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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  April 6, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". juliet: happy hump day. it is very cold, chile chile chile, but temperatures will rise to the mid-fozto upper 40s. it is chile, definitely where your code, could be warmer but wet tomorrow. mike as the complete forecast leading into the weekend. ben: ted cruz and bernie sanders, do you think they have ever chatted? they are in this exclusive club. do you think they talk to each other? juliet: i would guess they despise each other.
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delta blow to their front runners, donald trump and hillary clinton, the campaign is shifting its focus to new york april 19th. >> the fbi is investigating whether the nypd traded favors for pricey gift. one detective who has pleaded the gift has been placed on modified duty. ben: restricting time square characters do special zones. the measure would give the department of transportation the authority to regulate pedestrian crosswalks throughout the city. a shout out to harold hootsuiteed me you would make a better and respectable candidate for president of the united states. juliet: oh brother. are you related to this guy? ben: i am not. it is 6:00, april 6th. i am ben simmoneau, this is juliet honey. ben: he has skeletons in the closet and when the cameras are off you should hear, teresa
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know. john, they all know. >> meteorologist: he has the halo that never goes away. teresa says it kills. everybody got shot at immediately. ben: make it warmer please. >> meteorologist: yes, it can. today, just a little bit warmer. another cold one out there. if you are going to the bus stop you will need it. scarves, gloves, the stuff you typically need in the wintertime you will need today because it is cold, not as windy as we had yesterday but your morning temperature should be 30 as you head out to the bus stop or train stop. 30 central park, 29 in newark, 27 in bridgeport, montauk checked in at 32 , winss light
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reporting winds calm with a clear sky, and high clouds roll in later on. the warm front, cold front will work its way later this evening into tonight. you will see clouds later in the day, a high of 45 , and a high of 60 tomorrow, 52 friday, friday. let's gain a snapshot of the commute, where are the biggest hangups? sapna: watch out for an accident by exit and blocking alain, connecticut doing fine on the merritt parkway. let's look at your commute on fdr drive, traffic a little slower because of construction
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now on the triborough bridge, the lincoln tunnel driving into the city a little volume, inbound, george washington bridge, the cash told lazo trains on or close to footage citywide. juliet: things are getting squirrel he for some of the candidates who were feeling confident, a disappointing night in wisconsin for the front runners in the 2016 presidential race. donald trump lost the primary to ted cruz by double digits. ohio governor john kasich was a distant third. ben: bernie sanders scored a landslide win against hillary clinton, 57% to 43%. the next big primary is here in new york, two weeks from
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robert moses is in bethpage, long island. >> reporter: you can see security is tight at grumman studios in bethpage where the rally will take place. this is a historic site. this is where the apollo lunar modules were once manufactured. donald trump doesn't want to go to the moon, he would settle for the white house. the question this morning is is wisconsin just a temporary setback on that journey or is it, as ted cruz would call it, a turning point? ted cruz won the badger state by 13 points, an important victory because it showed he could win a primary and a big state besides his home state of texas. it increases the likelihood donald trump will not get the necessary delegates to secure the nomination before the convention. >> tonight is a turning point, a rallying cry, a call from the
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wisconsin to the people of america. we have a choice, a real choice. >> reporter: neither trump nor john k-6 spoke publicly after the results came in but the trump campaign released a blistering statement, ted cruz is worse than a puppet, he is a trojan horse being used by party bosses attempting to steal the nomination from donald trump. we have total confidence that donald trump will go on to win in new york where he holds a substantial lead in all the polls and beyond. the attention shifts to new york which holds its primary april 19th. thousands are expected tonight at grumman studios for a trump rally. other northeastern states are friendlier to trump in wisconsin. trump -- ted cruz will campaign in the bronx, as the wisconsin victory was expected so was bernie sanders. he beat hillary clinton comfortably winning his sixth straight contest.
