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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  February 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> good morning everyone it's 6:00. a so-called wintry mix is heading our way. i prefer to call it sweet. highs are in upper 30s today. a lot chillier than yesterday. mike has the forecast. a wet sloppy, forecast. >> several people have been injured by an early morning apartment fire in the bronx. control. >> republican voters in nevada hold their caucuses today. poll es show trump well ahead in the presidential race there. >> the bill for the second
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mta says it's going to cost $66 million more just so it can open up on time. i will publicly question that coming up in just a moment. >> robert moses says he noticed that you say hospital. you soften t on hospital. >> running gag this morning at my expense. >> it is a compliment even though bernie sanders said that we should why are we making fun of you? i said you sound like peter jennings jack gibson writes juliet huddy is so annoying. hashtag snarky witch. >> that might be a bit extreme people. >> jack your smile is cheesy. >> wow. >> if he's going to insult me, i'll insult him right back. it's actually -- >> whatever. >> it's a compliment. you sound like peter jennings and i told you from that day
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>> nothing to be ashamed of. >> it's not -- >> all right. let's talk about the wintry mix juliet doesn't like that term either. i don't know it has a little bit of everything. sleet, snow in it. it's a wintry mix that's coming up for u here at least in purple shaded counties. that's where you e see minor accumulation but not only sleet but minor accumulation making for slick conditions. mainly from 4:00 this amp until about 9:00 in the morning. but a coating of ice and snow up to an inch or so shouldn't be much more than that. maybe's in spots up to two inches anyhow not a big deal. ray door and satellite i noticed parts of west virginia parts of pennsylvania, that is trying to change over to that wintry mix already. most of the rain down to the south now with cold air it is going to mix on you.
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27 degrees in williams port pa. but the colder air is here. but it's mainly willing tholed own for northern tear of the tristate region but the city, in the trough areas that's where it is going to be more rain than negative. but this wasn't strongest area of low pressure that's going to pull by and don't expect a lot of it regardless rain or wintry mix or snow whatever had the case is. it won't accumulate to a whole lot. this is more potent into texas to bring us a good amount of rain tomorrow. but in the city changes over to rain and high temp up to about 39 degrees tomorrow. it's rain through the day for just about everyone. it start off to the north as a wasn't remix still but changing to raism because warm earl temps coming in. 53 on thursday and then done with that precip. okay now let's get you back to ines to check out where backups are. flashing lights for a while. back to you ines.
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in new jersey things are fine 278 and 80, good on l.i.e. and northern state. cam whereas the commute this morning on gowanus heading to bqe here by the prospect traffic slowing down because there's a stall by atlantic avenue. and then bqe in queens that camera shot by the kosciuszko o bridge traffic moving slow eastbound heading towards l.i.e. two lanes blocked with an accidenting on westbound side you're fine. ben and juliet. >> thank you very much. all right newly released data confirm what is many new yorkers feared more and her more dangerous to ride our subways. >> major felonies skyrocketed compared to same time a year ago. teresa priolo at union square for us with more details. good morning. >> hey, ben and juliet good everyone. do you remember weeks, months ago there's a lot of talk about the subway slashing, the stabbing and fear that fear that people weren't safe.
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now they're saying in some cases your perceived notion that crime might be on the rise is, in fact, reality. >> i'm very worried. one of the slashings happened near my work stop. i'm there all of the time so like i have to be concerned about everyone around me. if you're one of the many new yorkers fearful of get slashed or stabbed aboveground or below. the nypd says the number ofs do show a concerning up tick. according to the nypd crime data there's a 36% up tick in major felony courtroom reported underground this past january compared to january, 2015. aboveground the data shows slashings and stabbings up 2. 20% over last year city wide. most recent occurring this weekend. surveillance video showing you this scene on holland avenue in the bronx. with the nypd says two men got out of a car and stabbed a 26-year-old woman in the stomach
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and then there's this. another slashing jerome avenue at a food truck where a customer wases slashed in the face. >> police we have are targeting any area where we have a problem. that's the bottom line this is what com stat is all about. when we see an area of concern there's or more police and focus on it. tompleghts combat the spike in crime adding 2,000 beat cops and today it is rolling out come stat 2.0 a data tool fable to all b cops to show where crimes are occurring and where their resources are need. this kind of information is currently only available on a weekly basis. now it will be juptd in real time and be instaptly accessible. >> and one other thing to think about subway system voted to create a lift of chronic subway offend terse that commit sex crimes as well as thieves.
