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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  April 4, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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six april 4. no april fools around here. we will talk about that in a second. greg: is you get fooled? i did twice. rosanna: starting off with some snowflakes in that area. the yankees are playing a later. we had a problem at newark airport. greg: amtrak is starting their
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greg: 103 years old. attacked allegedly by the woman you are about to see here. she is charged with robbing a 103-year-old woman. the april 19 primary. greg: one of those make america great rallies. greg: bethpage. they are all coming to new york. rosanna: i do not know if it will be that big. greg: some folks lose their minds over april. it. this is good. hit the videotape, please.
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somebody decided it was grilled cheese montfort april. rosanna: that part is true. greg: two very nice people. one complete and total nut job. i cannot tell if you are being legitimate or not. >> a van nuys area to bring the restaurant over. rosanna: you never saw the place? >> no. no. i just sit back and sign the check. greg: i cannot tell if you are
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>> the donkeys in the himalayas. greg: are you having a good time? nobody go woody where. rosanna: how about this. >> oh, that is good. you acted like you just got $10 million. rosanna: you know, out first i thought that he knew. greg: he was. i kind of called him out on that. you are saying crazy stuff that made no sense either. rosanna: the kids know him. they were like, you had had on the show. i was like, is he big?
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i enjoyed it. ines came in here on friday and try to say that she was engaged. i said nonsense from the get go. you did not fool anybody. i inspected her ring. she was so unmoved by the engagement; right? >> you and greg are being so mean to i'm as my sister said. [laughter] greg: benji had this engagement photo of body. the guy that she is engaged to. [laughter] very, very strange. nice try, ines. rosanna: mike, see what happens when you are gone. everything just goes crazy.
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i got my two nieces. they did not know or was going to be there. thank you very much. thank you very much. looks like a lot of fun. here's what we have on the cfp radar. you can see the wintry mixes coming through. the northern tier of the tri-state is where you will see more of the snow. at least for the beginning of it. you can see it trying to transfer over. it looks like up to the north, the northern tier is where you have the best likelihood of accumulation out there. you have a winter winter weather advisory for the purple shaded counties. you could see anywhere from three-6 inches of snow accumulating from that area. there is also a freeze warning going into effect for the purple
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just be aware that. you will need to protect those little plants out there. twenty-three in monticello. that is where you see the snow. mainly to the north. high temperature in the afternoon goes up to 51. fifty-nine on thursday. let's bring in the price are here. all right. here is what is going on this morning. tractor-trailer caught fire. around 5:00 o'clock this morning.
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let's go to our cameras. the commune on long island. no issues here. eastbound looks good. fifty-ninth street bridge. another problem this morning. now we are dealing with this stall here. right before you get on the bridge midspan. left lane blocked inbound. trains, new jersey transit, a downed tree. the rest of mass transit running on or close to schedule. greg and rosanna. greg: a big fire at newark airport this morning. it messed things up. rosanna: kerry drew is live out side the terminal right now. >> reporter: good morning.
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morning. open. the bad news, there are some residual delays. let's start with video from inside the terminal this morning. 1:15 a.m. one hour later, around 3:00 a.m., the fire reignited. authorities say the fire will contain for second time around 3:45 a.m. that is when everyone was allowed back inside. earlier, we spoke with the people whose flights were
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got here. >> i am not sure if i will be able to catch my connect in-flight. >> there was a delay. they say that they do not know anything or when it is going to happen. the map that we accommodate to the ride. no. sorry. >> that group is heading to japan. a spokesperson for the sport authority. a flight leaving from terminal b. flight
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delays. newark airport. check your flight status before you head to the airport. that is the latest. back to you. greg: we are talking international flights from terminal b. india, china. flights like that. >> to other parts of the u.s. and connecting flights overseas. rosanna: trains will be running this morning as scheduled. greg: train 89 headed towards new york city. it struck some heavy equipment on a track in pennsylvania. the lead engine derailed. the equipment workers were killed. more than 30 passengers aboard the train were injured.
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that train. a recent guest of "good day new york." it left passengers wondering what happened for 20-25 minutes. very scary. very sad for those amtrak workers. years ago we have that massive fatal derailment outside of philadelphia. rosanna: investigation underway. a woman charged with robbing a 103-year-old woman. she has been ordered, actually, held on a $100,000 bail. this is the woman that was robbed. greg: 53, she was getting her mail, a woman allegedly folded followed into her building and robbed her.