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media determining that we were a fringe candidacy. >> reporter: clinton held a town hall in brooklyn and tweeted her sanders and went on to say to all the voters and volunteers who pour your heart into this campaign, forward. security will be tight for the rally as we were coming in, plenty of digital signs on s. oyster bay rd. morning of closures later today, thousands of supporters inside, and right in the middle, trump, the candidate looking to regain his footing on his home turf. that is the latest from bethpage and nassau county. ben: thank you for that. the fbi is investigating whether several senior members of the nypd accepted lavish gifts in
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local businesses. juliet: they included pricing meals, overseas trips, lots of other things, teresa priolo will tell us about it. ben: talking about market change stuff and extent of things. >> reporter: we are not talking about double parking your car, running in to make your return someplace, these are big ticket items. when an officer is sworn in that person promises to serve and protect, never betray the badge, his or her own integrity or the public trust but these bombshell allegations suggest as many as 20 police officers violated that oath, they did serve and protect but for a hefty price. tickets to the super bowl, golf outings in the caribbean, for those of the upper echelon of the nypd. in exchange for preferential treatment. at least that is the allegation and the fbi is investigating.
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that results in investigations, we will have to see where the investigation goes. something we will participate in and cooperate. >> reporter: commissioner bill bratton is speaking about these allegations now that one of the top detectives has been placed on modified duty. the detective pleaded the fifth when he was questioned by a grand jury. >> he has been placed on modified assignment for the good of the department. that is all i am able to say. >> reporter: allegations came to light during an investigation into two deep-pocketed politically connected businessmen. jeremy weisberg and jonah, both friends with bill diblasio who served on his inauguration committee according to the new york post. wiretaps raised red flags because there were so many phone calls to and from polys. 20 officers are installed including the deputy specter --
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and former chief of the nypd, norman seabrook is also reportedly involved. the probe centers around these officers and others proceeding quid pro quo in exchange for providing private police escorts and crowd control at his citic weddings and other favors. the detective's lawyer told the daily news this is particularly interested in whether this cop fixed tickets for these two businessmen. nypd rules allow officers to pick up outside work as long as they are not performing them in uniform and not on the city's time. ben: we will see what happens, thank you very much. lawyers for former nypd officer peter liang won a new trial. ben: one of the doors failed to disclose their father had been convicted of manslaughter for
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the brooklyn the's office said peter liang received a fair trial and we will respond to this motion in court. he was convicted of manslaughter in february for the accidental shooting that killed girly in the brooklyn stairwell in 2014. he is expected to be sentenced next week. ben: city council will vote on a bill that will keep those costume characters confined to special zones in times square. the bill will give the department of transportation the authority to regulate all pedestrian rules regulating costume characters to special areas. the specifics of that zoning idea still being walked out but it will let people choose for themselves whether they want to interact with those characters or steer clear. we have a lot more to come. wednesday morning. juliet: little woody is here in full effect.
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what is going on. a deputy all. we have problems. 30 as you step out the door with mainly clear sky the clouds coming back later on, chilly temperatures still here, it is warmer than yesterday but not too much. the next couple days it gets warmer but there is information on the weather apps, google play store, headlines and alerts, download for free and you are all set to go. we are back in a little bit. make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $4.49 today.
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greg: did you go outside yesterday afternoon? juliet: i transported myself back home miraculously without going outside. ben: it is possible. juliet: it was not bad yesterday. ben: i thought it was deceiving. look out the window and it looks nice, bright and sunny and you walk outside. we 15 i was walking outside. ben: dean was my son, we would go outside, it was in the. thank you very much. juliet: he likes it when i tell him how to raise his children.
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ben: phyllis agrees by the way. >> meteorologist: a groundswell, maybe you could be something. jump in, it is not too late. here is what we have. turning milder with rain here, here is what goes on today into tonight, cloud start coming into town, a chance of showers later tonight, tomorrow will be mild, cloudy, rain coming through the day, looks like a good amount of showers come by, we are behind, it is 29 at newark, 30 at central park, 27 in bridgeport, 32 in montauk, winds light and variable, not a big player unlike yesterday but we have mainly clear sky for now, clouds roll in later on and an area of low pressure pushes forward the high clouds first coming in this evening and they will thicken up tonight and showers get going by 2 more morning. you get the first of a few light
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worst of the rain comes through but this timestamp going up 5:00 in the evening, going on solid, then it starts to clear out into friday morning. a few leftover showers very early tomorrow, friday morning and we are done for a little bit. mainly sunny sky with high temperature 46 later today. the next 7 days, a high of 60 tomorrow but that is the cloudy one with the rain. 52 with a quick morning shower possible friday. saturday looks like it will be cool and a small chance of showers, sunday looks sunny but cool and monday and tuesday we have more shower chances coming back. a little catch-up work with the rainfall. let's bring in ines and see what is going on, interesting things going on with the commute.
