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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  April 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:59pm EDT

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was postponed due to rain and cold. it's the first yankees homeowner to be postponed -- home opener to be postponed since 2008. >> for the first three games, there will be riff raff in the seats. dari: that's the promise from johnle ver, who's angry over what he calls elitist comments by the chief operating officer. mac king will show us how he's taking on the yankees premium seating policy. steve: newark's mayor has a plan to fix the elevated lead problem in the waters at several schools >> reporter: with eight newark schools testing positive for high lead levels and 30 buildings within the school district using other sources of water, the mayor says the only way to fix the city's lead problem for good is to fix its water system. >> we don't want to be in newark giving our kids bottles of water
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coalition of advocates, are pushing for a plan known as the smart container bill. it put a 10 cent deposit on all plastic and glass bottles and aluminum cans. that money will help pay for the cost of updating the city's water infrastructure. >> we all know this is a billion dollar problem and having a fund established with annual revenue is a start, even if it only covers a fraction. we're here because our children who live in this state deserve better. >> reporter: officials have called for lead testing at every school in newark and every saturday this month, four schools across the city will open their doors for kids to get tested for lead. how much money would a bottle deposit raise to cover the billion dollar problem? valerie huddle says there's no exact estimate. >> when you look at the other states, there are 10 states that have that. our closest state, new york, that borders new jersey, they're getting about $20 million in
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>> reporter: so the next step is to get the bill on the floor of the assembly. that's what the coalition of pushing for today. it's a statewide problem, the lead issue. last week during a public meeting, the mayor mentioned there are schools in new jersey that have been relying on bottles waters for years. one since 20 toy -- 2002. dari: after months as the frontrunner, donald trump is playing catchup in wisconsin. steve: joe explains how ted cruz is trying to turn the tables on trump tomorrow. >> reporter: it's election eve in wisconsin. for a change, we're seeing something that's been increasingly rare this election cycle. donald trump is the underdog. >> i think this has the feel of a victory. >> reporter: donald trump is all in in wisconsin, trailing ted cruz in the latest poll, the billionaire has been holding multiple events a day leading up to the primary and reminding voters he's ahead of his opponents.
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millions more votes than cruz. millions. by like a lot. i've got almost 300 delegates. that's a lot. more than cruz. we won't talk about kasich. he's not in the ballpark. >> reporter: trump trying to make up ground after the worst week of his campaign. a loss in wisconsin wouldn't be fatal, but it would make the task of getting the 1237 delegates tougher. this is a national political reporter. >> the controversies don't help. we've seen him lose late deciders in past states, in past primaries. that could be a factor in a race that's close. every little detail matters. i think for those hanging on the fence the past couple of weeks could be a deterrent in terms of supporting trump. >> reporter: on the democratic side. >> if the voter turnout is high, we will win. if the voter turnout is low, we
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it's as simple as all of that. >> reporter: bernie sanders slightly leads hillary clinton in the latest poll. because of the way democrats award their delegates, a narrow win won't do much in terms of the delegate race. once wisconsin goes by the wayside, it's new york where bernie sanders has been closing the gap on clinton that could end up being a watershed moment in the campaign. >> if he were to win here and beat hillary clinton in a state that she represented in the senate for a long time, that would be a humongous boone to his campaign and a blow to hers. >> reporter: at a rally with governor cuomo today celebrating new york's $15 minimum wage law, hillary clinton set her sights on another new yorker. >> donald trump has said wages are too high. he's fired. that's funny. >> reporter: the latest numbers out of wisconsin show ted cruz with a lead of five to 10 points over donald trump, depending on the poll. get ready. after wisconsin tomorrow, the
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to swarm in on new york for the next few weeks ahead of our big primary april 19th. dari: it's already started. steve: thanks. while cruz and trump are duking it out in wisconsin, john kasich shifted his attention to new york. dari: kasich promised to stay in the race despite calls to get out. >> why would i get out when i'm the only person who beats hillary in the fall? >> reporter: john kasich making anywhere. his appearance at hofstra university was the first of two town hall meetings on long island. and he didn't waste time before addressing donald trump's remarks about him not being allowed to run. >> the rnc shouldn't allow him to continue. and kasich has more than of an impact on me than cruz. >> think about what he said. he needs to get out because he's getting my votes. and i want to have my votes. this is not fair. >> reporter: this is his second visit to new york over the past week.
