather yesterday. >> i got rough, right? >> yes! mike: wind gusts up to 50 mph in rain totals up to an inch and half. many folks have moved on and believe it or not, we have a few snow showers trying to pop up . the windsor at five 10 miles per hour. there's a lot less wind with a front that passes by.
5:50 am
with a few sprinkles. there is a few clouds around with the sprinkles this morning but they should be breaking up later in the day and we'll get into more sunshine and temperatures should be closer to normal because we have colder air back in the front . we are reinforcing the shot of cold air as we get into tomorrow. in the weekend, we get more of a southerly return. we're heading into the game with 31 inches of snow for the season. it's out at central park and that's out of the game for the entire season. we have sinus guys today and the high gets up to 440
5:51 am
as you go through the next seven days there is a high of 37 tomorrow and 39 on friday. over the weekend we are looking at partly cloudy and dry conditions. let's bring in ines and see if ing's are starting to clear up. >> carrie loves your forecast. >> let's look at the commute. if you are heading to orange county or new jersey in the garden state parkway it looks good here not answer. let's look at the cameras. over on the fdr drive, south and north looking great. heading towards the cross bronx on the shot traffic is moving off to the left . a car was abandoned so it's the ramp heading towards westbound in the cross bronx with a bit of a delay. as for the trains they are all running on or close to schedule. >> carrie is not invading
5:52 am
>> she just keeps looking at him and batting her lashes.>> we saw what you guys were doing earlier . >> or you doing? >> posing in a certain way. >> we will have to show it in a little bit. >> thank you
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5:54 am
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>> ben: entertainment. eagles will perform in paris. the american belt and held a tribute concert to remember those who died at the concert hall. 90 people were killed when they opened fire during the band's performance . it happened last november. the lead singer, jesse hughes, appeared on television to give his take on and control. >> maybe people will disagree with me that it seems like god made men and women and that night, gods mean the equal and i hated that it's that way. i think the only way my mind has been changed is that until no one has guns, everyone has to have them.
5:56 am
several terror raids across paris. it left 130 people dead. >> the one and only paul mccartney was denied entry to the grammys party. there is. shut out by a bouncer with back and taylor hawkins. >> how much vip do we need to get . >> he will let you in? [laughter] a rep for the club says he was not denied at the door but he was trying to to a party at a different place. he took to twitter insisting he had no idea he was outside saying why would i deny paul mccartney? stop it. here is a legend. i don't control the door.
5:57 am
>> the remaining 12 of the top 24 contestants will get their chance to shine as they perform for the judge's. >> all the contestants have been working with finalists with hopes to moving on in the live show. helping to guide the singers on solo numbers and duets is jordan sparks and others. tonight's episode airs here on "fox 5 news" at 8:00. we are one week away .>> the cast appeared in los angeles last night. the show brings back all of the original cast minus the olsen twins. it follows dj. her sister stephanie and kimi move-in to help her raise her children. full or household move-in on netflix starting february 26 . >> i am going to watch it. i was such a big fan growing up. i wanted to be stephanie tanner. >> i was a child of the 90s. >> i think it will be so
5:58 am
ben: [laughter] i think they will have to have (maintenance guy) is that a hammock made out of ethernet cables? (it guy) yup, it's our entire network. (maintenance guy) should you be
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(it guy) nope! (maintenance guy) well, you could play a new york lottery scratch-off game. that's how i break the routine around here without making our entire network collapse. (it guy) good point. can i have one? (maintenance guy) sure. (avo) take a break from the expected. play scratch-off games from the
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>> good morning, temperatures have fall to more seasonal level it is than yesterday. today's highs will be in the low to mid-40s. but we should see some sun. forecast. >> president obama says he's confident that donald trump will not win the white house of 2016. trump quickly fired back, of course, he did. saying the president would have been a one termer if trump had run back in 2012. >> a judge ordered apple to help fbi hack into an iphone used by one was san bernardino terrorists but this morning apple ceo says the company will fight that order. >> krowb best in show at madison


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