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commute, the lie in nassau county, normal delays, westbound no problems with northern state or southern state, new jersey commute 78, 287 looking good through bridgewater am a let's see how things are moving on fdr drive, obviously not good approaching 71 steuben st. an accident blocking alain, southbound traffic jammed to the triborough bridge. northbound you are fine, grand central pkwy. and laguardia airport normal delays westbound towards the bqe. dallas parkway normal ride, westbound towards leopard boulevard. ben: thank you very much. juliet: people in queens who depend on the number 7 train have been complaining for years about unreliable service. last night they set it directly to the president of new york city transit. ben: in sunnyside, queens, many spoke to him directly about the problem and demanded change including improved communication
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see planning for population growth and updates on track work. >> the track work, the track work, this has been going on forever. >> reporter: this is one of our busiest lines, 525,000 weekday riders. we make 622, 1-way trips every weekday on this line. you are right, it is very busy. ben: new signal work is scheduled to finish by the end of next year, that should improve on-time performance and allow more trains to use the tracks. juliet: 58,000 students on long island, half the students on long island opted out of common core reading test yesterday, this is what one classroom looks like in rockville center. i was hanging out there
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those who opted out sat in the auditorium. preliminary numbers show 20% opt out rate in the city, westchester and putnam county similar to last spring, when 20% of students refused to take the test. a lot of parents were determined to have them opt out again this time around. >> assess their performance i would have them take the test juliet: math tests are scheduled for next week, state education needed to measure student abilities. critics say they have development of the inappropriate questions and the prep time of the tests takes away from valuable class time. ben: andrew cuomo fighting a back against the new role in mississippi that clears the way for some groups to refuse service to gay people. governor brian of mississippi argues the bill will not violate their constitutional rights and is only meant to protect the business owner's religious beliefs. more protests, governor cuomo has signed an executive order in new york banning state workers from taking nonessential trips to mississippi saying it is sad
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lgbt community. >> governor brian is stepping into it, it doesn't work. americans don't like discrimination. it is bad for the country and bad for business. ben: the mississippi law will take effect in july, tween 9 states including georgia, missouri and washington have considered similar bills. police in missouri went from chasing a suspect to saving his life. juliet: "good day" right back. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price.
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ben: 6:24, chris christie announced plans to clean up potentially dangerous levels of lead in new jersey but that does not include newark schools. instead he wants to allocate $10 million to remove lead-based paint from homes around the state. the governor dressed elevated levels of lead found in the water at 38 newark schools saying there is no danger in the city and children are being given alternate water sources. he cautioned lawmakers to rely on experts for the best way to deal with the problem. juliet: incredible police footage out of missouri shows a high-speed chase and the crash, this is spectacular in the worst sense of the word. the camera to the action. the suspect lost control of his
6:25 am
everywhere. the suspect had been thrown from the vehicle. oh my gosh, i can't believe that. was discovered lying in a ditch without a pulse and struggling to breathe. the officers did chest compression and were able to revive him. he is in the hospital right now. no word on charges this morning. ben: officials in new jersey have a wild turkey problem and are fighting back with some audible ammo. 20 airbornes to the public, interesting idea, environmental and animal control officers say these will humanely scare the birds away. the aggressive birds have been terrorizing residents, some have attack cars, keyboard, one flew through the kitchen window. >> destroying everything, not
6:26 am
there was blood flying everywhere, water everywhere. juliet: you have one of those fly through your window you see how you are scared of the turkey. ben: how does that happen? gigantic beast, honeydew, turkey, whatever. butterball. ben: residents don't have many options, citizens are not allowed to touch the birds, only the state has the authority to. a honeydew turkey, melon and a turkey. very tiny. juliet: those are huge, this big. ben: in business news. juliet: supersize starbucks coming to new york city, what it will be offering, we will tell
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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". juliet: good morning. hope everybody is doing well on this chilly yet sunny wednesday. clouds moving in later today but we start with a lot of sun, great day to celebrate team juliet's win, snow belt win coming to fruition. hope you brought your wallet. i plan on eating a lot today. mike woods has the full forecast. ben: donald trump bouncing back from a loss to ted cruz in the wisconsin republican primary. trump holds a big rally on long island as everyone heads for new york. juliet: bernie sanders easily defeated hillary clinton in wisconsin but as far behind clinton and delegate count. ben: starting to wonder why they have a basketball tournament because yukon wins it every year.
