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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  April 1, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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mmmm, yoplait. greg: hello. rosanna: look at that. it is a little balmy out there. it is moisture in the air. it is going to rain. greg: so far, april fool's day is a bust. rosanna has been talking a big game for weeks. rosanna: greg, it is only 9:00. i am going to school you. it may not happen on the air. but watch. greg: sorry, folks, everything i tried -- yes? rosanna: what have you done today? greg: you have disrupted it. rosanna: yes, i have eyes in the back of my head.
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you previous episodes of "good day new york." my favorite, america's favorite happened a couple of years ago. watch rosanna, she's not aware of what i'm doing. watch. rosanna: some of the people are saying snooki goes to college. what is snooki going to speak about being stupid or, i can't say that. greg: april fool's. rosanna: you got a smack out of that one. revenge is sweet. i would watch if i were you. greg: you don't have to be sneaky about it. you can be out of in the open, like 2014. >> that didn't work.
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>> you like banana chips. here is my friend. rosanna: that is not real right? >> it is a real snake. rosanna: oh my god, are you crazy. are you nuts? >> it is okay. >> it is a real darn snake. >> it is harmless. [laughter] >> watch this. [laughter] >> she has a bat on the set. rosanna: i nearly fell over myself getting out of the way. greg: i got it from a pet snore. i am going to get back to you. rosanna: because of the back of the chair, people were mortified.
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i had a lot of happy endings there. the day is young. 9:02. what will happen? greg: i am ready. rosanna: relax. greg: bernie sanders is in town and hillary clinton is in town and it is getting heated up. rosanna: campaigns past, by the time they got here we knew who was going to the convention. yesterday. what do you think, take a look
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>> someone giving her a hard time for taking donations from the fossil fuel companies. she didn't have a melt down. rosanna: every now and then say how you feel. i'm sick of it. greg: pry imary day is two weeks from tuesday. rosanna: spike lee was in town. >> this is competitive. >> so, chris christie, former presidential candidate, still the governor of new jersey. rosanna: very supportive of donald trump. he was at a basketball game, march madness. on. it is hard to see, but he's got
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bag, he's pouring the bag of m and m's into the box. the guys who had a surgery, they opened up the body, to reduce his size. rosanna: bypass or a type of surgery to lose weight, they don't necessary open your body. greg: look, here is the deal, this is not an episode of gluttony. rosanna: it wasn't a box and bought a bag. apparently there is a bag in the box. are you following me? greg: look, we are not the only ones talking about this. rosanna: the world is. greg: take a listen. >> there is a bag inside of the box you dope.
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because it is easier to hold the box then to hold the bag. >> it is not taking a bag and putting them, he's transferring them from a soft paper to the box. how many times i have told you that. >> you get the box and open the box and there is a bag inside of the box. you pour the bag? the box so it is easier to hold. rosanna: that makes sense to me. i have had the big boxes of m & m's. sometimes you don't want to share them either. greg: you were able to say that without calling me a dope. he called the guy a dope. >> we are moving on to a potential brokered con venns. rosanna: in cleveland with the republicans. >> you have heard if the nominees don't get a certain
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be negotiated, all worked out, the smoke filled room. rosanna: we don't really see this. how often does this happen? >> like in 80 years or something like this. donald trump is predicting riots if he doesn't get the nomination. we have seen the riots before. things were tense in 2004. how about chicago in 1968. there was mayhem. what do you think? rosanna: i don't know. how does this work? greg: we are going to the experts. [cheering] the convention is in cleveland, ohio. hi, everybody. we have with us a diverse group
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rosanna: okay, there we have. we have kasich and cruz and trump's people. >> all right. seriously how would it work if there were was not a confirmed nominee on the way into the convention. it is going to be brokered and what does that entail. we have jeanny. basil, he runs the state democratic party. welcome. you are loving this that the republicans are looking at potentially a brokered convention? >> yes, as a democrat. yeah, this is political drama. we don't see this very aun v in history. the turmoil is problematic for if republican party as a whole, but more importantly what the republican voters want to know is that their votes are counted. >> what happens at the brokered
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>> the guys are going to cast their votes based on the state rules they are bound to the person. >> so this woman here -- she has to vote for kasich. >> she can't vote for anyone else. >> how many delegates are needed. >> 1237 for the republicans. >> now a delegate doesn't have to vote for the candidate they are supposed to? >> on the first ball lat they are bound to. the republican party requires that. after that they are released. >> no difference from the state to state, like kentucky or west virginia? >> no, rule 16 requires them to vote on the first ballot they are found. after that they are released. >> after that hell breaks out?