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robbed a woman of her shopping cart. undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. all crime is bad. john kasich. >> this wild show is in new york. april 19 is new york. you have seen those wild rallies. we will have our first one in our area. on long island wednesday night. the next two states to watch in this race are new york and wisconsin. ted cruzan bernie sanders had success in the midwest.
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sanders one in michigan. would like history to repeat itself tomorrow in wisconsin. assuming a new york flavor. celebrating the cities minimum wage increase to $15. john kasich. tonight he will host another in huntington dared the focus is squarely on wisconsin which holds its primary tomorrow. it shows cruz up about 10 >> trumpet is not conceding anything in wisconsin. he will make a last-minute plea for votes. last night during a town hall in milwaukee on fox news channel, he took a sick to drop out spin
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then he hurts cruz, to tell you the truth. he should not even be in it. >> we will have an open convention. >> taking a shot at bernie sanders who has long identified. >> i would be humbled and honored to earn your support. >> he sounded optimistic about winning tomorrow. >> now to the deep they go over the debate. they cannot agree on a date. the sanders camp says no.
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is holding here in new york city. no agreement on either side. >> thank you very much. it looks like the trump campaign will have that rallied. is it a gun deal yet? a preliminary arrangement. 6:00 o'clock and bethpage on wednesday night. rosanna: we will have more details as soon as we get confirmation. greg: it is freezing cold out. rosanna: the yankees ready for their homeowner this afternoon. duke is outside. he is catching what snowflakes
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duke: it is so weird. it was snowing when i came out here about five minutes ago. write when you guys went to robert, it turned into a rain / snow mix. maybe it is a good omen. we will talk about that in the next few minutes. this, of course, a rematch of last year. you remember the game. i think that was the end of the again key season last year. a couple of things you should need to know. dress warm. it is a little bit breezy up here. mike says a high of 51. get here early, too. increased security. get here early.
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we solve the security line / chair. i have been covering opening day now since 2000. the postseason is so hard to park. so many cars up here. parking spaces are limited. gates open at 11:00 o'clock. yankees need a big start out a him. twelve and seven last year. they need him to be healthy. that is the story from here. we will have much more. >> gameboard at baseball games. i don't know.
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the home opener is always exciting. they know this game goes on for too long. >> it is trying to snow. there are some snowflakes flying around the tri-state. including the bronx. still some. the brains or showers possible. your temperature should be back up into the lower 40s and 50s. some have rain.
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happen. that is where you will see some minor snow accumulation. high temperature is 51 today. we have issues. it is monday. 3 the weather is not helping. all lanes are closed at exit 22. this around 5:00 o'clock this morning. now 78 has exiting the ladies. an alternate route. that is not going to work. normal delays heading towards the verrazano. let's go to our cameras. take a look at your commute. heading westbound.
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the hutch. no problems. 495. traffic backed up to route 3:00 a.m. the turnpike. you want to take the holland tunnel. the george washington bridge. new jersey transit, some good news. service has been restored. there may be some residual delays. street cleaning rules are in effect. greg: the unengaged ines rosales. ines: i did get you. greg: what do you mean? i has to point blank if this was an april fools joke and you said no. greg: i immediately make today smile with
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greg: i remember going to the opening game last year. rosanna: larry david was there. rem member. greg: even rosanna know was
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him a few months before in the elevator. greg: i understand why you kept a low profile this time. rosanna: i did not want to scare him. rosanna: let's talk about retired u.s. soccer star. she is apologizing for her dui arrest over the weekend. greg: she was pulled over drunk. here is her statement. rosanna: those that know me know i have always demanded excellent for myself. i take full responsibility for my actions. this is all on me. i promise i will do whatever i can to make sure that my horrible mistake is never repeated. greg: if i were a lawyer, i would say, do not say anything.
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rosanna: was the new year ago, she was marching up broadway. >> she was cooperative throughout. we will see how that turns out. they are called the panama papers. greg: is this like one of those wiki week conversations? going back from the 70s off with to last year. reportedly, these documents showed how companies use offshore tax havens. they have been involved in money laundering, drug heels and other illegal act to reduce. jackie chan. the movie star. what else? rosanna: let's talk about what
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the airport there has partially reopened after nearly two weeks after that terror attacks at the airport. thirty-two people were killed. hundreds were wounded. a moment of silence was observed before they took off yesterday. greg: okay. back here at home. this is kind of nice. are these two firefighters in trouble for posting this online? they have been dating for a wild. they got engaged. unlike ines. let's go back to that first picture, if we can. fire fighting equipment. apparently, that is against the regulations.
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off-line within an hour. >> they took it off-line. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today.
