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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  February 26, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> is the beginning of my speaking. mike is not a moral person. memorable moments for the republican debate. marco rubio and ted cruz got heated and personal. you will hear what was said. >> apple pushes back against federal government leading to block the f guys request to hack an iphone . we will have the latest on
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>> taking place between rail workers union and the new jersey transit. they are hoping to avoid a strike with a deadline . >> the mole people is a book written by a journalist about the people who live underneath the city and they take on creature like physical appearances because of their lack of sun. they eat rats. it's fascinating! i just downloaded. i will give it to you when i'm done. >> it's 5:01 am. ben: i am ben simmoneau and this is juliet huddy . mike: it does ring a bell. does it make sense?ben: you are reading it from the new york post website.
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let's get you up and running. tgif let's get up and go. you open up the window or the's not so welcoming but it's a little snap back to winter. it's a cloudy sky up to central park. at the wind coming through from the west. 26 miles per hour. coming to us in the actual temperature at 270 in monticello and 30 in sussex. we will look at windchill numbers in a little bit. we will take a look at the snow showers coming across the great lakes. we seen some flurries. still, a mostly cloudy sky
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here. the only thing receiving squeezed out here is northwest of the city. i big deal. the cleared conditions that are cool or are in the average high of record 580. we are back to cooler than normal temperatures for a few days today and tomorrow. it will be sunny but also on the windy side here today. temperatures start going back up with a high of 55. we're keeping in the low 50s for the first half of next week . we bring in ines rosales with windy conditions outside but other than that, the weather is cooperating. ines: i am hoping it will help. starting out with through 80, an earlier accident right now it's just emergency repairs. the bqe westbound with a tractor-trailer blocking lien.
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look at the staten island expressway. eastown is moving fine and westbound with a traffic old . it's 5:04 am. then men opened fire inside of a manufacturer's plant in kansas. killing three people before he was shot to death by police officer. the gunman was armed with an assault weapon and he wounded 14 others. most of the victim's were inside excel industries. it's a lawnmower part company in the town of heston. it's a small town as it's typical in that part of the country. his name is cedric ford. coworkers say they never
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violence like this.the guy lives right across the street from us. >> there are things that trigger the individual. you could have been disturbed. these are people who are running for president. the candidates are throwing the rules of the window. they are attacking one another and talking about all kinds of weird things and throwing out one i liners. he is outside of trump tower. it is a debate and a hot
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>> it was a hot topic . rubio says trump would do the same thing when building the infamous wall at the border. rubio and cruz have to use this as a final opportunity and they took full advantage. >> instead of attacking each other in the past, cruzan rubio trained their fire on trump. rubio attacked trump for being hypocritical on immigration. >> my mom was a maid at a hotel instead of hiring american , he brought in over 1000 people to fill those jobs.
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>> this guy inherited 200 million. if he hadn't, do you know what he would do right now? >> is slammed rubio for repeating himself in a pass to be. >> i've watched him repeat himself five times.>> he had a meltdown. you say the same five rings, everyone is dumb , win, win, win. i am being audited now for two or three years so i can't do it until the audit is finished , obviously. people understand that. >> people says he's being audited. >> i am not being audited this year, luckily. >> ben carson can someone attack me please? >> john kasich and ben carson unleashed. george bush was
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>> he worked with ronald reagan to pass the problem. the path to legalization. it's a time when things worked. civility is so 20th century. as the last debate before 20th century in the classes were nothing short of epic . >> donald, relax. >> you are the basket case. >> don't get nervous. >> i promise you, there is nothing about you that makes anyone nervous. >> as points, i found my mountain this position last night on my couch and i could not believe what i was hearing. the next stop is super tuesday. will the attacks really didn't donald trump?
