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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  February 22, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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greg: 2016. turning out to be a fascinating year. rosanna: why do you say that? greg: number one, the political stuff, generally speaking i blow it off. rosanna: most people blou it off and millions of people are watching the debates. greg: this time it is interests, i don't know, i am interested. rosanna: everybody is interested in what they are saying and how they differ on the topics. greg: by the way, do anything cool or interesting, fun, fun? talk about the weekend. rosanna: i was with friends and
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greg: you and elvis duran are tight. rosanna: i hadn't seen him for a month before that. >> greg: good for you, once a month is good. rosanna: well, all though we saturday. it is a little too much. i don't know how that happened. what'd you do? >> i went to the club. put it on the tab. rosanna: i would like to go with you, usually you are on my tab. greg: you got me there. hello, donald trump, man, he's on fire. whether you like him or not, he's on top on the republican
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>> i just want to congratulate the candidates. this is tough, mean, beautiful. when you win, it is beautiful. we are going to start winning for our country. greg: you know who spoke that night, his wife. rosanna: yes, she cracked a smile. greg: she's terrific. >> and i vanka spoke at well. greg: that family is impressive. his children, his wife there. the potential first lady. who didn't have a good weekend, jeb bush.
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see withdrawing so soon into the campaigning. greg: he was so favored. son of a former president and the brother of a former president. >> america thinks big, acts body and leading without apology. it is up to the next president to restore that kind of leadership leadership. i am proud of the campaign we have run and advocate conservative solutions giving more americans the opportunity to rise up. but the people of iowa and new hampshire and south carolina have spoken. so tonight i am suspended by campaign. yeah, yeah. thank you. [cheering] rosanna: you know, he comes from a big political dynasty.
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greg: that low energy label stuck and it was pointed out in the paper, that is not really the case, he was emailing people in the middle of the night, he sprinted around, he's a fast walker. rosanna: his posture is not great and some people surmising he was on the paleo diet and you luis a little energy and a little steam. greg: so did he lose mojo along with the fat? maybe three presidents in one family is too many. rosanna: you had think doing better than ted cruz and harco rub -- marco rubio. greg: well, we have other things going on.
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rosanna: yes, history made with a spectacular finish. >> greg: watch this. they had to go back and slow it down. the guy in the black car one, him. rosanna: hamlin's first win. realizing a childhood dream of his. greg: mike woods and i in celebration of the olympic games had a sprint on 67th street and who win, go to the video tape. rosanna: we to go to slo-mo. >> greg: i'm not thrilld with the results, not humiliated either. rosanna: if you stopped yelling and kept your mouth close. you are always talking,
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greg: not fair. wind resistence perhaps. rosanna: of the mouth. greg: any way, mike won here hold on. that was me yelling. [laughter] rosanna: see, if you spent more time with the mouth closed you would have maybe won. greg: why is hell was i -- rosanna: you don't realize how open your mouth? >> greg: and vice versa. mike woods won, this time. rosanna: mike, write that down. you had a busy weekend, you were going and the upper east side and checking out apartments. are you looking for an apartment.
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greg: the writer of to kill a mocking bird died. she's from alabama and dieed in alabama but pent a lot of time in new york city and wrote the book on the upper east side. rosanna: we would think it was in alabama. greg: she wrote it here. after the sales of the book took off and moved into that pardon me. this is east 82nd street. i found this on friday. there is her name on the doorbell. the buzzer. lee, h. i rang the door. obvious, nobody is home. rosanna: did you try the knob. >> no comment. incredible person. she wrote that one book and that was it for decades. she made a lot of money from that look. rosanna: she was good friends of
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they don't like it when you don't live there full time. she had a very, very close relationship with the landlord and paid less than a thousand dollars a month. how big was it greg: i think it was a one learn. we had a book club and we read the first one and took a stab at the second. we are working on it. rosanna: yes. greg: it was a best seller. rest in peace. rosanna: mike, who knew she lived on the upper west side. she's not been here since 2007. she recently renewed the lease. greg: yes, a month ago. crazy. rosanna: greg is looking to move to upper west side. oh.