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these people are caught and case its way through our court system, they at least will be banned from using our subway system. one more thing ben and juliet, today at that 1:00 come stat announcement you better belief they'll be getting questions about their change in tune overt crime statistics so certainly we'll bring you the latest on that. latest from union square. sending things back to both of you. >> teresa thank you very much. right now, firefighters are working on apartment building fire in the bronx and there are several injuries. >> broke out around 2:00 this morning on the top floor of this building. that's on andrews avenue in the morris heights neighborhood. two people were hurt, seriously. oughts three have minor injuries. one firefighter also has minor the fire is now under control but it's unclear as to how it started so that's under investigation. >> donald trump seeing his lead widen when republicans in nevada hold their caucuses today.
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robert moses is going to tell us. good morning once again. rntion good morning to you drump widely expected to win and win pretty easily tonight in nevada. ted kriewgz and marco rubio are trying to establish themselves as viable alternatives to trump. they better do it quickly because the donald is steam rolling his way to this nomination. >> it's superquick, very easy just check the box next to donald j. trump and you're tone. >> trump encourages nevada caucus goers to support her dad. >> we need you nevada. get out and caucus for my father and let's make america great again. >> widely expected to win tonight. last night he hild a rally in las vegas a disruptive protesters had to be escorted out which got trump fired up. >> you know what they used to do with guys like that in a place like this, they would be carried
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punch him in the face. >> on a the eve of the caucus after he fired his communication director rick tyler for spreading a false story about mary koa rubio. tyler tweeted a video of rubio speaking with a starve in a hotel lobby. claiming that rubio said there were not many anxiouses in the bible when rubio said it had all of the answers. >> even if it was true our campaign shouldn't have sent it. tyler admits he posted it. >> shouldn't have done it. i apologize to marco rubio. trchg they pounceding video is latest in a string of dirty tricks. >> disturbing pattern of stuff that campaign -- flat out just lying. trump tweeted suggest marco rubio mocked bible and forced to fire his communications director.
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>> after tonight next key date to watch is saturday when in thes in south carolina hold their primary and then comes super tuesday a week from today when had 12 states hold primaries. by the way, that could be when john kasich and ben carson have to drop out. ben and juliet there's a new quinnipiac poll released at the 6 a.m. that shows donald trump would beat ohio governor john kasich in ohio 31 to 26 so the thought was that kasich would be able to win his home state. but this poll shows he can't do that even against trump that's why we say that he may not even make it to ohio on march had 15th. >> we'll see you never know what happens. >> shows what a strangle hold he has when he's beating these guys in their home turf. >> ace in the whole, that come
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>> accomplished. so classy i love her. a wonderful girl. >> apparently decent friends with chelsea clinton a post article about that couple of weeks ago. >> i can see that. she speaks perfectly much like you. >> excellent. rocket. robert speaking of polls. other political news new york reverse not ready for a possible presidential run by former mayor bloomberg. >> favored a run according to the time warner poll. hillary clinton beats bernie sanders, by 48% to 38%. 827 new york city residents were sampled in that poll. much more still to come here this morning. >> we have a wintry mix coming in to the area. sleet, rain, snow. >> call it a --
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>> diction is not as clear. : poor diction compared to ben. >> wintry mix. >> whatever. a little bit of it all coming our way. starting off with snow and mix with sleet, rain, a little bit eve everything is rolling through parts of the tristate this smoasly rain. anyhow your startoff temp is dry. 37 degrees with a cloudy sky out at central park. but showers will be developing any time after lunch and beyond. yeah, gets risky but if you want to keep track of what's going on, a live interactive radar on the fox 5 weather app and google play store. doesn't cost you a thing and tell you exactly what's going on in your neighborhood. what is worse? we'll be right back. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. dd perks members, indulge
