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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  February 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> good morning, temperatures have fall to more seasonal level it is than yesterday. today's highs will be in the low to mid-40s. but we should see some sun. forecast. >> president obama says he's confident that donald trump will not win the white house of 2016. trump quickly fired back, of course, he did. saying the president would have been a one termer if trump had run back in 2012. >> a judge ordered apple to help fbi hack into an iphone used by one was san bernardino terrorists but this morning apple ceo says the company will fight that order. >> krowb best in show at madison
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cj a german shorthaired pointer. rng good morning everybody thanks for being with us i'm kerry drew in for juliet. >> juliet is suffering from the flu and bronchitis we told her to get a flu shot. >> mike you and i have got it, it is not -- >> i've had it. yeah. >> you don't wish that on anybody. >> i didn't. seriously know if i was going to make it. this feels like it's it. but it's true. a lot of people i know with this weather roller coster a lot of sickness going around. >> now on the down swing in terms it have temperatures back to normal after all of that big rain and wednesday that we had yesterday.
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peekskill half inch, and upton out in eastern long island, about three quarters of and a inch of rain that keam down hard with a lot of wind to deal with here too. wind on average gusting up to around 50 to 55 miles per hour as that line came by. doing damage here. 56 miles per hour wind out at the state kings park. 54 and 55 out at jfk. yeah that's now a thing of the past. snow conditions pop up there on the sp radar. but it doesn't look leak it has amounted to a whole heck of a lot of. cloudy sky. and nest winds moving through at 13 miles per hour. breezey but those go throughout the morning. temps throughout the northeast it was cooler. yesterday warm and now back to normal. 28 degrees in buffalo, and we've got tmps in the mid to upper 30s generally around the
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quick showers they were with us earlier on the radar and satellite. maybe not to the ground even if it did, it's not that big of a dole. basically a trough of low pressure trying to swing on by. additional energy on the backside of the main had front bringing in cool air but shower possibilities are weak. there's more cold air on the way which will keep your temples down over next couple of days. today high temp in the city up to about -- 44 degrees. with mostly cloudy sky morning. sun in the afternoon. clear and cold with lows dropping down between 19 and 29 colder than morning and tomorrow high 37 and 39 on friday with a small shower changes late friday into early saturdays. now let's get a check from ines rosales up to 6:00 time for things to get starting to roll on the roads and rails.
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blocking a lane and then gowanus and brooklyn expect delays there's an accident there. new jersey fine in parsippany morris can want no problem on 80 or 287. cameras shough your commute on long island l. pi.e.. eastbound coast is clear. major deegan has a problem actually ramp from major deegan head hadding to the cross bronx westbound. to the george washington bridge this car spun out. you can see damage that was don. abandoned as well. tow trucks pick it up and get it out of the way. blocking a ramp on the right. right now moving fine but occasion i noticed tractor trailers so a bit of a delay possible with that. lincoln tunnel ten to 15. no delays trains on or close. kerry and ben. >> thank you ines. controversial pay raise package for the may or your and city council members is a step closer to becoming law. >> justice city hall clearing
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mayor de blasio approved plans to remove the pay hike. live outside gracy mansion with more details. good morning. >> this bill submitted before president's day weekend. so some may be thinking mayor wanted to get it unnoticed with not a lot of attention but had said that is not the case. that the fact is he believe it is that the city council and himself are dure if a pretty hefty pay increase. mayor bill de blasio put it on record, he plans to give city council members big staff raise. mayor filed a last minute notice into the city record on friday that says he will sign the bill into law that guarantees pay hike. they have to give the public five calendar days notice before the change. here's the break down, members of the counsel will get a 32% pay hike bumping annual salary from 112,000 to more than 148,000.