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close attention to the state with just over two weeks until the new york primary. >> the reason is i am going to overcome that picture of me taking that first bite of pizza with a fork. >> reporter: honest and humble are two of the characteristics he is using to run his campaign. many voters calling him a moderate alternative to trump's outspoken ways. and ted cruz's conservative platform. that's the reason why staunch democrat eric freedman is considering voting the other way. >> i particularly like his ideas with regard to foreign policy and his realistic concept of how to deal with isis. >> reporter: kasich spoke about saving social security, the american poor and battling drug addiction, three issues he hopes will sway undecided voters. >> he seems to be an honorable person. i like what he says. and same thing with donald. >> as for what kasich thinks? >> we have one guy with no experience and the other guy whose experience amounts to shutting down the government and calling the majority leader a liar.
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things done in this country. >> reporter: trump has a rally wednesday night in bethpage and there's no word on whether cruz will follow. jodi goldberg, fox 5 news. steve: a growing political battle in new jersey. governor christie says the state is now suing atlantic city because officials are using tax money meant for schools to instead fund city operations. they owe the school district $30 million. governor christie wants the legislature to okay a state takeover of atlantic city, allowing it to run the city's government, which is set to run out of money on friday. dari: a brooklyn man was killed chasing a suspect who stole his truck. police say he spotted the man driving off in a flatbed truck from his shop in park slope south and followed him in another vehicle. they got stuck in traffic and he got out and confronted the man. that's when witnesses say he was pushed to the ground and run over by the very thief. he died at the scene. police are still searching for the suspect.
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being warned to stay off the streets of new york city. dari: arthur chi'en is live at police headquarters to show us how the nypd is cracking down on these dangerous joy riders. >> reporter: this warning comes timing-wise as winter comes to a close. a crackdown is well under way. so far this year, the city has confiscated northern 300 motorcycles and atv's and 80 percent of them will not be going back to the owners. the city plans to publicly destroy the entire lot. a family traveling with their child in the back of their car beset upon by a motorcycle gang. for many, the debacle on the west side highway in 2013 is when the joy riders got the attention of the nypd. >> knuckleheads, nitwits, clowns. >> reporter: while flexible in the names used, the nypd made its inflectionibility -- time
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over streets, nearly running over pedestrians, riding on curbs, going against traffic, shutting down highways. in this case, a shot obtained by police as cars backed up for miles. >> in the last two weeks, we've made 65 seizures of dirt bikes and motorcycles and atv's. we've made a dozen arrests for driving recklessly, on the sidewalk, driving down the wrong way streets. >> reporter: twitter accounts of police precincts show a portion of the confiscated wheels. the nypd is intent on uncovering storage facilities hiding the vehicles, asking the public for help on it. >> report them when you see them. help us if you know where they're stored. the best way to protect the public safety is to get them before they go on the road. >> reporter: the city is
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will televise the destruction of these vehicles. asked whether or not a portion should be sold, the mayor says it is more important to send a message. arthur chi'en, fox 5 news. back to you. dari: thank you. a massive data breach is being reported in turkey. hackers stole the names and id numbers of nearly 50 million turkish citizens. the info is -- can be used for identity theft and fraud purposes. officials believe a group from iceland is responsible. last year hackers stole the personal info of 22 million federal employees in the u.s. from the office of personal management. >> >> brussels airport is back up and running two weeks after that terror attack there. more than 20 flights were expected to leave there today. authorities hope to have 100 flights going out by tomorrow and return to maximum capacity before the start of summer. three suspected isis militants carried out suicide bombings at the airport and at a subway
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35 people were killed. steve: amtrak trains are running on schedule today, a day after the deadly accident in pennsylvania. the engine of a train carrying 300 people and seven crew members derailed after hitting a piece of construction equipment on the tracks. the accident killed two workers. dozens of people suffered non-life-threatening injuries. the train's black box and front facing camera are being studied. the train was traveling from new york to savannah when the accident happened 15 miles outside of philly. dari: oculus rift customers have to wait a while. steve: the problem that could prevent facebook from delivering the gadgets. dari: and how the people versus o.j. simpson has changed the perception of some people of the fios is not cable. we're wired differently.