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[laughter] welcome back. a seaworld rescue team saved a young humpback whale tangled in a fishing line off the southern coast it shall coast of southern california. rescue teams had to use inflatable motor boat to look
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what they found it sunday a fishing line ran through the mouth and around its tail. fluke. it said it was hog tied. it took two hours for them to cut the line in several places and eventually went away in freedom. >> a noise in the corner there. but they're getting ready for a performance. >> mike woods is here, 6:16, and it is a wintry mix. on the horizon -- >> sleet, snow, rain. a little bit of everything. >> what happened to just calling it snow, sleet, rain. >> it is it all together. >> a little bit shorter. easier except for those who can't for whatever reason grasp that. >> oh, snap. [laughter] >> you started it. i'm going to finish it. anyhow we have a wintry mix coming this way, rain, sleet,
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depends on whether it matters. because in the city you get some of that but it is melting on contact so it's not that bigs of a deal but up to the north and webcast it starts to stick a little bit. gets minor accumulation and makes for slick spots anyhow a coat of sleet and snow with that mix changing over to all rain by tomorrow morning that's when we start to catch a break and we don't have slick spots going through the day tomorrow which we'll have rain. somewhat heavy at times. temps as it stands right now. 47 in central park. 37 in bridgeport and 28 in poughkeepsie. only a few spots to the north and west are cold enough to e keep it as that wintery mix or snow in the area for the time being. but more warm air pulled in for now colder air is pulled up but more of the warm air pulled in with not the first but second area of low pressure coming through. clouds are here and showers to the south and they'll continue to close in in the tristate.
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rain but changing over to the wintry mix as it heads into pennsylvania. not will helicopter to happen into our neck of the woods. so our temp up to 39 in the city. it starts off as a wintery mix in the city but it does up to the northwest. changes to rain in the evening and rain through the day tomorrow and into thushz. that rain will be somewhat e heavy at times. breezy but look how warm they are low it is lower 50s for couple of days and then upper 30s for you into the weekend. all right now let's bring in ines rosales and see what we have going on trying to roads and rails yep there's backups. what's up? >> problems mike i've got the wrong remote. right now your commute this morning not bad. rockland west chest per good crossing tappan zee bridge fine traveling in new jersey. we have a problem on route 80 and teaneck. look at hudson street local lanes are a mess this morning.
6:19 am
exit 67 after hudson street blocking one lane causing this slowdown in local lanes so express lane use that. westbound side fine, and bqe working on an accident on kosk o koa kosciuszko bridge causing this slowdown. traffic to williamsburg bridge westbound no problems. ben and juliet. a tip led to capture of a man raping a woman on staten island. >> maurice scott walked into an us a building on forest avenue on friday raped a 44 yeertd woman, robbed her of her cell phone and cash. charming's are now pepping. university medical center. >> students are accused of part.
6:20 am
fake baby bumps and held 40 ounce beers. the theme of the reported party perpetuated racial stereotypes that has no place in our community. many gusted by the party they think it is a big misunderstanding. >> if you look at kevin in 2006 chain. justin bieber dress like that for so long while out seasoning baby, baby on oh it's just the style. >> fairfield reads in part university administration is working with students in diversity officers to investigate the incident. because the investigation is still in the preliminary stages, with it's unclear what disciplinary actions students who attended the party will face. >> that was -- adam levine's back.
