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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  March 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> he doesn't have what it takes to be president. that i can tell you. with mitt, i wanted to tell you that he came out. it was very nasty. i mean, i thought he was a better person than that. >> reporter: former candidate republican governor chris christie back in new jersey today says he stands by his endorsement of donald trump in spite of some who have accused him of being disingenuous. >> i wasn't being held hostage. i wasn't sitting up there thinking, what have i done? i was standing up there supporting the person who i believe is the best person to beat hillary clinton of the remaining republican candidates. it was why i endorsed him. >> reporter: all eyes on detroit tonight as fox news hosts another republican candidate debate. it will be the first time since august that mel gyn kelly and donald trump will take part in the same event. dari: when governor chris
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for president, it set off a firestorm back home in new jersey. the state's largest newspaper, the newark star ledger, is the latest to call on him to resign. six papers made the demand yesterday. an editorial today, the star ledger attacked christie and labeled him a liar regarding bridgegate. he says he has no intention of stepping down. steve: bernie sanders speaking to a group in flint. he attacked hillary clinton's free trade policy saying they're destroying the working class. sanders is trailing by 30 points in polls ahead of the primary. dari: a former state department staffer who set up hillary clinton's home e-mail server has been granted immunity by the feds. this is all part of their investigation of her possible mishandling of classified info. a clinton spokesperson says that they are happy the staffer is cooperating and have urged him to testify to congress.
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winter not going down without a fight. dari: no way. not only is it cold again, but we're expecting snow. nick is here. nick: it's like a school yard brawl. not a big fight. an issue of light snow that will be coming in during the overnight period. the cold is back. we're cold enough to have snow coming in. 35 degrees now in new york city up to the hudson valley. common, mid 30s across the area. as we look at fox 5 sky guardian, no snow yet. starting to pick up the edge of the light snow moving southwest of wilmington to baltimore. where there's a concern of any significant accumulation, it's central, southern new jersey, potential for up to two inches there. winter weather advisory is posted. that does not include long island. the storm is down to the south. it will slide off to the south and east. right about here, it will intensify, but too late to give us a clobbering of snow.
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the light snow breaks out about 2:00 in the morning and we should taper down about 1:00, 2:00 in the afternoon. who could see the most snow? the computer model's right, brushing the eastern end of long island. it's a general coating, up to an inch with the coating being over the northern suburbs and the higher amount new york city south and eastward. 30 in town. 20s in the suburbs. the a little slippery commute. 35 lunchtime. the snow comes to an end. sun in the afternoon as we get to 38. steve: thank you, nick. if new jersey transit workers go on strike, some commuters will be out of luck. dari: antwan lewis live in secaucus where riders are hoping that does not come true. hi. >> reporter: good evening. let me tell you up front this is not a pretty plan. that's not coming from us, but new jersey transit itself. still hopeful and optimistic, new jersey transit officials lay out their contingency plan.
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our contingency service cannot replicate the railroad. we will not provide the level of service or the capacity that our rail service currently provides to our customers. >> to accommodate the 105,000 commuters who travel from new jersey to new york, more buses will be used. they will only be able to handle about 38 percent of the estimated commuters. travel times will go up. for example, traveling from the start of the morristown line to penn station takes an hour and five minutes. that will double to more than two hours via the bus and path train. metlife stadium is one of several locations where rail passengers will be able to park for free and board a bus to get these include private bus overflow. transit officials are asking employers to let employees work from home or have flexible in times. truck drivers are being asked to tunnels.
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don't come to a decision. i'll probably just carpool with a co-worker. it's an inconvenience. >> oh, my god, i wouldn't be able to get to school. >> i was telling them the trains are -- they don't run frequently on my line. if they cut service more, getting to work will not be fun. >> reporter: a strike on march 13th could put 10,000 more cars per hour on already crowded roadways. new jersey transit acknowledges their plan is a nightmare scenario. facing heavy criticism, governor christie weighed in. >> i'm monitoring them closely. we have contingency plans for a strike. we're definitely concerned about the possibility of a strike. and are preparing plans to deal with it. >> reporter: both sides will meet tomorrow in washington, d.c., with the national immediatation association. earlier, the mta put out a plan including the rerouting of several bus lines.