6:31 am
championship, it was not even close 82-51. a dynasty in stores, i am ben simmoneau. juliet: i am juliet huddy. i cannot wait for that. juliet: i don't know what that is. i want to do your little -- >> meteorologist: we need to teach you to do the facebook live thing. ben: i had a grand total of five viewers total combined. let's see what we have with temperatures this morning, cold again around the tri-state region, 19 in danbury, 24 in brentwood, as you head into long island temperatures below the
6:32 am
be aware of that, basically the same situation we had yesterday. this might be stuck again, let me get it going again, temperatures in the teens, 20s and 30s with mainly clear sky and a quiet day, winss calm at this time and looks like we are going to see the wind on the light time, showers to the west and coming into town, but we are dry, 45 by 2 pmn 46 , the next five days 60 is your high tomorrow but it is wet, friday morning. let's bring in ines as you hit the roads and rails. ines: the commute doing okay, delays on the cross bonks, let's go to cameras and look at your commute this morning. if you are taking fdr drive, this morning. if you are taking fdr drive, traffic jam up 71 steuben st.
6:33 am
backed up to the triborough bridge, this affected the evening commute, by numb 125th st. you have that causing problems, looks like they want to secure, not falling onto the roadway. southbound some rubbernecking delays, street cleaning rules are in effect. juliet: bernie sanders and ted cruz celebrating big wins in the wisconsin presidential primary. sanders the front runner over hillary clinton, landslide victory. juliet: ted cruz easily be donald trump, john kasich came in third place but now the campaigns are focused on new york. >> reporter: we expect that rally will get underway at 7:00
6:34 am
we have seen tight security out here this morning. there will be a raucous and boisterous crowd likely in the thousands, we expect street closures and an equally boisterous crowd of protesters. donald trump looking forward to some home cooking after that tough loss in wisconsin. ted cruz won the badger state by 13 points, an important victory because it showed he could win a primary in a big state besides his home state of texas. it also increases the likelihood that donald trump will not get the necessary delegates to secure the nomination before the convention. >> tonight is a turning point, it is a rallying cry, it is a call from the hard-working men and women of wisconsin to the people of america. we have a choice. a real choice. >> reporter: neither trump nor john kasich spoke publicly after the results came in but the
6:35 am
blistering statement. ted cruz is worse than a puppet, he is a trojan horse being used by party bosses attempting to steal the nomination from donald trump. we have total confidence that donald trump will go on to win in new york where he holds a substantial lead in all the polls and beyond. with wisconsin now in the book the attention shifts to new york which holds its primary on april 19th, thousands are expected at grumman studios in bethpage for a trump rally. new york and other northeastern states are friendlier to donald from, ted cruz will be campaigning in the bronx. just as ted cruz's wisconsin victory was expected so was bernie sanders, he beat hillary clinton comfortably, winning his sixth straight contest. >> momentum is starting this campaign 11 months ago and the
6:36 am
>> reporter: clinton who tell the town hall in brooklyn tweeted her congratulations to sanders. she went on to say to all the voters and volunteers who pour your heart into this campaign, forward. bernie sanders also said last night he thinks he can win in new york, hillary clinton is favored to win because she was a senator here. she lives here. but bernie sanders says he thinks he can beat her. that is the latest from bethpage, back to you. juliet: thank you very much. over to new jersey, that famous, not quite ivy league school but maybe close to it, the university of northern new jersey. have you heard of it? it doesn't exist. ben: investigators enrolled a host of people who did not care they did not ever any courses or
6:37 am
brokers to enroll in the promise of education, jobs. >> these defendants were brokers, recruiters and employers who fraudulently obtained student visas, approximately 1000 foreign nationals from 26 different countries. ben: 21 people have been charged. juliet: san francisco is the first city in the country to require businesses to give will be paid leave to new moms and dads, employees would receive full pay for the first six weeks. government workers get up to 12 weeks of paid leave, new york and new jersey provide partial pay for 12 weeks, san francisco's new measure requires one more formal vote and a signature from its mayor who says he will sign it. small businesses are fighting the measure and they say they cannot afford it. let's talk business with fox.