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president obama, nixon, lee harvey oswald. only in new york. mike: other notables too. to what is happening out there. we have a milder start to the day. it is not as warm as over the weekend, for sure. but for this time of the year it is not bad. headed up to 48 degrees. we are on the down side here. we have rain coming in for the latter half of the day and warming up over the next couple of days after that because you have the rain coming in and wind and southerly influence and the highs up to the lower 50s again, like we saw over the weekend, after the rain is down, the temps go down again to below normal range at the end of the week. 42 degrees central park. 43 newark. 40 allentown. 34 monticello. winds coming in from the north and northeast 6-13 miles per hour.
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not too crazy windy. the clouds are breaking up. the showers are done. a few clouds left over for us here. you are going to see more sun than anything. high pressure is i would being in and tend to see more and more of the sun. the rain is out of the picture. well, today completely fine. it is clear out there. then tomorrow morning high clouds are working in into the tristate region and the rain coming in later in the afternoon and evening and it is primarily rain, notice blue shades here, there maybe some wet flakes of snow tuesday afternoon and tuesday evening, most of this is transferring over to rainfall as time goes on. the low pressure is passing by the south and keeping us soggy through wednesday, and that is a thursday. we have a t lo of sun out there today.
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degrees. which for this time of the year it is not bad. mostly clear and cold tonight with the lows 2 # 2-34. and there's the rain coming in later tuesday. wednesday is looking wet and wind into thursday. it is done after that. dryer skies and highs in the upper 30s and 40s over the upcoming weekend and dry. >> greg: thank you. we are going through the career high lights for the next guest. we got to know you from laverne and shirley and snl for a season or two. he did a good bill clinton. ruckus yourself slack, you were great in that. spinal tap. which one was he? >> blondie.
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greg: he's a very versatile actor. the latest project getting a lot of attention and buzz and popularity is better call sal. rosanna: happy to have you back on "good day new york." >> so nice to be back. rosanna: so this series is prequell to breaking bad, that you are on broadway with kranston, and with word about this prequell. >> i knew they were going to do a prequell and he turns to me and said you should do the better call sal. what? they are going to call you. okay. i worked with vince gilligan on the x files years before and yeah, they gave me a shout and how about doing this show, yeah, okay. fabulous prequell.
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much good stuff on tv, and what is going on here? >> jimmy mcquill, it is all about him becoming saul goodman. there is competition there. yeah, it is all about this guy is kind of con man back a lawyer and then back a shady lawyer. rosanna: what is the drama this year? >> oh, well. rosanna: can you give us a peek? >> they get mad at you when you say too much. we get into the familial relationship a little more and it is a very, very complicated relationship between these two brothers. rosanna: do they have the same parents?
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my character is older. i am the guy acing law school when he was struggling in middle school. when you have older sibling who has it made, there is no worse position. look at this, look at this. the pressure's on. greg: let's take a look at the show. hit it. >> jimmy. hello? >> what are you doing here? >> my name is on the building. >> so great to have you here. if you need anything, i will be in my office.
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>> prepare the witness. greg: that dramatic. all right, how long did it take to film that? set it up like 18 times? >> well, yeah, we have a guy that is the director of photographer, arthur is there and so brilliant, the look of the show, new mexico is a big player in the show. rosanna: are you filming there? >> yeah. rosanna: i know you live on the upper west side. >> yes, also los angeles. >> you are working all the time. >> it seems like. how come i am not wish. greg: are you all right? >> i am all right.