6:21 am
>> not connected to the fair field university party. this started my day off so bad. i just want to -- watch this. a teenager attacked a food deliver rei man in harlem caught on camera. you've got to listen to the adult cheer this dumb kid on. this video posted to youtube on sunday night but unclear when the incident took place. you can see this teenager push ing this poor guy who is trying to deliver food to wagner houses. adults apparently are urging this teen to punch and rob worker. but he's carrying on, laughing, and rips a kid. kicks him with food but even has it. but god knows he's cheering this one kid on what had they would have cone. police say wasn't a 9-1-1 call so i guess --
6:22 am
but i -- >> hard to believe. >> the way things were after 9-1-1 where we came together as a country, not to mention the city. let's get back. let's get back to those moment where is we actually care about each other. >> yes, please second avenue subway will cost us 66 million so it can open on time. that's what the mta says goal to get the first section open by the end of this year with new stations at sending avenue and if 86 and 72nd street built by separate contractors. line will then join existing lexington avenue station, the money is coming from the agency's contingency plan for the promote but that would lead the fund with 50 million for any unforeseen issues that pop up. i don't understand why contractors here are not penalized for not finishing their work on time. here's the deadline if you don't
6:23 am
why are we paying them to work faster? >> a lot of times when you have a contractor you want to go with the guy who will give you the best deal but the company that will give you most efficiency as well. >> all right. i don't like it. still to come a tasty way to boost your brain power. >> i see chocolate. i leak this idea. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price.
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your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. >> getting crazy in this studio let me tell you in today's "health watch" a bill that was raise new jersey smoking age to 21 advanced in the state legislature. it would fine retail percent if
6:26 am
or younger and wasn't punish them. approved legislation less than a month after christie vetoed a similar bill. if approved new jersey is second state behind hawaii to raise smoking age to 21. it is 21 by the way in noarks. eating chocolate on a regular basis could be good for your brain. >> i'm so intelligent. new study in the journal -- >> i think that is appetite? i would imagine it says something different. it found that people who ate chocolate once a week performed better at mental skills than those who ate chocolate less often. i think it was a french periodical. more frequent chocolate consumption associated with better performance include visual spatial organization, and memorization they speculate that flavonoids which are found in plant based foods like cocoa can
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people age. flavonoids. i love that word. >> flavonoids. >> what do you think? >> i don't think -- top story when is we return. going to the break. plus -- we'll be right back. (maintenance guy) is of ethernet cables? network.
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>> good morning. that was a fun -- what is it called? >> parascope. >> how ominous it looks out there. >> not very nice. it will evolve into a wintry mix. show, rain, sleet. i think it should be called sleet. it sums it up. but highs reach the 30s. mike has your complete forecast. >> crime data shows crime in the subway. major felonies in the transit system during the month of january pup 36% from one year ago. >> one of the officers injured in a brooklyn shooting over the weekend is expected to be released from the hospital yesterday. the other officer charminged in home. we'll bring an update on that. >> bill cosby wife camille
6:31 am
testified for about 8 hours and is expected to return for more questions next month. this i believe is u up in massachusetts, i believe. not too happy i'm ben simmoneau. >> i'm juliet huddy. >> tuesday morning february 23rd. >> ben speaks with soft t's. much the way feater jennings did time. >> take that credit. this started as when she first told the story she couldn't stop herself from laughing. now trying -- she spins it and she becomeses hero and rest of us are ridiculous for questioning her. >> that's not truety like being snarky witch like that guy called me. i find that role fun. you know, i like that. but believe me i would mac fun
6:32 am
there's anybody out there who can disagree with with that you have a beautiful, beautiful way of speaking. >> thank you, thank you. >> mike. >> we have a wintry mix headed our way. >> we have a wintery mix -- >> you have to use that t otherwise it throws me. we have purple shaded areas that's where winter weather advisory is up for you from 4:00 this afternoon until -- 9:00 tomorrow morning. so just be aware of that. that'ses where you're going to see minor snow and ice accumulation. fox 5 sky guards yap fired up and question see rain trying to push into south jersey but it is rainfall that we're looking at so far. but as it comes closer to us we expect it to transfer over at least somewhat to the wintery mix so temps are sittings in 20s. other ones get it. 21 in sussex and monticello.