6:38 am
with news that new york needs another starbucks. >> reporter: what is your coffee of choice? the place to go to buy it? juliet: i share between starbucks and dunkin' donuts. ben: i generally bring from home. >> reporter: there has been more trendy coffee shops popping up in certain parts of the city like the meatpacking business in chelsea. the rebuttal shows the art of coffee, they are all over the place and starbucks is opening a 20,000 ft. shop at 61, ninth in chelsea at 15th st. where those coffee shops are and it will be the biggest shop ever, bigger -- what do you do with all that space? you introduce customers, let
6:39 am
baristas and it can happen. ben: almost like a winery. it sounds better. juliet: if you ever had coffee beans and tea leaves. >> reporter: my favorite. ti-hua: all over the upper west side. ben: the la trend. juliet: we like them all. i stop at dunkin' donuts all the time. >> reporter: dunkin' donuts has been making an aggressive push. i see new ones pop up. ben: a very convenient one in long beach. it is a pleasure to talk business with you. ben: have an excellent day, stay warm, catch it on the foxbusiness network. >> meteorologist: it is cold again but tomorrow it will be
6:40 am
the roller coaster swing, sunny chilly start, the winds are lighter, tonight the clouds thicken up, shower chances pickup as time goes on, rain tomorrow, cloudy with mild rain coming through, time to play a little catch-up, catching up over the next few days but tomorrow is the wettest one we have, let's bring in ines with a snapshot of what is going on. ines: network light rail is suspended because of an accident, let's look at the 59th st. bridge looking good on the upper and lower level, no wishes inbound, hudson river, 20 to 30 inbound, holland and george washington bridge 10 to 15. duke: yukon women won another national championship beating syracuse easily. we will talk about how
6:41 am
last few years under their head coach. ben: the latest entertainment put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and
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ben: the fbi questioning top ranking members of the nypd, some of them may have traded favors including this. juliet: common core results are in about how many students opted out on long island, half of them. the reading test began yesterday, prillaman numbers show 20% of students in new york city, westchester opted out. and map to start next week. ben: authority over pedestrian plasmas, it may lead to special loans in which costume characters must stay. zoning rules being walked out. another big night in college basketball. duke: really has been an
6:45 am
was there ever a doubt, yukon wins it again. the fourth straight year, as the huskies, 8251. yukon's fourth straight national championship title, 24 straight tournament games, 75th straight win, finishing the record, a record of 1515, the head coach's 11th championship, and the most in college basketball. the yankees get their season underway against the astros and 36 at game time, colder than that. top of the sixth castros down numtwo-numone, deep solo homerun
6:46 am
earned runs. soft ground, throws it over, scores on the throwing era. he was on the grass in the baseline and he impeded mark to share a --tiexiera from catching the ball. they went 5-3 the final score. two teenage mutant ninja turtles sitting behind the play. john oliver can be thanked for that, oliver bought premium seats and sold them $.25 to whoever dressed like that never sat in luxury seats before after what he called the elitist comments by top officials. two more fans promised to dress
6:47 am
tickets to tonight's game. nets and royals in kc, newly acquired neil walker, chris young two run homer and willie mays up numtwo-0. bases-loaded jam, this is awesome. three straight pitches, all sliders, the second one 93, the third one 93 dominating six shutout innings and met with numtwo-0 the final. and list the final two, and the hand injury suffered on monday night. rangers face tampa bay, jumped out numtwo-0 lead, the second goal of the night. and scoring what would be the
6:48 am
later, two goals and an assist at the right time, rangers win 3-numtwo the final. islanders and capitals approaching playoff spot, delivers, gaming it right there, at least the wildcard in the post system. and the rangers, and the ranges three times this year, they gain and see what happens. stood out in the cold, the rain. juliet: maybe allergies, let's go over to michael. ben: take a day off, do it for us.