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we're in secaucus junction, back to you. dari: thank you. well, a judge has closed the case against five teens accused of gang raping a young woman in brooklyn. all charges were formally dropped after the 18-year-old took back her original statement in which she claimed that she had been raped at gunpoint in brownsville in a playground there in january. but police say it turns out she was actually having sex with her own father. no word yet if the five young men plan to sue. steve: four suspects accused of killing michael nolan pleaded not guilty. he was shot following an argument. his family in court today and they spoke about their son. >> this is about michael. i don't care about the people who were arrested. i don't care about their families. i care about my son and keeping his legacy alive. steve: police are still not sure if nolan was actually the intended target.
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twist in the erin andrews case. she is demanding marriott hotel executives be forced to take the stand again. he reportedly admitted to being with two friends at a restaurant as they watched andrews' nude video online and commented on her body. she's suing the nashville marriott over the recordings that were made -- nude recordings that were made of her. steve: bill de blasio will march in the st. patrick's day parade. >> reporter: this is a victory for the lgbt parade to be able to march this year. mayor de blasio will be joining them. however, there is no guarantee that these groups will be able to march in the parade next year. mayor de blasio was cheered as he announced that he is ending his boycott of the st. patrick's day parade now that gay and lesbian groups are allowed to
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>> this march 17th we will all march together. >> reporter: de blasio was the first mayor in more than 20 years to refuse to participate in the parade because gays were banned. last year only one small lgbt group was permitted to march. this year, more than 300 people will march under the banner of the lavender and green alliance, an irish lgbt group that worked ban. >> your historic gesture of welcome, like a miracle of hospitality, undoes the anguish discrimination. >> reporter: the mayor made the announcement at the irish consulate, the location where all parties involved held numerous meetings to reach this agreement. they say cardinal dolan spoke with the groups at his residence. for gay irish americans, it has been a long, emotional struggle
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largest st. patrick's day parade. >> there were many times when we wanted to give up and we wondered if we would ever see this day. >> reporter: although a large contingent is marching this year, there's no guarantee they will be allowed next year. linda schmidt, fox 5 news. steve: getting families to put down their phones during dinner. dari: such a problem. how one fast food chain is trying to break the technology addiction. steve: and the the search for the next soho or williamsburg. zachary shows us what it takes to turn a neighborhood around and why everyone isn't always thrilled about it. ahh... yeah! ahh... ahh... ah. you probably say it a million times a day. ahh... ahh! ahh... ahh! but at cigna, we want to help
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dari: a troublesome real estate trend from before the recession is making a comeback. steve: alison morris here with today's business headlines. >> reporter: home flipping. a bit of an issue. you know that term. steve: you see it on tv. looks so easy. make a hundred grand. do nothing. dari: i was wondering if anybody is making any money from it now. >> reporter: i have a friend that does that. flip this house. making money but average people are starting to make money flipping again. steve: that's a big sign. >> that's becoming a problem. home flipping has hit a 10-year high. if you're thinking who cares?
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this is a big sign that the housing market could be in trouble again. a new report out today from realtytrac says 180,000 homes were flipped last year. we haven't seen that since 2007 right before the housing collapse. in a dozen areas, flipping is at a 10 year high. that's when the market peaked before the crisis. the average is about $55,000. here in new york, where everything is more expensive, those profits were nearly at just over 100,000. in case you don't know, flipping is when you buy a house and sell it within a year. you generally see flipping heat up when prices are about to peak. that's a sign the housing market could be in trouble. keep an eye. >> shoppers, there's another place to spend your money in new york city. saks off fifth is open on 57th and lex. it is a designer outlet store. the grand opening was this morning at 10:00 a.m.
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discount prices and has the filth first ever guilt shop. they will be 36 hour flash sales every wednesday starting this week. my favorite money story of the day out of san francisco. the city owes the late steve jobs $174 for overpaid parking tickets. the city collected more than $6 million in overpaid or duplicate parking tickets from 1995 through 2012. it published a list. jobs is on the list having overpaid on four tickets. he had a reputation when he was alive for racking up parking and speeding tickets, not paying them, but he's not the only big name. other famous and living big shots are on there, including the paypal founder, and uber's ceo.
