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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  April 1, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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announcer: it's 10:00 p.m. do you know where your children are? by alan "fox 5 news" at 10:00 p.m. steve: ray nonetheless are out. we are in a harsh reminder that warmer weather has winter is about to make a comeback. >> nick gregory has more. nick: that's right, temperatures going down down into the chilly reading. we have had some showers moved through. in the riverhead area, then showers moving south of the 195. sliding along and temperatures
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sixty-seven in newark. then the 50s are hanging in across long island. waiting for the wind shift to the more than one northwest. monticello as well. the sky guardian 3-d showing us lower westchester and the southern connecticut. they go along, not much left behind it but the further inspection shows that these have been severe stores from earlier in the moisture will be sticking up in our direction. not the greatest day, the cloud in the early part of the afternoon and then snow showers and maybe even a little coating of snow west of the city by sunday morning.
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sunday, wind gusts could reach 50 miles per hour. a showers getting out of her here early in the month of clouds remain. occasional rain and maybe a couple of breaks of sunshine in the afternoon. still above average of 59 degrees and then the cold kicks in for sunday. steve: thank you. dari: >> moving onto election 2016. steve: he has an appeared at any election events, donald trump. joe has more. reporter: that is right. donald trump took a break as the republican field prepares to go all out in wisconsin. the badger state could be the last chance with those anti-donald trump individuals stopping the party from having him as the nominee. reporter: ted cruz joked that donald trump accepted his challenge will one-on-one debate. >> we are going to go on forever with these debates.
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break following a rough week on the trail. his campaign manager igniting a firestorm. >> i don't think this was the worst week, but it wasn't a great week. reporter: all the while, his opponents opponents continuing to pile on that the billionaire is unfit for the oval office. here is ted cruz talking to a wisconsin radio. >> there's no doubt that donald trump is the kim kardashian presidential candidate. he sits on twitter makes a lot of noise but he has no solutions of fixing the problem. reporter: all eyes on wisconsin where it's a big deal not just for the delegates before the momentum that it could bring. the latest fox business poll has him up 10 and on the democratic side bernie sanders is not
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in this case it shows sanders in the lead in wisconsin. he has won six of the last seven contests and he hopes that the win will give him the fuel that he needs to that beat hillary clinton. >> we are going to be working really hard. we are going to win this thing be on the latest poll shows bernie sanders down 12 points and hillary clinton. compared to last poll where he was down 40 points and sanders thinks that he has a good shot to beat her. jen: a major fund-raising milestone for bernie sanders. his donor driven campaign brought in $44 million in march. breaking his own record for money raised in a month. doubling the total raised by hillary clinton. steve: more than 50 world leaders in washington for a summit on nuclear security.
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pledge between the u.s. and japan. the countries vowing to work together to remove highly enriched uranium from a japanese research reactor as a way to reduce the risk of falling into the hands of terrorists. >> we have removed the world's most deadliest materials from italy facilities. we have now secured all of the highly enriched uranium and plutonium from more than 50 facilities in 30 countries. steve: in his closing remarks, president obama slammed donald trump we stand on nuclear weapons saying that donald trump does not know much about foreign policy or the world in general. jen: the recent terror attacks in new york have many travelers in our area rethinking vacation plans. this is the latest school to castle a class trip to germany and austria due to security concerns due to the belgian bombings. bookings to brussels have nosedived and overall booking is
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if you are debating on traveling, getting insurance is one of your best bet. >> if you but that beforehand, and an attack happens in the city, you can change your plans within 30 days and they will cover you for nonfederal expenses. jen: amsterdam, madrid, and barcelona are showing positive numbers. soon all is needed now is the biggest revision of the increase in the state's minimum wage to $50 an hour. it will be phased in six years. those receiving raises will spend the money many fear it could force layoffs and higher prices.