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the mayor's commission recommended pay increase. it also bans them from having any other outside jobs making them full-time employees. keep in mind counsel members haven't had a raise in a decade. mayor salary goes up from 225,000 to more than 258,000. that's a 15% raise. in the past de blasio has said he would not tack a raise until elected in second term. on february 5th, 40 members of the counsel voted yes on the measure. including speaker melissa marx who own salary will also climb. after the vote, the citizens union a government watch dog group issue at the statement saying, quote, the counsel short circuiting review process by curtailing public input that they raise salaries more than 10,000 declares more than what was recommended by the commission. >> so city hall officials have
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transparent and may yore's press team is also said they would never want to draw any attention away from a bill signing and they are trying to make sure that this important bill is not going unnoticed. so they're also saying a public hearing process that is gong to take place on friday at 10:00 on city hall so people can give their input in all of this. live in front of gracy mansion in the upper west side. ben and kerry back over it you. >> thank you liz. digital privacy versus national security interest in fbi versus apple in a first of its kind court ruling. >> providing fbi with software to track farook. but they'll fight that order. judge says apple must supply fbi with the software that can disable the security feature that erases data from the iphone after too many unsuccessful attempts to unlock
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they killed 14 people at a holiday luncheon and later died in a gun balings with police. >> some of new york top officials will gather at one police plaza to denounced a proposed cut to terror funding in president obama's budget. senator schumer said the plan would slash urban security initiative that gives counterterror funds new york and other big cities. he said in the wake of the attacks in paris and san bernardino it does not make sense to cut funds and called it ill advised and ill times. stronger statements on the 2016 presidential race. >> yesterday he strongly criticized donald trump and said voters are too sensible to elect the billionaire businessman had. robert moses live with more on that plus a new poll that was just released, right? ferghts waiting through it as you were throwing it to me. good morning to you this new quinnipiac poll that came out
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clinton leading bense 44% to 42% that's essentially a dead heat. donald trump has the support of 39% of republicans. that is his highest total yet in this poll. marco rubio in is a very distant second with 19%. the trump jugger not shows no sign of stopping. >> it is rare that president obama comments on the presidential race as candidly as declining to endorse a candidate yet it should come as no surprise that he will not be endorsing donald trump. >> being president is a serious job. it's not -- hosting a talk show. or reality show. it's not promotion. it's not marketing. it's hard. >> game on. >> this man has done such a bad job set us back so far, and for
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great compliment if you want to know the truth. >> then trump addressed the president directly. >> you're lucky i didn't run when romney ran because you would have been a one-term president. >> targets of jeb bush tweeted photo of a gun engraved with his name and captured the picture america, the tweet generated much criticism on social media. and there was this baffling moment when senator lindsey graham appeared with bush and asked democrats in the audience to raise their hands. >> bush raised his. candidates who actually are democrats, hillary clinton and bernie sanders continued courting aver african-americans. they spoke in harlem. >> there are still very real -- barriers holding back african-americans. sanders struck a similar note in south carolina where he promised to fight for greater equality
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from on top. everybody who knows history knows that change takes place from the bottom on up. >> back now to the republicans, we've said it before, we'll say it again jeb bush really has to have a strong showing this saturday in south carolina. last stand. but there will e immense pressure for him to drop out if he doesn't perform well. ben and kerry you have to wonder what effect these sorts of head scratching moments will have on voters on saturday therefore on his ability to stay in the race. quinnipiac poll rereferenced at the top shows him with 4% of support among republicans. that's tied with ben carson. >> spent over 100 million or dollars to get that 4%. >> but that superpack that is, you know, right to rise is showing that -- big money doesn't necessarily
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s that's an important note. that's raise way more or for him than in trump. win by a landslide. >> refreshing you can't bite votes. but see what happens certainly after saturdays. >> big day for him. >> thanks so much. in other news this morning it's been canine tradition for 140 yearses. last night westminster kennel club kranged its best in show. german short hair pointer. dogs win. nothing against this dog but it's kind of like nah what do you think? >> cj doesn't do it for you. >> a lab and dalmation cross. german shorthaired pointer won sporting group. he becomes the third german short or what ared it pointer to win in 140 years.
