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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  April 3, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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antwan: look at video, powerful wind leaving a path of destruct in the area. tries to get things back to normal for tomorrow, i am antwan lewis. i am christina park after a weekend of wild weather, it is starting to feel like winter, not spring. antwan: we moving from strong winds to freezing temps. samantha is in tonight. >> strong windows brought in the cold temperatures. we saw the damage that came from these strong winds, jfk on top of the list with 64 mile per our
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a big change now the winds have really backed off, we are talking about cold weather to monday morning. we'll see quite a few coal mornings, right now winds out of the north ushering in cold, but look at this winds are calm right now, in sussex and allentown, a big change. northerly winds 5 to 10 miles per hour, temperatures are starting to fall off. the shading of purple that is a freeze warning for long island, coastal connecticut here, even now in the city parts of new jersey, in that shading of teal, freeze watch. temps near freezing toward tomorrow morning. we already have very cold spots, monticello at 25 degrees, feels like winter. 32 freezing in sussex, 38 in central park. and thankfully wind has died down, not much of a wind chill but you do want that heavier job
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-- job jacket in the morning. we're going to see a brief wintry mix today morning, north of the city, upper hudson valley, parts of northern connecticut could get a few inches of snow, then just rain, as temperatures rise a bit for the day, 24 to 36 tonight, a cold night, tomorrow temperatures to about 50, some rain and more on that in a few minutes back to you. antwan: all right. thank you sam. christina: heavy wind left thousands without power knocking down power lines, bringing some chile it -- chilly temperatures. antwan: we're left to clean up the mess we go to long island, emergency crews in union call for -- union dale for downed trees and power lines. christina: in brooklyn, strong winds are blamed for a partial building collapse, on a building under construct, no injuries
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antwan: in queens, the windss -- blew over a home in howard beach. christina: the storm left major damage in other parts of queens, this is queens village today with downed power line, toppled trees, blocked roads and damaged several homes in the area, one woman told fox 5, she was shocked. >> about 8:00 this morning, i was sitting in high room drinking hot coffee, all of a sudden a heard a crash, i thought that it was the roof of this house was coming down. i looked out the window it was the tree. i ran outside, i looked, i said, wow. unbelievable. christina: really was, residents were without power for about 4 hours. it has since been restore, no injuries reported there. antwan: another story we're
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5 alarm blaze, this afternoon. christina: we have latest tonight, zachary is there. reporter: good evening, there is an unbelievable amount of water in the streets that speaks to the intensity of the fire, and amount of time it took firefighters to put it out, there was questions originally it was a wind-aided fire it is not, it started in laundromat just spread from their, the fire start about 3:45 this afternoon, started in a then spread to a furniture store, 250 firefighters were out trying to put the blaze out, information we have two of the firefighters suffered minor injuries, there were no other injuries, they got p.m. we're wrapping up here now, still a lot of street closures, is here.
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and the cause of the fire that is still open. back to you. christina: all right. thank you. antwan: ntsb is investigating what went wrong when a train coming from new york crashed outside of philadelphia. christina: killing two people, and injuries dozens more. reporter: this is the skype after a deadly am track train crash happened 15 miles south of philadelphia sunday morning. >> i fell like the train hit something there were 4 really big -- throwing us off the chairs, the seats we were in. there was a lot of smoke. then everyone was yelling. reporter: authorities say that said headed from new york to save an ageorgia, struck a piece of construct equipment, described as alarming backhoe in pennsylvania. >> we'll look at the tracks and work performed at the time of the accident. >> the train was rumbling then
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dust. dust everywhere. then the train conductors were running. reporter: two people were killed, neither were passengers on the train, more than 30 others were injured, taken to area hospitals with nonlife-threatening injuries. >> people were bloody from -- it was an explosion. we got off track, like a leg explosion and a fire, wen a then a window burst out, some people were cut up it was minor injuries. reporter: ntsb is now investigating. >> we have recovered the event data recorder. the video to send to the laboratory in washington, d.c. reporter: at the time, more than 340 passengers were onboard with 7 crew members this crash coming after a amtrak passenger train derailed in kansas last month,
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confirms that the victims were amtrak workers, one operating the backhoe and the other a supervisor, they continue their investigation into the night, they recovers the black box, and front facing camera, they have to clear the track in time for monday morning commute. fox 5 news in pennsylvania. christina: we have a first look at woman arrested for attacking a 103 yore -year-old woman in the bronx. antwan: 53-year-old sharon mcneil followed the victim to elevator of her apartment guilding in cohop city, and attacked her in a hallway. she is mad and upset with her afactor but she forgives her. christina: there was a rally today for the dog killed by the nypd officers. for pit bull names spike, he was shot in the head last month
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walked to the officer walking his tail, protestors is a that officer a actions are unacceptable. >> changes need to be made, so this dud not happy again -- does not happy again announce lethal measures will be implemented. christina: the pit bull's owner, plans to sue nypd. antwan: police in oregon, arrested abby wambach for a dui, she ran a red light last night, said she failed a feel so -- sobriety test, she was booked today under investigation of driving under the influence. christina: senator schumer calls on federal to speed up plans to make airports and train stations safer. to detect the com pounded used by the terrorists.