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steve: virgin america has a new owner dari: and how the super rich hide their money. alison morris is here with the business headlines. >> reporter: the panama papers, holy, moly, we have a lot of information or allegedly about a whole lot of people. this is an unprecedented leak of financial documents from a panamanian law firm over the
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the athletic was anonymous. what we know, a lot of world leaders may have been hiding money to avoid taxes and launder billions of dollars and the law firm mossack fonseca helped them do it. a group of several hundred reporters have spent a year combing through nearly 12 million documents. they're calling them the panama papers. these papers date back as far as the 1970s and in some of them, they show what looks like a $2 billion paper trail linked to vladimir putin's closest associates and others. mossack fonseca released a statement saying nothing in his documents suggest their firm has done anything illegal. it could spur a major overhaul of our tax and financial systems. this is only getting started. stay tuned. >> the bidding war for virgin america is over. alaska airlines is the winner in a deal worth over $2 billion. the boards of both airlines have approved the sale and if
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light, alaska air will be the fifth largest airline in the u.s. in terms of passenger traffic. that will move it ahead of jetblue. this gives them a stronger presence on the west coast, especially in san francisco and l.a. it gives them more access at jfk and laguardia. virgin america's loyalty program members will be folded into alaska air's mileage program when the deal goes through. that should be wrapped up by next january. >> problems with oculus rift. people don't want to hear this. facebook, which owns oculus, is saying a parts shortage may hold up delivery of the virtual reality headsets, calling it an unexpected component shortage. they haven't said what parts they're missing or when customers can expect the shipments or how many customers are affected. if you are waiting on yours, facebook says you'll get an updated shipping date by april 12. we don't know what the date will be. they're covering the shipping costs on all rifts to calm people down.
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i imagine they can hang on longer. you never like to hear there's a problem and they don't know when it will be resolved. steve: people are too happy to complain about having to wait. thank you. dari: this is just not -- this is why i say everybody is so happy in february with 60 degrees and all that. you know, like we said, pay the piper later. steve: this is legit winter. dari: nick, i'd rather have winter when it's supposed to be winter. nick: timing is everything. the end of last week we were in the 70s to near 80. you have to pay the check sometime. today was paying the bill. it was a rather raw day, cloudy, rainy. even snow as we talked about earlier in the northern suburbs and snow in the city early in the day. a trace of snow, officially .2 of an inch. the temperatures have been in the 40s. a high of 45. low 36. we should be up to 57 for the
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and that's actually going to be a one day occurrence. record high, 80. that was a long time ago. we have some rain. 41. quite chilly. northeasterly wind in play. pressure 29.82 and it is on the rise. there's not a lot of rain left to go. as we look at fox 5 sky guardian, you can see while we're covered up with rain in the city, south and west it starts to taper down. there's good rain west of philadelphia. they're in the 60 to 70 degree weather down there. we still have a combination of sleet and snow going on. you head towards interior connecticut, and rain as you move across long island. so this will wind down shortly. look at the spread in temperatures for highs. 20s in monticello. mid 40s here. the green area is 50s. the yellow areas, 60s. it was the mid and upper 60s, even hit 71 near atlantic city. that still is going on. at the freezing mark to the north and west. 41 in the city.