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victory? he really did not get rattled. >> is certainly is entertaining. >> maybe it's a bit disturbing but entertaining, nonetheless. >> robert moses, 509 a.m. a possible replacement for antonin scalia. brian sandoval notified the white house and top leaders of his decision. the former judge did not offer a reason. republicans have said, no matter who they nominate, there will be no hearing or no vote.they will wait for the next president to nominate someone to replace
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>> i think he thinks he will not get through it. apple has gone to court. the fbi wants to open up this iphone . apple is not happy about it. here's the crutch of it. you guys can answer this for yourself. what is more important? your personal privacy or public safety? it might seem like an easy question but it's quite tough to answer. it's at the heart of the battle. it's such a difficult question that the fbi
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hardest question that he has seen in law enforcement. they are asking the court to set aside the fbi request that hacked into its own system or created a backdoor approach. this allows investigators into the iphone of the san bernardino terrorist. it's a phone that may contain information about who planned and financed the attack on december 2. thursday, the tech giant filed the paperwork and apple ceo says he makes the argument that the government's request to violate the company's first amendment right to free speech. was six amendment protection against arbitrary deprivation of the liberty by government. pushback comes and testifies before the house committee. >> it only works on this one phone. the idea of it getting out and working on my phone is not a real thing.
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understands the dilemma that apple faces. >> i hear corporation saying you will go to a world where no one can look at your stuff part of me thinks it's great .then i step back and think law enforcement really does save people's lives. >> over the past few months, apple has received multiple request to unlock the iphones for law enforcement, which they have denied. here is tim cook explaining why. >> there's a lot of bad guys in the world. you need to look further than what has happened to our own government. millions of people have had personal information stolen by hackers. >> congress seems divided. there are some lawmakers who said they are preparing legislation that compels apple to help the fbi. some say they remain skeptical about the privacy. we are discussing here. do you trust the government? >> i think what of the issues that colors the
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we well know, was backing up these huge amounts of data. a lot of people because of that are skeptical about information because they say it's a phone but where does it stop? >> a lot of people feel like we will not have cell phones if we are all blown to smithereens by isis. it's a complicated debate. >> let us know what you think on social media. >> much more still to come. a captain is accused of turning his back on a fellow officer. he clocked out after learning the cops were shot . this is what you are seeing throughout the day. temperatures are taking a hit at 340. the wind is coming at you pretty good. the windchill factor could
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trying to prevent a strike on march 13.a federal labor board has recommended that workers get a pay raise of 2.6% over the course of the next six years. 2.6%. it's not a lot. i don't understand how financially poor they must be. we don't understand it. you have to wonder where the money is going! juliet: i am wondering about the mole people. the strike does not involve bus drivers but is not clear if they will cross ticket lines. new jersey is developing an alternate service plan. >> that is a joke! >> . ben: crews have their work cut out for them after a massive single opened up . the hole left a department
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teetering on the edge. england and woodside avenue. it 6 feet deep. the road cave-in . >> all right. it's quick access to the mole people.>> fascinating. >> why would it not be. i don't know why the book came out . >> you have to read more audiobooks. >> wow! that was snippy! >> we have sunny skies out
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and cold. it's the cold weather making a comeback. it doesn't amount to anything and we are at 340 sussex. there is what the wind is doing. we will come in from the
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per hour. lucy temperatures a little bit limited and highs will be in the upper 30s. we had taken the rain out of the forecast of the next chance won't be until the middle of next week . let's bring in ines to see what's going on with a drive. it's a windy commute . ines: the commute give us a bit of a situation. the right lane is closed for emergency repairs. you have to watch out for the potholes. it's over my 79th st. with
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it's only leaving one lane open southbound. it's on the northbound side and as for the bqe attended for the brooklyn bridge. it's an westbound at queens. that's been cleared away. trains are running on or close. >> the former police chief might be considering a guilty plea. that's according to monthly reports. it's creating a cover-up of the incident. they have been arrested in december on charges of deprivation of civil rights and conspiracy to commit obstruction of justice. burke faces five years in prison. strip from his gun and his shield accused of turning his back to fellow officers. the captain clocked out
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shot last weekend. it's not what you do when you are in charge. he went home instead of activating the hospital plan he took a bullet in his protective vest. both were by the mayor and the police commissioner he says what the captain did was callous. >> he is going to pass on
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knows it will be a long , long eight hours. too bad. you are a cop and that's what you do. >> captain has been placed on modified duty facing discipline charges. he fired at officers after ramming a swat card. investigators are trying to determine if one of the officers were hit by friendly fire. as for the captain, he did not answer his cell phone after he clocked out. a lot of people are not too happy. >> where did he go . >> it was 4:00 am when the shift ended. maybe to bed. >> great job yesterday! very captivating stuff. glad everyone is okay. incorporated you, guys. much more to still come. juliet: we will talk about
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they admit to spying.
