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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  April 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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get cold. we're 41 right now in midtown. it is at freezing or below bridgeport to poughkeepsie to sussex and 60 or greater as you move into southern new jersey. they were 70 down there today. here are the current temperatures. to the north and west, it's in the 20s. we have a freeze warning up new york city, long island, southern connecticut. that's for the overnight time period. it does include most of new jersey. to the north, it's a winter weather advisory. it's been taken down as you get into dutchess county and points north and litchfield county is out of that. futurecast shows this all going away, sky clearing. tomorrow, a beautiful, bright and sunny day. we'll struggle to get to 40 with a brisk north wind. the clouds do return on wednesday, leading to our next chance of showers wednesday night and thursday. ernie? see you in a bit. thank you. another big topic on the minds of parents is the new round of common core testing, which
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a lot of parents are wondering why? why was the decision to switch to common core made? sharon crowley is joining us right now with a closer look. tell us about this. >> reporter: well, common core has been causing controversy and concern since its rollout and the testing gets underway. the commissioner wants parents and teachers to know the state is working on fixing some of the problems. improvements not likely to impress some families who want to get rid of common core altogether. >> it's very confusing. when i went home, i got really upset. that made my parents upset. >> reporter: this nine-year-old's school troubles prompted her dad to create an app called failed common core. >> you can't teach kids questions that are incorrect or impossible to answer. >> reporter: users of the failed common core app can post pictures of confusing test questions or homework. the pictures are sent directly to lawmakers as part of a
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>> we are destroying kids' self-esteem by giving them problems that are impossible to answer. >> reporter: for students in the third to eighth grade, common core testing starts tomorrow in new york. it's so unpoplar, last year new york has the highest rate of students opting out of taking tests in the whole country. the new york state education commissioner is vowing things will be better this year. for starters, kids will have more time to finish the tests. the state also got rid of the company that developed the test and hired a new one. they landed the lucrative $44 million contract. the company promises to use teacher input in test development. improvements that will not likely do much to change the minds of lilly and her father. >> i even mentioned to my parents that my confidence is dropping to a serious low because i can't solve these questions. >> reporter: the new york
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tests are improved this year, better going forward. test scores will not count against students or teachers as this testing system goes under evaluation in the next four years. the commissioner says these tests are really an important yardstick to measure a student's abilities. >> very important. more to come. other stories making news. these stories: newark's mayor says the only way to fix the lead problem is to fix the water system. he's pushing a plan for a 10 cent deposit on all recyclable bottles and cans. officials say the money will help pay for the cost of updating the infrastructure. >> this is a billion dollar problem. this is a start, even if it only covers a fraction. we're here today because our children, who live in the state, deserve better. elevated lead levels were
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leading officials to call for testing in all schools. meanwhile, kids are being tested for exposure to high level lead. >> and a massive leak of financial documents from a panamanian law firm are said to reveal how the rich and powerful hide their wealth. nearly 12 million documents show 140 world leaders using a network of offshore companies to hide money, avoid taxes, and launder billions of dollars. that is said to include russian president vladimir putin. news right now. coming up next, you may love new york city, but it ranks very low as the best place to live. what can the city do to climb back up in the ratings? we'll take a closer look coming up. >> tomorrow, we'll help you find your next job. three good paying positions that are hot and achievable. find out all about that tomorrow. we'll be right back after the
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>> welcome back. i think you'll agree that new york is a great city. but living here comes with challenges, and it's those challenges that may have bumped us way down on a new list of best cities to live in. well, we know we can do better. a special guest will be joining us to talk about that in a
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first, antwan lewis tells us what improvements can be made in tonight's feature story. >> reporter: jared gordon loves his city. imagine his surprise to learn that others, not so much. as the apple came in near the bottom of the best places to live. a recent "u.s. news & world report" ranked new york 96 at 100 u.s. cities, two spots below memphis and just ahead of fresno, california. >> that's a shame. because this is the greatest city on the planet. and maybe because of health reasons? i don't know. pollution? >> reporter: criteria used in the rankings include quality of life, commuting and affordable housing. >> we're not behind memphis on anything. maybe country music. >> this is the head of the economic development committee, the biggest complaint against new york is it costs so much to live here. he says the city is working on that. >> we just rezoned much of new
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requirement that you put in affordable housing when you're doing new development. we did the largest preservation deal in new york city history where we preserve 5,000 units for the next 20 years as affordable for middle income new yorkers. we recognize the fact that the cost of living here is significant and the cost of housing, in particular, is a real burden on a lot of new yorkers and we're taking steps to deal with that. >> okay. it is expensive to live in new york city. the reason is so many people want to live here. >> reporter: the assistant managing editor of crains new york says new york would place higher if the authors adjusted their criteria to include convenience. >> it costs 8,000 a year to own a car. you don't have to own a car in new york. you can travel anywhere you want on the subway or bus for about $1,200 a year. that discrepancy is never accounted for in the rankings.