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we take a look at the wind flow. a northeasterly wind is there. it will be a north wind, 15 to 20 miles an hour, out of the north tomorrow. fox 5 sky guardian 3-d showing the rain moving along. here's the back edge of it. the clearing line will come in tonight. we will look for a clearing sky as the storm moves to the east. the cold front sags to the south. high pressure builds in from the north and west. your day planner shows a beautiful tuesday. it will be bright and sunny, but chilly. 30 by 9:00 a.m. 35 midday. there's the sunshine for tomorrow. high pressure builds in to clear us out and gives a cold tuesday night. in the 20s in the city. teens some suburbs. clouds will increase on wednesday. these showers will arrive wednesday night and stick around on thursday. early showers and clearing and colder. into the 20s. we have a freeze warning for most of the area overnight. we'll be below freezing. tomorrow, sunny, 39 the high in the afternoon when we should be
5:20 pm
48 on wednesday. we're going up the scale a bit. sun gives way to clouds. showers for thursday. there's the 59 degrees. after that, chilly again. breaks of sun. maybe 50 sunday. that's below average. at least it looks like a dry weekend. 56 on monday. steve: it's brutal. i've been trying to find good news somewhere. none anywhere. dari: got to get on a plane. thanks. the mini series based on the o.j. simpson trial is about to make its closing statement. steve: how the people versus o.j. simpson is making people question what they thought. [content sigh] ah, excuse me? mr. jones? hi. already? you booked an appointment. i just started cookin. we at time warner cable need to apologize to you.
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dari: i can hardly wait to see how this racks up. even though you know how it end. heading into the finale of the people versus o.j. simpson. steve: simone boyce here after attending a screening of the finale with the cast. wow. >> it's true. the cast let me in on a secret. we all know how this story ends, right? but the verdict is read within the first five minutes of the finale.
5:24 pm
to explore -- dari: to piece it together. >> reporter: learning about the trial of o.j. simpson in this way has been as rewarding for the cast as it is for us. >> we the jury in the above entitled action find the defendant not guilty of the crime of murder. >> reporter: over 150 million viewers tuned in to hear the verdict on october 5th in 1995. including a young actor named cuba gooding, jr. what did you make of the verdict at the time? >> at the time i was happy. and i didn't care if he did it. i didn't want another black man to be railroaded into some crime he might not have committed. >> reporter: now he's wrapping up a critically acclaimed run portraying simpson on the people versus o.j. simpson. thing. i'm not black. i'm o.j. >> reporter: simpson's defense attorney, johnny cochran.
5:25 pm
i was in awe -- in shock that it was going down like this. >> reporter: john travolta was fresh off a career changing role in pulp fiction in '94. after playing bob shapiro, knows more about the trial than ever. >> every week we got new insight into what really happened. >> reporter: many of the twists and turns, though shocking, are based in fact, illuminating scenes that would have gone unseen, like those between darden and clark. >> i never thought to question what the media said about who who marsha was or any of the main players were. >> what do you think? >> a lot of black people think he didn't do it. >> reporter: cuba gooding, jr., sees everything differently. >> shooting the scene when he kisses her corpse at the funeral
5:26 pm
i never grieved for the family. some days i felt he was guilty. some days i felt he was innocent. now it's an overwhelming information. i don't know -- i still don't know how i feel about it. but whatever i feel, i keep it to myself. >> reporter: i don't know if the question is on anyone's mind. do you think he did? none of them would tell me. it is interesting to hear how radically cuba gooding, jr., changed his perspective after being part of this. dari: the thing i loved about this, because i was kind of hesitant to watch it. then i started. there's so many nuggets that you didn't know about. >> reporter: yes. dari: the dynamics of how it got formed. steve: for something you figured you knew everything about from following it. dari: why would you watch this? but it was genius. the casting was incredible. >> especially marsha. dari: and mason lane. there's so many people there were amazing. >> reporter: check it out tomorrow on fx the finale.