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greg: yankee stadium.
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now you come by sushi at a ballpark. they have the plastics, two. fresco by scotto selling lasagna. greg: tickets. tickets, rosanna. it is too cold to go to the ballgame today. i am not going. first class. then there are the real seats. rosanna: i am going to be working. first of all, i will be working. greg kelly and his personal life. okay. i could go broke.
7:31 am
not tell you very much. mike: you probably just do it on purpose to make stuff up. rosanna: keep going. let's see if he is really a friend. mike: is this the best date? maybe not so much. that radar and satellite. april 4. not so common. it is the mix itself that is right on top of us here in the city right now. the wintry mixes swinging through the tri-state. if you are in the northernmost tier, that is where it will be
7:32 am
just be ready for that. 37 degrees. that snow is melting on contacts here in the city, for the most part. the colder air to the north of us. that is where it sticks. it will still be kind of sloppy across the tri-state region. kind of stirring the pot for us this morning. there will be some periods where that rain and snow is heavy at times. it looks like things will be a lot drier by tomorrow. if partly cloudy sky on wednesday. that turns to just rain showers later on. tomorrow, making it up to 42. right now, the weekend looks okay. okay.
7:33 am
let's see what is happening. >> it is not looking good for a monday. exit 22 and 26. traffic is being d 2 word. it is affecting route 78. that is the alternate everyone is already using. normal delays heading towards queens boulevard. making your way towards the jackie robinson. what roads. dealing with that. northbound towards the triborough bridge. there is a stall blocking the left lane. upper-level slowing everyone down. a problem on the 59th street bridge. the commute is a little crazy.
7:34 am
everything back to normal. trains are running on or close. greg: a big amtrak accident. it happened right outside of philadelphia. to track workers were killed. rosanna: nearly three dozen were wounded or injured during this period why construction equipment was actually left on the track. fox5 is outside 10 station this morning. rosanna: a lot of unanswered questions. >> we came out here to see how the commute would be. so far it seems like it is business as usual. taking a look at the board. just one delay up there. that is heading up to
7:35 am
issues happening in sunnyside queens. let's get to the details of exactly what happened yesterday. trained 89 was heading from new york to savanna georgia. heavy equipment on the tracks. the lead operator and supervisor were killed. the ntsb is investigating. we are told that one of the main is asking why there was construction equipment on an active track. we will be looking at all of that. people got here a little bit early. take a listen. >> it certainly crosses your mind that there is not a whole lot that you can do.
7:36 am
little bit worried. >> reporter: you are hearing this happening a little too often. definitely some scary moments for that. the crash happened almost a year after another amtrak train derailed. going twice over the speed limit. going way too fast. investigators trying to figure out exactly what happens. it looked like trains are pretty much a go. i will send things back over to you. rosanna: think you so much. greg: they had to evacuate part of times square. >> they had to postpone some of
7:37 am
there was a truck, that is the truck right there. greg: it almost looks like out of a cartoon. it looks kind of generic. >> left the truck running. greg: wires hanging from the truck. they shut down several streets. about one half hour later, the all clear was given. >> the guy did not realize what he was doing. some of the shows were postponed. it got scary for a lot of people that were visiting times square. >> it looks like they will make $100 million. good for them. >> let's talk about state
7:38 am
>> they will have a hearing. they will take a look into the state's aging water pipes. whether residents could suffer from contamination. blue origin. the rocket company. greg: watch this. >> pretty cool. >> and other successful rocket launch and landing. >> watch when it comes down. i think we have another clip. this is very unusual.
7:39 am
like this. >> okay. this is pretty good. the rocket made it to the edge of the atmosphere. blue origin is hoping to start manned flights. >> a rocket landing like this. they tried it and it did not work. now they are pulling it off. >> 28 team. that is in like two years. >> he -- the other day,
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>> newark airport. everybody is okay. >> still trying to figure out what is going on. >> terminal b. >> albright. dealing with delays at the airport. >> about time. he is on time. >> i did have a little time off. >> two hours of sleep. mike: delay's. rosanna: your problem?