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i can't believe they're willing to give it back. steve: i know. how do they overcharge? >> people were paying too much. there were duplicate tickets. they didn't let you know. steve: people don't care. >> they pay it. you have until tomorrow or end of day today, but a 24 hour wind to get the money. that. >> reporter: sometimes they do not. steve: thank you. let's talk about the weather. nick: never happens here. steve: that's west coast nonsense. we're dipping back into winter? nick: for a little bit. we're talking the big warmup for next week. you might have to look forward a slippery commute as we have light snow that will be sliding up from the south and west with this next weak system. it will be weak as it passes us and intensify offshore, but too late to give us a walloping snow. feeling all of winter out there with a gusty breeze.
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that's average. we'll be back closer to that as we get in towards the weekend, particularly sunday, then the temperature takes off next week. 65 is the record high. you won't see the sunrise in the morning, but in the afternoon. by the time it sets, a pretty sky at 5:50. fiscal cliff 35 now. the wind is out of the west. that will come around eventually to the east. no snow nearby yet. fox 5 sky guardian is showing all of that is off to the south and west. it could take a while to get here. think 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. it will last until the lunchtime hour, noontime or so, from west to east. it should end by noon, 1:00. mid 30s for highs. 37 allentown to belmar.
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mid 30s bridgeport up towards poughkeepsie. we're right about the same range. freezing at montauk. 32. 35 bridgeport to manhattan. 34 at the shore. we have 28 coming in from monticello. wind eventually will come around to the east or so as time goes along. the winter weather advisory doesn't include new york city or long island or north jersey or points northward. it's only here central south jersey. they might see upwards of two inches of snow depending on how this moves through. it's not that impressive as you look at the satellite photo. this is intermittent light snow. the storm is down here. the track will take it out to sea to our south and east. that's where it intensifies. as we look at the futurecast, we sort of get clipped on the northern fringe. a little light snow during the morning time. should come to an end the middle of the day. 35 at lunchtime. 38 in the afternoon as we get back to sun. there's the futurecast to show
5:18 pm
where could it be more than an inch? eastern long island if it comes together there. you could see closer to two inches. saturday, good. sunshine will give in to clouds. this disturbance does bring snow showers to the area saturday night into the first part of sunday morning. then the weather gets warmer. clouds, cold tonight, snow comes in 2:00 a.m. 30 in the city. 20s in the suburbs. back to 38 tomorrow. just light snow in the morning. then sun. up to an inch. we'll look for a gusty breeze tomorrow. 41 saturday. sun and clouds. snow shower at night into sunday morning. 43 sunday. sun in the afternoon. it's rocket launching time. monday, 54. tuesday, 62. then it's mainly mid 60s wednesday, thursdays. more cloud cover -- steve: who cares. i think we've run out of our will to deal with winter even though we got off easy. thank you. >> one fast food chain offering an incentive for people to put
5:19 pm
dari: jennifer law mer hmers shows us the effort. >> chik-fil-a hatching a plan to get families to put down the cell phones at dinner. >> lunchtime or dinner time is family time. that's a great concept, to bring families together. >> reporter: the operator of a georgia chik-fil-a came up with the idea after seeing diners paying more attention to their cell phones than each other. it was called the cell phone coop challenge. >> it's a square on the table called a coop. it's for all the cell phones there. at the end of the dinner or lunchtime, they get an ice cream cone. >> if they get through the meal without picking up the cell phone? >> that's correct. rewarded with an ice cream by placing the cell phones inside the box called the coop. >> reporter: a free dessert for a cell phone free meal. makes sense when you think how devices.
5:20 pm
>> they're so addicted to technology, it's disrupting our relationships. it is a challenge for everyone to put their phones away. >> reporter: will it work is another question. while some say we're too far gone to dial back cell phone use at the dinner table. >> i think it's too late to put our cell phones in a basket. i'm glued to mine 24 hours a day. >> reporter: others say they'd be up to the challenge. >> i really don't like my cell phone at the table. i have it if i know there's something like really important going on. >> we try to stay connected as much as possible. >> no cell phone coops at this chik-fil-a in midtown. the chain did roll them out to 150 other restaurants with more to come. jennifer lahmers, fox 5 news. steve: we'll see how that goes. chik-fil-a, you -- dari: we'll see.