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a top yankees executive being called out over the team's expensive ticket prices. dari: how some fans could get seats right behind home plate in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo,
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. no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey. steve: a green card can be the
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dreams into reality. dari: when getting one is difficult, some people turn to the black market. lisa evers shows us how forgers are cashing in on counterfeit green cards. >> reporter: you can buy a lot on the streets of jackson heights, including fake green cards and other id's. now the neighborhood's position as a forgery epicenter is being challenged by the internet. all types of businesses are booming on roosevelt avenue, even the illegal ones. it's easy to get a resident alien card, known as a green card, from street corner hustlers. like anything else, you get what you pay for. the $300 version won't be as good as the $3,000 version. we came here to the department of homeland security investigations to find out more about this. this special agent tells me fake green cards and documents are part of a bigger problem. >> our true concern are those people or those individuals that
5:31 pm
continue to perpetrate criminal activities and to pose a threat to national security. >> reporter: he says technology advances have enabled forgers to make realistic fakes and green cards aren't used just to get work, but cash in on fraudulent welfare and veterans benefits. >> with a green card, there are benefits you can obtain. you can be able to open bank accounts. you can be able to gain lawful employment. >> reporter: homeland security investigations works closely with local district attorneys, like cyrus vance. last year he indicted an english teacher who bilked foreign students of tens of thousands of dollars for promising green cards. >> if you find a person that has a fake document, you need to report it to law enforcement. >> reporter: a new bill is being considered by the state assembly that would upgrade the charges for making or selling counterfeit documents to a c class felony.
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i'm lisa evers, fox 5 news. dari: a loaded gun was found at this afternoon. a source is telling fox 5 a 13-year-old brought the revolver to ps 169 on east 88th street. the school has students in grades one through 12. the department of ed is confirming that the incident happened. in a statement, the d.o.e. says it is working closely with the nypd, adding all students and staff are safe right now and there are no injuries. this is the fourth gun found in new york city schools in the last three weeks. steve: sony willing to cut a deal to let kesha out of her contract. dari: only if she drops her accusations against one of sony's star producers. tmz executive producer harvey levin is joining us with the latest on the ongoing legal battle. it's amazing how some say this stuff happens all the time, you
5:33 pm
>> well, it's that stuff you're talking about, dr. luke absolutely adamantly says never happened with him and kesha. she says he raped her. he says absolutely not. the problem that sony is having is dr. luke is a star in the creative forces of sony, and kesha is saying i want out of my deal. and we are told that sony quietly went to kesha's people and said, look, we might be able to work something out if not only she drops her lawsuit, but apologizes to dr. luke. we are told kesha is saying she would rather ruin her career than apologize and back down from this. what sony was trying to do was give her an exit strategy where they preserve dr. luke, because he's being sullied by the allegations. let kesha out. but right now it blew up. dari: i'm sorry. i should have been more clear. i meant the deal cutting is what i meant.
5:34 pm
the behind the scenes deal cutting. that's something that does happen all the time where people get out of contracts, you know, for various reasons. but this is a nonstarter for kesha. steve: it doesn't seem like one of those situations where there's room for compromise. what she posted on social media, there's no way she's going to apologize. it's hard to see a successful conclusion to this in any way. dari: a lot of women are just giving her the thumbs up for doing this. >> and that's the point is that all of a sudden you've got taylor swift, a lot of big stars. you've got adele. you've got all sorts of people that are backing kesha. and it's hurting dr. luke, just because all of these women are coming out and i think sony is panicking a little bit because they need to preserve dr. luke. this was their possible solution. it just didn't work. steve: all right. we appreciate it. thanks, man. >> okay, guys.
5:35 pm
taking on the yankees' new premium ticket pricing. steve: mac king is in the newsroom to explain how he's trying to shame the team into reconsidering its policy. >> reporter: yeah. this season the yankees announced they would no longer accept tickets printed at home. this would make it difficult for a fan looking to resell a ticket on stub hub for a bargain to do so in the hours or days before a game. yankees fans have complained about this and the team has responded. >> the fans, you know, may be someone who has never sat in a premium location. that's a frustration to our existing fan base. >> wow. wow. like rich people couldn't bear to sit next to people who aren't as rich. on last week tonight, john oliver played that clip of chief operating officer on f wfan. >> for the first three games of this season, there will be riff raff in those seats.