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she's right. at that point what happens is you have the leaders from every state and the campaigns themselves going to every state and talking to leadership and saying will you release the delegates so my lady or guy will get the delegates. >> who is going to be having those conversations, who actually does that, not the candidates, how will does that work? >> surrogates of the candidates are out there. they are already doing this. some of the states have not chosen the delegates yet. they are vying so the delegates are in their corner and vying convention. it could be not one of these three that gets the nomination. >> a lot of people are talking about paul ryan. >> yes. they are talking about that, that goes back to point made earlier, when a lot of the folks are cutting the deals behind the
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of the voters that wept out in primaries and caucuses, what about my vote, doesn't my vote count. >> like the donald trump people, where are they? they are talking about very, very angry -- >> donald trump himself said riots. seriously, could that happen? if he doesn't get the nomination with the most votes going, will people become violent? >> maybe a little violence. don't forget in 2000 people didn't riot. the rules of the convention are the rules. it is never ever the people's choice. >> maybe out of the convention hall? >> this has nothing to do with donald trump. this is 1968 in chicago. >> the problem is if the voters
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brokered here, the biggest concern for the republicans are the folks coming out in the general election in november. we have seen, and donald trump instigated violence and antagonism. >> the reason we stopped having these are because of television. the many you introduced television the parties didn't want to be seen in this way. in 1948 when televised that was the end of it. >> i have heard the rumor that donald trump didn't think he would ever get this far? >> i can agree with that. >> now he's freaking out, i heard this. >> i didn't hear he's freaking out. >> i have heard, who expected him to get this far? >> well, rosanna and i had a sense. >> i know, from the announcement, but i don't think he expected to get this far.
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side. >> you have your own problems, by the way. >> at least, we'll let the voters decide on the ground. >> well, you have super delegates. >> yes, that is another class of person and elected leaders and that is off the table. >> well, the people will decide. >> yes, the people will decide. >> hold on. what is a super delegate. very controversial? >> yes, 95% are hillary clinton and sanders 7. they are party officials and activists and they are involved and willing and able to go with whom they want to support. delegate? >> i am not. the thing, they are not decided until after the states have
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number two, they are a certain group and taking them off the table they allow the grass roots on the ballot. new york state, only 44 are super delegates. >> talk about the conventions, it is fun, work and binge drinking. it is a party. come on. >> it is a good time. [cheering] >> well, we'll see what happens. this is interesting. >> this is informative. thank you so much. this is good. >> jeanny, basil, children, thank you so much. >> thank you. democratic supporter here. clinton, we put out a request to have her on the show. >> can you help us with that, and sanders too? >> he can deliver her. >> i will put in the request. and we have been working on donald trump coming back before the primary day. >> thank you so much.
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>> hello, audrey. >> we have the mild temperatures across the area. we are seeing the numbers well above average. we are starting at 64 degrees. the winds are out of the south. so the readings are in the 60s for us and throughout much of the northeast. 68 albany. up to 70 in philadelphia. colder to the west with the readings in detroit and buffalo, and we are getting a taste of that starting tomorrow. we have a dense fog advisory in suffolk county and it is going to slow you down on the l.i.e. and southern state and patchy showers coming through. we look at the radar and this is showing the action, most of it across long island. we are seeing it moving across the twin forks and headed to connecticut and along 95. you are encountering slick
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elsewhere, a couple of showers out of westchester. there is a front sitting to the west here and within that front, we could see a couple of isolated thunderstorms this afternoon. you want to have the umbrella handy. if you are caught in the downpour you will regret not having it. we are tee seeing the temperatures drop as the cold front comes through and another cold front in the second half of the weekend. futurecast, lots of clouds in place right now. just scattered showers today. if you are caught in it, it is quite a downpour. in the afternoon, we could sposhg up a couple of isolated thunderstorms. tomorrow, we wake up with clouds in place. a round of rain coming to the coastal sections around jersey shore and long island and a couple of showers in the hudson
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it is enough to have the umbrella handy on saturday afternoon. the second front is coming through, it is combineing with the cold air to the north and erupting in snow showers across the hudson valley and much of connecticut. it is a fast mover. we are expecting much of sunday to be plenty of sunshine and temperatures taking a big drop. so today, a mild day with high numbers in the 70s torment in the 50s. 40s on sunday. factor in the wind and feeling like in the 30s. below average into next week. it is unsettled for the next several days. >> thank you. >> coming up, actress nickolet sheridan. we chat about her movie called all yours, it is interesting.