7:44 am
the airline. greg: hey, i am mike woods. come on. mike: we have some different things going on. temperatures dropping down into the upper 20s. you think that those plans would be sensitive to a situation like this. definitely take the cautions out there. forty-three in newark. now 35 in montauk. cloudy skies. some folks dealing with showers out there, too. five-10 miles an hour. not as windy as what we had a couple days ago. primarily snow. dropping a little farther south. then it starts changing over to
7:45 am
this whole thing. period we will try to change this wintry mix over to more rainfall. high temperature gets up to 51. sunny skies for you to stand wednesday. the fox5 ny weather app. we can show you what is happening in your neighborhood. also, happy birthday to jessica. hope you have a fantastic one. let's bring over ines rosales. >> a lot of red out there this morning. heading towards the tappan zee
7:46 am
things are looking pretty good there. northbound all lanes closed. that being clear, you can see this effect in 287. taking a look over by that l.i.e. westbound traffic doing fine. the george washington bridge, driving into the city. about a 40 minute delay. street cleaning rules are in effect. greg and rosanna -- by the way, but he says hi. rosanna: the so-called fiance ? greg: she came in saying she was
7:47 am
nobody believed it, by the way. buddy gave it away. do we have a picture? >> you do not come into work and announce your engagement to a guy with his hands in his pocket. here is my fiance e. no. no. rosanna: i did not plan it that well. greg: see you later, ines. nice try. rosanna: it feels like football season. greg: who wants to go to the stadium and drop that money?
7:48 am
yankees and astros will play today. last year's wildcard game. let's show you what happened last night. remember. these two teams played five games last year. that makes it one nothing. top of the eighth. four-zero royals. the royals take the first game of the series.
7:49 am
let's go back to 1996. it was snowing here. >> the yankees won the championship. he is 25 and 12 did deasy make it through the whole season? >> i think you did. he will probably go on the disabled list. that is his history. they need big seasons out of gardner.
7:50 am
unlikely they can duplicate the runs sold last year. that is the way i look at it. you are worried about this the other day. now, to me, brian mitchell, big injuries. >> very interesting in spring training. the yankees fan. at least some profile. i look at this team and joe girardi has done a fabulous job.
7:51 am
past couple of years. could they be in jeopardy? >> 90 games. eighty-five games. they could be in jeopardy. manager. especially the way he deals with the bullpen and everything else. i will take you inside. here are the choices at yankee stadium. all of that stuff. they are expensive. thank you. rosanna: brooklyn. greg: is to be classic.
7:52 am
and love. >> you wanted to put together this in the bronx. >> the bloomberg administration. >> yes. gave him the okay. you are saying that kingsbridge online. >> this has been green lit. there have been some snafus. >> the city locked up until his group raises $158 million. they cannot get that money until the lease is in place. apparently, they came in. they cannot allow this to happen.
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record producer. greg: albright. there she is. she wrote yesterday that she was offered freedom if she apologized publicly and said that she was never arraigned. she has been accusing a doctor of sexually abusing her. signing a more lucrative deal. now she is saying that she was told she could get out of this contract issue publicly apologizes. she is not going to do with. rosanna: it was fun. taylor swift took the lion share of the award. greg: she is not taking my
7:57 am
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monday. april 4. i hope you had a nice weekend. greg: april fools' day. no doubt about it. the first day of baseball in the city. rosanna: it will not stay around. morning. two fires, by the way. in the boiler room. >> an amtrak train. two people were killed. they were doing some maintenance work. lots of people were injured. about one year ago we have that
8:01 am
coming to new york. >> all right. the april primary is getting closer and closer. one of those big, big rallies. >> donald trumps ex-wife facing backlash. we will talk to the woman that actually spoke with them. >> ivonne at trump. she said she is advising him. it was a messy, arguably ugly divorce when they split. >> i do not know how many days i was actually covering.
8:02 am
>> the best she ever had. >> anyway. >> april fools' day. >> hit the videotape. we're celebrating grilled cheese sandwich. he was just pretending to be. >> you fell for it. >> you are pretty crazy. i set it up couple times. >> you did not know for sure. >> off the donkeys in the himalayas. >> the donkeys and the himalayas.
8:03 am
finally, you said april fools. you were insulting not only him. >> he thought that i went rogue. he said this guy was a little bit crazy. >> you did not stop it. you did not stop until i declared. >> it could be legit. it could be non-legit. >> i enjoyed that. i was waiting for you to come back all day. good for you.
8:04 am
it. >> can i tell you something, it was capped on major lockdown. >> that is usually the way it works. >> now it is time to get back to business. it is not unheard of. april 4 team. back in 1950. you can see around mid april.
8:05 am
there today. we do have another winter weather advisory. the northernmost tier. there is also the cold air coming into town. central and southern sections of new jersey. temperatures could be up to the lower 20s. working its way through the tri-state region. the further north you go, the better chances. everyone else, even if you get that snow, it should be sticking around. forty-two for you tomorrow. okay.