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juliet: undercover espionage going on at sea world. >> officials admit to sending employees disguised as animal activists to spy on peta. they say they are ending the track does and they will review the security measures. peta held numerous protest
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they mistreated animals and the killer whales. >> that's it for this half hour. more to come with stories, weather and traffic. juliet: more about the mole people ?
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow -
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friday morning. it's breezy. temperatures will warm up by the latter half. tomorrow doesn't look so great that sunday looks nice. mike woods has the details. they called it a debate but it was just a slugfest. >> a verbal slugfest. highly entertaining. perhaps highly disturbing. >> they are all going after donald trump but the next story she has lobbied on her own.
5:31 am
professor. she calls for muscle to remove a state student journalist from a public area of campus. he had every right to be there. frankly, she came across looking like a big jerk . >> kelly clarkson. she returns to her roots. she comes back to american idol ahead of people tweeting about it and facebook in about it. everyone was making this fantastic. >> she was the season one winner. >> versus the guy with e curly hair. >> justin from jersey.>> good morning everyone. >> thank you for joining. chris tweets , tell your producer that the banter is why we watch. if it stops, we stop . >> don't leave me hanging . [laughter]
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>> we talk a lot. already it's 5:32 am and we are going to get yelled at so go ahead , make. . bust up forecast. first of all, clear skies around the tri-state. it's coming and there are clouds left over with some flurries here or there. the general trend will be clearing skies in the tri-state region. also, quite windy and cold her with temperatures only making it up to about 380. you will head to the bus stop this morning at 330. it's definitely a chill in the air. we have 34 out at newark in 35 in bridgeport. 36 at montauk and a partly cloudy sky. sustained wind and only eight and central park. it fluctuates as we make our way through the day . makes it look a little bit
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factors down to 21 in central park. we don't have any advisories or anything like that because of the wind but yes, it looks like it will be a much windier morning than what we had yesterday. we have some to the northwest making it to the ground. it's a flurry but maybe nothing that accumulates. here's the good side of it. we have slick conditions. we have clearing skies and a high temperature making it up to 380. tomorrow makes it up to 40 and 550 for above normal temperatures at 100. there is one start to the next work we care. let's bring it over to ines and take a peek at what could be slowing it down. >> happy friday.
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doing fine. it's no problems on route 22. yesterday were dealing with flooding and we are fine with 280. southbound traffic is moving slowing construction is on 21st st. it should be wrapping up. it's at the bridge into little bit slower traveling westbound. you could see the flashing lights with a stalled vehicle here blocking the right lane. it's a little bit of a slowdown heading towards the lie and you are fine with the trains running on or close. >> politics is just days to go before super tuesday with republican rivals looking to bring donald trump down. >> he leads in the race by quite a bit . last night it was an all-out attack and got personal. it got funny and it got compelling.
5:35 am
is more adjectives. >> trump tower you are. >> trump tower figured into the debate last night. marco rubio said he used illegal immigrant labor. livio says trump would do the same thing. he built the infamous border wall. this was less of a debate and more in the new york times word as a rumpus. >> welcome to texas. >> if you thought donald hearty dose in the home state , you have been watching the wrong race. instead of attacking the attack each other, cruz and rubio trained their fire on trump. rubio attacked trump of being hit hypocritical on immigration. >> mom was a maid in a hotel and you brought in over 1000 people from all over the world to feel fill
5:36 am
>> this guy inherited 200 million. if he hadn't inherited that, do you know what he would be right now? >> trump slammed rubio for repeating himself in a past debate. >> i watched him repeat himself 5w4 weeks ago . i watched you repeat yourself five seconds ago. it's five things everyone's dumb you will make america great again , win, win, win. >> rubio and cruz pressured trump to review his tax returns which he declined to do. >> i have been audited now for two or three years so i can't do it until the audit is finished and i think people understand that. >> think again. >> donald trump says he is being audited and that underscores the need for the returns. >> i am not being audited for this year. >> and carson can someone attack me .>> he looks on as the mud wrestling match unfolds.