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guess other os were lousy -- impressing with the graceful stride and sleek white body with brown spots. his owner valerie said she knew this three-year-old pooch was destined for greatness when he was a wee pup. >> i don't know, i'm just -- not that impressed this year, i'm sorry. get angry. maybe. much more still to come. perform mike is here keeping track of the forecast. >> i want to know why there wasn't a french bulldog there. half of new york has had french bulling toes. temps cool or. 37 degrees we've got mainly clear sky coming up for you. sun and clouds later on. cooler temps as we. well. high temperature 42 degrees. right about that number. but we've got the "fox 5 ny" weather app lined up with cool stuff like daily and hourly pb f forecast to let you know what you can expect at that hour and
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>> welcome back here's what to expect for weather headlines. a brighter day is coming at you
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it is going to be cooler and more sunshine in the afternoon with high temps into the low to mid 40s. now temps are going to be on the rise over the weekend and then looking way down the road there's a potential for coastal storm but that's until tuesday into wednesday and sol of the forecast molingsdzs look impressive but it's a long ways out. there's time for things to change. right now rain, now never know pulls in more cold air could bring us more snow. but starting to get to that time of the year with no as much. anyhow 37 degrees out at central park. 36 bridgeport. 37 in montauk mostly cloudy sky. winds from the northwest at 3 to 7 miles per hour. pulling in more of that cold air. weak disturbance riding by, try to kick up flurries even if it did make it to the if ground it wasn't a big deal at all. flurry or sprinkles but that's it. generally speaking a trend of clearing sky. high temp up to 44 a lot less wind today and rainfall is
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37 is your high tomorrow. cooler yet, and 39 for you on friday. small shower chance there than later on. monday, another small shower chance coming at you late sunday into monday. weekend nice and dry that's good news. partly cloudy sky pps high of 50 both days. now over to ines rosales, i see something nasty happening out there. a major deegan what's happening there? >> queens another problem in the bronx start off with queens here. l.i.e. a stall by grand central parkway blocking lane. bqe accident by the kosciuszko bridge off to the shoulder. on gowanus from brooklyn an fox blocking a lane over by brooklyn battery tunnel. in the bronx you have hutchison river drawbridge in up position so hutch is closed. and this problem that mike is talking about in the deegan in a second we have a camera on it. cameras first at staten island expressway by bradley avenue. you're fine eastbound heading it towards verrazano as well as westbound. now that problem on deegan on
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spun out. deegan ramp to the westbound cross bronx right lane blocked. car fun out there's no driver it was abandoned. fire department arrived on scene five minutes ago. inspecting everything but you have theys on left side they have to temporarily shut down things with that. now 6:19 yet another nightmare for prpgzs on a delta flight they were diverted away from jfk for the second day. we told yowling about the flight yesterday arrived from the dominican republic monday night but was diverted to new hampshire due to the storm and waited for customs agent because it was not an international airport. but they reboarded and headed to new york to be diverted again to boston because of severe turbulence. passengers arrived in new york last night 24 hours late and through. some blaming the airline. >> the way they handle it yes last night it was crazy. dangerous for kids.