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believes that agent should begin earlier than the fall. antwan: brussels airport 54 -- partially reopened today. the first flight that took off was headed to portugal, security was tight with new check in procedures, they hope to have full service restored byes end of june or beginning of july. christina: no secret that donald trump has passionate views on immigration. antwan: this time his ex-wife is making news with her comments. christina: people, setting aside their differences to coexist in the name of peace. antwan: a group of englands getting to the point, their fast thinking helped cops catch some very bad guys. >> we have yankees home opener tomorrow, showers in afternoon,
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duke: and coming up on "sports extra," ken davidoff, in studio, to preview the yankees and the
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tonight, in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at antwan: a deadly crash in thailand west of bangkok, a train collided into a double-decker bus, killing 3 people, injuries dozen, the bus moving slowly across the tracks,
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is hit by the train pushing it off. >> presidential candidates held rallies across wisconsin courting voters. ted cruz had events in greenspan bay, and donald trump campaigned around milwaukee. around democratic side, bernie sanders headlined rallies in madison, and a busy day in wisconsin, hillary clinton took a side trip to brooklyn to talk to new york voters. antwan: donald trump's ex-wife facing backlash, evonna trump said for u.s. to get prestige back voters so accept hearic husband's policy on immigration, she said, she is a immigrant, as long as you come here legally and get a proper job, she said who will vac vacuum our living rooms and clean up after us.
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christina: volunteers of different religions set aside those differences to coexist in the name of peace. antwan: lisa evers with how they create one space with a room for a variety of spiritual views. reporter: something unthinkable in the bronx, muslim, jewish and christian volunteers coming it to renovate a place where everyone can worship. they are loading up the dumb ster -- dumpster outside of the center. it is a unusual arrangement, one that the inter faith leaders believe it necessary. >> this is the place where we send the message out that we know how to work with each other, how to take care of each other, we know how too take a community together. >> we have irk imam and rabbis and
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a culture of peace, of peaceful coexistence. reporter: the student volunteers hear from the muslim and jewish leadership, graffiti murals with the world peace in different languages line the walls, others get a fresh coat of paint. >> it is nice to know, even though people are different we believe in different things we come together in the end. >> a lot of benefits, that all religions are coming together and communicating with each other is a big benefit for my religion. reporter: their open door policy made it meeting place for people from different backgrounds to come together and really get to know each other. >> we're not others. we're us. there is no them here. there is only us. when we understand that, anything, anything is possible. >> when we introduce that concept of a peaceful coexistence, to these children they will run with it, it may be permanent.
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up a new generation that actually believes peace is possible. lesea evers, "fox 5 news." antwan: went out to get dinner, i got to tell you it was chilly. the quickist walk to food emforeium ever -- -- ever. ever. >> reporter: i didn't want to go outside it was cold. christina: we have a vending machine downstairs. samantha: we're talking about cold temperatures, stay warm tonight, and tomorrow morning. down to near 50, a change able weather pattern coming up for most of the week, freezing tonight, upper 20s to near 30 by morning, then we're tracking a late wintry mix, rain micked with snow in north of the stay, that will change to all rain tomorrow, it will be a gray, and chilly day with unsettled weather, sunshine returning tuesday. but still cold.
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overall this upcoming week will be colder than normal. not as cold or windy as the day tomorrow. we're at 38 right now. that wind died down, it is out of the north-northwest, about 5 to 15 miles per hour right now. still a cold night, clouds are pushing in, you can see pool of cold weather to north, 30 in boston could more snow tomorrow like this morning, 26 in albany, 26 in buffalo, at home at 38, to south, still chilly in philadelphia, 44. right now clouds are thickening up, clear off to the east for most of long island, and most of is on southern new jersey, the snow showers pushing east in our direct, by morning, there will be a chance of brief snow showers, then a mick over to rain -- mix over to rain, higher elevation to north could pick up
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that is moving through pretty quickly, overnight tonight, mainly cloudy as we method morning, out the door, ready to go, school, or work. we will see clouds thickening up, that wintry mix pushes in our direction, this is 6:00 a.m., temperatures will rise, we'll see a change over to rain showers. this is noon tomorrow, the game for yanks starts at worse, a -- at 1:00, a little bit of break in the action, showers returning for the evening, we'll have beautiful sunshine tuesday but chilly. win ter weather advisory from northern connecticut to parts of pennsylvania for the chance of snow tomorrow. here we have a late wintry mix, but it changes to rain, a cold night 44 to 36, we so 24 to 36,
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temperatures in 40s to near 50 for the day, we're going to see unsettled weather, i think most of tomorrow afternoon, will be dry, but, scattered showers return for the evening, tuesday, and wednesday we have sunshine. chilly 42. overnight lows in 20s, not very string like -- spring like. >> okay samantha thank you. >> a saw this last weekend, with my niece and nephews. christina: was it add as bad as they say? antwan: we'll talk about it. >> it fell 68% in second week in theaters earning more than $22 to --
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antwan: snow the by that plays luther was irritating. christina: right, "zootopia" came in second. and my big fat greek wedding 2
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>> christina: police in england have help catching burglars.
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middle of an easter egg hunt, they saw two men running. they saw police helicopterer, they form an arrow in the direction that the men ran, they were arrested a short time later. >> all right, duke with starts. duke: on sprects "sports extra" presented by toyota, we're previewing baseball season. sam said weather will hold off, ken davidoff for "new york post" in studio to talk about that and i talk with mischa tate, a lot of great stuff. >> all right duke thank you. >> 10:30. christina: we'll be right back. antwan: a look at what you need
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antwan: winter tomorrow? samantha: a freezing start. tomorrow temperatures are at about 32 degrees, we have a freeze warning, a wintry mix, then rain. we'll make it to 51 during the day, colder tuesday. we have sunshine. we're staying cool to next weekend. antwan: all right. christina: we'll be all right. antwan: go yanks tomorrow. christina: that is it for us, thank you for watching i am christina park. antwan: i am antwan lewis with samantha augeri and duke castiglione.
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duke: welcome, i am duke castiglione, it is great to have you with us, we'll been waiting in can cans city tonight -- kansas city, opening night for the mets, a rematch of last year's world series, matt harvey on the mound. and opening night with woulds, they get to raise their world championship they beat the mets in 5 games. top of first, in and out of


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