5:37 am
audience. >> he works to pass an effort to solve the problem. it's a path to legalization. it's a time when things worked. >> civility is so 20th century. >> this is the last debate before super tuesday and the clash was nothing short >> donald, relax . >> i am relaxed and you are the basket case. don't get nervous! >> nothing about you makes anyone nervous. >> the moderator at the debate last night were really just windowdressing because they did not moderate much. this was a rumpus . it was the 10th republican debate .i watched the vast majority and it was
5:38 am
thing. that's the latest on fifth avenue. >> neck to you. >> entertaining, disturbing, concerning . >> the ben carson, >> could someone please attack me ? that was pretty entertaining. >> you are a basket case that's pretty entertaining as well. nassau county police have closed the case on the sexing scandal. they said it was just a hoax and either he republic consultant has ever sexed
5:39 am
during the time of the accusation carol received no-bid contract . nassau and the district attorney is looking over those contracts. >> it's the best story ever. remember the video of the university of missouri ? it's my alma mater. need to get out. >> i actually don't. >> who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? i need some muscle over here . >> he is perfectly within his rights to be there. she starts to incite attacks from other people. >> her name is melissa click ? she taught at the department of communication. she was caught yelling muscle and all of that during a protest last november. earlier this month,
5:40 am
second video. it's columbia missouri. she curses at an officer and her conduct was not compatible with policy. she can appeal her firing. the vote was 4/2. know which curator thinks it's acceptable behavior. get her out of there. she's an idiot! >> let's go to the weather x she should have been fired immediately. >> i am very disappointed. >> she is gone. >> sunshine returns. >> here is what we have out there. sunny skies are back and it's also pretty windy and cold. the winds are more relaxed and temperatures, just a hair.
5:41 am
temperatures by 100. it's above normal for the next few days and all of a sudden we go through a warmer range at 340 in central park . this is what it feels like outside.feels like 270 in central park and 21 in newark as well as sussex. you have to bundle it up . we have the wind going and it cuts through the layers. you want several layers not to protect yourself in the chilly wind coming in from the northwest. snow showers are paying staying to the northwest. it's in the northwestern county along sussex county. anyway, yes. their snowflakes flying and we will need more sunshine in the afternoon. it's a pretty cold temperatures hopping out at 380 and 55 on sunday. the best rain chances for
5:42 am
of the week on wednesday and thursday. one lane is blocked with a crash.
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welcome back . here are the headlines with a gunman killing three and injuring 14. most of the victim's were shot at a lawnmower parked plant were a gunman worked. they say there were things that trigger the gunman's deadly spree. the former police chief would plead guilty today
5:46 am
violations case. he was accused in the 2012 beating of a man suspected of stealing from him and covering up the incident. the plea deal with be deferred with five years in prison. they ganged up on donald trump last night but he held his own. it was the republican debate with marco rubio hitting him on immigration. he and ted cruz were told to release the tax return . trump gazing on his right back. he says he can't release his tax information because he is being audited. >> some people say that is not really the case. >> let's talk about apple. not giving up the fight against the fbi when it comes to helping hack an iphone that belonged to one of the san bernardino shooters. ben: teresa is here now with more. theresa: apple is going to court and they are willing to take it to the high court. in the following of fruit, it may contain information about who planned and financed the attack .
5:47 am
they are doubling down on the belief that it cannot comply with the fbi's request to hack into the operating system to unlock the phone. the tech giant filed the paperwork in court. it's the fifth amendment protection of arbitrary deprivation by government. it's coming on the same day that james calmly testified before the house intelligence committee. >> when i hear corporations saying that we will take you to a world where no one will look at your stuff, no one thinks that's great , i don't want anyone looking at my stuff. then you think, law enforcement does save people's lives. >> the idea of what's more important, national security or personal privacy is a question that is the hardest question in law enforcement to answer. it's the hardest he has ever seen.