6:20 am
not enough supplies it was crazy. >> look being in a blender. i thought that it was going to break in half. obviously, there are issues respect to o safety. safety is first so we understand that airports get overrun. scary moment for those onboard. passengers tell us delta offered airline miles we did contact for comment but have not heard back. all right a u new report by the the federal monitor overseeing the nypd says, that police department is doing a good job of setting new policy and stop and san francisco. but getting that policy down to the rankin feel is a bit of a challenge. monitor says many officers and supervisors are not yet away of the new policy changes or no longer understand what is expected of them better communication and reenforcement of the policy is needed. number of street stops dropped dramatically, however, about 24,000 were conducted last year compared to more than 6500 back in 2011. funeral for supreme court
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saturday in washington. he died unexpectedly over the weekend. he'll lie at the supreme court for public viewing on friday. in tribute his courtroom chair draped in black bunting a custom dating back to 100s. scalia death touched off a political fire storm over his replacement. president obama plans to nominate a successor and republican lead reverse vowing to block any nomination until after the election. new jersey not flushed with cash at the guardsen state paying big bucks to keep the misamerica pageant in atlantic city. 6:21, and good day is coming
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what's with them? oh, those two? they're always fighting for attention. there's more to a legendary city than its legends. plan your legendary
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>> welcome back investigation into alleged choking distinct by former governor elliot spitzer is in limbo because his accuser left the country. 27-year-old travis reportedly accused spitzer of choking her at the plaza hotel. post says is she reported the disint to cops on sunday. travis flew back to her native russia and can't proceed until she comes back to be interviewed. no assault took place and woman sent unsolicited e-mail after arrivings back in russia and
6:25 am
>> pope francis trrted with a crowd in mexico. over eager people tugged on his sleeve through a stadium, and pope can be seen saying don't be selfish. actually he gets angry there watch he gets that look on his face right there. he held mass in mexico's drug trafficking hot bed with the country priest and nuns wrapped up a five-day visit in juarez to intrit a mass on the plight of migrants. >> miss america staying in atlantic city at least for the next three years. several new jersey papers reporting a deal worked out with the casino redevelopment authority. they also if they win dip their toes in the ocean around there. after. that includes 11 million dollars in subsidies to go to the fadge tent in dwhreers. one stipulation of the new deal if the dick productions promote atlantic city during the other
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billboard awards and new year's rock and eve great publicity for struggling city. top stories, weather and traffic when we return. warning for drivers. pothole season officially arrived.
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>> expect a mix of sun and close outs there today with cooler temperatures than yesterday. mice woods has our full forecast. >> the revelation announced to quietly before a holiday weekend that it almost didn't get noticed. a woman accused of steals pricey watch for a man who brought her to the hotel room. >> could cost more than expect. several being airlines raising fare by $6 per round trim.
6:30 am
are so low. very low. good morning everybody wednesday morning i'm ben simmoneau. >> i'm kerry drew thank you for being with us. today is -- >> hump day. almost forgot. juliet needs to be here to inspire but she still didn't take the flu shot. >> you'll get in more trouble than i will. i walked into makeup he's in there ranting and rafering who did you want get a flu shot. she wasn't there. not like she knows -- >> but you're talking about it on television. >> hopefully sleeping. hope you feel well and getting better another fever and steam coming out of her ears by what we're saying. first of all storm from yesterday has had moved on.
6:31 am
flirt with us yesterday morning. that was done too. we have closes here 37 degrees. winds from the west at 13 miles per hour. main front that brought in showers yesterdays. now we have the follow-up cold front that provides more cold after thanking in not all that capable when it comes to producing rain or snow. so today you're going to see a drier sky. more sun in the afternoon. high temp up to 44 degrees. high goes up to 37 only tomorrow because we have even more cold air coming into us today into tomorrow. and then temps back up. small chance of showers later friday into saturday. not worried about that either. no big storm this way. high of lower 50s for the most part a dry sky. let's bring in ines right now and see what we have, and there are hangups when it comes to getting around town. check the roads right ines? >> same problem with new jersey transit a busy morning. bronx first skyfox hd with problem on the major deegan to westbound cross bronx out there for an hour.