8:06 am
throughout the entire morning. ines: one of those mondays. it happened at 5:00 o'clock in the morning. all lanes are still closed. exit 22 and 26. exiting delays. heading over to 202, is still have traffic. another problem on 287. one lane blocked within accident. bqe, traffic slow on the grand central. let's go to our cameras. take a look at that l.i.e. is bound looks good. let's go to those cameras.
8:07 am
an alternate. trains, everything on or close to schedule. >> newark liberty airport. a major hub there. china and india. >> not once, but twice this morning. >> some delays. >> kerry drew is outside. >> good morning to you. things seem to be getting back evacuated not once, but twice. there are some residual delays port authority police saying an electrical fire broke out in the boiler room. that happened around 1:15 a.m. you can see some of the heavy
8:08 am
broke out. the fire contained around 2:00 a.m. everyone that was outside is back inside. the fire reignited. terminal b was evacuated again. authorities say the fire was contained for a second time around 3:45 a.m. we did speak to some people that were inside during all of this confusion. >> 145 or so in the morning. >> when we will fly out. >> frustrated by the situation.
8:09 am
ride. >> for the most part, this is open. there are some delays. there are a handful of flights leaving. the delay seem to be going back to on time. check your flight status. >> all of that trouble. greg: they get it from the passengers. donald trump. a lot of them pro- coast-to-coast.
8:10 am
we will see what it is going for. how are things going? >> that rally. >> not a done deal. we will keep checking today. >> fox news sunday. he is hoping to turn it around. ted cruz and wisconsin holding its primary tomorrow. far more favorable territory here in new york. for the time being, the focus. today, the campaign assumes a new york flavor. this morning, hillary clinton joins cuomo.
8:11 am
tonight he will host another in huntington. his latest tweets. a last-minute plea. town hall in milwaukee. calling on to drop out. >> i think he hurts me more than he hurts cruz. he has one when and 29 losses. >> ready to quit the race. >> clinton who was in brooklyn yesterday took a shot at bernie sanders. only she is a true democrat.
8:12 am
honored. at a rally there yesterday, he sounded optimistic for tomorrow. >> we will live. >> now to the debate over the debates. wanting to hold it before the primary. they cannot agree on when to have it. rosanna: she sounded like she was sick. >> like the campaign has gotten the best of her vocal cords. greg: we have both been through a lot. >> big rally on wednesday night. we both heard about that.
8:13 am
to write the story. >> good morning. the battleground. it looks like between three-four points, if you look at the margin of error. pulling off. in a position to start making a run in other states. he could come up short of the 1237. if trump pulls off a surprise him bounces to a shaky week last week, it looks like he could get the nomination by the majority. greg: a lot of talk down there. it is a brokered convention.
8:14 am
how does it go to john kasich? >> all of this talk about paul ryan being bathurst and. he says that that is not going to happen. here is what happens. if trump comes up short, you get to cleveland. nobody gets to the majority. all of the delegates are stuck. then you have to get to somebody or make some kind of a deal. that could take four, five, six, $10 before you find somebody else. >> paul ryan is the only man i know.
8:15 am
he actually did the whole thing. >> all of a sudden coming into the convention. i don't know. >> all the people voted. some x-uppercase-letter. if there was somebody else, there would be a big uproar. >> have a good day. let's talk about donald trump's ex-wife. by the way, big, big story in the new york post yesterday. >> they had several children together. i think there are two headlines here. making it clear that they are friends. she actually served as an advisor. donald trump is now married to
8:16 am
>> there is some talk about immigrants. in order for the u.s. to get its prestige back, they should have asked her policy on strict immigration. greg: she is an immigrant herself. >> she does not pay the taxes. she does not have a job. she has the housing, she has food stamps. who is paying? you and me. >> she also added this. as long as you come here legally and get a proper job, who needs immigration? who is going to vacuum our living room and clean up after
8:17 am
americans don't like to do that. >> nobody wants to hear that. >> the new york post reported. >> more of this stuff into context. she spoke to ivonne. greg: the best sex i ever had. those were the days. >> they were? >> it was kind of like the whole city was talking about that. >> before terrorism came to our shores. >> we will talk about what is going on here. old man whether wants to make a little comeback. did not get enough snow.