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opportunity to eliminate worry and spend more time with my children. steve: it also includes a tax break for the middle-class. jen: some say after implemented it will be the most generous family leave program in the nation. dan bowens has details. reporter: new york now joins new jersey, california and rhode island, guaranteeing paid family leave. the plan here offers 12 weeks, twice as long as other states. reporter: understanding the importance of being a parent. it is why he is pleased with the new family leave act
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women to care for a child. >> we have just enacted the best family paid leave in the country. reporter: the program also provides compensation for people that needed to take care of a sick family member without the possibility of losing their jobs. >> it is so important especially for low income workers that don't have anything to fall back on. the most critical times in their lives. reporter: it works with insurance, meaning that employers don't have to chip in. not everyone is happy. that conscience is with the business council. >> it ends up being the most expansive leave in the entire country. for us, that is going way too far. reporter: governor cuomo pushed hard. >> family matters. internet relationships matter. and in this 24/7 world, let the state make the statement of what
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those relations are important. reporter: >> it starts at eight weeks and 50% of paying 2018, eventually reaching 67% of pay in 2021. jen: dozens of water fountains tested positive for elevated levels of lead. all the associated piping have been shut down and will be placed under health department protocols. dangerous levels were found in a more newark schools, making the number 38 in total. the contamination was detected back in the city is needing help to fix the problems estimating that it would cost about a billion dollars to fully repair. >> the police say that a 51-year-old man was walking near
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just after 3:00 p.m. when he was slashed in the back. officers are searching for a man and woman in connection with the attack which sources say was the result over a dispute. steve: this man says that he hated police and once tried to choke her to death after they broke up, he was killed yesterday after opening fire on trooper chad dermyer at a bus station. two women were wounded but are expected to recover. he had a link he criminal record including domestic battery charges. jen: police say that a woman kidnapped the baby at a mall. she distracted the child's mother and then took off with the 7-week-old baby boy. the police located the newborn and the suspect's apartment and he is fine and back with his family.
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slaughter cheats death. this video uploaded from a truck in jamaica where this animal broke free. officers caught up with it knocking it out with a pair of tranquilizer darts. there is a happy ending. jon stewart and his wife heard about it and rescued the bull, taking it to their animal sanctuary. jen: that is so great. just ahead of autism awareness day. steve: taking a look at teaching autistic children how to swim. jen: why there is a rush to find these cats and dogs good homes. at. steve: in this news image
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jen: the empire state elting is blue tonight for autism awareness. one of the thousands of landmarks that are going blue today and tomorrow to honor world autism awareness day. as part of the autism speaks campaign, shining light on 70 million people around the world on the autism spectrum. steve: the pins that we are wearing today are also for world autism day. jen: we will be doing this today and tomorrow. we were putting the spotlight on a unique though graham helping children right here in new york. steve: sharon shows us that it is a skill that could be a lifesaver. reporter: 8-year-old carson works hard as a swimming instructor guides them through the water. he has autism, one of a group of special needs students learning to swim from long island university brooklyn college students. >> be like to swim? >> yes. >> why? >> because i love it very much. >> the first day he was afraid of the water.
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more and more used to it. reporter: a partner to expand this program to include swim lessons for kids with autism. the move comes after the death of this 14-year-old. three years ago the video shows he had autism and his body was later found along the east river. >> enforces interaction with their instructor's. reporter: experts say that children with autism have a unique attraction to the water. this expert says that is why it is so important to teach kids
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the water. >> is that possible with a child with autism? >> oh, yes, absolutely to what you like about swimming? >> i love it. >> they are very smart. >> out his destiny doing? >> she's doing good. she's easy, she listens to everything i say. >> it's time for me to start. to get the kids comfortable, sometimes you have toys like this one that you throw in the water so they can swim toward it and also dmitri is going to show me how he can float on something that can give a little bit of stability on the water. >> it is a win-win for everybody. >> sharon crowley for "fox 5 news". steve: a drop in the number of student suspensions. the department of education says that suspensions fell last year by nearly a third. officials are crediting mayor
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by providing teachers and school security officers. jen: the faa says it will ease limits on how many flights can arrive and depart from the airport each hour. it is expected to increase competition which could help to reduce flights that were originally restricted to 81 per hour during peak times. the faa says that the runways can handle some added flights. the changes take effect in october. steve: a small crews cruiseship damaged a portion of a harbor wall, injuring at least seven of the 140 passengers on board. the officials are blaming it on a mechanical malfunction. jen: and endangered sea turtle
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preventing the 70-pound sea turtle from being released in the ocean. the treatment is usually used for decompression sickness in divers. steve: scrambling to find homes for cats and dogs are these shelters they were in closed unexpectedly. jessica has the story from middle island. >> is dogged and cast rescues have been here for the past three years. the building is condemned and we cannot go inside. it was on wednesday when they were notified of the building has a number of violations. >> she was actually extremely emancipated, a walking skeleton format this was the home to 40 cats and 120 dogs. on wednesday thanh officials came in and told them that they had 36 hours to find animals a home. they were hit for not having a certificate of occupancy and were slapped with a list of violations. >> at that point, what we do at the animals? we had more than a hundred animals in the nowhere for them to go. >> did you guys know when you
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>> no, we did not. reporter: within 36 hours many have been adopted or fostered by tonight there are still $10 and 40 cats in desperate need of a home. this morning they were given an extension until monday before the town shuts them down. >> has been great support for the community, the rescue community, as well as the veterinary community tour just a few doors down, these individuals also have until monday to find the lines in place to live. >> the issues that the fire system for the main building and all of the unit is not up to the new town code. reporter: they too don't have a certificate of occupancy. >> apparently this needs to be done before anyone was allowed to move in. we were not made aware of that. we were told the building was ready for occupancy. reporter: moving to a new place
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>> they were abused, beaten, they didn't trust people. they had no hair, they were sickly. so now some of them are finally ready for adoption and i have to stress them out and move them again because the fire system is not up to code automaticautomatic ally reach out to the management company of this building, we have not heard back from them tonight. as for friends, they will open again until monday. steve: those animals will find a home in no time. jen: how some people are racking up the card debt with late-night boozing which then leads to buying.