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rosanna: you are dad was like the big guy at decker records? >> no, he was he worked there when first starting out and in the charter company. he never ran anything. rosanna: he passed on the beatles? >> no, no. he was long gone. he was mostly columbia and victor. rosanna: oh, interesting. greg: any dirt on laverne and shirley? >> they are all awesome. i see them occasionally and talk to david lander all of the time. he was my partner. amazing group. we got along together for the most part. people thought we were instain. we worked next door to happy
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they were happy. we were kind of what is this crap. rosanna: so turmoil behind the scenes? >> no, we were fussy and you know, i don't know. hey. we were in the 20s. rosanna: laverne and shirley not getting along? >> no, they were great. they are very close now. greg: something tells me tell-all back here. director, writer. hey, michael, so nice to see you. good luck with the second season of bawler call saul. rosanna: nice to see you. follow him on twitter, he's really funny. >> greg: thank you, sir. rosanna: when we come back, great show day. l.a. reid is coming up, nathan
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>> he dresses cooler than i am. greg: you are very upper west side. you are perfect for the up wither west side. hi dad. uh huh. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart
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rosanna: i love this song by the wanted. in fact, i went to this thing that duran did for a one people and they performed and now they are no longer a group. >> nathan sykes is performing. welcome to "good day new york." rosanna: how are you? >> good. how are you? >> rosanna: how is the solo career going? >> amazing. it is a whole new experience. i love it. greg: what is break up ugly? >> no. we just decided to make a break. the time was right. i love music and i'm 22 as well.
9:22 am
do you miss having people on the set with you, we are available. we'll go on the road with you. >> normally when i do a tour, 8 piece band and that shows the other side of the album is brassy and funky i suppose. greg: we can't help you there. rosanna: this song, over and over, very pretty, it is featuring arianna grande. >> it is beautiful. yeah, so it was amazing. rosanna: i got to know, what is happening with you and arianna? >> nothing, we are just singing together. yeah.
9:23 am
>> that was like 300 years ago. rosanna: okay in the past. greg: future and present is the place to be. we have a big piano here. are you going to tear it up? >> hopefully. >> it is beautiful. rosanna: it is a love song. >> i'm about doing it in person. greg: beautiful. rosanna: do you mind playing over and over again?
9:24 am
>> one plus one, two for life over and over again. so, don't ever think i need more i've got the one to live for no one else will do, and i'm telling you just put your heart in my hands promise it won't get broken
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we'll stay brand new cause i'll love you over and over again. over and over again. from the of the night to the break of day i will keep you safe and hold you forever and the sparks will fly, they will never fade cause every day gets better and better and i won't leave you always be true one plus one, two for life over and over again so don't ever think i need more
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no one else will do, and i'm telling you just put your heart in my hands promise it won't get broken we'll never forget this moment yeah, we'll stay brand new cause i love you over and over again. baby. oh. over and over again. girl, when i'm with you i lose track of time when i'm without you you're
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need till the day that i day, i will love over and over again. i promise it won't get broken never forget this moment, we'll stay brand new cause i'll love you over and over again. over and over again. over and over again. greg: great. rosanna: so pretty. so great. how about chop sticks or something? >> go for it. greg: it is a special electronic piano. when did you start playing this?
9:28 am
it for a while. that is a big regret. >> greg: what'd you mean? >> my sister stuck it and she's incredible player. rosanna: you have a new song and what is the album out? i love it. it is a beautiful song. you are on the road? >> yes. i'm back over here. greg: say cheerio to the queen for us. rosanna: we have a big music mogul coming in. l.a. reid. he's coming here and also the actress funky jensen.
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greg that is one of the x men movies. hot stuff. rosanna: she is. what about when she was a bond girl. greg: oh, boy, that james bond got the best women.
9:32 am
rosanna: yes, we liked him. now funky in a new movie. jack of the red hearts. greg: don't forget your favorite show. rosanna: yes, how to get away with murder. there is a new attorney there and helping out and helping her out in a lot of different ways. >> yes, she is. rosanna: she's a very, very good friend, a special friend with benefits i think. greg: oh, they are lesbians? rosanna: yes. well welcome. >> thank you. rosanna: how to get away with murder. how is the season going? >> great. we just finished. rosanna: you know what is going to happen? >> yes. greg: she works there.