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steve: there's a new passion project called eclipsed. dari: simone boyce sat down with the star and is here to talk about that revealing interview. >> this is the play that i told you about a little bit ago that made history on broadway with the first ever all female cast, writer, director. definitely a huge milestone for oscar winner lupita who is making her broadway debut. it shines a spotlight on a community of liberian women caught in the crosshairs of a brutal civil war. we've seen your name on an oscar. seeing it on a broadway marquis, is that a different sensation? >> yeah. i would say.
5:25 pm
there's no pressure. >> there's nothing like that when you see it live and it's like a new york street, you know, and there goes your name and your face in this play that you love so much. seeing my debut on broadway and it being a powerful female african story is something that means a lot to me. i am in the business of trying to tell stories that otherwise we don't really hear. this is one of those. >> reporter: why is this your passion project? >> because i first -- i understudied the role i'm currently playing, the girl, when it was being done at the repertory theatre. it was the first thing i've ever understudied. it was my very first gig at the yale school of drama. i remember being in rehearsals and feeling so blessed that the play existed, that i witnessed it getting made.
5:26 pm
to be in it on broadway, i would have done it just about anywhere. i would have done it in my living room if it came to that. >> reporter: now you're making history. this is so cool. female playwright, cast and director. >> yes, the first play on broadway to be all female from writing to performance. that also feels like a blessed milestone. >> feminism has been tossed around when people are speaking about the show. what do you think -- how do you think that word fits into the context of the story that these women are telling? >> that is a very good question, a deep question. i don't know if i have a response except to say this is a real celebration of the resilience of women in unimaginable circumstances. >> reporter: you look ravishing in purple. do you own one pair of sweat pants? >> i do.
5:27 pm
>> when i'm working out. >> reporter: of course. dari: makes sense. >> reporter: eclipsed will have its opening night on broadway sunday. lupita, sweat pants or gown, does not disappoint. dari: she's regal. she's one of those people. >> reporter: yes. someone who brings the acting chops to the table. she's an unstoppable force. steve: thank you, simone. steve: what the architect of the world trade center transit hub has to say. dari: and hip-hop's unsolved murders. why do they keep happening and
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dari: nearly $4 billion spent, ten years of delays, new the new transit hub is open. steve: arthur chi'en is outside the long-awaited transit hub. >> reporter: that's the right term. usually when there's an opening of this magnitude, there's more pomp and circumstance. we see a press conference, a couple of speeches. apparently not when you double your $2 billion budget to get it done. and they are off. the rush to get into the grand
5:31 pm
making. people came from far and wide for the opening of fulton transit center. >> it's amazing tribute to what's happened here. >> it's very beautiful. i think it's achieved a sense of serenity. it's exciting to be amongst the first to come into the new station center. >> reporter: this is what they waited for. a massive soaring pavilion designed by a spanish architect, who was on hand to appreciate the moment. >> i am so surprised to see the american flag in the balcony. this is the photo of the day. >> reporter: given the history of what happened, it is designed to resemble a bird in flight. what took off were epic cost overruns. it was pricey and ballooned to $4 billion and it's not finished. this was a day to celebrate
5:32 pm
>> i think all the transit hubs in new york should be this spectacular. >> reporter: an important milestone, it is just a path station, albeit a beautiful one. it won't be complete until it is connected to the transit center. >> that's where it gets life. but it has its own life that you get a sense that it's going to continue to build. >> the port authority says they expect all 11 train lines, they will connect them this spring. arthur chi'en, fox 5 news. back to you. steve: thank you. bird poop the likely shutdown of a nuclear shutdown. bird feces apparently caused an electrical arc between wires on a feeder line at a transmission tower. the reactor shut down for three days. the company says it plans to install bird guards on the towers. dari: the man charged in that
5:33 pm