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our city and are quick to tell you what you can do with your no. 96. if you had to convince somebody on why it should be higher, what would you say? >> the mets are going to win the world series. >> if people were nicer. >> reporter: it may go up higher? >> maybe a little. >> reporter: antwan lewis, fox 5 news. thank you very much. joining us to talk more about this survey is anna miller, "u.s. news & world report". your company did this. you just heard. everybody loves -- we love this city. you just moved here. you love it, too. it's a great place. i was shocked like a lot of people. 96 out of 100. that's pretty low for us. what's going on? >> it is. there was a lot of surprising results out of this ranking for a lot of us. and with new york, as you just heard, a lot of it comes down to the value index. what we did was look at how much it costs to buy a home or rent compared to the median household income. we don't do well. >> money is the top thing.
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>> we did the worst on value out of any city we looked at, which really brought us down even though we may have done better in other areas like job market and quality of life is okay, but the commute time brought us down as well. >> it's a great city. cultural activities, the opportunities are here. how do we do compared to other cities? how do we match up? who beat us out? >> 95 other cities beat us out. >> which cities that we would recognize? >> boston is an interesting comparison. they ranked 30 and have a very high cost of living. the thing that sets them apart is they tend to make a little bit more money and can better afford their home. >> money again. d.c. did well. >> it ranked no. 8. also an expensive place to live. but people make more in d.c. >> how do you figure the criteria? we're talking about the positive things. how does it fit in when you're doing the criteria for the rankings? >> we looked at a lot of metrics.
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weigh each was by asking people across the u.s. what mattered to them in a place to live. so we really decided that u.s. news didn't want to tell you what makes a good place to live. we wanted the people to tell us. so that's why things like the job market, value and quality of life was a pretty big factor as well. that includes things like healthcare, good education, crime rate, things like that. >> new york city is working on affordable housing and other life-style issues. you think -- it's next year? doing another one? >> i imagine. i'm pulling for new york. i hope we get up there. i would benefit personally if the housing is, you know, cheaper in the future. >> you come back and tell us we're no. 1 next year. looking forward to that. >> i'm looking forward to it as well. >> thanks so much for joining us. we love new york. the rain, the snow, and all of it. we got it all, didn't we, nick?
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if you don't like the weather, wait a while. it will change. today was sort of a potpourri of weather going on from the rain to sleet, snow. we had that earlier in the day. then it became rain for the city and coast. had icing going on north of town and a chilly day. 45, 36 here. should be around 57 this time of year. record high and the record low in the late 1800s. 80 and 21. there was a quarter of an inch of rain in the snow we had this morning. 39 now. a chilly evening. humidity is high. the rain continues. winds out of the northeast at 17. look at the spread in temperatures. freezing, not above freezing monticello. 33 in sussex and poughkeepsie. 40 bridgeport to long island. upper 40s there. if you go a little further to the south, it was in the 60s today from central new jersey down towards south jersey where they touched 70 today.
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colder air moving in. 39 in town. 30s across long island. we're heading into the 20s tonight. there's a freeze warning up. it will be brisk at times with the wind. there's the freeze warning new york city through southern connecticut. it includes long island, most of central new jersey, and a winter weather advisory until 9:00 tonight. still up in parts of the lower hudson valley and interior southern connecticut for pockets of freezing rain, sleet and wet snow mixing in. radar shows a lot of this is winding down. the rain coming to an end in the city. it's sporadic off to the west. more so for new jersey. this will last a while longer and those of you on long island, you'll be in it for a while longer. there goes some of the frozen precipitation along the connecticut shore with freezing rain going on there and sleet and snow mixing in. less to the west and it dries out as you get towards scranton, pennsylvania, westward. satellite photograph is going to
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still farther off to the west. that's going to come in as the night goes along. tomorrow, the front moves along and high pressure builds in from the west. that will give us a beautiful day of sunshine. look at the day planner. cold to start. 20s everywhere. 39 at 9:00 a.m. no one getting over 40 tomorrow. maybe in central new jersey. that's going to be it. that's below average for this time of year. there's futurecast showing it's dry. tomorrow night, cold. mid 20s in the city. teens in the suburbs. watch your gardens. tomorrow night could be a big night for that. we watch clouds increase on wednesday. these showers will come in wednesday night. they're going to last through much of thursday. the showers will get out of here tonight. the clearing comes in. 22 in the city -- 28 in the city and 22 in the colder northern suburbs. sunny tomorrow, close to 40. that's below average. sun to clouds wednesday, 48. the showers at night will be around thursday. thursday, 59. showers will end friday morning. peeks of sun in the afternoon. 53.