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>> what is that?
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this is looking like a haunted city. rosanna: this is a lot of moisture in the air. >> well, the whole country knows her and loves her and nobody doesn't like her. rosanna: i loved her knots landing and desperate housewives. she was out of her mind in the show. and beverly hills ninja. >> the new project is a hall park and called all yours. welcome back to "good day." >> thank you. it is a movie that hallmark and i love working today. we decided that we had to do another one. we created this wonderful story that i think that every family will relate to. rosanna: so like, do the stories have a moral to them?
9:22 am
always, this has a lot of heart. and in this movie, my character, her journey is recognizing she needs to take care of herself as well the children and opens her heart to the man. >> a manny? >> you are correct. >> you have a manny or a nanny. a manny is great if you have boys, he's a guy and nice to have a guy figure in the house, especially in the movie, because you are single, right, a single mom? >> widowed mother of two. >> what is happening here? >> he gets this very high powered attorney, and learning to play with the children and doing what is really important. >> are they really called manny's?
9:23 am
that is why i am drawn to the story. i grew up with nannys myself. >> let's take a look. go forit. >> try telling my client that. >> it is nice out, perfect day for a family outing. grab the sunshine for me. >> i said family. it is there on the big board. >> are you using the board against me? >> the law applies equally to all. i planned an adventure. you are coming to my house. >> dude, you live on a boat. >> exactly. it is going to be fun. >> interesting. you know what, not only do i feel a little something in the air, sexual tension there. are you going there with the nanny? >> you have to watch to find out.
9:24 am
>> where did you grow up? >> in england? >> no kidding? >> yes. >> the accent is left behind. >> over there i sound like an american. >> your stepfather was telly. >> co-jack? >> yes. >> all right, you decided to go into entertainment because of his example? >> i wanted to be a lawyer, which my character is in the movie. >> how iconic. >> yes. i was sent to boarding school in england and got into the theatre program, that wasn't something i was focussed on as a young girl, i was studio yus and wants to go into law. >> how is the business, is it
9:25 am
you are a product of hollywood, how do you handle that and is it treating you? >> i am grateful to be in the business. it is creative and it is important to do something you love. it is changing and doing things that mean something to you. on this end, i have hallmark about the heart and love, and i have another project i have been working on for two years that is the an tis sis of that, it is a political piece, and very disturbing and provak tif and very excited about that as well. >> when is that ready? >> it is about ready to shop. >> are you incorporating now current events in this political piece? >> oh, yes. >> you have a lot to play with, i guess this campaign cycle. >> nothing to do with the
9:26 am
>> interesting. thank you so much. all yours on hallmark channel. they are still making the cards? >> yes. absolutely. >> thank you so much. o tomorrow night at 9:00. >> thank you, like wise. >> coming up, we do grilled cheese. >> also, sleepily hollow, it is a hit show. >> yes, the people wanted zach back on. the character joe, he's back on sleepily hollow. "good day" is all across america families are coming back to time warner cable for a whole new experience.
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well, i am sorry, carly... it' s something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious. >> it is here. it is the weekend. >> yeah. it is friday. >> and april fool's day. rosanna: oh lord. 9:29, it may not be coming during the show. maybe next year's. maybe our next guest will help us. greg: greg: sleepy hollow. we are getting close to season finale. saabing zach is on the show.
9:30 am
back by the people. he's back tonight in the episode. nice to meet you. >> thank you for having me. what is that like for you? >> so much better than the people not wanting me to come back. i was in season two. i guess people decided that i should be coming back. it is a great year. from the beginning of the season, i am having a great time so far. >> where are we in the show right now? >> 15 second. pandora is unleashing the monsters and teamed up with a god to bring the apock lips to slep slep
9:31 am
i am struggling with a curse. i tend to eat people when i change into it. >> let's check it out. in sleepy hollow tonight. >> you two are busy then? >> yeah, kind of. jen is stuck at the top of bear mountain right now. >> you all right, son? >> no. you need to run. run! >> you have an incredible hulk thing going on. >> you are not cured. >> i guess not. this is tonight and from next week. >> that is wild. bear mountain, that is ours?