michigan will undergo a mental competency exam. the 45-year-old is accused of killing six people outside an apartment building, a restaurant and car dealership. prosecutors say he carried out the shootings as he was driving around town as an uber driver. police are still trying to determine a motive. he did not know any of his victims. steve: back by popular demand, lisa evers's street soldiers is returning to fox 5 saturday night. dari: the latest topics, hip-hop's unsolved murders. lisa is here with a preview. >> reporter: we've counted more than 50 murders of rap artists in the last two decades. many of the cases remain unsolved. is the silence of key witnesses to blame or the attitude of investigators that their lives just don't matter? we put the question to the man known as the hip-hop cop. >> it was all a dream. i used -- >> march 9 marks 19 years since
5:34 pm
big star. christopher wall asem ellbahnsany haroon >> in september, it will be 20 years since tupac was gunned down in vegas at the age of 26. his impact is still so great, alive. >> people keep saying he's alive. who knows. >> i love tupac. nobody knows where he is. >> some of the rappers -- >> reporter: they're two cases in this binder of murder compiled by derrick parker known as the hip-hop cop. >> the reason why they're unsolved is because there's very little evidence that will lead the police to investigate further to arrest someone. there's lack of cooperation, lack of witnesses, and those are
5:35 pm
>> reporter: no one -- >> it's the same around the country. in new orleans, pimp daddy and soldier slim, blood money and capo and bugs and proof in detroit. many were trying to succeed in the music industry but had trouble leaving the streets behind. >> a lot were affiliated with gang members. some had personal disputes and beefs with other arrivals. other people in the hoods. a lot of -- some of the shootings were out of jealousy. >> reporter: the only way these cases will get solved is with peer and public pressure. we're talking more about the issue on street soldiers which returns to fox 5 saturday night. my guests include biggie's tour
5:36 pm
and a former bodyguard to major artists. dari: sounds like it will be great great. thank you. in search of the next hot neighborhood. steve: what it takes to turn and up and coming area into a real hotspot. [music] dari: plus a hands on lesson in music from a member of billy joel's band. [music] i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. my friends said i should get fios because it's the fastest... i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (man) we're out of 2%. i wonder what else could be better around here? (man) i heard that. now get our best offer ever. super fast 100 meg internet, plus tv & phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. 100 meg speeds at a price this
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steve: there are lots of areas vying to be the next hot neighborhood. it takes more than a farm to table restaurant to become chic. dari: zachary visited local communities that appear ready for a renaissance. >> reporter: there's an artist making beautiful handbags in an area of the waterfront that's been dormant for decades. >> it's been an incredible transformation. for us it's been super exciting and the perfect place to be. >> reporter: on fourth avenue, there's a man running errands. >> i don't think it's a good thing. then they will make us to go far. >> reporter: one school of thought says if you want to find the next hot neighborhood, follow the artists.
5:40 pm
as no surprise that sunset park is a place that people are scrambling to get into while prices are affordable. it's one of the many neighborhoods that's constantly changing and evolving in new york city. >> does progress with development come at the expense of local residents? sometimes it does. sometimes it doesn't. it's a really fine line and difficult. >> reporter: it's a question constantly being asked in new york city and specifically in places like sunset park west. the rockaways. flatbush. east harlem. according to public transportation, real estate that's rising but below surrounding areas and new commercial investments, they are the new hot hoods. we headed to east harlem to hear what they had to say about the changes going on. >> they're trying to get the latinos and the blacks out, move them out, and move the white people in. >> reporter: to be fair, i talked to others in sunset park that thought industry city was great for the community.
5:41 pm
to go on camera. >> if you compare how the subway station, the mix of people, like 3-1/2 years ago, now it's completely different. now you see hipsters. dari: a long island musician went from doing billy joel covers to jamming alongside the piano man himself. [music] steve: kind of incredible. can you imagine? the message he had for kids at his old high school. dari: concussion research. the world's top athlete who donated her brain to science. taking control of your health isn't easy. but cigna is there for you. literally. just download our free coach by cigna app. for personalized programs from a team of health coaches to help you achieve your wellness goals. cigna.
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dari: fox 5 health news. women's soccer star brandi chastain has pledged her brain for concussion research when she dies. she became a sports icon when she ripped off her shirt and fell to her knees after they won the world cup soccer. she suffered two concussions in college but has never shied away from heading the ball in 40 years of playing and she's had no symptoms.