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mid 40s saturday. dry sunday, near 50. 56 on monday. okay. if you were rating today's weather, what would you give it? nick: a one star day. >> i agree. i would give it a one star, which leads me to the question for tonight. check this out. okay? watch. would you go to a movie or to a play if it got bad reviews? how about you? would you go? find out what people said coming up. and we hope you'll remember to join us on wednesday as we look at ways to preserve your memory. it's an exercise for your brain. all right. coming up next, russ will join us with what was supposed to be opening day for the yankees. we'll talk about that and a lot more right after the break.
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all
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you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast well, the weather and the yankees got delayed for the start of their season. russ, that saved you a trip. russ: what do they say? the best laid plans of mice and men. i'm fixing my time. i'm ready to put my jacket on. it's 8:30 this morning. for some reason, i checked my phone. i see an e-mail. thank goodness -- when i say thank goodness, it said postponed. rescheduled for tomorrow. two minutes later, i'm on my way
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>> they made an early decision. it will be better tomorrow. russ: good for the early decision. so many times we have heard why did they wait so long? we've got to go to the stadium and pay for the parking. then we have to sit and buy food and sit through the rain and they call the game and we've got to go home. they made the right -- some people were wondering why did they do it so early? they made the right decision. >> how does that affect the managers? does it throw them off the line? what exact does it have? russ: listen, it comes with the territory. for joe girardi, it's hard to believe, he's entering his 9th season as yankees skipper. seems like it's moved faster. but joe, when he was asked about it, he's rolling with the punches. >> it kind of messes up your schedule, your plans, a bit, but again, it's part of what we go through. we do not play in controlled conditions.
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so you know these things can happen. and -- but you look forward to it. you build up to it and hope you get to play but we've got to wait. >> there's no way around starting later. russ: how do you -- as it is, if you start it any later, you'll be playing the world series on thanksgiving. so it's -- to me, though, if i was them, somebody's got to rethink why have northeast teams play at home the first week of the season? the yankees were playing houston. why not play in houston? the rays and the blue jays were paying each other and both were domed stadiums. i don't know the permutations of combinations. they need to do a better job of scheduling. >> russ for baseball commissioner. let's talk about the mets. not a good start for them. russ: do you remember when they
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fancy cars in the spring and we said he -- it's all fine and dandy as long as you show up when it's time to play. he made a horrible error people saw there on a routine ball that should have been an out. then with the time on third base in the 9th inning, he strikes out. all the fun and games is all fine and dandy unless you show up when it's time to put up and he did not do that last night. but it is one down. you've got 161 to go. >> mets are playing tomorrow and the yankees as well. do you pay attention to movie reviews? we'll see how people react to bad ones coming up right after fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg
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anastos. check it out and you can also answer my daily positive questions. go to anastos. here's a question for you. would you go to a movie or a play if it got bad reviews? >> i think so. maybe. >> you don't care about the reviews? >> i like to see for myself. >> exactly. >> me, too. the same. >> have you ever seen a bad review and gone? >> no. not yet. >> usually the worse they say it is the more i am to see. they're always wrong. >> you go the opposite way. what do you do? >> it depends. >> on? >> on whether or not i've already decided if i want to go. >> do the reviews influence you? >> no. >> so you'll go anyway? >> usually. a good review about make me see it. >> if i'm on the verge of seeing it, i might listen to the review. if i want to see it, it wouldn't matter.
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>> yeah. i tend to take their opinion. >> you do? have you ever been surprised, a bad review and you say i like this? >> to be honest, the only shows i've been to had great reviews. >> reading the review is your expectation but it's up to you to decide if you want to go. >> but you like to read reviews? does it influence you? >> it influences my expectations of the movie, but it doesn't influence my ultimate -- because i will watch it. >> you'll still go? >> yes. it's your expectations. >> thank you. have a nice day. >> take care. >> bye! hope you give us a good review and keep watching. that's it for now. we thank you very much for joining us. i'm ernie anastos. for all of us in studio 5 and our control room, big john, give us a wave, thanks for joining us on this monday. have a wonderful night and we'll see you tomorrow. what do you do about reviews?
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: it appears kylie jenner got some unwanted protection from a grandpa in overalls. >> she gets a visit from three little girls we saw last thursday, i believe. they had a very protective grandpa. the grandpa kicks the paparazzi. harvey: they want a reality show. >> this is the reality show. harvey: grandpaed! >> no, another one? harvey: best i can do. >> w.g. and nipsey are doing a video shoot. they shut down crenshaw. they went crazy. started doing doughnuts. one guy even got hit. is >> it was so crazy, cops showed up and shut it down. harvey: didn't they have a permit to shut down the street? >> the permit is not the problem. >> bella hadid, over in st.


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