9:33 am
directors and producers giver you different endings to the script. >> not in this case. i know what happens. but i workd with the directors that don't give you a script. woody allen, i just got the pages i appeared in. rosanna: is that frustrating? >> no. however the director wants to work i work with it. greg: leonardo dicaprio at the casino. you have a beautiful name. >> you don't hear many of them. this little girl, in dutch another dialect of dutch. my parents liked the name.
9:34 am
let's talk about the new movie. it is beautiful. we had the nanny to the autistic child with us. >> she's a caretaker, but she's an imposter. she pretends to be a caretaker. so we bring her into our home and thinking she's got a wonderful resume. greg: the hand that rocking the cradle, remember that one. along those lines? >> no. this is not crazy. it is a sweet movie. she has an incredible influence on the child ultimately and the betrayal is big.
9:35 am
>> i know i didn't make -- when i started to see signs that something was wrong, i just couldn't face it. the only thing, the only thing everyone agrees on in early intervention. the most crucial years. i missed it. where would glory be if we started early? would she be able to relate. would she have friends. would she call my mommy. rosanna: wow. this is a one box or two box? >> it is not just a sad movie. it is a heart felt movie about love, family, parenting and relationships and yeah, it is sweet. greg: when you show up to work,
9:36 am
say you are having a great day, and whatever is going on, how do you do that? >> it is just you bring out things from thepast, whatever works for you in the moment. >> you have to get yourself sad, really sad. >> yeah, all the work i do before and it is build into the dialogue before i do it. it is plugged in with memories and things. rosanna: you live in new york city? >> yes. >> roz you are around the world and filming, how does that work for you, why are you living here? >> i came here from holland and i was a model at the time and i fell in love it. i tried to live other places, i can't. the energy, the climate, everything about it. i love every thing about new york. it is easier when working in
9:37 am
then going from l.a. to europe. when i am home i am away from it. >> greg: how long languages do you speak. >> i used to speak four. greg: what is yes in german? all right. famke, thank you so uch many. rosanna: go see her in the new movie and of course, how to get away with murder. all right. coming up l.a. reid is here. big music me mogul. your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free
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to fios. greg: in today's book club l.a. reid we got to know him through the x factor. a great talent and music mogul
9:41 am
l.a. reid with the new book. rosanna: sing to me. greg: some of us thought, he calls the shot. check out l.a. reed back in the day on the drum set. rosanna: he started as a drummer. greg: this is with pure e sense. rosanna: i love reading this book, it is a who's who in the music business and how you got the start is beautiful. getting your first drumsticks and your uncle giving you advice on how to use them. >> yes, in the barbershop and the guys coming in with records and the actual vinyl fascinated me, but more importantly the oves that really fascinated
9:42 am
i loved the rhythms and the drums. greg: where'd you grow up? >> cincinnati, ohio. greg: if growing up some place else would you find your way to music? >> if i grew up in brooklyn. all right, if i were born in manhattan i would be smarter, i don't know. rosanna: interesting you say that. brooklyn you think about a lot of greats, jay-z. >> people get behind brooklyn. [laughter] rosanna: okay, from cincinnati, at some point you went to atlanta. >> cincinnati, indianapolis, where i met baby face, back to cincinnati and putting a band together and then to los angeles. and i was in los angeles with
9:43 am
records and then to atlanta. rosanna: and you met usher there? >> yes. greg: and purr essence didn't take off? >> not quite. we got on the raid in cincinnati. greg: better producer than a drummer? >> yes. but i love playing the drums. rosanna: the book is fascinating, your career the huge, huge, and you met so many people and nurtured a lot of people, a young usher the may rye ya and jennifer lopez. what it like putting this together, it had to be daunting and at the same time not hurting feelings. >> i didn't go into it with the intention of laughing at anyone
9:44 am
very important. i was careful about other, about the artists that i have worked with and i didn't want to reveal their stories. it is my story, right. when you read a book, you can interpret it in a lot of ways. i hit the speed bumps along the way. >> page 273, lady gaga, and you feel a little bad about it? >> i do. greg: what happened? >> rosanna: he signed her. >> she comes in and plays the pee anna and i sign her, i tell she's going to change the music and a couple of months later i say maybe i wasn't right. maybe i don't like this so much and i make the biggest mistake
9:45 am
greg: when was that, what year? >> i rather not to remember. rosanna: 2006. greg: all right, you signed her. >> signed to our record label. greg: you break the contract? >> i let her go. we can sign and let people go. she decided to line to another label and became lady gaga. not just a girl with a hit or moment of fame, he's lady gaga, the biggest star in the world. i saw her at the grammy's. greg: is there bad blood? >> no. she hugs me. greg: is it phony? >> no. the embrace was warm. but the last time i saw her, well, i don't know. greg what is the reaction, you are fired actually.