5:45 pm
drinks could be bad for your heart. they can raise blood pressure. dari: dr. manny in the house. what are your thoughts? >> don't need to say it. this is new research coming outlet. this is going to be a big convention going on in the u.s., american heart, doctors looking at all different kinds of things, heart and looking at energy drinks. they did a study looking at the effects of energy drinks. bingo, high blood pressure, abnormal heart rates, very conclusive, tell us overwhelmingly that if you drink energy drinks, especially if you're young, and you mix it with other stuff, you are risking a nice heart attack or damage to your heart. so i'm going to say it for 100,000 times, stay away from these things. they have no benefit whatsoever. and, you know, i hope that more pressure comes from the
5:46 pm
labels on all these cans. what upsets me the most is -- not that i go to a lot of watering holes in new york, but when i do, i do pay attention at their bar, and i see a lot of times a lot of these pubs, they have the cans in the back. they put them all together because people are mixing them with alcohol. stupid. steve: to be clear, it's not just the red bull and vodka. by themselves, they're no good. >> if you mix it, even more so. one of the things alcohol does, it vaso dilates you. if you have an underlying medical issue for whatever reason, how many times have we talked about a young athlete that exercises and all of that. again, this is stupid. stop drinking that and you guys that have that in the bar, i don't want to see it next time i go there. steve: all right.
5:47 pm
what is going on with the flu? seems like so many people have the flu. big uptick in new jersey. >> new jersey was a late starter to the season. now we're seeing a nice influx of the flu, especially in bergen county and places like that. by the way, the flu shot this year, a great match. over 50 percent accuracy in getting the bug this time around. again, we're encouraging -- this is to tell everybody. i've had patients. i ask you going to get the flu shot? no. no. i'm afraid. a lot have ended up with the flu. now the numbers show we have big outbreaks in new jersey. it is time to consider getting the flu shot. go get it. dari: not too late? >> not too late. steve: how late does it run? >> at least until march. steve: they hospitalized yoko ono friday night.
5:48 pm
flu season. that's when there's a lot of contagions happening. you want everybody vaccinated. you can get it anytime. a lot of people that haven't done so, go buy your lottery ticket and get your flu shot. steve: thanks, doctor. >> be in it to win it. dari: go to a bodega and get a lottery ticket and flu shot. they're everywhere. nick: hello. the cold is back. we're still talking snow. this is going to collide with your morning commute, but we're not talking heavy snow. just sort of slippery conditions that will exist. most amount of snow will be central to southern sections of new jersey, clipping eastern long island, too. depending on how the storm gets its act together. a return to cold today. 36 was the official high. these are the hourly observations. in between, we snuck up to 36. 27 buffalo. 34 pittsburgh.
5:49 pm
there's snow starting to appear as you get to about harrisburg and redding southward. it's light snow. it will take a couple of hours to get here. the air is very dry. i don't think we'll be seeing that break out until 2:00 in the morning is what i would put as a good time. it's not very well organized, just sporadic light snow that goes back into the ohio valley with the storm center way down in the deep south. it will slide off to our south and east in the forecast. right now here are the current temperatures. not far from the highs. mid 30s in the city up to poughkeepsie. coldest at monticello. 27 there. 34 heading to belmar. mid 30s at montauk, 32. wind light now. it will be coming around to the east as time goes along. seeing the east wind at montauk and providence. we'll see that continue at 5 to 10 miles an hour because we'll see the storm to our south here slide generally out in that fashion. as it intensifies here, a little
5:50 pm
to clobber us. that's a good thing. but it will produce a little bit of light snow and you'll see on the futurecast we're on the northern fringe of that. after that passes, another disturbance here. that's going to drop down quickly. that will be for saturday night into sunday morning and after that passes, we are going to tap into some of this milder air. it's cold tomorrow. mid and upper 30s. still rather chilly over the weekend. we'll hover in the lower 40s saturday and sunday. kansas city, 61. 70s to 80 in texas and to the southwest. 83 in south florida. a big swath of 80 degree weather going to southern california until you get to l.a. then we have 60 degree weather from denver. we'll tap into that next week. futurecast, we'll find the snow arriving in the wee hours. we're sort of on the northern fringe. the area south of the city and east of the city might pick up a touch more, but still it's a coating to an inch most places, maybe up to two inches parts of south jersey and clipping
5:51 pm
sun tomorrow afternoon. sun most of saturday morning into the early afternoon. the clouds come in. saturday night, sunday morning, another round of snow showers. no big deal. 30 in the city. 20s in the suburbs. the wind comes to the east. tomorrow, light snow. sun in the afternoon and 38 degrees. sun to clouds saturday. 41. snow showers at light into sunday morning. sun again at 43. there we go. 54 monday. 62 tuesday. and we'll stay in the 60s wednesday and thursday. that's nice. steve: loving next week. a long island high school senior spreading joy at a hospital. the 16-year-old volunteered at glenn cove hospital for two years and wanted to get more involved. he put his artistic talents to use and created the happiness project. he asks what makes them happy. they draw the image and get put on the wall.