6:32 am
an accident that spun out. it was abandoned tow truck on scene so trying to clear everything out of the way. in the meantime right lane is blocked there on the ramp to westbound cross bronx where you can see that slow traffic there so you have exiting delays affecting your commute. other problems that we have going on also in the bronx you have hutchison river parkway closed both ways. in up position. cameras see things on l.i.e. by west bury road. fdr drive emergency construction going on. pothole it is fixing so slow there northbound. they set it up and moved on they're filling to the holes. southbound side moving pretty good. l.i. ement you have a stall and westbound blocking a lane slowing everyone down. eastbound side you're fine. f train and signal problems northbound local between 36th and forest hills queens. and new jersey transit their problems with the bridge, that's
6:33 am
so you have a 15-minute they with the corridor. new jersey coastline more in the midtown direct trains. ben and kerry. >> thanks so much. time now 6:33 a controversial pay increase for himself and for city council members. raising a couple eyebrows outside the mayor's residence on the upper east side. rng going. >> this bill was added to the city record right before the long president eats day weekend that holiday weekend. and some people are speculating that mayor was trying to down play the fact that he's going to sign this bill into law that will not only give the entire city council a raise for also himself. mayor bill de blasio put it record he plans to give the city council members a big fat raise. filed a last minute notice into the city rods on friday that
6:34 am
law that guarantees the pay hiex legally, mayor's office has to give five calendar notice before the change had. here's the break down. numbers of counsel get a 32% pay heck from 112,000 to more than $148,000 that number is 10,000 more than the mayor's commission recommended paying increase. bans them from having any other outside jobs making them full-time employees. keep in mind, counsel members haven't had a raise in a decade. the mayor salary would also go up from 225,000 to more than 258,000. that's a 15% raise. in the past de blasio has said he would not take a raise until he's elected into a second term. on february 5th, 40 members of the counsel voted yes on the measure could inning speaker melissa marx whose own o salary
6:35 am
after the vote the citizen watch dog group issued a statement saying, quote, that counsel short circuiting review process by curtailing suspicion public input that they raise salaries more than what was recommended bit commission. so city hall has said they're completely transparents, and mayor press team says they're not trying to down play this bill. on friday at 10:00 the in the morning down at city hall there's beginning to be a public hearing to get public opinion in all of this. but i've been tweeting out this morning hearing from some people to see what they had to say. anthony marx saying a time when new yorkers live in poverty elected officials are getting such a large increase, and brooklyn this other -- twurt follower that i have said that's insane. my annual raise 83% guess i should have been a ligs. live in upper west side. back over to you. >> 3% annual these days is pretty good i think for a lot of people.
6:36 am
thank you very much. police this morning on hunt for a luxury watch thief who is they say steals pricey time pieces from her victims wool they're sleeping. >> police release these pictures of the woman they're looking. on two separate occasions in august she met men back to hotels and fell asleep. police say she stole their royal offshore oak watch. they look this and worth about $50,000. >> i have to it tell you kerry for that -- >> for the name. watch itself i qongt know that from -- owcially you think gold and diamonds. if you have any information about this woman call crime stoppers that number is 1-800-577-tips. >> for the first time in 50 years airline service will be restored between united states and cuba.
6:37 am
havana to sign a deal to reopen skies between two countries. the government says u.s. airlines must still apply for permission from regulators to fly roots before they sell tickets to cuba. forward. first flights are expected this fall. both jetblue from jfk and united from newark are expressing interest in flights from the new york area. all right fox means business. >> joining us now from the fox business studio is lauren simonetti with a look at why airlines are hiking fares even though fuel prices are dropping. >> february 17th and we've had two industry ride airfare hikes barrel. what is is geng on? latest airfare hike is by jept blue $6 round trip and delta and united match that hike. second heck so far in 2016. you're not alone. one theory why this is happening is that a lot of oil, energy
6:38 am
are about affected by energy story too, they have, you know, employees that travel for business. as they're facing tough times their their cutting become on that premium business travel less revenue for airlines. less competition so airlines and, in fact, are raising prices, obviously. >> unfortunate for travelers. annoying. >> i was hoping for good deals because they're saving money and profitable -- j lauren simonetti for us. >> they are giving out food again. [laughter] >> six peanuts i keep that six bucks you can have your six peanuts. all right. thank you. [laughter] you can catch lauren simonetti on the fox business network. ening if you're not sure where to end too fox business in your area find fox finder. chris christie unveiled a proposal yesterday that totals $4.8 million in trenton did not include tax increases.