8:18 am
a wintry mix out there. will be changing over to more rain shower as time moves on. we will see below normal temperatures for the majority of this week. 37 degrees. heavy wet snow. it is not going to be a big problem in terms of accumulation in the city. we have 24 in albany. you can see what is going on with that rain snow line. we are pulling in more of the warm air. this is what we expected here. what will be a major problem for us here. it keeps on going until we get
8:19 am
it starts to dry out even more so. it looks like we will see a lot of sunshine as we headed to tomorrow. today, there are showers out there. the rain, generally, will be slowing out for us here. more shower chances back in. let's bring in ines rosales in see what is going on. >> too much going on. traffic continues to move slow
8:20 am
287 northbound. tractor trailer on fire. all lanes remained closed. let's go to our cameras. traffic moving fine. you do have normal delays. let's take a look at the camera. traffic, normal delays. lincoln tunnel, and our delay. greg: andrew dice clay. >> i have to say, he is really
8:21 am
andrew dice clay, coming
8:22 am
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greg: hey, everybody. madison square garden. almost 50 years old, that they be. >> here is that picture that i found over the weekend. >> the post office across the street. >> that is great. many a good time over there. you have seen everything. anyway. msg. rosanna: let's get down to business. fox means business. >> did you hear about this
8:25 am
the airlines have improved their performance. even bags that got lost or destroyed. 15000 complaints last year. delays and cancellations. the airlines refund policy when you try to change a ticket. the airlines with the worst complaints, spirit, frontier and collegiate. they came to the number of complaints. alaska had this u.s. to. >> easier than ever to come lane.
8:26 am
home and write a letter. my brothers complaining about the show online. >> in those days, you actually got something. they figured they were serious about it. they would give you your $25 off. today, it is online. >> think you so much. appreciate that information. happy birthday to him. i believe her husband joe e-mailed me that it is her birthday as well. >> you know, the magician. >> happy birthday to these people. >> sky jackson.
8:27 am
i believe she will be 14 years old this week. the one with the cowboy hat. she is a pipsqueak. she is so adorable. she will be here with us on "good day new york."
8:28 am
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8:30 am
>> oh. justin bieber may be saying sorry. >> acting up lately. >> justin bieber song? justin bieber -- wow. april showers bring may flowers so said fred flintstone firm him saying in that in the cartoon. : him or hannah came up with that. [laughter] you're looking live outside pen station old post office over there. notice everyone is waiting -- no one is in and out of the old
8:31 am
don't mail letters like they used to. >> banking and paying bills online. >> i check my mail twice a month -- >> i get it eve day. >> same junk every day. you know what had i mean? what else is going on? >> 8:31 people are dealing with winter. weather is all over the place. did you have problem with the wind? i could not sleep saturday night. i thought window was going to cave in. >> you have to think about moving. highline. poncht overwhelm -- people who have homes had their air conditioners flying out. >> it makes you hysterical you talk about it for three days later. >> traumatized by that. and i was oak with the wind. did you have any incident with the wind? >> i was -- in texas for easter.
8:32 am
>> ex-s in texas. and then phoenix which is where i lived before here. 100 degree right -- no television cold there. and it was 100 there. >> i went to a kings game out there. >> hockey game. they play hockey out there in l.a. >> i hope you weren't rooting -- >> no, they lost. [laughter] let's show you what happened out here. another interest day. we're back in winter afterall. i mean, we've got some snow mixed with rain. looked like pretty heavy stuff too coming through places leak southern westchester county into fairfield county. whatever is coming down u there probably a mix of rain mixed with snow.
8:33 am
and a sloppy start to your monday and more commuting snow in northern tier. you can see temps below freezing those places could see accumulation. but everyone else if you get that rain snow mix don't worry it be. it's not going to add up to a whole heck a lot because of our temps. more rain and 51 today. 4 tomorrow. 50 on wednesday and then 59 on thursday. we've got some showers coming through at that time. okayy let's bring you to ines been a busy gal with all of had this. what's beginning on? >> a busy monday morning around 5:00 there was a tractor trailer that caught fire. shut all of the lanes now right two lanes still blocked but at least a lane getting through there. but this already caused a ms. 87 backed up beyond 78 l there. 202, 206 jammed as alternate and
8:34 am
another issue another caught fire northbound by exit 55. and the bronx bronx cross bronx normal delays both directions approaching bronx river parkway. northbound major deegan a crash by yankees stadium with a lane blocked. cameras take a look at your commute this morning on fdr drive by 79th street drive normal class to 59th street bridge. attack a look at upper level 45 minutes. lower 40. 495 to lincoln tunnel that's an hour delay. 30 from holland tunnel both approaches and metro north you have delays on danbury ranch due to mechanical problems. greg and rosanna. m they just can 1e8ed yankees game today. season opener. >> new york yankees tweeted today hoping game is postponed due to inclement weather stay tuned for a weather press release. yankees tweeted this out.