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some big online pranks steve: back to work on friday night,. jen: dangerous for your wallet. tipsy people are then heading home to shop online. we have one on the financial dangers of the sip and click. reporter: we are all gearing up for the weekend and new data shows a significant spike in women's online shopping late on
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presumably after a drink or two. leading to a phenomenon called sip and click. >> would he like to buy? >> usually impulse purchases, things that i have been coveting and i'm like what the heck, because i had too much of whatever. >> do you regret the purchases that you made on friday?
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>> i had stuff that i ordered that i'm taking back right now. reporter: some of them are able to it exercise impressive self-control. if all else fails, just a member to keep your receipt. jen: to quite a few people could learn that lesson tonight. steve: april fools day failures. and this is not a prank. if you grew up on guns and
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of its stores? the google gmail prank? yup, it is april fools' day. steve: i think people just were not in the mood for it. mack king shows us some. >> no part of this story will be a prank. at this point we have all been through enough. instead here is a rundown. >> these viewers are surprised. netflix released abiotic preview
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and then this imaginary line. >> it is a great marketing tactic. reporter: and seems no day motivates corporate teams as much as april fools' day. >> you are looking at someone potentially losing their job. >> cracking a joke, they morphed into a 24 hour timeframe in which no one can trust anyone else. >> not everyone wakes up and realizes this when i swim in with some joke. reporter: it distorts the truth without a day dedicated to
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we know we cannot trust friends and significant others on april 1 and it sometimes makes it worse. reporter: mack king for "fox 5 news". steve: the knife at oj simpson's estate has been ruled out as been used in the death of nicole brown simpson and ron goldman. a retired police officer kept it until last month. they determined that the blade is not connected to the murders of nicole brown simpson and ron goldman. o.j. simpson was found not guilty of the murders but later found liable for their deaths in civil court. jen: this family is petitioning a judge that was formally declared dead 84 years after he disappeared. the first wife of robert durst.
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killed her in 1982. he faces murder charges in los angeles and the 2000 a longtime friend, susan berman. he is being held in louisiana after being charged in louisiana last month. steve: joe guidice.months knocked off his sentence. he will not be released until march 2019, rather than august. he and his wife teresa pled guilty to fraud in 2014. teresa was released from prison right after serving 11 months. jen: honored by his peers during a special tribute concert. reporter: they were among the many last night, the star-studded lineup performed
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beloved space odyssey. >> this is a big story. it guns n' roses fans kicking off the reunion tour a week ahead of schedule. band members alive and well, here they are arriving. you can see the banners as fans have been lined up all day outside. they have 200 tickets available. tickets are being sold up to $4000, they kick off the tour next weekend with two sold-out shows in las vegas. just today they announced the dates of the 21 day summer tour
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stadium on saturday, with july 21. it was my first concert ever, very exciting. jen: he started a food crazed. steve: now putting a new spin on the traditional sandwich. we will check out his korean friendship. and first, here's tonight's new york minute. >> thousands of local kids got an inside look at how broadly works. thanks to the cast of a wicked. they were shown everything from lighting, set design and question-and-answer with the actors. >> kids into the actors appear on the stage. but actually there is a whole army of people that are behind the scene that are making it
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their jobs. >> we are here to spread the word. autism needs more funding and more professionals, and more services. >> and that is your new york minute. steve: check out our weather app. featuring daily and hourly forecasts, radar and track the stores where you are. whether headlines and storm alerts as well, let you know if there is lightning
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looking for jobs. we saw a cutback in government and non-residential projects. in the meantime bringing a little bit more cash to the palm. gas has been moving higher over the past few weeks. the national average at $2.6 per gallon. thirty cents higher than one month ago. and if you drive a bulks wagon, listen up. the german automaker recalling its cars with diesel engines. causing the vehicle to overheat and possibly start fires. payne. jen: shaping up to be a hot commodity. the tesla model-3 was unveiled, nearly 200,000 people put down a anti-deposit. it starts at $35,000 has and has
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that is pretty good, because you add in the technology and it sounds awesome. steve: this man won the bid for the 2015 fiat 500 lounge hatchback. it will benefit a number of catholic charities. >> taking a popular sandwich to
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steve: this man is teaming up with a korean chef to put a new twist on the french deck. if you want to try one, you better hurry because they are only around this weekend. >> honestly, it is one of the best images that i've ever had
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reporter: the chef has been innovative for his desserts including the cronut. now he's bringing his creative flair to this sandwich. >> we have a limited edition food. >> we are making as many as we can. reporter: it is called the green french dip. it is exclusively at his kitchen. >> and has a nice korean flavor to it or 2 like the legendary cronut, it's made in very limited quantities and the
10:46 pm
tonight are thrilled. >> it is terrific. >> it is kind of like fermented. it is good. reporter: and of course, i had to give it a try. a moment of truth. >> it's really good. reporter: they are only making 300 images a day so you want to get down here quickly. reporting live for "fox 5 news".