5:36 pm
purchased two seats in the legends section behind home plate to each of the first three yankees games and he plans to sell those for 25 cents each. >> on one condition. you must dress like you have never sat in a premium location before. before. >> reporter: oliver implored his audience to tweet an image of themselves with the #i have never sat in a premium location and his fans obliged. >> the experience is the product. that's what he was speaking to. >> reporter: lee eagle encouraged us not to take the words out of context. the yankees believe somebody who pays less for a premium seat de de values the transaction of buying the seat and the experience of sitting there. eagle understood the opinion but acknowledged it doesn't make it right. >> going to a game is no longer something that you would do as a matter of course as it is tending to be closer to the
5:37 pm
>> reporter: by planting six fans he deems riff raff behind home plate, oliver sticks it to the yankees in the name of a good joke and levels the economic playing field for one home stand. >> there's an evolution in what it means to go to the ballpark. it was something that used to be accessible. >> enjoy the game. >> reporter: the yankees have a dress code for fans you can find on the web site. fans wearing obscene, indecent clothing must hide it. they don't allow anything covering your face, face paint included. steve: expectant mothers want to be showered with love for their next child. dari: how some families are celebrating that new addition to the family.
5:38 pm
tells us how his parents put him on the path to gospel stardom. dari: first, here's tonight's new york minute. >> there was lots of free stuff at grand central's vanderbilt hall. food, drink, accessories, part of the annual pace of the terminal which you can catch every monday this month. you can go to grand central for the full schedule. schedule. >> the brooklyn public library reopened today, welcoming kids from ps 532 and showed off a number of high tech upgrades. >> we have new shelves, better lighting, tables that are wired for computers, which means that we cannot only provide computers to people who are coming in to use ours, but allow people to bring their devices in and take advantage of the wi-fi we offer
5:39 pm
throughout the borough. dari: you can find out more at fios is not cable. we're wired differently.
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dari: it is that time of year, mcdonald's gospelfest is coming back mother's day weekend. steve: one local star is excited to perform in front of the
5:42 pm
steve: you're listening to the magical voice of gospel music star ty. he is one of the headliners at the mcdonald's gospelfest. he says he can't wait. >> now to be on stage, it's like eek! steve: the show is extra special for him. >> jersey is my old stomping ground. to come home would be rewarding. and to be part of such a huge event like the mcdonald's gospelfest is an honor. steve: the theme this year is honor thy mother. he says his parents played a key roll in -- role in helping him back the star he is today. >> my father played the organ and piano. my mother was the choir director. i had preaching and gospel music around me all the time. >> reporter: he says gospel
5:43 pm
foundation for him on and off stage. >> the message and the spirit of gospel music has helped ground me and give me peace when i would go crazy, give me hope in hopeless situations. so i'm grateful for not just the sound and beat, but the message of it because it really anchors me. steve: as for his return to the mcdonald's gospelfest stage, he says it will be amazing. >> i hope everyone leaves inspired, encouraged and full of joy and hope. steve: he and other stars will perform this mother's day weekend on saturday, may 7th at the prudential center in newark. find ticket information on dari: that's a fun night. what to expect when you're
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steve: in fox 5 health news, a patch to treat pain has researchers concerned. a study finds 50 percent of patients are not using it safely. dari: joining us is fox 5 medical contributor dr. devi.