8:35 am
not raining or snowing. i guess -- yankee game postponed. when was last time that happened? >> but this is peculiar duke came back at the stadium. >> people are cleaning up this morning after the we understand on saturday night. one that you po pooed me on. it was terrible. not only in the city but in union dale. look at this in long island. >> i see it self trees came by. in howard beach queens let's go there. look at this house, this house just became like looseneds and soon to roll away somewhat. it is a little poor, a little house. look at queens village downed toppled trees. area. one told fox 5 she was shocked
8:36 am
i was sitting up in my room drinking hot coffee and all of a sudden i heard this crash but i thought that it was the roof of this house was coming down. and when i looked out the window it was the tree so i ran outside and i looked and i said wow. unbelievable. >> you is right. look at this scene. without power by the way people in this area for about four hours. they couldn't put the people up there. that con ed workers, utility workers because winds very so bad and couldn't take a chance with their lives, safety trying to repair them. >> get me all worked up again. yourself -- >> no injuries thank godness were reported so -- that's good news. >> so we have this. did you hear about it in a fatal am track accident south of philadelphia this came from new york city on its way to savannah, tba. a wind collided with with some equipment and two amtrak workers along the track were killed. >> everybody is asking why
8:37 am
did it no one see it. how about workers they didn't hear train coming their way. >> dozens on the train were injured. let's go to penn station where this originated. hello . >> gork to you those are questions investigators hoping to find answers to but in the meantime amtrak passengers taking to twitter to see if they can get answers about their trains leaving here from pen and thingses running close to on time delays after yesterday derailment. train 89 noshing and heading to savannah new york, and struck heavy equipment on tracks in chester, pennsylvania, the lead engine derailed. the equipment operator as well as supervisor were killed. more than 30 people were girted, and mtsb is now investigating and right away one of the main questions is why was this this
8:38 am
track and active track in the first place. investigators recovered black box an hope to look at that and find any answers. passengers said this collision shook them. >> it felt like a car accident. like an impact and then it was a rough ride that took a long time to stop and all you can see it a lot of dirt and debris flying past the train and a couple of like fire flashes, and then we came to a stop. pretty panicky. >> we were inside penn station just a little while ago, and there was only one they on the boards. the train leaving here in penn heading to washington, d.c. but delay didn't seem to have anything to do with this derailment instead there was a backup in queens. but we spoke to some passengers getting on that train and they, of course, showed up here anticipating some delays. and this, of course, crosses their mind before they get in
8:39 am
>> not a whole lot you can do. it's -- a lot more convenient than flying. so not all of that concerned although it is starting to get a little bit worrying. >> crash, of course, happens nearly a year after another derailment when a train was heading to new york from philly. eight people were killed in that crash. and investigators believe that train was going more than double the speed limit. so that looks like steve played a role in that distinct but as to whappedz yesterday and yesterday's derailment unknown but affiliate questions an anybody heading here to get a train out from amtrak this morning looks like things are running paparazzi close to schedule. not many delays to report from here. live ows penn station greg and rosanna over to you. >> amtrak riding on the train, you ever woundser why we don't wear seat belts on the train? they don't have them rosanna, and after these mishaps, i
8:40 am
a year ago that liz mentioned, ntsb is taking a look at this. >> no seat belt on trains. >> they sure don't. you're sitting there for the long haul. you know this train going all way to savannah. they go very fast. we wear them until cars i understand that car texass are much more common place than train axes but an idea and time has cool. think about buses you ride and they don't have -- you know, like trail way they don't have seat belts. >> wow, okay let's talk about what happened in ferry england. police will had unusual help catching burglary suspects and they had help from some kids. >> all right, they were papering in easter egg hunt. now look at the pattern they formed kids figured out that these guys who had stolen something. there's a police helicopter that arrived on the scene. and they were looking for the robbers. so that kids formed that v for the helicopter.