9:46 am
way? >> greg: someone else did it? >> yes. rosanna: you passed on kanye? >> no. no. i worked with him on five, six albums. the first time i met him he was a producer and i didn't know he aspired to be a recording artist. i just didn't know. rosanna: okay. >> i wouldn't have missed on that one. rosanna: how is he doing these days, we are concerned about the rants? >> i just love the first six albums. rosanna: the latest one is? >> maybe 8. greg: it seems he's losing his mind. >> i don't know about that. he's the great manipulator of media in the world. and that's what i think. rosanna: he's pulling our chains?
9:47 am
you are falling for it. meanwhile everyone is talking about kanye. greg: and we have seen that before. rosanna: talk about megan trainer. greg: all about the base girl. yes, the grammy, what do you call it, best new artist. that's who she is. rosanna: she has a beautiful voice, great range. >> so much balance. rosanna: you have to see amazing people that can sing, what is it, do you wait for the hair to stand up on our arms, how do you know this one has it and this one doesn't? >> i don't know. i know what i love. i grew up loving music. i look for the feeling when i
9:48 am
when i heard stevie wonder as a kid. it is a familiar feeling. that is how i know. it is untu tif. greg: well, you know what you are doing except lady gaga. rosanna: sorry i brought this up. >> no, i had an attitude. i was having a lot of success and i got beside myself and missed. it is going to happen to you too. rosanna: well, usher, hello. greg: meet l.a. reid. rosanna: yes, tomorrow night at 6:30. can anybody go? >> greg: you have to buy the book. >> i am expense ive expensive. just kidding. it is free.
9:49 am
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greg: i think guy is a galloping gourmet. rosanna: yes, he's galloping around the country with his wife. >> greg: the tuskin gun. new cooking show coming to the cooking channel. extra virgin americano. >> thank you so much for having me. rosanna: this is not your first thing on the tv cooking world. >> no, it all happened by mistake, 2008, 2009 youtube is out and we decided to most my grandmother's recipes the rest is history. we are working on the second book. the first one a new york best seller. i opened a shop in brooklyn. i like to have conversation that is about food.
9:53 am
ingredients and the things that bring the people together around the table. greg: you are italian? >> yes, from florence. i am a souvenir. >> smart lady. >> this is my fifrt recipe. this is coming from the center of italian. garlic. traditionally the recipe doesn't call for sage. my point is that they are camping by the river and cooking, cook with the fresh herbs. this is breakfast of the champions. greg: it feels like velvet. it is nice. rosanna: stop putting your hands on that.
9:54 am
the balance of the sage and the punch and flavor. a lot of the flavor to this is coming from the ingredients, the cure of the meat and the saltiness. >> while we cut that, we are taking a quick break and we have the
9:55 am
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speeds plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online switch to better. switch to fios. rosanna: thank you saying nice things about us on facebook. greg: thank you once again. >> look at finishing up. rosanna: that is gorgeous. delicious. ingredients.
9:57 am
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live from new york city, it's show. >> wendy: how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to actual. all due respect, have several seats. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chaser. >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] fabulous. [ applause ] here we go again.


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