6:33 am
basically northwestern section of new jersey, up the lower hudson valley. that's where you're at the greatest risk to get some snow and ice accumulation but it will be minor everyone there. winds well they're coming in from the northeast around 7 to 12 miles per hour. now, helping to pull in more of the cold air and kind of keep it just cold enough that we get a wintry mix but it is rainfall coming this way. just if a little bit of it is going to change over to that wintry mix and comes to us in the city so accumulation is not expected here as it is up to the north and west of the city. high temp up to 40 later on this afternoon. 52 rainfall coming through which will be heavy at times from wednesday sphwhowrs. and then wrap up on thursday and then we'll be done for friday and the weekends. weekend is dry but quite a bit cooler too. okay let's bring in ines rosales and see where rackets are. good morning to you, ines.
6:34 am
queens two problems a stall on bqe by atlantic avenue cleared away but traffic backed up to century city. then a little east of that by kosciuszko bridge an texas out there for about an hour cleared away but traffic is backed up to manhattan bridge on that one. back to route 80 in new jersey moving better but expect delays in local lanes. this is hudson street by teaneck road fbi an accident blocking two lanes so some of the delays are easing out but express lane is better option. as for bronx on commander hamilton bridge no problems there. southbound. trains are running on or close. ben and juliet. >> thank you very much. disurng new data shows that felonies subway symptom increased dramatically. >> boosting patrols in response to the rise in crime. let's go to teresa priolo outside the union square subway good morning.
6:35 am
do you guys remember around february 1st or so -- there was a lot of news about subway slashings about stabbings. people were really concerned about this perceived rise in crime and when the media went to mayor and police commissioner they said this was a one off that the city was still safe. now, it seems to be a little bit of a change in tune. this morning we're hearings there's been a rise above and below grounds. >> i'm very is worried. one of the slashings happened near my work stop. i'm there all the of the time so i like have to be concerned about everyone around me. if you're one of the many new yorkers fearful of getting slashed or stabbed above or below ground nypd says the number do show a concerning up tick according to the nypd's crime data there's a 30% up tick reported underground this past january compared to january of 2015.
6:36 am
slashings and stab technician were up two. 20% over last year. city wide. the most recent occurring this weekend. surveillance video showing you this scene on holland avenue in the bronx. where the nypd says two men got out of o a car and stabbed a 26-year-old woman in the stomach and the ear. and then there's this. another slashing on jerome avenue at a food truck. where a comr was slashed in the face. this is what compstat is all about. where we see an area of concern we put more police on it. to combat this spike in crime city is adding 2,000 beat cops today it is rolling out compstat 2.0. it's a data tool that will be available to all b cops to show where crimes are occurring and where their resources are needed. this kind of information is only available on a weekly basis.
6:37 am
time and be instantly accessible. and one more thing that might help combat crime mta transit committee voted to put together a lift of chronic subway offenders people committing sex crimes and also fees. they're gong to happened that list over to d.a. office until when these people are caught for their crimes as their case make it is through the court system juliet, they will be banned from using our subway system. it's one way to make sure that you keep them from repeating offenses another way to keep the regs of us safe. latest from union square this morning. back to you in the studio. >> there's only public transportation but that's a whole other o story. good to see you. play on the hunt for police say beats up a guy and threw hot water in his face in the bronx. here are the suspects. this happened in sunday in fordham heights section. 40-year-old victim whawg
6:38 am
them before they attacked he suffered it second-degree murder burns to his face and in stable condition. if you know who these people are call crime stoppers to get people off the streets 577-tips. 183 million dollars has been had awarded to families of five city firefighters killed or injured in the infamous 2005 black sunday blaze. the suit claims that fdny failed to equip firefighters with life saving ropes that would have helped them escape from burning buildings. they became trapped in antelegally subdivided apartment building forced to jump to avoid flame. curtis and firefighter john killed by the impact with the ground. firefighter joseph d. died six years later from his injury. the jury assigned 80% of the liability to the city the building landlord the other 20%. >> fox means business. ben i don't know if you know that. >> joining is us lauren
6:39 am
or card's new feature. >> selfie pay so mastercard is coming out with an app where you go to pay something. take a selfie to authenticate it is you making that purchase or you know scan your fingerprint but the selfie that's a big deal. we haven't seen that before at least not that i'm aware of. you're saying can't hack percent get an old picture or finds someone that looks like you, perhaps your twin and fake the system into thinking that it is indeed you when you're buying something it is not because mast hadder card will make you blink before you take that because you know it is a brands new picture not an old one. topping i don't think you were here but lauren told me on friday she appreciates howty pronounce her first name. lauren. >> how do i say it? >> lauren simonetti --
6:40 am
>> you say it -- juliet. >> so we determined that actually my beau and i determined that ben softens his t's when he says -- he does and it has very nice. >> so huddy house -- we like to soften our t's on occasion. >> mock him regularly. >> that is because they like you. trying to think of words with [laughter] >> thank you very much. >> because i have a crush on you because i'm always teasing you, but i don't. fox finder. >> you're mocking. thank you. >> i think it is really nice. >> it's okay we don't mind.