5:47 pm
patch. >> it comes in different forms, so it's a medication that's used for severe pain. the patch is used for constant pain. if someone has cancer-related pain that's around the clock or if someone has severe pain, the back, the knee, phantom limb pain, any number of conditions, but it has to be constant and severe. that's the way the patch works. but that use the in o.r. in the hospital setting acts really quickly and wears off quickly. so you might use it for a colonoscopy or something. but the patch takes 12 hours to kick in and about 12 hours to wear off. so it's different timing, which different. so i think what happens with a lot of doctors is they prescribe the patch thinking it's going to work right away and meanwhile the patient has no pain relief for 12 hours, if they get prescribed -- steve: they say give me more.
5:48 pm
go up on the dose of the patch and the patient feels no effect. suddenly when it kicks in, it's too much and they can have an accidental overdose. >> with philip seymour hoffman got that instead of heroin. they're more powerful than opium. >> heroin and fenanol are in the same category. if you get i.v., it will kick in right away. in the o.r. setting, you want something to kick in. and you want it to wear off quickly. the patch is a reservoir. that's why it takes so long to work. it sits on your skin and takes 12 hours for the medication to diffuse into your skin and into your fat. the same problem will happen if you take the patch off. you might think, okay, that's it. it's done. but it takes 12 hours before the medication wears off.
5:49 pm
dari: it can be very dangerous. >> it's important for patients and doctors to understand you don't want to use this for something that's not constant and that's not severe. it's only for those things. steve: you have to use the stuff the way it's meant to be. dari: this is very interesting. there is revolutionary artificial skin that has been created in a lab, and it's hair. the thing that could be very promising about it is it could be used for burn patients and disease. >> exactly. so this is really -- it's very promising. these scientists took a bunch of different skin cells, artificial cells, and developed the different layers of skin. then they moved this artificial skin to mice and basically grew it in the mice and moved it to other mice, so did a transplant and it continued to work and grow the hair and the sweat. the reason this is so surprising is because the transplants that we have for skin, we do them from one person for another
5:50 pm
body to another. we can't get all the layers of skin to work the same way. they don't sweat. they don't grow hair. a lot of the things will be problems for burn patients. if you don't -- if you're not able to sweat, you can't control your temperature. if you don't have all the layers of the skin, it might not protect you from infection. think about the bacteria and everything on your skin. the skin is a barrier that's protecting you. with the artificial skin, you may get the functions and not only for patients with burns, but even for other things like baldness. if you can grow hair, that's another option for people who are suffering from those problems. dari: on that note... steve: what comes next? oh, no. nick: did you say grow hair? dari: hi, nick. nick: welcome back, dari. love me for who i am. dari: and we do. nick: thank you very much.
5:51 pm
though today's weather has been awful. it will get better as we head into tomorrow. just cold as we're talking a chilly north wind in the forecast. speaking of chill, look at these temperatures. for april 4th, 30s, 20s to the north, buffalo, crazy weather. boston, 30. 44 in the city. we had some snow this morning and north of the city snow and sleet a chunk of the day. 65 in philadelphia. and 74 in washington, d.c. a big spread in temperatures in the northeast. look at fox 5 sky guardian. we're through the worst of it as you see from the city westward. the precipitation is breaking up. we have rain in central and south jersey coming down hard. light rain over long island and still pockets of sleet and freezing rain and snow as you get north. some of these areas have been covered up with a coating of some freezing rain. you look at the radar in motion. you can see this is all advancing on off to the east. the wide view shows the back edge in through the williamsport, pennsylvania area.
5:52 pm
that will come in as the night goes along. we'll have a sunny sky tomorrow. it's chilly from the city northward. 41 in town. 43 newark. 28 in monticello. 32 at bridgeport. back to the 30s across long island. 50s to near 60 across southern new jersey. there's the north wind in play at about 10, 15 miles an hour. that will continue tonight and for tomorrow at 15 to 20 miles an hour. with temperatures below freezing, it is a freeze warning that's in effect new york city, long island, southern connecticut to new jersey, to the north until 9:00. big picture will show the storm heading to the east, a cold front moving to the south. tomorrow, even though we're seeing snow showers, it will be cold. temperatures in the northeast struggling to get above 40. big surge of warmth texas into the plains states. into the 80s for them.