9:32 am
it is all in the new york area. very cool. >> it is a very physical show. >> yes a lot of running in the woods and chasing the demons. >> do you have to, do you have background in martial arts? >> yes, i have a black belt and i was a wrestler in high school and track and field. it is not a sitting down show. >> black belt in karate? >> yes. >> can you take him down? >> i don't want to do that. >> i have a platinum belt. [laughter] >> do you get hurt in the show? >> no. we had a sparring system earlier. >> where'd you grow up? >> in california.
9:33 am
the tech boom stuff started and when i go back it is a different city. >> you spent time on the east coast, you went to yale? >> yes, came to new york straight out of that. >> what'd you do in new york? >> i got out here, one of the first jobs was war horse on broadway. >> wow, that was a great show. you were in that show? >> yes, i played soldiers. it was like where's waldo finding me. >> were you employed after that? >> a mix of the theatre and small film and tv jobs and sleepy hollow is the biggest so far. it is a blessing. it is a fun show and you feel like a kid, they hand you a cross bow and go fight. >> very cool, tonight at 8:00 on channel 5.
9:34 am
>> coming up, today is a kind of a good day for grilled cheese. you need comfort food on a day like today. we are going to have the best grilled cheese sandwich. >> my mom does the best. does she? >> yes. white bread and cheese. butter.
9:35 am
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>> it is looking dreery. it is friday. >> it is national grilled cheese month. >> it is april fool's day. >> i'm watching you. >> the grilled cheese sandwich, growing up, we had it. >> my mom is better than your mom. >> over the past couple of years, there are restaurants served grilled cheese. we have three great people with great grilled cheese businesses and joining us on the show.
9:38 am
shop, and mr. cheese. >> fantastic. starting with lynn. tell us what makes your grilled cheese special. >> we are known for the grilled cheese donuts. >> what? >> yes. >> where are you? >> this is in new jersey? >> yes. >> oh my goodness. is this a real donut? >> yes, cheddar cheese. >> this is a donut? >> yes a salt and sweet. >> this is very good. this is really interesting. very creative. >> we have a group of different sandwiches. we have crunchy. we have a grilled mac and cheese
9:39 am
>> moh my goodness. should i try this one? >> it is april fool's day. go for it. >> did you put something in there? >> this is located in new jersey. an hour out of the city. >> great. >> spencer, it is your turn. who invented the grilled cheese? >> i don't. >> tell us about the melt shop. >> started in manhattan about five years ago. our birthday is coming up. and we are a sandwich shop, fried chicken sandwiches.
9:40 am
pepper jack, cheese sauce, pickles, onions and the sauce. >> fried chicken. and what else? >> chicken and melt sauce. it is a special sauce. this is a simple truffle melt, muenster cheese and truffle oil. that is amazing. >> we have four locations in manhattan and one in minnesota and opening outside of philly too. >> congratulations to you. >> thank you so much. >> keep it up. >> what's your story? >> we have a restaurant that we hoped in philly called mr. cheese. we are opening one in gowanus. >> are you near the canal? >> i don't know.
9:41 am
estate is nice there. wait, opening up and you never saw the place? >> no. no. >> are you super rich or something and you have delegated the stuff. >> i sit back and sign the checks. well, moving on. >> we have a live on. >> go for it. this is velveeta pee pita. go ahead and try this. >> i have already had two. >> well, you have to try it. don't just look at it. try it. >> i'm not sure what is in it. >> who did this? >> my head cook. >> try this. don't just look at it.
9:42 am
>> i am trying to catch up. >> it is made from donkeys in the him lay yas. >> this smells disgusting. >> come on. >> don't judge by the looks. >> try it. >> i can't tell if you are legitimate or not. you mentioned the hoovs. >> i am not trying that. the donkeys acouple you late the limestone and scrape it interest the the hoofs. this is amazing. we thank you for brining this to us. >> okay. >> are you having a good time. >> yes, i'm having a blast. >> april fool's. >> all right. good.