5:52 pm
about the joy of life. dari: a long island musician returned to his old high school as a big shot. steve: mike sings and plays guitar in billy joel's band. how he's inspiring kids to get into music. >> all the stuff people was saying -- >> reporter: for mike, a return to miller place has is an opportunity to inspire the next generation of music enthusiasts. he has had an incredible ride from leading the popular billy joel cover band big shot for years to joining the real billy joel band, regularly performing in madison square garden. it all started in this high school at this piano. [music] >> actually the piano that i learned how to play on right here. my first chord ever on this piano. music kept me out of trouble and
5:53 pm
i'm hoping we can encourage kids to choose music over video games and drugs. [music] >> reporter: as his career sky rockets, he is bringing a dose of wisdom and plenty of tunes to the talented students. >> this is not just a pipe dream. it's something that can really, you know, materialize for them. find a passion, not just a job. >> reporter: this member of the class of 1990 paying it forward and he's inspiring students and his high school music teacher as billy joel inspires him. >> it's really great to see him come back and show us that it's possible for us to do it if he can do it. >> it gives you a whole keep working as hard as you can, maybe you'll make it. >> they're lessons you can't learn from a book, to come back and sing for the kids and tell his story is a wonderful experience for them and me.
5:54 pm
>> reporter: as he shares his experiences, he is still in awe of the incredible journey he's enjoyed since playing the piano at miller place high school. >> i can't believe i'm here. i thank god. >> reporter: if you want to enjoy his big shot billy joel cover band, he'll be at miller place high school on march 9th. tickets are $25. it will benefit the after-school program. it is extensive. it's created the foundation for successful and long-lasting careers in music just like mike. but that is the ultimate dream. you have a cover band. some of the musicians from the band start coming from the real band. they say you know what? join us. let's go on tour. the ultimate dream. steve: i can't think of a bigger dream for a kid. >> reporter: now he's paying it forward. dari: thank you.
5:55 pm
we'll see you back here at 10:00. steve: here's ernie with what's coming up at 6:00. >> thank you very much. okay. what's happening to traditional movie theatres? why going out for dinner, drinks and a movie doesn't always mean that you have to go to different places. times are changing. we'll show you how. next, is the city doing enough to fix the affordable housing crisis? why some say more can be done. we'll have a live guest talking about that all coming up next at 6:00 right after a short break.
5:56 pm
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>> announcer: live from studio 5 in new york city, this is the ernie: all right. here we are. thursday night. good evening, everyone. i'm ernie anastos. thank you very much for joining us again. it is a huge issue in the city.
5:59 pm
they'll say affordable housing. we've talked about this before on this program. but now some people think the city is sitting on a solution and doing nothing about it. a live guest is standing by. first, lidia curanaj takes a closer look. >> in a city where the average rent is a mind blowing $4,000 a month, new yorkers say affordable housing is needed now more than ever. what do you think about the rent in new york city? >> it's crazy. really crazy. >> reporter: could you afford to rent like right here? >> no. no. it's way -- it's too much. i think it's $3,000 a month. bedroom. even more unbelievable is the amount of vacant lots, more than a thousand of them, waiting to be developed. >> i identified 1100 properties that are vacant.
6:00 pm
>> the audit found vacant lots across all five boroughs, all owned by the city. >> i think they could perhaps be more proactive in figuring out how to leverage property. we have 58,000 in homeless shelters. 23,000 are children. this is an issue that is on the foremost minds of everybody in the city. >> reporter: including mayor bill de blasio, who has said that affordable housing is one of his administration's top priorities. in a statement, the commissioner of the department of housing, preservation, the assertion that they allow them to languish in the face of the affordable housing crisis is wrong. the city says of the more than 1,000 vacant properties, only 670 are suitable for development and half are difficult to develop because they're in flood zones or too far from schools and transportation. stringer's response to the city? >> okay. let's develop what we can


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