6:39 am
per public worker pensions. pension system in new jersey is a mess. local schools and drug programs but no money is this is a big but here for the state transportation trust fund that could run out of cash this summer. democrats have proposed an increase in the gas tax as a possible solution. >> if you haven't realized pothole season is here according to aaa says three recent snow storms and heavy rains followed by freezing and u thawing cycles made perfect conditions for pothole formation. flat tire repair calls in new york city and long island areas have jumped more than 300 daily. that's compared to just 21 total on the day of that big snowstorm last month. aaa says u.s. drivers spent $15 billion over fast five years to repair car damage caused by potholes. 300 a day. not a lot? >> no. not for the 20 million people who live in this area. i'd say 14 billion of that ftion
6:40 am
>> a lot of people taking mass transit. drivers -- pothole season here year round. mike let's say you. >> one fern i know fopped it three out of four tires in one day. >> iendz -- ines, what? three out of four. i guess i've never driven with her. >> she kind of strikes me as a wild driver. i don't know. three out of four. i don't know if i can do that if i tried anyhow. see what to expect blowing her up. oh, man we have a brighter day coming up for us here with cooler temps on the way. highs in the 40s only and temps are on the rise for the weekend that's good timing and dry as well and there's the potential for coastal storm next week. it would be tuesday into wednesday as it stands right now. just something to keep an eye on. okay i'll stand over here she's giving me that evil eye.
6:41 am
pothole patrol the chute this morning -- >> raining -- [laughter] no, two years ago he can't get over it. [laughter] this morning maybe five years ago. let's talk about the commute route 17 northbound by century watch out for a accident blocking a lane. crash on go,wanus. fdr drive i thought they left but that emergency construction going on here. underneath gracy mansion in the 80s so delays northbound. track backed up to 70s on that and cross bronx, there's that tow truck and that car that spun out here major deegan to westbound cross bronx so you have exiting delays also an oil still so they're trying to clean that up oiflt way. new jersey transit a 15 minute delay out of penn station. porter bridge on up position earlier. as far as trains, i mean -- alternate side. that is on or close.
6:42 am
>> could be bauds you can't see over the steering wheel. >> no, listen. i drove him to the hospital when he was hurt. he had appointments. so you know what -- i'm done with him. >> paid you. see how it is around here. thank you ines. >> no rise from mike. >> or me i'm sure either. entertainment and sports coming up. >> you have to watch it a sure sign surming faster. but, i thought it would be a hassle to switch. turns out it wasn't. they showed up when i asked and they set up wi-fi on my laptop, my tablet and stuff.
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>> checking headlines president obama waited into the white house taking questions from report percent in california. he said he does not believe donald trump will become president. trump said that president has done such a bad job that his comments are actually. >> mayor glsh owe agreed to a 32% pay raise. look at city council a salary of $1489,000 a year. city record last friday shows that he announced health department sign a bill that guarantees those raise. cjs a german short haired pointer won at the westminster
6:46 am
140th annual had, he's the third to win the top prize. i was criticizing the dog now i feel bad about because we look back at previous winners. not very good track record. other one i like. >> he's on the bettering loo side. saying something. baseball yet. yankees pitchers and catchers report to spring training. mets return today. >> including curtis granderson admitted that camp already has a different feel this year because mets reigning national league champion is now they're the hunted. >> when you have success on your back it is bigger and teams say we know we're better than you we're gons to show you and prove it once we step on the diamond and do it.