5:48 am
there are reports that apple is building a new operating system making it impossible to ever create an encryption workaround and the company is also adding similar security measures on the icloud service . maybe , this could all be a moot point in the future if it does put it into play. >> a lot of people don't trust the government when they say we are only going to use this . it's not going to apply. >> the nsa has proven that sweeps up huge amounts of information. that really needed? >> it's a very interesting have to have a tough skin to survive in new york . new york is tough. >> according to a new study, people who live in the big apple have the most wrinkles in the country. >> it's not interesting. >> that's what botox is for.
5:49 am
get exposure to more sun because we are outside so much. the number of injections to cut down wrinkles shot up more than 20% last year. >> do you know who doesn't have a lot?they don't get a lot of son. >> the mole people. >> c, waiting for that. >> it was so true. >> read all about them. >> check out these sushi chef. she is on a sweet roll . >> i want to watch them. working with dunkin' donuts karaoke transforming it into one classy doughnut role. this is the latest video in the series . it's fairly attractive with a sushi roll.
5:50 am
on there. the sushi bamboo role wax have you tried to make your own sushi? >> you are toast. it's kind of just a pile . >> it seaweed. >> you are not a good cook ? >> i'm just not good sushi chef. >> you would know this if you spent time in the kitchen. >> you can call my boyfriend. he will tell you. >> mike has to cook. >> is it vinegar? >> i like to go to ihop to see the rudy tutti fresh and fruity. >> but that in your head. that's what we are getting. >> you will want something that sticks to your bones. in the morning, we drop
5:51 am
only about 40 with a high temperature. the wind direction changes out with your temperatures. it's 340 in newark and 320 in poughkeepsie with 350 in bridgeport. the wind is moving through at eight 25 miles per hour. it makes it feel a lot colder than it is. the windchill factor is down into the 20s for most of us in the tri-state. it comes to cloud coverage and there is not a lot happening. we have partly , mostly cloudy skies with some flakes flying to the northwest of the tri-state region. there is a few making their way in . it's not a big deal the future cass says they are mainly clear skies . today will be windy. that means it will be a little less comfortable with high temperatures getting up to 380 later on this afternoon. it's 550 on sunday.
5:52 am
comes on wednesday and thursday. >> ben, over to you. >> i thought it was 6:00. >> we will talk about the commute. >> icy conditions cause accidents in the road is closed at putnam valley. it's northbound so expect closures.two lanes are closed with an accident before 287. let's go to the cameras with fdr backed up with construction by 71st st. it's southbound moving slow
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you are taking the traitime for entertainment. bill cosby has dropped defamation cases against beverly johnson for now. >> the former supermodel says he drugged her in the 80s but refused his advances. he will focus on fighting criminal charges in pennsylvania where he is accused of sexually assaulting a former temple university employee. cosby has been accused of drugging and sexually assaulting more than 50 women. he denies all the accusations. star wars pham , get ready to beam. the original captain james kirk will make a special
5:56 am
>> william shatner says he will have a big fan stretch. it's a big one with 1966 on the air. >> that the java center. thousands of trekkies are expected to show up. many are still alive. >> george decay. william shatner. >> william koning. walter koenig. >> right. he is still alive. michelle nichols. >> she is still alive. >> weight. i think she passed away. >> let's check. we will look at american idol. it's an emotional roller coaster for viewers. kelly clarkston what did i hear about her?
5:57 am
mongering. kelly clarkston came into american idol. she was a guest judge. she took the stage and perform the song that got the audience to tears. >> unlike you i will put her first. i'll never walk away. >> you will never walk away. she broke down crying. j lo and keith urban were brought to tears. she was the first american idol. she one in 2001 and she is pregnant. >> is far along. >> it's gianna isabella. the 15-year-old from jackson. she made it to the top 10. she says the beginning of an amazing artist with the competition making it tougher.
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eight to june lantern. juliet: it is cold outside. it is going to parisien cold. ben: sunday is going to be pushing 60 degrees. juliet: that is something to look forward to. mike has a full forecast coming up. ben: marco rubio and ted cruz has their sights set on one individual.


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