6:41 am
juliet for the day here a wintry mix in the city but we're not expecting accumulation. that is only happening mainly in points to the north and west around sussex and passaic county up the lower hudson valley with minor accumulation and turn slippy for spots again to the northwest but changing over to rainfall as we get to tomorrow. that raveling will come down at times too tomorrow. interesting two and a half days we have weather wise not starting just yet. lest see what is happening with the roads, rails what's had the condition, ines? >> problem spots to report. nassau county normal delay on l.e. to queens. no problem with the southern state parkway. garden state parkway this traffic jam northbound approaching exit 105 a car fire. so you have a couple of lanes closed this is out of the expressway there is. upper level inbound there traffic with a 20, 30 minute
6:42 am
lower level 10 to 15. holland five to ten. tina cervasio is here with a look at sports. >> hi there ines. spring training in tampa all eyes on yankees 6, 7 hidden prospect aaron junk. hear what brian cashman had to say about the big league team coming up in sports. >> plus latest entertainment news. : ailed dam lavigne unveiled something. his latest project i guess you
6:43 am
>> got patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. t fewer than 6% received 5 stars. r among them was cancer treatment centers of ramerica in philadelphia. t learn more at p slash eastern. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits.
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>> checking headlines for you own a tuesday morning several injuries this morning in an apartment building fire in the bronx. it broke out o aired 2 a.m. on andrews avenue an two civilians were hrt. three others and a firefighter have minor injuries. >> according to data from the nypd felony crime on subway rose % in january compared to january of 2015. there were 37 total felonies 12 of those stabs or slashings aboveground crime also see an up tick. police are adding 2,000 beat cops to bat the rise. >> republican voters in nevada get ready to start voting in the
6:46 am
trump is widely expected to win tonight. marco rubio gained increasingly support in that state and ted cruz is slipping a bit. >> one of the officers injured in a shooting in brookling expected to go homing from the hospital today. william redden scheduled to be released from kings county hospital had at 1 p.m. today. he was strubs and hit by a bullet while he was struck in a bullet proof vest. he's home from the hospital. the suspect in the shooting is hamal hit multiple times he's in critical condition. ballistic tests show it keam from his gun, and every in know who fired the shot it wasn't because doctors may not remove bullet fragments from his body. he is facing self charges including attempted murder. >> tina cervasio in for duke castiglione this morning. >> yeah, good morning. all right so latest knicks last night at madison square garden,
6:47 am
toronto raptors. they signed it d guard to attend a contract but glenn stalled new york native wonts get in the game until late. in the second quart they're doing okay. derrick wems with the big jam puts knicks up by four. but toronto turns it on. raptors kyle lowery gets the first triple double o the season. 22 points 11 rebounds and 11 assists we less than two minutes remaining he comes in and immediately nails a three pointer. but this game is already a wash. knicks lose to toronto by 27 points. 122 to 5 the final score. and after just one season, into his return to new york jets released antonio com been with the jets since 2013.
6:48 am
arizona but signed to a 32 million deal last march. how far with no guaranteed money, they released him yesterday freeing up $8 million of space. they could resign him to cheaper deal if sides eventually want to. spring training mets pitcher jacob tee gram skipped a bullpen session because of a pulled groin but think its may have been when he slipped during a running drill this weekend. degrom said he'll back -- try to get back out there this morning but terry collins said he'll give him day u off. mets don't seem too concerned or worried about it. >> probably nagging him and tweaks, you know -- meanwhile ben if you think he's tall at 6'4" check the this aaron judge he's 6'7" looks like a line backer.