5:53 pm
we will get back into the mid and upper 40s wednesday. futurecast shows the rain going away, the sunshine tomorrow and a cold night tomorrow night with clouds arriving on wednesday. showers and clearing. 20s for everybody, even in the city. 28 in town. 39 tomorrow despite a sunny sky. sun to clouds wednesday, 48. showers at night and showers for thursday. we jump to 59. sun tries to pop in the afternoon. 53. notice the upcoming weekend is cool, dry. just mid and upper 40s. steve: hard to find good news in that forecast. whatever. thank you, nick. dari: there is a new way to celebrate moms who are expecting another baby. steve: baruch shemtov explains the new trend of baby sprinkles. >> a full on shower would be right the first time. but maybe something lighter the third and fourth or fifth child. makes sense. >> reporter: after celebrating the birth of their first child with a baby shower, some are throwing baby sprinkles for the
5:54 pm
>> a sprinkle is a celebration that you have for baby no. 2 or 3, and it is what it sounds like, a small weather event for the celebration of the your second or third child. >> reporter: baby sprinkles are increasingly popular. why would somebody choose a sprinkle instead of a shower? >> typically, you don't want to seem like you're greedy for gifts. and so this is a much more toned down affair. but, again, it's an occasion to celebrate the birth of a child. and every birth is special. >> reporter: here at baby and children's store, parents and parents to be agreed. >> i think it's a great idea. you don't need as many things as you would need the first time around. >> the first one, everyone is looking for an excuse. for the third and fourth child, it's a lot. >> the ones i've been to are just right, small, a little more intimate, and the gifts tend to be more reasonable for somebody who has a lot.
5:55 pm
your sprinkle registry, stick with basics like diapers and onesie if you've had children within a couple of years. if you waited several years, go with a new crib and stroller since they're updated with new safety features regularly. either way, congratulations. in tribeca, i'm baruch shemtov, fox 5 news. dari: congrats. we'll see you back here at 10:00. steve: here's ernie with what's coming up at 6:00. >> thank you very much. in just a minute, we have a lot to tell you about. common core testing begins tomorrow. we'll look at why many parents are opting out. and is anyone benefitting financially from the new curriculum? next, new york's ranking among
5:56 pm
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>> announcer: live from studio 5 in new york city, this is the news at 6:00. good evening, everyone. i'm ernie anastos. we thank you very much for
5:59 pm
it is monday, april 4th. it feels more like december 4th out there. it has been cold, raw, even snowed this morning. this is how it looked in the bronx since a lot of us have started to put away our winter gear. we want to know, nick, what's going on? when are we going to get the warm weather for good? nick: i want to know, too. it's not coming this week. it will stay rather chilly. one day we'll get close to or above average. the rest of the time will be below average. the next two days will be cold. right now we're seeing rain and mixed precipitation of freezing rain, sleet and snow off to the north. this is the back edge of it. this will be winding down. rain continuing on long island. heavier rain in central new jersey. we've seen a widespread in conditions today. you look at fox 5 sky guardian 3-d. it's really just been after the morning snow in the city rain most of the time. the back edge is here. the clearing trend will come in tonight.
6:00 pm
get cold. we're 41 right now in midtown. it is at freezing or below bridgeport to poughkeepsie to sussex and 60 or greater as you move into southern new jersey. they were 70 down there today. here are the current temperatures. to the north and west, it's in the 20s. we have a freeze warning up new york city, long island, southern connecticut. that's for the overnight time period. it does include most of new jersey. to the north, it's a winter weather advisory. it's been taken down as you get into dutchess county and points north and litchfield county is out of that. futurecast shows this all going away, sky clearing. tomorrow, a beautiful, bright and sunny day. we'll struggle to get to 40 with a brisk north wind. the clouds do return on wednesday, leading to our next chance of showers wednesday night and thursday. ernie? see you in a bit. thank you. another big topic on the minds of parents is the new round of common core testing, which


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