8:41 am
>> like an arrow where robbers fledz. now interesting they have to get intak back into this. they helped out and saw kids try to send us a message here goes that way. they went that way and they were able to apprehend the guys i think they didn't do anything serious but stealing eggs. something along that nature. might have been more intense than that. by anyway nice job to those kids. >> meanwhile greg april, spring i heard birds chirming even though snowing outside at some point. it is spring cleaning get rid of things you don't need and marie condo somebody you really look up to right shoos a fantastic way of organizing things. >> she really does, and basically her message is get rid of it if it doesn't make you happy. it's a book that you think you're beginning to read someday, forget it be. someday is never. >> oh. she's a decluttering master, but
8:42 am
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well, i am sorry, carly... it' s something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious. >> again today home opener at yankees stadium the game has been called off. >> i can't even remember when they actually called off the game somebody hours in advance. >> scrubbed because of weather
8:45 am
aring. rng and you are art people mike and sam are saying basically that they you know maybe a little rain showers this amp. not a bigs deal to cancel the game. >> surprising let's go to duke castiglione inside yankees stadium. big he's hugely disappointed duke all excited about baseball game. >> duke what's going on? [laughter] hold on brenda can we show the tarp on the field riewght there in so tarp is on the field actually about four minutes ago it was snowing is very heavily here. it is thick, thick snow and it kind of stop but i'll give you a little history here. 2008 was last time that yankees home opener was canceled. that was had the last year of the old stadium, and dan smith and i got this right, right dan smith is president of legends hospitality to run us through what's going on. you were here too with a
8:46 am
>> it was about four or i think might have been five games that were postponed that had to make season. >> that was stuff four games april sixth and four games it was pretty good. wow. i'm impressed so dan smith president of legends hospitality. dan is all of the raj. i mean, wait a second. let's show this greg, with do you think you can eat this here? this is a double, double cheese burger. >> that is double, double. >> now, have you ever seen anybody eat o the whole thing? >> of course we're yankees fans but it is meant for sharing. it is meant for sharing so this is pretty cool. this is if you can't decide if you want boff or chick hadden what's this called? that's barnyard wedding and we have our custom ground burger along with a chicken cutlet and we have cheese on it, and we have onion ripings and barbecue
8:47 am
the goat. features custom burger along with pa pastrami and bacon. >> healthiest option -- >> lentil chili. >> health options here you added years ago a fruit stand there's fruit here so if people want healthy options they have that too. >> full farmers market take a look at different fruits and vegetable we have for salad. >> the double, double cheese burger take one more look at this. this is incredible right here, and if you can eat that, that's pretty impressive. greg you think you can eat that had? >> no problem hey duke i want to talk to you about the game, though. show me field one more time. podcast not raining snow flakes again what is rational for canceling today's game when had
8:48 am
isn't that bad? what is the problem? >> i haven't checked the forecast or for tomorrow but weather tomorrow must be better. it will take a closer look and walk right up here. you know what, i remember 1996, do you remember that game? it was the yankees opener andy pettitte on the mound and joe batting second in the lineup. and jeter batting ninth. take a look behind me snowed that game. but if i remember it snowed during the game not at the start of the gap but the last time inclement weather postponed an opener was 2008. >> okay sos that's -- yank opener played tomorrow -- >> got you. >> look it's cold greg it's raw here. really rough. >> okay. >> tell that to football fans from cold i understand.
8:49 am
what do you do with your day it's free. she was beginning to the game? >> i have to figure it out and now i have to figure out how to rearrange tomorrow. >> you're a little relieved just a little bit. [laughter] >> it was a busy day coif to figure that out. i want the to tell you but i have an interview with bobby de niro. >> what will he say this time? tribeca festival was great. are you talking to me? i'll back you up. clay will be here in a little
8:50 am
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8:53 am
year. i do like that shania twain. katy perry joined for a professional version of that jo jollee. >> i do like that dolly parton. full country girl katy perry. >> that was nice. anything else? >> if you watch the show you would have liked it, it was good. batman versus superman that movie took a big hit at the box office this weekend. >> it was number one just like it wases last weekend but worth of mouth snot great. >> terrible reviews this didn't make nearly as much money as last weekend. sales over 52 million. u.s. and worldwide. that sounds like a lot but movie speak and industry in studios that is not as much money as
8:54 am
>> i think they've made so far 680 million but they have to make 800 million to break even so factor it took a big hit at the box office this weekend. it is not a good sign. >> probably paid ben affleck too much. we have this sky jackson is her name. young talented actress joining us which one -- the green shirt? >> wait hold on not in that picture right there. anyway she's adorable. you're going to meet her coming up. she's on the right. let the games begin. experience the power, the passion, and the pageantry of medieval times. tickets starting at just $29.95. visit fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more,
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put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. >> wow. well it's official. no yankee game today. home opener scheduled for 1:05 but still raining in the bronx and mants. >> when did we become such wimps and postponing against astros till 1:05 tomorrow. >> i heard a rumor that alex rodriguez just thought it was


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