6:49 am
league team and play right field our duke castiglione caught up with gm brian cashman to talk about his chances add to the major league lineup. talent. amazing physical specimen he's dominated in every level so far in the minor league. >> cashman goes on to say judge ma have top spend thyme in aaa square to adjust to major league pitching seeing or more breaking pitches. but when he's ready he's expected to bring a big bat to that yankees lineup. >> big guy. that's what they need. sluggers in there. >> a specimen. big hit. much like you ben. >> no. much like mike woods. >> oh, boy. did you really have to? : amazing physical specimen if you hear that there. >> broken downness. >> if you have a bummed knee and elbow.
6:50 am
back is in a spasm. thank you juliet. yeah. i mean that. >> good morning. what to expect today first of all we've got chaiption coming at you. wintry mix is coming to you. depends where you are. but rain is developing in the city with snow flakes up in the mix but in the northwest it mixes with freezing rain that goes on until tonight. by tomorrow morning it's starting to change over to all rain. tomorrow your temps come up qeect for everyone. it is not going to stay in that wintry mix range for too long. right now radar picking up discovery o the tristate but there's wet weather action down to the south of us and testimony make its way into the tristate as time goes on. no problem you dmeentd wet weather taber. but later on this afternoon, evening you do. as well as bridgeport 25 up to northwest in places like monticello. definitely cold there. that's where you're going to see
6:51 am
it isn't much but folks see an inch maybe more in some local used areas but that is primarily up to the northwest. first area of low pressure with the lighter precip this is more protengt with heavier showers so tomorrow that will be quite a bit of rain and windy conditions too as that passes by tomorrow. but today it is like the first system. smaller one brings you wintry mix at first. high temp up to about 40 degrees in the city and then and then tomorrow high up to 52 or for a high and then 53 on thursday. biggest rainmaker later thursday and dry out for you and weekend is dry but quite a bit cooler. fox 5 weather app at the google play store with a live interactive radar. check it out it's free. good day will be back in just a
6:52 am
hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you' re going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love
6:53 am
6:54 am
i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here? (husband) i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds. plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios. >> good morning, the bronx right now problems on brock anywhere westbound by white plains road
6:55 am
garden state parkway jay jammed up. approach exit 105 car pooring bluing right lane so use express lane. 59th street bring into manhattan you're fine. but lower leal queens bound there's an accident involving two vehicles. there's number one and two behind it there. so center lane is blocked there. expect delays upper level doing fine. ben and juliet. >> thank you very much ms. rosales. >> camille started her deposition in his had civil trial in boston and she'll have to do it next month. >> several suing for defamation he called them liars after they came forward with sexual assault allegations and ordered to give testimony but a lawyer for accusers say that she didn't spend eight hours answering questions. she said attorneys spend hours bickering over the questions and judge had to come in to mediate her lawyers to stop deposition
6:56 am
they did not see it that way. she's his wife. to live with him and understand his relationship. and observation not protecting by any privilege. >> no comment from cosby lawyers and she'll helicopter her deposition on march 14 president. our first look at adam levine second back tat the too. it was done by brian randolph in california. in the caption he says it was six months in the making and primary focus of the tattoo is a siren, a creature from greek methodology which spart woman and part bird. it also covers some older pieces like on shoulders as well holding a skull.
6:57 am
walk around in various states of undressed. >> a little skinny for my taste. not my type. >> good guy, though. >> i don't think i asked that question. >> people of the wonderful city of new york -- rosanna and greg coming up next.
6:58 am
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rosanna: the right. how are we feeling. tuesday. february 23. i am rosanna scotto. sleet. it may even snow a little. mike has the details. rosanna: the police commissioner said the media is making this up. it is not true. greg: it is real. there are numbers to prove it. take a look at this really nasty video. a hard-working deliveryman being arrested -- being attacked by some punk. rosanna: the people in the


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