6:47 am
doing that. hungry and can't be content when it comes to that. on ice devils hosting flyers. philadelphia up 2-1 in the third but jordan for the devils. this shot finds the fourth goal of the yore and tied at two. but fell apart after that. philly score four more goals and end up beating devils with a score 63. big numbers for football head honcho. rouge tear goodell paid there are 34 million that was during the 2014 fiscal year. this is according to a recently followed tax form obtained by usa today. 2014 is last year league is required it to disclose compensation information and became a for profit organization. somehow they were a nonprofit that was making a lot of profit before that. pointed out investigators fees
6:48 am
but this was that pis -- fiscal year and ray rice domestic case. a shock admission when talk about a chop loss. : ronda rousey talked about her loss and knocked out of the championship bout and admitted she contemplated suicide after that defeat. >> down in the corner like what am i if i'm not this. i was sitting there thinking about kills myself, i said i'm nothing. what do i do anymore? and a no one is going to give a -- [bleep] with me without this. emotional interview she quickly got over the suicidal thought hads instead says she wants to
6:49 am
pick herself up off the floor and bounce back after the toughest moment in her life. in the park not a bad start out there as we're in the midst of february but i'd look to see more 50s although seven-day forecast has it in there. >> pushy and good timing too. rainy and stormy but that temperature made it up for me. >> 55 plus. as soon as that rain went away. i went out and did all of my errands in shorts. in a jacket this works for me. 50 degree temperature swing. >> one degree up to u 50s. show you what february has shaped up so far. average temperature 34.1 average temple just .1 below the normal temp for this morning. warmest day we saw 59 degrees that was on the fourths and 3rd
6:50 am
that was the closest in 50 years now that was on the 14th. total precip 2.78 of rain 1.06 above normal. above normal with a precip here in the tristate this year so far. let's take a look at temps. 37 central park. 35 in sussex. temps down by 11 central park. 15 cooler than in islip. good amount of cloud cover with snow flakes trying to get into the area but not a big deal if anything it makes it to the ground flurry or quick sprinkle. a weak disturbance on the backside of the main cold front that came by yesterday now looking for a drier sky. high temp up to 44 with sunny sky in the afternoon. as we go through next seven days got a high of 40 today. cooler 37 high tomorrow. and then 39 on fritdz. small shower chance not too worried about that. weekend nice and dry. high temp in lower 50s. another shower chance on monday. neither of those two systems
6:51 am
in the tristate but if you want to get daily and hourly forecast on fox 5 weather app that's in the google play store and itunes store and it is free. over to you kerry and ben. >> all of your latest entertainment news coming up next. >> kim kardashian may be getting fed up with kanye west antics.
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every ship in the caribbean but hurry, this offer won't last long come seek the royal caribbean book today at 1-800-royalcaribbean. >> good morning, busy morning again with the roads and rails. let's start off why new jersey route 17 northbound by central avenue. one lane blocked with an accident and then there's an accident on gowanus back to the verrazano bridge by the brooklyn battery tunnel causing this track jam. fdr drive show you that camera shot here. first i heard emergency construction but flooding underneath gracy mansion as you approach 80th street and slow down back to the 59th street bridge. a 15 minute delay with new jersey transit. portal bring open earlier everythings on or close. ben and kerry. >> thank you.
6:55 am
perform in paris. american band held a tribute con certs to remember those who died at the bataclan concert hall during the band's prn's last november the 13th. hughes is here on european television to give his take on gun control. >> maybe i don't know people will disagree with me but it just seals like god made men and women and that night guns made them equal and i hate it that it's that way. i think the only way my mooned has been changed until knock has guns everybody has to have them. >> he said, all right the attack one of several across paris that night that left 130 people dead.
6:56 am
carving into red rocks in arizona. >> on a trip known for the beautiful landscape with her boyfriend austin. a photo posted showed a heart keaive intuse the red rock with their name inside it and damaging a natural feature on that land is 6 months behind bars and maximum $5,000 fine. no word from her on those allegations. well kim kardashian apparently can't stand her husband kanye west twurt rants. welcome to the club. source tells people magazines while a supportive wife she's not aen fan and what is causing friction is compulsive tweeting. this, of course -- isn't she too. but he goes on rants, though. >> that's true this follows
6:57 am
fiasco claimed he's 53 million in debt and asking mark zuckerberg for money. >> doing a twitter rant on valentine's day when he is supposed to be with her he was on twitter ranting. not good. >> kerry thanks for filling in this morning. rosanna and greg next. >> have a great day everybody. i always heard fios was a lot faster. but, i thought it would be a
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it' s like i' m going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it.
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>> hi, everybody. welcome to the good day new york program. rosanna: we're going to have a cooler day. do you think that you sofia? >> he sleeps until about 11. anyway. this is going to be a little sunnier today. drive. it is in manhattan. >> to do hear about president obama. he was taking on donald trump yesterday.


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