9:43 am
>> that is good. you got me good. >> at least i was like hello. >> he looked at it. >> looked at what? >> looked at you. this guy. >> you are going to learn more about him, he's a big frankster and he has a show coming out. "good day" is coming right back.
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>> well done. >> i got him good. nobody got hurt. prankster. he's going to get his own tv show. the ed bass master show. it is premiering in a couple of weeks. so nice to meet you. >> yes, thank you. yeah, it is a prank show. a lot of you have seen my characters. >> emilio is one of the characters. >> yes.
9:47 am
it is going to be a great show. >> this is all we got right now. well done. >> thank you so much. go to youtube and look at it. we have a clip of the pranks. >> let's roll it. >> we are here in new orleans, they hire add new waiter. it is mumbles of something. >> i like this. jerky boys watch out. this is great stuff.
9:48 am
>> now, you guys, really fooled me. >> i thank you, i couldn't do done it without you. it is good clean fun. i wanted to put something in the food, but that is too easy. that is beautiful. wa was the reaction? i was skeptical. >> he was feeling uncomfortable. >> april 14th on cmt and ewe tube. >> that is cool. thank you. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> are you okay? >> i'm great. it was good stuff. all right. show is not over yet. >> oh, are you doing something to me? >> you never know. could happen next year. all right. what's up next in the program? >> i don't know. let's take a break. we are going to digest (vo) shop all makes, models and
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>> i was skeptical. >> thank you so much rodney, euro the facebook fan of the hour on this april fool's day. he's perplexed that i pulled something off he didn't know about.
9:52 am
prank. i like it. very well done. by the way, the pranks are not over. we are being pranked by her, ines came in with a tall tail. >> you saw the ring and asked. >> you are saying you are engaged. >> want to see a picture of the guy guy. >> how long have you known him? >> for years. a long, long time. >> what happened all of a sudden he decided this. >> this is just him. where are you? >> the story is fishy. >> i have a new phone. >> that is a lame excuse. >> i went to facebook and people are saying that some people
9:53 am
he thinks it is a joke. mercedes is saying the ring is fake. serious kind of girl, i believe it. you are a gemologist. >> i did meet one once. look, it is looking real to me. are you serious? >> yeah. >> what is his name. >> buddy. >> buddy is his name? [laughter] >> this is april fool's joke? >> bite it and you will know if it is a real diamond. >> p knock yourself out. >> i will keep it. >> no, give it back. >> not until you tell the truth. this guy buddy. >> his name is buddy. >> first name? >> buddy.
9:54 am
mike is having convulsions right now. >> last night would be a big night and you are the same old ines. >> she's got a glow about her. she got something last night. >> i need the ring back. >> what ring? >> in your pocket. >> that is bad luck. you can bite it. >> where did this happen? >> at dinner at a restaurant. what restaurant. >> in hoboken. last night? >> yes. >> [laughter]>> then what happened? >> you are asking things like oh my god did you plan this. it just happened. i am a little dumbfounded by it. she's in shock. >> you said yes? >> yes. no maybe and i took it.
9:55 am
>> audrey knows. >> they have already planned the bachelorette party, they are going to vegas. >> i confirm we are going to las vegas. >> wow. >> what happens in vegas, stays in vegas. >> i may want to go. >> we have plenty of room on the plane. >> the temperatures locally, very mild outside. 69 in poughkeepsie. 67 sussex. 507s to the east here. we have a breeze out there. it is getting bleusy in the afternoon. we have a line coming in from the west. within that line, we could see an isolated thunderstorm later in the day. the warm air up and down the eastern sea board. we have a cold front coming in tomorrow and a second front coming in and sparking a few
9:56 am
saturday night is windy too. winds are out of the west at about 60 miles per hour. gusting up to 60. for today, have the umbrella handy. the temperatures in the 70s. tomorrow in the 50s and 40s for sunday. over the you. >> all right. again, ines insists it is legitimate. i want to see buddy. they call him buddy. >> buddy hayes. >> what is the name on the license? >> i check the id all the time. >> buddy is a nickname. what is the real name? >> i am not telling you that. it is what it is, greg.
9:57 am
>> well, is this in the new york times on sunday? >> have a good day, new york. we are going live on facebook.
9:58 am
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live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show"! now, here's wendy! [ cheers & applause ] >> wendy: welcome to the big


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