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nick: looks delicious. certainly probably my calorie intake for the day. [laughter] >> by then we have high winds, colder temperatures, a couple of steps backwards. today is 79. feeling like a june or july afternoon. sixty-two is a low an above average temperature. late in the evening, thunderstorms bringing heavy downpours. a lot of sun tomorrow. humidity 63%. the wind is coming round of the west. pressure taking a they jump.
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just exiting the east end there. light showers have moved out as well. 80-degree weather like newark and allentown. if these, 62 average for it. still in the upper 60s around town. monticello down 48. when coming out of the west and the north. and we have 60s here, 73 in washington dc. 64 degrees as well. occasional rain.
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the high. watch this temperature trend. upper 50s tomorrow and then sunday morning, closer to freezing their. possibly a coating of snow than we will have strong wind as the system moves on through late saturday night and sunday. and the occasional rain but it will still be around or early tomorrow afternoon. snow showers, colder air. that will be for later saturday night and sunday morning. then it will be a windy sunday with gusts. late saturday night into sunday morning. fair amount of clouds, 53 in the city, 49 in the suburbs. occasional rain morning through
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we get a little bit of a break after that it does give breezy. a high of 59. bringing rain and snow showers. and it is going to be windy, gusting to 55. it gets worse as we get closer to it. occasional rain, 51. twenty-nine then. forty during the day. twentys in the morning, rain by the end of the week once again. >> that is a good way to look at it. life as spokesbox is great. people love me for saving them over half a grand when they switch to progressive.
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it was board-game night with the dalai lama. great guy. terrible player. go paperless don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need it's a balancing act, but i got to give the people what they want -- more box. any words for the critics? what can i say? critties gonna neg. [ applause ] the what?!
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russ: how are you doing, everyone. this is it for college basketball. villanova and oklahoma meeting in the houston followed by north carolina and syracuse. then they meet on monday night for all the ncaa championship games. but this coach just doesn't seem
10:54 pm
either that or he is so arrogant that he thinks everyone else is stupid area and it's no secret at all that after an eight-year investigation by the ncaa syracuse was hit with a multitude of violations over a decade that resulted in him being suspended for nine games this season, scholarships being taken away in 108 victories. it's a lot different than cheating. cheating to me is intentionally doing something when you should not. syracuse was hit with those sanctions for three reasons. improper benefits, academic misconduct and a failure to enforce the policy. but according to the logic, that is just breaking rules. not cheating, no way. and let's not forget about north carolina head coach roy williams
10:55 pm
one of the finals. facing allegations that they were getting credit for classes that didn't even exist. great coaches, great teachers of basketball. as far as teachers of character, forget about it. what does that say when the going tough and the tough gets going? andrew miller suffered a broken bone in his right wrist on wednesday. but today he was cleared to pitch so he is going to be ready for monday's season opener and it is just a matter of dealing with the pain. and that is it for sports. jen: coming up next, some japanese sixth-graders are putting our skills to shame. carefully core draft double dutch routine, the kids are part of this jump rope association and they put the team together
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the video was uploaded to the facebook page last saturday and has since earned a well-deserved 6 million views plus. >> you don't strike me as though you are a bigot that. >> you have trouble not putting one of foot in front of the other. [laughter] steve: that'll do it for us tonight, take care. we will see you on monday.
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i was reading about this jellyfish that never dies. instead, it reverts to its asexual state and then grows up again. we thought my 90-year-old grandfather had reverted to an asexual state, but the lawsuit from his jamaican caregiver proved us all wrong. my point is, immortality is not only a possibility, it is real. only if you're this jellyfish which periodically reverts to a mass of undifferentiated protoplasm. if i could keep my gmail account, i'd be okay with that. hello, fellas. others: hey. remember when we were trying to figure out what that smell coming from professor tupperman's office was? yeah? turns out it was tupperman. dead at his desk for two weeks. oh, my god. that's terrible. in lieu of flowers, the department chair is asking that everyone donate a bottle of febreze. if we're going to change the topic from jellyfish, i'd be okay with brine shrimp or the history of the unicycle.


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