6:49 am
what is going on, and cold this morning, temperatures well below normal, everyone freezing, early spring planting if you did not take care of it last night sorry for you. i saw a lot of tulips looking pretty sad, winds light and variable, but that is a break because that wind was getting us, not the case today, still pretty cold but clear at the same time, the sun is up doing its thing but it will only warm us up a little bit today, tomorrow an area of low pressure gets closer to us bringing a more southerly flow and more clouds, showers, all coming at is, pretty big changes tonight into tomorrow, during the day some high clouds coming it but no rainmakers then, the clouds thicken up and by tomorrow the shower start to break out around the tri-state region, most are patchy but become more solid in the middle of the day. at 5:00 all of long island and connecticut according to the
6:50 am
scattered showers tomorrow night into friday morning and breaking up after that and we might get away with a decent thursday or friday morning commute. today sunny skies, high temperature 45 with high clouds, 60 your high tomorrow with rain going into very early friday, quick showers and rain chances early in the next work we, the weather apps has
6:51 am
after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it' s something you earn. brookside.
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put more fun in your day
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at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. ines: w. side hwy. expect delays because of a northbound problem from yesterday affecting the evening commute, the right lane blocked because of problems on the retaining wall. in queens the lie westbound, one lane blocked with an accident, new york light rail, expect delays because of an accident.
6:54 am
running on or close. juliet: got her has appealed the decision to award hulk hogan 1 $40 million after that website posted his sex tape online. ben: the damage to be greatly reduced, the company says there is no justification for awarding tens of millions of dollars never seen by victims of death and serious injuries. hogan who point man claimed his privacy was violated when gawker posted a video in 2012, it is a very steep verdict. back to work after being diagnosed with breast cancer. juliet: posted a self he on her way to the bobby flay show. she was diagnosed with breast cancer in march 2015 and had a double mastectomy last may. we are down to three contestants singing for their lives for the title of final american idol tomorrow night, that is it for american idol.
6:55 am
will be a trip down memory lane. ben: that guy is coming back, known for his rendition of steve bangs expected to sing, original cohost brian dunklman, they are working on bringing back every idle winner and most of the top three from all 15 seasons, kelly clarkson's appearance will be taped, she was the first decent winner. comedian amy schumer is slamming grammar magazine for including her in there plus issue. juliet: that is considered size 16 in america, i go 5 to 8. they put me in there plus is only issue without asking or letting me know. women who inspire us, melissa
6:56 am
the other one? ashley graham? all those women are known, take amy out of the mix, are known to be heavier women, the cultural society. ben: i will keep my mouth closed on this story. juliet: anyway, the addition did not basically describe her as plus size, it is fairly obvious lumping her into women who are considered by hollywood to be plus size. they apologize, sorry if they offended her in any way. ben: we are going to go to lunch later, pay off long overdue. ben: be gracious about it. i am hungry but i have been
6:57 am
florida to get into a bikini. ben: bikini?
6:58 am
6:59 am
roseanna and g greg: rate. hi, everybody. it is the middle of the week. rosanna: receipt and chilling
7:00 am
highs in the mid to upper 40s. my quilts of all the details for us this morning. >> bernie sanders. giving hillary a hard time. space six donald trump is shaking things up. greg: the fbi investigating officers. rosanna: for the fourth year in a row, the u.s. women's uconn basketball team wins. eighty-two-51. greg: young high school girl off to college soon. there she is.


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